Huet, Latendresse to face Capitals; Ryder sits

Here’s an update from Washington.

Cristobal Huet starts in goal after Carey Price had started seven consecutive games.

Michael Ryder sits while Guillaume Latendresse will be back in the lineup. The lines should resemble those of Tuesday night, with Latendresse replacing Ryder.

Latendresse, Saku Koivu and Christopher Higgins were on the first power-play unit, with Alex Kovalev, Tomas Plekanec and Andrei Kostitsyn on the second unit.


  1. habsguy says:

    LOLOLOL….college days, thats the best joke I’ve seen here….thanks for picking my day up !!!!

  2. likehoy says:

    both is true, which puts their trade value at pretty much their peaks. Trading both would definitely gut our team but we have other trading pieces so trading one would be ok. but the potential of tavares and stamkos together would be amazing. watch the WJHC and see how great they are. Kane and Toews are just starting their careers and they’re ripping it up over in chicago. With our young guys + 2 blue-chip allstars and price, we’d have a bright future. We already do with all the dmen and pacioretty looking great, but young explosive player would put us over the top. I know Gainey says we aren’t rebuilding, but getting a top-end talent is a must either through trade or draft. I know I’m being impatiently patient (trying to make moves to develop a future…) but we consistently draft between 12-18 and it’s a matter of luck of getting that top end talent (but we’ll probably nail down a sure-fire NHLer). Another indication of desperation to draft at higher positions is that our brightest talent is Carey Price right? Drafted 5th overall, and that pick was given to us by the lottery. Thank goodness we didn’t pick brule that year that everyone was expecting us to pick.

    Until then, our hopes lie on both kostitsyns’ to maximize their potential and latendresse becomes the powerforward we think he can. Our next best offensive prospect in my opinion is Ryan White. Everyone else is either too small or career has gone wayward.

  3. zooziff says:

    I have not been Carbo’s biggest fan, however, he did not destroy Samsonov’s career. I feel for Ryder, I think he needs a change of scenery.

  4. Chorske says:

    You forgot our between-the-ears fragility.

    And our lack of a big centre!! 😉

  5. showey47 says:

    no disrespect but i disagree with your comment. Samsonov has only 4 assists this season (he is tied with panther goalie tomas vokoun for points). He is playing for an offensive minded coach, he has no one to blame but himself. He will be playing in russia with yashin next season. Ryder did score 30 goals under carbo last season, he has been given every oppurtunity to produce some goals but he is just not scoring for us. If he isn’t scoring goals, he isn’t much use for us because he really doesn’t bring anything else other than being trade bait.

  6. LTHF says:

    Well as I suspected Carbo has made Ryder the whipping boy again after the team’s poor performance on Tuesday. He gets to play in Montreal where he is getting booed and sits on the road. I guess whatever confidence Ryder has left Carbo is trying to destroy it completely. One would think Ryder would get to play on the road to see if can get out of the funk he is in. Years ago when Alex Delvecchio went 25 games without scoring a single goal, his coach didnt sit him, if anything he got more ice time in an effort to break his slump which it eventually happened.

  7. RiverviewCanadien says:

    witout kovy there would be no wins…and koivu is still a good captain

  8. likehoy says:

    that’s unfortunate…not that i’m not Kovy/Koivu fans…it’s just that Kovalev’s at his highest sell point at the moment and i’m not trying to shaft koivu, but winning is more important than your allegiance to your players, ask sam pollock. I would absolutely love koivu to win his cup here in Montreal, but we’re still many years away and it could just be the best option for both parties.

  9. showey47 says:

    i think perezogin’s departure was strictly finacial. Gainey would have to offer about 3 million per season to match what was offered in russia. Thats alot of cash for a guy who scored 6 goals last year. Look at how many young russian players have opted to return to the homeland to play for more money and a less gruling schedule.

