Indulge Stubbs a personal question?

• Tuesday 6:20 am update: Thanks to all who had suggestions; I’ve still not found it. I’m going to try to shake it out of the Canadiens at practice today. Will update again once I’ve found the freakin’ thing. Hope it’s as good as I think it was…

OK, I need a little help here before I return you all to our regularly scheduled programming:

There was a song played during the pregame warmup this past Saturday, Canadiens vs. Devils, that absolutely dazzled me. I didn’t have time to grab even a lyric or two to try to find the name of the song; Habs VP Ray Lalonde tells me it might have been New Divide by Linkin Park, but I’ve listened to it and I don’t think so. Ray also thought maybe Renegades of Funk by Rage Against the Machine, but it’s definitely not that.

Did anyone attend Saturday’s game and by chance video the warmup, in which we’d hear the music? Thanks to all in advance… I’ll not bother you again with anything this mundane.

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