Huet seems in line for big Habs raise

Impending unrestricted free agent Cristobal Huet has played himself into the driver’s seat, the Canadiens undisputed No. 1 goaltender on whose shoulders the team’s fortunes largely ride. Now the question is: will GM Bob Gainey reward Huet for his stellar work with a rich new contract?


  1. ebk says:

    your words, He was runner up for Heart

    That clearly implies 2nd, not that it matters

    Huet is a very good goalie, all I was getting at is there are enough things to say about him that are true and provable. He doesn’t need to be puffed up.
    He is a genuine #1 goalie in this league.

    I’m done with this, have a great day idle,

  2. idle says:

    Where did I say second?

    As for proof I tried to search the net but could only come up with the winners. I only remember my dad, a lifelong Leaf fan, teasing me about it relentlessly because he said he did not play enough games to be on the ballot.

    If it makes you feel better and in order to get past this then lets just assume it never happened and move on. I don’t use stats to make my arguments anyways, I was simply responding to someone claiming that Huet get no respect in the league. How about that for fecal facts? It seems like the place that Huet gets no respect is on here sometimes.

    For that matter what is the difference between fecal facts and people posting their opinions on here like the were facts. Unless you are in the league then how do you know what the players think of Huet? or whether Carbo favours Latts or Gainey is friends with Breezer.

    Things that get said repeatedly on here by some posters and are generally accepted by others have no facts to back them up either. So if my response to an argument that lacks facts lacks facts then I can live with it.


  3. ebk says:

    I still think you are pull facts out of your butt and around here we refer to them as fecal facts.

    First said he was 2nd, now you’ve changed it to third. Please prove it to me. Give me the year.

  4. idle says:

    Actually he was. There was a disagreement at the time whether his name should be on the ballet or not because of how many games he played. It was talked about in the media often. In the end his name was included on the final ballet, which only has 3 names on it, so you figure it out

    Once again I will point out that my defense of Huet does not make me a huge fan of his and does not mean I am trying to tell everyone he is such a great goalie. I am however try to tell everyone he is not the kind of goalie his reputation on this forums suggests.

  5. New says:

    You have a really great point. There are usually only one or two great goalies at a time in the league and Huet isn’t one of them.

    Huet is getting the ice, and has all season. The team is playing great together. That makes Huet part of the team, not THE team. If Huet walks at season’s end the team will do just as well, or just as badly, with a steady replacement.

    Huet is good, but he isn’t consistently good, he is often good. Otherwise he’d be one of the top two. And Huet has never won the big game, or series.

    So is there a market for Huet? I don’t think so. Now if the Habs get into the playoffs, have a great run, and Huet stands on his head, then yes he can write his own ticket. Probably back in LA.

    But if you want to talk potential, then he has less potential than Halek or Price right now. Halek filled in when the team was floundering last year, and played great. Price played excellent in the Worlds and Calder run last year. They have demonstrated potential in pressure situations.

    Me, I like Huet. I just don’t like hype.

  6. ebk says:

    I like Huet

    You do not need to make things up to bolster your case, He was not 3rd in voting for the Hart.

  7. idle says:

    Ok lets talk fake facts then. He is a disaster at handling the puck. He can’t play multiple good games in a row. His team has no confidence in him. He gets no respect around the league. He can’t win a big game because he can’t handle the pressure and always lets in soft goals at bad times.

    So who is getting carried away?

    In his first year with the Habs he finished 3’rd in voting for the Heart trophy, most probably because he did not play enough games. He had 7 shutouts in just 36 games. You are right that he has only played in one All Star game in 2007, I was mistaken because I was assuming he did in 2006 but that would not make sense as he only played the second half of the season.

    Anyways, I am not trying to go overboard on him, if you check my posts I don’t really say he is a star goalie (I did suggest he was one of the top 10 goalies in the league) I just don’t get the unhappiness with him. I don’t get that the team can be in second place in the conference, 4’th place in the league and be competitive almost every game and we still are unhappy with our goalie and want someone else.

