Kelowna honours Josh Gorges

Canadiens defenceman Josh Gorges has been added to the Wall of Fame of Kelowna, B.C., minor hockey.

A nice honour for a player from whom the Habs are counting a great deal in the season to come.

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  1. Da Hema says:

    Sorry. I was purposefully taking the preceding comments to an absurd conclusion. I didn’t think anyone would take seriously the claim that Andrei Kostitsyn could be a captain of the Montreal Canadiens.


    “There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge….”

    –Hunter S. Thompson

  2. HardHabits says:

    Darche is very useful. He scored more than a couple of timely goals during the season and even potted a very useful one in the playoffs, goals that were determination and not talent driven, and he adds an element of work ethic and shut-up-your-mouth-and-do-the-jobness that in itself is more far more valuable than anything “Mr. Golden Spoon in His Mouth” can offer.

  3. showey47 says:

    I apologize about the video on the previous thread. All i did was type in “punksters playlist” and that video was the only thing that came up. I’m sorry if i created any permanent scaring.

  4. fbkj says:

    fine replace taliban with amish

    but my points stand, this is montreal theres no reason to shut her down so effing early

    lets just not do business then if work gets in the way of peoples lives…

    were talking about closing shop at NINE on a SATURDAY… i see no argument against it

    they are in fact silly laws that are a bi-product of catholicisms once fierce hold on quebec

  5. habaddict_andy says:

    Lapierre is close second to MAB. Bring back MAB so we can give ’em “C”.

  6. showey47 says:

    You would think with some of the posters on this site somebody would have bitched and moaned about how the habs never him as free agent in 2002 like the sharks did. Then we could have traded rivet to a different tam and still had gorges,ahhhhh that damn gainey,i mean andre savard.

  7. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Because the name of the team is Les Canadiens  not Les Pigmy’s.

  8. B says:

    You lost me at Taliban and your over the top hyperbole about the rest of the free world. I was simply trying to point out that there is another side to the issue and that they are not just arbitrary or whimsical laws.

  9. RGM says:

    We signed Darche in June. Comrie signed on September 3rd. Very, very different contexts.

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  10. fbkj says:

    im SAYING comrie went to HIS team of CHOICE at that price

    this isnt about habs management dropping the ball re: signing darche over comrie

    hes in a fortunate position to go to a more bonafide contender, or stay home, no skin off his back

  11. The Cat says:

    Maybe so, but most veterans are in that position, kinda. They dont need every possible cent, their only worry is the players union slapping them on the fingers.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  12. fbkj says:

    okay so it works everywhere else but quebec? why the hell do we go on taliban lockdown while the rest of the free world doesnt?

    speaking of hard times you are ommiting the economic benefits of extending retail hours

  13. The Cat says:

    I remember I was in Texas in the late 80s and it surprised me that they were open til 10 pm every day of the week.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  14. fbkj says:

    ill repeat

    its a bargain because comrie has the advantage of pimping himself out to his team of choice for peanuts since he stands to inherit kovalchucks contract x5

  15. B says:

    As I said, I disagree that Darche is useless and has no talent. I think he played his role well for Montreal last season. In limited games and ice time, he had 3 game winning goals. He won’t win the Hart or Art Ross, but I believe there is still a role he can fill. Different strokes I guess.

  16. The Cat says:

    I like Darche, but I agree. I dont know his personality but thats the bargain of the year, similar to Afinogenov last year.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  17. GrimJim says:

    Actually the Mythbusters did dispel this rumour. (sorry won’t link but the url is here) 

  18. habs 4 future says:

    you certainly have the brains of a hippo.

  19. habs 4 future says:

    Darche has no talent. he’s a career minor leaguer. how could anyone in their right mind compare him to Comrie who’s been in the NHL for several years and scored more than 20 goals/season, several times.

    Gauthier= not in his right mind.

  20. B says:

    Darche had 16 goals in 32 AHL games last season.
    Eller had 18 goals in 70 AHL games last season.

    I believe Eller is more of a setup guy than a scorer, he did have 39 assists in the AHL last season. Eller also should have more upside to become the more productive NHL player going forward, but the point is that Darche is not as useless and unskilled as some seem to think.

    Darche also had a higher PPG for the Habs last season than forwards Pacioretty, Moen, Lapierre, Latendresse and Pyatt (his +/- was also better than those players). I have no problem with Darche on the roster right now for the league minimum.

  21. Chorske says:

    It’s interesting you say that- I always felt that, in the past at least, the NHLPA seemed to be in the business of protecting the jobs of the non-stars… for instance, they fought against a number of changes that would allow the stars to shine (cutbacks on hooking, clutching, grabbing) and against any measure that would eliminate the tough-guy-enforcer types (instigator rules and so on). So it seemed to me that the NHLPA was kind of anti-star. I mean, look at it from their perspective- the stars don’t need protecting, but the kids, journeymen, and role-players might.

