Jets flying high with new coach Maurice as pilot

The Canadiens and Winnipeg Jets meet for the second time this season on Super Bowl Sunday at the Bell Centre (1 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690). The Canadiens are coming off a 2-1 overtime loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning Saturday afternoon.

Carey Price and the Canadiens shut out the Jets 3-0 in Winnipeg on Oct. 15, but this is a different Jets team under new head coach Paul Maurice, who took over on Jan. 12. The Jets have gone 7-2-0 since Maurice took over and moved into playoff contention. Winnipeg has scored at least three goals in all but one of those nine of those games.

This is the first game of a four-game road trip for the Jets before the Olympic break. The Jets are without forward Evander Kane, who will be sidelined until after the Olympics with a hand infection.

The Canadiens’ Michael Bournival, who missed Saturday’s game with the flu, will be a game-time decision. Carey Price will start in goal for the Habs.

After Sunday’s game the Canadiens have three more before the Olympic break. The Calgary Flames visit the Bell Centre Tuesday night, followed by the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday, before the Habs head to Carolina on Saturday.

(Photo by Marianne Helm/Getty Images)

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  1. Dunboyne Mike says:

    New thread

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Game’s on, so likely no one on this thread at the moment. As soon as there was daylight, I was outside hacking ice and salting. Burly will vouch that this am had nasty slipperiness due to an imperfect storm. This is conceit, but I want to mention I had to do my neighbor’s place ’cause he broke his hip slipping on ice three weeks ago. After the ice capades, I played the role of a Presbyterian not in King Arthur’s Court, but at wife’s mass. Among 69,000+ posters and lurkers, I would be the very last to not read your thought-provoking, at times funny, at times diplomatically blunt, and always interesting posts. Scores 0-0 with Jets having had the best chances, so off to the Live-blog. Cheers Dun. Your pilgrimmage to home soil and your proud parents (they should be) is coming up very soon.

      “Bends but won’t break”

  2. GL says:

    This is the way I see the Habs lineup for the simple fact the team is made up of 2nd, 3rd & 4th liners.

    1st line – Pacioretty, Desharnais, Gallagher
    2nd line – Briere, Pacioretty, Gionta
    3rd line – Bournival, Eller, Bourque
    4th line – Moen, White, Prust/Parros

    That’s as good as it gets – No 1st liners to choose from – Briere use to be but that has longed passed. 2nd liner at best now. We win or lose with these lines MT can do all the line juggling he wants it won’t get any better.

  3. CJ says:

    Just put the snowmobiles away. We were able to put 100km on the machines this weekend. Heading home in a few minutes. Looking forward to seeing the boys bounce back today. We need to take advantage of the Jets without Kane. We seem to play very well against this franchise, so hopefully we can keep the streak alive.

    I’ll catch up with everyone later. Go Habs!

  4. port elgin says:

    we are a grinding team, accept it!

  5. Mark C says:

    McCarron had a breakaway goal last night, 2 goals and 4 assists in his last 5 games. Seems to be turning a corner, more interestedly is the Hurters have moved him the third line center. Good idea to get him to start skating more.

  6. Strummer says:

    Jets flying high with Maurice- I wonder if language skills was the first thing the Jet considered
    “It’s just an opinion- I could be wrong”

  7. HankHardball says:

    This is not just another football game.

    You can’t discount the importance of experience in a championship situation. The Seattle Seahawks don’t have a single player with a second of experience in a Super Bowl.

    For Manning to be ranked among the best QB’s ever, he has to win this game. I think he will. And I don’t think it’ll be close.

  8. Mavid says:

    Great sports day…my hubby and his pals are going sledding for the day, while I stay home and watch sports..hmm what is wrong with this picture..hehe

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  9. Good Moring from frozen Regina
    Listen up troops. Don’t worry about PK SubBan. When a person wins an award he tends to think that, ok maybe I win this every year, or OK I need to do everything I can to help this team win because that’s what I do. Now this team has ZERO secondary scoring, they’re all pretty much third line players after Max so PK is taking chances to try and help his team. It’s way too much and his secondary useless stats will show it. Not a thing wrong with PK Subban other than trying too hard.

    he Jets are fun to watch again, look out! Paul Maurice took a grinding defensive team and turned them into forechecking machines. Gotta love that! I know the fans do.

    We’ll be listening to the game in XM212, can’t wait to get out of frozen Regina and back to frozen Brandon.

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Summit Member

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      hi sholi

      From here, there is something wrong and it’s a head coach that has done damage in breaking the confidence of a very good player

      The turning point was the Philadelphia Incident – the one where the Head Coach benched his best player for 10 minutes to start the 3rd period.

      That move not only embarrassed Subban in front of his team mates, yet embarrassed him for the entire hockey world to view.

      Few would argue that up to that point, PK was the Habs MVP along with Carey.

      So what do the numbers say?

      In the 44 games prior:
      PK had 7 goals-26 assists-33 points and was +14
      The Habs were 25-14-5.

      In the 11 games since and including the Philadelphia Incident?
      Pk has 1 goal-3 assists-4 points and is Minus – 11.
      The Habs were 4-6-1.

      Whether he plays in Soshi or not, perhaps it’s best he gets away and experiences an environment with elite players AND elite coaches.

      After that, here’s hoping he comes back and wants long term in Montreal – something that is far from 100% certain at this time.

      • The entire team has been playing bad and it’s Coach Therrien who’s to blame, he treats them like ______. You can try and pick a moment in time like Philly, but this team has been crap all season. A win is not a win, only in standings. Only three wins all season came where the Habs made then opponents look silly. For the most part, Price, and shot blocking won more games than lines 1-4.

