Junior Canadiens might have been best of Memorial Cup winners

The Halifax Mooseheads won the Memorial Cup last weekend, becoming the third straight QMJHL team to win the championship, following the Saint John Sea Dogs and Shawinigan Cataractes.

Since the CHL adopted the Memorial Cup tournament format in 1972, QMJHL teams have won 10 times, trailing the WHL with 18 and the OHL with 14.

But of all the teams to win the junior championship, the Junior Canadiens from 1969 and 1970 might have been the best. Thirteen players from the Junior Canadiens teams that won back-to-back Memorial Cups in 1969 and 1970 went on to play in the NHL.

At the 1969 NHL draft, the Canadiens took Junior Canadiens teammates Rejean Houle (above, right) and Marc Tardif (above, left) with the No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks. The Junior Canadiens’ Gilbert Perreault (above, centre) was the No. 1 overall pick by the Buffalo Sabres at the 1970 NHL draft.

On Thursday, the Canadiens signed forward Tim Bozon to a three-year contract. Financial terms were not disclosed.

In 69 games with the WHL’s Kamloops Blazers in 2012-13, Bozon posted 36-55-91 totals. He scored 14 of his goals on the power play and added two shorthanded tallies. Bozon also had 58 penalty minutes and led his team in plus/minus at plus-37.

The 19-year-old St. Louis native was selected in the third round (64th) overall by the Canadiens at the 2012 NHL entry draft.

The Canadian Press reported on Thursday that Seth Jones, Nate MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin, the top three prospects for this year’s draft, were signed to endorsement deals with Reebok-CCM Hockey.

In other junior news, the OHL’s Sarnia Sting fired Jacques Beaulieu as general manager and head coach.

“Effective immediately the ownership group of the Sarnia Sting has relieved Jacques Beaulieu of his duties as general manager and head coach,” Sting co-owner Rob Ciccarelli said on the team’s website. “The reasons for his dismissal are not related to the on-ice performance of our hockey club. As per the advice of our lawyers we cannot comment any further at this time.”

Beaulieu and his son, Canadiens prospect Nathan Beaulieu, have both been charged with two counts of assault following an altercation at a house party in April that followed a charity golf tournament. A June 11 court date has been set.

Jacques Beaulieu was nominated for the OHL coach of the year award this season after the Sting finished with a 35-28-1-4 record before being swept in the first round of the playoffs by the Plymouth Whalers.

Junior Habs were unmatched, by Pat Hickey

Some illustrious Memorial Cup alumni, by Pat Hickey

Memorial Cup goalies no sure thing in NHL, by Pat Hickey

Third straight Memorial Cup for QMJHL, by Pat Hickey

(Gazette file photo)


  1. habsblood82 says:

    Lol honestly I have yet to read a full reply from him. You can tell after a sentence he’s the devils advocate. Thanks Ron! Go habs!

  2. habsblood82 says:

    Ya.and referees need to call more diving penalties. But diving is part of the game unfortunately

  3. frontenac1 says:

    Snuff the Instigator Rule! Saludos!

  4. habsblood82 says:

    Ya. Pardon my french. Just sayin Gallagher cant keep playing the way he is if we cant get goons off him .

  5. Maritime Ron says:

    @ habsblood82 says:
    Gally and Gallagher both need protection on the ice. Gallagher was getting killed out there. How long before he slows down if we cant protect him from concussions
    You are absolutely right!

    I don’t like goon hockey, yet during the season, the NHL is what it is. Some squads like their goon hockey for whatever reasons (intimidation/crowd pleasing….) but we just can’t sit idle and plead “Our Speed Will Overcome.”

    Our guys get hurt/targeted because other teams know they can hit us any way they wish with no repercussions.
    Remember when Phaneuf tried to decapitate Gallagher?
    No answer.
    Do you believe for 1 second the Gryba hit on Eller happens against a Toronto or Boston team? (and please don’t try the isolated Marc Savard argument…)

    What we need is a “Heavyweight Threat” to help out Prust as it appears Moen is not interested in that role anymore.
    A Ryan White is far from the answer as we saw what Jared Cowan did to him….

    NHL teams are allowed 23 roster players, (20 dressed) and I would have no problem with 1 being reserved for a crazy Trevor Gillies style of guy.
    Toronto’s McLaren or Orr want to run around and cause havoc? Then they will have to answer to our crazy guy.

    He doesn’t have to suit up for all games, but definitely against Toronto, Boston, Philly, Ottawa, Columbus to come, and even Buffalo with John Scot running around not answered.
    Games against Pittsburgh, Detroit, Jersey…the fella can sit in the press box and eat popcorn.

    I’d like to know just 1 Habs fan who felt good when we were pummelled in the playoffs by Ottawa this year in that brawl, or that infamous game in Boston in February/2011.
    If you need a reminder…

    And don’t let anyone try to convince you that stuff like that has no lingering effects on skilled players because those guys are NHL pros…

    Here’s also hoping newly acquired Chief Scout Shane Churla can hold a summer camp for almost ALL the Habs and at least teach them how to defend themselves…..

    • HabinBurlington says:

      habsblood82 evidently made a mistake in identifying that Gallagher may get a concussion without protection. I think you and I Ron understood what he meant, or perhaps we read it the way we wanted to. BUt I agree with you.

      The NHL has made it abundantly clear that the league is not set on enforcing its rulebook, and teams are free to take liberties and play a complete different style of game without penalty.

      Watching the Bruins play, they technically are a skating interference machine, but the league allows them to finish their checks at will. THere is still room for Gallagher, but opposing teams need to know that they too will get checked into oblivion when playing the Habs. Our team simply doesn’t yet have enough grit to wear down other teams, to keep the front of the net clear to succeed in todays playoff hockey.

      It is a slow process, I trust MB to make decisions, but it will not happen overnight.

      The fact MB was rumoured to be trying to trade for Torres at the deadline speaks volumes, despite some telling us here that he is not needed.

      • Ron says:

        As did I Burl, I read it the same way as you and Maritime also. The rant that followed is the same one put forth at every chance to show some prowess or some kind of way to show we are wrong in our thinking. That Savard caption is old.

        • commandant says:

          When you can actually refute the statement without saying, “you said that already” you may actually have a point.

          Look at all 30 teams… look at how often concussions happen, and how many goons are on each hockey club.

          There is zero statistical correlation between the two. None.

          As long as you and others keep perpetuating the myth, I am going to tell you that it is a myth and its wrong. You’ll note that in all the times I’ve apparently posted the same argument, I never start the debate. Its always the misinformed comment of “we need protection” or “our guys wouldn’t get hurt if we had so and so” that starts the debate… so please ask yourself who it is that keeps repeating the same flawed argument.

          Go Habs Go!
          Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

          • Ron says:

            Those comments that you discribe as misinformed are other peoples thoughts and when is it your responsibility to correct them ? This isn’t lastwordonsports although I think you are looking for the last word. Those flawed arguments are flawed in your mind, when is it your way or no way. BS Bensley.

          • commandant says:

            Arguments based on feelings, that are not supported (but in fact refuted) by facts… are flawed.

            I don’t know where people got the idea that an opinion can never be wrong, but thats simply not the case… and many people have many flawed opinions every day.

            Go Habs Go!
            Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

          • Ron says:

            Peoples thoughts are just that. Its THEIR thoughts and beliefs. Your so called facts you continually bring up from over a year or more ago support YOUR thoughts. Let others have the right to theirs, get over yourself Ben your not what you think you are. Blood just said he would like to see protection for the Gallys. There was not any argument with that comment, you stepped in and started one. Now your calling it his argument and you came back with the usual BS. You can come back with something else if you wish but this is my last comment on the subject.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        Hi Burli

        The process for the Habs may take another 3-4 years if what I hear about Bergevin and crew are true,

        The worst thing that ever happened for us was beating the Caps and Sens in 2010.
        We ending up thinking we were better than we truly were and that ‘strength’ was not an issue

      • commandant says:

        As for trying to trade for Torres. He is needed, because he can play a regular shift, and hit, and gets to the front of the net.

        None of that has anything to do with protection though.

        Its two totally separate arguments that have somehow been forged into one.

        Saying that tough guys do not provide protection, is not the same as saying a David Clarkson, or Raffi Torres, or Brian Bickell, would not be a useful player for Montreal to acquire. I’d take those guys.

        Go Habs Go!
        Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • Chris says:

      “Do you believe for 1 second the Gryba hit on Eller happens against a Toronto or Boston team? (and please don’t try the isolated Marc Savard argument…)”

      Absolutely it does. These hits happen all the time. You say we can’t cite Marc Savard. Okay, how about Nathan Horton getting knocked out of the playoffs on a similar type of play by Aaron Rome? The Canucks sure as heck aren’t known for their team toughness, but a player made a reckless hit.

      Grabovski was smoked in the head by Andrew Ference (earning a suspension). How about Joffrey Lupul suffering an injury on a big hit by Adam Hall?

      Every team in the NHL loses players to cheap shots, reckless hits (such as that by Gryba) or outright attempts to injure. When these plays happen, people generally have no thought about who else is on the ice or even who they are playing. They see an opportunity, and go for it.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        As for the Horton hit, do you actually remember the overall team toughness the Bruins displayed to win that Cup?

        Do you remember the Marchand face punches of Sedin – and how those 2 went MIA in that final?

        Henrik had 1 goal and 0 assists in 7 games and was Minus 7.
        Daniel had 1 goal and 3 assists in 7 games and was Minus 5.

        Of course stuff happens in a particular game, but team toughness is key and intimidation plays a factor.

        Anyway, the conversation is about protecting our Habs little guys.
        If we want to have 3 of our Top 6 being featherweights and 5’7″-8″, we better have guys to take care of them.

        • Chris says:

          Marchand’s face punches of Sedin came in Game 6, by which point the Sedins had already been smothered to death by the best checking forward on the planet (Bergeron), the best defenceman on the planet (Chara) and the best goaltender on the planet (Thomas).

          The toughness thing is overstated. The Sedins cycling gameplan that is so effective against so many teams in the NHL simply isn’t effective against the Bruins. They weren’t intimidated, they were just neutralized.

          I’m all for getting some guys on the team to go to the front of the net. I just happen to think that intimidation is a bit of a red herring when it comes to NHL players. If you are easily intimidated, you won’t make the NHL.

          Saku Koivu didn’t have a hope in hell of winning physical battles with Zdeno Chara. But he cannonballed in there anyways, even when the Habs were getting creamed 4 straight in 2008-09, because it is in his DNA to be a cannonball.

          The Sedins are cyclers…it is so ingrained in their hockey DNA that they simply could not adapt to a Bruins team that could not be beat with that style of play. It was more the Bruins being a rock to the Sedins’ scissors than the Bruins being able to intimidate them.

          I will say that it helped an awful lot that the NHL refereeing in that series was so egregiously one-sided against the Sedins that even on that play where Marchand was allowed to repeatedly punch the league’s leading scorer in the face in full-view of the referee at the end of a blowout win, Daniel Sedin came away with the same penalty as Marchand. The slashing (Chara was just vicious on Daniel Sedin off of every faceoff), interference and general thuggery that the Bruins employed against the Sedins in that series was a disgrace. Their biggest failure was that they didn’t pull a Jonathan Toews and whine about it loudly enough to the media.

        • commandant says:

          You’ve changed the argument to whether or not being tough is a useful style of play.

          We all (for the most part) concede that yes… Zdeno Chara’s physical style is effective in a defensive role. Brad marchand’s antics get players off their game. Lucic’s power forward style helps him score goals. No one disputes this.