    Of course, in the new nhl ™ many of the old ways are gone, for better or worse.

  22. Chorske says:

    Haha, I wonder what Boone would think about being compared to a “media baron”.

  23. Scott in Montreal says:

    I wonder about the legal side. Does the legal protection afforded Boone for his column in the Gazoo (against defamation suits) also apply on the blog? I assume the publisher is the Gazette – or its parent company – in either case. However, is his blog (and this site, for that matter) copy-edited at all? Therein lies the difference between journalism and raw copy like we associate with the blogger. A blogger is much like the media baron of old, owning a printing press and thereby writing signed editorials. Last time I recall that was with the Asper family feeding “national” editorials to their entire CanWest newspaper chain.

  24. Bill J says:

    Pretty sure, yep.

    Cammalleri for Team Captain!

  25. says:

    Is it the Brick his family owns?

    They Call Me Shane

  26. says:

    Too different personalities.  I don’t know Darche, but I do know that Comrie is a disease in the locker room. So I disagree with your opinion.

    They Call Me Shane

  27. geo_habsgo says:

    Very good points and thanks for the compliment!

    Whether or not their comments were aimed at the individual or the blogosphere at large it was still a little uncalled for. Granted, this is a reaction to an article written in the defence of the blogger so the information provided is obviously bent to favour him. However, from what was presented (which is all I have to go on) the blogger’s only mistake was voicing a degree of respect for Price while otherwise having contributed sound, valid questions. 

    In any case, I understand that it is a dog-eat-dog profession and they were probably just protecting their territory but I just think that there doesn’t need to be so much bad blood when both the MSM and bloggers have much to gain from one another.

  28. andrewberkshire says:

    Bring back Sergei and give him the C!!

  29. andrewberkshire says:

    Darche and Comrie had nearly the same ppg output last season, even though Darche was on the 4th line. Darche is also bigger, stronger and more suited to a bottom 6 role.

  30. Bill J says:

    Not yet, but yeah – I can somehow see Comrie as a future team owner.

    He will definitely have the $$ for it by then.

    Cammalleri for Team Captain!

  31. adam76 says:

    Did you not see the smiley face?  

  32. Da Hema says:

    I believe Andrei Kostitsyn would be a fine captain.


    “There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge….”

    –Hunter S. Thompson

  33. B says:

    You may be looking at it from just one side. How depressing is it to have to work Saturday (or Sunday) nights in order to keep a job you really need? This is especially so in times when it is not so easy to just find another job or for people who for many varied reasons may have trouble finding another job for needed income. Sure, shoppers understandably like the flexibility and convenience of being able to shop when ever they want to, but the store workers may not always like, find it convenient or have a choice to work whatever shifts are required to support that.

  34. fbkj says:

    that makes me irate, especially since the deps tend to charge a premium for basic things

  35. fbkj says:

    thats cuz comrie has more money than most of the owners

  36. Rugger says:

    Guess that is one of my problems with Sports unions, they tend to focus more on the superstars being able to get the most they can at the expense of the rank & file.

  37. g says:

    read somewhere he took less to play for pittsburg

    “Long before I ever wore the jersey, I wore the jersey.” Dryden

  38. JD_ says:

    Makes sense. Problem is, any mechanism that reduces the cap hit arisin’ from a player’s actual salary is effectively pro-NHLPA. The league would want somethin’ in return and I don’t really know if this issue is among the NHLPA’s biggest priorities for the upcomin’ negotiations.

  39. Chorske says:

    Plus the age difference.

  40. JIMVINNY says:

    LOL.  Again.

  41. punkster says:

    Really! Those damn Habs, do they never learn?


  42. HardHabits says:

    The worst is the law restricting food stores from having enough staff on the week-ends. Something about protecting the depanneurs.

  43. HardHabits says:

    drinking it up and smoking crack with whores and homeless people, where else??

  44. punkster says:

    I’ll have to look it up. I believe he did say “control” and not “charge”.


  45. SeriousFan09 says:

    Because Comrie is an inconsistent player who brings nothing to a locker room, there’s a reason he’s been bouncing around the league and it’s not because everyone wants to have him.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  46. notbigbird says:

    Well, that just plain sucks.

  47. bertuzzisucks says:

    You have to think signing Mike comrie for 500k is better than signing Darche for 500k???


    Why didn’t we sign him.


    p.s plus comrie’s wife is better looking than Darche’s



    Are you going to bark all day little doggy?
    Or are you going to bite?

