Huet gets start tomorrow vs. Islanders

The Gazette’s Pat Hickey reports from today’s Canadiens practice that Cristobal Huet will get the start in goal tomorrow night on Long Island against the New York Islanders.

Tom Kostopoulos, back from an automatic one-game suspension for having been tagged with an instigator penalty in the last five minutes of Saturday’s 7-4 win over the Boston Bruins, is expected to play "a larger role," according to head coach Guy Carbonneau.

All hands were on deck for today’s practice.


  1. Chuck says:

    Not attributable to Huet? If his rebound control was up to snuff, Ottawa would have only scored twice.


    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  2. Plek-Andrew says:

    Ok, i was harsh on DiPietro… especially considering I’m wearing his shirt right now…
    I forgot how incredible of a puckhandler he is and i love him because he’s the funniest goaltender in the league. good team guy.

    But the Bulin Wall is apst his prime. Try and tell me Belfour is still better than Huet. And Vokoun got traded because he lost his job to Mason.

  3. earl says:

    I wouldn’t be too confident with that list. Here’s the one you meant ;). Dipietro might be “on the verge” but he’s not in the top yet, and Martin Brodeur is so two years ago. If you’ve got any of the top 5 you’re in good condition. Thankfully we have one of them.

    1) Niklas Backstrom
    2) Cristobal Huet
    3) Henrik Lundqvist
    4) Tomas Vokoun
    5) Roberto Luongo
    6) Miika Kiprusoff
    7) Manny Fernandez
    8) Martin Brodeur
    9) JS Giguere
    10)Chris Mason
    11)Martin Biron
    12)Martin Gerber
    13)Ray Emery
    14)Tim Thomas
    15)Manny Legace

  4. Jay Gold says:

    Just so you know…

    1)M. Brodeur – The Devils top 2 D-Men this year are Colin White and Paul Martin (who?), and even THEY are injured. It seems like every year he has to adjust to losing his top D-man. Besides, he didn’t have that hot of a start last year. He’ll heat up, you’ll see.

    2)M. Turco – He has a better career GAA then any goaltender that has played in the NHL (with a min. of 300 GP) in the past 50 years. If he was only a good goalie three years ago, why hasn’t his GAA risen over the past 3 seasons? Go watch the highlights of the Vancouver/Dallas round of last year’s playoffs.

    3) M. Gerber – Yes, he does play behind one of the best, if not the best defensive team in the league. But the fact of the matter is, he is always in position (perfectly square with the shooter at all times) and has amazing communication with his D. He also has only suffered 2 regulation losses dating back to December 23rd of 2006 and is 83-48-7-9 in his career. The only real slip up in his career was against our beloved Habs in the off-season a couple years back, yet still managed to get a SO in that series.

    4) R. Dipietro – Hasn’t proven anything yet? Are YOU on drugs? He just collected his 100th win of his young career last night (he is 10-5 so far this year)with practically nobody of value playing in front of him….Huet is still waiting for his 58th. Enough said.

    5) T. Vokoun – He was the best player on the Predators for a couple seasons in a row and accomplished a great amount for that organization. The fact of the matter is, the Panthers are not playing nowhere near their potential this year. A large part of that is due to the team’s recent struggles in containing run-and-gun teams such as Washington, Carolina and Atlanta. Their #1 D-man, Jay Boumeester, not playing very well doesn’t help much either.

    6)N. Khabibulin – The fact that you are even able to utter the words “Cristobal Huet is a better goaltender than Nikolai Khabibulin” is ridiculous. Khabi has played for some of the worst defensive teams (including the one his is on now) and still has found many ways to shine….and he’s got the Stanley Cup ring to prove it.
    7) J.S. Giguere – Conn Smythe winner in 2003 (1.63 GAA), without any of the Big 3 D that he had last year.

    The facts are there my friend.

    As far as Vesa Toskala, Martin Biron and Carey Price are concerned – Obviously, none of these goaltenders have officially proven themselves as elite goaltenders in the NHL yet, so I am putting them above Huet only based on how I’ve seen them play (in full games). So, I agree, these guys are debatable for some.

  5. christophurrr says:

    half of those goalies are way more inconsistent than huet and are having brutal years. i’d much rather have huet than about 8 of those guys

  6. christophurrr says:

    brodeur didn’t look that great against the sens in the playoffs last year. not at all.

  7. earl says:

    Good one. Once thing missing . Smilies, to let us know you’re not serious.

    Check the save pct of the above group over the past 3 seasons, and tell me Huet is not above many of those guys.

  8. earl says:

    right on Plek-A .

    Armchair goaltenders abound here, and anyone who knows their blue ice from their Smirnoff Ice knows Huet is the best goaltender and should shoulder the bulk of the load.

  9. Yeats says:

    Hey, that Karma button really works. But, it won’t let you run up the score. What gives?

  10. Yeats says:

    I gave you a three because I don’t think that second beer is gonna do the trick!

  11. Naila Jinnah says:

    You can’t rate yourself dude. That would just be totally unfair.

  12. Bill says:

    Have to agree with you, disagree with Jay. I would identify Kiprusoff, Lundquist, Luongo, and Brodeur (bad recent play aside) as the only goalies who are absolutely superior. I’d put Huet alongside Dipietro, Nabokov, Ward, and Biron as the sort of next tier. Everyone else, to me, is not as good.

    Everyone who’s dying to start Price now will be singing a different tune once the reality that he is not from the planet Krypton sinks in.

  13. J.T. says:

    I hate this Karma thing.

  14. Plek-Andrew says:

    ok, wow are u ever wrong.

