Kovalev wins Molson Cup for November

Canadiens forward Alex Kovalev is the winner of the Molson Cup player-of-the-month for November, based on three-star selection voting.

Kovalev wins Molson Cup for November:



  1. TommyB says:

    The Ryder demotion hasn’t fared any “worse” !

    Give it a rest already with your backing of Ryder….he’s not producing, period!

  2. sisu says:

    I presume you mean Kovalev, not Koivu. And no, Kovalev can not skate. At least he’s no better a skater than Ryder. No question he has unbelievable skill, but it takes more than that to play 5-on-5 hockey.

    So, tell me: how has the Ryder demotion worked for the team so far?

  3. TradeRyder says:

    I would guess if you compared time on the first line between Ryder and Lats, Lats has more goals per hour.

    More than that – really, last year he was Mr. Minus. This year, he’s neutral but not scoring. How many months should we give him to show that he can score without dipping way into the minus column when he’s never been able to before? Montreal needs a REAL first line. As many goals as Ryder has scored it needs a RESPONSIBLE AND SCORING line. Ryder doesn’t fit in there.


  4. Kevin says:

    A career average is just that… an AVERAGE.

  5. Kevin says:

    I would rather have a performing Kovalev and an underperforming Ryder than the other way around…

  6. Kevin says:

    He definetely deserved it!

  7. TradeRyder says:

    That November Molson cup list pretty much tells the story. The ones on that list are pretty much the ones that come to play and have been making a difference – at least some of the time.

    Go Habs Go!

  8. lcpservices says:

    Hopefully Kovelev can keep it up and continue scoring and lead by example.

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  9. sisu says:

    Kovalev has been shooting at 21%. His career number is 12%. Ryder has been shooting 4% this year, his career number is 12%.

    Does anyone really think Kovalev, after 1000 NHL games, suddenly discovered how to shoot twice as accurately? Does anyone really think Ryder has forgotten how to shoot? Any string of coin tosses will have hot streaks of heads and cold streaks of tails.

    This is nothing more than a run of good luck for Kovy and a run of bad luck for Ryder. Things will turn around for both players. That is, unless Carbo foolishly continues to keep Ryder off the top lines.

  10. TradeRyder says:

    LOL – that makes me laugh.

    Kovalev can also skate, has patience and great puck control, and waits for a good opportunity. He also has a great one-timer. Ryder, as hard as he is trying is shooting from everywhere, and doesn’t have Kovalev’s gift.


  11. teamplayer says:

    11 points in 14 games was our hottest player of november? thats nothing special and I am just gonna pretend things will change because my calendar has been fliped over to the next month and we have new lines

  12. sisu says:

    Unless your name is Trevor Timmins, I’m not interested in your subjective descriptions of Ryder’s game. The numbers say Ryder’s been the most productive, reliable 5-on-5 winger on the team this year. Unlike Kovalev, he’s been outshooting opponents. His line has faced better opponents 5-on-5 (i.e. Sundin instead of Stajan). His goal total is low because he’s had a run of bad luck in his shooting.

    TradeRyder: “I would guess if you compared time on the first line between Ryder and Lats, Lats has more goals per hour.”

    The goals each way are just too small a sample size to make a decision. Shots are another matter. I haven’t checked the numbers for last night’s loss, but Madden’s line outshot Koivu’s 4-0 at EV on Friday. The Lats/Ryder switch has weakened Koivu’s line.

    We don’t need to give Ryder months to show her can score – he’s shown it over the last three seasons. Along with Koivu and Higgins, his line was killed at EV last year. Ryder was the most criticized. This year he’s vastly improved – a plus player 5-on-5 – and he’s still criticized. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    If it sounds like I’m a Ryder fan, let it be known that I am not. As far as top line wingers go, he’s below average. However, he’s still among the top three options on the wing. Replacing him with a worse player is a terrible idea.

    Oh, one more thing. Economics 101: Buy low, sell high. Trading Ryder now would be unbelievably stupid.

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