It’s time for hockey fans to vent


The NHL announced on Thursday that the first two weeks of the regular season have been officially cancelled as a result of the lockout, meaning the first 82 games through Oct. 24 have been wiped out.

This marks the NHL’s fourth work stoppage in the last two decades and the cancellation of the first two weeks of the season brings the total number of NHL games lost to lockouts to 1,780 … and counting. That’s more than Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NFL combined.

Commissioner Gary Bettman has already stated that the NHL recovered well from the last lockout that wiped out the entire 2004-05 season “because we have the world’s greatest fans.”

But those fans are angry now and time will tell how they respond when the lockout eventually ends.

You can join the discussion below and express your feelings about the latest lockout. And you’ll notice at the top of the site that we’ve taken the “Inside” out of Hockey Inside/Out.

Meanwhile, the labour talks did resume quietly on Friday with an unnanounced meeting at the NHLPA headquarters in Toronto with Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly sitting down with Donald Fehr and special counsel Steve Fehr. The two sides were expected to be in touch by phone over the weekend and set up another negotiating session for next week. Read more about that by clicking here.

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  1. AssInTOheartInTheForum says:

    Maybe someone has already suggested this but why not consider the following.
    It’s a given that the teams are morally obligated to honour the contracts they’ve signed with the players. If the cap needs to be reduced while honouring their commitments, why not pay the players what they signed for, but reduce the cap hit of the signed contracts by the percent that the cap is reduced. If the cap is reduced by 20%, then only 80% of the previously signed contracts count against the new cap. Any newly signed contracts have a 100% cap hit.

    • frontenac1 says:

      That is an interesting idea . Unfortunately in the NHL morality is temporary. Wisdom is permanent and wisdom has been absent during the Bettman regime..

  2. savethepuck says:

    Went to Sea Dogs Mooseheads game tonight. Mooseheads won 4-3. Huberdeau was best player on ice which he should be because he shouuld be in the NHL right now. I heard a lot about MacKinnon and was expecting a lot more from him than I saw. I was really impressed with Jonathan Drouin though. He looked great.

  3. commandant says:

    Alex Galchenyuk 1g 1a tonight

    Still in the second period

    Go Habs Go!
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  4. Mark C says:

    Gally just netted one.

  5. showey47 says:

    What a terrible infield fly call against the braves. Then the field get covered in trash from the fans,lol.

  6. commandant says:

    Dalton Thrower is a healthy scratch tonight.

    Coach Molleken says he has to stop playing by his own rules.

    Go Habs Go!
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  7. HabFab says:

    The breakdown of the $1.1 BL increase under the old CBA;
    – $220 ML; year 1, after the NHLPA got access to the teams books and found they were making more then they had claimed.
    – $180 ML; increase in NHL revenues due to the strengthening of the Canadian dollar over the CBA.
    – $300 ML; this seasons increase due to TV deals with NBC ($205 ML) and European cable network ($10 ML)
    – $400 ML; left for organic growth over the middle 5 years or around 3.75 – 4% per year.

  8. Ron says:

    Pierre LeBrun twitted 15 mins ago that he was told that in a meeting today the NHL strongly urged the NHLPA to come up with a new offer. In reply the NHLPA asked the league to come forth with a new offer. In short he says that both sides are expressing to each other its time to compromise. LeBrun is connected with ESPN so I am not to sure how much credibility he has.

    • HabFab says:

      Fehr will not blink, he will stay on this course until the NHL caves or the players remove him. Not sure if the man actually knows how to negotiate in the traditional sense.

    • frontenac1 says:

      This is becoming a pathetic Kabuke dance. Wink at me. Show me just a little more off that soft skin. Swing those beautiful hips.Yes, ,I know you have me where you want me and I cannot look away.. I am drawn further and further down this long plastic hallway where pimps and thieves run free and good men die like dogs for no good reason. We are all doomed junkies amigos .This is our fate.

  9. Roger Ramjet says:

    Could sit here and rant and rave.

    Bottom line is ….. this has become a circus, and a complete turn-off.

    Did I mention Bettman is a douche-bag?

    • Lizardking89 says:

      I concur and may I add that ” the world’s greatest fans” hate his rotten greedy guts. I for one am not going to another game at the Bell center for 50 bucks a pop while millionaires fight like kids over a lollypop.

  10. chilli says:

    18 teams lost money last year. This has nothing to do with fans. The machine is broken and needs fixing.


    • showey47 says:

      I wonder how many teams gary bettman placed in specific markets actually make money? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was none. Though the thrashers now jets organization probably has a pretty good chance at being financially successful.

  11. piper says:

    I’m not a Bettman fan by any means but why don’t these players that are ripping him a new one vent on their owners instead. Bettman just works for the owners and is doing what they want.

  12. Habitoba says:

    Is there a way to impeach Bettman? Who keeps on agreeing to renew his contract? Seriously! Enough is enough.

    • Ron says:

      I wonder if the 25 game tryout is in case the NHL reaches an agreement before that 25 game time period and if so they may keep him in Hamilton to replace any players that go back up to the Habs. If the season gets flushed then he might be released.

      • HabFab says:

        PTO’s seem to be for 25 games…most don’t get that long but must get paid for the equivalent. Still surprised at this with the amount of players available to the Dogs.

  13. Ian Cobb says:

    To all the HIO disapointed, ENJOY


  14. M005E says:

    all i can add is reflection, we used to have a great game in Canada it was called hockey to bad no one bothered to nurture it, it was fan-tastic. 21 gun salute time guys these people on both sides don’t give a flying puck about the game only their bank accounts. For me this seals it junior hockey. CHL AHL or no hockey at all.

  15. Habitant in Surrey says:

    … 🙂

    • Bripro says:

      What are you smiling at?
      That’s not funny!

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  16. Habitant in Surrey says:


    …was listening to a Toronto Sun discussion (now, that illustrates how desperate I am nowadayz 🙂 ) about how the Brampton Battalion and Mississuaga Ice Dogs are struggling financially at the gate, in such seeming large markets …because only small percentage of those 2 markets are ‘familiar’ or interested with hockey

    …that was surprising, …and I suppose, not so surprising with Canada’s changing demographics

    • HabinBurlington says:

      One of my best friends lives in Brampton and has kids in hockey and lacrosse. He ends up going to quite a few Battallion games and is constantly amazed at how the barn is practically empty most games.

