‘I feel like it’s my home,’ Habs’ Markov says about Montreal

For the third time in his 13-season NHL career, Andrei Markov decided not to test the free-agent sweepstakes, instead signing a new three-year, $17.25-million contract with the Canadiens this week. The new deal has a no-trade clause for the first year and a limited-trade clause the next two.

The deal pays Markov $5.75 million per season, the same amount he has been earning for the past seven years on average.

In a one-on-one interview with Markov, The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs asked the 35-year-old defenceman: “After earning the same salary for seven years weren’t you tempted to ask the Canadiens for one more dollar, just so you could say you got a raise?”

“You have to realize you’re getting older,” Markov replied with a laugh. “I feel comfortable in Montreal. My first priority was to sign there. I didn’t think about other (UFA) options.

“Maybe if I go on the free market I can get more. But after the money, maybe I lose more – maybe I lose the atmosphere, the city and the organization of Montreal.

“I’m not the type of guy who likes to change his life completely in hockey,” he added. “What is happening in Montreal right now, I feel like it’s my home. I don’t want to move to another city. Plus, I have a chance to spend the whole of my career on one team. The Canadiens have a great history and it’s nice to be part of that.”

Markov, who has put earlier knee injuries behind him, added: “Now, I feel good. I’m healthy, I know I can play at my level. I’ll try even harder and plus, we have a good team, a good group of guys. I think we’re going to have a good future and I want to be part of that team.”

(Photo by Allen McInnis/The Gazette)

Markov looks like a Hab for life with new contract, by The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs


  1. SmartDog says:

    Re. this notion that this is a weak draft (@Chris).
    That’s not what I’ve heard, and I just saw that Bob MacK says something very different. What he says is that the top end guys are not as dynamic “looking” but also that there’s less certainty about who should be drafted where:

    “Getting consensus for the TSN rankings was never more difficult than this year. Outside of perhaps the top 35 to 40, there was no real consensus. Even within the top 30 in the first round, there was a far greater variance from player to player than ever before.”

    In other words, a guy drafted 15th stands less of a chance this year of turning out better than a guy drafted 30th…. compared to other years. Which to me says that there IS depth. And is a good thing – especially if Timmins is as good as people seem to believe.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      I look at it this way. People are talking about B. Lemieux going to us in the first round maybe. Any of our first 4 picks last year were far more promising prospects that he was, so I have a hard time seeing that it is a particularly strong draft. Mind you, if we end up with a talent with some offensive potential, maybe it is deep.

      • SmartDog says:

        I’m not saying it’s a strong draft, I’m saying it’s a FLAT draft – where being lower down may not be so bad. i.e. – you might well get a guy at 26 that you had at 15.

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          I’m saying, it’s not reasonable to categorise any draft as strong or weak. Every draft is a lottery, and the very fact that hockey history is full of sleepers in later rounds whose careers utterly eclipsed their colleagues chosen in the first proves what an inexact science it is. We won’t know whether or not 2014 was a strong or weak draft for five years.

  2. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Markov sounds like a smart fellow. More players should think like he does. I’m reminded of Marcel Dionne. He wanted to play and score more points, perhaps (at that time only 50 odd points behind) becoming the all time leading scorer, surpassing Howe yet he wouldn’t accept less money and since no one wanted to pay an aging player, with declining skills, as much as he thought he was worth, he ended up retiring. Sure he would have been passed by Gretzky and Messier but could have had bragging rights for a while.

    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

  3. Ian Cobb says:

    Has Boullion announced his retirement.??

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    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      I would here to re-post something for Timo which he may have missed:

      Yesterday (ok, when loading a DVD for my son) I heard this:

      “Before the beginning of time, there was the Cube.”

      I heard it and thought of Timo. I hope he is touched by that, and that he has a pop at identifying the quotation.

  4. petefleet says:

    I have to be honest here. The first year Markov played for the Habs, I hated him. The give aways! But I am a fan now and am glad he is goingto spend his entire career in MTL. Nathan Beaulieu reminds me of him. It’s amazing how playing through your weaknesses can make you a better player. You just need an organization that believes in you. I think there will be a keeper in either Beaulieu, Tinordi or Pateryn. Hopefully there is the patience to wait and see. Maybe two of the three will work out for us. Fingers crossed. I’d like to see them get their shot this year.

    “Being on the PP doesn’t make you an offensive threat anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.”
    Henry Ford

    “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet”.
    Abraham Lincoln

    ***Go Habs Go***

    • Habfan17 says:

      In the end, I am glad too! I did not want 3 years, but the way they structured his contract makes it easier and shows he wanted to stay and work with MB. Now on to the draft and hopefully a trade and free agent or two!


  5. Paz says:

    Before we acquired Vanek it was clear we needed a 5 on 5 boost in scoring. Adding Vanek to Desharnais and Max turned that line into the highest scoring line in the league. The team surged. This was the missing piece.

    If we trade away some experience at center, Plekanec, we might be able to replicate the Vanek effect by acquiring a high scoring right winger.

    Since Edmonton can really use the experience and defence Plekanec brings, I think we could do a deal with them.

    That is a call I would be making if I was Bergevin.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Plekanec is a very large part of this team, you can’t replace what he does on both sides of the puck! He is not going anywhere!

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      • Cal says:

        Have to trade him to get a winger and make room for the new wave. If they don’t this will be a year for the team to spin its wheels and not contend at all.
        It’s time the Habs make changes to better balance the team.

      • CJ says:

        I would trade Pleks as part of a package to land Troy Brouwer.

        • Ozmodiar says:

          So, the Habs would have to add here?? 😆

          Man, Pleks is underrated around here.

          • CJ says:

            Sorry, just to clarify, are you suggesting that Pleks alone would net us Troy Brouwer? If so, I would make that trade in a heart beat. No sober second thought either.

          • Ozmodiar says:

            Of course Pleks alone could land Brouwer. 2 way centers are way more valuable than a winger like Brouwer. It’s not even close.

            For an objective look at their value, just look at their contracts. That ought to answer who is more valuable. Both UFA deals. Brouwer’s paid much less, even though is contract is more recent.

            I liked Brouwer a lot too. Would look great on Pleks’ wing. 🙂

          • CJ says:

            Well, let me say this then;

            When I was a little guy, my mother used to give me a two dollar bill on Sunday afternoon to buy a treat at the local confectionary. I would normally invest in a can of soda, a package or runts, nerds, etc., or freezie (seasonally). Anything I had left over I would invest in red berries.

            So, I guess what I am saying is if we could get Brouwer, plus for Pleks, then I would add to the deal to even it out. I don’t see it that way, however if the addition of a Tom Wilson, Orlov, or draft pick, plus Brouwer could be landed for Pleks, then hey, all the better.

          • CJ says:

            Sorry, one last note. It is not always who’s better, it’s what the team needs. Is Diaz better then Weise, maybe. But, we needed the type of player that Weise is. Same thing with Brouwer. 28 years old, a decent contract, 6’3″, 25 goals last year and 210 hits. This, IMO, is a missing piece on our team. You need to give to get. Just my two cents. Cheers, CJ

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            You are so young CJ!
            Two bucks!
            When I was a kid, with two bucks I could have bought popsicles, chips, and those little cloth pouches with gold (or purple) gum nuggets in them for every kid on my street!
            God bless you, whippersnapper!

      • Habfan17 says:

        I hope they do! He is not going to get better or have more value and Galchenyuk and Eller need more time and better line mates. The Habs desperately need more size down the middle to go deep into the playoffs. Pleks has shown he can’t take the grind of the playoffs. He is not in the same league as Datsyuk or Zetterberg who while shutting down the opposition, manage to put up points!


    • Hobie says:

      There will definitely be a drop off in 5 on 5 production unless Vanek is replaced. Unless Bourque and Eller play like they did in the playoffs and maybe Galchenyuk takes a big step.

      • Habfan17 says:

        I would prefer trading DD, but it is more likely that Pleks would be the odd man out. He will not get better and he is probably at the highest value right now, or at the trade deadline. Galchneyuk and Eller need to move up and the Habs need to be stronger down the middle to have any chance in the play offs!


    • 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

      Sorry to be a broken record, but please note that Plekanec has a list of teams he won’t be traded to ….. if Edmonton is not at the top of the list then he deserves to be traded there for that reason alone


      “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

    • Ozmodiar says:

      I’m assuming, in this scenario, that Chucky moves to C??

      If so, you filled the RW hole and created a new one @ LW. 🙂

      In any event, Pleks won’t be traded. MB wants to win now (see Markov contract), and there’s no one to replace what Pleks does, ATM. A player that finishes 7th in Selke voting is one who helps you win games.

    • petefleet says:

      It’s hard to believe there is STILL an appetite to trade Pleks after all he’s given to the team over the years. There are only a handful of servicable centres like him in the league and nobody is trading them. You just can’t replace a guy like that. If you lose what he brings to the table every night, a scoring winger just can’t make up for that. He plays against the other team’s best. Who else is going to do that? And score 20+goals per year….. I would not be a fan of that trade. I hope it doesn’t happen.

