Komisarek gets physical

Canadiens’ Mike Komisarek rocks Sabres’ Jason Pominville behind the net at Bell Centre this month.

Allen McInnis, The GazetteĀ 

The Gazette’s Pat Hickey writes today that Habs defenceman Mike Komisarek wanted to take on a bigger leadership role this season and he has done just that up to this point.

Komisarek has also established himself as a physical force along the blue line. His 61 body checks tie him for the NHL lead with Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings. Komisarek has also blocked 56 shots, second only to Ottawa’s Anton Volchenkov.

"Komo’s been awesome," head coach Guy Carbonneau said. "He’s really taken a leadership role. He’s in his third year now (as a regular) and he’s a big part of our club."


  1. LizardKing1967 says:

    Doesn’t Komi remind us a little of Robinson? Big, solid presence, doesn’t fight, but if he has to, can hold his own. Starting to play like an all-star lined up next to Markov. Let’s hope he lays out Sundin for revenge on the stick-in-the-face last game. Only “stars” like Sundin do not get penalized on plays like that, or is it a “hockey universe is T.O. thing.


  2. showey47 says:

    I really hope komi lays out sundin something fierce tomorrow night as a little payback for the high-stick in the face. We are really gonna need the entire d’men core to come up big tomorrow night to shut down the laffs tomorrow night. We also need all 4 lines skating hard and forechecking the crap out of their slow defence. Remember boys and gals ‘no guts, no glory.

  3. Shoowtime says:

    If only they can all be like Mike.
    I love the grit and passions he brings to the table.
    I would not call them the big three but they definetly are impressing me.
    GO Habs

  4. Robert L says:

    Ian – Here is what you have to do. Find the confirmation e-mail that HIO sent and click on the first link given. It will open up a page in which you will be able to modify your account including posting a pic. Should that fail – you have my e-mail address and you can send me your HIO e-mail by inserting my address to reroute it. Also, give me your password and login and I could post that snazzy pic of you looking so distinguished with red and white umbrella.

    On the subject of Komisarek, I posted on him earlier this season and compared him to Scott Stevens as well. I though I went a little over the top at first, but I’m happy to see Carbonneau thinks the same. I’m not certain that Komy can recreate the numbers, but he is certainly on his way to establishing a similar type of presense.

    And yes, I agree Komisarek needs to be locked up long term. Bob Gainey does need to trash the “no negotiating during the season” policy. It might prove costly one day.

    I just posted something that might be of interest to older fans of the Habs, or those who appreciate the history. I’ve gathered over 20 Parade Sportive photo’s from the 1940’s and 1930’s that were handed out as promo’s. They are quite cool to look back on and are accompanied by bios.
    Check ’em out at:


  5. Woah_Dana says:

    Seeing as how we’ve had a team of somewhat small guys in comparison to other teams, we’ve needed that one ‘tough guy’, & now that we have him, it’s great.
    What I love about Komi is that he isn’t as much of an instigator as he if a defender. He doesn’t look to pick pointless schoolyard fights on the ice like say, oh.. Darcy Tucker or Sean Avery. He’ll defend himself, his right on the ice, & his team without being a total sh*thead about it.

    Komi, we’re glad to have you!

    GO HABS!

  6. Da Hema says:

    Komisarek is one of my favorite Habs. He is tough and mean, both of which are great qualities for a defenceman. The only thing that concerns me is that other teams will try to get him to fight, and thereby we lose him in the ensuing penalty. However, Carbonneau must have talked with him about this because Komisarek is not fighting as much now as he did at the beginning of the season. I completely agree with our esteemed, knowledgeable and lovely Naila: Komisarek is a long-term keeper.
    “All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity.”
    –Gordie Howe

    “You wouldn’t have won if we’d beaten you.”
    –Yogi Berra

  7. xeonus says:

    Komi’s just getting better and better every year. His coaches (Julien and Carbo) have done a great job gradually increasing responsibilities, and he’s successfully blossomed into one of our most reliable defensemen. I recall a SI article posted on HIO a couple days ago about how Plecky has been a great success story in terms of gradual development, but are so many other similar notable successes on this team: Komi, Chipchura, Higgins… And the great news is that there are so many more talents (especially on D) on the way. In fact, we might soon be in a position to trade solid defensemen for more offensive help. Then again, if Lats and Grabs start playing closer to their potential, we might not even need those trades. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

  8. Naila Jinnah says:

    Komi is totally on the top of my “must keep” list. He’s got heart, he’s hard working, and he’s tough.

    Yeah, I think that about says it all!

  9. habs33 says:

    I think everyone is impressed by Komi this year and no one more so than himself. He’s proven to himself that he’s able to take the body and block shots and that’s what counts. His confidence is through the roof!

    Bob should lock him up for a number of years and watch him flourish!

  10. Ian Cobb says:

    Finally, now i have lots of pictures to use on my computer, but don’t know how to put one here. Tough teaching an old dog this technology.

  11. Richard B says:

    I am sure that Koivu and Higgins are safe. In my opinion Higgins is on the verge of emerging as a Super Star. He is looking better every game.