  8. Bill H says:

    I agree mar-lin that Huet is not a workhorse on the same level as Brodeur. And I also agree that he is still a step below the elite status of the goalies being discussed here. I too think he is a good fit for the Habs now. But depending on his demands at season’s end, I think he will probably be a better fit somewhere else. I’d rather trade him for draft picks and prospects now than lose him later. Anyway, we will see how it ends up.

  9. ebk says:

    lets no get carried away idle, Huet was never the runner up for the Hart trophy in the NHL. Can I have the years he was in the All-Star game as well.
    I have him at one.

    He’s a very good goalie, no need to puff him up with fecal facts

  10. idle says:

    I am getting real sick of this ‘what has Huet ever won for us’ attitude. Has anyone been watching Montreal over the last 4 seasons. Not exactly a power house eh? huh? If the team can’t make the playoffs until the last game of the season to squeak into 8’th place by 1 point I doubt it’s time to start scheduling the parade.

    For those of you who are willing to look at the team objectively you will probably agree that many times during the first half of last season and most times during the season before we would not have even had a sniff of the playoffs without Huets consistent play. It doesn’t make him the best goalie in the league and it doesn’t mean that we have no chance to upgrade at the position, but it does eliminate Huet from all of this blame he seems to be receiving for the Habs not winning a stanley Cup. Exactly what did you expect him to do, get a shut out in half of his games and maybe score a couple of goals too.

    It is so typical of us Habs fans, no matter how well the team is playing or how solid a player is all we can do is whine about why we don’t have more. Only 1 team in the league can have the best goalie. 22 teams in the league get to have a goalie who is not in the top 10 in the league. Lets be happy that we are not one of them.

    Montreal is currently 4’th place in the league and all some of us can do is whine about our goalie not being good enough. If you can’t be happy with the team now when all it is doing is winning then you will never be happy with them until the final game of the Stanely Cup when Montreal wins it. And if that is the only time you can be happy then you are not a fan.

  11. idle says:

    Gets no respect around the league?? He was runner up for Heart trophy his first year with the habs, has played in 2 All Star games in 4 years and ask the players if he gets respect. The only people who disrespect him are ignorant fans who only want more more more…

  12. idle says:

    **posted in the wrong spot**

  13. idle says:

    How much wind has he let out of the team?? We have at least 1 point in 14 of his last 16 starts. What do you people WANT!

  14. mar-lin says:

    I agree for the most part Bill, unfortunately i don’t see eye to eye with you in regards to games played per season. I think if he played 70-75 games of the sched. in consecutive years then i’d say he’s shaken the bad rap. He’ll play around what 60 games this year? Before this he’s never played more than 42 for a whole season. Someone else mentioned something about his focus and his ability to steal a win from time to time. To me they are good but not elite, brodeur,luongo,kipper(before this year),hasek( in his younger days). These are the “elite” as far as i’m concerned, so when i compare huet to them i put him second tier. After saying all this I will still say that I love this guy and I think he’s a perfect fit here. We need a veteran to bring along the young guns who better than him. Bill this may seem obscure but do you remember when we first singed him? Didn’t he say he only wanted to play a few years in the nhl then he would return to france satisfied with what he’d done?



  15. wild flower says:

    By the same token Luongo completely lost focus and “choked” on the last goal of Vancouver’s playoffs last year against the Ducks. He gets so much respect that the media basically made no mention of it?

  16. wild flower says:

    I might be completely wrong because I’m not privy to any real information, but from my observations – taken from media sources over the course of the entire season, it seems to me that Higgins lacks maturity. He says a lot of things that are either inappropriate or unnecessary. Why is he commenting on Huets contract? Why did he say that he might score 40 goals this year? Judging by on ice performance and media savvy maybe Komisarek should be the player talked about as the future captain.

  17. habsgod says:

    your a tool!!and an idioit!why would you make a boneheaded comment like that

  18. New says:

    I’d keep Halek and trade Huet. People forget that it was Halek who took them through fire last year to the lip of the playoffs, only to have Huet dress for the clinching game. Huet lost that game.