  48. tonymr says:

    Excellent post. No doubt many bloggers are not far removed from the sort of comments one finds on any site that allows fans to speak their minds; nonetheless, i don’t think they have the corner on stupid or irrelevant questions. Just witness the “in-between-periods” and post-game questions put to players by established journalists:

    • How important was that tying goal with a minute to play?
    • How important is it to come out strong in the third after giving up a late goal in the second?
    • What’s it like to play on a line with …?
    • Do you think you can come back from a 3 – 1 deficit?

    I don’t know if Stubbs’ and Boone’s comments were aimed at this individual in particular or at bloggers in general. Fair game, if the former, but bloggers and established journalists alike should be judged on their merits.

  49. fbkj says:

    true but where does that leave those who choose not to have families


  50. andrewberkshire says:

    I thought the obvious choice was Darche.

  51. SmartDog says:

    you have a point.  i don’t agree with it (in my case i’m home for dinner with the kids all week and on Fridays and Sundays.  Saturday is my most open day!)  but a lot of ppl should spend more time with their familiies.


    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  52. HardHabits says:

    Pun was intended triple-7.

    cunning linguist = cunnilingus

    master debater = masterbater

    you’re not very up to speed with the cliches are you 😉


  53. geo_habsgo says:

    *like* this :p  

    with new hit singles like “on my knees” and “down under” and the bonus track “swallowing (my pride)” 

  54. Rugger says:

    They could scale the cap hit depending upon age, as in a 40 y.o. player cap hit would be 80% of orginal cap hit, 39 yo would be at 82% etc down to a 30 y,o and yonger being at 100%.  This would give an incentive to keeping some of the older players on the roster.

  55. slapshot777 says:

    It’s better than a masturbator I guess. LOL, sorry no ill intended here, just saw that phrase and just couldn’t resist the opening.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  56. Chorske says:

    None of them wearning life jackets- a perfectly preventable tragedy.

  57. Chorske says:

    All interesting points.

    From a fan perspective, I certainly wouldn’t want to see a situation where the only people who have access are personally selected by the team- and yet that seems to be exactly the case, no?

    Boone seems to have two identities- the print journalist, and the admittedly emotional blogger (“agony and ecstacy”), and certainly he seems to benefit from a certain blurring of lines. In the podcasts, he is introduced as Mike Boone from Boone’s Online Eeee-mail, rather than from the Gazette, which strikes me as weird considering that this site is at least partly designed to direct traffic to the Gazette. But as bloggy as he is (and that is a compliment in my books), he is still answerable to the honchos at the Gazette. I think. Er.

  58. nightmare_49 says:


    Beloved QMJHL owner vanished in water after boating mishap

    Read more:

  59. Harditya_CareyPrice says:


  60. HardHabits says:

    The ’93 riot was much more fun.

  61. ZepFan2 says:

    Well that blows.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  62. MikeMcLaren says:

    Hey folks, this is certainly a non-profit venture, so hopefully no one objects 🙂

    I have three pre-season games for sale:

    Wed Sept 22 against the Bruins
    Fri Sept 24 against the Senators
    Mon Sept 27 against the Panthers

    These are in Club Desjardins B sec 209.  You still get the all-you can eat concessions in the pre-season.  Public face value for each pair is $296, I’m selling for $125 USD (Paypal).

    First come, first served. Please click on my avatar and contact me if you’re interested.  Oh and thank the club for making season ticket holders buy FIVE pre-season games – my loss could be your gain LOL


  63. JD_ says:

    Even Guerin’s agent Bob Murray said, “He simply needed a place to skate.”

    You know, nothin’ to see here.

    Rome is burnin’.

    Not sure I’d go so far as to suggest the NHL is a crap league, it’s just a cap league. It’s no coincidence the NHLPA went to the mat with the NHL when the latter tabled the cap durin’ those ill-fated negotiations. The older players, who were integral to the union’s leadership, even durin’ the Goodenow years, knew there’d be a squeeze. The issue wasn’t just about one individual’s ability to maximize his earnings, it was the knowledge that a team cap, in combination with a 20% cap on one player’s salary on that team, was goin’ to wrap a vise around the older guys.

    Unless, of course, they were prepared to play for peanuts. And, as we see today, there aren’t even enough peanuts to go around.

  64. Danno says:

    A message to Boone, The Schwartz, the MSM and the emerging blog media…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  65. Danno says:

    I’ve gone to the professionals. No thanks.

    By Georges, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  66. CERF says:

    well done! got me to “LOL” in the office and have the boss ask me what was so funny… he did not think it was as funny as i

  67. geo_habsgo says:

    JD, I always enjoy your posts. Just wanted to say keep it up!

  68. geo_habsgo says:

    I don’t really get the whole controversy between the mainstream media and the blogosphere. While there are a lot of blogs that are written by the casual fan does that mean that we have to discount the ones that are written by those who have actual experience in the field? 