      “Being on the PP doesn’t make you an offensive threat anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.”
      Henry Ford

      “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet”.
      Abraham Lincoln

      ***Go Habs Go***

      • Just a Habs Fan says:

        Take heart though petefleet……the appetite is on HIO and not the management of the Habs…thank God for that fact. This site is insanely insane when it comes to “what if” scenarios.

      • Ozmodiar says:


        When you watch him drive Crosby nuts or shut down Krejci in the playoffs time and again it’s obvious that a scoring winger like Vanek or Moulson just wouldn’t have the same impact.

        Rather than trade him, the Habs ought to help him out. Get him a winger and a #1 C who can start the play from his own zone… or, perhaps upgrade the 4th line C with someone who can play more minutes on the PK.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      If you trade Pleks, that means you have committed to a full rebuilding mode, and a whole bunch of players would be available, basically anyone over 27 or 28. In one sense, I would not have a problem with this if we get good value, I just don’t see MB doing that this year.

  6. Dust says:

    Regarding Ekblad
    Ive read a lot of media and some people here say that Ekblad projects as a 2-3
    Living in the barrie area I’ve had the pleasure of watching this kid play for the colts since he was 15.
    There is no doubt in my mind that he will be a 1-2 in the nhl.
    He is an impact player. you know when he is on the ice. He controls the play from the back end. He shuts down the opposing teams best players.
    He is the real deal, i think he will go number 1 overall, i think he will be able to play in the nhl next year.
    Whoever gets him will have a stud for the next 15-20 years. That team will probably become my 2nd favourite team because of him. i can’t wait to follow his nhl career because I have been spoiled watching play junior. The Colts are going to miss him.
    In regards to the other Barrie Colts player lemeiux. I see him as a 3rd or 4th liner in the nhl. I don’t see him producing enough offence to play in the top 6. He is not as much of an agitator as his dad was but still has a little of that peskiness.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      That’s great, Dust. Cheers — the local report is always so interesting, especially for those of 1000s of miles from the action.

      2nd favourite team really says something. Love your enthusiasm (and pray it’s not Boston!).

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      You realize Ekblad is going to the Leafs don’t you?

      Hockey “insider” Darren Dreger saud so.

      (yes, he actually calls himself that.)

      Moving. Forward.

    • Just a Habs Fan says:

      Have you relayed these thoughts to Timmins yet….

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      Hi, Also living in Barrie, both my house and office are blocks from the arena, I agree on both counts. Ekblad will be good, maybe not Doughty or PK good, but a great addition to any teams top pair. I am strongly hoping that the habs don’t take Lemieux in the first round. Would love to see him drafted by the habs, but in the first round I thing you draft someone who has a chance at being an all around contributor. I think the best possible scenario for Lemieux is a Travis Moen type player, with maybe a bit more edge. One thing is very clear though, this guy is not his dad.

      • Dust says:

        hey how’s it going? I actually live in midland now, but grew up in barrie. A lot quieter up here, but i miss living in barrie. Half hour drive is no biggie though.
        I agree with what you said especially your last sentence.

  7. Luke says:

    What up, folks?
    Let’s see a blockbuster, MB.
    Shake up the hockey world, MB.
    I want to hear the fans of other teams say:
    “They only paid THAT for the #1? We could have paid more.”
    And then, MB, go get Chris Stewart from Buffalo.
    And Zadorov.

  8. Cal says:

    The hilarious Bellyful on MB’s next move:

    Keep ‘er goin’, Johnny!

  9. frozengolf says:

    Trade Plekanec, Georges and this year’s 1st to Edm for 3rd overall and their 3nd round? Sound fair?

    “We know that hockey is where we live, where we can best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death. Life is just a place where we spend time between games.”

    • Bill J says:

      Not even close to being fair.

      Can you honestly say if you were an Oilers fan that this would be a fair deal?

      And BTW, it’s Gorges.

      Go Habs Go!

    • petefleet says:

      No offense, but I want some of what you’re smoking!

      “Being on the PP doesn’t make you an offensive threat anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.”
      Henry Ford

      “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet”.
      Abraham Lincoln

      ***Go Habs Go***

    • Habfan17 says:

      Plekanec, Beaulieu and Gorges maybe for the 3rd overall.


  10. Bill J says:

    No matter what the open market offer to PK is, MTL is matching it.

    The marketability of PK is far too valuable.

    Too many fans confuse “cap hit” as a negative, because we saw what a Gomez does to your team. PK Subban is not about to become Gomez!!!! Not to mention, every year the cap will go up… So by the time the deal is done, PK’s cap hit will be minimal.

    If you want to win in this league, you need players like
    Subban… No matter the cost, if need be.

    I do not believe PK hits open market, I believe he will get a 8 year deal either: 7.6Million per year OR a 8 year 76Million total deal.

    Only one of those deals would be considered “home town discount”

    Go Habs Go!

    • Cal says:

      This is PK’s first chance at a massive payday with Meehan. The Habs will pay enough to keep him happy.

    • New says:

      On the other hand he could be gone. You express what many Habs fans feel, that PK is essential and the centerpiece of the team. For the Club to trade PK would be a PR nightmare, cries of Gomez would fill the streets. On the other hand for the Club to accept four first round picks for a PK who preferred to play elsewhere would be like trading Lindros to Philly, the foundation of a franchise.

      If PK wanted to sign it would have happened. If the Club wanted to go 8 million or higher (up to 20% of the cap) they would have done so. So we have a situation where PK wants a good offer to bargain or to move. Top tier teams won’t do that, they have other players to pay. Would you match or accept four picks within say the first seven?

      Remember Komisarek(sp?) He was a cornerstone, until he signed with TO and became the anti-Christ. Not everyone wants to play in Montreal. They are delighted for the path into the League but would really rather be somewhere else. Trade value for PK isn’t as high as fans believe, certainly not four first round picks which is the compensation level the salary equates to.

    • Just a Habs Fan says:

      Bill J…imagine what the price oif tickets will be by then……each yeear the salary cap increases means the money coming in was greater then the previous year or exceeded the estimates of the hiarchy of the NHL…Center Ice will be hundreds of $ beyond the price of today……..the game will be even more of a lack luster event until playoffs and then the whole thing gets furiously intense…….contracts of 40 M a year perhaps in 10 years……we the fans will continue to pay for this with the food we eat….the clothes we wear and every other item we purchase to feed ourselves and families…….as we do now but some don’t thinnk beyond the surface. Just a reminder that you pay for the salaries of all hockey people whether you ever go to a game or even watch a game….think on it. The fans are being terribly used in sports and many don’t even know it. I know it isn’t my bussiness to point this out..I am a fan of the Habs but not like I used to be when the game was more genuine and played by players that seemed to be attached to the team….I guess the greed by the owners finally busted that up and the greed by the player/owners and management of the system will eventually bust the statusquo

  11. TMan1969 says:

    …for me, reading Markov comments it makes me proud to think of how loyal he is to the team and city. Plus it sends a message to the rest of the hockey world that playing in Montreal isn’t that bad and that you will be treated fairly by management…to me the signing was more about sending a message then the dollars it represented.

    Have a good day everyone.

    “If I knew the answer to that I’d bet $10,000 on the game and retire from coaching.”
    —Montreal Canadiens coach Toe Blake after being asked if his team would win an upcoming game

  12. Ian Cobb says:

    PK offer $6 mil for 2 years and $7mil. for 3yrs.

    If he goes to the open market, Bergevin will let him walk!!

    Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

    • Bill J says:

      No Ian, he will not let him walk.

      I firmly believe if he hits open market, Mr. Molson quickly calls MB and says firmly “MATCH IT!” – the markatebility of PK is far too valuable.

      Go Habs Go!

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Maybe Bill! But we are going to have to come up with bucks for a lot of our kids that are arriving. Sure do not want to be another Washington, or Pittsburgh, giving the whole farm to 1 or 2 players and have to little for the supporting cast to bring home the cup!!

    • Shackles says:

      I’m curious as to why MB is limiting the contract length to 2 or 3 years. PK is a thoroughbred, not like Phaneuf or Clarkson. Lock the kid up long term.

      • 44har48 says:

        I don’t think its MB. He played his cards exactly how he should have in this one but didn’t a good hand in the end. PK has leverage now and I don’t see him locking in long term. In his best interests, unless he just really wants to play in Montreal, he should go for 2 yrs and test the market when he is UFA. I think PK is driving the 2 yr deal.

        If I am MB, he only gets $6M on a 2 yr deal, take it or leave it. long term I would start at $6-$6.5M and go up form there with a avg over the 7-8 yrs of $7.25M or so…

    • Cal says:

      PK will get anywhere from $7mil/season for 8 years up to $8.5mil/season.
      This is what a player of his stature on the Habs will earn. He is the Habs superstar.
      With Patches signed for cheap (it is what it is) comparatively speaking ,
      there is plenty of cap space to do things, especially if Gionta is not re-signed.

    • New says:

      That makes sense to me.

    • tophab says:

      if he offers pk 6mil a year, pk should walk away .

