Impressive AHL debut for Bulldogs’ Bournival


After the Canadiens acquired Michael Bournival during the 2010-11 season in the trade that sent defenceman Ryan O’Byrne to the Colorado Avalanche, the Chicoutimi Sagueneens forward described it as a dream coming true.

“I was surprised (to be traded),” said Bournival, who was selected by the Avalanche in the third round (71st overall) at the 2010 NHL entry draft. “I wasn’t expecting that, but it’s the same thing as playing for the Cataractes. I watched the Canadiens my whole life, and being traded to them was like a dream coming true.”

After Bournival, as team captain, led the Sagueneens to their first Memorial Cup championship last season, HIO’s Mike Boone was so impressed that he predicted Bournival would make the Canadiens out of training camp this season.

“The guy who caught my jaundiced eye was Cataractes captain Michael Bournival.,” Boone wrote. “A left-handed shot playing right wing in the final, Bournival is fast, tenacious and creative in the offensive zone. His precise pass into the deep slot set up Anton Zlobin’s winning goal in OT.

“First fearless prediction of the offseason: Bournival will make the Canadiens out of training camp, and he’ll play on a crowd-pleasing Great Dane and Pure Laine line with Lars Eller and Louis Leblanc.”

Bournival made an impressive AHL debut with Hamilton on Saturday night, scoring the winning goal in a 4-3 shootout win over the Griffins in Grand Rapids, Mich. You can read the game report by clicking here.

Meanwhile, it looks like NHL labour talks won’t resume until at least Tuesday as the lockout drags on. Read more by clicking here. has put together an NHL Lockout Survival Guide for fans. You can read that by clicking here. And the New York Times had a good feature on how the NHL lockout has been a boon for the KHL, which is enjoying its most high-profile season since its inception in 2008. You can read that article by clicking here.

The Bulldogs’ next game will be their home opener on for Friday at 7:30 p.m. when they play host to the Toronto Marlies at Copps Coliseum.  All Bulldogs games during the month of October will be broadcast on Hamilton’s Funny 820 (AM 820) and on Montreal’s TSN Radio 690 (AM 690).  Fans can also listen to and watch all Bulldogs games on Live coverage with the broadcast team of play-by-play announcer Derek Wills (all home and away games) and colour commentator Al Craig (all home and select away games) will begin with the pre-game show 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

You can read a column Pat Hickey wrote about how Bournival was the poster boy for last season’s Memorial Cup in Shawinigan by clicking here. And you can read why Hickey thinks the Canadiens have a bright future on the blue line because of Bulldogs prospects Jarred Tinordi and Nathan Beaulieu, who were both first-round draft picks, by clicking here.

You can read a feature by The Gazette’s Brenda Branswell on new Bulldogs coach Sylvain Lefebvre by clicking here and read another article on Lefebvre preparing for his newest challenge behind the bench by clicking here.

Kevin Mio wrote a feature story on Bournival last January under the headline: “Bournival dreams in bleu-blanc-rouge”. Here’s that article:

The Gazette

Michael Bournival says he is living a dream playing for his hometown junior club, and he hopes to live an even bigger dream of one day playing for the Canadiens.

For the 19-year-old Shawinigan native, playing at home with the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s Cataractes is special.

“It’s a privilege to be able to play in my city, in front of friends and family every night,” the 5-foot-11, 179-pound centre said. “I grew up cheering for the Cataractes, so playing for them is a privilege, and I am proud of it.”

The fourth-year junior player is on pace of a career high in goals, with 19 in 20 games, to go along with 14 assists. He scored a career-high 28 goals last season in 56 games.

The Canadiens acquired Bournival during the 2010-11 season in the trade that sent defenceman Ryan O’Byrne to the Colorado Avalanche. The Avalanche selected Bournival in the third round (71st overall) of the 2010 NHL entry draft.

“I was surprised (to be traded),” Bournival said. “I wasn’t expecting that, but it’s the same thing as playing for the Cataractes. I watched the Canadiens my whole life, and being traded to them was like a dream coming true.”

