Is there a record for 3-0 losses?

The bleeding continues …


  1. Ian Cobb says:

    Thanks Ron, the very best of the season to you.

    Looks like we picked up a fellow that can play, and give some of our older D less minutes and rest Georges, he is playing hurt.

  2. SeriousFan09 says:

    Leblanc and Nattinen with Goals today, lovin’ the feel of Habs Future this week.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  3. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    I hope Wiz doesn’t go deaf during his first home game at the Bell…..should be quite a shock to the ears after playing at Nassau Coliseum

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    Big time acquisition on D.  I like it, a lot.  Great addition, for a minimal cost.

  5. ShangaDoo says:

    Fleury leads Price now in All Star voting…should I be bothered by it?


    “They say you can’t buy experience,and it’s really true.” -Carey Price

  6. Arrow77 says:

    The problem is that I think they’re already under the cap floor, even counting Yashin’s salary. I feel bad for them because it’s an organization with a great history that desperately need a good team to gain back the fans they lost and in that regard, this move looks like another nail in their coffin. This team is really getting f#cked by it’s owner.

    Great trade for Montreal, though!

  7. Spoons91 says:


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  8. HardHabits says:

    Shortie for Leblanc.

  9. thorandresson says:

    LeBlanc just scored a great shorty!

  10. thorandresson says:

    Good point.  


    But the guy is having a good season and chances are the Isles wouldn’t keep him, or he wouldn’t stay after this year.


    And the 5th rounder is conditional, so it probably depends on the Habs signing him this summer, which they probably will if he becomes a big part of the team.



  11. Spoons91 says:

    FYI joonas nattinen (habs 3rd rounder in 2009) is tearing it up in the world juniors 

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  12. Harani says:

    Joining the team in Tampa on Wednesday.


  13. Spoons91 says:

    He isn’t playing tonight, is he?


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  14. Harani says:

    Matched against the best players on the other team (avg 23:14 TOI/gm) and 126 minutes (total TOI) more than anyone else on his team, that sounds about right. Also doesn`t help when you`re playing in front of oft-injured DiPietro and old geezer Roloson.

    “It must be love!”

  15. Bill says:

    Also worth noting that tje Islanders themselves only had to give up a 3rd-rounder last August to get him from the Ducks: so essentially they traded a 3rd for a 2nd and a 5th … not bad!

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  16. HardHabits says:

    Isles are embracing the tank.

  17. K-hab25 says:

    Who would want him though? 🙂

  18. Bill says:

    I don’t think it’s such a bad deal for the Isles. They aren’t going anywhere this year and Wizniewski is a soon to be UFA. A 2nd rounder is just about the going rate for players like him in their contract year. The Habs threw in the extra pick, and the Isles get some salary off their books now instead of waiting until the deadline.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  19. Ron says:

    HaHa, I mention d-man and low and behold they pick up Wissi. He is tough with good size and may make a good pairing for PK.

  20. Harani says:

    And the second round pick the Habs are giving is the compensatory one the Habs are getting for not signing 1st round pick David Fischer not the Habs real second rounder (which was traded to the Panthers for Dominic Moore)

    AND CapGeek tweets that Habs can get  a player with a full-season cap hit of $3.5m-$4m even after Wisniewski trade. I`m happy with that. Leaving options open

    That said, it`s an awful trade for the Islanders. What a joke of a franchise!

  21. diehardhab says:

    +/- is an extremely flawed stat. Mike Green was like +40 last year and we all know what everyone thinks of him defensively.

    The torch be yours to hold it high!

  22. HabsFaith says:

    on the islanders… what’s taverese?

  23. king ddd says:

    wiznewski is  also +/-  -18



  24. HardHabits says:

    HAHAHAHAHA. I wanted the Habs to get Wisniewski a long time ago. AWESOME NEWS!!!

  25. Harani says:

    WOOHOOO!?! Habs land JAMES WISNIEWSKI (let’s see Boone type that!) from the Islanders for a compensatory second round pick in 2011 and a conditional 5th round pick. I like it. you?

    Habs needed help on D and badly on the PP. And Wisniewski put up points on a kind of bad Islanders team. And Wisniewski brings some more grit and sandpaper to this team. (Lapierre AND Wisniewski = LOL!) And he’s right-handed to

    Here’s the link :


  26. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    What the…..Habs traded for Wisniewski?!?

