Jagr to Dallas

Anyone feeling bereaved?
The money Bob Gainey’s new/old team threw at Jaromir Jagr is absurd: $4.5 million – $1.2 million more than he was making in Philadelphia.
Puck Daddy says 20 teams were in the hunt for a 40-year-old future HoFer who faded late in his Flyers’ season and in the playoffs.

Would it have been nice to see Jagr on a line with his Kladno homeboy Tomas Plekanec?


But not at that money.

Jagr is said to be a great teammate with an attitude and work ethic that are an inspiration to younger players.

Again, though, that’s a lot of scratch for a father figure.

And the Stars also signed 40-year-old Ray Whitney on Canada Day.

Hey, it worked for the Boston Celtics …

• Sports Illustrated lists the 24 biggest free agent busts in NHL history. And no. 6 is …


  1. HabFanSince72 says:

    I’m not sure we can wait for the CBA with respect to Gomez.

    According to Donald Fehr it’s likely there won’t be an agreement this summer, and that they’ll start the season under the old agreement.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  2. HabFanSince72 says:

    Maple Leafs had three fights at their development camp scrimmage.

    One of their 6th round picks, a big thug who can’t play the game, got into two fights.

    There is an interview on TSN with the Leaf director of player development. The guy’s all excited. “Of course we don’t condone that, but he really showed us he wants to play.” So a 6th rounder fights with two 18 year olds and that is what it takes to make an impression in Leafland.

    Some of you philistines would love it us to be like that, and I dare say we’re headed that way.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • mksness says:

      did he punch kadri?

    • EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

      If we are headed that way, I will be indifferent

      • habstrinifan says:

        Bergevin actually said somethng about ‘in camp’ fighting some days ago. Along the lines that he wont be ‘encouraging’ practice fights but that anyone who wants to throw a few in pre-season games should feel free.. LOL! I cannot recall the circumstances which prompted the answer.. maybe Thrower was inolved in some stuff?

        I paraphrase but I thought it was a cool answer… way better than the cliched “but he really showed us he wants to play.”

    • ed lopaz says:

      I’m going to take the “workers” side of this argument, if you don’t mind.

      a hockey player / 6th round, hard hat and lunch pail worker, might have a 1 or 2% chance to make an NHL roster.

      that’s 500 k vs about 50 k if he is buried in the AHL.

      if fighting gets him his big pay day, and fighting is tolerated in pro hockey,

      then shouldn’t the “worker” fight to maximize his chance for success?

      and therefore, the comment that he “showed us he wants to play” is quite accurately describing the attitude of the player as well.

      I welcome the day the NHL bans fighting and chooses to play on international ice, by the way.

    • Phil C says:

      Well I hope the Habs are not headed this way. Bergevin believes in toughness, but the signing of Prust and Moen indicates that he wants toughness with hockey skill as well. At least Moen and Prust can kill penalties and play well in their own zone while scoring an occasional goal. Bergevin also let a pure tough guy like Staubitz walk despite his popularity and low pricetag.

  3. RobertAlanFord says:

    Suter to make a decision today as per Darren Dreger

    my weekly Habs analysis:

  4. habsavvy says:

    I think habs should change their name from the Montreal Canadiens to the Montreal 4th liners.

    this team is nothing more (except for Cole and Pac)than a team of mediocre 4th liners.
    expect 13th or 14th place finish again.
    in my opinion, any GM that only obtains players that the coach wants, has no idea how to be a GM.
    besides, Bergevin has ZERO years experience in that capacity.

  5. gerrybell says:

    I am sure someone else at this time has already pointed out that 8 or the 24 worst UFA signings of all time according to SI come from the Ranger organization.


  6. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    if Gomez is within 10 miles of the Bell Center at ANY point in the month of October, I will no longer be a Canadiens fan.

  7. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    What’s this I have heard about the Canadiens pursuing Krys Barch as a UFA??

  8. I’m really not getting all the hate in here…

    On Gomez not being a Bulldog yet:

    Everything MB has done so far has made a lot of sense, and not tossing Gomez into Hamilton prematurely is perfectly logical. The only reason to demote Gomez is to save cap space — I’m not a fan of the guy, but no one can seriously argue he’s less valuable than Nokelainen. We’ve got $70M to spend toward the cap, and I’m sure MB is trying to pad our roster with some big-name talent right now, either through free agency or trades. If it doesn’t work out, and he can’t fill Gomez’s cap space with someone else, why wouldn’t he just leave Goemz up with the big club to centre the fourth line? He’s terrible for his cap hit, but he kills penalties, passes well and still has great wheels. Flanked by two physical wingers, he’s perfect for a fourth-line energy role.

    On Gainey signing Jagr:

    First, Dallas has 19 players signed and $20M in cap space. Dallas could have given Jagr $10M and still had tons of room for all the players they’re not going to sign anyway. It’s only a one-year contract, so why all the hate?

    Second, Gainey isn’t even the GM in Dallas. If the U.S. president makes a bad/good decision, it’s kind of dumb to blame/credit his VP. For all we know, Gainey strenuously advised against the signing — though I’m sure this isn’t the case, because it makes a ton of sense.

    All this to say…

    Can we just chill out and see how the rest of the off-season goes before throwing some good people under the bus?

    • Ozmodiar says:


      They aren’t going to send Gomez to the Hammer to give Nokie more ice time. Another thing to consider is that Gomez can play on the top 3 lines if there’s an injury.

      Cap space isn’t a concern ATM, so unless there’s a trade or FA signing that adds payroll (say, +1M), Gomez stays.

  9. disgustedhabsfan says:

    Looks like Parise and Suter to Minnesota.

  10. BeeGee says:

    OMFG!!! http://youtu.be/siSlUBNL0wo
    Don Cherry Rap — Rock ’em Sock ’em Hockey 5

  11. gp52 says:

    theres more gauthier in bergevin than i thot. price given too much
    money. other signings so so.

  12. mark-ID says:

    Is it just me or does this team have more Canadian players then we have had in some years?

    Canucks include(Price, Desharnais, Bourque, Moen, Armstrong, Prust, White, Leblanc, Subban, Gorges) for a total of 10

    Americans include(Cole, Pacioretty, Gionta, Bouillon(almost forgot he was from the States)) for a total of 4

    Czechs include(Plekanec, Kaberle) total of 2

    Russians include( Markov, Emelin) total of 2

    1 from Denmark, 1 from Finland

    and yes I left off Gomez. Anyways found it interesting. This is the NAG everyone has been talking about, that’s for sure.

    “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

      • mark-ID says:

        Bouillon is actually an American, I had almost forgotten

        “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

        • Bripro says:

          Technically…yes, he’s American.
          But he’s lived in Quebec City since he was a baby.
          And when he first came to Montreal, he couldn’t buy an english vowel.

          • boing007 says:

            I didn’t know that English vowels were that expensive. Poor Frankie.

            Richard R
            Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

          • Luke says:

            sort of like Galchenyuk… TECHNICALLY he’s an American, but spent so much time in the Eastern Block…

            Funny how it works both ways (not trolling you, just find the internet a funny place) that Bouliion gets to be technically Canadian because he spent his formative years here, but Galchenyuk gets to be a Yank because he was born there.

            Donald Brashear is a Yankee too if I recall correctly… Steve Nash a South African and Heatly a German (but those may have been army base kids which messes things up a bit i believe).

          • habstrinifan says:

            Aaaah Bingo me lad an English vowel in Quebec could cost you a cool 101 Bill.

      • shiram says:

        The cube is an American. from a French-Canadian mother.

    • HabFab says:

      Where is my Swiss?

      • mark-ID says:

        I don’t see either of the swiss being in any starting lineup…..could be wrong, but I doubt it

        “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

        • HabFab says:

          My approach is different. They are until they aren’t!

          I keep asking for a vote in the decisions with the Canadiens but Geoff won’t give it…sigh!

  13. shiram says:

    I wish we had something better to talk about then what to do with Scott Gomez, or trying to put a negative spin on all the moves Bergevin is making.
    But the truth of it is, while he has not made any moves that look bad to me, he has not made any great moves either.
    Price was signed to a long term deal, that is good, but the cap could have been slightly lower to appease our capologists. Price is paid as a top NHL goalie, his cap hit might be higher than some, but that’s only because they signed their deals some years ago, and NHL contracts inflated with the salary cap.
    I want to see Bergevin pull a rabbit out of his hat…

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Wait a year perhaps, not to be a downer, but this is kind of a middling year as we wait for our next crop of youngsters to start making the dance.

      Plus, MB needs to evaluate the talent on the ice with his own coaching staff.

      I will use the Brian Burke example (sorry if I repeat myself, as I have posted before). Burke was still in his first season as the GM of Toronto and decided he felt the Leafs were a playoff team so he makes the blockbuster trade of 2 firsts and a 2nd round pick for Kessel. Turns out the team was nowhere near ready for playoffs and he ends up finishing 2nd last. One could argue without getting Kessel, team finishes dead last making the picks even higher value.

      I don’t want to see MB make trades based on players playing under a system last year which at best was chaotic. He needs to get to know what he has, what can improve what can’t and then make changes.

      The whole team had a bad year, trading those assets now is selling your stock at its lowest ebb. Not sure he can “win” any trade right now. I think we just have to be patient. My opinion only bud.

      • shiram says:

        Thanx for the answer Burly, I’m not saying we need a blockbuster, but from Therrien to Bouillon, it just seems like he has not hit a homerun, every move has had a clear negative part to it.
        I know we are also heading for another rough season.

      • JF says:

        Good post. I certainly agree that Bergevin can’t evaluate the players based on last year, when pretty much nothing worked. He may have finished for the summer, since there is not much left on the free agent market in our price range and we aren’t in a position to “win” a trade since, as you point out, our assets would be under-valued. Once the season starts, he can evaluate the team on the ice and perhaps be able to make a trade.

        I would actually be fine with starting the season as we are. I’d like to see what Therrien can get out of both Gomez and Bourque; I’d be willing to bet it’s more than JM and Cunneyworth did.

      • BeeGee says:

        Amen brother.

      • HabsWinn-ipeg says:

        Have to say I agree. Looking at the roster as it stands:

        Top Tier Centres: Pleks, Desharnais, Eller
        Next Tier: White Nokelainen, Leblanc, Geoffrion, Gomes(gulp)

        Top Tier LW: Pacioretty
        Next Tier: Moen, Prust/Armstrong (both LW/RW)

        Top Tier RW: Cole, Gionta, Bourque (?)
        Next Tier: Prust, Armstrong, Palushaj, Blunden

        Top Tier D: Subban, Markov, Gorges, Emelin
        Next TierL Bouillon, Diaz, Kaberle, St. Denis, Webber

        We have nothing coming from Hamilton this year. The only way Galchenyuk plays this year is if he unseats one of the other top centres – there’s no sense in him playing 4th line minutes with 4th line talent around him. MB has to take a longer view of things than this year, and so do we. Maybe we make the playoffs this year, but as far as making any noise I think we’re a couple years away. But in a couple years…

      • gerrybell says:

        possible gomez to columbus after rick nash is dealt so the blue jackets can get up to the salary cap floor????

      • bleedhabs81 says:

        Holy Geeze. I went to reply to Burly’s post, so I signed myself in and a pile of replies popped up…. damn.

        I guess everything I say can probably be found in one of those replies (sorry, I have not read them yet).

        I think this is a tough year for MB to start. Guys like Gionta, White, Markov and even Gomez where hurt most of the year. It is tough to really know what it is you need.

        Do you need a 25 goal scorer or can Gionta still fill that role? (I think he can)

        Do you need a PP quarterback or is Markov going to improve with more games this season (fingers crossed)? On that note, will Subban have a more accurate shot this year?

        Maybe Gomez gets good??? Maybe? please please please.

        There isn’t much more room on the roster to add many UFA’s, unless you do plan on shipping one way contracts to the AHL.

        I do like the tweaking he has done to date.

    • Greg says:

      Is there a move that any GM in the league has made so far that you absolutely “Love”? Big free agent signings are risky, because ALL big UFAs are overpaid, due to the bidding war driving prices up. So we’re out of the running for Parise and Suter as long as we have Gomez’s salary on the books. Also, we’ve got a good bunch of prospects coming up, so it looks like MB is just being patient and waiting for our young guys to improve.
      I’m with you though dude, I’m so impatient. I want to win NOW. Even though I know Galchenyuk should spend another year in Sarnia but I want him to have a 70 point season NOW DAMNIT!

      • shiram says:

        It’s annoying to know we are going into another season where the probable best outcome is finishing in the last spot for playoffs. I guess the draft is the best thing Bergevin has done since getting here, but this is something that gets evaluated after years, and is probably more on Timmins than Bergevin.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Quick signed his deal like what, 2 weeks ago? And Price is more highly paid than the Conn Smythe / Stanley Cup winning goalie?

      I am astounded that so few on here have any concern about that. And yeah, it’s not our money, but in a cap world, a dollar that goes to “A” can’t go to “B”. Owners can’t buy their way out of mistakes. Thank g*d the term is only 6 years. I was thinking $5M per x $5 years at the most.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Price gets less than Quick.