Bournival attended training camp with the Canadiens last fall and said the highlight was being able to play against his idol in an exhibition game.

“I had a chance to play against (Tampa Bay’s) Martin St. Louis at the Bell Centre,” Bournival said. “To be able to play two (preseason) games at the Bell Centre was very special for me.”

When the Canadiens sent Bournival back to junior at the end of training camp, he got back to work so he could improve his chances of making the leap to the professional ranks next season.

“I knew I had to continue to work hard and to continue to get better, in terms of execution and my strength,” he said. “So I have been working hard during practices to get better and in the gym as well.”

Bournival also had a chance to represent his country at this year’s World Junior Hockey Championship, winning a bronze medal.

“The experience I had and the things I learned there, I will keep them with me for the rest of my life,” Bournival said of his experience with Team Canada. “We didn’t reach the goal of winning gold, but the bronze still means something to me.”

Bournival said he doesn’t feel the fans and media put too much pressure on the junior team to win gold. He added that the pressure is more internal.

“Canadians are so used to winning gold every year, so the pressure comes from the organization and everyone around it,” he said. “The goal to win gold every year comes from inside the team.”

The crowds in Edmonton and Calgary for the junior tournament left a huge impression on Bournival, who managed only an assist in six games.

“During the games, the crowds were incredible right until the end,” he said. “I will remember that for the rest of my life.”

Bournival said he learned a lot about the little details during the tournament, such as off-ice preparation before a game. He also had a chance to interact with two other Canadiens prospects, Nathan Beaulieu and Brendan Gallagher.

“For sure, we had a chance to create a bond,” he said. “We know each other better now. But while at the tournament, we didn’t think of anything except that.”

The three will be at NHL training camp this fall, vying for a spot with the Canadiens.

Bournival feels he is ready to make the jump to the professional ranks next season. And as much as he hopes to earn a roster spot, he would be fine if the team sends him to the American Hockey League’s Hamilton Bulldogs.

“I will give my all to make the NHL,” he said. “But if that doesn’t work, I would like to play next season in Hamilton and not the junior ranks.”

When Bournival does make it to the NHL, it will be the culmination of a journey that began when he was 3. However, he didn’t get the hockey bug until the next year, when he finally got his hand on a stick.

“Before that, we were just skating around with a chair,” he recalled. “The following year, when we started with a stick and puck, when we started doing drills, that is when I really started liking it. My father was really supportive then, and instilled the passion.”

(Photo by Dario Ayala/The Gazette)



  1. krulmadden says:

    Good news! Sportsnet One & TVA Sports will be showing the Bulldogs/Marlies game on Saturday, Oct. 20 @ 7pm. It’s actually a hockey doubleheader as Sportsnet is also showing the Chicago Wolves (Vancouver affiliate)/Abbotsford Heat (Calgary affiliate) at 10pm. It’s not quite Hockey Night in Canada but it works for me 🙂

  2. veryhabby says:

    That’s funny…I always thought Bournival was 2nd rounder???? Not cause I looked it up, but because I beleive Gauthier! When he traded for him he is said, (paraphrase) that getting Bournival was like us getting a 2nd round draft pick (in light of the fact that he had traded away our 2nd rounder that summer and we had no pick)

    So he said Bournival equalled us having actually picked in the 2nd round that past summer. Oh well, that’s wierd. Maybe PG thought he had been drafted in the 2nd round!

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      PG actually said they acquired Bournival a 3rd rounder, who was a 2nd round talent. Talked about how that replaced the 2nd rounder they lost for Moore essentially.


      Lars, PK, Pac, Emelin, LL – @J_Perez22

  3. Thank you Johnbellyful for making me think of the trauma so many relationships are going through and will go through as we all find a way to manage the NHL lockout. I took his tongue in cheek comments below and built an article around the trials and tribulations of fans around North America as we revisit our marriages and relationships from our traditional hockey haze. Enjoy people!

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  4. boing007 says:

    ‘But why would the Habs push him through Hamilton and try and make him fit as an NHL 3rd or 4th line player, when the Habs’ roster is already filled to capacity with 3rd and 4th liners?’