          This discussion was started all based on the premises of PROTECTION and DETERRENCE. Despite all that toughness, despite all those assets, despite the fact that playing tough helped them win games…. none of it stopped a player from getting targeted with a suspendable hit, and concussed and injured. NONE OF IT STOPPED THE ALBERTS HIT. So tell me again how it stops the Gryba hit??

          If you want to tell me the Habs needed to create more traffic in Anderson’s kitchen to win the series, and have a stronger forecheck, and clear Price’s crease? Okay I agree 100%.

          If you tell me that being tough would have stopped Gryba from hitting Lars Eller (one of the bigger players on the team). NOPE. Its pure Mythology.

          Go Habs Go!
          Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • AH says:

      Maritime Ron; +1000!! You are so right, another example is that rat Marchand, he would nowhere near be the player he is or pull the crap he does if he did not have Chara the Gorilla et al coming to his aid. Youtube the Salo submarine hit he did, as soon as he did it Chara races over to Marchand and rides shotgun for him ready to protect him from all comers. Would that Rat try that on somebody if he played for the Habs?…NOT!

  6. habsblood82 says:

    Price or Rask? Who’s best now and tomorrow?

  7. habsblood82 says:

    Because teams know they can pound on the habs and they will get away easy with it. No hitters or fighters and other than emelin and 185 lb prust and occasional pk super hip . Not much to keep you from doing it over and over to our key players

  8. habsblood82 says:

    What a horror show that series was. Atleast the leafs loss was more painful than ours

  9. Mark C says:

    Re: bummed about the Ryan Jankowski news. He’s a good one, was a steal to get him from the NYI.

  10. habsblood82 says:

    Gally and Gallagher both need protection on the ice. Gallagher was getting killed out there. How long before he slows down if we cant protect him from concussions.

    • commandant says:

      Define protection, and how it is done in an NHL with an instigator rule.

      Go Habs Go!
      Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

      • Ron says:

        You know what Jamie means Ben, no need to pull teeth on it. Instigator rule or not you do know what he is getting at.

        • commandant says:

          I know that people mistake protection for revenge.

          All the protection in the world didn’t prevent career ending concussions to Marc Savard. All the protection in the world didn’t prevent the multiple concussions suffered by Nathan Horton. Patrice Bergeron missed a full season due to concussions, and then was concussed again this year. Brad Marchand missed time this year with a concussion.

          Look around the league and other teams are suffering just as many concussions as the Habs. There is no logical link to be drawn from the statistics that we suffer more concussions than other teams. NONE.


          That article has a number of links to teams around the league and the concussions their players suffer.

          Are we really getting MORE concussions than teams who have this so called “protection”.

          Another team to look at is Toronto, who plays two goons on their fourth line every game.

          Serious concussions for Joffrey Lupul one of their best players. Colby Armstrong repeatedly suffered concussions in Toronto but not Montreal. Jake Gardiner one of their most promising young players. James Reimer, John Michael Liles, Nazem Kadri, Mikhail Grabovski, the list goes on and on.

          Heres a whole article on the Leafs


          The factual evidence that there is some reduction in the number of concussions suffered by teams who employ goons and those who do not, is just not present. Not at any level of hockey.

          You can believe what you want, but the facts show its a myth.

          Go Habs Go!
          Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Ben, you have used that example over and over and over. You must recognize the Habs could use some more abrasive players and a 4th line player who is willing to drop them. Presently Prust is the only player who is not in and out of MT’s doghouse willing to do so.

            You are a reasonable person, I don’t understand when people talk about wanting some tougher players, why you continue to bring up the Marc Savard example.

          • punkster says:

            Ger…the question blood asks assumes that a fighter, tough guy, big guy or whatever would in any way, shape or form “protect” a player from getting injured then Ben’s answer is valid.

            No player, no matter how big, tough, strong,etc… will protect any other player from getting a concussion…it’s a senseless jump in logic that people can’t seem to get around…something of a old school mentality or machismo thing…but not a reality.

            ***SUBBANGIN’ NOW BABY!!!***

          • commandant says:

            Burly, did I say that I didn’t want tougher players? No.

            There is value to being abrasive, to hitting, to playing that style.

            There is value to having players who aren’t afraid to take a hit to make a play, to go to the front of the net, to take punishment, and to play physical hockey on defence. To clear the front of the net for shots and rebounds.

            There is no doubt, and if you read my posts, I’ve long said the Habs should open the vault for David Clarkson, and if they can’t get him, should get a Bickell. I’ve also said that they need a defensive D who plays a physical game.

            I want physical, abrasive players who can provide regular minutes and play a regular shift at the NHL level. No problem with that, none whatsoever.

            The part I object to, is the myth that somehow having one of these players will prevent our other players from being injured. Such a belief is not supported by any facts, none, zilch when looking around the NHL. The belief that a fighter prevents injuries just isn’t true.

            There is value to these players, immense value. But it only exists when said physical, abrasive, player is also good at actually playing the game. And the value isn’t in protection, its in making plays. This is a physical sport, you need physical players. Talented and physical players are worth every penny, even if you overpay a little, like Prust.

            As for Savard, its but one example. I’ve added a second group of examples today… the Toronto Maple Leafs, another supposedly tough and truculent team that protects their players from injury.

            Go Habs Go!
            Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

          • commandant says:

            Thank you punkster… thats exactly what I’m saying.

            I’m not against toughness on a hockey team.

            I’m against meatheads who can do nothing but fight being brought to the team in the name of protection. Because it doesn’t work. See Georges Laraque.

            Go Habs Go!
            Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            @punkster and ben, In that case the next time someone asks for a goalscorer, I expect they identify if the goal scorer shoots left or right, that we know whether he scores more on a breakaway or if a one timer is his preference. I also will want to know what curve is on his stick. 🙂 Given toughness now has multi layers which need to be peeled back and dissected, goal scoring requires the same.

          • Ron says:

            Everyone including yourself has used that too no end. I cannot speak for Jamie but I think he means more as a deterrant and not as a revenge action that you bring up. There is certaintly no need to start that same long rant of yours for such a small statement made. In some cases that is straight up BS. And you can sling it with the best of them. Copy and paste from thread to thread.

          • commandant says:

            Whats the difference between deterrence and protection he referenced? Essentially you are arguing the same thing.

            The stats simply don’t show deterrence or protection being of any concern. Its not just Boston, but if you go to the first link I showed, the concussion problem is one throughout the NHL and it effects all teams, whether they employ goons or not. There is no real increase in concussions when a team stops employing a goon, nor is there a decrease when they sign one. The numbers just don’t support the idea of deterrence.

            You say I keep bringing the same tired arguments…. I say the same tired arguments that players wouldn’t get hurt if a goon was on the team, are brought up by others, not myself.

            Go Habs Go!
            Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

          • Ron says:

            Ben, the initial comment in regard to bloods saying he would like to see some protection for Gally and Chuck still does not warrent this long drawn out bullshit you are continuing to slop around. He in no way is saying it would stop the crap hits etc but some help in maybe deterring it. Getting cross checked at most every net presence MIGHT be curtailed if people know someone is going to come after them. It may help in having some form of greater toughness beyond what Prust brings.

  11. habsblood82 says:

    But Ottawa wasn’t really any good anyway lol. Anderson won that series. Lots of fluky goals. I say they were the worst team in the east giving a slight edge to habs.

    • J_P says:

      Ottawa wasnt really good? On what basis do you make that statement?

      It is very plausible that if Ottawa had Anderson, Spezza, Michalek, and Karlsson all season, they would have won the northeast.

      The Senators are very good, and despite Prust’s absolutely epic “bug-eyed fat walrus” comment, Paul Mclean is an excellent coach and a lock for the jack adams.

      You can certainly make the point that if we had Eller and Emelin, it could have been a very different series, and yes a few bounces did determine a couple of games, but there was also a couple of games where ottawa demolished us. Truth of the matter is, our best players just didnt play well enough to win.

      All that being said, to say Ottawa isnt any good is a serious stretch.

      • C-Sword says:

        The Sens were not that good, the Habs were just worse

        • J_P says:

          thats just hater talk. If youre going to make a statement at least bring up some points as to why they arent good.

          Ottawa loses Spezza, Anderson and Karlsson and still make the playoffs.

          We lose Emelin and Eller and we fall off a cliff…

          People really dont give the sens enough credit.

    • Timo says:

      Actually, Habs lost the series… not a small part in which played Michael Therrien’s focus on shooting his mouth off at press conferences instead of focusing on coaching and making sure his team is prepared.

      • Mattyleg says:

        You’re right.
        Therrien’s comments in press conferences were the reason we lost.

        You been hanging around with Rob Ford recently?

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

  12. Mattyleg says:

    My take on Price:

    He is technically excellent, which is why he has so few highlight-reel saves – he is rarely out of position so doesn’t need to do any of the flopping of the Quicks, Thomases and Halaks of this world.

    That being said, I think that Price could use some more agression in his game. He needs to challenge the shooters, and come further out of his net, put himself in danger, but at the same time make the puck-holder’s life difficult.

    He plays very deep in his net, which is why we almost never see the 2-on-1 fire a shot into a yawning cage – Price is always there, but equally incapable of stopping the puck.

    More pressure on the puck-carrier will mean hurried passes, less confident shots, and less room for puck-movement in the zone.

    To do this, however, Price needs to have confidence that his d-men are going to be able to tie up the players drifting into the slot. Any defenceman can do that, but it needs to be consistent. If Price is going to be more aggressive, it needs to be a systemic decision throughout all levels of coaching, from the goalie coach to the defence and offense coaches to the head coach.

    When Price is out of position, we know his insticts are good, and his reflexes are fast. He just needs to get out of his comfort zone and PUSH.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • J_P says:

      Pretty good assessment. I agree that he plays far too deep in his net and doesnt challenge shooters enough.

      Price is TOO systematic and TOO mechanical in his motions in my opinions. I find hes also very strong, and when he pushes off laterally, he ends up out of position because he pushes himself too far. Some games he really doesnt seem to be in control of his lateral movements.

      I dont get all the Price haters though, because I think the biggest problem for Carey is not Carey, but his Defense. The habs D isnt capable of clearing the front of the net. Put Price on LA or Boston, and he would be just as good as Quick or Rask in my opinion.

  13. commandant says:

    I’m hearing that Ryan Jankowski, our WHL scout, is leaving the Habs to take the head job at Hockey Canada.

    Explains the Churla hiring even more.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  14. habsblood82 says:

    Ya matty. It looks promising. Prospects make a winning team. Even in pits. Without sid n Malkin they aint shit. Hopefully mb keeps all his 1st n 2nd rounders for atleast 3 years

    • Timo says:

      Apparently there is another woman claiming that Biebs fathered her child. Problem is that when she had sex with him he was 15 which technically allows authorities to accuse her of statutory rape. Some people just don’t have a brain.

      PS I am always up to date on my man Biebs.

  15. FANHABULOUS says:

    Just like most of you, I’m eager to see what MB does at the upcoming draft, and how he addresses our needs in the UFA market. A couple of people where talking about our core group going forward, and I for one am pretty optimistic about this team. Here is how I view our core:

    D: Subban is already an elite player, and will only get better. You can’t ask for a better prospect to build a D around. Add to this the potential in Tinordi and Bealieu, and we have a solid young D core to build around.

    Forward: Chucky and Eller are two rock solid prospects that will likely be our 1-2 centers in a couple of years. Add to this Max and Gally on the wings, and we have at least 4 young forwards that represent a solid core for this team to build around.

