Inside/Out Fan Summit this Saturday: Not too late to take part…

summit-banner.jpgFrom Jay Weiss:

Hi everyone. We’re just a few short days away from the first annual Habs Fan Summit on Oct. 20, and I just wanted to send out an update to everyone who’s attending, and an invitation to everyone who has not decided to take part yet.

What’s it all about? Back in the summer, a number of Habs Inside/Out community members started talking about going to a game together, and we chose Saturday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres as our target.

We ended up planning a whole day and night around it, including a tour of the Bell Centre, dinner before the game, and then a party afterward. If you’ve seen references on this site to Oct. 20 and wondered what they were about, this is it.

I already signed up. What’s going on? Please visit (click on the banner above) to see a complete itinerary for the day, including times, maps and meeting locations for each event.

I didn’t sign up for anything. I just want to extend an invitation to everyone who may only recently have become aware of the Summit. You’re welcome to take part in our pre-game dinner at the Baton Rouge by the Bell Centre and the after-game party at Hurley’s Pub on Crescent St. Mike, Dave, and Kevin from Habs Inside/Out are planning to join us for parts of both events, as their schedules allow.

There are still places available for both events, and there is no extra charge for taking part – you just pay the restaurant or bar for what you eat and drink. Visit for the details, and come on down and meet the other people who make Habs Inside/Out such a great place to share your love for the Habs. (Come on, aren’t you just a little curious to see what all these people are like in person?)

I hope to see you there!

– Jay Weiss, aka Jay_in_PA

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