      The strangest thing, is both Mississauga and Brampton built brand new arenas at almost identical times. You can almost see both arenas from the highway, yet each built their own arena. I don’t pretend know the details, I am pretty sure Mississauga local govt fed a bunch of money into the Mississauga arena.

      But always thought when they built those arenas that each was doomed for failure just for not getting together on an arena sharing concept.

      Mississauga has had some ups, but seem back in the downs again.

      For me it is much closer to go to Bulldogs games, so they get my interest instead of the Junior hockey. But Toronto is a fickle city that seems to only support teams in the Big Leagues (clearly no matter how good they are). I suspect demographics play a key in Mississauga and Brampton, but also believe the GTA mindset plays a bigger one.

      • Bripro says:

        I don’t pretend to know these two hockey markets, but I would venture to guess that they’ve won, at one time or another.
        That is a foreign concept to Toronto fans, and they’re probably afraid they’ll break out in a rash if they sit in those arenas!

        “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Neither is a shock to me actually. In Toronto it is the NHL or nothing. Brampton and Mississauga are exactly the same. (both basically suburbs of Toronto).

      The OHL in Kitchener, London and even Sarnia as examples are packed houses.

      The Marlies also continue to struggle in Toronto in a place where you can’t really even get Leaf tickets.

      All or nothing there I am afraid.

  17. Ian Cobb says:

    Like I said weeks ago now, this dispute will be a bute! This will be a fight that will go down in infamy, as far as sport labor and management is concerned.

    The owners are together on this one and so are the players. But the owners will win out in the end. This fight will be settled for the long term or the owners will keep the players locked out.
    The owners are not willing to settle for a few years of labor peace only.
    We are in a once and for all settlement for the long hall, in order that the owners can get long term deals done with TV, players, and a host of contracts of supporting cast businesses. Three or five year deals are not going to cut it in this fight, this time around.
    We may just be without NHL for more than one year folks. It is big against bigger and the smaller bigger will be cut down to a more manageable size. Fans will not enter the equation what so ever.
    Mark my words folks!!
    Get out to your local rinks and watch the real game played for fun as it should be again.

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    • HabinBurlington says:

      I wonder if the fans “addiction” to hockey will really bleed into the AHL. I wonder specifically if a team like the Toronto Marlies will see such crowds that they start moving games into the ACC which seats much more than the Ricoh Center.

      I am sure the Bulldogs attendance will go up, but am not sure they will see a huge bounce because they are still in a primary Leaf market place.

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …I agree completely that is what the owner’s motivation is Ian, but disagree it will take as long as You think

      What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and nuclear destroyers on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
      Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

      Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

  18. jon514 says:

    If the league comes back and offers a 50-50 split and the players refuse, do we hate the players? I think the players are realistically gunning for 54% and the league is gunning for 50%. Realistically I see this ending when the league comes up to 52-53%. Thoughts?

    • piper says:

      I can see the owners going to 52-53 but in return would want free agency back to around 30-31 Thats what is really killing the small market teams and inflating salaries.

    • Trisomy 21 says:

      I think you’re right in a way. I see the players going down to 50% under the previous definition of “hockey related revenue”, but under the new definition i’d say they want more like 54%. I think in the end it will settle at 52% using a new definition of HRR

  19. joeybarrie says:

    I am hoping when the two sides come to an agreement we all DO NOT run out and celebrate by buying a new Habs Jersey, Hat, Scarf or anything…. I hope we all do NOT run out and buy out all the tickets. And I hope we all do NOT add to the Revenue that both sides are fighting over….
    I hope that THIS lockout will affect the league enough to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
    Cause it just seems to me, they fight until they get a bunch of the money, the fans come running back and revenue grows even more…
    Why would anyone fire the commissioner when hockey grown and revenue grows at a high rate.
    We need to get a message thru. They should be working HARDER to bring the game to the fans. Cause we are where they money is, and it seems to me like NO ONE is thinking of us.
    Like sheep we are.

  20. HabsFanMTL says:

    if the whole year is cancelled and we the fans come back again after 2 wiped out seasons , then i garantee you bettman will do it again 8 years from now……..this has to stop

    • jon514 says:

      I normally spend about $500/year on hockey tickets. This year I took that money and bought season tickets to the 2013 Impact season.
      I’m really pleased with my decision to support a league that needs and appreciates my money and my passion.

      If the fans want the league to take us seriously when we express our discontent, we need to organize ourselves into a voice they can hear and will respect. If we could convince discontent fans all across the league to skip one game in protest of the way we’ve been taken for granted, the valley in the ratings would raise some eyebrows.

  21. shiram says:

    Markov played 16:55 in a 2-1 loss, and had a shot on goal.

  22. commandant says:

    Hey HabinBurlington

    Thanks for all the work setting up the mini-summit.

    Get me the number and info for who you talked to at the Bulldogs and I’ll definitely order some tickets.

    Go Habs Go!
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    • HabinBurlington says:

      Greg Diamond is the contact I have been working with. I am sure I will have complete details by tomorrow. He has been excellent at answering me earlier with questions, so today I asked him for an exact process which I can post here and people can use to get the group rate tickets. I also asked him what is the best he can do by way of booking 20-40 seats in a really good spot of the arena. (Kooch/Bri, I will ensure we are not in a family non drinking section lol)

  23. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …since We as Fans of the Montreal Canadiens have nothing better to do with Our fore-lone lives 🙂 …how about We use Our time productively ?

    …some may be aware I feel Toe Blake, as a Montreal Canadiens’ Player, deserves to have His number retired …and, there are many of You that can’t relate with the issue because You are too young, it was before Your time, or You are more concerned with ‘now’ rather than ‘the then’

    …below, I re-post My previous case to have Toe Blake’s number 6 retired by the Montreal Canadiens

    …I hope those, young and old, that support My case, will take the time to write to Geoff Molson and to let them know what You, as a Fan, would like Them to do about it

    …this is the 100th year of Toe Blake’s birth, and I think this is the time to do it …lock-out or no lock-out, this is the right time to do something about this puzzling over-sight …let’s get the ball rolling, now ! …thanks 🙂