    Goal: Price is already considered by many to be a very good goalie, and I think he has it in him to be an elite one. Look, it’s not like this kid just barely made it to the NHL, or was a passenger on the teams he played for in junior or the minors. He was the best goalie in the WHL (Wilson trophy), then won the Calder with Hamilton and was the playoff MVP. He’s not only won at every level he’s played, but he’s DOMINATED and been the best at his position. What does that tell you? He has it in him to become the best at his current playing level, it’ll just take some more time.

    That is, in essence, the “spine” of the team going forward IMHO. Teams talk about having a solid player for each position, and ours are : Price, Subban, JT/NB, Chucky, Eller, Gally, and Max. That’s not a bad group to build around, folks!
    “You will not regret picking me” – PK Subban.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I think Price has the tools be an elite goalie he just needs to put them together. I would change his goalie coach this summer to see if that helps.

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • Luke says:

        I’d change half his defense and see if that helps too.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          That would always help. D is our biggest weakness and the organization knows it as you can tell from the draft

          “Keep your stick on the Ice”

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I second Luke’s request, and I also would propose that changing half his defense not include 3 more dmen from Switzerland, I am neutral on them.

          • Luke says:

            oh yah I totally meant change for the better… just in case anyone missed that.
            With the exception of adding me as the 7th D who gets the 4.25mil Kaberle ‘no play’ treatment.

            Naw, y’know what, I’m a good team guy, I’ll take a discount. 2.15 mil, and I won’t even show up.

          • frontenac1 says:

            Agreed amigo. Kaberle,Weber, Diaz, Drewiskie. Really?

          • frontenac1 says:

            Watch out Burly! I get royally reamed for suggesting we dump the Swiss Lads. Saludos!

        • ed says:

          funny that the defence was good enough to get us into 2nd place and we dominated with that defence up to the last 7 or 8 games of the season.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Yet that same defence was dominated in the playoffs Ed. Do we now believe regular season is more important than playoffs? In that case the Canucks have a dynasty.

      • Timo says:

        He often gets sidetracked by having to do groceries. Once that’s taken care of, he’ll show them.

        • bwoar says:

          Eh, I keep saying the kid’s trying to do too much. Since his buddy Gorges can’t move anyone out of the crease with all that money in his pocket, maybe send him for the steaks and greens every week. He certainly enjoys being recognized.


      • Fransaskois says:

        Hate that he’s been expected to make big changes to his style of play just about every year he’s been in the NHL. That’s tough on the development of a young player.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      People want an immediate answer on Price. Is he money or not? Unfortunately, you can’t make any decision because of the defence he had of playing in front of him by the end of the year and into the playoffs.

      The day that we start hearing about how talented, tough and stable the Canadiens defence is, then you can judge Price.

      It’s like trying to figure out if someone is a good poker player when they constantly get dealt horrible cards. It’s the only analogy I he only could think of ;-).

    • Todays - Topic says:

      We need a player that can come through with the big Goal in close games and I don’t believe we have that player.

      The players names you mentioned not bad players but soft as ice cream. One good hit and they’re injured. Gallagher keeps getting pounded. He won’t be around to win a stanley cup.

    • New says:

      In truthfulness no one has to think about anything. The management knows what it has to do. Check out the front office. Between Serge Savard and Serge Savard it echoed with empty space. So the Habs either had egomaniacs running the show, or the owners talked a good fight but were more concerned with flipping that investment than the long term viability.

      Management today are not fools, they would trade Price, Galchenyuk, Subban, anybody if the right offer presented itself. But they won’t otherwise. Some fans and media would. Why? Because they would like to.

      The best thing about the playoffs is it shuts the media up about goalies. Every time they anoint this or that goalie as the next Glen Hall the team moves on, the bubble bursts, and they sulk for five games before anointing the opposing goalie. Hockey is a team game. Media is an individual competition. They don’t get it and a few fans follow suit. Both have a tendency to look at the game when the crowd roars, not otherwise. Maybe that explains the fascination with fights and goalies.

      All that said and noting that most fans seem to agree the D was weak this year as a group then that raises the issue of how well the guys performed as a team. They gave it their all every game, even on nights when nothing went right or they shouldn’t have played at all. This “team” was worth watching for the first time in several years.

  16. habsblood82 says:

    I am also anxious to see gio go after this year. Although a good player he just doesn’t make any lines killer. Gallagher is all the small we need. U dont c anywinning teams with 3 top 6 forwards under 5’8″.

  17. Timo says:

    How is Michael Therrien doing?

  18. habsblood82 says:

    What is this rumor about habs being interested in Colby Armstrong? No no no…..:-(

  19. habsblood82 says:

    Every team is looking for size now. I don’t see anyone giving up a big top 6 winger for DD. Somebody hire Gainey as a gm lol

  20. habsblood82 says:

    Agreed matty… we cant get much for him over the summer. Hopefully we land a big bashing n scoring machine! I’m so tired of seing half of our team getting knocked off the puck so easily .

    • Mattyleg says:

      I don’t think we got knocked off the puck easily.

      Eller, Bourque, Prust, Plekanec, Pacioretty, Moen, Gallagher don’t get knocked off the puck easily.
      DD and Gionta do, but they fight back.
      We didn’t finish second by never having the puck, you know.

      I think we can use a big forward, but as MB said, every team is looking for a big, tough, skilled, fast forward.

      And there are not that many of them out there!

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        As much as I want the team to get bigger and tougher, the majority of the work needs to be done on defence.

        It’s a bit of a problem to have Desharnais, Gionta and Gallagher at the forward position. We’ll just have to wait until Gionta moves on after next season. He’s a good man, a good leader and it’s not his fault the makeup of the team is screwy.

        And Matty, this business of finishing 2nd, we saw what was happening by the end of the short season and I think if it were to go 82 games we’d have finished anywhere from 7th to 10th.

        The real issue is that we need one more big man to go along with Emelin and Tinordi on defence. I’d like to see Gorges or Diaz moved to make room for that type of defenceman. People are mentioning Scuderi, I guess that could work for a season or two until Beaulieu is ready.

        • Mattyleg says:

          But I don’t really understand why people think that we would have finished lower.

          Why would a longer schedule have just affected us and no-one else?

          Boston were damn lucky that the season finished when it did, or they wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

          I think it’s impossible to say where we ‘would have finished’ because that would have to take all the other teams into account, along with their strengths, weaknesses, etc.

          By that logic, Ottawa would have finished 1st in a longer season, with their injured players coming back. That is, if players like Neil stayed healthy. Would he have? How about Conacher?

          The Islanders would have finished second or third, and the Pens would have been around 4th, with Fleury’s meltdown and the acquisition of Iginla and others delayed until the deadline.

          You see? It’s impossible to say that we would be any better or worse off than any other team in an imaginary season.

          (I agree about the big tough defenceman, though)

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            It just seems to me that the Habs came flying out of the gate with speed and skill while some of the bigger and tougher teams were finding their wheels and gearing up for the playoffs.

            As the season progressed, the games became more physical and intense, players started giving it maximum effort, and the Habs didn’t have an answer for it.

            The games during the last 1/4 of the season and in the playoffs are completely different. When you watch the playoffs you come to the conclusion that the regular season means nothing.

            The Habs would be destroyed by any of the four remaining teams plus a few other that were just eliminated.

          • Mattyleg says:

            We’ll agree to disagree on ‘what could have been’.
            I think we agree on what ‘is’.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Matty, I think of myself as optimistic of the club. But the way we played in the playoffs was the most important time of the entire season, and that performance did not look like a 2nd place team in the East.

            For that reason, improvement must be made.

          • Ozmodiar says:

            The Habs lost to Ottawa because of injuries. Eller, Prust, Max, White, Gio, Emelin…and eventually, Price.

            It didn’t look like a 2nd place team vs Ottawa because it wasn’t, really. It was 1/2 of the 2nd place team.

            I agree that they have to get bigger to go far in the playoffs, however, size wasn’t the problem v. Ottawa.

          • Todays - Topic says:

            Hobie – You’re dead on. They’re skill level may come close to three of the 4-teams left but that’s all.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          I would agree Hobie that Defense is the fist major area needing a fix. We are stacked with prospects but we need some help until they are ready.

          there will be injuries at all positions and the team lost one physical D man and everything immediately fell apart. We need another physical D man….like a Volchenkov (his cap his is bad though) but is just the right length until Tinordi or others are ready to step in

          “Keep your stick on the Ice”

          • frontenac1 says:

            Loved to have Volchenkov on the Blue line with Emelin. A Ruskie wrecking crew for sure.

  21. Kooch7800 says:

    Rumors are the Isles are interested in Luongo….they have the cap space.

    That would make them a threat in the east combine with that offense.

    If they added some other D they will be a problem

    “Keep your stick on the Ice”

    • Mike D says:

      Heard that rumour too, Kooch. I agree it would make them a better team immediately. Perhaps they will just trade DiPietro for Luongo straight up so that both teams can avoid the buyout and have the option to use it on another underperformer? RD’s contract is already buried in the minors so it wouldn’t impact VAN’s cap at all.

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny

      • commandant says:

        RD’s contract is NOT buried in the minors. The Canucks would be forced to buy him out. There is no more burying contracts in the minors, hence why Redden was bought out.

        If there is a deal it will likely be

        Luongo for Dipietro + something else from Isles to Vancouver.

        The only reason Vancouver takes DiPietro is the real dollars on the buyout is smaller than Luo.

        Go Habs Go!
        Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

        • Mike D says:

          Apologies if I was incorrect. I thought RD was buried before the new CBA, and on capgeek for the Isles it has him listed under ‘Buried Players’.

          – Honestly yours
          Twitter: @de_benny

          • Trisomy 21 says:

            But wasn’t Redden buried at that time too?

          • Kooch7800 says:

            In the previous CBA you could bury contracts but since the new one was signed the contract in the AHL would still count against the cap. That is why they used one of their buyouts and he is playing for Boston. It should have been dubbed the Glen Sather rule as most of the bonehead contracts are his doing

            “Keep your stick on the Ice”

          • commandant says:

            Buried players under cap geek still count agaisnt the cap.

            You now get a maximum of 900K in cap relief for any buried player.

            Capgeek’s new category for this year means he’s not on the NHL roster but still has a cap hit. (they used to just list the guy with prospects when you could bury the contract).

            Go Habs Go!
            Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  22. HabinBurlington says:

    Cap items to keep in mind. Essentially the entire purpose of the most recent lockout was to reduce the percentage given to the players. As I recall, outside of a drastic one time drop in the cap to next years level of 64.3 million nothing really was done to stop the escalation of the cap. Looking at the escalation of the cap prior to the lockout, I think it is safe to say that the cap will begin to increase, and could increase dramatically.

    With this happening, and with a number of top goalies approaching contract renewal it is very possible that Price suddenly becomes a #10 – #15 paid goalie in this league. He still needs to bounce back in his performance, but for all the talk of him being paid as an elite goalie while not matching elite performance, in 1-2 years that scenario could look very different.

    • JF says:

      Yes. And I still believe Price will become an elite goaltender once the team in front of him improves. Look at Craig Anderson; he looked elite against us but very ordinary against the Penguins, since the Senators’ defence had no answer to the Penguins’ firepower. And Jonathan Quick has only looked like an all world goaltender the last couple of playoffs. Before that he was nothing more than a good young goaltender playing behind a team that had gone nowhere in the playoffs. Once our defence improves, Price will start looking better, his confidence will increase, and he will actually become better. So much of goaltending is between the ears.

      • Luke says:

        “Once our defence improves, Price will start looking better”

        – Agree totally JF. For all the talk of Quick being the best goalie in the league, he sure has a hell of a team in front of him making it hard on the opposition.

