Islanders bring B team to A city

Post-game audio: Jacques Martin | Lars Eller | Carey Price

Pre-Game AUDIO: Mike Cammalleri | Hal Gill | Ryan White | Mathieu Darche

And they played like the Z-Team in a 7-2 romp that may have cost the Canadiens the services of Mike Cammalleri for the season opener …. if not longer.

Cammalleri was given a match penalty for a vicious slash on Islanders first-round draft choice Nino Niederreiter (a paid hit, financed by a criminal syndicate of bloggers who can’t spell).

Pat Hickey was at the game in Quebec City. Here’s his game story.

Poster larisalapointe put it succintly: “Cammalleri goes postal” It wasn’t pretty.

The real Islanders played in New Jersey, where the home Devils drew 7,000 fans.

The Canadiens’ game against an AHL team was … well, enjoyed may be overstating it … by 15,000 vocal fans.


  1. punkster says:

    I just altered mine. Maybe you could reconsider as well in order to dial down the animosity. You could also follow the example of many here who just choose to ignore posters that irk them. Just a request from someone who grew up in the peace and love generation 😉


  2. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Good to know, and it was well deserved, his negative crap was ridiculous and defintely trolling.  It’s hilarious that certain posters here attack other people they consider “trolls” and they pine to have Timo back,  hypocrites.

  3. HabFab says:

    It is addictive for some bizarre reason.

  4. Mattyleg says:

    Hahaha! Good one! 😀


    …. you are joking, right…?


    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  5. SeriousFan09 says:

    Count me in as one who glad you did it, tired of people coming in with a hatchet and nothing else to add.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  6. Danno says:

    Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain but it takes character and self control to be  understanding and forgiving.

    — Ben Franklin


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  7. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    I stand corrected. I guess he didn’t find anything better to do. Poor guy.

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  8. TOEmastro says:

     In all honesty, if I was made to be such a pariah, I myself wouldn’t WANT to come back. And even if it was just for the off-season, I would hate to be given the O’B treatment. I think the biggest flaw to any online forum is anonymity. IMO, we can get rid of a lot of the BS if instead of an online handle, we were forced to use our real names, even if it was just a first name with a last initial.


    In the words of the late great George Carlin: ” I believe in full rights or no rights at all. I believe you have the right to say whatever you want, but I also believe that if I don’t like it, I have the right to KILL you.”

    In any case, welcome back everyone to the 2010-11 regular season, everyone. The pre-season is over, even for ourselves, so now it counts. Keep your stick on the ice and be civil.


    Cheers and go Habs go

  9. linp says:

    I am among those who like to welcome TIMO back. I found his view critical but civilized.

  10. HabFab says:

    He was back last night, hence the talk.

  11. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    PS Mike


    Its your site. I give you permission to say ass!

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  12. quentin_stuckley says:

    agree.  theo (or his agent) would have thrown up his regular season stats claiming  that 1.1 was too low for a goalie of his caliber.  then the nhl team would have said, ‘what about the playoffs?’  the agent would respond a la jim mora.  “playoffs?!?!” ad hilarium.  no one was looking for theo this off season.  the wild wouldn’t have signed him had josh harding survived the preseason.  he was battling backstrum pretty hard for the starter role.  i know, i had backstrum on my fantasy team last year. 

  13. HabFab says:

    “I wonder why he never played forward”

    Orr was so fast a skater that he needed the whole ice to be able to turn…yeah!


  14. soflohabsfan says:

    Or maybe he approved of the Halak trade and the Halakians got to him.

  15. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    Mike you have restored my faith in your integrity. Way to man up. I will now drop my campaign for transparency.

    I doubt Timo will be back, he probably found something else to do during his exile period but IF he his out there…welcome back Timo. Now shut your piehole. ESPECIALLY AFTER A LOSS!!

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  16. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    I don’t want to make that trade because I like Gomez and dislike Giguere. Toronto doesn’t want to make that trade because it is moving a bad contract that ends after this season for a bad contract that ends in 2014. Plus they are already over the cap, and this would add 1.3 million.