    The year I graduated high school Pat Hickey came to the school during our lunch hour to give a talk to the seniors about pursuing a career in journalism. I appreciated it because he was enthusiastic about the profession without sugar coating the current state of affairs. He was honest. He told us the truth about print journalism and where it was heading and about the utter lack of jobs in the field. It was a dose of reality that was hard to take for a seventeen year old kid who dreamed of being a print journalist but it was necessary and I respected him even more for it. All this to say that during his talk he reminded us that while jobs are shrinking in what is considered the “main stream media”, there was plenty of potential in the unspoiled land that is the internet. He encouraged young hopefuls to embrace blogs and online media as the future of journalism rather than shun it and cast it aside. Maybe it was just ramblings of an accomplished journalist who wanted to leave us kids with some kind of hope but whatever the true intentions of his talk were I took it to heart. 

    Even Dawson College’s Creative Arts, Literature, and Languages program (CALL) offers a course to all students called “E-journalism”. It seems like everyone is trying to move forward except for the established and celebrated members of mainstream journalism whose jobs are not even the ones being threatened.

    So why is it that professional online blogs are being looked at like journalisms ugly third cousin?

    I see the criticism that Shwartz was a little too complementary towards Price during the press conference. But in my limited experience in the field I have found that a little bit of that ego padding that Shwartz engaged in can go a long way towards getting the interviewee to warm up to you especially since journalists are often considered “the enemy” by those outside the profession. Price did give very well thought and insightful answers to these questions and I suspect a bit of it had to do with the fact that Shwartz’s earlier comments made the goaltender feel a little more comfortable. It is all a business after all for both sides and everyone needs to claw their way up looking for any leverage they can get to set them apart from their peers. This is not to say that I think Shwartz is infallible in this situation because he was not. His praise for Price seemed a tad excessive but all I am saying is that I think I can understand where he was coming from and what his approach to the conference was. 

    I read Mr. Stubbs articles on the Canadiens every single day as it is one of the first things I flip to in the Gazette and I read Boone’s humorous Habs blogs as well as his insightful news columns that appear in the paper. Both are fantastic writers who deserve the praise they’ve garnered throughout their careers. Granted, I do not know any of the people involved personally but why do such respected writers like Boone and Stubbs have to insult another writer because they don’t approve of his credentials? I am sure most bloggers look to them as an example of how to write insightful pieces on this sports franchise. Instead of being defensive about this burgeoning revolution in journalism I would challenge them to mentor and support those honest individuals who are just trying pave a path for themselves during a time when journalism is at its rockiest. 

  69. J.T. says:

    Certainly, there’s some level of editorial scrutiny and journalistic standard in what’s printed in the Gazette.  But what happens when Mike Boone writes a live game blog in which he mocks the players and passes opinion on the coach’s decisions, or when he goes on twitter to pass his opinion there, all while wearing the mantle of “Gazette journalist?”  There’s no standard or scrutiny there outside whatever Boone places on himself.  Yet, lots of readers undoubtedly assume what he’s saying online based on his own opinion is as legit as what he writes that gets vetted for the paper.   You and I might be able to tell the difference, but you can be guaranteed there are people who don’t.  Thus the blurring of the line.  Is Mike Boone a blogger or a journalist?  Is he both?  What should justify his access to the room?  The Gazette already has a beat writer and a feature writer covering the team on a daily basis.  Boone is a city writer who merely blogs about the Habs, but you can bet his access is based on his Gazette newspaper credentials, not his blog writing. 

    Regarding access, there certainly has to be a line drawn to make sure any loony fan who can claim blogger rights can’t barge into the dressing room.  Perhaps it’s longevity, or readership.  Maybe it’s an application process to an independant board or affiliation with an established media outlet or publication.  Maybe it should be whatever criteria there are for approving mainstream access.  If I write for the Clarenville Packet, can I have access?  It’s a legitmate weekly paper, after all.  How do teams decide access in those cases?  There are lots of questions, and they’ll have to be answered in the near future because this isn’t going away.


  70. HardHabits says:

    You could always see an analyst or therapist about that, or better yet see a combination of the two, an analrapist.

  71. Danno says:

    ‘Tis better to be autoerotic than neurotic…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  72. JIMVINNY says:

    best thread of posts in a long while.  Well done, fellas.

  73. Chorske says:

    If that’s true about Guerin… well that sucks worse than a Fellatio Festival.

    The sad thing about this New NHL ™ CBA is that teams are tying up a huge chunk of salary mass for 5-7 players, which forces them to round out the remaining 15 or so roster spots with cheap kids on entry contracts… and this is squeezing out quality character journeymen with experience, like Metro, or Guerin. It’s a crap league if a dude like Guerin can’t find work.

  74. JIMVINNY says:

    LOL.  Really.  I did.

  75. Chorske says:

    We’ll be a hard act to swallow

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