        ” Look at Craig Anderson; he looked elite against us but very ordinary against the Penguins”

        – And he’s been a marginal goalie for 8 of the 10 years prior to that.

        • alfieturcotte says:

          Anderson makes $3MM/year approx. Quick makes $5.8MM (in 2014).

          Anderson has better stats both regular season and playoffs and makes half of Price’s salary. Quick has a Conn Smythe and a Stanley Cup, so I’d say deserving of the pay raise. What does Price have? A big fat contract and a weak mental make up. Oh yeah, he is elite or has elite like potential, whatever.

          • Luke says:

            I know, Price is the worst goalie in the world, and you’d have signed him for 8yrs at league minimum to back up Brent Krahn, your successful diamond in the rough.

            Anderson makes 3mm/year because he was an 8-yr journeyman goalie who had been passed around the league already.

            Quick has a Conn Smythe and a Stanley Cup. Absolutely correct.
            Quick also has the LA Kings infront of him.
            Are you saying the Montreal Canadiens of the last two seasons are comperable to the LA Kings of the last two seasons with the exception of the goalie?

      • boing007 says:

        Which would be the best solution for Price, reduce the space between his ears or increase it?

        Richard R

    • Maritime Ron says:

      If I’m the GM, I point to the best goalie in the world right now being Jonathan Quick – the reigning Conn Smythe winner with a Cup ring ALREADY on his finger and possibly another one coming.

      You want Quick’s type of money, show me your Cup ring and your Conn Smythe….and have at least 2 outstanding pressure playoff performances ( Quick SP is an off the charts .948 this year, and was .946 last year)

      His Contract: 10 years/$58M…but in reality, it’s an 8 year deal at a little over $7M per year. He signed that before the new CBA when those last ‘throw-away years’ were still allowed.
      No goalie should be paid more than that.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        And Lombardi should be credited for getting Quick signed to that contract. There is no denying that L.A. has done a good job dealing with their goalies. My point is simple, lets see where Price is at from a performance perspective in 1-2 years and where he sits in terms of contract relative to the league.

        Trading him now, coming off a poor season, at the start of his long term contract, is not going to benefit the Habs.

        • Maritime Ron says:

          I’m all OK and good with wiping the slate clean with Price.
          He didn’t have an easy go of it the past 3 years…but it’s also time for him to step up. Sure, like all goalies, he’s allowed a stinker or 2, but not the drawn out meltdown we saw starting with that Saturday night horror show in Toronto

  23. adamkennelly says:

    just for fun – go to capgeek and check out the 2013 UFA forwards – and trying to be as realistic and serious as possible – give us some names you would consider signing – given the dollars it would likely take.

    the list is very short..mine starts and ends w/ some muscle..Bordeleau and/or Nick Tarnasky – who before you bite my head off, had a great year in the AHL and will play in the NHL next year.

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Scuderi, if would could ever pry him out of Hollywood
      Regehr set the tone resigned at $3M/year for 2 years.
      Give Scuderi want he wants within reason.
      Some may shout overpaid….the same that said the same thing about Prust last year

      • adamkennelly says:

        I don’t disagree with you but Scuderi is a D-man.

        Point is – there are pretty much no coveted UFAs Forwards out there and a very limited number of D-men – with Doug Murray prolly being in the mix but he’ll get better offers from warmer places.

        If our Habs are to improve – its by way of trade and youngins coming up.

        • Maritime Ron says:

          Getting him then gives us incredible depth with both vets and rookies. One or 2 of those could be traded for Forwards with the right trading partner such as Edmonton/Colorado.
          A ‘youth for youth’ trade such as Luke Schenn for JVR that answered both team’s needs

          • Luke says:

            I agree with the your comment on the Schenn/JVR, but while youth for youth, it was also two other things: “Direct need for direct need” and also “your problem for my problem”

  24. HabinBurlington says:

    Lots has been said about how the last 5 teams whom remained alive in the NHL playoffs had won the last 5 Stanley Cups. So is there a commonality these teams share?

    There may be one glaring commonality that they have which we as Habs presently don’t have.

    Consistency from the top, by that I mean the General Manager. How many GM’s have the Habs been through over the past 6-10 years?

    Detroit – Ken Holland, Hired as GM in 1997
    Boston – Peter Chiarelli, Hired as GM in 2006
    Pittsburgh – Ray Shero, Hired as GM in 2006
    L.A. – Dean Lombardi, Hired as GM in 2006
    Chicago – Stan Bowman, Hired as GM in 2009

    Bowman is the only GM with a “short” term as GM, it is well documented that Tallon had done a nice job building that team, that Scotty Bowman as an advisor/executive wanted his son as GM.

    But the point is that these GM’s are proving themselves to be competent but also having been given time to enable that plan and execute it.

    MB will not turn the Habs into Stanley Cup contenders in 2 years, however, in his first 2 years he can start laying the groundwork for his plan. If he is indeed competent, by year 5 the team should resemble what he envisioned and as such we should be very competitive.

    • Sportfan says:

      Lol well hopefully MB keeps us happy so he can stay for a while, I like him he has a good personality for this team and a brain and so far has surrounded himself with the right kind of hockey people. Now hopefully this has him stay longer than 3-4 years.

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Luke says:

      They really should give GMs a 7-yr window. Swapping them up every 3-5 years is nuts.

      The majority of the drafts picks from one GM really start contributing for the next GM.

  25. Sportfan says:

    Few Questions here, a lot of people the other day were talking about Victor Stallberg and the Habs getting him. Should we go for him, I can’t really remember him atm.

    Robyn Regher worth going after for a 1-2 year deal if price is right?

    If James Wisniewski was bought out by Columbus would you want to sign him for a cheap deal?

    If Bickell, Stallberg and Clarkson aren’t signed or can’t be signed who would you want MB to sign?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • bwoar says:

      Regher is already signed.

      Wisniewski: if he’d take 4M or less, I’d sign him for sure. He and PK had great chemistry and we could keep Diaz around for the 2nd PP wave with the eventual return of Emelin. He’s not a big tough defender, but he’s not without some sandpaper. In that scenario we’d be dealing Markov pretty much immediately.


    • Ozmodiar says:

      > Bickell, Stallberg and Clarkson

      It really depends on $$$$. For the same salary? Clarkson. It’s been said that Prust needs a bit of help in the fighting department. Clarkson’s the only one of this group that will help. Having said that, he’ll command more money.

      I’d take Bickell over Stalberg. Kristo or Leblanc would be a cheaper 3rd line alternative to Stalberg, and wouldn’t be much of a drop off. Bickell brings size and a net presence that they don’t have in Hamilton.

  26. habsblood82 says:

    Are we satisfied with our top 3 centers? DD/plecks/eller
    I say move DD. Pleck and eller are to good to be wasted on a 3rd line.playing 15 min a game. Who do we trade for? Or wait for it…. one more year of waiting then we grab malkin! Wake me up. Lol

    • Mattyleg says:

      As I’ve said, we’ve got to give DD a chance to redeem himself. If by Christmas he’s not performing, we’ll have to look at cutting him loose.

      If, however, he’s pulled it together, then we’re looking good.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • D Mex says:

      DD would be my 1st choice for a move, but :
      (a) I don’t see how that one gets traction with MB in view of the contract extension that was just signed, and
      (b) it’s tough to contemplate much demand for DD’s services anywhere outside of Montréal. Somewhere in Florida maybe ?

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

  27. Cal says:

    This one is a bit of a stretch, but what the hell, it’s the Habs off-season and it’s Friday! So, without further ado: The Friends of Mr. Bergevin

  28. commandant says:

    Russ explores the Rangers coaching options


    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  29. Todays - Topic says:

    I don’t care what anyone thinks. With the talent the Habs have right now. If they were tougher with no injuries. They would still give any team still playing a run for their money.

    Injuries and Toughness was their downfall. Injure any teams best goalie and two good players on any team that’s still playing and see how far they’ll go. injuried, Eller, Gionta, Emelin Price just a few one of the reasons The Habs are gone.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I like your optimism but I disagree. Price was only hurt in the last game. The only people we were missing down the last stretch was Emelin and the habs couldn’t buy a win before the playoffs started.

      Even without the injuries this team is not a cup contender. You honestly believe this team could be the Pens, LA, Chicago, Rangers, etc in a 7 game series?

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • GrosBill says:

        Agree with Kooch. Sure injuries hurt, but the Habs definatley have needs that must be addressed before they can really contend. LA Chi and Pit would make us say NO MAS in a seven game series. Anything can happen I suppose, but that is my worthless opinion 🙂

        • Kooch7800 says:

          We have some good pieces to build on but there is work to be done to be a top team. I think it may take MB a few years to make some moves to help really make a run

          “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • Mattyleg says:

        Yes, I do.
        Of course I do.
        You think the RANGERS were better than us?
        You’ve got to be kidding me.

        As for the Pens, we lost 7-6 in OT, lost 1-0, and after the injuries hit us and after the post-clinch lull we lost 6-4.

        The Bruins are very lucky to be where they are; they were playing terrible at the end of the season and into the playoffs, and got lucky by landing the pitiful Rangers.

        The Western teams; I don’t know. I don’t subscribe to the old chestnut that Western teams are somehow ‘tougher’ than teams in the East, but I don’t see a hell of a lot of difference between the way that LA are playing and the way we were playing when we were in top form.

        You seem to be suffering from the ‘everyone is better than us’ syndrome where you are not as emotionally involved with the other teams you are watching, so are able to see how they play from a more objective standpoint, which is impossible with your own team.

        We finished second in the East, and not by some freak of chance. We played well, worked freakin’ hard, and earned it. The playoffs is all about who works hardest, and had it not been for injuries, we would definitely have gone very deep.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • Trisomy 21 says:

          We did well in the shortened season, but I believe if it were an 82 game season the Habs would have finished 5-8th. The Habs were better off than most teams when it game to injuries.

          • Mattyleg says:

            I believe that we would have won the President’s Trophy in a longer season.

            The other teams would have faded because they would not have been able to keep up the pace they set, and injuries would have slowed them all down worse than us.

            See? I can accurately speculate on the past too!

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • Trisomy 21 says:

            I’m going off how the Habs trended in the end of the season.

        • GrosBill says:

          Also, playoffs are so different. Look at Bickel leading in Chi. Intimidation and physical play become huge factors compâred to regular season, especially with the refs putting away the whistles. Look at how successful Lucic and Horton line has been compared to the regular season.

          We have some great peices, but all four remaining teams have more depth, more talent, more experience, more toughness……….

          • Mattyleg says:

            Heh heh heh.
            See above, re: All Other Teams Are Better Than Us Because I Can Watch Them Objectively.

            We have more talent than most of the teams in the semis; when we were playing our best before Prust went down we had the best depth in the leage – we were getting scoring from all 4 lines; we were phyiscally imposing (you can choose to forget that if you wish) with Prust and White and Emelin and PK and Bouillon…

            Prust went down while people on here were voting him the 1st half MVP, Emelin went down when things started to tighten up and we needed him most, Eller went down at a cruical moment…

            See what you want to see, a healthy Habs would still be playing now.

            Doesn’t mean we can’t improve, but this whole “we could never compete” nonsense is exactly that.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • Trisomy 21 says:

            Matty you may be wearing some rose coloured glasses if you think we could tango with the teams in the semis. Which is ok it’s not like people choose to be biased towards the team they’ve followed forever. But the final 4 teams have all-stars, I don’t think the Habs line up is filled with any guys with the exception of PK who would be categorized as such.

