Is this ever cool!

From Marketing magazine:

The fabled Montreal Forum Ghosts have a starring role in a new television commercial celebrating the Montreal Canadiens’ 100th anniversary.

The TV spot, created by Jet Films, features current Habs players in colour playing against the original teams, before NHL expansion, in black and white. The ad is supported by two different posters promoting the team’s centennial.

The TV spot begins with a black and white shot of former players on the bench with current coach Guy Carbonneau behind them, before switching to a faceoff with current and past Habs stars like Maurice Richard and Alex Kovalev playing together against their old rivals, passing and scoring. The spot ends with the copy, “L’Histoire se joue ici” (History plays here).

It will be aired on the RDS and TVA networks throughout the season and on the giant TV monitor at centre ice at the Bell Centre before the start of each home game.

It took more than 70 hours of archival film and 41 home games played at the Bell Centre last year to create the 30-second spot, said Nancy Thibodeau, director of communications and development at Jet Films.

“The project grew out of the hockey team wanting to combine old and recent photos of players as part of its centennial celebrations,” she said. “Then they approached us about doing something similar for a TV spot which took about a month to produce.”


  1. JLa30 says:

    one of my favourite shirts (other than my Habs jerseys of course). My other favourite shirt says “Maple Leafs Suck” on the front and “Losers since 67” on the back. I live in Toronto and I make sure I wear either shirt when I’m out having drinks with friend.

  2. Kristopher7 says:

    Yeah most of all the NHL’s “Is this the year” campaign ads are awesome but I admit the Habs one is my fav… the music is really amazing and just puts me into a trance when i watch it.. almost makes me want to shed a tear of pride.

  3. Kristopher7 says:

    lol funny tshirt

  4. Kristopher7 says:

    Wow this gave me goosebumps 😮

  5. habsfan reduxit says:

    … if RDS runs the ad, I wonder if TSN would run it as well. Wouldn’t it be great if the whole country were introduced to “The Montreal Canadiens”? But then again, if that happened, maybe someone would want to buy the team and move it to Toronto.

  6. lefreak says:

    this is simply amazing.

    well done, and what a touch of class.

  7. Harani says:

    yup…nothing seems’t wait for saturday’s game especially coz i’ll be dere!

  8. Chorske says:

    Totally agree. It should be 90 seconds plus.

    Using the footage of kovy with no helmet was sheer brilliance.

  9. JLa30 says:

    OooH! I’ve got chills! Great commercial!

  10. Dintrox says:

    Thanks for the youtube link.. Great video very well produced. It must have taken hours of editing to get it so seemless….

  11. Tom S. says:

    This clip sent chills down my spine…

  12. teamplayer says:

    30 seconds just doesnt do it justice… I think they should have about 6 more clips so they can have a new one for every month and they could use this years footage too, BGL?!

  13. Hoegarden says:

    Pure magic; I jump from being 57 to being 7 and back to 57.

  14. The Teacher says:

    I saw it on TV and I have to say, I had shivers running down my spine. Definitely an awesome idea that was very well put together.

    I will say once again, I am so glad I am a Habs fan.

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  15. nightmare_49 says:

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  16. HabsoluteFan says:

    Did any of you notice that they took Kovy’s C away and replaced it with the A for the TV Add. That clip was takin from his goal against the Poos in game 5 last year when he had the C with Koivu’s injury.

    This one from the NHL is also pretty amazing :

  17. the_larry says:

    Those are great! I love the beginning with Carbo behind the bench.

  18. Naila Jinnah says:

    Those videos are truly awesome.

  19. Iceberg84 says:

    It sure was nice of those forum ghosts to make the trek over to the bell centre 😀 Or were the 08-09 players the ghosts? Does that mean Kovalev can travel through time in spirit form? I’m frightened and confused…I think I’m having habs withdrawal because of this 5 day wait. Anyone else feeling it too?

  20. sidhu says:

    Does anyone have a link to the Habs pregame centennial montage, with U2’s “Bad” playing in the background??

    I was at the Habs-Wild preseason game, and the montage was amazing.

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