    Also, everything that Mark C said, except I would do Gomez for the time machine straight up.

    Doug Wickenheiser, I’ve got some bad news for you.

  17. linp says:

    Let’s give Price our support. He needs it. Our team needs it. That’s what we have for this season. Similar to an election, we should all stand behind our team now.

  18. Mike Boone says:

    Player A: AK46, drafted in 2003 ahead of … well, let’s not even go into it

    Player B: David Perron, drafted in 2007, four spots after Max-Pac.

    So your point is …

  19. Puck Bard says:

    Thanks for letting us in, Boone. I can certainly appreciate the frustration. I like Timo, like HIO, but boy it must be aggravating sometimes being the zookeeper.

  20. quentin_stuckley says:

    as short as pouliot’s and kostitsyn’s??

  21. Jamie says:

    The problem is the Habs do outdraw the Leafs, but the numbers are split between RDS and CBC, so from the CBC’s perspective the Leafs are the way to go since they are not losing a third of their numbers to another network.  I think the CBC should look at why a lot of english speaking fans such as myself prefer to watch the Habs on RDS even though I don’t understand most of it.

  22. quentin_stuckley says:

    bingo!  face offs, face offs, face offs.  so crucial when we need to clear the zone on the p.k.  in the playoffs we needed more face off wins.  

  23. Mike Boone says:

    Gospel truth: Woke up after a tough loss late in the season. Checked the Comments and found one of his typical, asinine second-guessing rag jobs. Decided – admittedly, in the heat of the moment – that I just couldn’t take another word out of him. Timo is the kind of pain-in-the-posterior who spent his entire high-school life stuffed in a locker. He’s on a short leash here.

  24. quentin_stuckley says:

    “i hated him, thats how great he was.”  nice.  too true.  though not in vogue much these days, at least for me.  i hate lucic.  but i think that stems from legitimate ire. 

  25. HabFab says:


    Do you think back in July, Theodore would have signed with us or anybody else for $1.1 ml?

    Dache for 1 year $500,000 or Moore 2 year $2,200,000…few dollars more?

    Apples to apples… SVP!

  26. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    Thats my point. Negative-YES Irrating- YES But never really mean like some others on this site. Why blacklist Timo when some other downright evil f*cks get to continue spewing bile?

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  27. quentin_stuckley says:

    ‘great in the locker room’  couldn’t agree more.  everybody is shiny, happy people in the photos.  it’s a veritable r.e.m. video.  the team chemistry really solidified during the course of last year, and the playoffs made a perfect springboard to this year.  granted we lost metro, and i think he was an asset to the locker room as well, but the core is there.  should be exciting this year.

  28. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    Timo is too tall to be Captain.

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  29. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    Three-or-more? Are you kidding?

    We gamble on Price because we believe in his potential and haven’t seen his ceiling. Jose? We’ve seen his potential and his ceiling. Been there, done that, happily didn’t buy the jersey.

    Besides I think he still owes the Hells some money for a grow-op or something.

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  30. WestHab says:

    In defence of a fellow Calgarian, I have seen a lot worse stuff than what ever Timo posted. Mind you there is no way I saw all his posts.  Some posters are just downright mean at times, I never really saw that in Timo’s stuff. I always thought that he was just trying to get under most of our skins. I guess he did a good job of it.

  31. Danno says:

    Why stop  there? Start a movement to make Timo Captain of the Commentariat.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  32. quentin_stuckley says:

    i think if we trade gomez then we’ll just open up another hole.  who led the team in goals last year?  gionta.  who played all year with him and feed him the puck?  gomez.  like it or not, if we lose gomez, we possibly lose another scoring line.  toronto wouldn’t give giguere up for gomez, it think.  ‘monster’ gustavvson (sp?) hasn’t dazzled since he was lauded as the great puck savior.  giggy stabilized that team, plus acts a mentor to the monster.  contractually, yes, it makes sense.  but we struggled so much to score 5 on 5 last year, though this year it looks like we’re struggling 5 on 3 to score, we need gomez’s puck distribution skills.  in my opinion.