          • GrosBill says:

            Well we will just have to disagree, that is fine. We can compete, sure, but I do not see us beating three of the four teams left, nor do I think we have more talent.

            I do not choose to forget anything, just providing my honest opinion. I was just as happy as anyone else for their success and the progress of our rookies.

            Minus the injuries, yes we might have gone a bit further.

            When did I say every other team better than us? Last 4 cup winners we are discussing here…….not the end of the world to admit they may be better then us ATM.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          The finishing 2nd was just an illusion of a shortened season and a great start. This team the way it struggled in the last part showed that it would be difficult to sustain during an 82 game season.
          I wonder what our record was in the last 20 games (including the playoffs? It wouldn’t have been great

          We won one game in the playoffs Matty. 1 game…

          The rangers would have put us out this year due to their great goaltending and strong defensive play. Washington was on fire going into the playoffs and with their trap style the rangers put them out.
          The rangers D is currently better than ours. We have a ton of great D prospects but we are a few years away.

          This post is sounding pessimistic but I am optimistic of our future.
          We have a good team with some great players but if you look at our D currently isn’t strong enough.

          The playoffs are also a different animal where the clutching and grabbing isn’t called and it is more physical which both don’t really favor our current team.

          I have watched quite a few of the LA & Chi games in the regular season and the playoffs and those teams are great.

          LA sucked from the cup hangover through the beginning of the season but man can they wear down your defense with their physical play. Our D struggled this year with teams who played an aggressive forecheck (see the Islander games etc) and with the size of our D playing against LA we would have a ton more injuries than we did against Ottawa

          “Keep your stick on the Ice”

          • Kooch7800 says:

            Record for the habs the last 20 games of the season not including the playoffs was 10 W -10 L (500 hockey club) and in the playoffs we know it was 4-1.

            The habs are not as good as 2nd seed in the East and not as bad as 15th the previous year.

            Next year we will be battling for 6-8 I would assume through an 82 game sched

            “Keep your stick on the Ice”

        • JF says:

          The playoffs are all about who works hardest. Yes; but they’re also about depth. Our brief and inglorious playoff run showed that we don’t have the depth to survive even one playoff round, let alone four. Look at the Bruins’ depth. They’re missing Seidenberg and Ference, two of their core defencemen. No problem; they call up Bartkowski and Torey Krug. Both do fine, the Bruins keep winning, and Krug has an astounding four goals in five playoff games. We’re not there yet.

  30. BrianSkrudland says:

    As I read various posts concerning Canadiens’ management building the Habs to be a Cup contender and winner; I have questioned how long fans will have to wait to see the 25th Cup raised in Montreal.

    I figure the team is 3 years away from being a legitimate contender, but feel that the best chances will fall in the 4-5 year window. I would love to be proven wrong and see the Cup hoisted earlier than my predictions.

    The timelines I listed are primarily based on when I see the (projected) core players of this team performing at the peak points of their respective careers.


    Daily recommendations for May 31
    Song of the Day: Patience (Guns N’ Roses)
    Movie of the Day: A Bridge Too Far

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Hi Brian! I won’t presume to put a year on a rebuild but I do think the team is probably closer them we think. PK and Galchenyuk are two pieces already in place. Now if Tinordi and the other young up and hopefully coming dman develop our d could be rebuilt quickly.
      Maybe 5 years is too conservative of an estimate?

    • GrosBill says:

      It would be nice to see us be contenders again. But to predict a cup being hoisted is hard. Being contenders is one thing, winning the cup another. I think we may have the start of a team that can contend again in 2-4 years.

      As for a cup, anything can happen. To me, an interesting time to see where this team is heading under MB will be after next season, ask again then 🙂

      • BrianSkrudland says:

        Thank you for writing the post that I actually wanted to write. I did not capture my sentiments particularly well in my original post.

        Daily recommendations for May 31
        Song of the Day: Patience (Guns N’ Roses)
        Movie of the Day: A Bridge Too Far

  31. habstrinifan says:

    The short discussion between Petefleet and Chris re using a high draft pick on a goalie triggered a comaprison in my mind.

    Bob Gainey, maybe because he grew up in and with the great dynasty teams of Canadiens, looked for dramatic and complete solutions. MB has shown by all his press conferences that he truly has long term patience. Interesting enough, along with that character trait, MB has also shown a sharp ‘knife’.

    Gainey for instance drafted Price not so much as a project but as a ‘stanley cup’ goalie. He talked about him from day 1 as a replacement to the great goalies of his time. Gainey rebuilt an entire team in the year he let go Kovalev and Koivu etc and acquired Gomez, Camallieri and Gionta. Dramatic and ‘complete’ solutions.
    And yet Gainey was loathed to make the small cuts.

    MB has preached and practised, in his short time here, stealth and caution. And yet he has weilded a sharp knife.

    I cant wait to see his act this off season.

    • Fransaskois says:

      If he does anything at all. We might just be in for a boring summer (not counting the draft) where we re-sign Drewiske/Weber/Ryder and wait for our players to develop. Not sure if I could handle that but it is a possibility.

      I’m hoping he puts his mark on the team with some controversial trades/signings 🙂 It would at least be entertaining.

  32. rhino514 says:

    Not good news regarding the Beaulieus. Difficult to quantify the impact of what this will be on the son. Maybe he´s the salt of the earth. But it´s a sign that something´s not quite right with the family as a whole, a red flag in my view.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Might or might not be. After all it could just be a one time happening at a party that kinda got outta hand.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        Some kids have to put their hand in the fire to understand what it means to get burnt.
        Other kids don’t.
        Now if the kid puts his hand in the fire more than once…

        • GrosBill says:

          Puts his hand in the fire more than once hmmmmmmm wonder if that is just the toughness the habs are looking for everyone keeps talking about 😉

    • BrianSkrudland says:

      I certainly don’t know the specifics of how things unfolded at the party in question, but could it be an instance of a Son jumping into an altercation to support his Dad?

      It would be a natural reaction, I figure. Again, perhaps there is more to the scenario than I am aware.

      Daily recommendations for May 31
      Song of the Day: Patience (Guns N’ Roses)
      Movie of the Day: A Bridge Too Far

    • commandant says:

      Hard to determine the impact of anything.

      There was a fight at a party. Thats about the only fact we do know. Who did what and who is to blame, and what the consequences are…. none of it has been proven, no matter what the LFP reports.

      Go Habs Go!
      Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  33. Ian Cobb says:

    Don’t forget to stay tuned for when the new schedule comes out. I will be picking a game date for our weekend SUMMIT in Mtl. at the end of Oct. Those that have already purchased their tickets from the cancelled game last fall, will have replacement tickets given to them. For others that want to participate with us in Oct. please stay tuned for information on all our weekend events and game tickets.

    HIO contact site-Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

  34. Maritime Ron says:

    What is the ideal amount of Cap Dollars to spend on goaltenders?

    Interesting to note the combined 2 goaltender Cap Hit dollars allotted to goaltenders by the final 4 teams.
    Is that by design or accident?

    The dollar quote includes BOTH goaltenders:
    – Los Angeles: $2.050M.
    And yes, JQuick’s new $5.8M Cap Hit checks in next year. As of this moment, that would position him only 8th highest next year even though he is the best goalie in the world..
    – Boston: $4.375M
    – Chicago: $3.82M
    – Pittsburgh: $7M (and the $5M goalie sits on bench)

    With the exception of the New York Rangers ($8.17M), the other 3 teams defeated by the final 4 also spent minimal amounts of Cap Dollars on their goaltending duos:

    Detroit: $3.750
    San Jose: $4.38M
    Ottawa: $4.05

    Interesting to also note that some of the teams that spent the most on their goaltender duos, either didn’t make the playoffs or were bounced in Round 1.

    Vancouver: $ 9.33M
    Philadelphia: $8.56M
    Nashville: $8.5M
    Minnesota: $7.9M
    Montreal: $7.65M
    Carolina: $7.1M
    Buffalo: $6.92M

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I think there is something to your point Ron, but there is also some luck and timing involved. As you state, next year immediately the numbers change dramatically in L.A. as Quick’s new contract kicks in. Also, Bernier becomes an RFA, in order to keep him it will take a raise, but the reality is that he most likely gets traded. Either they have a young prospect they can bring up, or they get a veteran backup to fill that role. But one has to remember that early this season Quick struggled as he recovered from back surgery and Bernier was there for them.

      Ottawa is a unique situation as Murray did a nice job getting Anderson whom still wasn’t recognized to be the star goalie he has become and were able to get him signed to a nice contract. If his contract were due now, he would get a huge raise.

      Detroit to me has been the model for how to groom and handle goaltenders. Since Hasek left, and even before they had Chris Osgood whom was excellent, but underrated. As a result always a manageable contract, and now they have Howard, another relatively unheralded goalie whom they can keep at an attractive salary.

      It is ideal to not spend more than 4-5 million on your goalie, but timing and luck helps. ALso, would help if a team has a good enough team that the goalie doesn’t have to be perceived as the star on the team in order to win games.

      • Luke says:

        I agree. Timing is key with the Cap system. Looking at The Hawks and Ducks wins, they all had entry level guys as key contributors.

        Its also worth noting that the great teams have the great goaltending. Now which is more a product or which I’ll let other peope decide…

      • Maritime Ron says:

        hi Burli

        Luck and timing does come into play, but most probably planning also – in other words, have that pipeline FILLED!
        Paying big dollars on a goalie that will not make a difference towards a Cup run also raises questions – Rinne may be the best example and I’ll stop there 🙂
        Paying those types of big dollars also limits what you can spend on other players.
        Ex: If the Hawks would have spent $8M on goalies instead of $4M, they would have to cut that money from regular players

        • Luke says:

          Yes, but now the Preds don’t have to worry about finding a goalie. They are set in the position for years and it is not a concern.
          They won’t lose him, or Weber, like they did with Suter, and set the team build back a step. So as the players become ready they don’t have to scramble looking for the next 2 year goalie fix that they hope might suddenly veer out of his current career trajectory become well above average.

  35. HabinBurlington says:

    So Pittsburgh presently has two Dmen set to be UFA this offseason, Mark Eaton and Douglas Murray. Given Murray is averaging the 6th most minutes among dmen, and Pitt has Matta and Pouliot in the pipeline, I wonder if they try resign him.

    He is presently making 2.5million per season, in light of Regehr just signing for $3million per year, perhaps Murray could be a good 1-2 year stop gap on our blueline.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Thank you Habinburlington for the link.

      Tremendously detailed article and gives enough insight into the entire process that was followed to permit Crosby to be playing so soon and so well.
      Of couse the ultimate factor was this young man. His mettle is really beyond belief. He DID not have to be this good AGAIN. There is really no clearer indication of hic character.

      His story really hasnt been properly applauded yet. History will see to that when it chooses, from our contemporaries, its next crop of eternal legends of the game.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        He is much tougher I suspect than many give him credit for. Granted this is true of most NHL players, as grueling a physical sport there is perhaps.

        • Habfan10912 says:

          Morning Gerald and Trini. As we get closer to the draft I suspect the big unknown about these players is their heart. What kind of player do you think the Kostitsyn’s would be if they had Crosby hearts? Ovie?

          • habstrinifan says:

            Exactly! As almost all of us would admit, if forced to be honest.. it is not easy being exceptional!

        • habstrinifan says:

          NHL players are of course all tougher than the ordinary populace. But even among this narrow group, the greats stand out for the ‘mental toughness’ which underwrite the drive to be great … Even if having to never overcome serious injury, they always seem to overcome limitations of a career and go on to extraordinary performance. Crosby is one such.