        Not more.


        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • shiram says:

        Quick signed for 10 years, Price for 6.
        Had Price signed a 12 year deal, to get him to to 36 year, like Quick’s deal, he would have had some years on his deal at a much lesser salary to bring down the cap.
        That’ the reason Price has a higher cap hit, because Quick is paid 9 millions over the 3 last year of his deal, and 49 millions over the 7 first year.
        It’s just cap trickery.

      • Bill says:

        Quick’s deal is totally different from Price’s. That should be obvious to anyone. It’s probably Quick’s last contract and includes some “non-prime” years. If Price could have been signed until he was 36, I don’t doubt that the cap-average would be lower! But as it was the Habs are paying for all-prime years.

        And you’re forgetting that contracts are figured in terms of “take-home” pay, and Price is actually making less after taxes than Quick, by my calculations.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          California income tax is a bit lower than Quebec, but not by much. Maybe not much difference certain income levels.

          Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

          • Bill says:

            Federal USA + California rates = 45%

            Federal Can + Quebec = 53%

            In terms of taxes, that’s a huge difference.

            Full Breezer 4 Life

          • HabFab says:

            When you use that Forbes chart that was floating around here last week, it means that Quick would take home 10% more on each dollar then Price.

    • steve17 says:

      I think he desreves some slack. First, MB needs to take time and see who should be traded and who might be available. Second, other teams are waiting to see where Parise and Nash go, if Nash goes anywhere with the asking price they want. Third, there is the issue of the new CBA. Since no one knows what changes will be made, it would be irresponsible to make big moves not knowing what the cap will be etc.

      As an example, MB trades for Nash and gives up some solid prospects. The cap goes down and there is no amnesty. Less teams need to spend to make the cap floor and Montreal is over the cap and are forced to trade a player, or two. Then we would all be complaining about the stupid move Bergevin made.

      Patience and due dilligence will get the Habs back to where we would love to see them, not the Burke, Bull in a china shop approach. Even he has made changes to his approach!


  14. joeybarrie says:

    funny we complain about how bad our management does acquiring Free Agents. The Rangers have 8 of the 24 players in the SI article about the worst FA signings. 33% in a 30 team league…
    And for the record, Colby Armstrong at 1 million cap hit, paying half his salary is a
    pretty good move. He averages 0.2 goals a game, which is good for over 16 a full season. Averages 40 points over a full season. So for a mere 1 mil cap hit, where we only pay 500k, and the cap hit doesn’t go against the total if he is injured… Its a brilliant move. He is a gritty and rough player who makes us much tougher, especially with the other players we picked up. And his upside is 40 points in an ideal season. All for 500k… Pretty good gamble, for a kid who obviously wants to prove something.

    • JIMVINNY says:

      The talk of someone else paying half of Armstrong’s salary is purely semantics. He is getting 1 mil from the Habs, and that is also his cap hit. The leafs are also paying him 1 mil, part of the buyout of the last year of his 3 mil/year contract. So yes, the leafs are theoretically paying half of his paycheck, but his cap hit is still the 1 mil the Habs are paying him.

      • joeybarrie says:

        You make an excellent point.
        I still like Armstrong at 1 million, and twice as much knowing his cap hit is equal to the Leafs as it is to us, for him to play extra hard against them…
        I think its genius.

    • joeybarrie says:

      Colby Armstrong
      40 points in 47 games 05-06
      34 points in 80 games 06-07
      35 Points in 72 games 07-08
      40 points in 82 games 08-09
      29 points in 79 games 09-10
      6 foot 2, 200 pounds, 364 PIM
      and it costs us 500k…
      better signing than Dominic Moore.
      how is this anything but great???

      • jon514 says:

        Not disagreeing that it’s a good signing but cost us 1 million I believe. He will earn 2 million though cause the leafs are paying him 1 million too 😀

        “This Team is Less than the sum of it’s parts with Gomez.”

      • HabFan in Edmonton says:

        I on’t really see how anyone can argue against the Armstrong signing, at a 1M cap hit it could be a steal, the guy scored 22 goals one year. He seems determined to prove everyone wrong and if it doesn’t turn out, it’s only 1 year. Low risk and high reward, I think it’s a great signing.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        3 points in 29 games in 10-11

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        • joeybarrie says:

          22 goals in one season. Besides, he had 1 goal playing for the Leafs… Who were his line mates? How much ice time did he get?
          why always look at the bad side???

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Cheaper than Moore, certainly. Better in the future, maybe? But Moore was a damn useful player for us, including faceoffs and secondary scoring.
        We could have used him last year.

        If Armstrong is as useful or better, then it will have been a great move.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Joeybarrie your stats again remind me why I like this signing. I think with his ankle fully rehabilitated, and with the deep-seated passion unearthed playing for his ‘favourite’ team, Amstrong will have an exceptional year with the HABS in 2012-2013.

        Expect a him to score at least two game winners against the Leafs.

  15. JohnBellyful says:

    And now for something completely different: the creative process, it turns out, is a continuous loop (be sure to click on the video montage)

  16. HabinBurlington says:

    In memory of Andy Griffith, here is a monologue on football he did back in 1953, pretty funny. Trip down memory lane.


  17. jon514 says:

    If Gomez is in the lineup and we have a losing record after 10 games, I think I’m gonna take a break from hockey til 2013-14. I think the habs have a bright future and I’m glad they’re getting tougher, but playing Gomez next year in place of White, Leblanc or Eller is the same as saying we don’t believe those three kids are going anywhere.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      We cleaned house from top to bottom, and I think it’s important symbolically to say thanks and good luck to Gomez so we can complete the job.

      It makes the statement that if you float, we demote.

      Could he be useful elsewhere? Maybe. But we need to move on and I agree with you, I’d rather give the minutes to a kid or failing that, a useful grinder like Begin or Metropolit-type who at least freaking brings it on a regular basis.

      • jon514 says:

        I think you send the wrong message to guys who don’t get PP time in an attempt to justify Gomez’s salary. Basically when you bench Eller for poor performance, but reward Gomez for the same, player start to feel there is a double standard and the effort level drops.

        Psychologically I think Gomez hurts our team more than anyone realizes.

      • rhino514 says:

        The thing is, no one really knows yet if he will be on the team or not.
        Subban, Eller, Diaz and i don´t know who else left to sign for 8 million cap space. That is very tight without ditching Gomez…but barely doable. So we cannot tell from that just yet.
        It´s really tight though. Subban is going to command maybe 5 mill all by himself? So if I were a betting man I would bet either a) Gomez is gone or B) a trade is in the works with less money coming back.

    • Habitall says:

      It wouldn’t kill Leblanc to have a little more seasoning in Hamilton, especially if he’s not going to get decent minutes in Montreal. That little extra time Pacioretty had in the AHL did wonders for him. White and Eller are up to stay, though.

      All to say, keeping Gomez for a little while longer may serve as a stopgap measure. If nothing else.

      • jon514 says:

        I don’t disagree on Leblanc. In fact I’d love to see him play Center in Hamilton to guys like Gallagher and Holland and maybe even Palushaj if they can coax him back down.

        Even with White, Nokes, Eller, Plek and DD, we have enough centers that there is no reason to keep Gomez, he does not add.

        There’s an expression “A team is more than the sum of it’s parts”. Well I think the habs are “less than the sum of their parts with Gomez”.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Two separate issues.

        If the kids need more time in the oven, then bring in a grinder, for a year. Gomez is an inspiration to no one except his bankers.

  18. Habitall says:

    Anyone know what ever happened to Paul Mara? Seemed to me his second stint with Montreal was pretty good, and he didn’t look out of place in the playoffs against Boston. Guy is 6’4″, a former first rounder, and he liked playing in Montreal (which is not uncommon for a lot of Bostononians, strangely enough). I bet he’d sign on with us for the league minimum, and could be a solid crease-clearing depth D-man.

    • arcosenate says:

      Retired NHL defenseman Paul Mara has decided to put free time to use and join the coaching fraternity. The former 7th overall pick by the Tampa Bay Lightning has stepped behind the bench at Bourne High School in his home state of Massachusetts.


      • Bill J says:

        Likely teaching the next generation how to grow epic playoff beards.


        Tweet it, talk about it. Let’s get rid of Gomez and sign Subban for cheap!
        Go Habs Go!

        • LA Loyalist says:

          A high school team with epic beards – THAT would be funny!

          • Bill J says:

            And scary to opposing teams I’d think… lol


            Tweet it, talk about it. Let’s get rid of Gomez and sign Subban for cheap!
            Go Habs Go!

      • Habitall says:

        Ah, Wikipedia. Why didn’t I think of that.

        Okay then, what about Paul Mara lite — I’m thinking of Mark Mitera. We’re still too small on the back end. Bouillon may be tough as nails for his size, but he’s not clearing the crease of guys 6-7 inches taller than he is. At most, they’ll just regard him as a nuisance.

  19. HabFanSince72 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    When the Leafs signed Colby Armstrong two years ago the H I/O cognoscenti laughed at $3M/yr for a journeyman cheap-shot artist who had never broken 40 points per season.

    Now he’s an injury prone cheap shot artist coming off a 1 goal season. Is it still funny?

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      He and Gomez will be playing on the same line as trigger men, No?

      • arcosenate says:

        I’ve never liked him since he tried to kill Saku, and then turtled when Souray went after him. But I am not the coach and Therrien is, and Therrien obviously likes the guy.

        Maybe he can get more out of him.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          You all know I adore Koivu, but that said I’m giving Armstrong a clean sheet of paper, apparently he really wants to be here.

          Does anyone else find it ironic that Saku and Souray are now re-united in Anaheim? If Hiller is truly ok, Ducks could be pretty good this year, last year was kind of bizarre, in the 2nd half they really came on.

      • SmartDog says:

        Good one Ian

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • SlovakHab says:

      Now he is cheap, motivated like never before and had plenty of time to heal.
      I would hate him for 3M too! BTW, 2 years ago, the cap was lower so 1M now is like 0.8M 2 years ago. That’s pretty cheap!!

      Btw, I am getting sick of NHL and NHL fans recently.
      Everywhere I go, fans are complaining about almost every single player. People do not enjoy watching hockey anymore. It’s like gladiator games, full of hatred against each other. Almost every player “sucks”, is overpaid, primadonna or cheap shot artist. It’s all about Cap Hit, not the skills any more.

      I wish we never knew players’ cap hits and didn’t look at that. Let’s just watch hockey for once, shall we?

      If you look at cap, every single player will suck, unless they are on an entry-level contract, sign a hometown discount for a year, or are Lidstrom.

      Anyway, just my rant for today

    • Phil C says:

      At only $1M, it’s not as funny. The funny part now is that the Habs have Toronto paying half his salary to play against them, so we can still laugh at the leafs.

    • EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

      $3M was a bit much, but he brings a lot of intangibles to any team, as well as physicality, aggression, and (as evidenced by his enthusiastic tweets and interview on Canada Day) a winning attitude.

      Not to mention he is still a ferocious agitator, the kind of player who is hated by everyone who he plays against, but loved by fans of his team (Bryan Marchment comes to mind)

      I hated his guts when he played for Pittsburgh and Toronto, but I am happy to see him as a Hab, would you rather he got picked up by the Bruins, and become just another tormentor?

      I look forward to seeing him on the 3rd/4th line this year, he’ll definatly enjoy roughing up Leafs, and he can cheapshot to his hearts content, because he has Prust to back him up.

      • Psycho29 says:

        It’s good to have a player or players on the Habs that opposition teams will hate playing against.

        For a couple of years now opponents have had a easy time physically against the Habs. Nice to see that will change. No more “Boston Beatdowns”….That was probably the darkest day as a Hab fan recently. Losing 8-7 and getting our butts kicked.

        I love the moves Marc Bergevin has made so far, from the coaching staff to the players. And I think this is only the beginning.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        We’re the freaking Montreal Canadiens. The team of Beliveau, Cournoyer, Robinson, Lafleur.

        You’re actually excited about a player who cheapshots the opponents and then lets someone else fight his battles?

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • The Dude says:

      HabFanSince72,your are correct sir and not to mention I remember how the commissariat here wanted him dead after going after Koivu .The truth is he’s a head-shot specialist and another turtler,who now bares the fruit he gave.Ah ,the “in Gainey and Gauthier ” X-gang over here is a joke at the best of times and love to dish it out… but turtle when it comes to getting some. And that’s why they like Colby Armstrong!

    • Greg says:

      The laughable thing about Armstrong’s contract in Toronto was the money. $3M is too much to pay for a 3rd liner unless they’re putting up big points (i.e. Jordan Staal in PIT). Paying him $1M is risk free. If he works out, great. If he doesn’t, bummer but our cap isn’t affected.

    • twilighthours says:

      Not all of us snickered. I’ve always liked his game. And I had no problems with his hit on koivu. Get your head up, saku

  20. Ian Cobb says:

    Our 6th annual 2012 HIO Fan Summit is, Oct 27th weekend.