  13. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Good morning HIO.

    Sorry, while we wait for the draft, the news I’m waiting for is how FIFA handles the Suarez bite. Trini asks, Why is it taking so long? Good question, although the delay is probably to do with the “optics” (Ew. Sorry.).

    Dipsy posts interesting risk-assessment figures (sharks vs Suarez) which I have copied been emailing around (thanks DD).

    Interesting difference in sanction culture with the NHL. In hockey, being a repeat-offender attracts greater sanctions. Various Suarez commentators seem to take it as given that factoring in Suarez’ previous bites would be unethical….

    One thing’s for sure: the nasty process continuing at the moment is well past concern over whether or not it’s ok to bite people during sports, and is much more about window-dressing, power-broking, face-saving, deal-making, etc.

    A possible Ho-Sang gamble — and Chris describing Gudbranson as “a major jerk” (referring to his junior days, I believe) — raises interesting questions about personality and maturity.

    As another poster said, I am intrigued by Ho-Sang and would love to see his talent put to use in Montreal. But yesterday’s article — if we can trust it — seems to demonstrate a guy with a massive ego (surely most stars have these, but just manage them in different ways?) who explains his points shortfall by denigrating his line-mates and who seems eager to don the guise of race martyr before ever playing in the NHL.

    Maybe the background question for us interested posters is: how much did any of us change between the ages of 17 and 23? If MB could KNOW that Ho-Sang would be a self-seeking, narcissistic glory-hunter for his entire playing life, then obviously he would add Montreal to the list of teams that have labeled him Don’t-Go-Near.

    But as johnny larue implies below, lots of us were dorks at 18 — and without being uber-talented! (And look how beautifully we all turned out!). It’s a tricky call. You’d hope someone like Ho-Sang arriving in Montreal would respond to the tradition, to the legacy, and want to become a part of it. But this guy’s already debunking tradition and history, and projecting himself as bigger and better than both.

    But wouldn’t he outgrow that? And could Gudbranson — regarded with much interest on HIO — outgrow being a major jerk?

    @lafleurguy. Twi got it! Chewy Luis=Power of Love=Marty McFly…..

    • Ian Cobb says:

      It’s a criminal act of assault with intent to injure! He could be charged if FIFA finds him guilty! me tinks!

      • frontenac1 says:

        Hey Ian! If one of my dogs had 3 registered bites, he’d have to be Destroyed. Hey, now there’s an idea for FiFi!

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        And this just in, Ian:

        Ghana has just sent arguably its two best players home, one for verbal abuse of the manager and the other for physical assault on a team official. And Ghana have to beat Portugal this afternoon to progress…. Hopefully FIFA’s disciplinary officers all have their phones switched on at their Entmoot.

    • Walmyr says:

      Hello Mike.
      About Suarez suspension (or not) Fifa is taking too long because this “wonderful sports authority” doesn’t know how to proceed.

      Although the judge of the match has not reported the incident on the scoresheet (he/they didn’t see, of course……..), the Disciplinary Committee of the entity (who are they BTW???…) may apply some kind of penalty. By the “rule” Suárez (1)may be suspended for up to three games or (2)may be suspended two months or (3)more lenient penalty, a fine of up to 50,000 Swiss francs (Fifa HQ is in Switzerland).

      Many Football Associations are putting some pressure on Fifa right now. Any decision regarding Suarez indiscipline will generate more discussions and disagreements.

      (I didn’t read all of yours comments regarding Suarez. Sorry if you guys already discussed about what I wrote)


    • CJ says:

      I have to be honest, I really don’t get the Grudbranson jerk sentiment. Eric is from Ottawa (Orleans) and from the intelligence that I have been able to gather, is a great guy. Sure, he has made some poor choices at times (haven’t we all), but I don’t see how that label applies.

      I was once suspended 10 games while playing junior as it was alleged that I kicked a kid. At the board hearing, they attempted to portray me as a bad apple. Until we hired legal counsel, then everything went away. Am I a jerk? I got drunk and said some pretty stupid things to my parents. I once threw a spitball at a teacher….. Personally, I don’t think things that happened 15-20 years ago define a person, felonies perhaps being the exception.

      Grudbranson grew up with a very special brother, who he helped immensely. Look, we all have hardships in life, but maybe we should put ourselves in his shoes.

      Just my two cents…..

  14. Maritime Ronn says:

    If any Habs fans want to know how lucky they are concerning President and part owner Geoff Molson, one only has to read about the California blowhard Tim Leiweke running the Leafs and other MLSE properties.


  15. Ian Cobb says:

    A couple of early morning chuckles from the Hab’s!

    -> http://goha.bs/1lysZrt

  16. Cal says:

    For any tennis nuts, Raonic is up 1 set over Jack (the)Sock(Puppet).
    Bouchard on the court at 9 EDT. TSN covering Raonic live now.

    Draft tomorrow. Action tomorrow night as MB tries to do something. Will Pleks get moved, dumbfounding stupid bloggers everywhere?
    Stay tuned.

  17. CJ says:

    Good morning folks.

    Quickly approaching one of my favorite days of the year – the NHL draft. With the timing of the free agency courting period, teams likely have an idea of who’s in play and the price points that will help determine their lineup going forward. As such, I’m speculating that we could see a few moves in the next 72 hours.

    Perhaps the best move that we’ve made so far is not having signed Gionta, Weaver or Bouillion. We may yet return all three players to the fold, but I was nearing certainty that these guys would have been locked up by now. It’s not that I don’t like the above, but I’ve advocated a clean break, allowing the team to move ahead with more size in the lineup. On defence, I’d like to see two spots open for Tinordi, Pateryn and Beaulieu to compete for. I don’t want to hand the kids anything, but I want them hungry and motivated this offseason knowing there is a chance for an opening night roster spot. The opening on RW, IMO, prompts Bergevin to facilitate a trade. I know we won’t land Jamie McGinn, but that’s the kind of player who could really improve the third unit. I don’t think Crisp will be ready to fill this void, but I also don’t think he’s as far away as some might suggest either. If memory serves, he was drafted as a 19 year old, so he’s a year older. Of course, to take that next step you need both the physical and mental maturation to sustain success.

    In any event, let’s see how the chips fall.

    Cheers, CJ

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      hi CJ

      In case you missed it

      June 19th
      ” The Colorado Avalanche on Thursday signed forward Jamie McGinn to a two-year contract. Financial terms were not disclosed by the team, but ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun reports that McGinn will earn $2.9 million next season and $3 million in 2015-16.”

      • CJ says:

        I saw it Ronn. Like I said, no chance there, but this is the kind of guy we need for the third unit. Brayden Schenn signed a bridge contract with similar term and dollars. Maybe we could look to the Capitals to try and find value as a trading partner.

  18. howiemorenz7 says:

    So, what happens if MLSE offers PK $10M over 7 years?

    Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.

  19. Maritime Ronn says:

    At least 8 teams are reported being interested in soon to be 38 year old UFA Dman Dan Boyle.
    Once he is signed and the money and term is confirmed, Habs fans will realise that GMMB did a great job concerning the Markov contract.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      I actually like Boyle as well but I am assuming he will be paid above market as you indicate. Like I said yesterday, its tough to find 25+ minutes per game defenseman with offensive skills and Markov is ALL that.

  20. DipsyDoodler says:

    You are statistically less likely to get bitten if you

    1. swim in the waters off New Smyrna, Florida, the so-called Shark Attack Capital of the World (1 in 2808).


    2. play one game of football against Luis Suarez (1 in 2060).


    Moving. Forward.

  21. Maritime Ronn says:

    A few posters below mention that there is little to no news about a Gallant replacement.
    The only chatter is about present Winnipeg Jets assistant coach Pascal Vincent.

    He has spent 3 years with the Jets, but was ‘inherited’ by Paul Maurice after Claude Noel was fired.
    Not sure about his contract status or relationship with Maurice – any while lateral moves rarely happen, his experiences and background fill several criteria such as 10 years of experience in the “Q”, pro experience, and the ability to communicate in Canada’s 2 official languages

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good morning Ronn! Speaking of “no word”, its struck me as a bit funny that the talkative, personable Bergevin and his administration is much better at keeping secrets then the careful, quiet, measured administration of pasts.

      I’m guessing it has everything to do with staff loyalty then management style but still rather interesting, eh?

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        Hi Jim

        They certainly appear to be a tight group and the word out is that they also have the respect of the player agents…where several of the leaks originate.

  22. Habitant in Surrey says:


    If these are the cops in Russia, I want to be a criminal.

  23. The Jackal says:

    Wow. Really? Trading PK for anything other than Crosby is an epic fail. Who cares about the return? Trading a player who is a face of the NHL, about to enter his prime, and proud to be a Hab?! How did the subject even come up? C’mon, summer isn’t THAT boring!

    • Marc10 says:

      You almost never win a trade of that magnitude. Lindros for Fosberg and a lot of spare parts is the only one that comes to mind as being a great deal for a marquee name.

