Lapierre awarded Beliveau Trophy

Canadiens right winger Maxim Lapierre was presented with the Jean Beliveau Trophy in recognition for his charitable work in the community. Lapierre has been a spokesman for the Montreal Canadiens’ Children’s Foundation lottery and the second annual Maxim Lapierre golf tournament raised $50,000 for the foundation. He has also worked with the Riverside School Board’s anti-bullying campaign.

The award carries a $25,000 donation to a charity of Lapierre’s choosing.

“I just found out about the award and I want to sleep on it before I decide where the money’s going,” said Lapierre.

The 79-year-old Beliveau presented the trophy and the Hall of Famer said health concerns have forced him to cut back on his own charitable work. “For many years, I never said no but now I have to,” said Beliveau. He said he has reovered from heart problems which put him in the hospital last winter.   


  1. MTLForever says:

    ill take that nice 6-2 win. good job canadiens

  2. MTLForever says:

    sergei kostitsyn scored for nsh hahaha.

  3. fbkj says:

    thank god cammy scored his first goal lets hope we stop boo’ing him

  4. sh00n says:

    Thank God, Carey’s shadows aren’t here tonight to hound him. I was hoping for a quiet night. :)

    I really like White’s game. Kid really picked things up since last season.

  5. fbkj says:

    its one game

    its pre-season

    means nothing

    still after all the shit thats been thrown around here

    zero comments till now?

    i guess i should chill out ;)

  6. lavie says:

    People are generally upset to a loss, not to Price.

  7. habsguy says:

    white looks like he picked up a few steps!!

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