    1) M. Brodeur > Playing worst hockey of his career. But overall, yes, Top 10.
    2) H. Lundquist > can’t argue with you there
    3) R. Luongo > Can’t argue with u there
    4) R. Dipietro > unproven goaltender. Nobody knows what he’s fully capable of doing and what his style is.
    5) J.S. Giguere > identical to Huet’s style in every aspect.
    6) M. Turco > not anymore.
    7) M. Kipprusoff> perfect all-around goaltender. Agreed.
    8) M. Gerber > he plays for ottawa. enough said.
    9) T. Vokoun > doesn’t use his body to his potential. No.
    10) E. Nabokov >> undersized but much more athletic. I’ll allow this one because he has always been consistent.
    11) C. Ward > yes, top 10
    12) M. Biron > yes, top 10
    12) V. Toskala > you’re on drugs
    14) N. Khabibulin > you’re on drugs
    15) C. Price > you’re off your rocker. He hasn’t proved anything yet.

    Therefore, the 7 goalies that I perceive to be better than or comparable to Huet would be:

    Brodeur, Lundqvist, Ward, Biron, Giguere Luongo and, ARGUABLY, Nabokov.

    Sorry man. That’s the way I see it.

  15. nightmare_49 says:

    No box for you right now cuz your over .08

  16. nightmare_49 says:

    I’m on your bandwagon with Tommy K. (the Spartan) and your wagon with the hops.

  17. krob1000 says:

    Dave, it looks like your winning the inaugural game bigtime.

  18. krob1000 says:

    I can see them Scotty90 I think it is so you can’t give yourself phantom assists.

  19. krob1000 says:

    Thank you Dave,

    I was wondering what that was about.

    Mine only shows -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 though

  20. krob1000 says:

    1.Brodeur may be the only guy you can argue in recent memory who may be as good as Roy but he is aging and right now is playing the worst hockey of his career.
    2. agreed
    3. agreed
    4. agreed (I would trade for him based on his age only)
    5. Hard to argue with two Stanley Cups but also hard to compare Montreals defence with Pronger, Niedermayer and Beauchemin…..debatable.
    6. Maybe three years ago
    7. agreed
    8. Has the Sens in front of him and was a back up last year and will be again by the time this year ends.
    9. Arguable either way but I would rather have Huet.
    10. Not a chance
    11. Debatable
    12. Maybe as a commentator
    13. Maybe you are on the wrong site
    14. See no. 6
    15. Someday but not right now.

  21. fuhgawz says:

    if it is a score system … then here is to you krob1000

  22. Scotty90 says:

    I just noticed I don’t have a karma thing and form box at the end of my posts? does that mean I have immunity?

  23. Dave Stubbs says:

    Krob, I’ve not yet used the feature, but I do believe it’s a way of attaching a score of sorts to fellow posters contributions. So if I give you a 10 on karma, then click form, you should have a score of 10. Which I’ll do right now…

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  24. Scotty90 says:

    I think we get to rate people’s comments. Maybe we can vote laff clingons off the site :)

  25. krob1000 says:

    Mr. Stubbs help us tehcnologically challenged Habfolk…..What is this form and score thing all about?

  26. krob1000 says:

    Of your entire list the only goalies I would trade Huet for straight up would be Lunqvist, Luongo, Dipietro and Kiprusoff . All of the others are either past their primes or over achieving with the exception of Cam Ward. With Ward I think our opinions of him are skewed because he plays his best hockey against the Habs. Leclaire is a wild card but he has to keep this up to earn some real respect ( I am picking him in the West as my goalie when I vote but that is based on this season thus far).

  27. fuhgawz says:

    did nothing

  28. krob1000 says:

    Anyone know what the deal with the form and score tab is?
    Anyone tried hitting the Form tab yet??

  29. fuhgawz says:

    i agree with you on each of your points made — very sound points made!! — just feel Huets days as good as he can be are numbered ….. where he goes is a unknown but if a team like Detroit starts to falter only because Osgood is playing over his head at the moment and Hasek does not seems to be as dominate as he once was there may be a place for him there …. out of our area completely and almost any player on that team could help us out.

  30. Jay Gold says:

    You have been challenged…look above!

  31. krob1000 says:

    Settle down Tlusty!!! Just kidding Plek Andrew.

  32. krob1000 says:


    If we are still anywhere near the top of the standings and Gainey trades Huet (our no. 1 goalie) and we fail he would be ridiculed out of town. The only way Huet gets traded is if we are a bubble team around deadline time with nothing to really lose. For this year he is still affordable and like you mentioned Price and Halak can carry the load at a very affordable Price next year and beyond. The return for Huet doesn’t appear to be (based on Bryzgalov) worth the risk from a GM’s perspective. So what if we lose him for nothing(not really). We would be keeping an all star goalie for the stretch run….not too dumb of a move from where I sit.

    I am not ruling out a trade but I don’t see the real benefits especially given our success and the lack of a market for a goalie. The teams that need goaltending are not going to be needing one for any type of playoff run (except maybe Tampa or Atlanta and I don’t think Bob will trade him in the conference).

  33. Jay Gold says:

    I like Huet and respect everything he has done for the organization over the past couple seasons, however I question his positioning and ability to steal games quite often.

    So I’ll take your challenge…
    10 goalies in the NHL who are better than Huet (in no particular order):
    1) M. Brodeur
    2) H. Lundquist
    3) R. Luongo
    4) R. Dipietro
    5) J.S. Giguere
    6) M. Turco
    7) M. Kipprusoff
    8) M. Gerber
    9) T. Vokoun
    10) E. Nabokov
    I’ll go even further down the list…
    11) C. Ward
    12) M. Biron
    12) V. Toskala
    14) N. Khabibulin
    and yes..
    15) C. Price

    I can confidently say that every goaltender that I listed above is better than Huet, and I could probably name about 4 or 5 others that are questionably better than him. Again, I respect Huet a great amount, and this is not taking anything away from him. Sometimes we have to forget that we are from Montreal and realize the extreme talent throughout the league. Obviously, I realize some of the goalies that I mentioned have worse numbers than Huet right now, but that has a lot to do with the D in front of them (The Habs DO have one of the best defensive cores in the league).

  34. fuhgawz says:

    i meant gerber – but that is because of a strong team in front of him

  35. fuhgawz says:

    sometimes even Turco

  36. fuhgawz says:

    Luongo, Kipper (week this year but historically),Turco,Leclaire,Lundguist,Nabokov,Brodeur,Ward,Backstrome,Dipietro

    no particular order

  37. Plek-Andrew says:


    I love you.