    Possibly because he might be a better third or fourth liner than what we have right now.

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  5. Hoegaarden says:

    Habs prospect C.Hudon pots a nice goal on a breakaway and adds two assists on the PP this afternoon vs Gatineau.

  6. JohnBellyful says:

    No matter how you slice it, following the Bulldogs is a poor substitute for the real addiction that comes with being obsessed with the Montreal Canadiens. It’s like settling for chewing gum when you’re used to chewin’ tobacca, drinking Coke instead of Pepsi, jumping off the front porch when you’ve just done a free-fall 40 kilometres to earth and landed safely.
    Okay, maybe I exaggerate. It was 39 kilometres.
    Still, while I will show an increased interest in the fortunes of the farm team and its future Canadiens, it’s a platonic relationship that will never rise to the torrid, one-sided love affair that exists between a devoted Hab fan and the Bulldogs’ parent club. There’s only one MILF (Montreal – I Love Fanatically).
    So, yes, it’s going to be a long winter, with many vacant hours to fill. That’s why I’ve decided to put those gaping holes in my anti-social calendar to better use in the months to come. Where once I used to spend hours in front of the TV or PC monitor watching the boys play and then assiduously dissecting their performance, I will apply myself to becoming a more knowledgeable person.
    I will pay more attention to what’s going on, live life to the fullest, be a seeker of truth.
    I’ve found out some pretty amazing stuff already.

    Things I’ve Learned During the Lockout:

    – I have three kids
    – the wife’s eyes are hazel
    – garbage pickup is every Tuesday morning – NOT WEDNESDAY NIGHT!
    – we have raccoons
    – Pickles died last spring; Pickles was our pet dog (a dachshund if I remember right, possibly a St. Bernard, although, come to think of it, I haven’t seen the next door neighbour around lately; what was her name again?)
    – plaid slacks have gone out of style
    – we turn our clocks back a half-hour sometime this month
    – Christmas falls on Dec. 25 this year
    – a martini is five parts gin, one part vermouth, not the other way around (and no, you can’t use sherry as a substitute)
    – the wife is three months pregnant (I didn’t want to say anything when her tummy started getting bigger, she’s a bit sensitive about her weight)
    – wait, the wife ISN’T pregnant, and she’s really, REALLY sensitive about her weight
    – yep, Pickles was a dog, and we kept her bed in the basement, near the furnace (which makes a lot of noise when it comes on, and wakes you up)

  7. Good to see Galchenyuk raking up more points tonight. The best part is he’s just warming up.

  8. Say Ash says:

    So, EA’s simulated Week 1 had Josh Gorges scoring in a shootout. Looks like the software still needs a little debugging.

  9. jols101 says:

    Just checked Sarnia’s schedule for next week. They play 3 games in 3 nights. Thursday through Saturday nights. Ist and 3rd games at home and the middle game on the road. That is some tough scheduling even for 18 year old kids….

  10. chanchilla says:

    How has baby geoffrion looked? i havent managed to watch any games ohl or ahl due to my crappy work schedule.

  11. pmaraw says:

    anymore I cant imagine an nhl season this year. the players are overseas, sight seeing, enjoying themselves, still getting paid, the owners are being stubborn mules and i believe the players got em cornered. neither side really cares about the fans and that’s the main reason their wont be a season. I just dont see it happening unless the owners bend a lot. the players are in control.

    • wjc says:

      The lock out will soon be over.

      Bettman/Fehr are not the bad guys, just doing a nasty, necessary job.

      Logistics causes meetings to take time to set up. Players, lawyers, accountants, advisors have to be brought together from all over North America. Not to mention hotels have to be secured for many individuals.

      Bettman is employed by the owners and is doing their bidding.

      Fehr is employed by players and is doing their bidding.

      Both sides have an agenda, which includes bluffing (poker anyone) media/fan relations (hyperbole anyone) and presenting their cases to each other trying not to appear weak or nervous.

      The whole sorry business is necessary because everyone deserves a fair deal.

