Komisarek: Remember him for shootouts…

Top: Canadiens defenceman Mike Komisarek buries the game-winning goal past Toronto netminder Andrew Raycroft.
Mike Cassesse, Reuters

Bottom: A joyful Komisarek is met by his friend and teammate Christopher Higgins after the overtime score.
Bruce Bennett, Getty Images


  1. nightmare_49 says:

    The true value that Komi holds was proven when by error it was posted that Komi was a scratch last week and the whole site was in a panic.

  2. nychabsfan says:

    About this rush to trade Huet.If it happens@the deadline 1 thing puzzles me.If he goes it would only be for a serious goal scorer,top level,who is going to give that up on the eve of a playoff run?I know goaltending is the key but the habs would need minimum a consistent,syable,proven 40 goal scorer and Actually for me it would have to be a 50 goal scorer,any thoughts?

  3. lachaine says:

    “Go Les Habs Go!(Goalie Habs Go!)
    THE Licenced Quantum Mechanic.

  4. TradeRyder says:

    Indeed! Great photos!

    Komi’s one of our best and getting better.

    “Nothing succeeds like success!”
    Hope makes a good breakfast, but a bad supper!

  5. TradeRyder says:

    Hey REB

    – Trade Huet? – Under normal circumstances NEVER. But in the situation you describe, if you can get a goal scorer with no big downside (35 goals, decent plus-minus), then you trade.

    Huet is a GREAT goaltender, one of the most consistent in the league, and improving. Ridiculous to let him go… and just a lot of BS when people see Price playing well and talk about Huet is expendable. Stupid.

    Trade RYDER on the other hand – different story! What are we waiting for? I hear the Pens have a 2nd line winger they’re willing to give up. We have the guys to compete for Ryders first line spot…. and really what damage has that line done lately?

    Trade Ryder! Hope makes a good breakfast, but a bad supper!

  6. drecha says:

    I guess he has a few naked photo’s of him online that were taken last year when he was in Junior. There is also a photo of him and another guy touching tongues. Here is the link for the story

  7. Habfan-Leafhater says:

    Way off topic here but does anyone know what the Jiri Tlusty story is all about.

  8. Chorske says:

    I dunno, Strak. I agree that Price needs mentoring, and there’s no one better than Cool Hand Huet. At any rate, it’s WAY too early to trade a goalie. We’re winning. We’re doing well. If we could sustain an effort for 60 minutes we’d be burying people after 40min. We have goalie depth most teams would kill for- why would we trade a potential #1 for a 10-15 goal person? We already have tons of those. Our game against the Flyers proved we can play physically. Our win in T.O. is a psychological victory. If we trade a prospect, ESPECIALLY a goalie, it should be for a killer acquisition, at or near the deadline.

  9. Strak says:

    Great pics!

    Can’t trade Huet yet. Price has looked amazing, but has yet to see how he responds to real pressure when the team is not playing well, or he has a rough couple of days. Huet is a rock and with both of them, the Habs can play whoever is hot and almost always have the advantage in goal.

    Trading Halak for a winger who can rough it up and still put 10 – 15 pucks in the net a year should be the priority. Ryan Malone would look good in a Habs uniform…..

  10. Naila Jinnah says:

    Beautiful beautiful shots 🙂

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