  38. krob1000 says:

    Rich B if you saw the last two games (one played by Price and the other by Huet) as per your what have you done for me lately statement than you must acknowledge that Price allowed four goals in his last start as well. The difference is two of the goals Price allowed were questionable…..none of the goals Huet allowed last night were attributable (if that is a word) to him.

    Please name the ten goalies who are better than him…..right now… as per your statement.

    I have Lundqvist in the East and maybe Gerber(who was a laughing stock last year) or Ward (Brodeur is terrible right now).

  39. fuhgawz says:

    krob1000 disagree with you about Price playing 30% — the only reason for this is i still think we are going to see Huet traded before year end ….. therefore giving Price more then 30% playing time. I think Price and Halak can carry this team either way all be it Price still has room to grow and learn and a vets presense would be great to have around but from what i have wittnessed so far this year he is every bit as good as Huet is now — Halak is there to ease the pain in the backend

  40. J.T. says:

    I think that’s harsh. Huet is a very good goaltender who has had a couple of rough starts in the last two. To be fair to him, no one on his team showed up last Friday against Buffalo, and his defence went AWOL last night against Ottawa. I’m pretty sure Brodeur on his best day would have a hard game with Spezza, Heatley and Alfredsson walking unchecked into the slot on shift after shift. I admit, I was surprised to see Huet get the call…not because he’s bad, but because it’s a busy week. They don’t often get four games a week, so I thought Carbo might split them up more equitably. But, since he’s decided to go with Huet, I’ll be expecting Cristobal to do his part. And if he does it well, and his teammates do theirs, there’s every chance the Habs can win tomorrow night.

  41. Rich B says:

    Maybe he is in the top 10, but not the top 6. That is the All Star game. I will name the six later, but I do not have the time at the moment. Also, if this upcoming start is a chance to redeem himself, it is his second chance. He was weak against Buffalo and did not redeem himself against Ottawa. My main concern is the best chance to win night in and night out and I like Price for that.

  42. Plek-Andrew says:

    Rich B,

    my challenge was to name 10 goalies better than Huet. in the entire league.

    I’m waiting

  43. Rich B says:

    Huet is not currently one of the top 10 goalies in the NHL. It would be a joke for him to make the All-Star team this year. I quite like Christobal, but he simply must play better. Starting him in this game is bad move. MTL may win, I certainly hope they do, but I would feel a lot better with a 5-1-1 record than one barely over .500. If Huet wants to be a number one goalie he has to earn it, night in and night out. I know he’s played well in the past, where some people are living, but it must be a “what have you done for me today” situation… well, if want to win it must be. Price has yet to play MTL out of a game this season. He does not give up horrific rebounds. In recent games he has appeared much more composed. The team doesn’t necessary have to take the starting job away from Huet, but it is foolish to continue to go back to a struggling goaltender just because he is “#1.” This team depends on goaltending for wins, not goal scoring.

  44. JF says:

    I agree about Huet. He is second only to Lundqvist in the Eastern Conference. Sure he lets in a few soft goals (although I don’t think any last night were his fault), but I’ve seen him make saves that seem all but impossible. It’s good he’s starting tomorrow night; after two ordinary games, he’s due for a big one. As for Price, he’s going to be great, but I don’t think he’s there yet. He’s been winning games, but the only one in which he really looked outstanding was his first one against Pittsburgh. There’s no sense in rushing him or putting too much pressure on him too soon (not that he seems to notice pressure).

    Glad TK will be back. I love his heart and energy. We really missed his gritty play last night.

    That Islander team will be tough to beat. We need everyone to be at their best. And please, people, don’t post over-optimistic or boastful predictions of the result!

  45. krob1000 says:

    A former poster named whose names shall remain anonymous is probably very upset right now.

  46. Scotty90 says:

    Huet is probably in net tomorrow to give him a chance to redeem himself and get his confidence back. I think its a good move. Glad to get the Spartan back and glad that Carbo is recognizing him for the work-horse and team player that he is… way to go TK.

  47. tareq514 says:

    I also think that Price should’ve gotten the start but Huet still is the #1 goalie. We need him playing his best and if we plan to trade him later, he has to prove that he has can be capable of bouncing back after a couple of bad outings otherwise you guys saw what an Ilya Bryzgalov was worth recently… nothing!

    and Huet did steal 2 points for us against Buffalo in that 2-0 win… earlier this month…

    Price will get his starts and will get his chance to take over the reigns permanently in due time. Price has not proved that he is better than Huet at the NHL level yet…although I do expect that to happen eventually.

  48. krob1000 says:

    Price will play about 30 percent of our games barring injury to Huet. That is about 25 games. I am willing to bet that I will be within three games under and five games over that.

  49. krob1000 says:

    Plek Andrew ….thank you. Huet should make the all star team this year as he did last. Biron is starting to be Biron again(he was playing way above his head for a while there….I do like him though). Miller and Brodeur are having terrible starts. Lundqvist is a machine and probably the only goalie in the Eastern Conference I would say deserves the starting gig over Huet. Ward and Gerber both have better teams in front of them than most of the other guys. Noone else even deserves a mention.

  50. krob1000 says:

    fun police….I disagree completely on the Huet/Price thing but somewhat understand your take on Kosto. I think though as I mentioned above it is more about reward and in the big scheme of things (82 games) to reward Kosto after going to war for everyone twice (I know they weren’t much as far as fights go) is a must. I don’t expect Kosto to be getting really heavy minutes or for this to last any length of time. It is merely setting a standard in the locker room about what is to be expected of each and every man wearing a red white and blue jersey regardless of their role… is a great move (for this game). I am sure he is not going to allow Kosto to play twenty minutes. Carbo is a different coach this year than last and as much as this is going to pain people at this stage of the season he would definitely be a Jack Adams candidate.

