Ka-chingle bells

Thanks to the irrepressible Robert L for this list of games that will be in the DVD box set coming out in October – in plenty of time for Christmas shopping: 

1960, April 24 – Canadiens beat the Toronto Maple Leafs to win their fifth consecutive Stanley Cup. This is the only disc in black-and-white.

1975, December 31 – The famous New Year’s Eve 3-3 tie against the Central Red Army team.

1977, May 14 – Canadiens edge Boston 2-1 in overtime to claim their 20th Stanley Cup.

1979, May 10 – The 5-4 overtime, infamous "too many men on the ice game" against the Bruins. That was the one that produced the clip of a bemused Don Cherry saluting Forum fans.

1984, April 20 – The Good Friday game against the Nordiques, featuring wild brawling.

1986, May 24 – The clinching of the team’s 23rd Cup against the Flames.

1993, June 9 – The most recent Cup against Gretzky’s Kings.

1996, March 11 – The Forum’s final game against the Dallas Stars.

2003, November 23 – The Heritage classic outdoor game at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. Red Fisher still gripes about how cold it was.

2008, February 16 – Habs come back from a 5-0 deficit to beat the Rangers 6-5 in overtime. 

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Robert also has posted a clip of the new Simple Plan goal song

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