    All game tickets are available from me for a very short time period. Act now so as not to miss out on our annual great HIO Community Fan weekend.! Do not forget to enclose a self addressed and stamp envelop with your money order.

    We are staying at the Novotel hotel, discount rates at 866-861-6112 Tell them you are with HIO to get your discount.

    We will all meet and greet at Hurley’s pub Friday eve. on Crescent St.
    Some of us will be having supper there, and name tags will be given out.
    Everyone is welcome to join us. Ware you team colors! and enjoy the evening.

    Saturday morning, breakfast is at Chez Cora’s at 8 or 8:30am. 1240 Drummond St.
    You can order a la cart and everyone gets 15% discount off your bill.

    After breakfast we walk over to the Bell Center for the Hall of Fame Tour
    At 3pm the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation charity raffle at the Baton Rouge restaurant 1050 Mountain St.
    Each person is asked to bring one gift item to donate for the charity raffle, so everyone gets a gift to go home with. After this years fund raiser, we will have donated over $10,000 to Children’s Charities, since our 1st Summit in 2007. What a wonderful HIO Family we are folks.

    Then our Baton Rouge restaurant pre game dinner. With special guests.

    After that we walk across the street to the Duck’s and Hab’s game.

    After the game the 2nd floor of Hurley’s pub is reserved for us again, to celebrate the win. Anyone may join us, just identify yourself as a HIO member.

    Please be generous with your charity raffle gifts and your purchase of raffle tickets. It is a way for the HIO community to give back to less fortunate kids.

    Come and enjoy talking hockey and meeting your wonderful HIO community at this years Summit.
    See ya there.

    Ian Cobb
    HIO Fan Summit Organizer (613-968-9807) if you need anything.

    For Summit tickets, News, Pictures and comments

  21. steve17 says:

    I have just thought of something else. If Montreal was to send Gomez to Hamilton, he would have to clear waivers. Does anyone know the process. If a team picks him up on the way down to Hamilton, are they on the hook for the whole salary and cap hit? If he is picked up on the way back up, is that when the Habs would be on the hook for half his salary and what happens to the cap hit.

    For arguments sake, if team where to pick him up on the way up and then be on the hook for the whole cap hit and half his salary, it may work out great if they are beneath the cap floor.


    • HabinBurlington says:

      On the way down they (the team claiming him) pick it all up, on the way back up from Hamilton the Habs get stuck with half. That is why I believe they start the year with him on the big club. When they do decide to send him down, he is down for good.

      • shiram says:

        Let him start pre-season with the club, they can make a decision before the real seasons stars, as far as I’m concerned.

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          The problem with that is that his cap then goes unspent.

          If you decide in Oct that he sucks and you want to send him down, there isn’t a $7M player available to sign. So at that point you might as well keep him.

          The decision needs to be made before training camp.

          If we make a trade pushing us over the cap before then, then the decision will have been made.

          Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

          • shiram says:

            Well Habs could always take some cap in a trade, but it would not bother me to go into this season with 7 millions off the cap.
            Maybe give some leeway to make some moves at the deadline.
            I’d rather have 7 millions off the cap unspent than another year of Gomez.

          • commandant says:

            7 million in cap space is way too much to be under the cap when the season starts.

            Because the cap is calculated daily… that means by mid season we could trade for 14 million in full-season salary. By the deadline 28 million.

            There is no point to accumulating this much space.

            Gomez needs to be replaced during the summer, or else he’s on the team until we make a major move.

            Go Habs Go!
            NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
            Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

          • steve17 says:

            Great point! I am sure all the teams are waiting to see what happens with the CBA, even if they don’t get an amnesty, the cap floor may change and I have heard that the players will ask to have contracts for all players over 40 , exempt from the cap. So, if the owners do end up with the same cap floor and an exemption for players over 40, they may need to take on a couple of other contracts to reach the floor! Of course, if they get another one time exemption to buyout one bad contract, the Habs have more options.


        • Ian Cobb says:

          Gomez will be playing under different coaching that might be able to set him up with players that can perform together. Martin did not have a clue how to use different talent.

          • HabFab says:

            Poor Gomez seems to be stuck in a lot of Hab fans throats :)
            Well, onwards and upwards!!

          • shiram says:

            That’s why I would give him a pre-season chance, but nothing more.

          • steve17 says:

            I agree with your observation. I scratched my head every game wondering why Martin wanted to play a dump and retreive game with players like Gionta, Cammy and Gomez. Seemed pretty useless to me.


      • steve17 says:

        Thanks for the info!


  22. steve17 says:

    I would think that if the Habs only have around $8 million in cap space left and they need to get Subban and Eller under contract, not to mention Diaz, then Bergevin is looking at some trade or trades. That doesn’t leave much breathing room should they need to replace a player due to injury, depending on who the player is. Does anyone know if these numbers include Galcheenyuk? I haven’t heard that they have signed him yet, and if they do, then there is even less money! His salary would be around $1 million plus bonuses, which I believe count towards the cap.


    • HabFab says:

      No, he is not signed and won’t be until he is ready to turn pro. Each team has a 23 man (maximum) NHL roster and these are the players counting against the Cap. There is also the 50 Player (maximum) Reserve Roster which includes these players plus those sent to the AHL. Injuries are more complicated.

  23. 24 Cups says:

    Here’s an interesting HI/O fact seeing that today is the 4th of July holiday in the USA. Since Canada Day (and free agency in the NHL), there have been 4242 comments posted on the HI/O webpage.

    That must make the headmaster smile. It certainly appears that optimism has returned to Habland.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Steve, there is reason for optimism beyond the recent signings and draft. We have a new breath of fresh air in the upper floors at the Bell Center, starting with Geoff Molson who not only opened the windows to air things out, but went out of his way to right some wrongs with past players. Molson is showing he cares deeply about the long term with this team, his move to hire MB seems to be a solid choice, who in turn seems to be filling out all the empty chairs in the upper levels with pretty good choices. (many were not happy with MT, but we have to see how that plays out)

      Reading the letter Ian received from the Habs regarding tickets seems to be a whole lot more fan friendly than the letter Ian got last year. Just seems to me the organization appears to be trying alot harder and doing much more of the little things.

      Good on them. Now lets hope for a season where we aren’t ravaged by injuries….

      Edit: Happy 4th of July to all our American friends and any ex-pats living in the States, enjoy your holiday Wednesday!

      • 24 Cups says:

        Gerald – Time to start my day but a few quick points. Only two things have bothered me so far with the new management team. Most importantly, the passing on Larry Robinson. A lack of courage on Therrien’s part I would suspect. Secondly, Molson bringing up his two kids to be in the photo op for Galchenyuk. That always bugs me as it’s a total abuse of wealth and power. I hope they don’t start doing that at the Academy Awards.

        Speaking of July 4th, I’m finding it hard to stomach David Flaherty’s love in at becoming an American citizen. I mean just how far can a man’s ass kissing go? Not to mention how the people of Ireland must feel now that he has totally turned his back on his homeland. I liked him better when he was a falling down drunk.

        Lastly, why can’t I slow down my swing and have the proper tempo that is befitting a man my age?

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Sounds like we need to set up a golf day buddy. Funny you bring that up, I have done nothing but tinker with my swing this season. Turns out I have been taking the club to far back, when I shorten my backswing, I am able to come back down on the same plane and with much better tempo. In short, we should work out a round, I’ll gladly make the trek to Stouffeville to play a round with ya!

        • Lafleurguy says:

          David Feherty on Golf Channel?

          “May you live in interesting times.”

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Yah that is who Steve is talking about. Steve, did you see the Feherty episode with Tom Watson? Was quite moving to watch. But while I enjoy Feherty at times, I can see where he drives you nuts also. He knows where his paycheques come from.

          • Lafleurguy says:

            Prefer Feherty’s attitude over Paul Casey’s who probably received great financial help while with Arizona State University, only to later trashtalk before a recent Ryder Cup (which Europe won, and Ian Woosnam was filmed snarfing Champagne stuff out his nose during the celebration).

            “May you live in interesting times.”

        • JF says:

          Steve – About Larry Robinson: it’s easy to accuse Therrien of lack of courage, but the feeling I got reading the interview with Robinson was that for him, coaching the Habs was far from a priority. He spoke as though he had other things on his mind. Also, if he had really wanted the job, I think he would have found a way to get to Montreal for an interview, despite the chaos at his home. It need have taken no more than a day and a half; for that time, he could have gotten someone to stand in for him in Florida. Marc Bergevin flew to Montreal for his final interview, flew back to Chicago immediately afterwards to tell his family in person, then turned around and flew right back to Montreal for the press conference.

          Also, Therrien has to feel comfortable with his assistants and be confident that he can work with them. If he didn’t have that feeling about Robinson but did about Daignault, he was probably right to make the decision he did.

        • boing007 says:

          Molson’s two kids sharing the stage with Galchenyuk didn’t bother me at all. Thought it was pretty neat. I bet they did too.

          Richard R
          Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

    • JUST ME says:

      We have every reason to be optimistic but we must leave aside the tendancy to go for the wishful thinking that does not reflect the reality ahead.

      The Habs are in a building mode and results will not be immediate if we are aiming for the cup. Some think that getting rid of Gomez,Kaberle and Bourque is a done deal . Hello !!! Wake up !
      Some people think Galchenyuk will make it in the roster and are willing to sacrifice a bright future for immediate results .

      I think we will make the playoffs and once there… I do not see the Habs having as bas a season as last year. I believe that many players will have a better season. If not all of them at least a few of them that should be enough to make it. Gomez, Gionta, Bourque, Plek, Markov just to name a few.
      I also think that the farm team is much stronger on and off the ice wich is promising for the future.

      But mostly i am happy that we now have a structure in place to make sure that we deal with all aspects of player development, recruiting and team work.

  24. JohnBellyful says:

    NEW YORK – Hockey fans might have to wait more than a year before their favourite sport resumes play at the National Hockey League level. Team owners have made it clear they intend to play hardball with the players’ union in contract negotiations.
    “If players insist on keeping 57 per cent of the revenue the league generates, they can damn well cover 57 per cent of the league’s costs,” said an owner involved in crafting the league’s hardline bargaining stance.
    “The money that comes in gets divided among how many players, around 700 or so? Let me tell you, the teams combined employ a lot more people than that, thousands more, but we have to make do with just 43 per cent of the pie. And that’s not counting all the other costs that go into running a hockey team. Hardly seems fair, does it?” he said, wiping away a tear.
    The source, who asked not to be identified, said he and the 29 other owners are adamant the new collective bargaining agreement shift some of the teams’ operating costs onto the players, most of whom are millionaires.
    “That includes covering the $100,000 deductible on their insurance policies, buying their own sticks, using their own towels, providing their own soap, and staying at Motel 6,” he said.
    Meal allowances will also be sharply reduced, and limited to fast food joints.
    “We’ll buy the burger and fries. If they want gravy, they’ll have to pay for it themselves. The gravy train – or should I say the gravy boat? – has come to a stop.”
    The owner said the teams stepped back from demanding even more concessions.
    “We’ll continue to sharpen their skates at no cost but each player will have to find a sponsor for his sweater,” he said, adding: “Of course, skates and equipment will still be furnished for free, for the first three years of the new contract.”
    Donald Fehr, executive director of the National Hockey League Players’ Association, was furious the NHL decided “to throw a hard, high one” just days after contract talks began with what appeared to be a spirit of co-operation.
    “If they think they can brush us back from seeking better pay and working conditions, with more advantageous terms surrounding free agency and entry level contracts, well, they better be prepared to get spiked, on the basis we won’t be intimidated,” he said.
    The owner said if the union puts up a fight, the teams are prepared to lock the players out and replace them with non-professionals, including beer league jocks and even fans.
    “A few teams have already scheduled tryouts in the event the talks shut down,” he said. “Montreal, for example, has already set aside time at the Bell Centre in October during a fan summit. As long as they can meet the Gill minimum for skating, and handle 15-second shifts, it should work out.”
    The owner said because wages for the replacement players will be such a tiny fraction of the average NHL payroll, teams will be able to dress 75 players a game – 25 for each period.
    “We realize the entertainment might be somewhat devalued – compared to playoff hockey, not so much the regular season stuff – which could hurt attendance, but dressing that many players pretty much guarantees the rinks will be filled with family members, friends, neighbours and shocked coworkers, as well as true fans of the sport at the grassroots level,” the owner said.
    Fehr said the union will retaliate by seeking its own replacements – for owners, managers and coaches – using the same fan base and beer leagues as the NHL.
    “I’ve visited some of those fan websites, and there’s a lot of know-how out there on how to run a team just waiting to be tapped,” Fehr said. “I have every confidence they could run a franchise every bit as good as, if not better than, those who currently do.”