          I dont wish to cast aspersions but I cannot identify one such member of the current Canadiens (and I exclude the newbies).

  36. Cal says:

    Great to see that Don’t Care is way ahead of the Gooins in the poll. Only at HIO. 🙂


  37. petefleet says:

    Zach Fucale is listed in the Draft Preview at #24 (may be a little out dated). Isn’t that approx. where MTL is picking? He’s good, watched all his playoff home games and Memorial Cup apperances. Would be a great first pick considering the holes in the system at goalie.

    I haven’t been wrong in a long time…..not feeling like today is the day.

    ***Go Habs Go***

    • Chris says:

      There are guys that are arguably just as good (Tristan Jarry, Eric Comrie) who almost certainly will be available in the second round. Spending a first round pick on a goalie would not be wise given the massive lack of depth up front.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Right on! Apart from it not being our most pressing need, even if we were to trade Price, we should heed MB’s advice.

        MB specifically explained his belief that goalies take the longest to develop. Working on that premise, it follows that a goalie available later on in the draft, is going to be comparably equal to a goalie available in round 1… when developed. The chances of that being true is at least equal.

        Even the Pricebots on the site assure us that Price is still developing. So they too agree with MB and that premise. Therefore, as you correctly point out, no need to spend a first round pick on such a far-off project.

      • Luke says:

        Heard something interesting on TSN radio yesterday (i think it was TSN – Could have been Neil Smith on the Fan590).
        They were discussing drafting goalies in the 1st round, and one of the ‘insiders’ was saying that goalies typically take 3-5 years to arrive in the NHL, let alone make an impact, so a GM that drafts a goalie is *probably* drafting him for the next GM so why take a goalie?

  38. JayK-47 says:

    Hey guys,

    Long time listener, sometime commenter Jay here. Been on the road lately, Vegas, Mexico, Plattsburgh… Washington DC inna couple weeks.

    Just want you to know I’ve been fighting the good fight (if good fight = vacations and tons of beer drank) and I’ll be returning home soon. And despite rumors that I’m going broke, nope! I’m also threatened with losing my jobs 🙁

    But it’s good to be home almost. See you fellers around for the draft.

    PS, If you know a good liver clinic, pass it on. My monkey isn’t doing so well. Or my liver. Mostly my liver.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Hey money doesnt buy happiness. Habs hockey does. So blow away your fortune. Ignore the ‘expiration time’ on that leave of absence from work. We ae here for you. See you at the summit. Together we may put enough pennies together to buy a couple beer.

  39. ClutchNGrab says:

    We’re very lucky. The last 4 teams in the 2013 playoffs are the last four teams to win the Stanley Cup. I don’t know how often it happened in all major sports, but given the parity in the NHL I’m not sure we’ll ever see that again.

    • Marc10 says:

      Look how close those teams came to not making it (and the Wings also for that matter…)

      Like you said… The odds are slim we’ll see this again.

  40. HabFan in Edmonton says:

    I did some research on the 1968-69 Montreal Junior Canadiens (Houe, Tardif, Pereault, Rick Martin, Bobby Lalonde etc etc), without question the finest group of forwards ever put together on a junior hockey team.

    The top 10 forwards on that team ended up scoring 1771 goals in the NHL and 552 goals in the WHA. Beat that !!!

    They also had Joceyln Guevremont and Moose Dupont on defense.

  41. frontenac1 says:

    @prohabs. Something about a Rhubarb at a party I think. He punched somebody out or something.?

  42. ProHabs says:

    What is the story with Pappa Beaulieu. What happened with the off ice incident that forced the Sting to fire him.

  43. frontenac1 says:

    @uce. Being recently retired, I only do the afternoon shift at the Saloon now. I will have a drink to your good health tomorrow also amigo! Saludos!

  44. Rad says:

    Edmonton Oilers sign 6’4″, 219 lb. Russian D-man Anton Belov. McTavish said he’s not a project, but an immediate full-time NHL’er. He sounds like a pretty good player, apparently he is a strong candidate for the Russian national team for Sochi. Were the Habs in on this guy? I sure hope Bergevin and his boys are scouring every inch of the globe to find good players. Montreal enjoys an unimpeachable reputation in Europe, so if management is really interested in a European player, chances are good they can sign him.

  45. Hobie Hansen says:

    Regarding the conversation about Jarred Tinodi, I’d say there’s a 95% chance he plays with Montreal right out of training camp next season. Even if Emelin wasn’t hurt.

  46. SUMO says:

    This is what has been signed for next season in Hamilton. Not including the RFAs or UFAs. (http://www.capgeek.com/canadiens)

    RFAs – Ian Schultz, Joe Stejskel, Michael Blunden
    UFAs – Frederic St Denis, Jason DeSantis, Dustin Tokarski and Robert Mayers.

    I assumed Jarred Tinordi will start the season in Montreal. Not sure if Leblanc playing LW now but read somewhere Nattinen has been tried on RW. Anyway, threw something together.

    T Bozon – L Leblanc – D Kristo
    C Hudon – M Bournival – P Holland
    S Quailer – B Vail – S Collberg
    P Lefebvre – J Nattinen – ??

    N Beaulieu (L) – M Ellis (R)
    G Pateryn (R) – M Nygren (R)
    ?? – D Dietz (R)

    M Condon
    P Delmas

    • Sportfan says:

      Some people feel Tinordi might not start next season with Montreal, even Bergevin doesn’t have a problem with sending to the AHL at the beginning really depends on the Off-Season.

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        I’d prefer him in the AHL too. Bring him up when he’s definitely ready. Right now we think he’s probably ready.

      • SUMO says:

        Yeah, it depends on what MB has in mind; if he signs a UFA or makes a trade. Another year in Hamilton wouldn’t hurt JTs development. Not saying he is a lock for Montreal but if he made the team, the Bulldogs would look something like above.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I went through the same exercise yesterday SUMO. Pickings are slim at forward aren’t they?



      1) Tim Bozon, Charles Hudon and Brady Vail go back to junior next season, they’re not eligible for the AHL yet.

      2) Sebastian Collberg is signed for one more season at least in Frolunda, there he gets to play for the coach of the WJC team for Sweden, and he plays on that team over Christmas.

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      Hudon will be back in junior i believe too young for AHL. Collberg playing in sweden…Tokarski should be the starter no?


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin – @J_Perez22

  47. Un Canadien errant says:

    In an earlier post, I referred to a mock draft done by draftsite. com, and picked apart their choices, mostly as they related to the Canadiens. The thing is, now they’ve updated their mock draft, based on what information is not known, and they’ve not archived the prior mock, so it’s hard to compare between the prior edition and the most recent.


    In any case, let’s dive in the new one, just for the fun of it, again strictly as a discussion starter. And as always, as the big caveat, I’ve pretty much never seen any of these kids play. These are pure kneejerk judgments, with little grounding in observation or fact.

    1) In the first round, they have us snagging Curtis Lazar, who I’m not sure scratches our itch. He’s not small, but he’s definitely not big, or an offensive threat it would seem. Ben Kerr compares him to a Ryan Kesler in terms of style of play, which makes me feel marginally better about the pick, but scanning down the list I see Samuel Morin is still available, and I’d prefer to draft that huge project and send him to Hamilton U. for three years and have professors Lefebvre and Dufresne put the big lad through his paces.

    2) In the second, they have us taking Zac Fucale at #34, and Émile Poirier at #36. Again, not that I know very much about these guys, but the last mock had us getting Frédéric Gauthier and William Carrier in these slots. I thought that was too good to be true, but now I feel disappointed that we’re not getting them, and with the choices we’re assigned.

    I’m not sure I want a goalie drafted this high, I feel we’re set in nets, have other needs to meet. Of course, if Mr. Fucale is graded way higher than anyone else by Trevor Timmins’ staff when we get to this point, then we should get him, but we should also not reach for him.

    Scanning down from our pick, we find William Carrier still available, and starting at #43, Nick Sorensen, Anthony Duclair and Jacob de la Rose in succession.

    3) Late in the second, with our own pick, we’re slated for Marc-Olivier Roy, a 5’11” winger who I know nothing about, but whose writeup is not enticing. I want more.

    4) This is where it gets ridiculous. With the Stars’ third-round pick that we got for Erik Cole, this mock has us taking another goalie in Phillippe Desrosiers. I’m beginning to suspect these guys are even less knowledgeable or organized than I am. Why the Canadiens would spend two picks on goalies this high in the draft, when there are so many areas of need on the team, and when there are probably clusters of players with equivalent grading to choose from, is hard to explain.

    Instead, admittedly strictly based on what I’ve read, I’d rather we go with Michael Downing, or Hudson Fasching, another guy Ben Kerr wrote positively about.

    Late in the third, at #86, we’d get Gage Ausmus, a 6’1″ stay-at-home defender. Josh Gorges, 2.0. Let’s trade down for more picks instead, and grab Jonathan Ismael-Diaby. Or, grab Mason Geertsen, who’s slated to go at #90, who I’ve actually seen play, and have developed a man-crush on. Big strong kid with lots of heart, defensive defenceman with character. Read: hits and fights.

    5) We have no picks in the fourth and fifth round. The ghost of the ultimately fruitless trade for James Wisniewski still haunts us. So does the current presence of Davis Drewiske. Mr. Bergevin, please transmogrify Yannick Weber into picks in this region please.

    They have J.C. Lipon, Anton Slepyshev and Jordan Subban going in the fourth. I’d take a crack at an enigmatic russian forward here if I could, even with the Alex Avtsin foundering fresh in our mind. Jordan Subban is a feelgood story, but I’m afraid if we take on more defencemen on the farm, they should complement rather than exacerbate our skillsets.

    6) In the sixth, they have us picking a 5’11” LW out of Seattle named Riley Sheen, one spot ahead of a 6′ C homeboy Jérémy Grégoire from Chicoutimi. Even discounting the whole Lindsay Vallis-Turner Stevenson-Brent Bilodeau history we have going on with the Thunderbirds and reassuring ourselves we’re not superstitious, I don’t see that happening.

    7) In the seventh, they have some nobody defenceman named Jordan Gross that I’ve never heard of, and he’s a smurf so who cares, they say he’s only 5’10” and 170, and they say he has exceptional mobility… and a huge shot….

    and this is where the league has taken us to. Kids like this who apparently can actually play are being scorned and pushed down the draft in favour of 6’4″ plugs like Brian Bickell, who don’t know how to play hockey, but who’ll be snapped up in the second round and given four years in the AHL to learn how, because you need a thumper or six like that to hope to compete against the LA Kings and the St. Louis Blues. Meanwhile, I’m desperate to dispose of Yannick Weber for a fourth or fifth-round pick, because it’s reasonable, nay, vital that we do so.

    8) At the very top of the draft, they now have Nathan McKinnon #1, probably based on the Memorial Cup show he put on. Then it’s Seth Jones, Jonathan Drouin, Valery Nichushkin, Sasha Barkov and Sean Monahan, a bit of a shakeup compared to the last time, but they don’t explain their reasoning.

    Nikita Zadorov goes 9th (sigh…), Frédéric Gauthier 17th to the Senators, and Anthony Mantha 22nd (so close!) to the Flames. Unless Jay Feaster picks a Cypriot goalie there and proclaims him to be the best player in the draft.

    • Rad says:

      Hey Errant. Suffice it to say these guys don’t have a clue about what the Habs have up their sleeve come June 30.

      However, I do like your idea of “transmogrifying” the forgotten Swiss Yannick Webber.

