Jarvis joins Bruins staff

Doug Jarvis, who was dropped from the Canadiens coaching staff after Jacques Martin became the head coach, has been hired as an assistant coach by the Boston Bruins.

Jarvis will replace Craig Ramsay, who left the Bruins to become head coach of the Atlanta Thrashers. Jarvis spent three seasons with the Canadiens, including working under Bruins head coach Claude Julien. He sat out last season but was being paid by the Canadiens.  

Jarvis played 13 seasons in the NHL and was part of four Stanley Cup champion teams in Montreal. He won the Selke Trophy as the top defensive forward in 1984 with the Canadiens and the Masterton Trophy for dedication to the game while playing for Hartford in 1987.  

• Are you counting the hours till the Heritage Classic? Love the Flames jersey. Where they playing the game, Ronald McDonald House?


  1. deuce6 says:

    Shouldn’t that C be an A on the chest of the Flames’ heritage jersey? Afterall, they hailed originally from Atlanta…

  2. Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

    This one just doesn’t work on SO many levels, but I’ll bite:

    Cammy has a cap hit of $6 million. The Sedins each have a higher cap hit right now. Currently, without having signed Price, we only have under $5 million in cap space. So, already this trade doesn’t work within the cap.

    Even if it did, we would have Alex Auld as our starter. Ouch. And we would have a $5 million 3rd-line centre in Plekanec (or a $7.3 million dollar 3rd-line centre in Gomez, depending on how you see it). Not a very good strategy.

    Then, of course there’s the Vancouver side of things. Why would they take Price to back up Luongo for $2-3 million? Why would they trade the Sedins one year after they made a huge commitment to them and they both had fantastic seasons? You do know Henrik Sedin, long considered to be the lesser of the two twins, won the Hart trophy, right? Had Daniel been healthy the whole season, they may have finished 1-2 in points in the entire league.

    I think people need to limit the wild trade scenarios to NHL 10.

  3. Puck Bard says:

    Your censoring” Ass”? Seriously? Kick Ass is the name of a movie. Even The Gazette is ok with printing the title:


    Can we show some good discretion and judgement here?


  4. Ian Cobb says:

    Yes Showey

  5. G-Man says:

    The word is “goad”. If you wanted to goat him, you would be Goatier.

  6. Clay4bc says:

    You may have said your “piece”, but not in “peace”.

    BTW…trading Halak was a mistake.


    Carey Price killed my dog.

  7. K-hab25 says:

    Once!!! You post pretty routinely about “the trade.” How we traded the “proven winner” for potential. Spare me your usual victim routine. The one you use anytime anyone on this site calls you on your BS and you act like your being attacked. Did I try to goat you, or did I do to you, the same thing you were doing to the people who whine all the time about the gm and coach. Repeatedly posting how trading Halak was a mistake, is no different than someone who hates the gm or coach whining about every move they make, or don’t make. There I said my peace, now you can continue with your childish limericks about the great Halak and the annointed failure, Price.

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