      Players appeared to lose last time, but as the six years past, actually made out ecceptionally well and now a further correction needs to take place, how much is the question, not wheather a correction needs to happen.

      The Russian hockey league is the main competition and signing players long term keeps them in the NHL and well paid.

      Everyone needs the NHL to start going again. But there has to be a correction for this to happen. Players no this and the big question is how much of a correction is it going to be.

      A lock out was necessary because as it stands now a deal is still not happening. If they were playing how would they negotiate and play at the same time, with all the travel and distractions. The NHL knows as the season moves along the players will gain the upper hand and could close the season off with a strike at the worst possible time. Do you want October hockey or April hockey shut down.

      There are no good guys or bad guys just people trying to get the best deal they can, there is still plenty of time to put together a full schedule.

      Everyone wants to move on from this deadlock. The players want to play, the owners want to get things rolling again and move away from all of the negativity.

      I think the NHL will be rolling again in November with a revised schedule.

      Remember the more money on the line the more critical it is to get it right. Bettman will not be fired, Fehr will not be fired. They are not trading insults, they are just trying to get it done.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Logistics is the hangup? Okay well now I have heard it all. Yikes.

        • wjc says:

          Yikes, you were not paying attention. You have not heard it all, as a matter of fact you only hear and believe what you want to hear and believe, and disregard the rest.

          Obviously negotiation 101 is not one of your strengths.


          • HabinBurlington says:

            Come on wjc, for you to insinuate that logistics is part of the problem for deal not done yet, that is just crazy. They have known for a year this time was coming. Getting people to New York, getting hotel rooms, that is just filler talk.

            You give this long lecture of the details talking down to everyone here as if we have no idea what is happening in the negotiations.

            As for Fehr and Bettman not being bad guys? Yes actually they are the bad guys, and until they make a deal they will continue to be the bad guys. And you know what, they make enough money that their skin is thick enough to be called the bad guys.

            Let me know when you are giving your next negotiation seminar, since no one else has an idea what is happening.

            By the way, I hear the Ritz Carlton ran out of Evian water, so the meeting have been postponed for 2 days, Logistics are a nightmare.

          • matt jordan says:

            wjc got owned

          • frontenac1 says:

            Are you friggin kidding? Since Bettman has been there ,The league has lost more time through work stoppage than the NFL, NBA, and MLB. COMBINED! He is a Gunsel! Dump his putrid carcass in the Lachine Canal!

      • pmaraw says:

        the players already have the power, they’re playing hockey still, just not where you’d like to see them play hockey, but they are playing. they’re basically saying ‘look, you want our product in NA then pay for it.’ and trust me, the fans in europe are tickled pink to have them.

        • HabsFanMTL says:

          not to mention some of the richest players taking food off the tables of some low paid european players who needed the bread they earned to take care of thier families………Yeah i’m against Bettman alright but these players should not be stealing jobs from players overseas who need the money and don’t make nearly as much, its thier livelihood…….Ovie and the rest don’t need the F***en money , its just ridiculous

          • boing007 says:

            Right on. Greed rules.

            Richard R
            Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

    • Phil C says:

      The players are playing, but many of them are playing for free as their European salaries barely cover the insurance on their big fat NHL contracts. They have just missed their first paycheck, so up to now they have had zero financial pressure. In a few months they will start feeling it, while most of the owners will not even notice financially.

      As well, out of 700 NHL players, only about 120 are playing in Europe. I am guessing another 100 in the AHL at the most. That leaves over 400 players sitting around making the square root of jack squat.

      But I agree that the owners are being stubborn mules, out to make point instead of to make a deal. It seems to be about power and egos, not the money because they money issue should be easy to solve if both parties were really willing to negotiate.

  12. rileysutherland says:

    So we’ve been reduced to caring about the Bulldogs, eh? Geez….
    Anyone seen this Diary of a Locked-Out NHLer? Funny stuff:

    • pmaraw says:

      dont forget about the easports nhl 13 simulated season….. good grief.