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …for the foreseeable future I will be annoyingly and shamelessly crusading for Our Montreal Canadiens to retire Toe Blake’s number 6 …and add His banner in the rafters next to Our other former Greats
      …now some of You may believe Toe was only a Great Coach, and as a Player, did not quite rate such an honor …and/or do not want yet another low-number unavailable to contemporary Players
      …maybe forgetting Toe Blake won an NHL scoring championship, the Hart Trophy and a Lady Byng, and led Our Habs in scoring in 6 seasons of His Hall Of Fame playing career …He was an essential component with The Rocket and Elmer Lach on ‘The Punch Line’ which was the most feared scoring line of it’s day
      …most remember Toe Blake as the genius Coach of the Montreal Canadiens at the cusp of Our Golden Era …the Golden Era that most of Us were inspired by to follow Our Habs as if it was ‘a religion’ unto It’s own
      …Toe Blake’s name is on 11 rings of the Stanley Cup; 8 as Our Coach, 2 as a Player for the Montreal Canadiens and one as a Montreal Maroon
      …Toe Blake was the ‘heart and soul’ Whom inspired and ‘showed the way’ to Our great Players of the time, both as a Player and as Our Coach
      …His Legacy is greatly taken for granted, I strongly believe, by the fact Toe Blake’s number 6 is not represented yet in the rafters of the Bell Centre
      …the totality of Toe Blake’s legacy, as a Player and Our Coach, to the History and exceptional success of the Montreal Canadiens as the most famous brand in the hockey world is way past the overdue stage
      …I wish to request all Montreal Canadiens Fans to join with Ian Cobb and I to right a wrong
      …I suggested to Ian to theme this year’s Summit on Toe Blake …to incorporate some homage to Toe …maybe even make a request to Hurley’s Tavern to try to replicate the ambiance of the famed former Toe Blake’s Tavern
      …I will leave that to Ian, of what is doable in that regard …knowing Ian, He is more than capable (Note Bene: such may not be possible this October, because of the projected lock-out)
      …meanwhile, some clear input must be made by Habs’ Fans that agree with the objective, to let Their feelings and opinions be known to Geoff Molson and Montreal Canadiens Management
      …that means You !!! Boys and Girls
      …if this is something You would like to make right as I and Ian do, I provide the following mail contacts to send Your requests to ‘Retire Number 6 !!!’
      …if anyOne out there have other suggestions please let Ian and I know …they will be considered and appreciated

      The following are the most relevant to send your testimonial to Retire Number 6 !!!:
      Geoff Molson: President and Owner (Twitter; @gmolsonchc)
      Kevin Gilmore: VP Operations

      Send your testimonial to:

      [Name of person]
      c/o The Montreal Canadiens
      1909, avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal
      Montreal, QC, CANADA
      H3C 5L2

      Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

      Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

  24. HabinBurlington says:

    Well at least talks have resumed between the Village Idiots.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      They can meet, which is a positive thing at least. But so long as the people running this thing have no real interest and passion for hockey, this shit will continue. This year and every 5 years henceforth. You think Fehr or Bettman has ever paid to go to a game? Not bloody likely. These guys don’t care about hockey, so this is what we get.
      But let’s hope for a miracle shall we?

      “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
      Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

    • Bripro says:

      Meh… By the way Gerry, both Chris and Ben called you out above.
      I believe a mandatory reply is required for both.
      Have a good one my friend!

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  25. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I am also thinking that if Gary Bettman leads the NHL into another full season cancellation, or extended lockout, that he can not survive his position as commissioner

    …the bile that already exists for him will multiply 10 fold, and his face to the NHL would no longer be tolerated by hockey fans

    …so, Gary has that to factor-in as well, does he soften his flexibility on the issues, or does he want to keep his job ?

  26. Bripro says:

    It’s friday, which means I bail out early….cards, Guinness, and good friends. I’d love to have you guys join us sometime. In the meantime, here’s the daily…

    Hockey Frustration Song no. 6

    Cue the music.

    When I was a kid, I’d be up at five
    Dad up with me, ready for the long drive
    Out after school and back on ice
    That was my life, I was gonna play in the Big League
    Oh, the Big League

    Not much to do in our little hick town
    The French and the English pummel each other down
    If you’re looking for peace, you just start a game
    On ice that’s real rough, nothing like what they play
    In the Big League

    Ah, my dad wanted me in the Big League
    He really thought that I’d turn some heads
    Dad wanted to see me in the Big League
    His relentless push was my dread
    Ah, the Big League

    Even growing up I knew it was never to be
    The best I could do was our own junior team
    At night chuckling at Cherry and Ron McClean
    And by day getting nailed by some truck
    In our own League

    Ah, my dad wanted me in the Big League
    He really hoped that I’d turn some heads
    I really hoped he’d see me in the Big League
    His relentless push was my dread

    Then the NHL went and hired some clown
    The players never knew just what they had
    And all the knowing fans were never asked to tell

    Now late at night, I look across the track
    The rink sits empty, and so does the shack
    So I turn on the TV, with clowns one and two
    Firing at each other
    I think I’ll say goodbye to the Big League

    Now my boy wants to know of the Big League
    He asked if he’ll ever turn some heads
    I don’t want him anywhere near the Big League
    My boy’s dream is my new dread

    Ah, never can tell with the league’s clowns
    Now with the prima donnas all locked out
    And we’re told as fans that we don’t know
    Will they do right for others as they do for themselves
    In the Joke League

    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  27. Blondie says:

    To those advocating that fans stay away in droves when the league resumes playing to show our displeasure with the lockout:
    Isn’t that kinda counter-productive?

    If it were to happen, and be effective, wouldn’t the owners just lose more money thus precipitating another lockout down the road as this seems to be their only solution to the problem?

    There’s got to be a better way.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Owners and players are basically at an impasse as to how to spend Our (the fans) money in the future. They take our hard-earned money for granted, so in order for them to have a little respect and consideration, the money they can’t decide how to divie up, should be taken away. Kinda like my 4 and 6 year old with their toys; if they don’t keep them picked up and share them with each other, they get put in a closet until they can. (the toys go in the closet, not the kids. Don’t go calling people)

      “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
      Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

      • Blondie says:

        I understand that and generally agree about the punishment factor. Except that after the last lockout revenues went up by 50% resulting in another lockout. What’s likely to happen if revenues go down?