  12. kevin m says:

    I think that the only untouchables on this team, at the moment, are Markov, Hamrlik & Price. This team is, in my opinion, just one “game-breaking” player short of turning itself into a perennial Stanley Cup contender for years to come.

    Players such as Crosby, Kovalchuk, Thornton, Lecalvalier & Nash are also either untouchable or would come with hefty pricetags attached to them.

    The good news is that in recent drafts the Habs have been able to aquire some great talent that gives this organization some “NHL-quality” depth at almost every position.

    This team is going to have to give up something to get that missing piece to the puzzle. They are going to have to give up 3 or 4 bars of gold to get that DIAMOND.

  13. GTC says:

    Now if they can just get O’Byrne up here that will be a fearsome twosome.

  14. AndyF says:

    Komy, Markov, Hamrlik… it’s starting to look like a Big-3 again. Hamrlik and Markov move the puck so well, and are rarely beaten to the outside. Komy plays such a physical game, and is now a solid top-line defenseman.

    Wow — it’s gonna start to get fun real soon!

    Go, Habs, Go!

  15. InGy says:

    Komisarek Roxs! Lock him up Bob!

  16. Kev says:

    He will still be RFA when his contract is up, so that’s good. They will negotiate for sure before July of that year. However Higgins was an interesting signing. Considering he will be UFA when all is said and done.

  17. Keith says:

    He is a very valuable part of the team and he has really stepped up his game this year. He wants to be the very best that he can and that is the difference I have found with this team over last years team. They want to get better with every game and not rest on their laurels like last years team seemed to do. Lock him up long term for sure. GO HABS GO!!!

  18. FastRonnie says:

    Komi is definitely a huge asset to the team. Beyond hitting, I don’t think he’s quite got the maturity and poise of the Hammer, but he’s not far from it. In another year, he’ll have tweaked all aspects of his game with more experience (including playoffs). He’s not afraid to be candid with the media, he fights for his teammates on the ice and off, and Gainey’s smart enough to keep him for a long while. Gotta love our D!

    About O’Byrne – he needs more time to develop in Hamilton. But in another year or 2, he’ll be another one finding his place as a force to be reckoned with! I love what I’m seeing in Hamrlik – excellent acquisition. I hope he stays for a few more years, too. I still question the value of Breezer, but he’s playing alright. At his price, it was a good deal! To say he’s really helping the young guys is a bit of a stretch. I think the only “young D” that could use some more mentoring is Gorges, and he doesn’t get enough playing time to really mature like he could. If anyone will be tutoring him, it’ll be the likes of Hammer or Markov, not Breezer.

    Here’s hoping Price starts vs. Tor tomorrow night. I think those Laffs are in for a rough night as the Habs will want a win badly after letting the Ottawa game slip at the end.

  19. HabsInBlood says:


    This is slightly off topic, but I watched the 3rd period of Saturday’s game last night … again!! After watching Saturday, I was very disappointed we had relinquished the lead in the 3rd period. I thought we should have been more aggressive and gone for that 2nd goal. After watching the 3rd period again, I realized the following:

    We played much better in the 3rd period than I had originally thought. Up until the 15 minute mark of the 3rd, we were matching or outplaying Ottawa. Tough luck on Koivu’s back-hander off the post. On that not, why didn’t Koivu get a penalty shot? Did anyone notice on Alfredsson’s “breakaway” that lead to the p-shot, he had his arms in the air (as if he was trying to gain his balance from being tripped) and starting to go done before Brisebois even touched him?!? On the other hand, Koivu does everything he can to shoot the puck, is tripped by Phillips and nothing. I think Koivu meritted a p-shot just as much as Krusty the Clown.

    Both goals (empty net excluded) were with the Koivu line on the ice. I think the fault of the loss rests on the shoulders of Koivu’s line (particularly Ryder and Higgins) for not playing defense first towards the end of the game. On both of the goals, they were playing on the offensive side of the puck – hoping/expecting a pass for a break down the ice. If they had provided more defensive support on these shifts, we could well have won 1-0.

    This is very different from last year where we were squeaking out ties and wins in the last minutes/seconds of games. If you look back on our losses this year, a good number of them were games we could/should have won but gave up late goals. Most of our victories were well earned.

    I think tomorrow’s game against Toronto has become even more significant since we are coming off a tough loss.

    Go Habs Go!!

  20. Richard B says:

    Yes, it was no trouble to see that Alfredson intended to dive. He never scored anyway, so that part worked out.
    I normally think Alfredson is a hard worker and a great player…but I don’t like his diving act.

  21. teamplayer says:

    yeh i made a point about alfredsson diving on the p-shot in another thread. But i thought it still considered a penalty shot but he shouldve gotten 2 min for diving!

  22. FastRonnie says:

    PS… I hope one of our hard hitting defensemen hits Sundin hard all night. Man I hate playing that guy. I’ll admit he’s good, but some of his tactics are often watched by the refs through starry-eyed lenses. Hit em hard and hit em often!!! November is the month when the last of the ‘leafs’ should be gathered and burned! Fire up the backyard barrel…

  23. Kev says:

    Sorry. it was the other way around. I messed it up. Still weird though.

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