  33. alfieturcotte says:

    Confusing to me that Gauthier threw $1mm to Alex Auld while Theo’s value is $1.1mm.  Shame on you Gauthier for making some horrid moves that will nullify the Habs momentum from last spring.  The 2011 version of the Habs will fail to make the playoffs — mark my words fellow Habs fans.  We have no goaltending — who will keep the team afloat Price?  Auld?  Dominic Moore let go, instead signs Darche for a few dollars less?  We could only hope that someone in the management brass gets religion soon and lets Gauthier go before we find our way battling the Leafs for cellar dwellers…….

  34. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    PETITION to release the Back Story on TIMO-GATE under the Freedom of Informatio Act.

    A Reply = signature

    Come Boone, come clean. Did you have a valid and just reason or did you just not like the guy??

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  35. linnek says:

    I dont think the Islanders even have an A-team

  36. Mark C says:

    Excuse me if I’m wrong, but Carey Price has had a better SV% in which of the last two seasons. Really what we’re talking about here is upgrading the back-up role from Auld to Giggy, at the expense of a top-6 forward, who finished second last season in team scoring.

    Horrid trade, unless the Leafs throw in a time machine set to at least 2007-08.


  37. HabFab says:

    Boone said he was welcome back (in so many words) the next day and he has had his account active since 5 days after.

    Why he has not posted until now, ask him?

    Why Boone did it in the first place, ask him?

  38. fbkj says:


    also break down your last sentence… jesus christ

    “And don’t say I’m against Price, I’m against him being played before he’s ready —>(which he’s obviously not)”<—

    how do you expect honest debate when you engage like this?


  39. SeriousFan09 says:

    Agree, winning a faceoff is something people tend to forget about when it can turn a few games for a team each season in those close games. Something I miss about Koivu (well another thing) those last few seasons he was an ace in the circle.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  40. LA Loyalist says:

    Maybe he suggested Price wasn’t ready for prime time and the PriceBots(tm) got him.


    “20 games to a new tagline.”

  41. LA Loyalist says:

    Halpern is great insurance. And we haven’t had a face-off specialist since Juneau. If he can teach the young-uns, and play pretty well with limited ice-time he is totally worth it. 

    It’s a cliche but it’s a long year and people get hurt and have slumps. We needed him or someone like him and the price is modest. Good p/up by Gauthier. I can’t believe I’m writing that.


    “20 Games to a new tagline”

  42. novahab says:

    I was sitting at my dentist office reading SI waiting for my preschedule pain and there was the story about Dr. Galea and all the amazing treatments he gave Tiger Woods ,some NFL players and NHL players. I thought wow here is this Doctor right in our back yard with all that happened in baseball,  well all prosports and the Oylimpics and its a Amercian publication thats breaks the story. MMMMMMMMM I wonder what hockey players went to this guy we ‘ll never know because there is no one in this country that will get off their ass to investigate and write a story.

    Heres a story why was there a shake up at the CBC and HNIC. Was it because the Habs played on TSN and made a run in the playoffs knocking out the two teams favorite to win the cup. Why is it the Habs fans in english speaking Canada are force to have the Leafs shoved down out throats every Saturday night. What are the true rating when the Habs play on the CBC and what were the rating for TSN compared to  the CBC showing Ottawa in the playoffs. I wished the Leafs had made the playoffs last year and see who would have drew the most viewers the Leafs or the Habs. I hope TSN gets the Habs again in the playoffs this year and the Montreal Canadiens should sign a deal with TSN and get off the CBC all togther. I love to ask the Molsons why they allow the CBC to promote the Leafs and push the Habs to the back of the room. The Molsons should take a page out of Jerry Jones book because thats how they need to grow this team and this market.


