It’s time to focus on defence: Kovalev

Canadiens sniper Alex Kovalev says the Canadiens must tighten up defensively and stop coughing up so many goals. And defenceman Mike Komisarek, used sparingly Saturday against Columbus, knows he’s a better player than he’s shown in recent games.


  1. carmine007 says:

    Dave, who do you believe will be in the best interest for the Habs to trade for?

    Or do we make a trade for future stars?

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  2. carmine007 says:

    Thats why I say trade for Brian Campbell!!!

    We dont need a big gun.

    We always have the option to resign Ryder or go for another FREE AGENT!

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  3. Dave Stubbs says:

    Bill, I made that up. But the rest of the piece wasn’t fabricated!

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  4. Chuck says:

    Or conversley, the team in front of them could do their jobs and play a responsible defensive game so that the goalies would have to stand on their heads and bail out their constant missed assingnments.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  5. HotHabs says:

    We’ve heard the cliche for many years, and it still rings true:

    “You don’t win the cup without excellent goaltending”

    Our keepers need to come alive and get hot quickly. They need to steal a couple of games. They have to “stand on their heads” and make the big stops and the little ones. Otherwise, forget a good run in the playoffs!

    enjoying the high’s & enduring the lows of being a Habs fan

  6. Bill H says:

    LOL “interrogatus interruptus” That’s a good one. Did you coin that Dave? Or is it commonly used by the writers who are chasing down players for quotes?

  7. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    good article and great comments from the leaders, Koivu and Kovy.

    get back to the basics and secure our playoff spot!..stop the slide NOW!

    The loss, Kovalev said, was easily explained.

    “It’s really hard to play if you’re afraid of the puck, if you don’t have confidence moving it around and make the wrong plays,” he said. “We’ve been playing pretty good lately, but the last three games, we’ve made bad mistakes and they’ve cost us.

    thats why sometimes you see KOVY bouncing the puck around on his stick, or drawing 3 defenders towards himself as he goes into “deke in phoneboth mode”…he is showing his team, LOOK, SLOW DOWN and make a GOOD PASS…don’t treat the PUCK LIKE A HOT POTATO!

    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  8. habitual says:

    Don’t you just love reading comments like this from Kovalev? Not only has his play been so good, his attitude and leadership are so good. And you can bet that when he speaks the dressing room is all ears.

    Carbo and BG must be thrilled with this.

  9. Ian G Cobb says:

    He is absolutely correct, our goals against are one of the poorest number in the league. It is a total team stat. It matters not how many goals for we have, all you need to win a game is one. In the playoffs you don’t go very far giving up this many.

  10. tony d says:

    Bang on Ian
    our guys like Komi and Markov are better players than they’ve shown of late….
    hopefully all the distractions will be behind us after tomorrow and we can get back to the biz of hockey

  11. RH says:

    If the team only has ONE scoring line, I would think that the other three lines would make up for their lack of offensive prowess, by playing a STRONG defensive game. With six more weeks left in the season, the Habs HAVE to start rallying around there defensemen, and start playing like every game is there last.

  12. Smart Dog says:

    Dreger from TSN says the Habs are the most exciting team to watch in the NHL – and he’s right. I think the team has gotten away from defense playing this fast and exciting game. Lately Markov and Komisarek have been on for most of the goals. Komisarek’s geting a lot of shots, Boulon suddenly seems to be in a lot of rushes. It’s great that these players want to contribute offensively but Kovalev is right. These guys need to remember their first duty is in OUR end and around OUR net. I’m sure they will get the message.

    Ian you are very right about one thing – it’s exciting to watch the team learn, grow, and get better and better. The journey is as important as the destination – and as fun when you have a team spirit like we do now.

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  13. JF says:

    Good comment about the journey being as important as the destination. We are all so focused on the result that when we have a bad couple of games, we tend to lose sight of how far the team has come and how much the young players have developed. Despite the bumps on the road, this is a good team which is getting better. We almost certainly won’t win the Cup this year, but any playoff experience we can get will contribute to strengthening the team and making us more ready for next season.

  14. Ian G Cobb says:

    Thia is one smart Dog.! especially when you agree with me.+++

  15. vic says:

    Does this mean that Brisbois will be tuesday and sit komo.Carbonneau going to media again to to run komo

  16. Shobud says:

    Bryzgalov stops 35 as Coyotes blank Blues..
    This is the kind of goaltending we need,and if we don’t get it say goodbye to the cup..I don’t care if you get Hossa and three other superstars.. Its goaltending we need

  17. Ian G Cobb says:

    Defence is a total team responsibility, not just the goal tenders. Where the shots are taken from dictates how many goals will be scored on us. The whole teams first task is shot prevention, not goals scored when it comes to winning championships.

  18. planet habs says:

    It’s time for this team to get out of the PACIFIST mode and start performing like WARRIORS!

  19. Hoegarden says:

    One thing we now know is that if our D fails, our #1 goalie (your choice) will not bail them out (last three games) being a clear example here.

    I mentioned way back in Training Camp that a guy like Eric Desjardins would be perfect to guide our D when problems on the blue line arise.

    Kovy is spot on with this statement.

  20. HotHabs says:


    I agree with you to a certain point. I know how important the D is, but cups and championships are won with top-rate goaltending. The Habs have not proven this year that their goalies are consistently excellent – we’ve seen moments of greatness – and we need improvement in the crease.

    I look at Detroit, loaded with talent and playing very well (except recently), and see them as strong contenders. But, I think Osgood is suspect and when the grit and intensity of playoff hockey in front of the net comes a knockin’, I’m not sure Osgood will be a rockin’. He is riding the skill in front of him. I really noticed his sub-par talent at the all-star game – he looked shaky despite it being a ‘nothing’ game. I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt the Wings in the second season.

    enjoying the high’s & enduring the lows of being a Habs fan

  21. Chuck says:

    “I really noticed his sub-par talent at the all-star game – he looked shaky despite it being a ‘nothing’ game.”

    Do you think that his sub-par performance might have had something to do with a team of all-star shooters coming at him with little or no regard for team defense by his own squad?

    My point is team defense is VERY important. Any NHL squad can, given enough room to skate and pass, make any NHL goalie look like swiss cheese.

    It isn’t all (or even most) of the goalie’s fault.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

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