    The Habs are playing awesome right now. So nobody is going anywhere, unless it’s Halek to the doctors to get the splinters removed.

    Notice though the Habs are shooting better? Could it be the practice goalie is harder to beat?

  19. smiler2729 says:

    I like Huet, he seems to be actually getting better in the sense that he’s relaxed much like he was when he first appeared on the scene after Theodore decided to stink the joint out (was that already almost three years ago?)

    I’m willing to see if this version of Huet has the guts to stick it into a tough playoff and longer. I do wish they trade Jaroslav Halak for something though, he deserves better than sitting on the end of a bench.

  20. TC says:

    As I said before if Ilya Bryzgalov is getting a three deal that averages $4.25 million per season what does Huet get ???


  21. New says:

    Or it might be How long with which team.
    Which teams will need, or do need, Huet in nets at 4.5 per season?
    Is there a market for Huet? Including Montreal.
    At 3 I think there is. At 4.5? I don’t know.

  22. CHsam says:

    That’s definately the question. How long will Huet’s contract be.

  23. skoehn says:

    Perhaps but goals aside price lost most of those games while huet was out.. its the WIN that counts

  24. TC says:

    I would be shocked if Gainey doesn’t resign Huet to a new deal. I couldn’t imagine Gainey starting next year with two, young, unproven goaltenders. It’s much more realistic to see him wanting to go with the veteran/youngster combination. Price will eventually supplant Huet as the starter. The question is, how long will it take?


  25. ccs says:

    I think overall no matter what happens with our goaltending situation it will be a faverable outcome. We have so much depth in this position that most other teams could only dream of having.

  26. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    Of the first 16 posts, which is what I read before I posted, 12 were of the opinion that Halak should be getting some time now and Huet is a short term answer. That made my statement accurate; though the balance has changed with more pro-Huet posts there are still a number of fans who see him as short term.

    Maybe Huet can play as well as he did last year in game 82 against Toronto and that will provide a great playoff run. I guess that shows your familiarity with the situation! What has Huet ever won? I like Huet but to me he lets down when it counts, I would love for him to prove me wrong.

    Unless the team decides Price isn’t the future there is no way that Huet is playing out a new 3 year contract here; I can’t even seem him playing out a 2 year contract unless they give up on Price.

  27. HJ says:

    as long as Huet is our #1 goalie, this team will go NOWHERE in the playoffs. he’s a CHOKER in big games. ie. last playoff game vs Carolina, last game of the season vs leafs, and so on. you’ll see. that’s why he gets no respect around the league, and he never plays more than 50 hames/season.
    I think we should all hope Price comes around soon, or that Halak gets some ice time soon. And I also forgot that Huet is horrible at handling the puck!

  28. Habs-Kat says:

    Give Huet what he deserves – but avoid the dreaded “No-Trade Clause” at all costs. Thats the key, in my opinion.

  29. sag says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember the confidence falling out of this team when Price began to faulter and Huet was hurt? Or when both goalies were playing poorly at the same time. I hope Huet sticks around for a season or two more. He will always be tradable if we need to create cap space or Halak/Price become impossible to keep down. If there is any year that ANY team could make it out of the east it is this one. We are buyers, not sellers! Cant wait for the playoffs to start!

  30. Bill H says:

    mar-lin, I don’t think Huet has had a heavy workload because of injuries and competition with Price (this year) and Abby (last year). But I believe he is starting to lose the reputation of not being able to handle a heavy load. Since Price went away, Huet has played solid hockey. The goalies in my comparison chart are taken from those with most wins. I threw in Dipietro at the end because he signed long term for relatively good money not too long ago.

    Obviously, goaltender stats are to a degree team stats anyway. Even Sv% is a reflection of how well the defense clears rebounds and gives the goalie a clear view of the shot. But this gives us an idea of who is out there and what they are making.