    • chanchilla says:

      since when did we not care about the bulldogs… most people on this board follow our prospects pretty closely. ignorance must be bliss.

    • Bripro says:

      You consider this guy funny?
      And these are athletes that our kids are supposed to idolize?
      He’s an idiot!

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

      • wjc says:

        Why are kids supposed to idolize “athletes”, maybe that is the problem.

        They are just young men with a special skill, chasing a puck around or a ball or whatever. Put them on a pedestal, just admire there athletic ability


        • Bripro says:

          Agreed. As adults, we recognize that. But when you’re a kid who loves hockey, there will always be hockey idols.
          An athlete should recognize that his behavior will be scrutinized.
          It comes with the territory.

          “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

    • wjc says:

      Okay, I will try to communicate a little clearer. When a meeting is called for, you have many things to consider, travel, accomodations okay.

      So it both Bettman/Fehr (the bad guys according to you) set up something it cannot be done in a couple of days because of people being spread all over.

      If Fehr calls Bettman or their aids and says lets get together, they have to first agree on a time and this causes delays.

      If one or both is not budging from there stand then starring at each other will not cause a deal to happen. If one of the two says they have some new information they wish to share or a new proposal then the process could get kick started.

      Fehr has 700 players to worry about and Bettman has 30 owners to be concerned with. So they have to super careful they can make a deal that they won’t regret.

      People lecture on here all the time. Sorry my take on the situation rubs you the wrong way, but it is my honest appraisal of the deadlock.

      Lock out necessary….the deal is still not getting done, but it will.

      October least important part of the season….April most important.

      Players stand to lose money they will never see again, so they are fully aware this has to be hammered out.

      It will be hammered out, this should make you happy. Remember I am just the messanger……peace my friend.

      • pmaraw says:

        im sure they all have smart phones and can stay connected pretty easily.

        also, if after every meeting they’re just flying to wherever they want to hang out and have drinks afterwards than that’s another reason to say ‘piss on them’ if they actually cared about this season they’d be hammering out something. instead they want to chit chat for 2 hours a week and make ‘news’ and then go do whatever it is they’re doing that is clearly not getting the job done.

        If you ask me, the players should just start their own league, why does it have to be a pyramid scheme? it’s not like the owners own the buildings, look at what that bonehead in edmonton is trying for instance. I’m more than certain the players could hire people to organize the season’s, rent the ice, whatever, they don’t really need the owners.

    • wjc says:

      Habinburlington, hey brother lets meet in person, I live around the Ajax area. Let get together tomorrow. I can’t make it in the a.m. but the p.m. is okay…Tuesday and Wednesday are out because of personal obligations. Pick a nice restaurant somewhere between Toronto and Oshawa.

      I know you travel in a group and they are spread all over Ontario and I as well have about 25 people that have to be notified so let me know when you decide a time and place. Make sure there is security and keep it to yourself where it is.

      Looking forward for the meeting possibilities.

      I will need a full day to bring my people up to speed on our latest proposal and need the green light from accountants and aids who of course are looking for loopholes we may not have considered.

      And no, I do not no, what goes on in negotiations or what is being discussed or not discussed. No one knows what is going on in these meetings, just what they feed us.


  13. commandant says:

    Galchenyuk with 2 assists now.

    The guy is everything he was advertised as. He’s all over the ice, and dangerous on nearly every shift. He just needs some guys to finish his setups, or to take away some of the defensive attention he’s getting.

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  14. jols101 says:

    Gally with his second helper of the afternoon. Sarnia dominating the game against the Soo. Shots are 33 – 9. Gally could have 2 goals as well as his 2 assists. Seems to me one of the last things to recover from his long lay off is his shot accuracy. He has a ton of velocity but just not picking the spot like he did his first season. It will come though. 12 points in 9 games now. Pretty amazing for a kid that missed the entire season last year. He is going to be awesome in a Habs jersey for many years. Love it…

  15. Hobie Hansen says:

    Oh boy, nothing like having the Ravens to win by 4pts and up by 8pts and have the Cowboys march all the way down the field, with penalties and 4th down conversions to make it a 2pt game in the dying seconds of the 4th quarter.