  28. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I have based all My optimism that the NHL lockout and CBA negotiations will be resolved in-time before the beginning of December, if not sooner, on just one rationale …and that is they, the NHL and NHLPA, could not be so anally-retentive STUPID to let it go beyond that time period

    …Daly estimating $ 100 million lost to the players and the NHL just by the cancellation of meaningless pre-season games !, let alone the real season games scheduled to begin October 11th

    …markets like Nashville and others that have been showing growth, finally, and fan interest in their respective US markets …the potential of starting-off on the wrong foot with NBC Sports on its first decent US national TV deal in the League’s history …the risk of turning-off a significant segment of both the Canadian and American fan-base that, I believe, are finally, seriously saying enough is enough

    …the money lost is money that will not return …most of the disaffected fans will certainly, but reluctantly, spend …most of Us will return, that’s for sure, but We will not return without exacting a financial toll on the owners, and unavoidably, as well, the players themselves …whatever the percentages of added revenue streams are finally agreed-on, the gross amounts will certainly be smaller for quite some time

    …at what cost ? …that is My foundation of optimism …naive as it may be

    …could both Mr. Bettman and Mr. Fehr be so stupid to not see the obvious ?

    …We will see

  29. Chuck says:

    FYI, in case it hasn’t been posted. And I love the new Hockey/Out header logo. 🙂

    Friday, October 5th, 2012
    French-language network to air Hamilton Bulldogs games in 2012-13

    SPRINGFIELD, Mass – The American Hockey League and TVA Sports announced today that the Canadian network has been named the Official French Language Broadcaster of the Hamilton Bulldogs, and will produce and air Bulldogs games beginning with the 2012-13 season.

    The first TVA Sports broadcast will be on Saturday, Oct. 20, at 7 p.m. ET as the Bulldogs – top development club of the Montreal Canadiens – face off against the Toronto Marlies, the top affiliate of the Maple Leafs, at Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto.

    Future broadcasts will be announced at a later date.

    Play-by-play for Bulldogs games will be handled by the well-known, experienced team of commentator Michel Langevin, analyst Yvon Pedneault and reporter Enrico Ciccone.

    “The American Hockey League has long had a terrific fan base in Quebec and among all of French-speaking Canada,” said David Andrews, AHL President and Chief Executive Officer. “I am certain that TVA Sports viewers will enjoy seeing the Canadiens of the future in action today.”

    “With this new agreement, TVA Sports is proud to provide fans with high-level professional hockey starting in October,” said Pierre Dion, President and CEO of the TVA Group. “Up-and-coming Canadiens talent will be showcased early on in the Bulldogs’ season, and this agreement allows fans to follow the progress of future NHL stars such as Louis Leblanc, Brendan Gallagher, Nathan Beaulieu and Jarred Tinordi.”
    The Hamilton Bulldogs have served as the top development affiliate of the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens since 2002, winning four division championships and the 2007 Calder Cup in that time. Current Canadiens players who have come through Hamilton include Carey Price, Max Pacioretty, David Desharnais, Tomas Plekanec and P.K. Subban.

    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Good news Chuck, now we just need Cogeco to start broadcasting TVA and RDS in HD here in Burlington.

      Hey not sure if you saw my post on previous thread, but Oct. 26th there is a few of us getting together for Dogs vs. Marlies at Copps. May go on Sunday as well.

      I am just awaiting confirmation of group tickets purchase process from the Bulldogs.

      Would be great to have you with us.

      • Chuck says:

        Sweet! I’ll try to check in tomorrow before I head out to the Hip show at Ivor Wynne. I’ll also start working on my “Marlies Suck!” chant.

        Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …now THAT has put a smiley on My face 🙂

  30. shiram says:

    Happy birthday to 2 hockey legends, both turning 47 today.
    Patrick Roy and Mario Lemiuex.

  31. DaBuzz says:

    Tough feeling sorry for a bunch of rich spoiled brats who have simply lost their grasp of reality by refusing to take a “pay cut” from their overly inflated multi-million dollar salaries. In my world, the owners are the bosses and are in it to make a profit…they are the owners…they should be the ones who call the shots…it’s not like the kids are being ripped off! They are already making more than they should or deserve! If saved properly, they should be set for life and have no financial worries in their lifetime and their kids lifetime!!!

    Come on boys, put your diapers back on and go out to the local “schoolyard” and play some hockey again. Hopefully your moms will allow you!!!

    The reality is, you are all making more than the President of the United States and The Prime Minister of Canada will ever make in their lifetimes combined…so get off your f@#$% highchairs and hopefully those of you who are paying your salaries ( the fans ) will forgive and forget and move onto another season of NHL.

    …if you continue to cry fowl that it is the owners fault and are not satisfied making a mere 4.5 million a year, then go home and get a real job and see how that feels. Maurice “The Rocket” Richard never complained!


  32. L Elle says:

    Well I don’t know why I came here tonight,
    There’s no hockey and that ain’t right,
    I’m so scared in case this goes on all year,
    And I’m wondering how I’ll get through the tears,
    Fehr to the left of me,
    Bettman to the right, here I am,
    Stuck in the middle with you.

    Yes I’m stuck in the middle with you,
    And I’m wondering what it is I should do,
    It’s so hard to keep this smile on my face,
    Losing control, yeah, I’m all over the place,
    Fehr to the left of me, Bettman to the right,
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

    Well you started out with nothing,
    And you’re proud that you’re a selfish little man,
    And hockey fans they all come crawlin,
    Slap you on the back and say,
    Please…. Please…..

    Trying to make some sense of it all,
    But I can see that it makes no sense at all,
    Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor,
    ‘Cause I don’t think that I can take anymore
    Fehr to the left of me, Bettman to the right,
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

    Well you started out with nothing,
    And you’re proud that you’re a selfish little man,
    And hockey fans, they all come crawlin,
    Slap you on the back and say,
    Please…. Please…..

    Well I don’t know why I came here tonight,
    There’s no hockey and that ain’t right,
    I’m so scared in case this goes on all year,
    And I’m wondering if I have to drink many beers,
    Fehr to the left of me,
    Bettman to the right, here I am,
    Stuck in the middle with you,
    Yes I’m stuck in the middle with you,
    Stuck in the middle with you.

  33. Ian Cobb says:

    > HIO Summit Official Cancellation Notice
    > I am now making this official, we are all disappointed as I have thrown in the towel until we get hockey back in the spring or next year.
    > This is important,
    > All those with reservations with the Novotel “MUST” call themselves to cancel and receive your credit at 1-866-861-6112.
    > Make sure you do not lose your “hockey game tickets”, you will need them to receive your replacement tickets when we have the Summit. There is no other way to get replacement ones.!!!
    > Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments
    > Cheers,
    > Ian

  34. 24moreCups says:

    I was wondering if they cancel the season does it count towards a players contract?