      PK is the face of this franchise along with Price and he’s the charismatic extrovert of the two. He was asked to prove himself with his bridge contract. Job done. Norris and playoff MVP (for us) should be enough. Time to roll out the red carpet and make him a Hab for the long term.

      • Habfan17 says:

        I don’t know that you can call Steve Duchesne, Mike Ricci, and Ron Hextall spare parts. The other players Quebec/Colorado recieved were also key players. The $15,000,000 didn’t hurt either.

        I would say that Quebec won that trade. they ended up winning the cup! Philly had good years with Lindros, but not the success that ended up being Colorado’s.

        The other players; Jocelyn Thibeau, Nolan Baumgartner, Chris Simon, Kerry Huffman, and you already mentioned Forsberg, who most say was the best player in the NHL for a number of years.

        This ended up being an 8 player and $15,000,000 for one player. Not one of Philly’s best moves!


      • Cal says:

        The Flyers got fleeced on that and the eventual Avs won 2 Cups.
        The Lindros deal was an epic fail for the Flyers, who would have been better off keeping Forsberg and company.

  24. Stevie.Ray says:

    You ever wonder if Ho-Sang is just pretending to be a huge ass to scare off 29 GMs in order to ensure he goes to the team he wants to. That’s what I would do.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      It wouldn’t work in any way. He would have to go undrafted for several years for that to work, and is way too talented for that. Worst case scenario is he scares people badly enough that he ends up a late second or early third round steal.

  25. wildwilly says:

    I’m happy Markov is signed for three more years. Apart from the fact he is an excellent player who makes everyone around him better, he appreciates life in Montreal.

    There are so many players who complain about higher taxes, a different language, media pressure, and cold weather.

    It’s nice to read about someone that says “I might make more elsewhere but I like the city, the people, and the organization.”

    Normally players say such things after getting turned down everywhere else. It’s nice to have him on the Habs and he will continue to be my favorite player.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      I’ve never heard a player complain about higher taxes, a different language, or cold weather.

      H I/O sure. But players?
      Moving. Forward.

  26. Sportfan says:

    Brian Boyle would be a beaut for this team, maybe his old pall Brandon can rope him in!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  27. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Went fishing with My Son and Daughter today in the Chilliwack area. Testing new salmon-weight poles, getting ready for salmon season.

    We only caught a few little things and Venus made Quent and I throw them back in the stream.

    True summer has begun. Burn on My face. The beauty of nature in BC a sight to behold.

    Absolutely not in the mood to slog Roger’s at this time. Maybe tomorrow 🙂

    I started as well, a ‘Campaign To Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6’ petition the other day on iPetition.

    I have to thank Dean in Whitby, Ontario that found iPetition for Me.

    I have not released it yet, except to Ian, who, with Me, are the sole 2 to sign Toe’s petition, so far.

    I’ll wait until we take the Roger’s thing as far as We can. So, expect a Toe’s petition up and running in a couple weeks

    I just checked into the Roger’s petition, and We have hit 700 ! Really good for a single fan site’s petition, don’t You think ?

    Anyhow, I feel too good and content with Life at the moment to think of Roger’s. I’ll save that for tomorrow 🙂

    Peace to Y’all

    “Protest Rogers blackout of Habs game…sign at:


  28. on2ndthought says:

    Signing Markov sends the right message to PK about how this organization treats its’ stars.

    As far as UFAs are concerned: What do we do with Boyle if we sign him. I’d love to see him center our 4th line, but he doesn’t want to sign up for that role with the rangers; why would he want to with us?

    Vrbata would be a good fall back if Gio doesn’t sign. At $3M/yr he’s a good top six fit on the right side – bigger than the captain, but doesn’t play any bigger.

    “a cannonading drive”

  29. durocher says:

    MB will draft Lemieux if he’s still available at 26 — MB has a track record of acquiring guys who are related to former players (Steve Thomas, Geoff Courtnall, etc.). Plus, Lemieux apparently plays with an edge. He has size at 6’1″, 210 lbs.

    • Sportfan says:

      If he’s anything like his dad he’s a future Conn Smythe winner too!

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      Regarding our prospect pool, he does not fit what we need. We need:

      -Scoring wingers with size. Hudon, Andrioghetto, Reway, Holland, and Thomas are nice, but they are certainly not slam dunks and are all quite small. I like Bozon, but who knows where his career will go.
      -Solid all around Dman. With Tinordi and Beaulieu graduating, and guys like Dietz, Ellis, and Thrower looking iffy at best, we could use a solid dman in Jr. to keep the pipline full. Nygren looks like he’s on his way out, whereas Pateryn never appears to get a serious shot.
      – Point producing center with size. The Bulldog’s centers are weak. Either small or shitty. Would be nice to maybe get a big body with upside in the later rounds as we are thin at center in the minors (why did we not sign Vail?)

      Lemieux will be a good second round pick but he projects to be a third liner at best. We already have McCarron, Crisp, De La Rose, Dumont, Blunden, Courtnall, and Fournier who project similarly. AND I don’t like not swinging for the fences with a first round pick. There will be talent still available at 26.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      Ughh, I hope not. I would have a hard time drafting a player that is maybe the 8th or 9th best player on his junior team, with no real offensive skills, in the first round.

    • Bill J says:

      As long as he doesn’t play like his uncle… 🙁

      Go Habs Go!

  30. SC-1993 says:

    Scott Gomez is gonna replace Gallant

  31. Un Canadien errant says:

    Allan Muir: Canadiens’ re-signing of Andrei Markov shows they’re going for it


    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


  32. JohnBellyful says:

    Habs trade first round pick is what I’m hearin’

  33. Chris says:

    I know people are tired of me saying it, but I’ll just pump Robby Fabbri’s tires one more time. Teams are going to be wary of him because of his size (5’10.25″, 170 pounds), but the kid is worth a high pick.

    In midget, he captained his Markham Rebels to the OHL Cup, beating the heavily favoured Toronto Marlboros (featuring McDavid, Bennett, Ho-Sang and McKeown) in the final. In the OHL, he has been a scoring machine, and won the playoff MVP while leading the Storm to the championship.

    He’s got speed to burn, but his best asset is that he can dangle at top speed. His agility and lateral movement is exceptional, and he has a sneakily devastating shot that allows him to pick corners. Nonetheless, he is not even remotely a selfish player: if anything, he and his linemates would often frustrate the heck out of the home fans by making one pass too many, but the number of ridiculously pretty passing plays resulting in goals more than made up for the ones they passed up on.

    Fabbri is not an elite defensive player, but he does work back there. He skates the entire ice, and he is often willing to go in the dirty areas of the ice to make a defensive play. His speed and acceleration make him a break-away threat off the turnover.

    The only downside to Fabbri’s game is the lack of size and his penchant for not protecting himself, particularly when trying to make plays around the net. He is sometimes too fearless, and he suffered a concussion and just missed getting nailed a few more times on head shots because he leaves himself vulnerable. He can’t do that at the NHL level or he is going to have a short career.

    I can easily see Fabbri as a Pavel Datsyuk light: he’s got the speed and the dangles, and he is a pretty relentless forechecker when the mood suits him. He needs to work on his faceoffs, but the sky is the limit for that kid. I’ve been railing against how low he has been ranked all season, but I think the tide has turned for Fabbri: despite lower rankings by most of the major ranking services, TSN’s final rankings (which involve scout buzz in a bigger way) shot him way up to #14 after he was languishing in the mid-20’s all season.

    If it came down to Ho-Sang vs. Fabbri (doubt either are available at #26, but let’s play), I take Fabbri: the skill levels are equivalent, but Fabbri is by all accounts a great kid, well liked by teammates, and he has a ferocious competitive streak. There is nothing not to like about Fabbri.

    • PK says:

      Chris, We need balance rather than worry about size.
      Ok to have a slightly smaller player if he brings a specific skill-set.
      Is Fabbri another Gallagher but with more upside, offensively?

      >>>> Les Canadiens sont là
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

      – Nostradamus, 1552

    • on2ndthought says:

      won’t fall to 26th. We get Lemieux or Berbeshaev or take a flyer on Ho-Sang (but he might still be available in the third round/ hockey people are funny)

      “a cannonading drive”

  34. SmartDog says:


    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  35. Chris says:

    Vancouver is re-building.

    Montreal needs a winger.

    Bring my Higgy back!

    (I know…it won’t happen. At least you all better hope it doesn’t happen, because I would be stupidly happy. The idea of a third line of Higgins-Eller-Bourque (back in the RW spot he had his best years in) and the cycle game that line could set up in the offensive zone makes me so happy. So what if none of them can shoot the puck in the ocean from the beach…they would be Corsi All-Stars. )

    • Ncognito says:

      I’m a huge Higgins fan also. Aways liked his game. perfect for the 3rd line and could fill in for on the 2nd line for short periods also.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      A couple of years ago, I was trying to trade Travis Moen and Andrei Kostitsyn to the Canucks fans-ACGM’s for their playoff run. They needed veteran help, depth on their third and fourth line, and a scorer on the Sedin line. I figured Travis and Andrei, who had expiring contracts and wouldn’t hamper the ‘Nucks’ cap, were perfect solutions.