    — “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” —

    • HabinBurlington says:

      So when did you have this sit down with Ed Snyder John? Who bought the philly cheese steak sandwiches? I heard the interview you did was cut short when you spilled half your sandwich on him, and Clarke came out of nowhere and chopped you in the ankle with a hockey stick. Trust you are okay. :)

      • sanman_11 says:

        Is this for real? Are they actually taking about scabs? If they are really at this point forget about hockey next year.

        I’m a HABS fan not a Leaf blower.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        Very perceptive, Burl’. I guess the character of Snyder shone through even though I kept my promise to him not to use his name. You’re right, the interview didn’t go well. I spilled half my sandwich on him and his Coke on my tape recorder, so when I wrote the story I had to reconstruct the quotes from memory (I’ll stand behind 50 per cent of them).
        And what’s up with Clarke anyways? He must have heard I’ve said a few disparaging things about him over the years and saw his opportunity for another Kharlamov attack. I’m looking forward to the day when karma pays him back.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          THe part where he wiped away his tear was the dead give away. Remember seeing him shed a tear when Bryzgalov was introduced by the P.A. announcer during the playoffs.

    • boing007 says:

      And cookie rationing to boot.

      Richard R
      Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  25. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Count me as one who’s glad we didn’t sign Jagr. At least not at that price. 4.55m is too much for a 40 year old, who even if he repeats last years numbers, won’t bring us any closer to our goals but will just extend the mediocrity. Let’s keep on the way we are going with smart moves under MB. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  26. voyageur9 says:

    According to CapGeek, the Habs have only 8.28-million left to sign PK, Eller and anyone else the team wants on the ice this year. So the chances of another FA signing seem slim.

    That’s unless there’s a successful effort to dump salary.

    • Phil C says:

      I think what happens with free agency will be very telling on Bergevin’s intentions with Gomez. It will be too late to sign free agents if Gomez’s salary is dumped after training camp.

      • 24 Cups says:

        No problem. The Habs can keep their powder dry for another day (year).

        I think the team is basically set for October. I also can’t think of any UFA still available that I would want to commit to in terms of huge coin or lengthy term. We don’t have to spend up to the cap, a cushion of 1-2M is being prudent.

        I would much rather start preparing for the long term future once a new CBA is finalized (in regard to finances).

        • HabinBurlington says:

          There is only one UFA who intrigues me, but I doubt we have the capspace and that is Shane Doan. Don’t often hear how close he and Carey are, if they hang out in summer at all, but he would be the only guy left I would make efforts to sign. But there would be ramnifications, some bodies would have to be shipped out to make room financially.

          • 24 Cups says:

            Gerald – I find it laughable that some people think Doan would come to Montreal because he’s Price’s kissin’ cousin.


            Doan is a west coast boy now. He also will be a prime Plan B choice for teams that lose out on Parise and Nash. He’s going to get major coin and term on a +35 contract. One that might even take him to 40.

            We’ve already got Gionta and Cole so I’ll pass.

            Gotta keep thinking long term, Gerald.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            I know, but I still remember his rookie season back in Wpg., so I admit I have a soft spot. Thanks for the hand slap, I am back to reality! :)

  27. Lafleurguy says:

    Good Morning to all on this Fourth of July! Terrible plight for the Virginians going six days without electrical power. Mr. Cobb, you’re posting good stuff quite early today, and your great efforts and labour in organizing the HIO Summit is greatly admired.

    Always enjoy colourful history, so thanks Lizard King (where’s your kingdom again?) for the fascinating nuggets of fact about Mr. Hockey.

    Dallas seems desperate, having lost Brad Richards last year. I forget who they got for Mike Ribeiro, but imagine any Habs team where one of your top 2 forwards is I-can-outfake-Claude Mikey? Like Ian, also read the SI busts piece, and there is both a theme and a lesson in there. We hit a home run with Erik Cole last year, and I would say either a stand-up double or a triple with Brandon Prust this year.


    “May you live in interesting times.”

  28. Odie Cleghorn says:

    Has anyone noticed how Zach Parise’s numbers over his first sevn years are eerily similar to those of Scott Gomez? Perhaps this is why he hasn’t been signed yet.
    Caveat emptor.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Had not noticed but Parise has a lot of suitors. He just had not selected a dance partner as yet. He is a much different player the Gomez as well so stats and devil history adide they have little in common.


      • Odie Cleghorn says:

        We shall see; it will be especially interesting to see where he plays and for how much money. Past performance is a poor indicator of future performance once they sign that huge contract. But the expectations of others – owners, coaches, teammates, and, of course, the fans become a heavy burden.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          That is exactly why he is being careful on which market he goes to. Detroit is probably the perfect fit, they have stars already established in Datsyuk and Zetterburg to handle the big pressure, plus while they claim to be Hockeytown, they don’t have the media pressures there like New York, Montreal, Philly or Toronto.

          Parise is a bright kid, who I am sure will make the right decision. Plus never hurts getting advice from a Pops who went through the pressures of the 72 series and being a pro.

  29. commandant says:

    A look at Dallas’ Over the Hill Gang.


    Go Habs Go!
    NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
    Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Nice piece as usual, sir. Jagr did seem to run out of gas towards the end of last season. I wonder if it would make sense to give Jagr an occasional day off during the season to keep him fresh for a playoff run?


      • nickster13 says:

        Playoffs? These aren’t your big brother’s Dallas Stars, their lineup is full of holes

        “I don’t wanna see Maurice tonight, I want the rocket!”

      • commandant says:

        He’s a guy who should get a little less minutes than say Benn and Eriksson who he will play with.

        On the odd shift you put another winger there, especially on faceoffs in your own zone, to maximize Jagr’s offensive opportunities.

        Days off on back to backs can help too.

        Still I think he’s useful if managed well.

        Go Habs Go!
        NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
        Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

  30. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning. I once was convinced that MB was going to make a deal for a top 6 winger. I’m now thinking that what we see is what we will start the season with. Bourque will be given a shot on the second line but I remember being very impressed with Gallagher during last seasons training camp. Could he steal his way on the 2nd line and could he play on the left side?
    Is it October yet?

    • Cal says:

      Remove the “lagher” and put it “chenyuk” and you’ll see the youngster I think has a real shot at making the club.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      And a big hello to our statesman friend in New York state! Gallagher sure inspires optimism with his highly productive stats and apparent consistency in playing at an elite level. Kind of a different path from the one David Desharnais took to make it to the Big Show, but like his small-statured teammate, hopefully, a successful journey to a torch-bearing job.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • JUST ME says:

      I too see Gallagher getting a legitimate shot at getting a spot on the roster. At least he will be given a chance. It would make sense,Galchenyuk anyway needs time so do the other youngsters that are only knocking on the AHL`s door.

      Looks to me though that there are too many candidates to make the team and maybe it is still possible to see a few players go in exchange for futur draft choices. I only wish we could get someone in return but i am not sure it would be useful at this point. Bergevin is in a building mode wich for us longtime fans is like re-building so next season will be played with what we got and we will have to be patient . Can not be any worst than last season anyway.

      • Bill J says:

        Columbus and Edmonton managed to do worse… :S


        Tweet it, talk about it. Let’s get rid of Gomez and sign Subban for cheap!
        Go Habs Go!

  31. LizardKing1967 says:

    Don’t think anyone complained when the Whalers signed Gordie Howe at 52 years old. And he went on to score 15 goals!

    He also had 6 seasons of 30+ goals AFTER the age of 40.

    NO, I am NOT comparing the two, but you still have to factor in Jagr’s HOF talent.

    Drive for 25. 2012-2013. Max-Pac for Conn Smyth.


    • HabinBurlington says:

      There is nothing wrong with Jagr signing in Dallas, they had room in their cap to pay him enough to get him. We didn’t have that kind of cap room.

      • Ian Cobb says:


        I would of had a hard time looking at Jagr wearing a hab sweater my friend.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I am not saying he would have been a perfect fit, I have my issues with Jagr, but end of day he would have provided scoring for us. It would be only a stop gap obviously.

          Still excited about this coming season. I think the fresh mgmt. and new coaching will have a positive affect on both the veterans and young players on this team.

      • boing007 says:

        Not enough cap space? We overpaid too many players, including Price.

        Richard R
        Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      I believe it was a contract that was for all three of the Howe’s was it not??
      I think Gordie’s wife did the negotiations with the Whalers, no!?

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Agree with you Lizard. For Dallas it makes a lot of sense and from what I’ve read, they had plenty of cap space AND its just a 1 year deal.
      Curious though as to how Gainey’s take on Jagr may have changed from last season to this. Perhaps another indication of the dysfunction in the past Hab’s organization?


  32. Ian Cobb says:

    I was just reading about the biggest free agent BUSTS, (link above) Just look at how many busts the Rangers were involved with.

    My philosophy has always been about building through the draft. But the business of this game has changed so much, it is all about greed and skimming the fans for every nickle.

    • wjc says:

      It has always been about maximizing profits. In 50’s and 60’s and into the 70’s the owners took all the dough. It was the likes of Adams, Selke, Pollack, and the rest, some of them your hero’s who cheated the players. They signed them cheap and sent them to the minors or black balled them out of hockey if they resisted. Ted Lindsay/Harvey were traded for trying to form a players association (union)>

      Richard had to sell fishing lures on the side and Howe worked the summers with Eatons. These were the greatest players of the time.

      The fans agree to be skimmed, it is their choice.

      It has always been a business, don’t kid yourself!!

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Willford– Of course your correct!

        • wjc says:

          Well, I wouldn’t say “of course” to being correct. I offer my opinion and remember the league from that era.

          With that said, I think the players/owners are making too much money. Ticket prices, concessions, parking are to pricey for me and I prefer other more reasonable entertainment. I will have to be satisfied watching it on 60 inch plazma t.v. It is still better then the 19 inch black and white.

          Now I didn’t say I couldn’t afford to if I wanted to.

          • Ian Cobb says:

            I was agreeing with your opinion. I remember well the 19″ black and white with rabbit ears and a snowy screen.!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good morning Ian. Seems the Rangers have such deep pockets, like the Knicks and Yankees, that they can afford to make these mistakes. I tell people its American Greed at work. Probably overstating this but as a Met fan and Yankee hater it makes me feel better. :)
      Agree completely that the proper way to build is through the draft. Seems like MB agrees with us too!


      • Ian Cobb says:

        Good morning James, looking forward to meeting you at the Summit my friend.
        I always disliked Stienbrenner or any other owner that thinks they can buy a cup or championship without creating a TEAM first in a team sport.
        The players have to be one for all and all for one to be successful. Not buying a star player. Must be built with hard work and team chemistry.

        • wjc says:

          Ian, you seem to be a reasonable fan, so I am going to ask an unreasonable question:

          Who do you think will get more points this year, are you ready (drumroll) Jagr or Gomez.

          I think 4.5 million Jagr will get a mere 10 points or less then much maligned and trampled 5.3 Gomez.

          5.3 million does not seem such a large amount in todays market.

          Therien will get him moving, along with a couple of others on the team. The first question asked of Therien was how would you handle the Gomez situation. His answer got him the job.


  33. Ian Cobb says:

    2012 HIO Fan Summit Game Tickets. As many as you want! But act now!

    Oct. 27th against Koivu and his Ducks.
    Total Summit Weekend Itinerary to follow.

    I have been given as many tickets as we need for a very short time limit. But I must pay for them ASAP.

    So this is the procedure to follow!
    Two prices, the first 56 seats are together.
    And the rest will be scattered in groups of 1 to 5. Both prices.

    Do not order or send your information to me, other than by sending me a money order with a self addressed envelope and stamp on it, to send your tickets back to you.

    (international money order works best from U.S., Courier also works best)

    Two levels of seats, two prices. $90ea. and $110ea.
    This includes game ticket, Hall of Fame Tour ticket and one ticket for the draw at the Montreal Canadiens Children’s charity Foundation Raffle.

    All ticket orders must come to me in the form of a money order (only, not a check) with a (self addressed envelope and stamp) so I can mail your tickets back to you.
    We only have a short window for this deal so get your money orders to me ASAP. Cut off date for this deal will be told to me by the Bell Center.

    Everyone is welcome, but we ask that you attend the Pre Game dinner and each person participate by bringing a gift to the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation Charity Raffle.

    Send to Ian Cobb
    63 Village Dr.
    Belleville Ontario, Canada.
    K8P 4K2

    For Summit tickets, News, Pictures and comments

  34. rhino514 says:

    Is Colby Armstrong really going to be able to pot 15 goals? Is Bourque really going to be able to pot twenty again (even if he does it will probably come with no more than 10-12 assists)? Can Moen actually hold a spot on the third line? (career high nine goals)?
    I like these moves as complementary moves, but I don´t see them as good primary solutions if the team fails to land a top six winger (we are all going to be checking headlines from here until october). There are just too many Ifs.
    I think they are good back-up solutions to make sure we don´t get totally screwed, but they will not on their own make the team a good team.

