Huet is NHL’s third star for January

Canadiens goaltender Cristobal Huet has be rewarded for his stellar play during the last month as he was named the NHL’s third star for the month of January behind Alexander Ovechkin and J.P. Dumont.

Huet posted an 8-2-1 record last month, with a 2.40 goals-against average and one shutout in 11 games.

For the season, Huet has posted an 18-8-6 record with a 2.34 GAA and .923 save percentage.


  1. idle says:

    At this point I am not saying that the Habs should try for him, or that I think he will regain his play with the Habs, but it was during the off season that I was bringing Forsberg up as a possibility and saying I hoped the Habs could bring him in. Regardless of his problems over the past few seasons you can never overlook his past and the talent that he has. It might be worth a shot. Can you imagine dropping a player like Forsberg with his talent into the mix of our top 6 forwards?

  2. idle says:

    There are more examples then just Huet. Jeff Hackett was a good goalie but he was never really good until he came to Montreal and started working with Rollie and he put together a couple of really solid seasons with the Habs. I think unlike many forwards who have come here and played at a lesser level then when they did before coming or after leaving, most goalies tend to play some of their best seasons here in Montreal.

  3. G-Man says:

    Nashville thought the same way last year and Forsberg was a great big balloon that deflated each time he stepped onto the ice for them. 7 seasons ago, I would have said “Trade the team for him”, but now he’s a waste of cap space with an ankle he cannot skate on. Sure, Booby Orr played on one knee for 5 or 6 seasons, but he was incredible. Forsberg ain’t.


  4. earl says:

    Huet is the most consistent netminder in hockey. Period.

    The idea that he was going to be jettisoned before the trade deadline has never been on the table, mostly trade happy fans who are obsessed with making upcoming free agents players that Gainey “must get something for” before their expiration dates.

    Glad to see people coming around, consensus makes for smoother discussion in the blogosphere.

  5. N.B.habs fan says:

    Timo,I cant see how it would hurt to add a player like Forsburg to our line up could be the center to do the job to help the captian,provided he stay healthy,he could be the spark like Recchi is to Alanta.

  6. N.B.habs fan says:

    Hey TIMO ,I am with you on your comments and agreed on you wanting more of a #1 goalie,because he was not up to par at the start of the year.There is nothing wrong with wanting Huet to improve especially in the shootout.

  7. nightmare_49 says:

    The Hamilton Dawgs beat the Manitoba Moose 2 to 1 in a shootout. Milroy tied the game in the last minute of the third period. Corso and Milroy were the scorers in the shootout and Manitoba was blanked by Carey Price in their 4 attempts. Price stopped 20 of 21 in 65 minutes and was the 2nd star and Duncan Milroy was the workhorse of the game.

  8. Bill H says:

    Funny now these things work. Huet finished 2nd in Molson Cup standings with 11 points to Kovalev with 15 points. I too thought Huet would be gone at the trade deadline, but it is not looking that way now. I hope Gainey signs him because it would be a shame to lose him for nothing.

  9. Chorske says:

    To heck with ‘not trading’ him. As I’ve said since September: re-sign him.

  10. Chorske says:

    A throw in who had demonstrated some brilliance on his national squad, so it’s not like he was coming in cold. Still, there is no doubt that Rollie has helped Huet develop into the star he is now.

  11. Chuck says:

    That moment definitely seemed to be a turning point for Huet. Dare I say, he won this award with a fine second half of the month.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  12. Chuck says:

    The award is for Huet, not you.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  13. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Well well, that was a good month for Huet and I wish to thank him ,please keep it up and please work on the high shots with Rollie.And Carbo give Halak a shot would you.

  14. Sulemaan says:

    Well deserved. I’ll put my hand up and admit that I thought Huet would be dealt by the trade deadline. I hope Gainey signs him because I don’t want another Souray situation.

    I also wonder if Rollie Melanson gets any credit here? A few posters were tearing him up not long ago. Blaming him for this. Blaming him for that. Blaming Melanson for Price’s problems. Ad nauseum.

    Last I recall, Huet was a throw-in as part of a trade and ended up becoming a great goalie after he met Rollie Melanson and came to Montreal.

    If Los Angeles knew what they had, would they have still traded Huet to Montreal?

  15. earl says:

    I think it’s generally understood that Gainey will sign Huet to a new contract. I’ll even go so far as to predict it happens before season end. I’ll give it a month for negotiations to heat up.

  16. HabsFansince49 says:

    Here we are on Feb 1:
    Teams GP Pts
    Sens 52 68
    Habs 51 63
    Bruins 51 59
    Sabres 50 52
    Laffs 53 49

    Any person on this site who utters a negative vowel about the Habs or any player or coach has the same level of mentality at those police who issued a warrant on Guy.