    Another useful stat would be the year that a goalie signed and also record over a number of years. Brodeur has been solid for years now. His salary is going to reflect that and Huet can’t compete on that level. And a contract signed 3 years ago will be for less than a contract signed last year because salaries are going up along with the cap. I am glad I am not BG, because it is an unbelievably complex situation.

  31. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Huet had been out of the nets for awhile back then, he also had surgery, don’t judge Huet by that game, the team in front of him that night was also to blame, alot of rookie mistakes

  32. mar-lin says:

    great stats man thx, it’s unfortunate we couldn’t also look at games played per season. That’s been on the minus side for him since he signed with us and i would imagine they would remind him of that too.In my opinion we need him…unless they want to sink or swim next year with price/halak.

  33. Bill H says:

    I don’t think your comment about the “Price obsessed” is fair because I don’t think those who believe Price is the solution are any more obsessed than those who think Huet is the solution. That issue aside, you feel that Huet and the Canadiens are a good fit at $18M – $20M. So that would be a 4 year deal at $4.5M – $5.0M a year. Those numbers may be more realistic than mine. At those numbers I would trade him now for a pick and a prospective big centreman, with the realization that we might go one less round in the playoffs this year because of it.

  34. earl says:

    I really don’t know what you’re reading here. To say “there seems to be a fairly common theme amongst most fans here, which is a lack of confidence in Huet” you would have had to read about 2 selective posts, including your own.

    the last sentence of your post says it all about your familiarity with the situation.

  35. juvehab says:

    I like Huet dont get me wrong but the last gave of the season against the leafs he was awful. And I personally dont think we can passed the 1st round with him in net.

  36. earl says:

    Huet and the Canadiens are an excellent fit for next year. Habs are improving into the upper echelon of the league, the last thing they can afford to do is take a step back in goal while looking to contend.

    Regardless of what the crystal balls of the Price obsessed are reading Huet is needed and will be signed to the deal necessary to get the deal done.

    Probably a $18M – $20M package, and fans should definitely be alright with that.

  37. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Get a memory!

  38. Bill H says:

    Let’s do some comparisons with other “elite” goaltenders to get a feel for the market. League ranking is in brackets.
    ———-Team—Age—–Wins——–GAA———–Sv%————Cap Hit

    Okay, have a look. Let’s throw out the high (Luongo) and the low (Osgoode) as aberations. How much is Huet worth on the open market? How much can the Canadiens afford to pay him, given their own payroll commitments, pending contract negotiations, and their own goaltending situation? I think most people here would like to sign Huet. But realistically, are the Canadiens a good fit for Huet next year? I predict that Huet will want and get $4.5 for 3 years minimum. And he might go for as much as $5M over 3 years.

  39. habfan53 says:

    I have been saying since October that we should have signed him to a 3 year contract with a 1year option. And at that point we might have got away with a 3.75 to 4 million a year. It would have been 2 years as the #1 this year with Halak and next year with Price. The third year Price assuming a bigger role and theoption year as being the number 2.

    This is going to be his last big contract he’ll be 35 or 36 when it’s over.

    The problem is that Montreal has been TOO succesful they were picked 13th,14th at best 8th in the conference now the sit 2nd best but 4th in the conference. IF we trade Huet NOW we’ll be out after a first round loss. IF we KEEP Huet I think we can get to the conference final

    Management had a serious lack of knowledge regarding the young players in Hamilton why else bring in Smolinski, Kotstopoulos and Brisebois when Lapierre, Chipchura (should be in Montreal) and Georges were ready AND GAINEY annointed Price as the next coming, when he kept him with Montreal when camp broke. Don’t get me wrong Price played really well at the beginning. BUT HE WAS NOT READY. Now we are back to the scenario of the first Paragragh but it is going to cost more money .