  51. Plek-Andrew says:

    Fun Police…

    Huet has been great. PERIOD. Although I agree that Fleury isn’t living up to his potential, Huet is a top 10 goalie in the league right now.

    I’d really like for anybody to name 10 goalies who are better than Huet.

    And I’m huge on goalies, as everyone who knows me already knows. The first thing I look at are the goalies. So I challenge anyone to prove ot me that Huet isn’t in capable of being a top 10 goalie this year.

  52. Cable Guy says:

    HUGE mistake starting Huet tomorrow night. Mark my words, we will lose tomorrow and it will be goaltending will be our downfall. Makes no sense to not start Price.

  53. Habsfan39 says:

    *Barfs in own mouth* … TOSKALA????!!!


  54. Plek-Andrew says:

    Guys, I specifically said that the team has better confidence in Price. That’s the impression I gave and I explained how horrible I was on sunday night between the pipes and how quickly a team starts to crumble when the goalie starts to crumble.

    Huet has had one, maybe 2 bad games. But nobody pointed out Price’s flaws. I even waited to see if it would happen and when nobody did, I blew up when he won the molson cup. Maybe cuz my plekster didn’t get it… :(… but nevertheless, I do love Price and as I pointed out LAST YEAR his weakness is his 5-hole and kulkullan pointed out that he doesnt keep his stick on the ice as much as he should, especially for a 6″3′ goalie; that’s essential.

    Both goalies have let in their weak goals. Price has, however, let in weakER goals because the 5-hole is sorta inexcusable. It’s a lack of focus. I know FIRST-HAND lol.

    Bottom line is Carbo said Huet is the number 1 guy and OUT OF NOWHERE, Cristobal (that’s how it’s spelt btw. not CHristobal to whoever made the mistake) plays like he’s on top of the world and honestly, I didn’t even check his statistics GAA or save percentage but I’m glad somebody pointed out he’s 8th best in the league.



    and so does Plekanec 😀

    and Plek-Andrew

  55. Habsfan39 says:

    I love Huet, I wouldnt turn my back on him because he has been our backbone for the last 2 seasons and have played some great game this year.

    I like to see him get the call, he deserves it.

    Now if he continues this “struggles” of being just an average goaltender for the the next few games, well then we can see what price can do.

    But for now, I agree that Huet is definatly the man for the job, he has never struggled for a great deal of time.

    I expect him to bounce back after the loss, as should the rest of the Canadiens line-up.


  56. Mr.Hazard says:

    Wowo… Price indeed HAS let in a few soft goals this season (ie repeatedly between the legs), and that Stajan shot deflected off Streit’s stick. I remember Cherry (*shiver*) going on afterward about keeping the stick out of the way.

    I like seeing Price in nets, but don’t put down Huet. Don’t be a person who sees two “soft” games and decides the goalie’s not good enough. 82 games in a season?

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  57. Thumper says:

    Hey guys the day we trade Huet will be a sad day as I for one think how lucky we are to have him in Montreal and we did not give up much to get him. We will only be trading him as he has some value and we need a good scorer, in days pre cap he might have stayed, I hope he still does.

    The guys who think they can name 10 guys better than Huet are being stubborn. You telling me if we traded Huet for Toskala, turco or Biron you’d be happy, not a chance. Hey you missed off Raycroft????????!!!?

    We are lucky to have 2 fine goalies and Halak to boot, we are blessed and thats where the trade comes in, because we have more quality than most in that area.

    Go on Cristobal, keep up the good work, your still the man, and a 2007 all star some seem to forget.

  58. NightRyder says:

    What type of value do you people really think Huet has?

    The only way we’ll get anything other than a third-round pick etc. would be if a contender had a catastrophic injury or two in goal. The lousy teams won’t want him, and anyone with Stanley Cup aspirations has someone better.

    He’s a good NHL goalie – that’s it. There are tons of those in the league. Price will be a franchise goalie. There’s not very many of those.

    If we can get a bag of pucks for Huet (as opposed to nothing for Souray) at the deadline, I’ll be happy. In the meantime, I hope he stands on his head!

  59. Bouleau noir says:

    Concerns related to our goaltending this year is juvenile and of no importance to what the CH will be able to accomplish this season.

    We know we are OK in goal, we know we are OK in defense, we know we are OK in term of team’s speed, not bad in overall offensive talent yet have an excellent power play that makes up for our low 5-on-5 offensive production.

    Our system of play this year is more fonctional with our team’s makeup than was the case last season,… better transition game has lead our team to use his speed and more forecheking has lead our team to better their ugly shot on goal differential of last season while creating more PP opportunities then it was the case then….. our team is also more disciplined and take less penalties than last season.

    At the rate we have been going we are bound for a 100 points season.

    The chances for that to happens will required Ryder to get it going the way he hasn’t be able to in the first quarter,… and for Kostsitsyn to reach the next level sometime not to late down the stretch…..and if Lats could emulate his production from last year then the whole equation would be nothing less than a done deal….. and the CH would quite the surprise in the end.

  60. Habsfan39 says:

    your welcome

  61. Bouleau noir says:

    Wether Huet or Price is in goal, who cares really… both can give the team an honest chance to play well and to win.

    Kosto playing a “larger role” is a confusing statement,… but we are used to that with Carbo,… I’m not a Carbo specialist but since he has expressed many positive remarks towards Kosto following the Boston game I would venture to guess that he is not yet done with it,.. so yes Kosto’s type of player is perfectly suited for when we are on the road playing against physical type team like the coming one in NY against the Isles and Kosto’s value to our team are simply enhanced on those occasions…. his role then, becomes ” larger “….. even thought playing 4th line standard time.

  62. fun police says:

    carbo is losing it. huet was ordinary last night, price is a better goalie. stop with the fleury references, fleury was never as good as price at any point in his career.
    huet has not done anything spectacular this year in terms of stealing a game.
    tom k is a fourth line player, a good one at that. to play him any more than a fourth line player is putting him in a position to fail.
    if tom k is on the pp, then carbo has completely lost it.