    • Bripro says:

      Pro-rated. They get paid for the time they play.

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  35. Habsssssssswin says:

    …and then again, turnabout is fair play ….

  36. Bripro says:

    Anyone notice that the poll question has been changed to reflect everyone’s response to the last one?

    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  37. Mustang says:

    Commissioner Gary Bettman has already stated that the NHL recovered well from the last lockout that wiped out the entire 2004-05 season “because we have the world’s greatest fans.”

    Not this fan, any more. That little weasel, his team owners, and the players have lost me. Quite honestly, I was just beginning to soften up after the last lockout. I really doubt that I will ever come back this time. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  38. Habsssssssswin says:

    Seen this yet ? …Brilliant !! .. CAUTION Language …

  39. Mats26 says:

    For all you folks who are already going through withdrawal:

    Three words of advice – play the game!

    Ever since I finished grad school (11 years ago) I have been playing rec league hockey. Played a ton of street and shinny as a kid but never on a team. It is such a great source of camraderie, networking, and alcohol!

    By playing, you never lose your connection to the game. I never miss a habs game, but it is via DVR/PVR whenever I have a game or pickup session myself. The only exception is for a game seven versus the Bruins!

    Hopefully some of this advice to be a useful prescription for what ails you.

  40. SmartDog says:

    Did you notice the logo up top now just says

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  41. commandant says:

    The more we get angry, the more Bettman and the Owners know we can’t live without the game and will come back as soon as the lockout is over.

    The most powerful statement is indifference… and thats why I’ll be watching the MLB playoffs, and NFL season, along with Junior Hockey very closely in the next few weeks.

    I can live without the NHL… screw em

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  42. SmartDog says:


    A: Fehr has the players believing in an unrealistic outcome – that they can keep most of what they have – it’s just not going to happen, and they will eventually break because of it.
    B: Bettman has the owners believing the players are going to cave. It’s not going to happen, the league needs to figure out a way to solve it’s own problems rather than taking from the players.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  43. kempie says:

    Working link for a live stream of Dinamo Riga vs. Vityaz (Markov’s team and yes, he’s playing):

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thanks Kempie, pretty full barn they are playing in front of as well. I had just opened the link and it showed a player get scrunched in the corner writhing in pain. Thankfully I figured out it was a Dinamo Riga defenceman…… Needless to say I had a brief panic attack prior to figuring out which team was in which jersey.

  44. docketrocket says:

    Went to John Hyatt concert last night. He is from Nashville and crying the blues about how the Predators will die during this lockout, if not from the Shea Weber contract. He said 10 years creating interest in hockey is going down the drain.

  45. Lafleurguy says:

    To secretdragonfly, “A Season in Time” – Todd Denault should be arriving next week. D’arcy Jenish’s book is brilliant as well. Relevant to this boring reality show that has sprung up to replace live NHL hockey for 2012-2013 are fascinating anecdotes like a seventeen year old Saskatoon native, Howie Morenz, at first rebuffing owner Leo Dandurand’s first offers of a contract with the Canadiens because of his promising apprenticeship with CP Rail. Of course these are different times. I kind of feel sorry for Evander Kane for having to be careful with budgeting his $900,000 minus taxes salary he made last year. This is stated non-sarcastically cause that range of salary can disappear quickly. I’m vaguely recalling that coming out of the last lockout, Theodore was top dog with the Canadiens at 5 mill per and Saku was next at 3.3 mill. JoaquindaPark did a nice job of summarizing the salary increases of the last 7 years. That type of sabermetric statistical analyses has been missing from HIO for months albeit the analyses are usually of hockey stats.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  46. Chuck says:

    I can understand the players not wanting to give back any of their percentage. After all, it’s not their fault that the league continues to sink money into hemorrhaging franchises.

    But if the league were to take fixing their financial model seriously, like axing a number of boat anchor teams, I’m sure that the remaining players would have no problem taking 50% of a larger financial pie.

    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

  47. Sakus Evil Twin says:

    First they take away my brick and now THIS?

    Yes… I’m taking it personally!

    There has to be some kind of fan backlash. There has been too much investment (financial and otherwise) to allow this to pass for a 3rd time in such circumstances…

    Sadly the marketing spin doctors will pull the easily influenced back into the frey with trinkets and ‘fan appreciation’ BS, while hiking the prices to make up for lost revenue.

    It’s unlikely, but I sincerely hope for a week of empty arenas on opening week if/when it happens.

    No answers, just opinions. Bite me. Och.

  48. Bripro says:

    If anyone’s up for a little UHL and a miked-up player, this is pretty funny, and throws me back a bit.
    Warning: Profane language, with a few words in between.

    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  49. HabsWinn-ipeg says:

    Fehr has misplayed this. There was a deal to be made before the lockout, but the longer it goes the worse that deal is going to be. The owners have the ultimate hammer and they are using it – it’s the prerogrative of people who own a business. We can gripe and complain about the greed of the owners all we want, but they are the ones who pay a ridiculous amount to buy a team, and a bunch of them are now losing money on top of what they paid for the team – not good business practice. The owners (at least some of them) are the only ones truly losing money. Under a new CBA the players won’t make as much as they used to, but they are not truly losing money. If they expand revenue sharing some of the owners won’t make as much as they used to, but they will still make money. If I was a player, I wouldn’t like taking a wage rollback, but it’s not like they won’t be able to afford to put food on the table for their kid’s. If I was an owner, I wouldn’t like to a) lose money or b) not make as much money as possible. In the end, the owners will win this thing, which is why I think Fehr misplayed this – he should have got the best deal possible prior to the lockout, i.e. give the league what they want/need on salaries (around 50%) in return for movement in other areas (length of contract, free agency, etc).

    • SmartDog says:

      Ever heard the saying “a general is always fighting the last battle”? Fehr is doing what he did last time. I’m not going to second-guess the guy, because he seems to have the players making plans to sit out the year and the owners aren’t going to be too happy about that. But I do think he’s doing what worked before… and that he should be leading the way out of this thing and instead he may have the players believing in an unobtainable outcome.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • commandant says:

      The owners may be “losing” on their yearly income/loss sheets (and even this is debateable… see the Levitt report pre last lockout, and the fact that Forbes is notoriously inaccurate on sports team info)….

