Juniors: More than just Habs’ Leblanc

The Montreal Juniors begin their preseason campaign tonight in Greenfield Park, on Montreal’s South Shore, and the team is shining its spotlight on much more than just gilt-edged Canadiens prospect Louis Leblanc.

• The Gazette’s Red Fisher: Time to do away with the shootout.

• Robert Lefebvre looks back today at the Canadiens’ Big Three on defence. And he’s not talking Hamrlik, Spacek and Markov.

Ten reasons to get excited about the Habs this season, courtesy The Bleacher Report.

• More on the testing of NHL rules. And still a little more here.

Meet Patrice Brisebois tonight in Boisbriand. The link details Breezer’s appearance schedule next week in and around Montreal.

• Marty (Goal-A-Game) Barry, a Canadien for a brief spell, died on this day in 1969. The Hall of Famer’s story, here at Legends of Hockey, is worth your time. See below for a little more.

Marty Barry, courtesy of our friends at the Society for International Hockey Research:


  1. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    It’s not like it’s Carey’s first season for the habs.  I’m sure he’s use to Montreal by now.


  2. habstrinifan says:

    Totally agree!

  3. Bob Dobbs says:

    The basic premise of the original post I was replying to has to do with
    the possibility that the fans would drive Price out of town, and I was
    replying to this premise. And as for being a ridiculous premise, I don’t
    see how it’s ridiculous to think that a hockey player would choose to
    play elsewhere than where the fans virulently hate his guts. Seems like pretty elementary logic to me.

  4. OneTimer says:

    Ha ha ha…desperation is a stinky cologne, TommyB


    How’s that?

  5. saskhabfan says:

    Looks like your the one in love with burke since you constantly talk about him day and night observer,tony,habrsomething or other or whatever user name you using this week. You copy and paste the same post every day about burke being virtually a rookie g.m. and kessel’s apparently missing 2 months yada yada yada. Keep making up your own stats.we all just keep laughing at you.


    Leafstv “telling their fans they deserve to win for over 40 years”

  6. punkster says:

    Gullible, quite possibly.

    Likeable, most definitely.


  7. madcap_habsfan says:

    and how my heart breaks because of that fact, i would have loved to be able to watch the habs once upon a time


    -“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” Chuck Palahniuk

  8. madcap_habsfan says:

    can i get this guarantee it writing, because i think they’ll be at least a tad bit stronger then last year no?

    -“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” Chuck Palahniuk

  9. SeriousFan09 says:

    He had his hands tied by choosing a no-name coach with no credentials over the best playoff goaltender in NHL history and along the way got publically de-pantsed over the Colorado trade? Wow those owners were diabolical geniuses.

    It’s not that Gainey was better, he built something and it’s in place today and it’s going to make the Habs better for years to come. Burke has never left a legacy of improvement with any team he’s controlled.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  10. observer says:

    stop the comparisons with failures like houle who i think had his hands tied by the owners or comparing to the leafs. saying he or they are better than the inept is not a compliment.

  11. observer says:

    once kessel started last year he played all year the previous poster said he only missed 12 games early. gaborik played all year last year scored a lot of goals too. only reason they could sign him is gauthier/gainey took gomez cap hit off them. great move by sather a man who has made many bad moves lately but he got the best over the habs dynamic duo last june.

  12. Robert L says:

    I was just pointing the book out as the likely origin of that commenters quote. You are most correct about Robinson’s general demeanor. I’d take Larry myself, Serge a really close second.

  13. observer says:

    P.S., this is burkes 3rd year. — which means 2 full years he was hired past mid season ifd i recall and i think i used the words “i think”. kessel missed the first few months before he ever played his first game if i recall including training camp etc. so you get your facts straight and esides i couldnt care less about burke who you seem to be obsessed with as well as the leafs who are just another of the 29 other teams in the league who havent been fighting the habs for a cup in 43 years so who cares!

  14. saskhabfan says:

    Kessel never missed 2 months,it was 12 games which equals about a month. To put things in perspective not even reggie houle iced a last place team and had a far less talented lineup and money to work with. You would think with your constant user name changes you would at least stop posting the exact same false stats every day. P.S., this is burkes 3rd year. He missed the first month of 2008,once again,you and your false stats. Maybe one day you might accidently post something correctly and might give you some credibility. Till then your pretty much as useless and retromikey,manapart and triplex


    Leafstv “telling their fans they deserve to win for over 40 years”

  15. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yes but the final decision rested with Bob Gainey in previous years. Regardless of how Gauthier might have felt about one deal or another, it was Gainey’s choice in the end. This time, with his current level of experience (moreso than when he first started in management) it is back to being his decisions and so far, it’s pretty early to call him a bust.