  43. LA Loyalist says:


    GOMEZ for GIGUERE – straight up. Read the post before you start writing the death threats:

    Gomez: approx $7M for a guy who’s great until he gets to the opposing blueline and goes “Oh crap, defense” – BUT the Leafs are desperate for someone to get Kessel the puck and that Gomez can do that well enough for Leafs.

    Guiguere – approx $6M – his “best before” date may have passed (and it looks like Jose has gone Wild), but we need someone to take the bullet while Price chooses between hockey and rodeo. Leaf fans don’t care about defense, if they score a few goals they go home happy.

    It’s basically swapping bad contracts but also filling holes. They’re not problem children per se both Giguere and Gomez are consummate team guys to my knowledge, but Leafs have a big need, we have a big need.

    Discuss among yourselves.

    And don’t say I’m against Price, I’m against him being played before he’s ready (which he’s obviously not) and I’m against not having a plan B if he plays well and gets hurt.


    “20 games to a new tagline.

  44. Danno says:

    Will the Habs be donning the red uniforms or the whites?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  45. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    Count me in as someone who never understood the decision to ban Timo. Negative? YES! TROLL?? No not really.

    Maybe I missed some flame war between Timo and Boone? I like Boone and his writing, very grateful for his wonderful blogging and ALN pieces but I can’t help but feel he was a little heavy handed and perhaps abused his power a little in banning Timo. Then again like I said maybe I missed some particularly vile comment by Timo that led to the Ban but , to my knowledge, so far no one has posted evidence of this. The link posted by HABFAN “nuff said” doesn’t really say anything so maybe it should read “nuthin’ said?”

    Anyway, if someone can give me the back story it would be appreciated. I’ve wonder about this for a while. I guess in the end I don’t really give a crap.

    Last thing… If he has been banned since the end of last season isn’t it a little pompous to assume he still reads the site? If I got banned from a bar (never happened;-) ) i certainly wouldn’t spend the rest of my life standing outside staring morosely through the window. He probably moved on Boone. Maybe you should send him a cake or something. 


    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  46. spos080808 says:

    My tagline is back to being relevant. Nice.



    Timo is the biggest joke & fraud in the history of hockey “fans”

  47. TorontoHabsFan says:

    From the “Grass Is Always Greener” file:

    Player A: 245 GP, 67 G, 141 pts = 0.58 PPG

    Player B: 225 GP, 48 G, 124 pts = 0.55 PPG


    Player A = Andrei Kostitsyn

    Player B = David Perron


    Now ease up on the David Perron lionization already, eh Boone?

  48. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  49. says:

    I only remember him as the guy with the peanut commercial on HNIC.  I wonder why he never played forward and was Doug Harvey his favourite player?  I’ll ask him the next time I see him 😉    (that’s a wink for those who don’t  know).

    They Call Me Shane

  50. says:

    He can take the puck from end to end.  He kills penalties.  He can score.  He can pass.  He’s Great in the Locker Room……did I mention he kills penalties?  He does it all.  He may not be worth 7 million, but you should be happy we got both he and Pyatt in that deal.  I am.


    They Call Me Shane

  51. Bill J says:

    Apparently not.

    😉 lol

  52. Bill J says:

    RDS – Yes.


  53. Bill says:

    Is the game on RDS? Just reactivated my cable!

    Good to have Timo back, never could figure out how he got banned anyway. People who call him negative and annoying have deficient sense of humor.

  54. Josh says:

    Moulson is injured.

  55. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Why is all the pressure on Carey Price and not 7 million dollar man, Scott Gomez? I’m hoping that Gomez finds some early chemistry with his linemates, puts up some points and learns to … SHOOT THE PUCK! It’s starting to look like Tom Pyatt was the best part of that deal.   

  56. Ian Cobb says:

    Bobby Orr by Red Fisher, great read. Orr was just special, as a young Habs fan, I would just cringe every time he started up ice with the puck. Glad I saw him in his prime. I hated him, thats how great he was.