    I would like soneone to answer the following: Are there actually fourth liners in the league who are worth 2.5 mil a year? The guy must sure have a heck of alot of “intangibles”. Having trouble understanding that one…For a million and change more, you get yourself a decent scoring winger. I think there is way too much time spent talking about fourth liners, but what exactly is wrong with a healthy White, and Moen moving down if we had landed a top six? Even Blunden is a decent option. There were enough bodies around for a decent fourth line.

    • ont fan says:

      Fans want a change. The 4th line is a start. You have a new look and the team won’t be pushed around like other years. As for landing a top winger you have to make trades. The team isn’t in a position where giving up assets is a good idea. So for this year you have to bite the bullet.

    • wjc says:

      Building through the draft, means…build through the draft.

      3rd liners….4th liners, 2nd liners is in the eye of the beholder.

      There are always “if’s” my friend, nothing in hockey is definite.

      Is the glass half full or half empty….time will tell. You have an opinion, you are entitled to it. You may be anywhere from 10% to 90% right/wrong.

      Will Gomez be able to make a comeback, he averaged from 60 to 80 points a year until he hit Montreal and J.M. Did this hurt him, why don’t we wait and find out, shall we….Therien is not known for infinite patience, so if he is happy?????????


  35. habs_54321 says:

    in regards to that worst free agent signings of all time article i have to disagree with alot of the choices they made to put in that list… signing paul kariya for 1 year at 1.2 million in a non cap era is a worst signing of all time.. REALLY?????????

  36. V says:

    For those of you seeing Gomez traded or dropped to Hamilton next year, you might want to be getting prepared for his playing on the Canadiens.

    His contract sucks, but I don’t think his days with the Habs are done. I would not be surprised to see him in the lineup – he could be the world’s most expensive fourth line centre (but a very efffective one) or he might take Eller’s place on the third line after Plekanac is traded for a solid second line winger.

    I know people hate him here and he is not worth what he is paid, but he is not nearly as bad as most here make him out to be. He is no Redden.

    • Lizardking89 says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised either. I get the feeling that Therrien is the type of guy who believes that he can coach Gomez up so that he can become somewhat productive again. I don’t see Noks on the 4th line come opening day either. Plus MB has always said that he’s still a Montreal Canadien. He might just leave it up to his coach to make the decision on what to do with him

    • nbsjfan says:

      He’d be even more useless on the fourth line. The guy is a playmaking center not a defensive checking one. If you’re on the fourth line of a successful team its because you have a good sound checking defensive game with some grit. Maybe you pot the odd goal now and again. This is not Scott Gomez. He either earns his place on the the top 2 lines or he’s even more useless than he was last year. So he’ll come to camp but unless he makes the top 2 lines, he’s headed to Hamilton.

    • rice says:

      While I wouldnt give Gomez much above the league minimum now at one time he must have been worth what he is getting because someone had to agree to pay him those bucks . Dont blame him for signing to make so much money anymore than you would blame any business person for maximizing profit. A product is only worth what someone is prepared to pay and someone[Sather/Gainey] were prepared to pay what Gomez is being paid. He is virtually untradable even to teams struggling to meet cap minimums so unless Molson is prepared to spend mega bucks for nothing Gomez will be with the habs. As long as he can perform at an NHL level we will be getting some albeit minimal returns for our investment . Anything beyond that should be viewed as a bonus and celebrated.

    • wjc says:

      Gomez will not be on the 4th line. Eller will be happy to go to the wing for a while longer.

      He 5.3 million a year, is he that far out of whack as far as contracts go these days. By trade deadline he will only have 1 year left at 4.3 million. The zamboni driver is almost making that into todays crazy market…it is just so many numbers on a contract.

      I wish people would stop fretting about Scott Gomez, if he can get back to 60 points he will be a bargain….


  37. Lizardking89 says:

    That Jagr move has Gainey’s fingerprints all over it. Overpaying for over the hill talent. This just goes to show that Jagr is a mercenary that goes to the highest bidder and I hope he never comes close to winning the cup again. I also hate that f’ing salute he does.

    • HabFan in Edmonton says:

      Agreed, Jagr would have to come Montreal if they matched the highest offer. I hope Jaromir has fun in that passionate hockey market of Dallas. They aren’t winning anything next year.

    • ooder says:

      first of all Jagr has an awesome salute.
      secondly after winning anything and everything the guy can do whatever he wants.
      he makes any team he plays on autmatically better..would take him on my team in a heartbeat..although not for that much money lol
      The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

      • Lizardking89 says:

        Above all Jagr is a competitor or else he wouldn’t have come back to the NHL. You really believe he looked at all the offers and said “hmmm Dallas seems like a great place to play and I can help them win the cup too!”

        Hell no! He grabbed the best payday because he doesn’t have many of those left. As for that damned salute it’s cocky and disrespectful to the opposition. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten punched in the face for that show boating crap.

        • D Mex says:

          Re : the salute, it seems to be his attempt at carving out an on-ice ‘ signature ‘ move – kinda’ like when Williams used to ride his stick lol !

          BTW : I like the jofa helmet – don’t recall seeing these in stores (?)

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

        • Clay says:

          And what, pray tell, is wrong with grabbing the best payday you can? Would you do it differently?

          Lidardking89: “Hmmm…Montreal offered me 1.8 million a year. Dallas offered mt 4.5 million. This may be my last chance to make some money for me and my family…I think I’ll play in Montreal”
          Yeah, right.
          He owes us nothing. He owes his family everything. I would take the money in Dallas, and so would you.

          And – you seem a little bitter and cantankerous. Relax a little, and try to show a little respect for one of the greatest hockey players ever. Or just try to show respect for another human being doing what almost any would do in the same situation.
          ☞ The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. ~ Richard Feynman ☜

        • wjc says:

          Geez you guys/gals just hate a little color in your entertainment. It is his signature move. Do you want stone faced players or players that do what colorful superstars do best.

          Love him or hate him you notice him.


        • boing007 says:

          It’s still damn difficult to steal the puck away from Jagr when he’s in the groove. He’s not a Smurf.

          Richard R
          Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

    • The Jackal says:

      Oh please, another Gainey bashing post. 4.5 for one year is not what it’s made out to be. Jagr is a good player, and one year is very short. Some teams may not have wanted to pay him that much, but clearly others did.
      Either way, signing Jagr is not a bad move by any means, so that sour grapes post about Gainey making that move is just jokes, and he’s 40, probably won’t play for much longer- he’s an NHL legend, future hall of famer, he’s earned picking where he plays and asking for his price.
      It would have been nice if he came to Montreal, but it’s clear that he did not want to take a discount. What’s the problem with that? He’s a great player, has won before, and just wants to keep playing until he can’t any more.

  38. HabsWinn-ipeg says:

    So, seeing as MB is “changing the culture” why don’t we move all the ones who came over in the last changing of the culture? What if we traded Gionta for pick(s) and then used his money to sign Semin? Move Plekanec between Cole and Paccioretty, and have Desharnais centre Bourque and Semin. Cole and Patch get 30+ with Pleks getting 25. Desharnais can work his magic with Semin who gets 30+, with both DD and Bourque getting 20+. I love Gionta, but I wonder if it’s time to move on – there’s lots of character in the room…maybe it’s time to move a big piece for the potential of getting better.

    • Habilis says:

      Personally I would hate that but that’s probably because I really don’t like Semin. He’s just not the type of player I think that the Habs should be looking for going forward, and taking him probably means at least a 4 year commitment. Also I don’t think that MT would be smart to break up the one line that actually excelled last season.

    • habs_54321 says:

      i dont get the hate for gionta hes scored 30’ish goals p/year since hes been here except for last season where he was injured more than half the season. but people got mad we didn’t grab parenteau who scored only 18 goals while playing with tavares

      • steve17 says:

        I don’t know where you see “hate” I see folks offering possible trades. I see the same thing. You can’t trade mid to low range players for high end players. So, If fans really want a true, 2nd line winger, they need to give something up. Since this is a business, you need to decide which assets should be kept. Looking at the roster, the Habs won’t be contenders on a consistent basis for a couple of years when some of the young prospects are ready, and the younger guys on the team have gained more experience.

        If you want a 2nd line left winger that fits, they would need to be around 25, 26 years old so they grow with the core, and they have proven they are legit players, not someone that has had one good year. Eller, DD, and Leblanc are all under 26 and have upside . The Habs have leadership with Gorges, Cole, Markov, Boullion and now should also have it from Price, Patches and to some extent Subban. That leaves Gionta and Plekanec as the only true assets that other teams would want and packaged with Weber, Pulashaj, Diaz and Kaberle, may get the 2nd line winger for the left side. Ryan may be one. I am not sure about Semin, he would have to take a big cut in salary to prove he is serious about showing he is still the player management hope he can be and earn his way back to the big money. Plus the Habs have a lot of solid right wing prospects in the system, it is the left side that is still weak, even after picking up a couple at this draft.

        With Eller, DD, Leblanc, Nattinen and White, not to mention possibly Galchenyuk, the Habs can afford to move Plekanec and Gionta. That is not to say that they are hated or I / we want to see them go, it is a question of what can be done without gutting the prospects to land the players that fit the needs. It would be great to be able to keep them and have a 2nd line left wing fall into the Habs lap, but that won’t happen. So, there are three choices, stay the course and develop the players in the system, trade players of value to get those players now, or play this year and see what the players bring with a managament team in place that is not dysfunctional and then see what free agents are available next season. Then there is always the trade deadline. If the Habs are not looking great and they can get an inflated price form another team for someone. then make a move then.


      • HardHabits says:

        Which part of “I love Gionta” don’t you understand?

    • wjc says:

      Geez you guys/gals just hate a little color in your entertainment. It is his signature move. Do you want stone faced players or players that do what colorful superstars do best.

      Love him or hate him you notice him….


  39. HardHabits says:

    The 24 biggest free agent busts in NHL history article just reinforces my perception that free agency is not the way to build a team.

    Except that I think there are two kinds of free agents worth spending money on:

    1) A generational player that a team is looking to build around or that will take them to the next level.

    2) A role player capable of filling a spot on the roster at a decent price and term.

    The type of contract that needs to be avoided is well documented in the aforementioned article.

    Better to get decent production for a bargain then get no production or skate liability for a rip-off.

    It is what makes the Gomez acquisition so painful, not just that the Habs got limited production (lots of 2nd assists in the Halakian play-off run) for an excessive cap hit but that they gave up McDonagh in exchange.

    • ooder says:

      the saddest part about McDonagh is that I honestly don’t think that a single scout wanted to let him go.
      the only scenario i can picture as to why we traded him is if he wanted to explore the loophole like Schultz just did
      The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

      • Whatever says:

        The only scenario I can picture is that Gainey got 2007 Mr. Hockey winner and 1st round pick American defenceman Ryan McDonagh confused with 2006 Mr. Hockey winner and 1st round pick American defenceman David Fischer.

        It is certainly one of those rare deals that just defies logic. Hell, some deals just turn out to be lopsided with some players elevating their games for whatever reason, but this was just stupid. Sather was dying to get rid of Gomez’s contract. It literally should have been Gomez and a Rangers 1st round pick just to sweeten the proposal for Higgins and maybe spare parts.

    • D Mex says:

      3 of the top 6 courtesy of NYR – Glen Sather, Esquire.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

    • EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

      WOW lots of stupidity on that list

      – 9 million a year for Bobby Holik, seriously????

      – we should do the same to Gomez that we did to Donald Audette

      – The Krupp signing could have been a home-run, but his back failed both of them.

      – I laughed so hard at the Scott Fraser spot that I p*ssed myself

      • Lizardking89 says:

        It amazes me that Sather still has a job with the Rangers frankly.

        • D Mex says:

          Agree, altho things worked out nicely for him / them this past season. Getting Brad Richards helped and, if he can land Nash, that should earn him another reprieve.
          You’d have to think Sather is at least contemplating retirement, especially with Messier poised to take over when he goes.

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          Thank Gainey for that.

          Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • Habilis says:

      Totaly agree. Every July 1st there is one or two players who, while obviously talented, get grossly overpayed simply because it turns into a bidding war between billionaires. Last year it was Richards, this year it’s Parise and Suter. Don’t get me wrong, all three are front-line players but the true franchise players -Crosby, Stamkos, Ovechkin, etc- never actually hit the open market.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      HH- Ya the McDonagh part is what hurts our organization the most.

  40. HFX-HabFan says:

    The Habs’ off-season thus far:

    Draft- a home run. Bergevin/Timmins knocked it out of the park; pundits around the league agree that Montreal came away with one of the best hauls. We landed the much-needed/long-awaited top line centre, even if he’s a year away. In the following rounds, we landed other high-ceiling picks who all seem to project as sure-fire NHLers, albeit with varying roles.

    Signing of pending RFAs/UFAs- Great job to get Moen re-signed before he could hit the open market, at a decent price. Speaking of Price, great new contract for Carey. Good contracts for both White and Yemelin; Yemelin’s cost was a tad high for my liking but White was a bargain. Nokelainen was a bargain as a thirteenth forward.