    Gainey is a class act and always credits those he works with, I’m sure he didn’t always agree with PG and at times decided to rule against his recommendations. Not saying it was all his show but if the Habs made good decisions under PG’s advice he recognized those. You want to talk mediocrity, look at this team before Gainey arrived. No playoffs, no farm, no premiere free agents willing signing here to play for the Habs.

    We’ve got sharp prospects like Leblanc, Tinordi, Avtsin, Kristo in the system. We have good projects in development with guys like Mac Bennett, Brendan Gallagher, Gabriel Dumont, Morgan Ellis and several good young players like Pacioretty, Palushaj, White all hungry to break the Habs roster this season.

    What the hell did the Habs have 10 years ago? Gainey took this organization back from the brink.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  16. observer says:

    no, i am responding to someone who said they wont be. i think they tampa bay both will be in it this year. i think the habs will be too. but after last spring i had hoped gauthier would bolster the team and move the habs up in the eastern conference – and i do not think he has done any such thing and forget about improving them i believe he has made them worse especially in goal. and by not keeping moore but keeping pouliot at a raise and darche.

  17. observer says:

    he was not some greeny gopher when they hired him in 2003. he was a longtime gm in the past and i am sure had great input in everything done during all the years withgainey as all the main jobs seem to be filled with associates of his like timmins, martin while gainey was program gm. gainey even said “i could have done nothing here without gauthier being right at my side for everything i did.”(para.) which is actually a pretty true asssessment of the job done – mediocrity.

  18. punkster says:

    That’s the ticket THF! There are no losers in the New NHL (except the Leafs).


  19. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Kessel is like Gaborik,  talented goal scorer but soft as tissue. will spend the good part of every season on the IR.

  20. TommyB says:

    LMAO…looks like someone thinks I give a damn.  Got any more One-Liners, OneTimer?  Knock yourself out.

  21. The Big One says:

    “Burke took credit for other people’s work in Anaheim” – That would have been Gauthier before Burke.  Not a big fan of Burke at all.  He is a pretty good fit for TO though – alot of talk, but not alot of action.  Loud and cocky, for no real reason.

  22. TommyB says:

    What else would you expect him to say?  Robinson was never one to brag, nor was he ever one to fail to mention his mates.  Regardless, in my post I was only giving my own opinion of which of the three I admired most, and why.

  23. SeriousFan09 says:

    Because you’re saying we should be aware of their going into a playoff drive and therefore they’re competition. I say I’ll believe it when I see it in the standings, they were supposed to be better last year, they went even further down the standings!

    Burke is better at selling his idea of what the Leafs are than actually assembling it.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  24. SeriousFan09 says:

    Gauthier wasn’t in charge for the last 7 either, he hasn’t even held the position a year yet and you’re convinced he’s already the worst GM in the NHL.

    Burke had a long tenure in Vancouver, he didn’t raise that team to a Cup either or even a Conference Final and the Canucks fans I talked to are frustrated with the barren state of the farm when he left. His Anaheim team was pre-packaged as well. He got Kessel but he critically underestimated his own team. He assumed playoff position or near it, and bottomed out at last in the East. It says something when a GM thinks his team is one thing and it turns into the 2nd-worst in the league, in the weaker conference no less.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  25. observer says:

    it takes time he made a bunch of moves last summer, then during the season – i think he is going into his 2nd full season there – and this year they will be in the race BUT who cares? why are you always comparing to toronto”? there hasnt been a rivalry with them for a championship in 43 years?

  26. avatar_58 says:

    They wanted to move on by asking a guy mid season if he could kindly get the hell off the team? Even when he was one of the only guys trying? Then again they did it to Jason Blake too so it doesn’t surprise me. Work ethic means nothing to the leafs, just fan support.

  27. observer says:

    He got a top scorer for those picks. I think he gave up too much but let it play out first. Kessel i think scored over 30 goals inspite of missing a couple of months. plus i never would pick out one move of any gm and judge him on that. whatever i say about gauthier/gainey i always include all the bad moves AND the good moves and judge them by it. burke has only been there 2 full years(if that much) not 7.

  28. SeriousFan09 says:

    They were fighting for the playoffs last year weren’t they? That was an exciting October…


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  29. otter649 says:

    Antoinette & Observer having dialog and it is the same person………

  30. OneTimer says:

    I guess he did have facts after all, huh.


    Uh oh, someone looks dumb on the internet now.

  31. observer says:

    he has not. they will be fighting for the playoffs this year. and ferguson was only hired because he was cheap for them plus would follow managements orders. he had as much say in anything as an usher at the rink.

  32. TorontoHabsFan says:

    How about orange slices and juice boxes for everybody!!



