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Napoleon was worse than your Montreal Canadiens on the road.

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Matt D’Agostini knocks Jonathan Toews out of action;


  1. Chuck says:

    The problem is, up to this point in the season, the goaltending has had
    to be excellent in order to even have a chance at winning. The offence
    needs to pick up the slack on a regular basis.

    Centre Hice: Bringing a knife to a gunfight

  2. oshawahabsfan says:

    The fact that he made the team is an absoloute joke. He brings nothing to the team, other than taking stupid penalties every game. He is a cowardly player with a history of chicken shit plays like that hit last night. It was a blindside hit, it was a late hit, contact to the head is irrelevant. To think that Bournival and a handful of better players were cut to make room for this thug is ridiculous. He shouldn’t play again after his suspension ends, he’s going to cost Canada a game when they face a better opponent.

    The NHL needs to take safety more seriously, like the IIHF does. Hits of this variety should be an automatic game, plus further discipline.

  3. habstrinifan says:

    It may be blasphemy but I am ready to have JM bench PK and the team wins. I hope it happens enough that they folishly trade PK. Let the kid take his vigor and excitemet elsewhere.

    I wont give up being a HABS fan. I have lived with the dreariness of our recent history and can continue doing so until some management team comes on board and revives HABS hockey. But I cannot stomach another young player being wrecked within this system or whatever it is called.

    I have had it with dumb boring hockey and wins based ONLY on incredible nights by a goalie.

    The NHL needs vigor and excitement and I think PK in another place will be OK.


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