    Signing of UFAs- Armstrong is a great low-risk, high-reward signing from the bargain bin. In a perfect world, he fits in perfectly on the third line and pots 15 goals. The Prust signing adds even more jam, but makes the Armstrong signing a tad redundant. I think Prust’s cost is a bit too high for the minutes he’ll be playing. I’m happy to have him here, but we still need a) a true fourth line centre who can win faceoffs and take on PK minutes, and b) a scoring LW who can rotate with Bourque between second and third line duties. The signing of Bouillon on D was the wrong one in my opinion. I like the player and am usually one for nostalgia, but this roster spot should be going to a Salvador/Allen type- a larger, physical crease-clearer who brings nastiness, an element that was for the most part lacking on our blueline last year. Thankfully Bouillon’s deal is just a one-year deal; he’ll simply serve as a stopgap before the Beaulieu/Tinordi/Ellis generation emerges.

    Trades- still plenty of time to make a deal. I would definitely kick the tires on Bobby Ryan, and see if some of those “struggling to reach the cap floor” teams might bite on Gomez. I’m not sure that Bergevin will make the big trade that so many here seem to want though. I think next year’s team is almost set.

    I expect Gomez and Leblanc to begin the year in Hamilton, provided the former isn’t dealt.

    • alwayssunny says:

      Yeah Scott Gomez is going to play in Hamilton. That’ll happen forsure. Or else he will be traded to a team that needs to add “salary” (also known as real money) but just wants to throw it away. They could add 3 viable players or add Gomez for two years. Can we stop with the illusion that teams look for garbage contracts to reach a cap ceiling? It’s never happened and it is absurd.

    • HabFan in Edmonton says:

      I think your second comment regarding Boullion is correct, at 1 year it simply provides some time for Tinordi and Beaulieu to get experience in Hamilton, I think a better option than over paying for Salvador/Allen. Perhaps a slight over pay for Prust but love his character and I know Tortorella was a big fan of his. I think Bobby Ryan would cost too much of our future, all your other comments are bang on. I like what Bergevin has done so far, got a lot of character without breaking the bank. I think Armstrong could be a steal at 1 million/year.

  41. Chuck says:

    Huge Ranger content in that free agent busts article. How could one team’s pro scouting department suck so bad?

    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

  42. Sir.Plekers says:

    Need 2nd line winger MB!


  43. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    I know this has been brought up many times before, but does anyone here think that Tinordi would be able to defend himself at the NHL level?

    I have seen him fight multiple times and he absaloutly destroyed his opponent on most occasions. His only real loss was to Johnny McGuire, who is pound for pound the best fighter in the CHL. Nonetheless his fighting skill is ragged frequently by posters on HIO (especially that BILL dude). Some online have said that he is now afraid to fight.

    Again, I do not want Tinordi to be a goon, just a physical, intimidating shutdown defenseman who can defend himself if it is necessary and fight if the situation calls for it (think: Derian Hatcher).

    Would he be able to do that?

    What I have heard vs. What I have seen are conflicting

    • The Gonk says:

      A big boy like that is still growing into his body. While I don’t think he’s a natural fighter or a bully, he’ll more than handle his own when he’s matured. What a player he’ll become I think. Some exciting prospects we have.

    • Sir.Plekers says:

      No i did not think he was great in the memorial.


    • Viruk42 says:

      Hockeyfights.com has 4 fights from this past year. 2 of them he clearly lost, vs McGuire (6’1, 190lbs, according to hockeydb.com) and Daniel Zweep (6’4, 227 lbs), while 2 he clearly won, vs Stephen Alonge (6’0, 185 lbs) and Frankie Corrado (6’0, 188 lbs). Clear size advantage in the wins.

      From what I have seen he reminds me of Chara. When Chara was younger he was a really terrible fighter. He could do it, and win, but only because of his size. He just sort of grabbed guys and shook them. Now he’s learned how to actually fight, so he can demolish almost anyone in the league (unfortunately).

      If we’re lucky Tinordi will be similar. Obviously not quite as big, but it would be nice if he just hasn’t quite learned how to do it yet. Afterall, he should be concentrating on learning to be an NHL defenseman first, fighter second, so I’m okay if he doesn’t know how to fight well until he’s an established NHLer, say around age 25?

      So I’d say he’ll likely learn eventually, but it’s tough to say for now.

      • EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

        I’ll say it again: He should not be a fighter first and foremost, but he should definatly add it to his arsenal if he intends to be a physical player.

        • Viruk42 says:

          Agreed, and I think that’s another way that Chara is a good example. His job is to be an all-star defenseman, but if the mood is right he will fight. It’s just another aspect of him as a player, but not the main aspect.

    • Bill says:

      Hey, I am not “that BILL dude”, I’m just Bill, and I’m here all the time :)

      I have never “ragged” Tinordi’s fighting skills. What I have said is that I don’t think he’s a “natural” fighter, and that I’ve seen him lose fights to guys a lot smaller than him. For the veracity of this claim, go to hockeyfights.com and anyone can see for themselves.

      It doesn’t mean I think he’ll be a bad player. On the contrary, he could be a great, physical D-man who will take out the trash in front of Price’s net in a couple of years.

      I don’t really prize fighting skills anyway.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

        Sorry man, I too frequent Hockyfights.com and have seen his fights, he is better then people give him credit for (McGuire is practically unstoppble as a fighter, check him out on Hockyfights.com, no one could really beat him) but he needs to be able to engage in fights when the situation calls for it if he hopes to be a physical defenseman. No one here says that he should fight Parros or Chara, I would just hope that he can clean Marchand’s clock if he ever tries to run Price.

        All I hope is that he can be more like Derian Hatcher, less like Hall Gill.

    • PeterD says:

      I think he will be able to defend himself in the NHL…eventually. He still needs a couple of years to mature and grow his confidence as a professional…his overall size and ability showed agains 16-20 year olds…he needs at least a full season in Hamilton maybe two seasons to round out his game.

      • Bill says:

        I hope he takes it easy getting used to the AHL. There are some bad MF’s in that league (though it is not the AHL of old) who really enjoy tuning up the new tough guys.

        Like EasternOntarioHabsFan says, Tinordi should focus on playing and not fighting anyway. Derian Hatcher would be a great role model indeed.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

        • EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

          I didn’t say he should focus exclusively on playing, just that he should view fighting as a secondary concern.

          I do hope that he won’t let the rats rough him up though, it would be good if he sent a message of some kind in the AHL to get them off his back.

    • ooder says:

      for a young guy growing into his body he will get mascaraed by lucic, thornton and obviously chara.
      these guys are more experienced and have filled out more.
      however, in 4 years.. might be a completely different story
      The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

      • EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

        Not once has anyone said he should go at these guys right away, just that he should be able to defend himself in the NHL and AHL and play a tough game that includes fighting to a certain extent.

        I also hope that he can be able to rough up players who take liberties with the goalie, that’s what good stay-at-home defensemen do.

        Derian Hatcher is an obvious role model as BILL wisely stated.

        • ooder says:

          oh well.. as habs fan i am sure that is who we want him to take care off…but for sure he will be able to rough up the guys who aren’t monsters..just shouldn’t jump into the heavy weight right away

          The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

          • EasternOntarioHabsFan says:


            But eventually, like in 5 years or so………….

          • ooder says:

            in 5 years Lucic’s nose better be even uglier thanks to Tinordi :)

            The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

      • Habs54 says:

        I didn’t know those guys did make up? 😉

  44. HFX-HabFan says:

    What the Rangers should offer to get Rick Nash:

    Dubinsky, Anisimov, McIlrath, and a 1st in 2013

    for Nash, Savard, and a conditional pick in 2013 (5th rd if CBJ miss playoffs, 4th rd if they make it)

    If Howson can give up on getting one of McDonagh/Kreider/Stepan (Sather won’t budge on parting with any of those guys), this deal will be done.

    Getting two roster-ready forwards still in their prime/20s whose combined production could surpass Nash’s, at a lower cap hit, a former first round pick D prospect, and a first rounder in what is being hyped as a deep draft, is a great return for a guy who has only cracked 70 points once.

    • Cal says:

      This should be on the Rangers’ site, but Howson should have been fired at the end of last season. Throwing Nash under the bus was incompetent. Being public about Nash wanting out was incompetent. Asking the moon and the stars for Nash remains incompetent.
      If Howson was the Habs GM, he would have been burnt at the stake by now.

    • PeterD says:

      Ranger should offer Gomez…oh, wait…that ship has already sailed.

  45. novahab says:

    MB added size and grit to the 3rd and 4th line. We have size on the wings on the first line and DD plays alot bigger than he is. No more moves at this time. Gomez is the second line center with Gionta and Pleks on the wings. Small yes but alot of skill. I think Pleks would do better with out the pressure of playing centre and he can still take the face offs.

    • HabsWinn-ipeg says:

      Pleks is a good centre with no decent wingers last year. Despite that he was only a few points behind Desharnais last year, but everyone raves about Davey. Pleks would be a point a game guy with Cole and Patches on the wing – no disrespect to Desharnais. It’s just the reality. I’d take my chances on Bourque before Havlat – a relatively low cap hit with the potential to be a 25 goal scorer, and possibly more if he can get his game back.

      • HardHabits says:

        There is no guarantee that Desharnais will centre Cole and Pacioretty next season.

        Habs should still get another top 6 winger. What about AK46 for 1 year at 2.5 million?

    • Sir.Plekers says:

      GOMEZ AS 2nd line center……NO


    • neutral says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Pleks is our #1 center and that’s no disrespect to Deharnais.

      • HardHabits says:

        Thing is, Plex is not a #1 centre. Never has been. Neither was Koivu for that matter. But they both were thrust into that role.

        • ooder says:

          true..but neither is DD.. we have a bunch of 2/3 line centers but no true #1.. that is till Galy grows up a bit 😀

          The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

          • HardHabits says:

            When the Habs had Koivu, Lang, Plekanec it was like a 2a, 2b, 2c scenario. 1+2+3=2+2+2.

          • ooder says:


            The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

        • boing007 says:

          Is that the New New Math?

          Richard R
          Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

    • ooder says:

      putting gomez as center instead of plekanec is an insult to the most reliable and at times best and one of the oldest players for the habs.

      The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

  46. HabsRepresente says:

    Habs in talks with San Jose for Havlat
    Reports say Bourque + Weber or Diaz

  47. novahab says:

    Lets make a rule that when some idoit challenges a rumor by asking who was the source. Lets kick that person off the site for a month.I have drank with Don Koharski, I have done work at Mcinnes Cooper Law firm where Crosby’s dad ran the archives. Marchand’s uncle Larry coach my son, his dad played on the Halifax Lions with my brother in law. We are Canadians and we all know people connected with the NHL.They have friends, and people love to talk. Nobody is going to out a person that may have repeated some secret news at a party or family gathering.I like the rumors and it brings a little fun to the site.

    • The Gonk says:

      I don’t get this.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      If a poster states “A credible source told me…” I’ll play along.

      Where the game breaks down is when someone quotes a nobody on Twitter, or even worse Eklund.

      Sometimes posters post a hunch or opinion as fact.

      Sometimes a juvenile poster almost vandalizes the site by posting something they know is not true as fact, gets his jollies and then chuckle about it later, saying he “really got us”.

      So I’m going to keep challenging posters for their sources. If you had a drink with Don Koharski and tell me “I had a beer with someone who used to work for the NHL…” I’ll treat your information accordingly.

    • HFX-HabFan says:

      All in favour?


    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      “I have drank with Don Koharski”

      Pictures or it didn’t happen!

    • Max says:

      I’d prefer to kick out the idiots making the unsubstantiated rumors! Anybody can throw out nonsense rumours and claim to have “sources”.

    • sampson12 says:

      I was at the 2012 All-star party and did shots with Carey Price. Since we’re name dropping.

    • Bill says:

      While it is true that a lot of hockey fans in Canada know people connected with the NHL – I could name five myself – we have to remember that the information they give is not necessarily accurate, or perhaps not complete is a better way of putting it.

      Here is the sum total of what I have learned from my personal interactions (firsthand knowledge only) with people in the NHL: Brad Marchand is a punk, and ladies love Sidney Crosby.

      In other words, nothing we couldn’t have inferred from the outside.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

  48. HabFanSince72 says:

    I can’t believe people are dissing Jagr.

    Compare him to Mats Sundin (who is ~ the same age and played in the same era).

    Sundin was never a first team all star, never a finalist for any trophy, and yet he is a first ballot hall of famer (a travesty but there it is).

    Jagr was much better by every conceivable measure.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • The Gonk says:

      Jagr was never the captain of the galactic center off Bay St. and Union Station.

      With his recent return to the NHL, rightly or wrongly, Jagr has cemented the perspective he is an opportunist and a mercenary more so than honorable.

      On the other hand, Sundin basically had no one to play but still played consistently at a decent level.

      Nevertheless I’d choose Jagr – a more talented player at his peak.