  33. SeriousFan09 says:

    You can dump on Pierre Gauthier all day, he didn’t trade lottery picks to a divisional rival while trying to improve a bottom-ranked team. Some GMs know better than to make their closest rivals stronger.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  34. Pucker Up says:

    “…unlike people like you who are a gullible as humans get.”

    From this statement, are we to infer that you are not human?

  35. g says:


    keep it simple if you win in OT or shoutout you get two. the losing team gets zero

    “Long before I ever wore the jersey, I wore the jersey.” Dryden

  36. observer says:

    maybe they wanted to “move on” – he was old and has done nothing since leaving. you think it’s ok for habs to want to “move on” which it was but not them? unbelievable. why are you always comparing or worried about what the leafs a team that hasnt made the playoffs in ages or a cup in a millenium, does?

  37. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    tony tony tony,  when will you ever learn.  Burke is well on his way to becoming a worse GM than JFJ was,  and thats pretty fricken scary dude.

  38. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yeah, because he was with teams as an amateur scout and they didn’t win, it was either his fault or he’s just a career loser infected by failure early in his life. Your argument is ridiculous. If teams only hired management personnel based on their teams winning Stanley Cups when they were scouts, I would say the NHL would have trouble hitting their hiring goals.

    Pierre Mcguire has his name on Two Stanley Cups, does anyone think that tool should be a GM?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  39. Robert L says:

    Tommy, in Larry’s book, Robinson For The Defense, he mentions his partners several times and alludes to them being more naturally talented than he. It’s not neccessarily a comparision per se. All through the book, Robinson’s tone is of quite the self-depricating nature when it comes to self-assessment. He notes quite often how fortunate he was, especially early on, to have played with those two.

  40. observer says:

    mark this down – burke will be the leafs gm long after gauthier is removed from the position he is not even qualified to hold in montreal. guaranteed.

  41. HabFanSince72 says:

    Sports are only entertaining when they aren’t predominantly about entertainment. They’re entertaining because there is a competition.

    So for example I don’t watch WWF wrestling or monster trucks.


  42. SeriousFan09 says:

    Almost every capologist in the NHL is a first-timer! The cap didn’t exist until five years ago. Where we supposed to find these experts exactly? They had to come from somewhere. If he knows the CBA and he can do math, I’m pretty sure that makes him qualified.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  43. observer says:

    name me all the teams he was a part of thye year they won the cup or even played in the finals. please give us all the bennefit of your research. i already stated the facts. please correct me if you can – which team and what year when he was with them did either of those things?

  44. HabFanSince72 says:

    Media pressure????? The media basically fellate everyone associated with the Leafs on a daily basis!

  45. avatar_58 says:

    Look what they did to Sundin. Guy gives them EVERYTHING and the fans, media and GM ask if it’s ok to trade him. I mean jesus H. At least we went down with our captain – they had to move on, but they didn’t go “Hey Koivu mind if we trade your ass for a bag of pucks?”

  46. HabFanSince72 says:

    Burke is giving Glen Sather a run for his money as worst GM in the league.

    Both are vain loudmouths who once got lucky (Sather had all those players dropped in his lap in Edmonton, Burke took credit for other people’s work in Anaheim).

    Remember when Burke was telling everyone he was going after Tavares?

    What was he going to give the Isles? Luke Schenn?


  47. observer says:

    a lot of alter egos that you in your mind dream up out there who actually can think, unlike people like you who are as gullible as humans can get.

  48. Ian Cobb says:

    Antoin, to bad that you are going to miss out watching a great year this year. Also, I did not see you in any of the Management meetings lately, as we move on up the standing charts from finishing 4th over all last year my friend.

  49. observer says:

    Wrong again, Carriere who lives close to the Hamilton area was taking over Brisebois’ job as Hamilton GM. But Brisebois also had the Habs capologist job. Carriere was not given those duties. The son of Gauthier’s friend and schoolmate Boivin was given this job that may well be his first time ever being a NHL capologist. Closed little clique. Won’t even answer Larry Robinson phone calls.

  50. Bugs says:

    I thought players didn’t want to play in Toronto because the team has been reeking of Abject Failure for 40 years through bonehead move after bonehead move.

    But it’s because of media pressure?

    Well, I’ll be danged…

    Questionable but unactionable, it’s

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant Head Honcho to what goes down in Chinatown, Big Cheese at Flannelcorp Media, and Lead Copy-boy at Habsbros Hard Data Factory: http://habsbros.blogspot.com

  51. punkster says:

    OMG, you’re defending your alter ego.

    What happens if you disagree? Does your head explode?