  40. skoehn says:

    This Team needs Huet and He deserves big dollors for what he has done for the team and been through he totally took on the role as a mentor to Price knowing full well that price is the future #1 He was patient as they tried to give carey playing time. I know alot of fans think that Price/halak combo is a better because there young/ but not when it comes to goaltending think about it 2 young rookie NHL goalies both wanting to be number 1 (you can be sure halak isn’t going to sit quietly as he to knows that Price is hopefully going o be a franchise goalie) So you have them battling and no Veteran goalie to mentor it just spells disaster… Price played so muh better when Huet was sitting on the bench backing him up and didn’t have his greatest of games while huet was injured… I am a huge Huet fan but he isn’t going to stay for little money and a seat on the bench he deserves better then that.. I would love to see Huet sign for a few years and have halak backing him while price matures I think it’s wrong to push this kid to fast to soon especially with such a young team infront… Having patience is hard when you see the talent that carey has but just think how much better he will be with more experience and age.

  41. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    There seems to be a fairly common theme among most fans here, which is a lack of confidence in Huet; and I admit I am one of these fans. He has excellent stats, makes some great saves BUT he is missing something to be elite. He has lost big games where the team needed him to step up, he is very bad handling the puck and he lets in goals that take the wind out of the team which is to me the biggest problem. For all the good he does, I’m still not sold on him. Come playoffs I would prefer to see Price start over Huet and maybe Halak also.

  42. earl says:

    Go away and think about what you just wrote.

  43. ccs says:

    Give Halak a shot to show what he can do. I have a feeling that Huet will get burned out soon.

  44. Shawn S says:

    I wish Halak could have started a few games in January. I know it was only 20 or so games last season, but he proved he was a capable starter in the nhl. Thank god for two of these back to backs, hoping for two strong outings from him that show we cannot part with halak just to make room for Price.

  45. Bill H says:

    My original position was deal Huet at the deadline because he wants to be an elite goaltender. For those who do not understand, that is code for elite salary with an elite workload. I don’t think that is a good fit with the Habs, who have 2 other capable goalies.

    So if BG can sign Huet to 2 years to mentor Price at a sub-elite salary, then that would be perfect. But the article linked above suggests otherwise. And that has salary cap implication down the road. We will see how BG handles the situation, but I think we will lose Huet, either at the end of the season, or at the trade deadline.

    Let’s talk turkey here. Huet’s salary cap hit is $2.75M a year now. This year he is showing us he can handle a heavy workload and he is not as injury prone as some claimed. He is getting the job done for us, to the point that we are succeeding way beyond what most predicted. So what is he worth? What can he get? $4M? $4.5M? Over 2 years? Over 3 years? Over 4 years? How high are you willing to go? Remember, we have Halak, who did great last year. And we are grooming Price to take on more next year and probably to take over the #1 spot the year after, at the very latest.

    Before you decide what Huet is worth, think about what we will have to pay the following UFAs and RFAs to resign them at the end of this season and next: K1, Lapierre, O’Byrne, Gorges, Streit, Halak, Komi, Chipchura, Latendresse, Pleks, Higgins, Koivu, Kovalev? There are others, but their status is more questionable. Some of these players will be due for big raises. How many players can we sign at $4M – $5M? We now have a total of $47.5M in salary cap, and I guess there is a bit of space in case we want to deal someone. Goalies take up $4.28M presently. How high do you want to go with goalies, and how will that impact our ability to sign the other key players?

    To avoid that, I think we need to deal him now. Halak was great last year. He might not be quite where Huet is in terms of performance (or maybe he is. How do we know?). But I don’t think Huet is going to get us past Detroit in the final, and depending on other factors, he probably won’t get us past the conference final. So BG can choose to handle the situation like he did with Rivet, or he can choose to deal with it as he did with Souray. Which worked out better for the Habs?

    I don’t claim to have a crystal ball. I think the whole situation is incredibly complex. None of us are in a position to see everything that is shaping the outcome. I wish Huet the best whether he is dealt, stays or walks at season’s end as he has been a star for us. And I hope BG makes the right decision, whatever that may be.

  46. Xtrahabsfan says:

    What do you mean BIG RAISE?What about a rebate for all those crap games he had,I smell a fish!

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