  63. Moey says:


    IMO the team plays better in front of Price because they are protecting him to a certain extent. They crank up their D play a couple of notches to keep the pressure off him. If you think about it, a couple of blowouts would hardly help a rookie’s confidence. More often than not, they leave Huet out to dry.

    But as you said, whatever it takes to win the game, but it’s not fair to compare Huet and Price, because the team does play differently depending who is in nets.

  64. Lee Hayes says:

    Your a mean spirited bastard Pleky, and the evil you do on this site is unspeakable!! Ha ha ha!
    Don’t get DIScouraged my boy, keep the posts coming.

    Go Habs Go

  65. ClaytonM says:

    “Price let in two weak goals last saturday but in a 7-4 win, nobody speaks about goaltending.”

    Well let’s see. Murray scored from the circle for the 1st goal, Price was forced to make the first move when Murray juggled the puck a bit and then ripped one over the shoulder.

    Chara had a blast of a shot that no goalie will save 9 times out of 10

    Sturm was left all alone in front of Price for the 3rd goal.

    Murray wired one off the face-off so quickly that Price had no time to get set.

    Which 2 of these were weak goals, Pleks? And what’s your definition of a weak goal? My definition is the Stajan goal Huet let in for the Toronto GWG. Or the Neil wrister in the slot, another GWG. Even the one off of Dandy’s skate credited to Sundin, since Huet should have had his stick down. Pretty weak 5-hole that Huet has, right?

    Leave the revisionist history to Ted Bird, Pleks. I’m not bad-mouthing Huet and I’m not canonizing Price, I’m just pointing out the obvious fact that Price is better, and the proof is in their win/loss numbers. Are you now going to argue that the Habs play better in front of Price than Huet?

  66. Chuck says:

    “Just cuz we win with a goalie doesn’t mean he’s been outstanding.”

    Just playing devil’s advocate here, but is winning not the true measure of a goaltender’s success? Huet is barely playing .500 hockey. And while his core stats are better thean Price’s, Price is what… 5-1-1, having earned 11 out af a possible 14 points. For whatever reason, the team seems to play better in front of Carey.

    No one would ever claim that Grant Fuhr was one of the greatest pure goaltenders of all time, but what mattered in the long run is that his team won games when he was in net, which translated into a Stanley Cup dynasty.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  67. ClaytonM says:

    My contention is they play better in front of Price because Price has kept them in games long enough for them to win. They both had a team meltdown to account for 1 loss each, the Atlanta game for Price, the Buffalo game for Huet.

    Huet is a great goalie, no question about it. But he runs more hot and cold than Price. Given the fact that Price is still 20 yrs old, whereas Huet is 32, which one has the most room for improvement? The veteran or the rookie? It’s obvious to me. By 2008 Price will have earned the #1 spot and made Gainey a prophet.

  68. earl says:

    I said “since Huet came to Montreal”. Nobody better in the East in that 2.3 year period.

    You have to ask yourself what period of past performance do you use to estimate what Huet’s future performances will be like. A lot of people will look at the past 5 minutes , 5 periods or 5 games – whatever is convenient – to do their 2 cent “analysis” . Some will crunch the numbers any way that puts Price over Huet.

    If you look at Huet’s entire career in Montreal as a reasonable indicator of how he will perform in the future he’s the best in the East.

    Using the “hot hand” mentality how many starts would Martin Brodeur get this year? He’s 6-10-1. The truth is he gets all the starts because he’s the #1 goaltender, he gives NJ the best chance to win every night, and he’s got a track record.

    And while Huet doesn’t have the career of Brodeur he’ll get more starts for the same reasons.

  69. ClaytonM says:

    That’s an interesting stat about Huet having the best Save% in the East. It would be even better if it were true, but unfortunately Huet has the 5th best Save% in the East, 7th in the NHL, if you only count goalies with 10 or more games played.

    Thomas .941
    Gerber .939
    Leclaire .935
    Lundqvist .931
    Biron .929
    Osgood .926
    Huet .921

    Price .914

    If you don’t think Huet cost us a point if not 2 in the 3-2 loss to Toronto, or in the 3-1 loss to Ottawa with an empty net goal, you need to sit down with a hockey tutor for a few games. If you don’t think Price has outperformed Huet, then how do you explain his name on the Molson Cup for October?

  70. Habs24 says:

    I thought they would go with Price…Interesting, guess this means Price in Buffalo on Friday, and Huet Saturday night…unless Price wows ’em Buffalo?

  71. Habs_008 says:

    Price will get a start friday or saturday against the Sabres, I think they should stay on course and not give Price too many games, I dont want Price to turn into a Fleury from Pitts. Whatever goalie is in the net, its a good call. Glad to see Tommy back, hopefully we can get a string of wins together.

  72. GPK says:

    Any idea what a “larger role” means??

  73. Habs_008 says:

    I think it means that he will play more minutes, either on the first 2 lines, or he will see PP time or more PK time, i dont know. I dont see Carbo breaking up the Plecks line, and Ryder has seemed to waken up a bit.

  74. krob1000 says:

    Even if Huet gets shelled for 6 goals and Price gets a shutout on Friday Huet will be in nets on Saturday.

  75. krob1000 says:

    “Larger role” = more minutes ….compensation for laying his heart on the table. Kostopolous hockey skills are not necessarily deserving (he is an updated version of Garth Murray) but the message Carbo is trying to instill is one of team before self and Kosto’s heart is undeniable. I really get nervous when he has the puck but I have played enough team sports over the years to understand his value can only be measured by what the guy next to him on the bench or the locker room thinks of him and vice versa. If Tom K doesn’t like you it probably means you aren’t working hard enough….which means you are letting every one down. Brian Skrudland or Mike Keane didn’t earn C’s on their sweaters because they could play hockey…..they were role models of work and sacrifice.

  76. Naila Jinnah says:

    I think Huet will get the start on Friday as well – unless he totally bombs tomorrow night.

    Having TK back in the lineup is going to (hopefully) bring a lot of character to the ice.

  77. Scotty90 says:

    Tks Krob1000, wouldn’t want to be like Sundin and get 3 stars.