  52. LA Loyalist says:

    “If  the fans drive Price out of town” – I”m quoting you – that statement is, I’m sorry, ridiculous to imply it would be the fans fault.

    If Price were to leave, it would be because he loaded his diaper and didn’t stop the puck.

    How much simpler can I make it for you? That’s the one and only issue here.

    20 games and we’ll know.


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  53. observer says:

    so you know his credentials to be a nhl capologist ? what are they? is this his first time trying his hand at it on a team that gauthier/gainey put into this cap trouble this year?

  54. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Can’t blame him,  Wilson is a horrible coach, and Burke is a major idiot.   Burke dragged Kaberle thru the media and players don’t like that,  Burke should have just shopped him behind closed doors.  Now the other teams know Burkie is desperate and will continue to low-ball him.  I will laugh so hard if he walks @ free agency and Burke the Blowhard get’s zilch for him.

  55. punkster says:

    or maybe:

    – 7 points for a win, if the winning team is leading prior to the third period

    – 6 points for a win if the winning team comes back from behind to win it in the third period

    – 5 points for a win if the winning team breaks a tie in the third, of a game that was tied at the end of the second, to win the game

    – 4 points for a win in OT

    – 3 points for a loss in OT

    – 2 points for a win in the shootout

    – 1 point for a loss in the shootout

    – subtract 1 point for a team wearing tasteless unis

    – subtract 2 points for a team whose pre-game hoopla lasts longer than the pre-game program on RDS

    There, that otta satisfy the revisionists.


  56. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yes, because his years of being a scout are everything to do with why the teams he worked for never won Stanley Cups. Do your research Tony.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  57. Bugs says:

    And there are penalty-shots in hockey.

    I meant during regular gameplay of course. Where there are breakaways in hockey but no free shots of the ball on the dot with ten seconds to think about it in soccer.

    Questionable but unactionable, it’s

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant Head Honcho to what goes down in Chinatown, Big Cheese at Flannelcorp Media, and Lead Copy-boy at Habsbros Hard Data Factory: http://habsbros.blogspot.com

  58. LA Loyalist says:

    If you guys get a chance find LARRY ROBINSON’s memoirs – very funny and informative and worth searching for.





    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  59. observer says:

    so he mis-typed. but gauhier/boivin did exactly what they wanted AGAIN. habs will never win a cup until gauthier is removed. just as every place he has been in 30 thats thirty odd years.

  60. ZepFan2 says:

    I can guarantee you that the “Lightening” will not finish ahead of any team this year.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  61. Hoegarden says:

    Just read the article in the TO Sun.

    “I have been following Toronto for a long time,” he said. “I didn’t
    believe it much in the beginning, but it seems that the best players don’t want
    to go to this club.

    reason is because of the huge pressure from the fans, and especially the media.
    Not every hockey player is able to deal with it.”


    grief, pressure from fans and media in Taranna….. I thought this only happened
    in Montreal.



  62. observer says:

    Proving it is the clique many have said it was. And probably why young guys with great futures in front of them like Boucher and Brisebois walked away. Is this not going full circle now? Boivin brings in his schoolmate of years ago Gauthier (a man who never was associated with a champion) to be co-GM then GM (with no job search) of the team and now Gauthier brings in the inexperienced(as a capologist) son of Boivin to take that job.  Is the Canadiens GM job itself one of the most coveted and most respected GM positions in this league? What credentials does Gauthier have to even get that position especially after so many years of non-accomplishment?

  63. Ian Cobb says:

    Your on the money with your comments Tommy. All 4 players were fantastic and your pick of Larry is spot on.

    He had other very special defence men on his squad with him.

    But Doug Harvey was something else to watch. He also had fellows like Tommy Johnson, Dollard St. Laurent, Emile Bouchard, Bernard Geoffrion to play with.

    The younger fans will never know hockey the way we saw it being played my friend.

  64. SeriousFan09 says:

    Patrick Boivin is the new 2nd assistant GM and likely going to be taking over Brisebois’s old duty, which was the team’s capologist. Larry Carriere was already appointed assistant GM to Gauthier some time earlier, as Gauthier was assistant to BG in previous years.

    Nice to see that because some people here think Pierre Boivin is incompetent (Despite raising huge amounts of revenue for the club, as was his job) that his son must automatically be a ****-up. If Gauthier goes, he is likely to be replaced from outside rather than from within by the team capologist. Does he understand the CBA? Can he operate Excel? Than I’m pretty sure he’s qualified for the job.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  65. JD_ says:

    VIP. Clark St., just below HydroQ.

    BBQ duck. Young chow fried rice. Ginger chicken. Beef ‘n’ shrimp bird’s nest.

    Disposable plastic tablecloths and icy waiters.

    Huge, huge fan.

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