      But the one thing no one takes into account is the fact that the average price for NHL teams keeps growing at the same time. If I have to spend $10,000 in maintenance on my house this year, but my property value goes up by $30,000; have I really lost money by owning a house? Its the same thing with NHL teams.

      Go Habs Go!
      Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  50. SmartDog says:


    I’ve decided I’m going to start watching the NFL. (Basketball is for wooses, baseball puts me to sleep, the CFL is the football version of the AHL, but with what – 5 teams?)

    I don’t follow it now though… so I need a team! I’m a fan up for grabs, please tell me which team you follow and why I should follow them too!

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Habilis says:

      Niners are my team, have been since I was a kid and worshipped Joe Montana. They were all kinds of suck for the last decade or so until last season when their defence carried them to the NFC championship. This year they appear once again to be a force in the NFC with one of the league’s best D’s and a great running game. They’re a pretty fun team to watch if you enjoy smashmouth football. Plus they have a dude at tight end, Vernon Davis, who is just a freak. He’s 6-3, 250 and he’s the fastest guy on the team, very fun to watch.

    • SarahMc33 says:

      I live in SF and the Niners are definitely THE team this year. If you’re up for a team that actually has a shot at winning the Superbowl, I’d say jump in with us 😉

      • SmartDog says:

        Two votes for the Niners… what’s their air game like?

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • Habilis says:

          I won’t lie, their QB (Alex Smith) isn’t the best, but he isn’t the worst either. He’s pretty mobile and he’s a good game manager. Receivers are pretty good with Crabtree, Manningham and Moss and the aforementioned Vernon Davis is in the discussion for the league’s best TE.

    • Blondie says:

      I’ve been a Vikings fan for quite a long time. Since the days of the Purple People-eaters defense. They currently have an amazing RB in Adrian Peterson and a fairly good defense. They’ve had trouble at QB for a while now but young Christian Ponder seems to be rounding into form lately. They were predicted to finish near the bottom of the pile but are currently 3-1, including a convincing win against the niners. (Sorry, had to throw that in :))

      They also have an outspoken punter who can deliver a pretty good rant when he gets fired up.

    • Bripro says:

      If you like achieving underdogs, the Texans are doing very well this year. I seriously doubt anyone would have thought them 4-0.
      The Falcons are also 4-0 but in a division that will give them a pass to the playoffs.
      If you like steady-as-she-goes, personally my faves are the Pats. I don’t think there’s a more reliable QB in the NFL than Tom Brady.
      Don’t listen to Burly, he likes the Steelers, but they’re a bunch of delinquents. 😉
      And I used to root for the ’49ers as a back-up plan, but they’ve suffered from suckitude for too long. Although it does appear that they have a good rushing game again this year.

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

      • SmartDog says:

        I’d go Falcons over Texans. Texans seem so ultra-American.
        The Pats are cool. Isn’t Brady getting old though?

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • HabinBurlington says:

        We Steeler Fans don’t need to lobby to get more fans. You either appreciate Smashmouth Football and the greatest organization in the NFL or you don’t cheer for the Steelers.

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …unsurprisingly, I’m ‘old school’ SD …Green Bay Packers if You like tradition, and a team that over generations have defied their logic of even existing among much larger markets …community-owned, or as ‘community-owned’ as any franchise can be …Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Roger Hornung, how much more football DNA can there be ? …plus today’s Aaron Rodgers

      …other NFL teams can not come close to the testosterone of the Green Bay Packers

      …the Patriots, Niners, Steelers and Bears et al, are pansies (…not that there is anything wrong with that) in comparison to The Pack 🙂

      • HabinBurlington says:

        You left out Lynn Dickey and Eddie Lee Ivory, come on thought you were a pack fan!!!!

        • Habitant in Surrey says:

          …didn’t forget ’em, the list after all is long 🙂 …and after all this time knowing Me, Gerald, You should know I prefer ‘living in the past’ 🙂 …ask Me again in ten years, if I haven’t croaked 🙂

      • SmartDog says:

        I was waiting for someone to say the Packers. Where are they strong right now?

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • Habitant in Surrey says:

          …there ain’t much to write home to momma on the Packers yet, …Aaron Rodgers did have back-to-back 300-Yard, 4-touchdown games for first time in his career, and they do have a solid defense

          …last season Rodgers was the league’s MVP, 4,643 yards and 45 touchdowns… this season, they certainly are not playing to potential, …yet

          …but, like being a Habs’ Fan, I will wait to eternity and remain a faithful Packer Fan SD 🙂

      • Bripro says:

        Hang on, I need to loosen my panty hose.
        Whadayamean, pansies?
        On top of it, you throw my Pats in the same group as the opportunistic (horseshoe-up-their-butts) Bears, the thank-god-for-Tomlin Steelers, and the Meh… 49ers?
        I need to lie down.

        “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

    • frontenac1 says:

      San Diego Chargers Amigo! UCE will tell you why. Better than I can.

  51. Dr.Rex says:

    Clearly the poll question is flawed without the option of “neither”.

    IF the players really are cattle then the fans are the contaminated cattle that get isolated and slaughtered immediately.

    Stick members of both sides in a call center to work for eight hours and I guarantee a deal would be worked out within days.

  52. Bripro says:

    Nick Lidstrom on retirement.

    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  53. topher5468 says:

    I can honestly say that this lockout has me on the brink. I, like most have been addicted to hockey and the Habs since 1978. I am fed up. I have tried to keep up with the negotiations and the reasoning for the lock out. In very trying times, to be fighting over money seems about right. I myself am struggling to maintain my Mortgage without having to work every freakin day, making having a life impossible. I miss hockey, it’s what gets me through most days. Knowing there’s a Habs game on makes my life a bit more tolerable. That being said, I dont think I could ever really give up hockey, But I will not be going to any games or buying any Merchandise. That is all I can actually promise. I miss Boone’s live game blog and ALN, as well as connecting with habs fans as I live in another Country. I hope this gets resolved quickly.

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  54. Habilis says:

    After watching the back and forth between the two sides, one thing has occured to me beyond all else;

    Either Don Fehr is very very stupid, or he thinks that the rest of us are. That’s the only way to justify his “negotiating technique” which apparently consists of nothing other than constantly reminding everyone that the owners chose to lockout the players.

    We get it Don, the owners are evil, blah blah blah. Now either get something done or take a walk. Enough with the blame game.