      All I wanted in return were picks and a French Canadian prospect who is still now languishing in their system. The thought of repatriating Chris Higgins never occurred to me though.



      And yeah, they wouldn’t bite, they didn’t see the massive upgrade Travis and Andrei would have provided, and they were getting sick of trading away picks and getting skunked at the draft. I still think Travis would have brunged them some ruggedness, and Andrei would have been perfectly cast as the idiot-savant on the Sedins’ right wing, who could have scored a goal a game due to their superb passing.

      My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

    • Marc10 says:

      Would Higgins want to come back? I doubt it.

      He was part of one of the most cancerous dressing rooms in recent memory. The Three Amigos, Koivu-Rivet clique, the Belorussian mafia, Michael ‘the Floater’ Ryder, ‘Iron’ Mike Komisarek, Pretty Boy Sheldon and his big shot, the parties, girls and ‘recreational party supplements’… a dysfunctional front office in a crazy fishbowl.

      I don’t know if Chris was part of the problem, but I wouldn’t bring him back. Craig Rivet onced confessed that the guys didn’t really give two tosses about the sweater, the locals, or the Habs’ legacy… and well Higgy was part of that room.

      Let’s leave this sorry episode in the past. I’m happy the few players that remain have come good (or in Markov and Pleky’s case… have remained true professionals).

      Sometimes you can’t come home again and as Michael Ryder proved… maybe it’s better if you stay away.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        G’day Marc.
        The period you mention was just around the time I was finally able to return to following the Habs after a long stretch out of touch. Do you know by any chance of somewhere I could read a summary of those times?

        • Chris says:

          From my perspective, the worst two things that happened to that team were:

          1) Heightened expectations: the Habs finished 1st in the East the year before, but fans ignored two major contributors to that: a significant number of players had career years, and the team suffered almost no significant injuries. They simply were not as talented or as good as their record.

          2) Injuries decimated that 2008-09 team: Tanguay, Latendresse and Lang, 3 of their top-9 forwards, all missed 25+ games after January 1. On top of that, Koivu missed 17 games in December/January after breaking his foot blocking a shot. Komisarek and Price missed significant time with injuries, but weren’t the same players: Komisarek’s shoulder career ruined him as a player, while Price needed a year and a bit to get his confidence back after the horror show that was his second half while trying to play on a high-ankle sprain.

          The partying (of which the most most guilty parties were the Gorges-Price-Higgins clique), the media firestorm surrounding the Kostitsyns and Hamrlik (I still remember the disgusting coverage, with rumours that the police were waiting at the airport to arrest the three upon the Habs’ plane landing), Kovalev having another Kovalevian episode (the infamous walk in the snow with Gainey), and a coach that was increasingly beleaguered were all factors in the second half, but they were blown out of proportion because of the above factors.

          There isn’t a team in the NHL that could have stood up to that level of injuries to key players. The Stanley Cup champions that season were the Pittsburgh Penguins. They had suffered one key injury in the first half, to Sergei Gonchar, and they were terrible: 27-25-5 and 5 points out of the playoffs despite their talent, costing Michel Therrien his job. Upon Gonchar’s return, the Penguins went 18-4-4 and stormed through the playoffs.

          That team imploded because of pressure and injuries. It happens. Montreal threw out a lot of babies with the bath-water that summer to appease an angry fan-base and media.

      • Chris says:

        Koivu, Komisarek, Higgins, Markov…those were the leaders on that team and they absolutely care about the club. Higgins’ problem was the partying. Since then, he has settled down and become the consummate professional.

        Higgins’ father was a huge Habs fan, so Higgins getting drafted by the Habs was a dream come true. When he was traded, his father was heart-broken.

        One of the biggest problem players on that 2009 team was actually Carey Price, and nobody questions that he has subsequently grown up. Higgins has too.

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Hey Chris. Thanks for the history class above. It sure doesn’t feel like 5 years….

          So do you reckon a “major jerk” (love it, btw!) can grow up as well? And for that matter, couldn’t Ho-Sang?

  36. UKRAINIANhab says:

    …and People Did not want this guy back.

    Class act, similar to Pleks.

    Welcome back AM!

  37. Ncognito says:

    If Tallon offered the number 1 pick and Gudbranson and Petrovic for PK, do you do it?

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      No. PK is better than all of them.

    • Chris says:

      No, but I had to stop and think about it. I think Ekblad is the real deal, but I’m not as sold on Gudbranson (he is a major jerk as well…NOT popular with teammates in junior, at the very least) and Petrovic is a bit of a wild-card.

      We know what we’ve got in Subban…he is an elite defenceman and thrives in the Montreal spotlight. That is a rare gift.

      • Ncognito says:

        It would be tempting. We are sitting around work at lunch today and we were discussing what would it take to get the number 1 and a lot of talk was trading the likes of Moen, Gionta, Gorges, etc. When I threw this one out there a few said they liked it for both teams. Be a ballsy move though.

    • jols says:

      I don’t know who Petrovic is but what if it was the number 1 pick, Gudbranson and Huberdeau for PK ?

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I think you have to do that deal. You get three rightie defencemen back, with Aaron Ekblad projected as a first pairing, Alex Petrovic possibly becoming a second and Erik Gudbranson as your third pairing. All will cost less for the next five years than P.K. will. In a cap world, you have to take this deal.

    • truebeliever says:

      First off, I’m not sure why Tallon would make that trade and gut his team of depth. The Sam Pollock rule is ALWAYS get the best player out of a trade. That’s why the Habs were comfortable in their trades for Turgeon and Damphousse those many years ago. Not sure whatever comes of the top of the draft class, you’d ever end up with as interesting and dynamic a competitor as PK. If you had a phenom like Mario Lemieux or Connor McDavid this year, sure … maybe you go for it. Same if Florida or Edmonton goes for the hostile signing of PK as an RFA. But Habs have the core of an excellent team for many years to come — Price, Subban, Beaulieu, Tinordi, Gallagher, Chucky, Eller, MaxPax, etc. Why risk gutting it? MB will grow it incrementally and look to add key puzzle pieces when he can.

  38. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Like to see Markov as the next captain and give an “A” to PK who will get the C when Markov retires.

  39. johnnylarue says:

    I know this is hardly objective reporting, but there’s no disputing the kid gives good interview:


  40. Un Canadien errant says:

    A lot is made of the supposed benefit of playing CHL hockey, and how after your junior career you can got to university with your accumulated scholarship, and play CIS hockey.

    One of the problems might be the junior hockey player mentality and culture, and how some of the more excessive traits fit in to a university setting. Some of the players at the University of Ottawa and the coach(es) may have tried to perpetuate the fratboy outrages, and worse, that pass for team bonding.


    Glad to learn of the administration’s response, much more appropriate than some of the more infamous scandals in the NCAA.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


    • CJ says:

      Although I do applaud the decision, it doesn’t hold the impact that shutting down Penn State football might have. Again, I applaud the administration as the issue appeared to be an extension of a culture that was allowed to grow unchecked. That said, I always feel for those who were innocent.

      For what it’s worth, the issue has received very little press in the city. Then again, hockey in Ottawa isn’t exactly front page news…..

    • Habfan17 says:

      It is deplorable how such acts get labelled as “bonding” It is high time the universities come down hard on these activities and ban them with stiff penalties for players who take part in them including losing their scholarships and immediate expulsion. The same should apply to any university employees who participate or turn a blind eye.


      • twilighthours says:


      • Chris says:

        Very few CIS hockey players are on sports scholarships…it just isn’t really the culture in Canada. For a long time, teams weren’t even allowed to give sports scholarships. I believe that they can now, but it has been slow to be adopted.

        • twilighthours says:

          But that part about it being deplorable?

          • Chris says:

            Isn’t that a given?

            I’m all for immediate expulsion. Sadly, I’ve worked in the university system far too long to have much faith in the administration’s willingness to turf anybody, no matter how despicable the actions.

  41. montrealtilldeath says:

    Therrian should take a lesson from Greg Popovich on how to play veterans like Markov. Over using him all last season resulted in him being ineffective against the Rangers. There was no just gas left in the tank. Pops reduced the game minutes for Duncan, Parker and Ginobli during the year which allowed the youngers players to get valuable experience . By playoff time his 3 olders stars were not leg weary and the young guns were also battle tested. Result: King James was overthrown.

  42. slapshot777 says:

    Anybody hear any rumblings on who may replace Gerard Gallant?

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Lucien Deblois.

      “Protest Rogers blackout of Habs game…sign at:


    • Marc10 says:

      I’ve heard nothing. That’s a tough one. Ideally if things weren’t so dire in HAM the coach could come from there, but I don’t see that happening.

      Gerard was a former player with a solid pedigree as a former pro coach and a Memorial Cup under his belt. You don’t see that every day. He was also a non franco (in spite of his last name) and that was probably a nice touch seeing as all the other coaches are ‘des petits gars de chez nous’.

      Kirk Muller would be perfect, but that ship has sailed. Carbo isn’t a soft touch… How about Adam Oates? Smart cookie. Awesome player in his day. What a refreshing change it would be for him.