  10. likehoy says:

    i miss perezhogin…he was about to break out (and he is in russia)

    He is >>>>>> grabovski

  11. Kevin says:

    Can’t forget Perezhogin. Thus far the only survivor is Kovalev.

  12. ccs says:

    So far Guy has destroyrd Samsonovs and Ryders career. He really knows how to get the most from his players. Who is next to fall???? Oh mabey Price so sad. Good luck Habs….

  13. Drive_4_25 says:

    BTW I have to agree with the rest of your comments! Calling out price etc…

    “God is a HABS fan whose still pissed at the ROY trade!!!”

  14. Drive_4_25 says:

    Just in case YOU MISSED IT! were DECEMBER 20th and Ryder has 3 GOALS!!!!!
    I think Carbo was MORE THAN PATIENT with Ryder… He’s doing what he BELIEVES will give the team the best chance at WINNING! Being more patient with Ryder would be a true DUMB-ASS move! He’s certainly NOT what I want want as a coach, but on this I have to agree with him!

    “God is a HABS fan whose still pissed at the ROY trade!!!”

  15. Ian Cobb says:

    Just an honest effort for 60 min. All floaters are to remain in the room please.

    A little intensity would be nice for a change BOYS !!

  16. RiverviewCanadien says:

    koivu and kovalev will not be leaving this club this year

  17. likehoy says:

    Carbo had every right to call out a 20-year old rookie player…in the dressing room. Approaching the media and saying he needs to be better is a mistake. Saying that Price made a mistake is completely fine, you’d be a fool to try to convince yourself Price made the right play, but asking your goalie to be better through the media is just stupid. Anyone think Carbo’s holding a grudge since he wanted halak and not price on the team??
    steven stamkos…touted 1st overall this year…I’d throw away this season and the next to get a shot of having Stamkos and Tavares on our team. That being said, we should package Ryder, a first rounder and Huet for Los Angeles, Atlanta or Washington’s first rounder. Those 3 teams have a very good chance of finishing bottom 5 and it would be a huge steal to be able to draft a star player. If koivu and kovalev have to go to get a shot at those 2 kids, then I’d do it. 5 more years of the elder K’s or 10 years of exciting young players and an actual shot to win the cup…i’d choose the young guys. besides the kostitsyns are doing a good job of becoming our new K’s.

  18. The Cat says:

    What I mean is Price should consider himself lucky to have Carbonneau as coach and not Mike Keenan lol

  19. The Cat says:

    Calling out Price was a mistake by Carbonneau, but I forgive him. Price has not been excellent but rather pleasantly average; howeve if Huet had made some of the same mistakes, especially when handling the puck (which hes been guilty of a few times too many in my opinion), he’d have been crucified.

  20. gumper says:

    Before the game, in one of the clips her on HIO, Carbonneau stated that the team would be “playing for the tie”.
    They came up a goal short. Maybe tonight they should “play for the win”. That way we should get the tie, and a chance to win in overtime.

    Seriously….what coach plays for the tie?

  21. Joe Habsfan says:

    Unbelievable…I cannot believe Carbonneau has not been fired yet..Ryder should be on the top line breaking out of his slump…instead Carbonneau decides to crush his confidence even more by scratching him for Latendresse who is much worse than Ryder. Also I strongly believe that if he isn’t banished he will ruin Carey Price. YOU DON’T PUBLICLY CALL OUT A TWENTY YEAR OLD GOALIE WHO HAS PLAYED WELL FOR ALLOWING THREE GOALS IN A GAME. ONE OF THOSE GOALS WAS HIS FAULT BUT AN UNUSUAL MISTAKE….ITS NOT PRICE’S FAULT IF THE DAMN TEAM CAN’T SCORE!

  22. The Cat says:

    Agreed on the point about the defensemen shooting low. Its amazing how pros lack the simplest of skills sometimes: like putting the puck up when faced with a sprawling goalie, I dont know how many forwards Ive seen shoot low and right on the pads in that instance; it drives me nuts I tell you.

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