  55. habsfancali says:

    I wonder when Commissioner Lockout will decree that all players be sent to “relocation camps” only to never be heard from again.

  56. habs-fan-84 says:

    Want to fix the business?
    Here’s an idea, shut down the franchises that have been hemorrhaging money for years. Why this moron has fought tooth and nail to keep these franchises on life support is anyone’s guess. I know this isn’t going to happen, so, with that said:

    The players are both the employees and product, They should probably be at 51%. Without the product there is no business.

    Bottom line, the players need to back off from this 57% non-sense. Conversely, the owners need to understand that without the players there is no product. 51% (for the players) is probably fair…however, I could probably easily be convinced that 50/50 is also the right number.

    I don’t side with either the owners or players, as both need to make concessions. Get a deal done you idiots.

  57. JF says:

    F the NHL. F the owners, F the players, F Gary Bettman, F Donald Fehr. I hope enough people feel like this that attendance figures and merchandise sales take a serious hit when the lockout ends.

    At least as much as the games, I’m going to miss the HIO we have known. We’ll all be watching the Bulldogs and the juniors, but I guess there’ll be no About Last Night, no live game blogs, no heated discussions about line combinations, potential trades, how good or bad the team really is. We’re in for a long winter.

  58. Blondie says:

    Time for fans to vent? Haven’t we all been venting here and all over the interwebs for quite some time now? C’mon Stu, try to keep up. 🙂

  59. rnnoble says:

    I don’t think the fans are actually as angry as we think they are. We are, but then again, many of us have been reading hockey news throughout the off season, so we’re not all that representative of regular people! Other than my handful of diehard friends, many people seem uninterested. In a way, I wonder if that’s worse.

  60. New says:

    I think this is the bad spot. The NHL would have been cluttered right now with assignments, hype from camps, and the broadcast crews practised up. We would have had our tickets, TVs, and plans set. That is all missing.

    Once the networks figure out that people will watch the juniors and AHL like the US watches college football they will devote some resources to it. Not that local broadcasters aren’t up to it but they don’t have the money.

    In a couple weeks everyone can settle down for the long haul. Maybe someone will establish a professional league for hockey. Who knows. But in the interim there are an awful lot of good young players out there who play some fun games worth watching and with Pro broadcasting might bring in numbers like the NHL gets.

    • rnnoble says:

      Let’s not exaggerate! There may be some junior or AHL games on TV, but I really really doubt the viewers will get anywhere near the NHL numbers.
      The junior games attendance is still far below what the NHL was getting for pre-season games. Hard-core fans will look for alternative, but the average person will not.

  61. JoaquindaPark says:

    What a misconception of immeasurable consequences. Yes the players took 24% rollback in 2004-05. They also benefited from an 80% increase in salary cap over the next 7 years. And an increase in salary floor of 152%. Would you not take this kind of raise in a heartbeat? Fact is the NHL miscalculated by offering the last CBA terms, and now they are right back where they were 7 years ago. Losses galore. Time for the players to take another 24%, and look forward to another period of gigantic growth.
    The players position now is thanks for the 80-152% raise and oh you want it back? It was your mistake so Shove it. A the same time they say they got ripped off.
    That is what is killing the game. If you we’re a team losing money, you would lock the players out too.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thanks, amen to that. People seem to forget the unprecedented growth in the game the last 7 years and the increases to Payrolls over that time. Always amazed at how only the rollback 7 years ago is mentioned.

    • Blondie says:

      To be fair, at the end of the last lockout it was almost universally accepted that the players “caved”, got ripped off, scammed. It turned out quite well for them in the end but that was certainly not the intent of the owners.

      This time around it looks more like a vendetta, payback for the players coming out ahead on a CBA that was pretty much forced on them. The lockout was the intended strategy right from the get-go, the first option rather than the last.

      Poor form, I’d say.

  62. holypricehabsman says:

    People are forgetting that not all players make millions, and considering the career of a player is relatively short due to the strain on the body, I can understand why the players are fighting. They need the money they make over 10 years to last 30-40 years. Sure the stars are overpaid, and should take a pay cut, but the owners who are profiting huge should also not be complaining about paying a contract that they committed to. Also players should not be responsible for paying the salaries on teams that are struggling. The players didnt choose to put a team there, the buttman did! Also, there is no reason why he should be paid more than the American president, who’s salary by the way is only 400 000 per year. So why isn’t buttman giving up any of his salary in this dispute?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      All the more reason why those players can’t afford to miss an entire season of earnings. THe changes the NHL are proposing I highly doubt will impact the minimum wages of the NHL by a significant portion. The NHL is looking for rules that police themselves from the 10 year 120million dollar contracts.

      Both sides are idiots for how they have handled this situation.

      And for what it is worth, Buttman has already announced he will not take a paycheque during this dispute.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      The arguement that players need to make enough money in 10 years to last 30-40 just makes no sense. There is nothing that precludes a player from finding another job after hockey is done. If they are unprepared for this eventuality, it is no one’s fault but their own. The rest of us in the world do what we need to do to keep the wolves away, including changing jobs and learning new skills throughout our working lives. Pro players can do the same

      “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
      Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

  63. Habfan10912 says:

    Many of us watch sports such as professional hockey to escape from the unpleasant parts of life. When that unpleasantness interferes with our game it is a disappointment indeed. Sigh.


    • Bripro says:

      100% Jim.
      I would also venture to guess that the consumption of intoxicating substances increases in direct proportion to the number of games lost.

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  64. HabsBeen says:

    What Bettman really meant to say was, “because we have the world’s stupidest fans!”

    Prove him wrong, people! If the NHL ever gets going again, don’t come back. Don’t support the players. Don’t support the owners. Don’t support any team. Walk away.

    Don’t let Bettman take you for granted. Now are you smart enough to do that?

  65. In the poll there should have been a third option.

    “They both disappoint equally.”

    I am extremely disappointed in both sides. Over the past month and a bit I have been selling off 40 years of memorabilia. I refuse to replace it when they all decide to do their jobs and work for a living.

    NHL Center Ice? Never again.
    Trips to watch these groups? Never again.

    I’ll support the charities, but it will be the Heart and Stroke, Diabetes, United Way, Summit etc…

    The owners do it all, the players play and receive money for doing it. Revenue should be based on name not numbers. I go to watch the Montreal Canadiens, the crowd, the Bell and it’s attractions. I go to watch them win. I cheer for the logo on the front and not the name on the back.