  48. Marc10 says:

    Sarnia Sting fire Beaulieu’s dad… Looks like both father and son are in need of MT’s personal improvement seminars.

    Not good… and this kid would likely make the club next year if he puts his mind to it. He’s nearly there…

    • The_Truth says:

      I can’t see both Tinordi and Beaulieu making the team. Two young Dmen on this squad really would not improve it. Dmen take a long time to develop and having 2/3rds of your D-squad consisting of young, 2nd tier prospects, would not be pretty. It’s not like either guy lit up the AHL last season. Tinordi is definitely in the long term plans of the club, but I have a feeling Beaulieu might become trade fodder at one point.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        2nd tier? Maybe Jarred Tinordi is 2nd tier to a top 5 pick but I think you’re being a bit harsh. Tinordi has Darrien Hatcher written allover him.

        • The_Truth says:

          He is not an all-star, top prospect, but more projected to be a steady solid 2nd pairing guy. A top tier prospect, in my mind, is a Dougie Hamilton, Trouba, Murray, Shultz, Klefbom, Derek Pouliot, Brendan Smith, Reinhart, Rundblad, Morgan Reilly type guy. potential all stars.

          I think it is fair to say Tinordi isn’t in the same category, still being a solid prospect nonetheless.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            I think you’ll be seeing Tinordi and Subban as the #1 paring on the Habs blue line for a good decade.

          • The_Truth says:

            Well, at one point Mike Komisarek was a top pairing guy, so anything is possible. Komisarek was more highly touted than Tinordi is when he broke in. It’s too early to tell, but in my mind I would be very happy with him being a faster, more skilled Hal Gill on the 2nd pairing.

      • Marc10 says:

        Based on his showing against Ottawa in the playoffs, Tinordi makes the team out of the gate for sure if he’s injury free. Yemmy won’t be ready and he’s our only physical D with size. I almost never take a wager, but I would take that bet any day.

        Beaulieu and Pateryn didn’t look out of place either, but with Cube signed on for another year and Diaz in the Rafalski PP role, those two kids have a tougher job of making the team. (That said, I do think they could play in the NHL… for a team that’s deeper than ours at that position.)

        IMO, Tinordi is going to be a rock. A solid 20-minute second pairing D man at worse. Physical, big, stay at home who will drop them occasionally when someone looks at our goalie the wrong way.

  49. Bozo McBozo says:

    This season, The Tank was only half full! (I just crack myself up sometimes!)

  50. frontenac1 says:

    Hola Amigos! Laid down some Dough on the Kings and Pens today at the Saloon. Idle hands and the devil whatever. Who cares? Filthy Lucre is fine by me. Saludos!

    • The_Truth says:

      I really have a feeling Chicago is going to take the Kings. Their comeback vs Detroit did a lot for that team.Overall I though San Jose played better than the Kings, but Quick was a little too good. Chicago is a better team that SJ and I see them taking the Kings down in 7.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      front, I was at the Saloon last night and didn’t see you there. Had one to your health anyway.

  51. Ian Cobb says:

    Michael Ryder is gone as a Hab.! today!

    Who is next?

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Hopefully Diaz, Gionta, Desharnais and Markov. Ok, Markov can stay if he takes the 1st 65 games of the season off to rest.

      • The_Truth says:

        None of those guys are going anywhere. DD had a bad 2nd half, but is a good offensive player and after being signed, brass will give him another year to bounce back. Nobody would take Gionta. Only chance would be at next year’s trade deadline. Markov is actually still a very good player. He is just as important as Subban at making our PP go. Unfortunately he has lost a step and isn’t a top 2 defensive Dman anymore. A very valuable 2nd pairing guy. There would be a market for him at the TD.

        Diaz can be moved, but alone we wouldn’t get much for him. He was excellent until he went down with an injury. The guy is a really skilled. I just don’t really see a place for him on this team with Markov and Beaulieu being not far off, in terms of what he brings. If Markov is traded, Diaz could stay.

    • Sportfan says:

      Has he announced that, or is it just that obvious?

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  52. commandant says:

    How the Sens can help Alfie make his decision, and bring him back for one more year.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  53. JohnBellyful says:

    Maybe we’re being too hard on the refs, in decrying their work so repeatedly. Who we are to judge? Maybe we don’t know as much about the NHL’s rules as we think we do.
    Take this quiz and find out.

    1. Section 6 – Physical Fouls

    41.1 Boarding – A boarding penalty shall be imposed on any player who checks or pushes a defenceless opponent in such a manner that:

    a.) causes the opponent to hit or impact the boards violently or dangerously.
    b.) even a referee five feet from the foul can’t ignore it
    c.) the spoked B gets wrinkled
    d.) the head is separated from the body AFTER the puck is separated from the stick

    2. Section 6 – Physical Fouls

    46.1 Fighting – A fight shall be deemed to have occurred when one player ______ or attempts to ______ an opponent repeatedly.

    a.) punches, punch
    b.) face washes, lick clean
    c.) hammer blows, blow
    d.) high knives, knife

    3. Section 7 – Restraining Fouls

    55.1 Hooking – Hooking is the act of using the stick in a manner that enables a player to _______ an opponent.

    a.) temporarily and without malice aforethought impede to varying degree the progress of
    b.) really, really, really annoy
    c.) restrain
    d.) neuter

    4. Section 8 – Stick Fouls

    58.1 Butt-ending – The action whereby a player uses the shaft of the stick, above the upper hand, to check an opposing player ______

    a.) for hemorrhoids
    b.) in any manner, or jabs or attempts to jab an opposing player with this part of the stick.
    c.) in such a way that makes plain his disgust for close bodily contact.
    d.) with sufficient force to remove in error suspected cavities (tooth decay) while creating new ones (missing teeth).

    5. Section 9 – Other Fouls

    63.1 – Delaying the Game – A penalty may be called when, in the opinion of the Referee, a player or team is delaying the game ___________.

    a.) by repeatedly shooting at the goalie’s middle section when everyone knows they should be firing the puck top shelf. It’s not rocket science, folks
    b.) by playing The Trap.
    c.) in any manner
    d.) by applying super glue to their sticks prior to killing off a penalty.

    Give yourself five points for each correct answer (and 50 bonus points for actually going to http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=27011 to find which ones were right).
    Deduct three points for each wrong answer (and a further 50 points for waiting until you completed the quiz before going to http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=27011 to find the right answers. You should have thought of it sooner. Sheesh.)

    25 – You should write a column that includes your pic.
    20-24 – Column. No pic.
    15-19 – Above average fan
    10-14 – Average fan
    5-9 – HIO poster
    0-4 – Chris Lee Summer School for Officials graduate

  54. NL Hab says:

    I know a lot of people wouldn’t want it, but I would love to see the Habs use one of their 2nd rounders on Jordan Subban. I think that would be pretty cool to have 2 brothers on the backend. He is a smaller guy, but has huge offensive upside. Apparently he is very strong on his skates for his size. Maybe he will be new version of Bouillion with an offensive game.

    And before evryone jumps down my throat, we will use all other picks to draft huge, 6’4″ players.

    Et Le But

    • Sportfan says:

      If he is a newer version of the Cube then he’ll have a bat crap crazy attitude when he’s younger 😛 How upsetting would it be if the leafs drafted him.

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Chris says:

      He’s not even close to Bouillon in terms of his style of play.

      Think more Tobias Enstrom…he’s lightning fast, but quite small. And like his big brother, he makes some ghastly errors in the defensive zone by trying to be too cute with the puck.

      P.K. has grown out of that OHL behaviour, so Jordan can too.

    • JUST ME says:

      I seem to vaguely remember a comment or two about the habs being too small already. Or maybe i am wrong…

    • The_Truth says:

      Malcolm and not Jordan is the other Subban that would look good in a Habs uniform. This team really doesn’t need another small, offensive type guy right now. Malcolm is raw and will take a while to hone his skills, but he is a very good prospect for the Bruins.

  55. HabFab says:

    An updated 2013 Mock Draft, not sure it is what I want to see but interesting;

  56. Bill says:

    IF – and it’s a big if – Frederik Gauthier or Anthony Mantha fall to the Habs at 25th, what are the odds that in two years 3/4 of the guys posting in favour of drafting these guys will be calling them bums and complaining that the Habs only drafted them because they are French?

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • HabFab says:


    • NL Hab says:

      I don’t know what you are talking about. That would never happen on this site. LOL.

      Et Le But

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Bill, I’ve called on our Revered Leader Michael Boone to innovate and improve this site, with one idea being that there should be Time Capsules, which are open when a certain controversial topic rages, usually at a trade deadline, at the draft, etc. This capsule would be open, people would have to post what they think, and be categorical, not wishy-washy, before the capsule is sealed up again, only to be re-opened at a pre-determined date in the future. For example, for drafts, we might want to put a four or five year time lapse on a capsule. At that point, the capsule is re-opened and the prescient few get to bask in the glory, and everyone else congratulates them, and maybe at best post an apologia, explaining why they were so wrong, what caused their analysis to be so faulty.

      Right now, we could be opening the 2007 draft capsule, and have half the Commentariat eating crow because of their cheerleading for Angelo Esposito, the other half pointing and laughing while they do so. One or two could snap their suspenders about being in the P.K. Subban camp. Lots of truculentationers would slink in the shadows, trying to live down seeing Colton Gillies in their crystal ball.

      Wouldn’t this be fun? The ultimate ‘put up or shut up’.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      BTW Bill, both of these guys are actually not French, they’re good Canadian kids, born right here in Québec. You might be confused because of the signing of Tim Bozon, he of the convoluted nationality.

    • GrosBill says:

      Ha, ya that worthless Timmons ruined us! Sure we would read it all.

  57. JohnBellyful says:

    Nice dawg, Smart Dog, but, gawd, he asks a lot of questions. I come on here lookin’ for answers. And I found a bunch. It’s up to you to figure out the question (i’m surprised this twist has never been made into a game show).

    1. Stupid jerk!
    2. Idiot!
    3. What a maroon!
    4. A–hole!
    5. Underpaid

    Edit: No duplicate answers. No poster’s names. Well, except for, you know, yeah, him.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      1. Mario Tremblay
      2. Reggie Houle
      3. Brian Burke
      4. Mike Milbury
      5. Me

    • habstrinifan says:

      1. Torts!
      2. PJ or Milbury or Gilligan… take your pick.
      3. British Bureaucrat who(1857) thought of adding lard to the
      cartridges for the Pattern 3 Enfield rifle. Troops had to bite off
      the tip of the cartridges to load the rifle.Lard came then from cows
      or pigs. When the Hindus and Muslims wont bite off the ‘larded’
      cartridge because of religious reasons (muslims-pig/hindus cows)
      they were punished. Big mutiny ensued and to make a long
      story short.. the freakin empire was lost. Talk about a Maroon.

      4. I have no response. And I am offended by those who would say
      that my answer to #3 qualifies me for #4. I shall deal with you at
      the summit.

      5. Mike Boone. He should be making Stephen King dough for his
      “Live Blog”.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      I get it. This is like Jepordy.
      1. Who is my ex. Wife?
      2. Who is any politician?
      3. Who is Chris Lee?
      4. Who is Don Cherry?
      5. Who is JohnBellyful?

      • JohnBellyful says:

        Not me, Jim, for No. 5. Now if the answer had been: Underfed …
        (As for your question for No. 1 … She got the house, car AND cat?)

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Brad Marchand
      Sean Avery
      Jeremy Jacobs
      Whoever is now P.R. for Rob Ford

  58. NL Hab says:

    Robyn Regher is a great signing for LA. I remember before the trade deadline I was on here saying that we should trade him and I got laughed off this site. People were saying that his better days were behind him. He is only playing 25 minutes a night and on his way to the Conference Final. If we had him vs. Ottawa it could have been a completely different series.