  49. HabinBurlington says:

    Cliff Fletcher is a senior advisor to the Maple Leafs. When Burke signed Komisarek why wasn’t Fletcher accused of doing the signing. Is the spite that great towards Gainey that when the current GM of Dallas makes an offseason signing immediately Gainey is blamed? Wasn’t Gainey the advisor in Montreal last season when the Habs didn’t outbid the Flyers to obtain his services? Just seems kind of strange to me that an advisor is immediately considered to blame for this signing.

  50. JUST ME says:

    Plan A,B and D were never in the Habs cards . Only the media and places like here talked about those options.

    Plan D may be an extreme measure but i doubt that they will go for it. A slight chance. Therrien with his former job on RDS saw everything and knows how low Gomez went. Furthermore he knows what fans and media think of the guy . As you know comments on Gomez have been to say the least rather blunt.I think he will kick his a** but will think of Hamilton as a last resort.

    As for plan C ,with the way the G.M`s are behaving money wise and contract lenght wise i fail to see how they could ask for measures to deal with those players when they gave those deals themselves.

  51. Max says:

    I’ll eat my hat if Gomez doesn’t finish out his contract in Montreal.He’s not going anywhere.

  52. HabFanSince72 says:

    Dallas are a money losing franchise. The new owner wants to turn things around quick.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  53. The Gonk says:

    Unless the option to bury his contract in the minors survives, Gomez will be back. Let’s hope for a bounce back season from largely dreadful to a modicum of utility. Do you put Gio with him and then add Moen? Is that Bourque? Do you put him on the 4th? Whatever happens to Gomez shouldn’t have a negative impact on Eller who needs some consistent line mates with talent. I just don’t want making Gomez useful at the expense of Eller’s development.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I’m a bit of a pessimist that you and Max are right. I also expect massive changes to the CBA, and that we will be stuck with him in Montréal.

      I’m even more pessimistic that the season is wiped out by an unnecessary lockout by greedy and reckless owners.

  54. Loop_Garoo says:

    Fabulous post! I don’t think you’ll see Gomez in Hamilton simply because there won’t be a need to do this. More likely is that Therrien sits him down, tells him to quit worrying about forcing the offense, and plays him as a fourth line centre. Gives the fourth line a little more offensive potential, and when he’s not focused on desperatly trying to break a scoring drought, Gomez can be a reasonalby competant defensive presence. That, a lot more speed and puck control capability than the fourth liner’s he’d be facing. The problem is not really with Gomez the player, its with Gomez the contract, we’re not signing any superstars this year, so no point in worrying who else would be playing instead.


  55. clever.alias says:

    Take this with a grain of salt, but Montreal and San Jose are talking about Havlat. Bergevin wants a Bourque + Weber/Diaz trade for Havlat, but San Jose seems to want a Eller OR Leblanc + Weber/Diaz trade. This is coming from an insider than has been right on most signings and trade speculations so far. (HockeyInsider or something like that on Twitter, was talking about this with a couple of colleagues at work and we noticed how he/she would be on point with many deals)

    Anyways, since this is all speculation, would YOU pull the trigger on a Eller OR Leblanc + Weber/Diaz trade? I think Eller has way more upside so if San Jose really is serious about a trade centering Leblanc + Weber/Diaz, I’d be inclined to accept the latter.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I would absolutely not trade either Eller or Leblanc for Havlat, who is on the downslope of his career.

      Our future is not now.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Boomer says:


        Occupation: Professional Hedonist… aiming low and exceeding expectations 😉

      • howtathor says:

        With Gally coming up maybe even this year our Centers would be DD, Pleks, Gally for the top three lines. Maybe MB sees the writing on the wall for Eller. As much as I like Eller, we just drafted a mega center.

        • HardHabits says:

          I disagree. Gally, DD, Eller as the top 3 centres is a better way to go. DD might also have a short shelf life. No pun intended. There is also Leblanc and Bournival in the pipes. The Habs are stacked at centre and I see Plex as the obvious trade bait.

    • Max says:

      Who is this “insider” and how are you privy to such information? Giving up Eller or Leblanc for Havlat would be asinine. Fortunately Bergevin seems to be smarter than that.

    • The Gonk says:

      I wouldn’t trade Eller in a Havlat deal. I wouldn’t trade for Havlat period unless Bourque was involved. Anyway, a bit of a strange rumor in my view.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      I think the most likely trade package that MB is shopping around would be Bourque (bad year but pretty consistant scorer), Diaz (actually very heavily pursued by many teams last year), plus a pick and a prospect. Everything else is something we can build with.


      • clever.alias says:

        Everyone here seems to be talking about the need of scoring and how bad Bourque has been. So if there was a deal that would include Bourque, Diaz/Weber and/or picks, what seems to be the most realistic trade?

        I would not include Eller in any deal that gets us that need for scoring. Because I do believe Eller can become that 20-25 goal scorer by playing a third line role with PP and PK time.

        It just seems like if we really need our scorer NOW, it’ll have to be through a trade.

        • Loop_Garoo says:

          For me, it would take a lot to get Eller. He’s not small, showed some toughness last year, and a developing scoring potential. With how desperate this team has been for centres over the years, I would not lightly trade a guy who will develop into one of the top 3rd lines centres in the league.


          • clever.alias says:

            Completely agree. So if there ever was a deal involving Bourque where the other team would ask for Eller instead, I’d turn it down immediately. I just hope he’s used well this season and actually has decent wingers. I doubt that will happen since we’re having trouble finding decent wingers for Plekanec.

    • EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

      Havalat would most likely hurt himself using the toilet at this point


    • HabinBurlington says:

      Tom Nickle is this you? :)

    • HFX-HabFan says:

      SJ has Thornton, Couture, Pavelski, Handzus, Marleau and Burish all capable of playing C (albeit some of the above play as wingers). Centre is the least of their worries. It makes no sense for them to target a centre in a trade unless they’re trading a centre away. I doubt they’d look for Eller/Leblanc

    • Bill says:

      Hockey Insiderr on Twitter is worse than Eklund. He throws new trades out every hour, and I can’t remember him/her getting one right.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

  56. Marc10 says:

    Candidates to finish last in the League for next year. Would love to know your thoughts.

    1) Columbus
    2) Toronto
    3) Calgary
    4) Winnipeg
    5) Toronto
    6) Habs
    7) Edmonton
    8) Tampa Bay
    9) Dallas
    10) Buffalo

    I’d consider putting NJ (Cup hangover), Ott and Nashville in that bunch depending on injuries, UFA departures, growing pains and goaltending issues.

    It’s always difficult to predict how teams will go year to year as the league is pretty close… But I reckon we’re in a tight group to miss the show again.

    The ridiculous Jagr signing gives me little hope we can address our scoring or PP woes. And that means one last year of tanking… (That said, I do like our signings for the bottom 6.)

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I am very optimistic we will be better next year, but until we show otherwise, based on our result last year dont we have to include our Habs in that top 10 list? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we will, but we also finished far worse last year than i dreamed possible in the previous off-season.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I’m on the record with my dark-horse favourite of Calgary as the last-place team this season. Mikka Kiprussoff keeps fading, they trade away Jarome to start the rebuild, deal Alex Tanguay and Jay Bouwmeester before the deadline, and voilà, Crater City.

      • The Gonk says:

        Pending more moves I don’t think the Habs will be 6th from the bottom. We could be a playoff team next year despite everything. Too early to say CB stays at the bottom; the return for R Nash is still pending but probably underwhelms, nevertheless they’ll get some return that helps. Calgary could go in the tank; it’s an odd bunch and Jerome I with dignity heading to contender seems a reasonable possibility.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          We lost Mike Cammalleri, Hal Gill, Mathieu Darche, Jaroslav Spacek, and Andrei Kostitsyn off last year’s roster. I don’t think the additions so far replace these guys, especially credible offensive threats like Mike Cammalleri and Andrei Kostitsyn. So I don’t know how much we’ve improved, save for maybe a better atmosphere in the room and the natural progression of our youngsters. I think we’re a wash right now, and need to add a scoring touch up front.

      • Chris says:

        Playing for a team with every bit as little talent as Montreal, Kiprusoff had a 35-22-11 record, a 2.35 GAA and 0.921 SV% last season in 70 games. I’m not sure what part of that constituted a fade, but perhaps you should say that Kiprusoff will start fading. He could have been a legitimate candidate for the Vezina Trophy last season with his play, which was squandered by a dysfunctional team in front of him.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          You’re probably right Chris. I’m holding Mikka Kiprusoff to the insanely high standards of the “Shirts off for Kiprusoff” playoff runs, when he was routinely miraculous. I actually greatly benefited from his play this season, I scooped him up on the cheap in my hockey pool and he delivered for me, as did a previously unheralded young man by the name of Jonathan Quick. Heck, I even picked up Mr. Varlamov off waivers at the start of the season, so you know I was set in goals.

          So I could have said “If Mikka Kiprusoff is injured…”, but you could say that about most teams. So I’ll amend my prediction and state:

          If Mikka Kiprusoff, who will turn 36 at the start of the season, experiences a decline in performance, ….

    • Adidess says:

      I doubt Edmonton will finish last next year. To me this is the year the Oilers start inching towards playoff contention. Talented kids all with one more year under the belt, infusion of new talent (Yak, Schltz), new coach, the recognition (learning the hard way) that talent enough won’t get you success, and possibly a break from injuries – they’ve been very unlucky the past couple years. At some point, talent rises to the top, plus the West is probably weaker this year (Dallas, San Jose, Calgary, dysfunctional Anaheim, Columbus, Minnesota). It will be easier to collect points against the bottom half of the conference.

      As for the other teams, can’t disagree too strongly with your list until the puck drops.

      A big Centreman, please. Thank you!

      • boing007 says:

        Although they haven’t won the cup yet I wouldn’t put the Sharks in that group of weaker teams.

        Richard R
        Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

    • HFX-HabFan says:

      Although I doubt they’ll have the same bad luck with injuries again (Backstrom, Koivu), Minnesota doesn’t strike me as a particularly deep team and if they don’t land either of Suter or Parise, I could see them having a surprisingly bad year. Their blueline is fairly inexperienced and they don’t have much by way of secondary scoring. Good prospects in the pipeline but not sure how many make the club next year, or if they do, what kind of an impact they’ll have.

      So though it might be a bit of a darkhorse pick, it would not shock me to see Chuck Fletcher at the podium taking Nathan MacKinnon first overall next June.

      • The Gonk says:

        Coyle, Granlund and Miller are top end forward prospects who will play next year. They could score their way out of a potential basement Their d is mediocre at best, so you could be quite right in the end – pun unintended.

      • Marc10 says:

        Ah Minnie. I thought about it. Their coach did well with them last year… but you’re right about their D and ask Guy Boucher about second go-rounds.

  57. habs-hampton says:

    Plan F:

    Scott Gomez does the honorable thing and saves embarrassing himself any further by playing.

    He retires.

    I know… fat chance… too many $$$’s at stake…

  58. lyndo62 says:

    Umm There not moving Plex. Good Center men are hard to come by. Hence why we drafted one.

    “Things that hurt, instruct.”

    ~Benjamin Franklin~

  59. commandant says:

    I real don’t see the problem with this deal.

    4.5 million for a guy who scored 54 points in 73 games last year.

    For a guy that “faded in the playoffs” he scored 8 points in 11 games.

    He’s secondary scoring, and 4.5 million is the cost of secondary scoring with a 70 million dollar cap.

    Its a one year deal, and Dallas is trying to spend more money this year, but wasn’t getting Parise or Suter.

    They needed a winger.

    Would it have been better to spend money on a multi-year deal for Semin, or grab Jagr.

    On a one year contract he’s a stop gap, and there if you aren’t getting Parise, Doan or Semin, where else are you gonna spend the cap space.

    Unused cap space doesn’t win you a damn thing on the ice. A guy who can score over 50 points will help you on the ice.

    Go Habs Go!
    NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
    Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

    • Malreg says:

      I mostly agree with you. He’s still a tad overpaid for my liking. Don’t forget he spent the entire year playing with Giroux…

      • commandant says:

        I’m calling it right now, the next breakout player is Jamie Benn, who is poised for a Giroux like season IMO. (and I thought this before he had Jagr).

        Go Habs Go!
        NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
        Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

        • HabinBurlington says:

          He did score 26 goals last year, 3 consecutive seasons with progression in points. I agree he gets better, but he is already well known.

          • commandant says:

            Giroux was well known before this season too. I’m just saying that Benn is poised to explode into one of the best players in the league IMO.

            Go Habs Go!
            NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
            Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I agree. It wouldn’t be a good deal for a team without cap space, but Dallas has lots of that, and may even sell more tickets with the flamboyant winger’s salutes making the evening news. One year and they’re out, so no anchor contract. It might make sense for Dallas, and it definitely didn’t make sense for us.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      8 points in the playoffs is skewed. Everyone on Pittsburgh and Philly had at least 8 points. Brayden Schenn had 9!

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • The Gonk says:

      The signing can make cap sense, but what is this about? A Jagr Roy duo with in the mix Eriksson? Perhaps Whitney? Curious signing by Dallas. May be they are the next year’s Coyotes.