    Pathetic defense by the Ravens all game long!

    That point spread in the NFL kills me every time!

    • frontenac1 says:

      Hear ya Hobie. Playing the spread has been brutal this year. The short odds have been coming in and the long ones have been Ripe for upsets . But Man oh Man……The Friggin Jets?!!!

  16. HabinBurlington says:

    On a completely unrelated topic, have to admit I felt sorry for Yankee fans and specifically Jeter.

    I have never really been a Yankee fan, and nor have I been a big Jeter fan. BUT, this guy has been a great, great player and is perhaps as clutch a positional player as I have watched. He is such a tough out at the plate, he never makes errors on balls he should make a good play on, and he sometimes makes plays on other he has no business doing.

    Jeter may be the most complete shortstop I have ever seen play, perhaps not more than Ripken Jr., but his teams weren’t in the playoffs as often as the Yanks.

    I wonder what this fractured ankle does to his future, but while it pains me to say it, what a pleasure to have watched this guys career, a real player.

  17. Hobie Hansen says:

    With all the silly songs and poems you guys have been posting; this is my favorite Habs song of them all:

  18. Mark C says:

    Gally with an early helper, he now has a point in 44% of the Sting’s goals.

    • rnnoble says:

      How has he looked so far? I haven’t been able to watch any games, so all I know is that he has a little over a point per game. Has he been looking good?

  19. Bripro says:

    Hockey Frustration song no. 10

    Cue the music!

    Ever since I was a young boy,
    I’ve played with stick and ball.
    From Cournoyer to Dryden
    I must have watched them all.
    But I ain’t seen nothing like it
    In modern hockey halls
    That really dumb commish
    He sure plays mean hardball!

    He stands ready to argue,
    Thinks he’s part of the machine.
    Insulting the entire fan base
    Never playing clean.
    He misleads information,
    Another game will fall.
    That really dumb commish
    He sure plays mean hardball!

    He’s no hockey wizard,
    Yet the owners do insist.
    He leaves me bewildered,
    Whenever I hear his gist.

    Why do you think he does it? I don’t know!
    What makes him so cruel?’

    He’s the NHL dictator
    Has shut down the hockey bells,
    With no more games ‘a playin’
    He’s making my life hell.
    Always has a sayin’,
    Never listening, at all.
    That twerpy little commish
    He sure plays mean hardball!

    I thought we had
    The season all lined up.
    But him and nimrod Fehr
    Have gone and screwed it up.

    Without my favorite pastime
    He has done his best.
    Ruining local business
    I know he could care less
    He’s a creepy little weasel
    Never seen as tall
    That twerpy little commish
    Made sure hockey games did fall!

    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  20. Hobie Hansen says:

    Eesh! Looks like the end of an era. The Baltimore Ravens’ defense stinks this year and looks brutal today.

  21. Cal says:

    Thanks to all who are sending me comments through my song parody blog. Even this one:
    “This is Hab in Burlington and you morons and your songs are making my site, HIO look stupid, as if we have enough problems with the team coming off a Worst in the Conference year, all this talk about Prospects, just remember, until these players do Something in the big league, they are more Suckspects than prospects, since Trevor Timmons is the one that drafted Kostitsyn over Getzlaf, Perry, Mike Richards, Jeff Carter and Parise, just to name a few from that draft, he also is a moron for taking David (so friggin sad) Fischer when Claude Gioroux was right there in our own backyard for the taking, Notice how Grigorenko is dominating the “Q” , WHILE Galchenyuk looks totally overrated, and did you see Chris Kredier in last years playoffs, oh, you forgot what the Playoffs are, eh jerkwad. Now do a michael Jackson and Beat It..Your site is a joke as well.”

    I know it’s not you, Burli, but it must be my new stalker. 😉

  22. kempie says:

    Anybody know if the Dogs have named a new captain yet?

  23. Haborama says:

    It seemed to me that Tinordi was totally outclassed in the physical department by Patyern last night.

    what’s the likelihood of Patyern staling Tinordi’s place in the organization?

