Komisarek makes a physical statement

Canadiens defenceman Andrei Markov might be the Hab headed to next weekend’s All-Star Game in Atlanta, but fellow blueliner Mike Komisarek is making a name for himself as a commanding physical presence. This is proving to be a breakout year for the big No. 8, among the NHL’s league-leaders in hits and blocked shots and certainly the one Canadien you’d not wanting to be messing with.


  1. odber says:

    I wish the habs would get him some back up.Mike should,nt be the one to have to step in all the time to settle scores.If I was the opposition i,d target Mike every time and try to get him off the ice.The Bruins seemed to have Lucic going after him last game and I would have liked to see a forward for the habs get involved and have a chat with milan.The missing link for the habs is a top six power forward who can drop,em and create some space for his linemates.

  2. fuhgawz says:

    Good to see that Mike is getting noticed around the nhl – it may be a bit premature but i think he has Scott Stevens potential — good work ethic, hard hitting, block shots …..i hope we can keep this guy long term.

  3. Ian G Cobb says:

    It takes so many years of dedication and hard work for a player to finally arrive at the top of this profession. As NHL fans we only get to see a small piece of the prosess. There are many hours, months and years at a very young age that these players are away from home and family. Living in strange towns and in strangers homes. They sacrifice a large part of there childhood dedicateing themselves to this sport.

    We love to see them at the top of there game, wearing our colors into battle for us and making us swell with pride.

    It’s tough to stay in this league, so remember when we see them play there hearts out for us, it is only one third of there hockey career that we see at this level.

    And when they start down the other side of there career and more and more errors start to occure, as they surely will, and you are tempted to Boo and hollar at them, just stop for a moment and know the desire and a heart is still there.


  4. cautiousoptimist says:

    Well said, Ian. As long as a player wears our jersey and puts in a total effort day after day, there’s no excuse for booing one of our own.

  5. Chuck says:



    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  6. razor436 says:

    I say Komi should take boxing lessons in the summer. Then I wouldn’t worry about him getting in a fight anymore.

  7. MikeMcLaren says:

    There was a feature on NHL.com at the start of Komisarek’s sophomore year where fans could ask questions and he would answer…


    That McLaren guy asked a good question too :)

    Interesting to look back now at what he said then and see how everything worked out.


  8. Ian G Cobb says:

    Thanks– it is just that sometimes we are to quick to criticise when we do not know the facts.

  9. westhab says:

    Komi seems to get better each game, he’s giving the Habs a dimension they have not had in a very long time. He is quickly becoming my favourite player on the team.

  10. Shobud says:

    I think Bob should go all out to get this guy signed for at least five years. But you see it takes a while for a player to come into his own. And we have a few that are going to be great, in another two or three years. The future looks very good with guys like Komi stepping up As Ian says they give a third of their life to hockey. I will grant you they are well paid but its still a long time to study. I think when some of our kids don’t play the way we want, we get down on them. We have to give them time and the cup will come back

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