    We are working well. 3 out of 4 pts back to back with Washington – not bad, not bad at all. There is chemistry. Even the dreadful egomaniacs at TSN admitted this much.

    Bob – trade no one! Even if we are offered Lecavalier for 6 pucks so “no”. Stick with the team; continue to build their confidence.

  17. skoehn says:

    CRISTOBAL HUET!!! Way to go Well deserved I have always said he plays better and better when you leave him in adn let him play…loving it….

  18. RH says:

    Congrats to Cristobal Huet. With every accolade he racks up, he proves,(especially to me), how valuable he is to this organization. Up until about half way through last season, I had just figured that Huet was just another body to put in front of the net until the Habs could get a quality goaltender ready for the bigs.

    I really think Huet could be a great mentor to young Mr. Price, as he tries to make his niche in the pros. Huet has demonstrated great mental toughness and resiliency through out his tenure as a Hab and he can only be a positive role model to Price once he gets called back to Montreal.

  19. WestHab says:

    It was a good move for Montreal to choose a goalie and give him the #1 job. I don’t think it works to have a goalie play only every other game or 2 out of three. Huet is making the difference and giving the team a chance to win any game…..Nice work..and his puck handling has improved as well!

  20. Yeats says:

    A well-deserved pat on the back. Ever since he and the Hammer collided, he has really found his game. And, what a game it is.

  21. RetroMikey says:

    Bravo Cristobal! You fully deserve this honour and hopefully a Molson Cup Month of January winner! It just shows that this guy was focused before training camp not to lose his starting position to Carey Price and he will be our No.1 heading to the playoffs. Carey Price will be returning back a better goalie before the playoffs began and we’ll have the best 1-2 goaltending duo in the league!
    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  22. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Congratulations Huet! You deserve it…BIG TIME!

  23. RiverviewCanadien says:

    LOL, so true there alot of fans jumping back on the HUET bandwagon, but it is all good :)

    I have stood behind him all the way…


  24. I am Canadien says:

    Good for him! He deserves the recognition. It’s also a reflection on well the D is playing as well.
    Offense is fun; defense wins games…

  25. Peter Young says:

    This must be very sweet for Huet, particularly since the award covers the month in which he received a huge amount of criticism from fans of his team on the main fan comment site for his team–in other words, on this blog. You never would have known he was a contender for such an award had you followed along here. Fans get unduly excited over one or two questionable goals, I know, but even so. Sheesh.

  26. habsguy says:

    Hummmm…seesm like everyones climbing back on the wagon…LOL….maybe Old Rollie isn’t so bad after all !!

  27. gohabzzzz says:

    very, very, VERY well desevered!!:)
    man, I bet if he speeks to the media he’ll be all like ‘ oh, well it’s really the guys who play in front, they help a lot..’ but what he REALLY means is:’ yeah, sometimes, my D can be so incompetent.. and yes, I am ‘ da bomb ‘.:P
    just kidding

  28. N.B.habs fan says:

    great for Huet,allways had faith in him,mabe now TIMO will be a little happier to see his #-1 goalie is #1 for a month,not bad ah TIMO.GO HABS GO.

  29. habsgod says:


  30. G-Man says:

    Right on ’49! Check out Mike Boone’s EEEEmail in the Gazette this morning about Guy. The man has heart.


  31. RiverviewCanadien says:

    right you are cournoyer12, remember back to the rambling on after Price lost the game to the Caps, boys I took a beating back then for saying Huet should be getting more play and that he is our number 1. Well look who is enjoying watching Huet win, me and the other few that stood up to the non-believers who thought Huet would be traded by now, and that Price would be our starter.

    Hip Hip HUET!

  32. G-Man says:

    Have to agree, Westhab. But the puck handling? :)


  33. G-Man says:

    Is that how he make some of those incredible stops? :)


  34. Da Hema says:

    Huet has demonstrated an ability to be consistent. Price and Halak have yet to demonstrate consistency, although Halak gave the Habs very good goaltending during his brief tenure at the end of last season. Huet is usually very good, and occasionally great. Interestingly, Price had every opportunity to take Huet’s job earlier this season, and he failed to do so. Clearly the pressure was a little too much for Price. I am confident he will be fine. Price just needs a little more development time before being thrown into the fire. I think we can all agree that it is good for the team to have a calm and cool veteran between the pipes.
    “The worst day of fishing beats the best day of working.”
    –Martin Crane, “Frasier”

  35. Vecs says:

    Huet is the best player on our team. Thank god he’s been given a chance to play a string of games. It’s about time for him to repeat the end of the 05/06 regular season.