  60. Hobie Hansen says:

    @ ED Lopez and Cal,

    I was a bit out of line called Jagr a loser, he’s definitely not a loser, he’s got more talent than 95% of the players who have ever played the game.

    Some of the Flyers really enjoyed having him around last year, even Scott Hartnall. Jagr’s a good guy.

    He just reminds me of Kovalev, all the skill in the world but never back checks, has never killed a penalty, threw a hit or blocked a shot.

    Even in his prime, I’d take guys with significantly less offensive upside that do all the things I mentioned above.

    I’m more of a Messier, Shanahan and Neely type of guy.

    Those are the guys that players in the dressing room look up to, not Jagr. All that nonsense about him being a role model for our younger players is a crock of s&^t, in my opinion.

    • Cal says:

      Those you list were all great players the Habs would have loved to have on the team at any point of their careers. I think Jagr is well past his best before date and would have been in the way if any of the Habs forward prospects shows too much to be sent down (C’mon, Galchenyuk!)
      At 4.5 mil, I think he is too much of a cap hit and not a Therrien type player.
      I am still hoping Diaz and Weber can be moved for picks or another hitting Dman for depth. Doubtful it’ll happen, though.

  61. chilli says:

    Jags to Dallas is all about the benji’s. They have no team and they get 5000 people to a game. It was never about anything else.


  62. habstrinifan says:

    OK! Here goes! I respect and honour Bob Gainey for his hockey career here in Mtl. And felt obliged to give him the benefit of the doubt re some of the managerial moves here in Mtl. Maybe he delegated to PG who screwed up.

    But if Gainey is an advisor in Dallas and he acquiesce in paying Jagr 4.5 then …..

  63. D Mex says:

    Interesting that 3 of the top 6 duds were Sather signings.

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  64. Malreg says:

    Coyotes prospect Brett McLean suffers cardiac emergency during pick-up game last night. He received CPR at the arena and was taken by ambulance to hospital and treated, then transported by helicopter to a hospital in London.


  65. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    If Chicago offered Patrick Kane for Gomez straight up, I would tell them to go stick that offer where the sun don’t shine.

    Kane is a waste of money, time, and brain power. He is small, weak, lacks guts and balls, and his stats are inflated by the presence of Toews.

    Not to mention his numerous off-ice issues that would only be magnified in a city like Montreal. It seems that ludicrous tales of hedonistic excess on part of Kane (rivaling that of Motley Crue in their heyday) are a rite of summer. The scary part is that he is not some young frat-boy any more, he is a 23 year old full grown man who needs to grow up! Seriously, the guy’s utter lack of maturity and character of any kind is shocking and vaguely disturbing.

    So no to Patrick Kane, I would not touch that piece of trash with a ten foot pole.

  66. Bill J says:

    Jagr was a great player, but he’s also barely been a point per game for much of the seasons after Lemieux/Pittsburgh.

    At 2 million, it would have made sense. 4.5, which translates into 5 in QC is too much!

    Other options are out there, and I’m sure Bergevin is working those angles as we speak in all likelyhood.


    Tweet it, talk about it. Let’s get rid of Gomez and sign Subban for cheap!
    Go Habs Go!

  67. aj says:

    Jagr to Dallas. Its not the type of scenario I expect to see. However, it seems that Jagr is making the most out of his hockey career. Well, if Bergevin is also opting out on Alex Semin, the (possible) official lineup of our Montreal Canadiens for this 2012-2013 season will be:


    (1st line) Pacioretty – Desharnais – Cole

    (2nd line) Bourque – Plekanec – Gionta

    (3rd line) Prust – Eller – Moen

    (4th line) White – Nokelainen – Armstrong

    13th forward/s: Gomez, Leblanc, Gallagher, Blunden


    (1st line) Subban – Gorges

    (2nd line) Markov – Emelin

    (3rd line) Boullion – Kaberle

    (4th line) Diaz – Weber

    Extra Dmen: St. Denis, Bealieu, Tinordi


    #1: Price

    #2: Budaj

    • RGM says:

      You’re about three months too early to be proclaiming “official” rosters, my friend. So much that can happen between now and opening night.

      GO HABS GO! Maybe 2012-13 will be our year!
      “Scott Gomez is an elite NHL player” – VancouverHab

      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

      • aj says:

        We’ll See.

        EDIT: unless if there’s a possible trade move or a UFA signing, I will revamp what I just typed regarding to the “official” lineup.

        • Mr. Biter says:

          Interesting and though I am a believer of old time hockey we have 5 4th line players on the 3rd and 4th line. Ellar’s gonna have a rougn season getting points. Also St. Denis instead of Webber if this is our starting line-up.

          Mr. Biter
          No Guts No Glory

    • aj says:

      RFA’s needed to sign are: P.K. Subban, Lars Eller, and Rafael Diaz.

      With all due respect to the new GM, I’ll take his word (in a little way) regarding to Scott Gomez. However, if he f**k’s up in training camp as well with the pre-season, he should go to Hamilton for good.

    • alfieturcotte says:

      If that is the line up, we have no scoring in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th lines…..It’s deja vu all over again with 2012.

      Bergevin has not improved the offense, which was the central area he needed to improve.

      • aj says:

        Honestly, I’m ok with the lineup. This is what’s available to Bergevin right now. I don’t think we’re going to hope for a “superstar sign-in” or a blockbuster trade announcement anytime soon (if we’re expecting one within a couple of months or so…).

        What our new GM and the Head Coach did is plug in holes regarding to size, strength, and a few ‘good scoring chances’ per se.

        Other than that, be contented on what this team has for now.

      • Loop_Garoo says:

        I agree with the third and fourth line having no scoring, but the second should give us close to a goal a game if you look at their average points for the last few years. With an average of almost a goal a game from the first line, a few from the third and fourth, a better pp with Markov back, and some PK relief for Pleks thanks to the addition of Prust, the offense won’t be great, but it’ll be better than last year.


  68. mrhabby says:

    Dallas needs to fill seats pure and simple so for thé new owners it’s money well spent It’s clear jagr only wants the coin as the Dallas Stars have little chance to win the cup.

  69. HabFab says:

    Well at least the Sports Illustrated article has no Montreal boners amongst the top 24. Rangers seem to have about half.

  70. The Dude says:

    Jagr chin reminds me of my O’lady,heh heh heh


    4.5 million/ 1 season for JAgr absurb? are you kidding me? I can think of alot worse deals in the league(ie look at habs payroll)

    did you forget who JAGR is? yeah the man who won every single possible thing you can win in hockey, who was only an inpirastion last year in philly, and helped the likes of claude giroux blossom his game. A future HOF who played a decade with LEMIEUX, who writes this crap?

    • RGM says:

      We’re a long way removed from his glory days my friend.

      GO HABS GO! Maybe 2012-13 will be our year!
      “Scott Gomez is an elite NHL player” – VancouverHab

      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  72. mr dave says:

    so i c bob the builder is at his best again……throwing other owners money away ; it must be nice to be bob no regards for the owners money.forshame,bob was a great player but his time in the nhl sorrily has past him by.” cheers bob “but it”s time to walk away from the game you love,and let the younger guys make the moves that count. yes I know he is just there as a advisor but i’m sure he still has final say in the matter??
    the habs have 24 cups I have 24 beers

    • HabinBurlington says:

      When was Joe Nieuwendyk replaced as GM? You can be frustrated all you want with Gainey and his role in the Gomez trade, but why slam the guy that also helped win many cups for this team and was a Great Captain. Must be nice to have short term memory.

      • mr dave says:

        you should read my post better i said he was a great player

        the habs have 24 cups I have 24 beers

        • HabinBurlington says:

          @Mr. Dave, you are correct sir, I should have read your post more carefully. I guess my point is, why right away assume Gainey made the deal for Jagr, and the other point is I don’t think Gainey was ever a GM that just said I will throw the owners money away. I believe in his his mind he was trying to help the Habs and made a poor deal as it related to Gomez.

          I guess my point is flat out respect to Gainey the Man, and just because Joe Nieuwendyk makes a deal to sign Jagr we shouldn’t assume Gainey as advisor was behind it.

          Sorry for the comment about not respecting Gainey the player, I did overlook that.

          • Cal says:

            Despite all the sh!t Gainey gets around here, no one can take away his Cup as GM in Dallas.
            Not trading away Koivu, Kovalev, Komisarek and the rest of the crew he let walk away on July 1st in 2009 was a mistake. He could have loaded up on 2nd and 3rd rounders and let Timmins go nuts. A couple of those picks may have filled the holes the Habs have now, but hindsight, as always, is 20/20.

      • HabFab says:

        Remember punkster said no more prisoners!!

      • habsavvy says:

        big difference between a player and GM.
        as a player- teriffic.
        as a GM- the worst in the history of this franchise!

    • HFX-HabFan says:

      Yeah, that’s it, an adviser has the final say.

      • mr dave says:

        if bob has no say in the matter why does he have a job ????

        the habs have 24 cups I have 24 beers

        • RGM says:

          Methinks you should have another beer or two. Should people in charge of making multi-million dollar decisions not have advisors?

          GO HABS GO! Maybe 2012-13 will be our year!
          “Scott Gomez is an elite NHL player” – VancouverHab

          Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

        • HFX-HabFan says:

          Oh I’m sure he has valuable opinions to give in the eyes of Nieuwendyk et al, but you said he has the final say. That’s ridiculous.

          • D Mex says:

            Knowing what I (we) know now, I’d go as far as to say BG has opinions and leave it there :-) But yes, these kinds of decisions are taken following consultations and careful consideration.
            That’s why Burke has about a half dozen assistant GMs on the payroll (not a shining example, I know) in TO.

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

  73. Hobie Hansen says:

    Oh thank god Dallas blew all that money on a washed up loser who would have won zero without riding Mario Lemieux’s coattails.

  74. rogieshan says:

    We’ll see what a great teammate and inspiration he is come January when the Stars are sitting south of 20th place in the standing.

  75. zaq007 says:

    how great would it have been to see Jagr WANT to play with Pleky for like 2 mill, would have been sick. Let’s hope Gallagher shines


      2 million would have been absurb, Last year there were more queston marks surronding JAgr, sure he didnt have a strong play in the playoffs, but dont let that sum up his season. He prooved he can still play in the NHL and more then 20 NHL teams still thought he could aswell. I think they are planning on moving pleckenecs and saw no point in brining in any new possible chemsity with pleks.

  76. mr dave says:

    im not trying to slam bob at all just saying time to retire

    the habs have 24 cups I have 24 beers

  77. ooder says:

    Ja-girl is one of the greatest hockey players in history…. and makes any team he plays on better…not at that money of course

    The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

  78. HabsTrueBlue says:

    Jagr is aged but he has been a consistent producer his entire career. He is not unpredictable.

  79. HabsRepresente says:

    Even if Bourque redeems himself i don’t think he is going to be as good as Havlat, the only thing Bourque has against him is he is less injury prone but Havlat is way more consistent.

  80. Whatever says:

    Campbell did have a good year, but that was just fortunate for Florida. At the time of the trade, it was nothing more than a salary dump to a team needing to make the cap floor. Chicago got back a former first round bust that spent the year in the AHL. Chicago should have got a lot more for an amazing D-man, but it was a salary dump pure and simple.

  81. commandant says:

    The advantage of Gomez is that his cap hit is much higher than the real money he makes, meaning a cheap owner can reach the cap floor while saving $2 million this year, and $3 million next year.

    Go Habs Go!
    NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
    Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

  82. Habilis says:

    I think you’re probably right but I still have my fingers crossed on Doan. I know that chances are he’ll end up back in Phoenix or failing that with a team that he thinks has a shot at the cup, which is probably not the Habs at the moment.

    There is the Price connection though so I’m keeping a sliver of hope alive for now. I’m pretty sure that MB would make it work if Doan expressed interest in coming here.

  83. wjc says:

    As feared as 90% of NHL players…as feared Marchand, Komisarek. Go around the league, how many players invoke fear.

    This season will be interesting, more of last year, I don’t think so. I could be wrong, or I could be right. Let last year go. Things happened that may not happen again for 20 years.

    This year is a new year, let the kids grow in the minors and live with what you got…..how many July 1st busts were signed this week.

    Remember if you heard it on T.V. radio, or the internet it is probably someone trying to fill air time. The newspaper is usually a little more reliable, but not always.


  84. wjc says:

    Bullion is a one year band aid….Okay the komi example was a bad example. These guys you speak of Erskine, Allen, Brookbank can they play or are they tough guys. The one dimensional tough guy is on his way out. Ask Laroque or Colton Orr they are pretty tough.


  85. HardHabits says:

    Chara fits in category 1. And yes I am right.

  86. HardHabits says:

    The teams that win Cups.

  87. boing007 says:

    Wolski and Mueller are still out there.

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  88. boing007 says:

    Rocket Richard:
    Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
    Weight 180 lb (82 kg; 12 st 12 lb)

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  89. Duracell3 says:

    It’s almost like it isn’t the 1950’s.

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