    • Habfan17 says:

      I have heard nothing at all. I would think they would want an experienced coach, probably and ex player like Gallant. Denis Savard perhaps! He has coached and he could help the power play!


  43. Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On ® says:

    After going over Trollhunter’s list of guys picked at #26 over the last 20 years, I’d be more than happy to see the Habs take a flyer on Josh Ho-Sang if he’s still available. The only other way they’d get a shot at a kid with that much pure talent would be to finish last overall and win the draft lottery.

    Sure he’d be a work in progress, but the effort could net you a generational talent. At the worst he’d be a guy drafted at #26 that you could turn into an asset by moving him to another team. There will always be desperate GM’s looking for a quick fix.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      I am sure that they have a really good read on him, the scouts would have seen a lot of Windsor games watching Vail.

      • johnnylarue says:

        Good point.

        I’ll go on the record as saying the article that was linked to earlier today really piqued my interest in the kid. Whichever team decides to put their staid, old boys hockey mentality aside to take a flyer on him could find themselves with a bona fide superstar on their hands.

        He certainly can’t be any bigger a risk than an acknowledged “project” pick like McCarron, whose skill set could only be called marginal when compared to the rather impressive natural ability Ho-Sang brings to the table.

    • 24 Cups says:

      The Habs only have one legit pick this year so selecting at #26 is a bit of a gamble no matter how you see it. I say don’t play it safe, just go ahead and roll the dice.

      24 Cups

  44. Marc10 says:

    Ryan Callahan for 6 years… Wow. Gimme Markov for three any day.

  45. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Hypothetical question:
    If Markov plays the next 3 seasons (reaches 1000 games) and the Habs win a Cup during that time, do you retire his number? It would be 17 seasons and 3rd scoring D-man all time for the franchise. The Cup win is critical of course.

    • PK says:

      You are treading on thin ice my friend.
      The “anti-retire the number” faction will come out in full force!
      However, the number is an unusual one: 79
      Plus, there is a Stanley Cup in the mix?
      And 17 years of service ….

      I would say yes

      >>>> Les Canadiens sont là
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

      – Nostradamus, 1552

    • Habfan17 says:

      Whichever side of the retire or honour side of the fence you are on, I would think he would deserve consideration. It is still hard to compare him to the ones already hanging, They all have multiple cups and some have received other awards. Given the different eras, the growth of the league and the longer season, I would vote to have his number raised!

    • The_Truth says:

      No. Very good player, but not great.

  46. habstrinifan says:

    I am ALL IN! Markov comes across as real a HAB as any I have ‘loved’.

    First thought I had after reading the article is that it would SUCK and be unjust for HABS to ‘trade’ Markov… regardless of his play next two/three seasons.

    Maybe from ice straight to staff!

    “Protest Rogers blackout of Habs game…sign at:


  47. Steven says:

    Saw some talk of Ho-Sang in the last thread and further down this one. Guy has a boatload of talent, but I’m not sure I’d go anywhere near him with one of my picks…

    He put up 85 points in 67 games this season, which is respectable, but nothing fantastic. For reference, our own Gabriel Dumont put up 93 points at roughly the same age in 5 less games, and we see the kind of player he’s become.

    Despite this, he seems to think he’s the best thing since sliced bread, with an ego the size of a barge. He mentioned that he thinks he should be the #1 pick this year and low-key criticized other draft-eligible players’ abilities, mentioning that he didn’t score much less than Bennett and Dal Colle, and that he probably would have had more points than McDavid if he had played on that team(which is a subtle critique at his own team. Wonder how they’re going to take that). His apparent lack of will to be coached is concerning, and the fact that he’s pulling the race card already is something I wouldn’t want to get involved in.

    This may not be worth a lot, but a friend of mine has played with him before(yeah, I’m probably one of the youngest members on here) and said the guy was a total a-hole.

    From what I’ve gathered, I’d say it’s more about Ho-Sang than about the team. If he’s available in the 3rd round, I’d take a gamble. No sooner.

    • Marc10 says:

      Sit this guy next to Markov and have him interact with MT in team briefings. 24CH gold is what that is. Too bad Randy Ladouceur isn’t around… Then again…

    • habstrinifan says:

      Havent followed his career nor read all the stuff you are citing. And yes he DOES sound like someone who needs some humility and respect knocked into him… based on what you wrote above.

      But geez if he falls to the HABS… I would be very very wary of passing him up.

      He could be ‘rehabilitated’ couldnt he?

      “Protest Rogers blackout of Habs game…sign at:


      • Steven says:

        I’m all for the Habs taking him, but not at the cost of a 1st or 2nd.

        • johnnylarue says:

          Thanks for the inside scoop.

          Kid turned 18 in January… I know judging character is part of a pro-scout’s job, but damn, to think of the cocky little sh!t I was at that age–and I wasn’t even particularly good at anything!

          This is one of those cases where anyone we draft at #26 this year will be a project in some way or another–whether it’s in terms of skills, strength/conditioning, hockey IQ or… character. These things can be learned.

          Bearing in mind that hockey is a team sport though, I can see how an unapologetically “me first” attitude could be a major turnoff to a lot of teams. Just seems like there’s a lot of upside there if the coaching staff is up to the challenge…

  48. Trollhunter says:

    The one term every Hab fan (and all sports fans for that matter) have never heard of:
    Managing Expectations

    A list of players drafted 26th overall the last 20 years.

    1994- Vadim Sharifijanov. Russia. Devils.
    1995- Marc Denis Goaltender Canada Colorado Avalanche
    1996- Jesse Wallin. Defense. Canada. Detroit Red Wings
    1997- Kevin Grimes. Defense. Canada. Colorado Avalanche
    1998- Mike Van Ryn (Defense) Canada New Jersey Devils
    1999- Martin Havlát (F) Czech Republic Ottawa Senators
    2000- Brian Sutherby (F) Canada Washington Capitals
    2001- Jason Bacashihua (goaltender) United States Dallas Stars
    2002- Martin Vagner (defence) Czech Republic Dallas Stars
    2003- Brian Boyle (F) United States Los Angeles Kings
    2004- Cory Schneider (Goaltender) United States Vancouver Canucks
    2005- Matt Pelech (Defence) Canada Calgary Flames
    2006- Leland Irving (goaltender) Canada Calgary Flames
    2007- David Perron (F) Canada St. Louis Blues
    2008- Tyler Ennis (F) Canada Buffalo Sabres
    2009- Kyle Palmieri United States F Anaheim Ducks
    2010- Evgeny Kuznetsov Russia (f) Washington Capitals
    2011- Phillip Danault (F) Canada Chicago Blackhawks
    2012- Brendan Gaunce (F) Canada Vancouver Canucks
    2013- Shea Theodore (D) Canada Anaheim Ducks

    • Steven says:

      There are some good names on that list, thankfully. Denis was not bad. Havlat is pretty good when he’s not injured. Boyle is someone many HI/O ers wish we had. Schneider’s gonna be a starter next year. Perron, Ennis and Palmieri are all good forwards, and Kuznetsov is set to join them in that.

      That being said, a lot of misses there. Should be fun to see where we end up

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Thanks for the cold shower, we needed that.

  49. eric says:

    What would the habs give up to get Ekblad

    • Chris says:

      Unless it started with Galchenyuk, it is a moot point. And they wouldn’t give up Galchenyuk.

      No point dreaming about a top-10 pick. Even a top-15 pick is probably out of reach. Montreal just doesn’t have the assets at this point in time to swing that high in the draft from #26.

      • eric says:

        I would try something like our 1st this year, Eller, a choice between Nygren, Pateryn or Tinordi and our 1st next year for their second

        • habsr4ever says:

          Wow. U want to sell the farm…..NO way would it take THAT much to land the pick. Holy smokes. Two first round picks plus Tinordi who himself was a first round pick PLUS Eller who was a first round pick of St. Louis. NEVER would a GM make that trade. WAY too much for Ekblad (who is going to be a number 2-3) dman. He’ll play for years but seriously – he is no Weber or Doughty or Subban or Keith. I would rather roll the dice on Bennett or Reinhardt if that is the price for the first over all pick/Ekblad. FLA can have him and keep the pick if THAT is the price….sheesh. A shut down Dman with a decent shot and you want to put our team back YEARS. Forget it.

          to the ufa’s – I hope Brian Boyle remains unsigned. Let’s get him to play with Prust on our 4th line. We need to dump Moen and White though to get some cap space.
          Also – I keep hearing we are interested in Vrbata…..hhhhmmmm.

          • eric says:

            Chucky would play center and we would still have three d-men. The second next year would probably be high because fla won’t make the playoffs.If the Habs go far next there wouldn’t be much difference in picks.That’s not selling the farm and would not set us back years

        • 24 Cups says:

          eric – It would take more than that to grab 1st overall. The 26th pick, a 3rd line centre and an unproven Dman from the farm ain’t gonna cut it.

          24 Cups

          • boing007 says:

            It depends on what the team you’re making the deal with needs to improve their lineup.