  57. CanadienBoy says:

    Vet like Halpern will get you those extra 2 pt went game are tight.

  58. terrygain says:

    Novagibberish. From start to finish. 


    Did anyone notice how those Maple Leaf fans are such sheep? They support management no matter what. It’s no wonder they haven’t won in 43 years.

  59. matraque says:

    Bring back the Nordiques!


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  60. The Cat says:

    Maybe he asked the HIO brass nicely?


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  61. salshabs says:

    Just have to get my two cents in on Red Fishers assertion that Bobby Orr was the best player ever.  Absolutely correct.  Jaw droppingly good.  So good you could not believe what he was doing on the ice.  A defenceman winning the scoring tilte multiple times…I’m 56 years old, and, Bobby Orr is without a doubt the best player of my generation…nuff said.

  62. Danno says:

    Timo’s here.

    And here.

    And here.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  63. Bill J says:

    Why is this spammer not banned yet ?

    This is ridiculous!

  64. coachdoug says:

    Welcome back Timo…De Oppreso Liber!

    And Hockey in Quebec City…It’s a good day

    “Six more years…God Bless You Turtleneck Man!”

  65. BJ says:

    Welcome back Timo. How do you define,negativity? To disagree with a particular point of view? Some people see the Habs finishing in the top five. Others perhaps 8thor out of the playoffs, is that negative? I’m looking for a great and entertaining effort on a game by game basis. Are we a better team than last year? Only if Price can perform to Halak’s standard. So far the goaltending has been from bad to OK in two games. With the level of competition being so high (and this goes for most teams) to make the playoffs you need consistency, effort, goaltending and health. If we have those elements in place I see a 8th to 5th place finish. Keeping in mind that at least one team behind us last year got better in the summer (the Tampa Bay Bulldogs). I somehow feel that our first game in Toronto will tell us a lot about the type of team we can expect this season.

  66. gumper says:

    Based on what I’ve seen of pre-season action, I’d keep Ryan White and Ben Maxwell over Jeff Halpern, mainly because they have played with more energy and determination. The only thing that will keep Halpern on the team is his ability in the face-off circle.

  67. adam76 says:

    Yes – can someone give us the backstory?

  68. adam76 says:

    The Islanders have an “A” Team?  When did this happen?

  69. Puck Bard says:

    Timo’s back: now can someone please take this punk out?

  70. Puck Bard says:

    Timo’s back? Where, where?


  71. Keith says:

    Timo’s back eh? I can’t even figure out why he was banned in the first place. Maybe for being too funny perhaps? I guess the “Free Timo” campaign worked. Welcome back Timo!

  72. Danno says:

    Not sure which event is bigger, the return of Timo or of Markov?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  73. Ian Cobb says:

    Fan Summit Updates–Click on Summit side bar or link below to sign up for your name tags

    everyone is welcome to join us, check out the itinerary and come on down!


    And don’t forget that this is the first year to see the New Montreal Canadiens Hockey Hall of Fame. Tour starts at 10:30 Sat. Nov.6. Everyone welcome.

  74. novahab says:

    Well way to go Boone PK is a hotdog give me a break. He a kid with talent and he tring to bring a element to the Habs  they have not had in along time.  The sport writters here at the Gazette never leave a chance on the table to take a shot at a player. I can undersatnd you don’t want to come a cross like a homers but when will you do the real work and find the real stories. Like how the refs in this league seem to have a bias against the team. Last year the Canes had 11 powerplays against the Hab 0 on the Canes home ice. Now that a story but as always you guys would rather take shots at our players because god forbid Bettman’s office might call and you guys would all crap your pants. The Gazette is like CNN . The so called reporters at CNN put on head cases like Palin, O’Donnell and a bunch of redneck racist Teabaggers because they don’t want to look like Liberal supporters. Come on you guys grow a pair and stand up and let see some real stories .

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