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      What I heard, from a shot interview with the Bulldog’s play-by-play guy, is that Tinordi was a little too excited and running around last night but was playing well by the game’s end.

      This Patyern guy has turned some heads for coming out of nowhere but I think in the long run Tinordi is going to be a top four, mean and nasty, shutdown doefenseman in the NHL and Patyern is a long shot.

      In my amateur and humble opinion.

      • commandant says:

        I’m probably gonna have to say this 50 times, but we must have PATIENCE with a defenceman like Tinordi.

        A big physical D like Tinordi will take time, and every time he moves up a level…. ie USHL to OHL, now OHL to AHL, and eventually AHL to NHL… he’s gonna take half a season to get up to speed.

        Go Habs Go!
        Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  24. frontenac1 says:

    Hey Amigos! Just read that Baumgartner is jumping out of a space capsule with just a parachute today. I guess there is Life after being a hockey enforcer eh?

  25. commandant says:

    Bournival at this point is not ready for the NHL. He should stay in Hamilton and fully develop his game. There is no reason to rush this kid.

    He played great last night, but lets not overreact to one game.

    He needs time, like many young players, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  26. frontenac1 says:

    Delete Gomez and insert Whitey. Please!

  27. ed lopaz says:

    Bournival is very good player. I agree that he has potential.

    But where I disagree with Boone is when he predicts Bournival will make the jump to the Habs THIS season.

    That prediction falls flat when you look at the facts, in my opinion.

    Bournival is not a “dominant” player – neither offensively, nor physically, so what role could he possibly play at the NHL level at this point in his career? 3rd or 4th line is the only logical answer.

    He is an excellent skater. He is a very smart player. He shows great poise and leadership on the ice. And for these reasons I do agree that he will make the NHL.

    But why would the Habs push him through Hamilton and try and make him fit as an NHL 3rd or 4th line player, when the Habs’ roster is already filled to capacity with 3rd and 4th liners.

    Even Louis Leblanc, not to mention the veterans the Habs acquired in Armstrong and Prust, is ahead of Bournival as a 3rd or 4th line player at the NHL level – and it looks very likely that Leblanc is going to have a hard time making the Habs out of training camp.

    What the Habs could use is an injection of offence on the 2nd line.

    The spot next to Plekanec and Gionta is the offensive spot open right now.

    Bournival is not ready to play top 6 minutes at the NHL level.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I believe Boone made those comments about Bournival playing on the 3rd line with Eller prior to the Habs signing Prust and Armstrong later in the summer.

      There’s been a lot of people drooling over Bournival since the Memorial Cup last year but I can’t claim to know all that much about his game. All I’ve really seen of him was his 1-point in six World Junior games last Christmas.

      I did hear the Bulldogs play-by-play dude (don’t know his name) stating that Bournival was the best Bulldog on the ice last night and he’s more of a player than Leblanc at this point. So if Leblanc played a bunch of NHL games last year than Bournival certainly deserves the same opportunity.

      I don’t think Bournival deserves top 6 minutes, not even close, but it isn’t that far fetched to see him spending some time on the 3rd line with Eller and a guy like Bourque or Moen on the other wing. Bournival is apparently a solid 2-way player from what people are saying.

      • ed lopaz says:

        I think Leblanc got NHL action because we didn’t have the “depth” of an Armstrong or a Prust. Now we have both.

        He’s a very good player, Bournival.

        If he improved over the summer and he’s continuing to improve then who knows?

        • Hobie Hansen says:


          And to boot, Bourque is hurt so that opens up one more spot. I think White’s the odd man out now that Prust has arrived.

  28. Xsteve50 says:

    I dreamt last night that the fans just showed up. The Players just showed up. Someone unlocked the door, and they played hockey. Wonder would the owners would do if that happened. They could even collect $$ outside the rink, 57% for the players 43% for charity. I could just see Betman calling the local police and wanting them to stop the game. 21,000 fans wanting it to continue…..awwwwwww…nice to dream…

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