    “The Underappreciated Cristobal Huet”

  36. G-Man says:

    I live to see Brady’s tears as the GIANTS kick a field goal with 5 seconds to go, sealing the deal. Bold prediction: GIANTS 20 patriots 17.


  37. Habs_008 says:

    Great For Huet and the habs, lets hope he keeps up his stellar play down the strech run. I like where this team is headed right now. We got a great mix of young and vet players, We are one or two players away from being a contender……Super Bowl Pick, Lets go Giants!

  38. G-Man says:

    I do congratulate Huet on the award and, finally, getting some recognition from the league. I must say this as well:the Habs have not won anything yet with him as the #1. Getting to the playoffs is the first tiny step (and I do mean tiny). Regular season pressure is one thing; the playoffs are a whole other kettle of fish. I hope when the playoffs come he doesn’t flounder because as I watch him I see holes in his game.
    I think the team’s surge in scoring has a lot do with the team’s January success. Huet has been stellar, but this always has been and will remain a team game.


  39. idle says:

    Poor G-man, still unable (or just unwilling) to give Huet his due. Tell me what goalie you watch that does not have ‘holes in his game’ One is called a 5 hole and refers to the fact that when they squat there is a small opening between their lower legs and feet where the puck could slip through. Every goalie has one, not just Huet. I guess you can find another goalie in the league who has gotten at least one point in 13 of his past 15 games??

    And how are you to blame Huet for the fact that the Habs have not won anything with him yet, look at the teams we have put in front of him. The last couple of seasons the Habs were lucky to score 2 goals in a game and if they scored 3 it was an outburst.

    The first half of last season they played well as a team and were scoring at a higher rate and look at the result, the Habs were in the top 5 in the league. Then things fell apart for the entire team not just Huet and then he got injured. This season we have even more depth and more skill thanks to the continued development of some of the younger players and the team and Huet are winning again.

    It’s true that Huet has yet to prove himself in the playoffs, but don’t start the clock until he has his first chance to.

  40. coutNY says:

    It’s little consession for an All Star snubbing… but well deserved. Congrats Huet!

  41. Infanteer says:

    Had Huet been the #1 goalie from the start of the season, he likely would have been in the All-Star game. Because of the #1 / #1A situation that developed with Price, he didn’t have sufficient playing time to merit a trip to the “big” game.

    In any case, a player’s performance is much more meaningful post all-star game, than pre.

  42. ebk says:

    He deserves it. His price tag is going up and up for next season.

  43. JF says:

    Very well deserved. Congrats to Huet. He’s proving to all the nay-sayers out there that he’s a genuine number 1 goaltender.

  44. Ian G Cobb says:

    He will be our #1 for the next 3 years at least, and we have a very strong backup in the goal tending position. Four very good goal tenders, and we will keep them all.!

  45. 24 Cups says:

    Ian – you have a good point. It’s funny how things can change over the course of the year (even 50 games). In October, I thought we would trade Huet by the deadline. Made sense to me at the time. Now I would love to see us re-sign him for two years. The goaltending market is up in the air right now so you never know – it might just happen.

    The Original 24 Cups

  46. rogus says:

    Huet has really improved his play lately. Even though it was a 5-4 game last night, I feel that without him it could have been worse. On the ones that got by him, he had no chance, the D let him down.

  47. Mr.Hazard says:

    He continues to be my hero.


    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  48. Chuck says:

    Congrats to the CristoWall! Take your vitamins and keep up the great work!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  49. HotHabs says:

    Huet deserves the accolade. Congrats!

    I don’t think Mr. Gainey will easily let Huet go. He needs a proven vet between the pipes as the young guys hone their skills. It might be another 2 years before he’s optional.

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  50. habsguy says:

    Come on man, can’t you just give the guy credit where credit is due…You can find holes in any of the great goaltenders games if you look hard enough…..
    18-8-6 record with a 2.34 GAA and .923 save percentage is pretty damn good holes or not.
    I’m quite satisfied with the goaltending he supplies for us game in and game out !!!!

  51. habsguy says:

    and BTW, I would say making playoffs is a HUGE step !!!

  52. otter649 says:

    Interesting that the other two stars for January have signed
    new contracts…..where is Huet’s……

  53. Vecs says:

    Imagine what Huets save percentage would be if he would stay in his net.

  54. idle says:

    You mean if the grand total of about 2 or 3 goals on the season that came off of of failed clearing attempts or miscues were taken back?

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