Intense Habs rarin’ to go in scrimmage, but Plekanec sits

Tomas Plekanec

The Canadiens expect Thursday night’s intra-squad to be an intense affair with players gearing up for Saturday’s season opener against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“You have to approach it as if it were a real game,” Brandon Prust said. “There are some guys still fighting for jobs and you have to get the right mindset going into the season. You can’t worry about injuries. ”

Josh Gorges, who is among the league’s premier shot-blockers, said he expects to get in the way of a few pucks.

“I’m going to be smart about it,” Gorges said. “Once you get out there, instinct takes over, it’s not something you can turn on and off. You can’t hold back because that’s when you get those silly injuries.”

Andrei Markov noted that the team usually has seven or eight exhibition games before the season opener, but when asked whether he missed the exhibitions Markov referred to the games he played in the KHL and replied: “I’ve had my exhibition games.”

When told that fans started lining up at 7 a.m. for the first-come, first-served seats at the Bell Centre, Markov said he wasn’t surprised.

“The fans in Montreal love hockey,” he said.

While coach Michel Therrien scheduled Thursday’s activities to replicate an actual game day, goaltender Carey Price said there were some differences.

“If this was a game day, I wouldn’t be doing (promos) for TSN,” Price said.

Therrien said all the players will dress in the main locker room. He said he would keep the same lines he has been using in practice and will split the players into two balanced teams after they arrive at the Bell Centre at 5 p.m.

Tomas Plekanec will not play. Therrien said he is being held out as a precation.

  1. commandant, 17 January, 2013

    As long as Pleks is ready for Saturday.

    He probably doesn’t need the scrimmage as much as others due to the fact he played in Europe.

    This is the first game of the year for others.

    Go Habs Go!
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  2. shiram, 17 January, 2013

    He’s said the new system is not all that new, only a few differences, and he’s been talking with Galchenyuk too, so hopefully they are ready to gel on saturday! Gionta must be raring to go too.

  3. Chuck, 17 January, 2013

    Is this sucker going to be available for viewin’ for tonight?

    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

  4. shiram, 17 January, 2013

    No, only radio.

  5. B, 17 January, 2013

    When I read folks asking about tonight’s scrimmage being televised, I keep hearing Allen Iverson in the back of my head (…its practice man…its not a game, its practice…practice!…)

    That said, if it was on, I would of course watch.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  6. habsfan0, 17 January, 2013

    I’m starting to wonder if money isn’t the only thing preventing PK from signing a new contract. I’m sure he’s aware of the comments made by Michel Therrien in the past about him, and this might be playing a role.
    Hopefully we’re not witnessing a replay of the Mario Tremblay-Patrick Roy fiasco here. That one didn’t end very well for Le Club de Hockey Canadien.

  7. Habsrule1, 17 January, 2013

    Therrien has been tough on PK, but I never read into that anything like he does not like PK or anything even close. He believes, like many others, that PK has things to learn and with the right guidance he can and will be a great NHL defenseman for a long time.

    There is no way Therrien wants to lose the team’s best (or one of) players.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  8. Mattyleg, 17 January, 2013

    I think the Thierrien/PK thing has been blown out of proportion by everyone.

    Has PK ever met Therrien? Vice versa?

    Comments made by hockey people for the media as pundits shouldn’t be taken as scripture. If Therrien has said in the past that he doesn’t like certain things about PK, seeing him in person might change his mind.

    And there’s no reason why a coach has to like his players, he just has to be able to play them to their advantages. Therrien is a mature coach now, and knows he can’t let personal feelings (if and when they come into things) get in the way of him doing his job properly.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  9. Loonie, 17 January, 2013

    Might not help that Hal Gill hates Therrien’s guts. Subban and Gill have become quite close.

  10. Mattyleg, 17 January, 2013

    How do you know that?
    Do you have a source for it?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  11. Loonie, 17 January, 2013

    dave stubbs

  12. Un Canadien errant, 17 January, 2013

    Again, Tom, the Dave Stubbs quote was attributed to an NHL veteran who was not named. A lot of HIO readers assumed that it must be Hal Gill who said it, based on the timing of the quote so close to an in-depth interview these gentlemen conducted, and it’s a worthy guess, but we shouldn’t turn around and repeat it as a fact.

  13. Habsrule1, 17 January, 2013

    If that matters in the least, PK is dumber than I thought. If my friend dislikes someone, that doesn’t make me dislike them.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  14. Loonie, 17 January, 2013

    Fair enough but this is a career decision for Subban. Not who he chooses to hang out with on a Friday night. We’ve all had co-workers who we didn’t necessarily like and people we haven’t enjoyed working for I’m sure.

    Subban has a choice though, and it could be playing into his decision.

  15. Hoegaarden, 17 January, 2013

    Gomer clears waivers. Things must be pretty bad when even the Laffs don’t call you.

  16. Cal, 17 January, 2013

    Once the buyout goes through, Gomer becomes a UFA. Then, Toronto will call him!

