Koivu ranked ninth in novel statistic

Captain Saku Koivu celebrates game-winning shootout goal against the New York Rangers on Tuesday.
Dave Sandford, NHLI via Getty Images

So we know that hockey statistics have gotten, well, a little out of hand. But the folks at puckthathit.com have calculated PI/$, or how much a player is costing his team in penalty minutes.

Says the website: "By breaking down a player’s salary by minute, then multiplying it by their penalty minutes, we can determine how much players are being paid to sit in the box. Of course, some players (enforcers, agitators, fighters, etc.) are expected to log a large number of penalty minutes as per their role, but that is why they’re often paid less than the skilled players who either put the puck in the net, or keep it out. …"

The site has calculated a ranking of 80 players through games and penalty minutes of Wednesday, and Canadiens captain Saku Koivu is ranked ninth overall, at a per-minute cost of $76,270.33.

The other two Canadiens on the list: 46. Mike Komisarek, $26,524.39; 65. Tom Kostopoulos, $17,743.90. Ranked No. 1 is Chris Pronger of the Anaheim Ducks, at $147,357.72.


  1. Chuck V. says:

    I will say, though, that Koivu seems to be the only non-“physical” player in the top 10. That is to say he’s the only player you wouldn’t really expect to wind up in the box whereas a guy like Pronger or even a Lecavalier and an Iginla are known to throw the gloves or lay some hits. Koivu is on here because of his o-zone penalties.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m no Koivu basher and have always been a huge fan, but this is certainly one area that the captain MUST improve on.

  2. Ed says:

    Koivu’s cost per penalty minute will go down, but for that to happen, he has to draw more penalties. Let’s hope they are not in the O Zone, so that Boone won’t have to type it in his game blog, plus they are not good penalties to draw. All these things change over the course of the year. I remember on one Puckcast, when Ryder only had 3 goals, somebody was joking that his goals cost $1 million each. Fortunately, they are now a lot cheaper, at $242,000 approximately.

  3. 1010 says:

    Watched Pratt and Taylor on Sportsnet tonight. Pratt asked Taylor and Ray Ferraro if they didn’t agree that the Habs were the most watchable team in the NHL. Both agreed with him that they are and that even a 3-2 game involving the the Habs was exciting. Pratt stated that old time hockey was back in Montreal. Even as far away as the left coast is noticing.

    GO HABS.

  4. Stefman says:

    Not surprising really. It’s easy to get distracted while watching an Oilers game.

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