    When I buy a Carey Price jersey, he should receiver a little more because they are making money directly from his name.

    But on the ice, it’s Team First.

    The players make enough, and should be paid accordingly when they are directly involved in a sale of memorabilia and novelties.

    But 57% right now to the players is wrong. 50/50 if anything.

    As stated before. One lockout I can accept. Two lockouts is understandable as they fix problems from the first, and three is where they lose fans.

    I consider myself a die hard. My rec room, my collection, my passion for the game. When they lose people like me they can’t be replaced.

    Thousands and I mean thousands of dollars I spend every year in trips with the family to watch NHL.

    Done. They will have to really impress me to get me back.

    Dad said the same thing, and he was Habs crazy since birth.

    I hope I make sense here. I’m pretty angry with the whole thing. A lot of emotion speaking and that ‘s not the best time to write.

    Not impressed NHL/NHLPA your lawyers had one job, to get it done. You failed! In my world that’s a paddling or dismissal. 😆

    They Call Me Shane
    “They never asked to be Canadiens, they were Chosen.”
    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

    • AliHaba says:

      I understand completely where you’re coming from Shane. And it is not a good time to write when one is angry.
      I was working on a trip to the Habs game Feb.23. Five of us for two days in Montreal. At least a grand each spent gone down the tubes for the Habs and the city of Montreal.

      • I love my trips to Winnipeg, Edmonton, St Paul, and Montreal. They took this all away from us. Both sides!

        This year I was taking the family to Florida. A little Disney and a whole lot of TB, and Flr. Dirt cheap to go to games there.

        Guess I’ll take that week to make a million bucks 😆

        They Call Me Shane
        “They never asked to be Canadiens, they were Chosen.”
        Shane Oliver
        Twitter @Sholi2000
        Custom Sports Figures

  66. Cal says:

    Fans of HIO have clamoured for it. There have been questions and commands also, like this one from POdHabfan, “Why are you polluting this site? Just make the album, already!”
    Other posters like FeDupR said, “There’s nothing to fear but Fehr himself!”
    Still others said absolutely nothing.
    Not to leave anyone out, the HIO Post-It Notes™ presents:
    NHL Lockout Blues IV.
    This CD is filled to capacity with old favourites like Bohemian Capsody, This Lockout is Senseless, Sympathy for two Devils, StareWay to Lockout, and the timeless Countdown to Lockout Jeopardy song!
    Copious notes by our very own John Bellyful will complete your brand new copy of NHL Lockout Blues IV. Complementary barf bag included. No hockey players were harmed in the making of this CD.

    • Bripro says:

      So where are we recording?

      Don’t forget the timeless classics…
      “He’s buying what he wants, with his eight mil”
      “Crying on a Sunday afternoon.”
      “Bye bye, our pastime of pride”
      And my platinum hit:
      “No Sympathy for Butthead”

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

      • Cal says:

        Bellyful’s basement. He tells me he had all the equipment. (Then again, I may be hallucinating. 🙂

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I think you will find chips, sodapops, empty tv dinner trays and a man running around crazily muttering beavis and butthead.

          But hopefully indeed there is recording equipment there.

          Good Luck and Godspeed as you enter that holy grail of a basement.


        • Bripro says:

          I’ll bring the piano, bass guitar, classical guitar, drums and bongos.
          On second thought, the bongos alone will probably be sufficient, and a lot easier to carry.
          BTW you might want to back off on those V5s.
          They give me visions too, but when Charlize Theron leaves, I wake up and realize it was all a dream.

          “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Where and when can I pick up a copy?


      • Bripro says:

        I’ve already got the artwork.
        It’s a pencil-drawing of Chara’s jersey, emailed to me from Colin Campbell Fashions. It shows in detail the special telfon coating and the seal of immunity.

        “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  67. savethepuck says:

    I am expecting to see a good hockey game tonight, I have tickets for Halifax Mooseheads vs Saint John Sea Dogs. Both teams are
    4-1 and playing well. The best players are probably Huberdeau and MacKinnon, but there’s a lot of good young talent on both teams. Sea Dogs lost 2 key players in Gagne and MacAuley. They played the first 3 games and are now among the final 29 at Bulldogs camp and according to reports from Stubbs, they’ll at the least be playing for Wheeling in the ECHL if they are late cuts by the Bulldogs.
    Should be a good game but I’d rather be in my basement next to my beer fridge watching the Habs. The lockout sucks!

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  68. Coach says:

    Well, if the fans really want to show their dissatisfaction there is a way to put additional pressure on the owners:

    Create a list of all the companies that the owners own (i.e. Molson, etc.) and then urge all NHL fans to boycott those products. It’ll serve at least two purposes: 1) It will put an additional crunch on the owners (they’ll not only be losing their hockey generated revenues but they’ll also start taking a hit on their other revenue sources as well). and 2) depending how public you can make the boycott – it’s bad press for their companies – never good.

    It’s better than just making a video to display displeasure – it puts a financial crunch on the owners. Not sure how big a market NHL fans are for them but you never know how these things can go viral and spiral … worth a shot eh?



  69. Propwash says:

    If they honestly gave a s*** about the fans, they would be at the negotiating table on a daily occasion, and work out a deal.

    “Access Forbidden” gettin’ ya down?
    Hold down Shift while clicking refresh.

  70. AliHaba says:

    Well I looked at today’s poll question which asks which side do I support now and I cannot respond because I support neither side. I am just totally pissed at the immaturity of both sides and their so-called leaders. This is an ego-driven conflict where we are caught in the middle. When either side gives their “I feel bad for the fans” line, it feels so condescending. We, the fans, are the ones who make the NHL and the NHLPA a reality but we are made to suffer. My wish is that every hockey fan who has the time in their busy lives please take that time to let their feelings be felt. Whatever blog or comment section you read, send your thoughts. It will help get the message across. Social media has become so powerful. Don’t hold back. Tell them how sickening it is to see our “heroes” like Sydney Crosby and Henrik Lundqvist stand behind Donald Fehr as he delivers condescending statements. Tell them how it feels to have our esteemed owners (that means you Geoff) kowtow to Bettman’s egocentric ideas. C’mon guys and gals get your message out! Do it today.

  71. frontenac1 says:

    Scary Pete Says It All. Screw the NHL.
    Go Fronts Go!

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