  17. Mattyleg, 17 January, 2013

    Not even they would be foolish enough to take on even a part of his salary.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  18. BJ, 17 January, 2013

    Could the moderator advise on a change of blog topic?

  19. Ghosts of the Forum, 17 January, 2013

    Rumours swirling in Calgary that the Flames are going to take a chance on Gomez (not on waivers, but as a UFA).

  20. Loonie, 17 January, 2013

    Pretty scary that there are teams out there who he would actually provide an upgrade to at centre.

  21. Say Ash, 17 January, 2013

    You don’t think he’s still an NHL talent, putting the contract aside?

  22. Loonie, 17 January, 2013

    Yes I do. He just doesn’t provide an upgrade to the majority of teams.

  23. shiram, 17 January, 2013

    I’d bet a cola at Chez Claudette that Gomez will play in the NHl again.

  24. HABZ24, 17 January, 2013

    Gomer should play with that other ultimate bum kovalev


  25. shiram, 17 January, 2013

    Panthers? I guess they could use a bottom C

  26. Mattyleg, 17 January, 2013

    Kovalev was not a bum.
    Not even in the same galaxy as Gomer.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  27. Hobie Hansen, 17 January, 2013

    He’s not a bum but I’d expect he and Gomez to get the same amount of points if they had the same ice time somewhere this season.

  28. bwoar, 17 January, 2013

    Repost from the last thread:

    Encouraging from the coach:

    “We want our team to use our speed. We’ll encourage our players to be a little more aggressive, probably, than in the past, about forechecking. The way we want to play — I can’t go into details, it’s too complicated — is that we’re going to be a team that uses our speed.”

    So, no more JM “Sit back and dump, only counterattack when absolutely necessary” ?


  29. Timo, 17 January, 2013

    Will see about that. That “it’s too complicated” thing cracks me up. Yes, hockey is so complicated. So many possible ways to play the game… like 3. 🙂

  30. bwoar, 17 January, 2013

    A guy forechecking in a CH jersey is confusing; Habs fans have only watched other teams do it lately.


  31. Timo, 17 January, 2013

    So even if Subban signs today or tomorrow… he still probably won’t be in the opening lineup. The guys is cold – unlike other overseas heros, he’s been giving interviews all this time and cruising Lori Graham. How much time has he spent on skates since the glory of the last season?

  32. shiram, 17 January, 2013

    I would think he would fit in some skatin training in his schedule once in a while.

  33. Hobie Hansen, 17 January, 2013

    He’s been working out like crazy at Laylor Sports and practicing with the Mississauga OHL Junior team.

  34. Bripro, 17 January, 2013

    You’re just jealous because he got to cruise her, and I refuse to set up a blind date with her on your behalf.
    Did I tell you he’s one of my business peer’s next door neighbour?

  35. Timo, 17 January, 2013

    Wouldn’t really be a blind date, would it?
    I saw her legs, she can see my yellow outfit anytime too…

  36. Bripro, 17 January, 2013

    Have you ever washed it?
    You always seem to strike the same pose….

  37. Timo, 17 January, 2013

    That pose is what gets all the ladieeeez.

  38. Bripro, 17 January, 2013

    It certainly gets most of the boys on HIO…

  39. Ron, 17 January, 2013

    Timo has had that on so long the arms are stuck to the front of the jacket 😀 😀

  40. Bripro, 17 January, 2013

    I just watched Stubbs’ montage of interviews with MT.
    Congrats to Stubbs. Great job. Great interview.
    I’ve been reading a lot of dislike regarding our new coach.
    As I said at the beginning, given his success with young players while coaching the Pens, I don’t have a problem with his selection.
    And watching him last year almost boil over at the players’ lax in several areas, I knew that he’d be addressing issues of weakness/inconsistency.
    I think he’ll make a big difference. The fact that he offered assurances to Gally that there’s no pressure, yet still had him practice the shoot-outs as much as the other players, I think he’s shown us his hand, even just a little bit.
    It’s all speculation, but one thing’s certain. While the kid is up here, he’ll play.
    There is no way the Habs will be cleaning the cellar floor this year. I think MT’s approach and the player’s anxiety will have them in the mix for the entire season.
    Wishful thinking? Maybe. But who cares, as long as the play for the prize. I’d love to stand next to my son on Saint Catherine to
    1. Rub it in (as you know, he’s a Bs fan) and
    2. Say: “You see, this was our (almost) annual right-of-passage when I was a kid. There’s nothing like a Stanley Cup parade to exude pride.

    Go Habs Go!

  41. BJ, 17 January, 2013

    Any one know why Blunden and St. Denis would be placed on waivers? If nothing else they need them in Hamilton. I watched a game yesterday vs Abbotsford and it is at best with the call ups an ECHL team.

  42. Mattyleg, 17 January, 2013

    They have to pass waivers to go to Hamilton.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  43. BJ, 17 January, 2013

    They were playing already in Hamilton since the seasons start.