    I wonder if he can make it in time for the Caps tonight 🙂

  27. Ron says:

    I don’t know who they might put behind the bench if they make that type of change ( I do feel they need it ) but maybe its time for Kirk to take control for a while. He is more a players coach and might beable to lite a fire under this bunch. I would also hope a big d-man is picked up as well as a good top 6 forward with some size and skill. Toughness from both additions would be a big requirement. Hope you had a great holiday Ian. Catch you later.

  28. HardHabits says:

    Habs should scout heavily in the Czech Republic. Maybe hire Hamrlik and/or Spacek after they retire.

  29. Aybara says:

    Thanks a lot!

  30. Aybara says:

    Anyone have a stream for the junior game?

  31. Keith says:

    Team Canada coming on shortly and the Habs and Caps a bit later. Love this time of year.

  32. Ian Cobb says:

    Here is our team standings, in the 30 team league, compared to last week boys and girls.

    said I was not going to criticize J. Martin this year after the great
    run in the play offs last year. But does he really have what it takes
    to get this team to the next level ?. I sure don’t know.

    If he could only match his great defensive game with an offensive game, we would be at the top of the heap.


    Goals Against—83,  We are in   3rd place.   Last week we were in   2nd place.

    Total Points—–42,  We are in  15th place.   Last week we were in  12th place.

    Goals For——–93,  We are in  21st place.   Last week we were in  19th place.


    Something is going to break here somewhere. I do smell a trade or movement behind the bench coming.

  33. Danno says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold

    Let’s hope it doesn’t come out frozen. As in waffles


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  34. Shiloh says:

    Unless Chris F. Lee is reffing – he might find a way to nullify some of our goals.

  35. Shiloh says:

    A couple of things:

    1. I think the Habs will play well tonight – the Capitals like to skate and that fits our game a lot better than trapping teams.

    2. Boone – it seems that you are going to continue Quick Hits as well as About Last Night. I would like to suggest a name change for Quick Hits. How about Late Hits? It has a nice 5-minute major kind of edge to it.

  36. punkster says:

    Took years of study and practice to get to this point. Not gonna mince words.


  37. Aybara says:

    astute observation good sir.

  38. Aybara says:

    It all boils down to consistency, consistency, consistency. We don’t have it and we really need it.

  39. punkster says:

    The team that scores the most goals tonight will win.


  40. rhino514 says:

    This team isn´t this bad. It´s a deeper team than the one which beat the penguins and capitals last spring. It can roll 4 good lines when it couldn´t even roll 3 decent lines last year. It is not quite as strong defensively as their goals against indicates but it is more threatening offensively than a lot of people think. Give them a puck moving defenseman to feed the forwards and things will improve quite a bit. The guys have just lost a bit of confidence. Remember the first 20 games of the year when they played every single top tier team real tough (except maybe the 3-0 game against philly). They didn´t let in 3 regulation goals for 29 games. This team has alot of character, is very disciplined, and will rebound. But it needs that missing piece on the blueline to be a cup threat. If they get it and if (when, actually) Subban regains his confidence they will be a force to be reckoned with. Problem is with Gorges hurting and PK erratic right now they are in danger of falling behind and missing home ice advantage. The miracles of last year nothwithstanding, they will have a MUCH better chance to keep going  in the playoffs if they finish first in the division.

  41. arcosenate says:

    Sutter just stepped down as GM in Calgary, replaced by Jay Feaster, of T.B. infamy.

    Is there no new blood to be found in the NHL?

    Jay Feaster?!

  42. CHasman says:

    The Canadiens can play a great game tonight but will not win without top notch goaltending.  Washington will get plenty of chances but their achilles heal is that they sacrifice defense to do so.  Which means that we have to convert chances into goals. It should be an exciting game because that’s the type that the Caps play.  Earlier this season I was confident that we would be in every game and we were but the key then was the superb goaltending and we are fooling ourselves if we think we are getting it these games.  I’m not saying we won’t get it, just that it’s not a sure bet. Come on Carrey, time to steal one for us.

  43. gumper says:

    After the complete fiasco on Long Island Sunday I expect to see a better effort tonight, although all signs point to an extension of the losing streak. (Sacrificed two lambs and and ox for this augury!) Prediction for final score: 4-2 Caps with Price standing on his head and an EN goal.

  44. Bill says:

    Maybe it IS just a slump! Maybe the Habs will shake it off and play a dominant match tonight! I’ve got a good feeling about it. *knocks wood*

    Full Breezer 4 Life

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