    Et Le But

    • ebk says:

      2-2nd Round picks for Regeher, no thanks!

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Are you kidding me? If we could get 2 or 3 years of the Regher we’re seeing now, and still be left with a 1st and 2nd in the draft, I’d give two 2nds in a heartbeat.

        Reger would have gotten us over the hump until our defensive prospects were ready for full time roles.

        • ebk says:

          nope, not kidding. There was no guarantee they would have signed him. Not making that trade, if Bergevin had the option, was a very good move by him. Just my opinion though, and obviously, I don’t know my stuff. 🙂

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            The no guarantee part is correct. I didn’t consider that aspect.

          • ebk says:

            that’s the big issue I have. If you would have told me, he’d sign for 2 years at $3m per season, I would have probably made that trade.

      • NL Hab says:

        2 2nd rounders was pretty steep. However, at least with him you know what you are getting. We have a lot of picks this year and we could have used a guy like him and signed him to an extension.

        Et Le But

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I tend to listen to the analysts (former players and coaches) on the radio and television long before the majority of posters on HIO. And believe it or not, I shared the same opinion as you, and I think you’re right today.

      However, the majority of guys on the tube who played or coached the game, came to the conclusion that Regher had lost a step and looked awful in Buffalo.

      So I don’t know if too much was expected of him in Buffalo or it wasn’t a good fit, but he fits in REAL well in L.A. and looks like a different man than we saw in Buffalo.

      • NL Hab says:

        Yeah exactly. A lot of times all these guys need is a change of scenery.

        P.S. How do you know I am not on radio and television and also jump on these forums just to hear what the “Fans” have to say. Hmmmmmmmmm

        Et Le But

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I said most HIO posters :-). There are some guys/gals on here on know their stuff. I don’t want to give them an ego so I won’t mention any names ;-).

    • Mark C says:

      Where is this he plays 25 minutes a night coming from? He’s played 25 minutes or more twice all year, only once in the playoffs, and both games went to OT. He’s playing 20 or 21 minutes a night. His game has fallen off, he’s fine as a stay at home guy, but I think at this stage of his career he has to be carried by an elite D partner.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        He’s been a career stay at home guy, and we need one badly.

        • Mark C says:

          Sure, but not for two top-60 draft picks when the player in question will be off the poster before the Habs are likely to contend.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Perfect, like I said, all I’d want from him is to get us over the hump. Until Subban, Tinordi and Beaulieu are ready to be our 1-2-3 guys. Plus, one or two of the half dozen defensive prospects we have should develop into an NHL caliber player by then.

          • Mark C says:

            How is it perfect to use two high picks on a stop gap player? Shouldn’t you use the draft picks to potentially help while the team is in a window of contention?

            Lets make the team marginally better while they aren’t contenders while simultaneously decreasing future assets when the team should be a contender. Just perfect. A Swiss F’ing watch of a plan.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            I meant to clarify a bit further and should have. I don’t think he’d be just a “stop gap” player. You add Regher to the Habs, plus you’ve got Emelin and Tinordi as the other big men, and all of a sudden, with Diaz, Markov and Subban, You’ve got a pretty good mixture.

            I’d have been very happy with that unit in the playoffs this year!

            Yes I’m forgetting Gorges. But as us Habs fans know, there’s ALWAYS injures. I think when Bergevin signed Bouillon it was for insurance purposes.

            In the scenario I’m describing, you’re gambling and risking a couple 2nd round picks, but not leaving the cupboard anywhere close to bare with a 1st and 2nd remaining and plenty of prospects already in the system.

      • NL Hab says:

        Yeah, he just turned 33. What an old fart. I will also write your rebuttle to my statement. “He has hard miles on his body.”

        Et Le But

        • Mark C says:

          I wouldn’t say that but his production has fallen off and we’ve seen a fair number of players decline in the mid 30s.

          So what’s your rebuttal for making up the claim that’s he’s playing 25 minutes a night?

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Nobody is interested in his production. He could get 4pts a season and I’d be happy. We’ve got plenty of offense on the back end already. It’s the production going the other way I’m most concerned about.

          • Mark C says:

            Of course not, but it should be a clear indication that his skills are in decline.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Not necessarily IMO. Maybe, but I don’t think it’s an issue for an older defenseman to sacrifice his offensive numbers in order hang back and continue to play a solid defensive game.

          • Mark C says:

            So his skills are still the same as when he was young, but now he just doesn’t care about being productive on offense?

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            I don’t think he ever cared about being productive on offense.

    • The_Truth says:

      Regher was the number 1 trade deadline guy i wanted as well. Him and Iginla, but I knew we had no shot at Iggy and it didn’t make sense to get him. D. Murray was the other guy I wanted.

  59. billylove says:

    Would have preferred the question to be, who do you THINK will win the conference final rather than who do you Want.

  60. GrosBill says:

    The Ottawa Redblacks!? Who thought of that??

    I know this is HIO but…….yuck

  61. HabFab says:


    Anthony Mantha of the Val-d’Or Foreurs comes from a rich hockey background. His grandfather, Andre Pronovost, won four Stanley Cups with the Montreal Canadiens during a 10-season NHL career that started in 1956-57. His three great uncles — Claude, Jean and Marcel Pronovost — all played in the NHL.

  62. Harditya says:

    Canadiens sign prospect LW Tim Bozon to an entry level contract. He had a good year in the WHL with the Blazers, racking up 91 points in 69 games. The future of Bulldogs and the Habs looks brighter.

  63. Lafrich says:

    Habs took Houle and Tardif, and passed on Bobby Clarke!

  64. Fransaskois says:

    Regehr signed at 6mil over 2 years. Another one bites the dust.

  65. Lafrich says:

    How did they manage to get Paul McCartney to sit between Tardif and Houle?

  66. Maritime Ron says:

    A lot of posters are rightfully suggesting we chase the Clarksons-Bickels-Clowes of the world but in reality, we have 2 chances of landing them – Slim and None, and Slim left the building with Elvis.

    We would have to severely overpay to compensate for taxes and a now somewhat recently shrinking CAN D vs the USD, (Players are paid in USD by CBA Rules regardless of where they play…) and the ultimate after tax disposable income highlighted by the link below vs. more friendly American tax places with their preferential deduction scheme (Interest paid on a Yacht as a 2nd ‘Residence’ is deductible..):

    From here, we should go super HARD after either UFA Dmen Rob Scuderi – overpay him with money or term, and the 2nd choice would be Robyn Regehr.

    Scuderi Credentials?
    2nd most playoff minutes played in Even Strength and Penalty Kill for LA behind only Doughty?
    Is that good enough for our Habs?
    He is 6’1″-216, but plays much bigger than that!

    If we could secure just 1 one those 2, that gives our Habs huge trade options moving forward, and depending upon the character of either one, a great Mentor for our young gun Dmen – especially with a Scuderi and the flash of his already 2 Cup Rings and counting… (Pitt-LA).

    If we could ever secure Scuderi, our D looks like this:
    Then pick the 5-6 pair from the following:
    Gorges-Diaz-Bouillon-Beaulieu-Tinordi-Pateryn…and some of the prospects moving forward…
    ALL aspects are now covered from PK, PP, and Shut Down.

    THEN, all of a sudden, we have perceived Top 4 trade options ( or great prospect trade options) that could possibly secure us a coveted Big Man in the Top 6 with an org that may be looking for that – being either weak, or not deep on the back end, yet in a position with an abundant amount of big men up front.

    A “Young For Young” trade.
    Nothing wrong with that.
    Go for it GMMB!

    • The Jackal says:

      Would be a good signing for sure.
      Franky the Bull as #7

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  67. thetruebeerman says:

    I think its a Joke to say that the Junior Canadiens might have been best of Memorial Cup winners, with the skill today the teams of today would of walked all over that team, the Junior Canadians wouldn’t of won a game in today’s day.
    i love how people try to compare Era’s, “It just doesn’t work people” but today’s media tries their best to stir the pot sort of speak but most realist know that the skill level increases each year with the size of these kids so today’s players are actually the best ever…so Hats off to Halifax as in my mind they are the best in Canada for there age group and i am sure if you matched them up against any of the teams of past they would eat them up.

    • The Jackal says:

      You can’t really compare that team to today’s junior teams in terms of current skill/equipment/developments.

      What they are comparing is how many players went on to play in the NHL. They also note that that team won the cup twice in a row…. so that’s a pretty big achievement.
      How many junior teams can stack up to that? Not many. Probably the Knights of 2004-2005 like Chris said, but to say they cannot be called the best because today’s players are better is just a faulty comparison.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • jctremblay says:

      Way too much beer, Beerman. Junior Canadiens were so far ahead of other teams IN THEIR ERA, they deserve consideration as one of the greatest Jr. teams ever assembled. Of course athletes are better today since they have every scientific and training advantage possible. They eat better as well. I was fortunate to see that team in action and they were a terrific team with everything you could ask for.

    • commandant says:

      While this is true that advances in training and technology would make today’s players better than yesterday’s i don’t think its the fair way to assess it.

      The fair way is how much better was one team vs their peers.

      In this way you’d see which teams are really more talented.

      I’m sure if you had a time machine, took all the players on the day they were born, transported them to modern times and gave them the best equipment, technology, coaching and training, you’d have a good hockey club.

      Go Habs Go!
      Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • Wintercount says:

      IF Perreault was a junior today he would be Colorado’s first over all pick. Tardif was a better stick handler then 97% of the league of hackers we have today.
      There was a reason these guys packed the Forum every game, over 18,000 standing room only.

      Beerguy, you is all hat and no cattle …

  68. Chris says:

    The 2004-05 London Knights are definitely in the running for the best junior team of all time. Of the players that played for them that year, ten (Corey Perry, Dave Bolland, Dan Girardi, Marc Methot, Brandon Prust, Rob Schremp, Danny Syvret, Bryan Rodney, Dan Fritsche and Drew Larman) have gone on to play at least one game in the NHL, but only the first five had anything approaching a lasting career.

    But those Knights finished the season 59-7-2 for 120 points (Mississauga finished second overall with 81 points), with an absolutely astounding goal differential of +185, built off a great offence (310 goals, 65 more than the second best Owen Sound Attack) and an even greater defence (125 goals against, 47 less than the second best Mississauga IceDogs). They blew away the field in the OHL playoffs, going 16-2, and set the CHL record that still stands by opening the season with a 31 game undefeated streak.

    In the 2005 Memorial Cup, they ran into the equally dominant Rimouski Oceanic of Sidney Crosby, who rode a 28 game undefeated streak of their own into the QMJHL playoffs, where they went 12-1.

    The 68-69 Junior Canadiens were a great team with a lot of talent. But their regular season record (37-11-6, 80 points) was a little better than their closest competitor (St. Catharines Black Hawks of Marcel Dionne, who went 31-11-12 for 74 points).

    The Junior Canadiens had the better NHL talent. But the Knights were just about the perfect hockey team, the junior equivalent to the 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens.

  69. The Dude says:

    Reminds me of the World Hockey League days when that idiot almost killed Tardif with a stick smash to the head

  70. commandant says:

    One thing that I like MB doing is signing these draft picks a year early and sending them to junior and letting their ELCs slide so the signing bonus is spread out over 4 years instead of three.

    When they do get called up, It saves money on the cap. Not much, maybe $10,000 – 50,000 per player depending on the signing bonus, but every penny counts.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

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