  44. bwoar, 17 January, 2013

    They’re being put under 2-way contracts, if I understand correctly. They’ve been on AHL-only until now, to allow them to play during the lockout.


  45. Bripro, 17 January, 2013

    I’m sorry to play the odd-man on this, but I think Gomez is going to have a bounce-back this year.
    And I’ll be fine with it, as long as it doesn’t come back to haunt us.

  46. Mattyleg, 17 January, 2013

    Yeah, I think he’ll sign somewhere and have a decent season.
    Nothing insne, but a good season.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  47. Say Ash, 17 January, 2013

    Will he get more than his 11 points last year? Sure.

  48. Strummer, 17 January, 2013

    I have to agree Bri-
    Wherever he plays the pressure will be off.
    He won’t be making $7.5 million a year so with a much lower salary and lower expectations that’ s a huge weight off his shoulders

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  49. Timo, 17 January, 2013

    Are you implying he did not do well in previous 2-3 seasons?

  50. Bripro, 17 January, 2013

    I thought he was one of the best on the ice in the ’10 playoffs. Which is why I thought he was going to have a great year last year.
    So I can be wrong too. It happens. Just ask my wife.

  51. Hobie Hansen, 17 January, 2013

    He’ll be a good addition as a 3rd or 4th line center for a million bucks a season.

  52. Bripro, 17 January, 2013

    I’d take him back for $1MM/yr. Easily.

  53. JF, 17 January, 2013

    I actually agree. Getting out from under that albatross of a contract will free him to be the player he did not succeed in being his last two years here – not a $7 million player, but a decent third-line centre.

  54. Garbo, 17 January, 2013

    He certainly can’t do worse. I think anything at this point could be considered a bounce back season for him.

  55. JF, 17 January, 2013

    Just finished watching last night’s L’Antichambre since I couldn’t watch last night. I have to say I’m impressed with what I’ve seen and heard so far from Michel Therrien. He seems a lot more confident, a lot calmer and more even-keeled than when he last coached the Habs. He’s also very focused and intent on making the best use possible of this short week.

    What I found the most positive was the emphasis he placed on communication and on unity within a team and an organization. He said it starts at the top; Marc Bergevin has assembled a management and coaching team that are already united in their approach and that communicate well with each other. The culture on the team and in the locker room will be a reflection of this overall unity, and communication will be very important. This makes a very welcome change from the previous administration, in which no one seemed to have any idea what was happening.

    I also liked that Therrien spoke to Galchenyuk as soon as he arrived, before he’d even had time to take off his coat. He told him to enjoy training camp, to learn as much as possible, and not to worry that his performance would be judged in terms of how many goals he scored or whatever. He also said in reply to a question that, if Galchenyuk stayed, he would live with one of the veterans. This is great news. I think we all realized a few years ago that the Canadiens as an organization did not do a great job of providing a good framework for their young players. An 18 year-old coming to a big city has as much to learn off the ice as on.

    Some have suggested that Therrien does not like P.K. or does not want him or something. I don’t know where this is coming from. He has at times been critical of P.K., but I’m sure he welcomes the opportunity to work with him, just as he would with any talented young player. He probably realizes that this will be a challenge, but as for not wanting him on the team, I think that kind of speculation is completely unfounded.

  56. Timo, 17 January, 2013

    It’s all nice and pretty until the season begins. Everyone can say all the right things… we’ll see how his team does this season. Unless, of course, this is the first year of another 5 year plan.

  57. Loonie, 17 January, 2013

    Exactly. I have a strong suspicion that he’s snowing people into think he’s reinvented himself……we’ll see.

  58. Ozmodiar, 17 January, 2013

    … when he was asked whether he missed the exhibitions, he referred to the games he playhed in the KHL and replied: “I’ve had my exhibition games.”


    Markov is surprisingly quotable and funny, despite his taciturn nature. Gotta love the guy.

  59. Say Ash, 17 January, 2013

    Who was Therrien’s whipping boy(s) the last time he coached here?

  60. Loonie, 17 January, 2013

    If I’m not mistaken it was Sheldon Souray. Could be mistaken.

  61. K-hab25, 17 January, 2013

    If that’s true, then I see why people are worried MT is gonna ruin Subban, because as we all know Sheldon turn into an awful player.

  62. HabsWinn-ipeg, 17 January, 2013

    Souray was an awful player already – it was only exposed once he no longer had Markhov at his side. He was always defensively suspect, and often didn’t look like he was putting full effort in, both of which would drive MT nuts.

  63. PeterD, 17 January, 2013

    Anyone know if or how we can listen to or watch tonights inter-squad scrimmage??

  64. Cal, 17 January, 2013

    TSN 690- audio only 🙁

  65. PeterD, 17 January, 2013


  66. PeterD, 17 January, 2013

    Watch tonights scrimmage on HabsTV on the Habs main website…plug your pc into your TV with an HDMI cable and stream it thru your TV…WooHoo…Game on baby.

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