    I think I understand how this works. Just gave you and Dave some well deserved pints…uh, points.

  78. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    Look at Huet’s record this year.

    Look at Price’s record this year!

    Price is a winner and Huet is not; and I like Huet. Price has let in bad goals but the team has still been able to win; if you want to argue the team has played better in front of Price that still leads to having Price be the #1. Price should be getting more and more starts over Huet. I hope Price plays both Buffalo games because the team wants to evaluate him playing back to back…which means they are recognizing that the fast evolution of Price to #1.

    If the playoffs started tomorrow which guy would you want in net? – my vote Price.

  79. Cable Guy says:

    Huet has been consistently good for us but he can’t win the big games. Look at the weak goal he let in against Carolina in the playoffs 2 years ago. Look at the last game of last season against the Leafs. He is a good goalie but not a great goalie. When were beating Ottawa 1-0 2 weeks ago a great goalie would have won that game. He lets in a weak goal at least once a game, he goes down too early. Price is also down early but he is alot bigger hence he takes up alot more of the net.
    It would make perfect sense to start Price tomorrow and if he wins you start him again on Friday and play Huet saturday. Price is our future not Huet. It is a huge mistake to play Huet tomorrow.
    I also believe the players play better in front of Price. The whole team has confidence in his ability and comes through loud and clear when they interview the players about Price.

  80. My Habs says:

    One could say Price is more consistent than Huet, but he has only played a few games and the Habs defensemen play better with Price in nets because they are protective of him.

    It’s official : Huet starting tomorrow ; Price on Friday in Buffalo ; Huet on Saturday against Sabres and Price against the Maple Laughs on Tuesday.

    I say continue playing Price against Ottawa, Toronto and Pittsburgh and Huet for most other games.

    As far as who we should play in the playoffs, let’s cross that bridge when we get there!

  81. krob1000 says:

    That is exactly how it should be.

    Let’s not forget most of us (myself included) thought Price would be better off as a starter in Hamilton two months ago. Gainey is gettign him enough games to be active and be an important cog in the wheel and at the same time learn the ropes without pressure (at least limited).

    Barring injury you can probably analyze the schedule for the next twenty games and predict with great accuracy when Price will start based on the original plan as stated by Gainey and Carbo. Neither goalie will play in back to back situations and Price will not play two games in a row unless things either get really bad with Huet or there is an injury. Price is well aware that he cannot win the job this year and it is Cristobal’s to hold or lose. Price would probably say he is thankful for the opportunity that managemnt has given him as he probably expected to spend the year in Hamilton.

  82. krob1000 says:


    Look at Chris Osgood’s record or Martin Gerber’s does that mean they are better than Huet. Look at Kiprusoff and Luongo’s brutal statistics…..does this mean Kiprusoff and Luongo suck or is it a reflection of the team? They must be losers and Chris Osgood is a winner (I wonder why the signed Hasek straight out of the retirement home). Huet, Price, Theodore, Racicot, Penney or Aebischer would be winning with those teams.

    For all you Price lovers (which I am) his time will come ….remember the mantra … patience is a virtue as is being a Habs fan. When Huet’s time is up Price will inherit the dream.

    “To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high”

  83. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    Huet and Price are on the same team therefore playing with the same players and very comparable circumstances. That Price has a way better record than Huet is a very objective measure unlike comparisons to goalies from other teams.

    Huet is not a winner. Price has proven he is; though not yet on the NHL stage but hopefully that changes this year.

  84. Scotty90 says:

    Krob1000, I can see you’ve been in the Canadiens locker room lately!

  85. krob1000 says:


    My dad told me about the sign as a kid and I always thought about the chills it must give rookies. The history and magic of the Canadiens is rivalled only by the Yankees in professional sport (North American sport anyway).

    Did anyone catch the look on Komisarek’s face when he was watching Robinson last night? You could tell just by the look on his face that Larry Robinson is more than a hero to him. You can bet that in the next few years when they retire Roy’s number that Price will have that same look on his face. If seeing the way the Habs honour their alumni and after hearing Larry talk about the family that is the Montreal Canadiens doesn’t inspire any player in the NHL they are int he wrong profession.

    I watched an interesting program last night about a well known historical prophet and I though I would share with you his bold prophecy as I was feeling concern for my Grandchildren’s Grandchildren’s Grandchildren.
    In the year 2108, four years after the first Leaf Cup in 137 years Leaf fans will again understand tradition according to Nostradamus. It is at this time that bandwagons will fill spilling blood on the streets in the great city of Montreal. Tears will soak the streets only to be stomped on by screaming blue people. Dark will turn into night and the Lord (Stanley I presume) shall weep his/her first real tears.

    I fund this to be very alarming and I could feel myself trembling until I heard his other prediction about a second century of triumph for the tri-colored ice people. He said the tricolored people will meet face to face with the Lord (Stanley I Presume) another 24 times before 2104. We can all sleep sound.

  86. Habs_008 says:

    I agree with krob, It is only 2 months into the season, soooooooooooooo many games to go. I like the way the habs are playing there netminders. Play Huet against the NYI then they can take one a piece against Buffalo, give Price the start against the Laffs and then back to Huet again. And I do think that Huet is one of the top 10 in the leauge. Who do you think the best goalie would be if all the teams had the Leafs D-men??????

  87. SlySil says:

    Its sweet of Carbo to give Huet a chance to redeem himself by playing the Islanders but the truth of it is that Cristobal blows the game, he will be riding a 4 game losing streak while the kid is on a 2 game winning streak with only 1 regulation loss. Don’t think that won\t get unnoticed by the carniverous media and fans…

  88. CH_fan_in_TO says:

    Carbo has to start alternating Georges and Brisebois on more of a regular basis. Brisebois is looking slower with each game, loses battles for the puck on the forecheck then starts running around in his own end – veterans shouldn’t be doing that on a regular basis. We’d be better off seeing what Georges has. If Georges doesn’t pan out, call up Obyrne and keep Breezer as your # 7 until he retires at the end of the year.