            Richard R

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      You should be asking what it would take to get Erik Gudbranson because that is what the Habs need.

      • Habfan17 says:

        Don’t go there! I mentioned trading Beaulieu and Gorges and was told they don’t need Beaulieu. My reasoning is they could afford to move Gudbranson if they pick Ekblad. With Beaulieu they would have a left and right defence pairing for many years and Gorges would add a veteran presence. Beaulieu played with Huberdeau in the Q. I even mentioned throwing in Nygren and Florida throwing in their 2nd round pick. I still got grief!


      • Chris says:

        Forida has hinted that Gudbranson is available, but it would be a forward that knocks their socks off as the price.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      If I was Tallon, I would want PK. Then again I can’t afford him, so never mind.

      Moving. Forward.

  50. Un Canadien errant says:

    Some are supposing that the informal talk period now allowed prior to July 1 will eliminate desperation offers where a team swings for the fences, and that this will drive down the price on free agents.

    I think it can/will work both ways. Sure, some one offs like the Jeff Finger/Kurt Sauer fiasco (hello Leafs fans) are unlikely to recur.


    What may happen though is that some players who may only have received interest from a couple teams on July 1 under the old system, with other teams thinking they wouldn’t have a shot and sitting on the sidelines, can now during this window take these initial informal offers and expressions of interest, and create an auction to drive up their price. We’ve seen this happen in trade talks, where other GM’s bemoaned the Mike Cammalleri trade to Calgary, and how if they’d known he was on the market they’d have made a better offer. This will now be the case for UFA offers, a GM for a team that thought it wasn’t a preferred destination now won’t be able to say he was caught short, he’ll have plenty of opportunity to sniff around, and maybe enter the dance.

    Also, the pressure for a player to sign right away will be relieved. We all remember Alex Kovalev getting a two-year, $5M per offer from Bob Gainey on July 1 2009, with the proviso that he had to accept quickly or else the Canadiens would go in another direction. Now, Bob Gainey and Mr. Kovalev had different ideas about what quickly meant, I think the player called back an hour later to negotiate further, and the GM told him it was too late, the original offer was off the table, since the money had now been tendered to Brian Gionta and Mike Cammalleri. Stories like that got wide play, and agents and players knew that waiting for a higher, better offer might not always be the best course of action, and would take the bird in hand.

    These ‘wham-bam’ situations shouldn’t occur anymore, players and agents will be able to more accurately gauge what their value is, what the level of interest is for their services. Sure, there will be some uncertainty, some players will be under the gun to reach agreement immediately when the signing period begins on July 1, but this will be after being allowed to do a lot more research, and they’ll be more comfortable that they’re getting the best offer possible.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


    • Habfan17 says:

      From listening to some of the ex hockey, now media folks, it was done more to stop teams from facing tampering charges and to make it fair to all teams to talk with the players they have interest in.


      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Yes, I’m not saying it wasn’t done to legitimize the rampant tampering that was going on under the previous, unrealistic system. It’s not re-inventing the wheel, other sports have these windows before a set date at which point you can sign a deal.

  51. eric says:

    As far as I’m concerned Saku should also have been a lifer in Mtl. Stupid Gainey

    • PK says:

      I know.
      Saku is a class act.
      One of Gainey’s mistakes – he should have kept #11

      >>>> Les Canadiens sont là
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

      – Nostradamus, 1552

    • Chris says:

      I don’t think that one was on Gainey as much as people think. Koivu also realized that him passing Beliveau as the longest serving captain in Habs history was perhaps going to be a controversial thing. I don’t think Koivu, Gainey or the Habs wanted anything to do with that, even though I know that Beliveau wouldn’t have minded.

      This was just another act that showed that Koivu understood Montreal well, far better than he was ever given credit for.

      • Thoughts at large says:

        I wonder if Gainey offered Koivu a deal with the proviso that he relinguish the captaincy?

      • The_Truth says:

        Who cares if Koivu had more seniority as captain than Beliveau. I am sure him leaving had nothing to do with that.

        Gainey wanted to take the next step with a first line center and change the leadership. He made a big mistake with Gomez and his other choices, but it had more to do with on ice production, rather than anything to do with Captain seniority.

    • Say Ash says:

      They’ve been to two conference finals without Koivu

      • eric says:

        They would have got there with him and maybe beyond

        • PK says:

          Hey Chris, that is a subtle point that most of us outside the Habs organization would not appreciate. Knowing that Saku could have surpassed Beliveau in terms of longevity, as Habs captain, may have ruffled some feathers … an interesting and, likely, a correct point of view.

          Koivu would have been a third line centre in this last ECF?
          A Gionta-type in the locker room with perhaps more offensive upside.

          >>>> Les Canadiens sont là
          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

          “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

          – Nostradamus, 1552

    • twilighthours says:

      Saku had his own part to play in his departure. Go back and watch any game from Feb 2009 to April 2009, and in particular the playoffs, to see what I’m talking about.

      • Chris says:

        I’m with you from February to April. Koivu, Kovalev, Higgins and Komisarek were the only 3 Habs that played like they gave a crap about the team in the playoffs though. I still remember Koivu barrelling into Chara repeatedly in that series, but nothing could fire up his teammates who quit en masse.

  52. PK says:

    Fairly rare that an NHL player stays with one team throughout a career. If nothing else, that is saying something about Markov’s relationship with the Habs … of course, that is presuming that he does not get dealt at the next trade deadline 🙂

    >>>> Les Canadiens sont là
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

    – Nostradamus, 1552

  53. Un Canadien errant says:

    Somewhat relevant quote from Dave Chapelle about how much is enough, how rich does one need to be to be satisfied, from his appearance on David Letterman a few weeks ago:

    “The only difference between having $10 million and $50 million is an astounding $40 million. Of course I would have liked to have that money.”



    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


  54. JohnInTruro says:

    CJ – big advocate of trading Markov last year, how do you feel about this signing? I know it’s not a matter of you not liking him.

    • CJ says:

      Good evening.

      I’m trying to take a measured, wait and see approach. It’s not the first year, or perhaps even the second year that’s of concern, but I’m not impressed with bending on the term, even if Markov brought something to the table in exchange – salary relief and the avoidance of a full NTC. Chris and others make a strong case for the short term viability of Markov. There wasn’t another free agent who could replace the General. It was rumoured that Dan Boyle was plan B, but I don’t think he’s any better. Markov knows the market, the system and style. I also get the value of having Markov in the fold, especially if we intend on integrating two, possibly three inexperienced players into the lineup (Pateryn, Beaulieu and/or Tinordi). We need the stabilizer, and Markov fills the void.

      That said, I hated waiting and essentially limiting options. At the time of the signing, it was either an extension on Markov’s terms, or letting him walk for nothing (maybe a draft pick for rights to negotiate). The signing was the best of what I perceive to be two bad options.

      My concern regarding Markov, or any defenceman over 35 not named Nick Lidstrom is this, they ought to be complimentary players, not key contributors. Chara might defy this logic, but, IMO, he’s really started to show signs of stress and has become a target. The hunter has become the hunted…. Sure, folks can sight examples around the league – Streit, Boyle, Phillips. What do these guys have in common, they play for franchises that don’t win Stanley Cups. Unless we are trying to become the trend setter, IMO, LA is the model. Chicago is a good secondary blueprint. Neither franchise has yet locked into a 35+ defencemen for this kind of term and money. They sign complimentary veterans, but they don’t build around them.

      The loss of Markov would have been a tough pill to swallow, but if we could have added a draft pick and young prospect like a Tanner Pearson (just an example), then we would be one step closer to a Cup. I thought Markov looked tired this post season. In fairness, it was an Olympic year, and the partnership with Emelin doesn’t help. He showed flashes of brilliance, but that was also augmented by fits of invisibility. I can’t imagine what happens in three years, nobody can. As indicated, I will wait and see.

      Cheers, CJ

  55. FANHABULOUS says:

    If you look at his history, Andre has been a (near) elite, puck-moving, all-star calibre defenseman who has been loyal to the Habs many times, and has been the best D on our team for the past decade (except recently with PK rising to the top). I’m glad they signed him… these types of players don’t grow on trees, and teams would have thrown more money and term at him on UFA-shopping day.

    “You will not regret picking me” – PK Subban.

    • habsr4ever says:

      The Oilers would have thrown $7 Million at Markov. Especially since they just blew $4.5 M on Nikanen. Players like Marky don’t come around/grow on trees. We over paid by one year but nobody got screwed on this deal.
      Ask me in a few days if we got hosed on the gionta signing.

  56. Un Canadien errant says:

    About Dave Bolland reportedly asking for 8 years at $5M, Elliotte Friedman put that into context, by saying that the Leafs negotiation style is to have the player’s side offer up a number first. He says that the agent(s) therefore went in high, to give themselves room to move, but the ‘ask’ doesn’t represent a hard line, like Andrei’s reported minimum three years.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


  57. DipsyDoodler says:

    So is there an update about Suarez?

    In other words, is Chewy Luis in the News?