        Therrien treated PK poorly in Philly and Coach Therrien looked like crap that night, the entire world saw it and only the blind missed it.

        PK is trying too hard, but that’s not his fault, he just wants to win.

        Then you got players on the team who know they aren’t Habs in a few months, complete shut down.

        Can’t wait to see what direction Bergevin takes after the Olympics that’s good hockey drama.

        Shane Oliver
        Twitter @Sholi2000
        Custom Sports Figures
        Summit Member

      • CranbrookEd says:

        Maritime Ronn . . . at risk of alienating some of the other great posters on this site, I must say that your “words of wisdom” are the most enjoyable and astute (in my opinion) of all (yup, that includes the headmasters, Mr. Boone et al) that I see and read on this site! Could not agree more, that our current coach is simply not handling PK (and some others) in an appropriate manner – he is seemingly stuck in a time warp . . . not sure that sending the team a functioning flux capacitor to transport the coach to today would help . . .

        Mr. Beliveau: “Pure Pak mais oui”! . . .

  10. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I can only dream about what a coaching change will do for this team.

  11. Maritime Ronn says:

    Good stuff happening in Winnipeg for the past 9 games since naming Paul Maurice new head coach.

    One of Maurice’s first moves was to make his Top minutes dman Byfuglien a forward (yet he still plays the point on the PP)…and letting his young gun Dmen PLAY those minutes with confidence.
    Wouldn’t that be nice?

    And then the quotes from the guys in the room:

    Captain Andrew Ladd:
    “The one thing Paul’s done a good job of doing when he came in was getting our confidence up.
    The whole group I don’t think was the most confident group when he got here.
    He’s done a good job building us up, letting us know we’re pretty good hockey players.”

    Goalie Ondrej Pavelec:
    “. … The whole team is playing with confidence. The new coach let us know we’re good players, and we can beat anybody.”
    Then how does the humble, ‘non-confrontational’ coach reply?

    “…when asked what he’s done to this underachieving group, the veteran coach is frank: “Nothing.”
    “Before I got here, I thought this was a good hockey team,” Maurice added. “Now we’re feeling good, and that changes everything.”

    No 10 minute misconducts to his best player not named Carey.
    No media call-outs.
    No benching for 1 mistake.
    Playing players where they belong…
    No playing of pets from his junior coaching days.
    No treating a specific players like wild stallion that needs to be ‘broken.’
    No need to tell anyone that is listening that he’s the Boss Man.

    Too bad Coach Maurice didn’t purchase a Rosetta Stone course during his time off….at least that would have been 1 more name to consider in the lean list.

  12. Mattyleg says:

    Mornin’ everyone!
    Going to the game today with my little girl!
    Really looking forward to it; she’s going to love it.
    Girlfriend is a bit stressed out about it all, but it’s going to be great, regardless of the score.

    Oh, and Mike, dunno if I told you, but I went to every Irish rugby game at Lansdowne Road between 1995 and 2000. Girlfriend’s dad was a former international referee, so had tickets for us every time. Amazing, apart from the fact that we lost pretty much every game, except for a friendly against Romania, and a friendly against… you guessed it… Canada. Guess who I was rooting for that game!

    Have a great day everyone!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Body_of_Price_Repels_You says:

      I was at the Canada Ireland game as well. One of my favourite experiences was watching the NZ Moaris play Munster live at Thomand Park in 2008. I will never forget that, it was absolutely incredible

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      No way, guys!

      I was at that as well.

      With the brothers-in-law, they all wearing green, me in red and hoarse from screaming for the Maple Leaf!

      Little did we know the three of us would meet again on HIO. Life’s weird.


  13. Mark C says:

    13-1-3-4-(-10)-20 PIMs. That’s PK Subban’s line since his epic, almost legendary game in Dallas. Would argue that is play at times has looked even worse his lack of production. Clearly Subban is at worst the Habs second best and second most important player after Price. Here’s to hoping he turns his game around this afternoon. Teams such as Montreal can’t win consistently when players, such as Subban play well below their lofty standards.

  14. munch17 says:


    Maritime Ronn:
    You were right on earlier.
    It simply inconceivable how DD gets the ice time he gets and the opportunities to succeed.
    Since the beginning of last year:

    Games played goals assists points PPG

    DD 100 18 37 55 3
    TP 102 30 34 64 7
    LE 101 18 32 50 3

    Yesterday DD had every opportunity and was -1 in the game.
    This team cannot win with him as a number one center sucking the life out of Gally – and if Pacs wants to play with DD or else – well find someone to send the two of them to.

    And Old Bald Bird – yes DD has scored a couple of nice goals and contributed to a couple of wins – IS THAT ENOUGH FOR A NUMBER ONE CENTER?
    What is the opportunity to cost – how would 81, 14, 48, do with the ice time DD gets?
    And please – don’t even think of starting to play Briere and sit Eller – Eller hits , kills penalties, and if only given a couple of wingers ……..

    • sheds88 says:

      Agree. Eller ( and Bournival ) needs top six minutes regularly to be at his best. i feel like its a waste. i would be curious to see the results if 81, 14, 48 or even 27 got DD’s minutes. i’m sure one would tear it up with all those minutes and PP time. breaking up the egg line to give DD all the opportunity to succeed is BS.

  15. Chrisadiens says:

    Today is International Drink Day. New Years? Nah! Holidays? Maybe a little. Superbowl weekend with a Habs matinee? Yes sir!

    So pop the cork on that wine bottle. Tap those kegs. Dust off that 5th of whiskey. Hell, make some jello shots if that’s you’re thing and enjoy the best day of the year!

    As Front would say, cheers amigos!

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  16. Dunboyne Mike says:

    I SAID.

    Good morning.


  17. Mattyleg says:


    —Hope Springs Eternal—

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