    With regards to Grabvosky, he hasn’t impressed and needs to learn how to play in his own end. They should send him down to Hamilton and start alternating bringing various guys up to see what they can bring to the table (preferably those that don’t have to clear waivers.) Keeps the youngters motivated and sends the veterans a message.

  89. skoehn says:

    leave huet in for all the games and he will be steller he doesn’t get to play consistently thats the problem

  90. Plek-Andrew says:


    Brodeur is not the star he used to be. He always lets in the same shitty goals when he’s covering his post and isn;t the X-Factor for Jersey anymore.

    The best goalie right now, I would say, is Roberto Luongo. He is an EXCELLENT leader and was with the Vancouver Canucks, who basically had nobody except Roberto Luongo and he still had a 46-win year.

    With the Leafs’ D, Roberto Luongo.

  91. nightmare_49 says:

    I’m going to sound like kilroy or the barred kilroy, whatever, when i tell you what P.J.Stock had to say on his show today. P.J. mentioned that the Habs have drafted 28 “D-men” over the past years and many are doing well and in the future or at least the next 4 years their are only 3 spots open (cuz of Markov,Komi,Hanrlik) and he sayes that we should use these prospects to make trades and gamble that they won’t come back to hurt us, interesting. P.J. also said we should make a move to obtain Sundin which he said he would do in a New York mimute. Kilroy i know your still reading these posts and you must of had a few doubles when Garth Murray was traded and i miss your posts and our debates.take care.

  92. 24 Cups says:

    Wow! Some of you people are pretty rough on a goalie after losing a game. Huet may not have looked good in the Ottawa game but then again the Montreal defensive play wasn’t up to par either. Truth be known, Ottawa is better than us. Many teams are struggling to keep up with Heatley, Alfredsson, and Spezza. Our top three forwards don’t even come close to those guys. Huet has won us many games by keeping our team in games while we slowly get our act together. I think he has been a great addition to the team. Price eventually will take over some day but it won’t be this week or next month. Stop talking about Huet like he’s Samsonov or something. Goaltending is the least of the Habs’ problems.

  93. Rich B says:

    Krob 1000: Three of the goals against Buffalo, if you watched were weak. Rebounds, that Price would not have given up, or simply weak shots.
    Plek-Andrew: Sorry, that some of us have to work in between Habs games. I frankly don’t care for your challenge, because as I stated, I like Christobal. I have no desire to slander him in such a manner. I will though call him out if I don’t think he is playing as well as he can.
    Both of you: Check the records 6-5-2/5-1-1. If you don’t think Price has proven anything he hasn’t been given enough of a chance to do so. Price is the reason MTL is where they are in the standings. They wouldn’t be if they were only one game above .500.
    I don’t dislike Huet, but this season he has not been All-Star material.

  94. Rich B says:

    To the comment above my last, I believe goaltending is our biggest concern. This team is not built around goal scoring superstars. We need our goaltenders to save us.

  95. El Guapo says:

    Si si, Price bueno, Huet malo, como en 1993 Racicot bueno, Roy malo. Fumas mucho marijuana?

  96. nightmare_49 says:

    I have to agree with 24 cups who thinks as do i that in the priority of problems this club has that goaltending is very solid and their are more urging issues that we have to deal with so whose in nets is a minor problem and both are capable and our puckstoppers in the minors are good so lets move on.

  97. Rich B says:

    Who said Huet “malo?” Read posto before replyo.

  98. Yeats says:

    El bombero es su amigo!

  99. Rich B says:

    Also, one might get the impression that you compared Price to Racicot. You must be on something a lot harder than marijuana.

  100. Yeats says:

    I was watching the video of Ottawa’s goals over and over again. With the exception of the last one, Philip’s, all were scored from inside the hash marks in front of the net. That is not just blown coverage, that is absolutely dreadful coverage. Eaves’ and Neal’s pair were the sort of stuff you see in pickup. You shouldn’t be able to score goals like that in the NHL.

  101. Grabs says:

    I think his point was that since you think Price is better since he has a better record, you likely thought the same back in 93, noone in his right mind would compare Price to Racicot.

    P.S. I wouldn’t piss him off if I were you, he carries a gun and is known to travel with a large group of banditos.

  102. El Guapo says:

    No es mi amigo, en mi pueblo el bombero haces los fuegos!

  103. teamplayer says:

    on other goalies starting… tuuka rask, getting his first start against the maple leafs… once again leafs get to play backup and this time its against their own drafted player

  104. Yeats says:

    I just don’t want one of those bogus “three pointers” tonight!

  105. Yeats says:

    Pero, por supuesto!

  106. CHcoach says:

    We need to free up some space on the roster for Sergei Kostistyn and Lapierre,Halak possibly O’Burne. A Big move should happen sooner than later to make room for these guys. S.Kostistyn looks ready to play and looks more of a complete player than his brother.

    Huet,Ryder, Bouillon, possibly Dadenault or Begin too much alike should be dealt.

    Smolinski looks slower than slow, I would not be renewing his contract next year.

    We cant afford another Souray fiasco again, deal those guys before they become members of other clubs without compensation.

    Go habs Go

  107. Rich B says:

    By the end of the season everyone will be praising Price. I just think he is farther along in his development than the rest of you. I have written in much greater detail than simply comparing records (although, it is interesting to note that Plek-Andrew, one of those debating me, used Luongo’s record as proof that he is the best earlier in this thread) in previous posts, but I won’t bother to repeat myself. The proof will be in play of the respective goaltenders.

  108. I am Canadien says:

    I think it’s time for Price to be given a few more starts. In review of his game; it is solid and the kid appears unflappable. I would have liked to see him in net vs the Sens.
    That being said: Perhaps Gainey is attempting to get Huet’s stock up in the league in preparation for future negotiations. In that reasoning; it,as well, is not a bad plan.
    Gainey is a wise GM.

  109. kevin m says:

    I hope to see a lot more of Price in the future, because he IS the future. Personally, I believe that the Habs will win the Cup only when Price becomes the undisputed #1 goaltender of the CH.