    Moving. Forward.

  58. WVHabsfan says:

    Jim. I am guessing that is your zip code. I used to love in Orange County, NY as well. I lived in Wallkill, NY for a couple of years back in the late 90’s.

  59. Un Canadien errant says:

    ***Re-posted from previous thread:***

    Some thoughts about Canadian cities being able to attract/retain frontline players who have options:

    Vancouver was seen as a prime destination for a lot of players, due to factors such as the mild weather, which some like, they prefer the rain to the bitter Portage and Main cold. They like the West Coast lifestyle, the local boys enjoy being close to family and friends. The organization is seen as first-class, there is no nickel-and-dimeing going on (no expense is spared for travel, the players’ sleep is more important than saving one night’s hotel costs). Until recently, you felt you had a chance to win with the Canucks.

    That last point is now off the table, and one factor which is creeping in for the last few seasons is the fishbowl aspect, which isn’t as bad as in Toronto or Montréal, but is rising. Further, some players worry that there is a small but significant faction of peripheral fans, those who rioted in 2011 wearing Pavel Bure or Brian McCabe orange and black jerseys, that have a very aggressive, confrontational tone. Milan Lucic has borne the brunt of that it seems, but it hasn’t escaped the players’ notice, if we are to believe the press.

    The Edmonton itself not being a problem angle is a bit of a stretch, I think. While it’s true that Glen Sather managed to get core players re-signed within his budget, to get players to give the hometown discount, that was predicated on Wayne Gretzky and a chance at being part of a dynasty. The players made do, they were young and had the keys to the city, and reportedly took group trips to Vegas and Mexico that were legendary. Once they started getting married and didn’t hang out together so much, and Wayne was traded to L.A., all these players left town, demanded trades, sold themselves to the highest bidder, in short order. And yeah, there was a blip when Chris Pronger and Mike Peca came to town, I remember telling my coworker on the bay floor, and he was walking around in a daze, happily muttering “Can’t believe we got Peca…” Unfortunately, it didn’t last.

    Montréal has some significant issues to overcome, like the weather, the taxes, the language issues, the crumbling infrastructure, the traffic, the fishbowl existence. The Canadiens do a good job with the factors it can control: good, progressive ownership, topnotch facilities, first-class treatment, a likeable GM, these things matter to players, when they decide where they have to go to work (Vincent Lecavalier notwithstanding). The Canadiens can also deliver an amazing experience for players, as Dale Weise and Mike Weaver testified, the amazing fans, the attention. Mike Cammalleri explained that the best part of being a Canadiens was ‘playing on Saturday night’.

    For the right player, this will matter, along with being part of a historic tradition and franchise, of wearing an iconic jersey, along with now the real hope of contending for the Stanley Cup. So it’s up to the team and its pro scouts, its brain trust, to key on the advantages, and target players who are local boys who will cherish these factors, or players like P.K. or Dale Weise who grew up watching Habs games on the couch with their father. For those guys, attracting them to Montréal won’t be so difficult, the siren song of Sunrise or anonyMinnesota won’t be so appealing.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Good read, UCE.

    • Slackman says:

      Good read indeed!

      The way I see it, LA might just become the dynasty of our times, what with guys like Gaborik signing for such a small amount. It seems like the LA glamour, weather, team success, etc. etc. etc. makes the Kings a very appealing destination…. I just can’t see Montreal drawing in great players like that. No other Canadian city comes close to the appeal of Montreal, but Montreal doesn’t come close to the appeal of big-name markets like LA, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Pittsburgh, et al.

      “A Gypsy mutant industrial vacuum cleaner dances about a mysterious night time camp fire. Festoons. Dozens of imported castanets, clutched by the horrible suction of its heavy duty hose, waving with marginal erotic abandon in the midnight autumn air.”

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Yes, the thing is now L.A. can attract winners, players who care about hockey, and not just guys who want to go to the rink in flipflops, who care more about golf than hockey. I was always suspicious about players who choose Phoenix over Edmonton, that they’re more concerned about all the stuff besides hockey itself, but in L.A., with the strong organization now, the coaches, the leader corps, you can attract a subset of laidback, easy-going guys who love the lifestyle, but are all business on the ice and regarding their career generally.

    • Habfan17 says:

      The teams are mandated to put the players up in 5 star hotels. It is part of the collective bargaining agreement. The daily per diem is also fixed by the agreement. Vancouver is not doing more for players as far as hotels and travel expenses. The players get an insane per diem. These are things that of course were not presented by the players when they were negotiating their new contract.


      • Un Canadien errant says:

        You’re missing the point I’m making. Yes, the type of accommodation and the per diem is set in the CBA. Not making any representation otherwise.

        I’m saying that the Canucks for the last decade have been a first-class organization, that doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Read the book “Moneyball”, you’ll see that some teams have to cut corners to make their budget.

        The travel example is used to make an important point. The Canucks have one of the worst travel schedules because of their location, they have to fly a lot, for long periods. They hired a sleep-research firm as consultants to help with their travel plans, to make sure their decisions were made with the players’ interests in mind. The consultants said that getting home earlier from the road trip was not the main consideration, it should be getting eight hours sleep as much as possible.

        So in the past, when the team might have played in L.A. and flown home right after the game and gotten in at 0400 hrs, the positives were thought to be that you got to spend a whole day at home with your family, and you could get an extra practice in.

        Now, they almost always stay in L.A., sleep there, and then fly in the next day, even if it costs them an opportunity to practice, and yes, an extra night’s stay at a hotel as an added cost. The Canucks and their consultants believe that having the boys get a good night’s sleep is the most important factor, not the missed practice.

        And that’s the point I was making, that teams on a shoestring will fly home early, and save themselves the hotel costs, but the Canucks are a first-class organization, and they’ll spend money if it means happy players and more wins.

        EDIT: Another example is the use of charters. The Canucks used to fly commercial a lot, to save money. For the longest time now, they’ve been using team charters, recognizing that this eases the strain on players quite a bit, even on short-hauls.

        I know the Canadiens seem to be exclusively on charters too, and maybe every team is nowadays, but the Canucks were early-adopters of that practice.

        • Habfan17 says:

          That is all good, but you wrote they don’t spare expense for travel and all teams have to meet a very high standard and hotels, flights and per diem are not areas they can cut corners. Yes, I do remember they were the first team to bring in hyperbolic chambers to help heal players faster and better.

          I wasn’t dissing your post, I enjoyed reading it. I was simply pointing out something that it appeared you weren’t aware of with the way you worded it. Thanks for clarifying!


  60. Un Canadien errant says:

    Damn. If that’s the case, maybe we should have lowballed Andrei…

    Why did Marc Bergevin give him everything he wanted?

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


    • Chris says:

      Because Markov has been a consummate professional and team guy during his entire Montreal tenure. I think there is a lot of mutual respect between Markov and the Montreal Canadiens.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Chris, your browser probably doesn’t support the irony font I was using.

        I was taking a gentle dig at that notion, that even though he states he wanted to be here, Andrei got ‘everything he wanted’, and it was handed over meekly by Marc Bergevin.

        Andrei didn’t get a raise, and had to forego his NMC that he wanted. It was a tough negotiation where both sides had to bend a bit.

  61. CHicoHab says:

    If you live in Toronto or GTA. A friend of mine who gets NHL Centre Ice every year says all Habs games never blacked out.

  62. WVHabsfan says:

    Right on 10912 or is it Jim, if I remember correctly? I am a big Markov fan.

  63. WVHabsfan says:

    Mother Goose or not I have “All Together Now” in my head. Thanks for the correction my friend from across the pond.

    • Slackman says:

      Good Read. I’m intrigued by this kid. I’m kind of hoping against hope that the Habs roll the dice with him.

      “A Gypsy mutant industrial vacuum cleaner dances about a mysterious night time camp fire. Festoons. Dozens of imported castanets, clutched by the horrible suction of its heavy duty hose, waving with marginal erotic abandon in the midnight autumn air.”

  64. WVHabsfan says:

    You are right. The 1234 threw me a bit.

  65. Habfan10912 says:

    @CJ. Thanks for your response in the last thread.

    I read so much about how players shy away from playing in Montreal. Lots of different theories expressed. It’s refreshing to hear a player refute some of these various theores. Good on Markov!

    • CJ says:

      Hi Jim. No worries.

      I hope everything with Markov works out. Now that we’ve gone down this road, I’m fully behind the General.

      Lastly, it says a lot about the city and team that a long standing player wanted so badly to remain in the fold.

      Cheers, CJ

  66. WVHabsfan says:

    @D-Mike. All together now by the Beatles, correct?

  67. ClutchNGrab says:

    Posting this again. NHL Center Ice blackouts by zip/postal code:


  68. alain58 says:

    I am really satisfied with this contract. What amazes me is how many jumped wagon after it was a done deal. Before, about 2/3 wanted him out of town and now about 3/4 think it is a good deal. Markov has been our MVP for years. He is now behind Price and Subban in the depth chart but still a major factor on this team.

  69. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Buckle my shoe.

  70. TheCanadianDagger says:


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