    I submit to you that if Gainey were to put the Huet chip on the table for negotiation he would tender calls from about 5 or 6 more clubs than were interested in Bryzgalov; but, if he were to put the Price (blue) chip on the table he would garner a response from the 29 remaining teams to be sure. It would be striclty a matter of cost, and it wouldn’t be to play in the minors or in a back up roll.

    Play Price & play him often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. linp says:

    OK I think I’ll start with zero, LOL.

    As to the discussion about our two goalies, I wonder whether the team plays more defensively when Price is in net. In any case, we are moving away from our game plan of playing solid defense first and have paid too much attention to scoring (Ryder). Not having TK to form our checking line also hurt.

    Is it really wise to ask TK to fight in the last minutes of a game and consequently destroying our line for the next game? Just wonder?

  111. Erik says:

    Honestly Carey Price could play every game I mean with Price in net we would have beat both Buffalo and Ottawa!
    Carbo You can have faith in Price. He is THAT GOOD!!!!

  112. I am Canadien says:

    I knew when I saw him in net last year in Hamilton that he is IT. I sat right behind the net to watch him and he put on a clinic…never out of position and excellent rebound control. He is big too so that also helps. He is the man!!


  113. Erik says:

    Presuming Carey Price is the Future lets get on to him right Huet can be backup dealt or put in the minors. This team does not need him anymore when will you people realize this? When will Carbo nrealize this If you have a superstar do you put him on the bench? Maybe they think by not playing every game their making him earn it and that he wont get too cocky that way.

    I mean honestly in a high pressure game who are you putting in there Price or Huet answer that Who makes you feel like he wont let in a shitty goal and that he can make the big stops


    Wow I am so happy the HABS got him he really is a superstar goaltender
    GO CAREY!!!!

  114. T-roy West says:

    What is the big debate about! There should’nt be. Price is better than Huet. He is the present and future, not later but now. For the past six month’s all I heard is Price this and Price that and it was all warranted. Price is the real deal. Krob and Pleks what are you worried about. Habs fan’s everywhere know it, Gainey knows it, Mckenzie knows, The Hamillton Bulldogs know it, the Monster Performing man know’s it and he’s from TSN for God’s sake and you can be rest assured Huet know’s it. No one has to say Price is the number one, we already know. Huet can start 80 percent of the games and it won’t matter. He is just a paper #1 that doesn’t mean he is. That is why Price play’s against the top teams. Patrick Roy gave the Canadiens confidence. When the game was on the line you could count on him. Huet makes my heart race in the third where as I feel confident with Price and my heart is around 60 beats a minute. Gainey and Timmons believe more than anyone that he is the real deal and he will entertain offers. Why not trade Price and sign Huet longer if Huet is the #1 … because he really isn’t.

    T-roy West
    P.S. FUHGAWZ – Western hab’s fans will get together and it will be a blast and thanks for the comments. It’s amazing how hab’s fans in diffent area’s of Canada view the best team on the planet. Very different outlook’s!!!

  115. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Your post hit the nail on the head. Well put. In my book, YOU DA MAN.

  116. Plek-Andrew says:

    Rich B,
    are you completely cracked out? I never said Price is bad, I just said he still has a lot to learn and prove. 5-1-1 is EXCELLENT but dont forget how many 35+ saves Huet has had even during some of our losses. Price is the future of this franchise. He IS the franchise. But we can never really know what’s gonna happen, God forbid anything should.

    You’re too harsh on Huet. He’s been nothing less than great and deserves a lot more respect.

    I don’t see why you have to take a stab at me. I never compared stats becuase they usually speak for themselves but if you wanna use stats, u’re trying to tell me Brodeur and Fleury and even Luongo’s starts to the season are a result of their skill? And that Huet has been horrendous yet Price has been fantastic? I’m not gonna start a problem with you…

    But I said it before. I look at the goalies first and foremost because they are the most important players on a team. I said Luongo is the best if he had toronto’s defense (next time read the entire post) because he had horrible defense last season in vancouver but pulled off the NHL record for wins. the only goalie better than him? Brodeur; with only one more win in a defensive-oriented Claude Julien system last year.

    Luongo stands on his head all the time. Why was he off to a not-so-great start is beyond me. But he is the most superior goalie right now. I like to compare Price to him but Price seems to have less leadership than Roberto.

    Either way. My messages are always clear and I leave nothing out that hasn’t already been mentioned or will be mentioned by others.

    Relax yourself buddy.

  117. Mr.Hazard says:

    I am glad Huet is starting. We gotta give him a chance, not hand Price most of the “easier” games and expect Huet to only play (and win) the tough ones. All goalies need a confidence boost once in a while. After losing 3 (or 4?) in a row, you can’t expect him to win Friday or Saturday if he doesn’t play tomorrow.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  118. WindsorHab-10 says:

    We saw what Huet can do in easy games (supposedly) against the Leafs. Lost twice this year (once with the Habs up by 2) and lets not forget last year’s game that would’ve put us in the playoffs. Enough said.

  119. Lee Hayes says:

    How many commemorative parades do they hold before 2104?

    As always Krob1000, great commentary!

    Go Habs Go

  120. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I laugh when people say Huet has been great. He was great at the beginning of the season but lately he’s been average at best. If you want to be #1 you have to play like one and that includes bailing your team out when they screw up. I have to respectfully disagree with Carbo on his decision to go with Huet. The team needs Price, plays better with Price and has tons of confidence in Price. Remember Kovalev after the Toronto game when he said “I love that guy”. Same applies to the rest of the team. I still say GO HABS GO!!!

  121. yukonhab says:

    I think the Habs just play a better game with Price in the net. Some what surprised that Price isn’t playing tommorrow, but sure to see him there on Fri. Ganiey will be looking to sign Huet for a two yr contract just before the all- star break…. they will not give Price the full reigns YET, and need some confort of the vet between the pipes…….

  122. Lee Hayes says:

    Yikes, a goalie controversy in the making, and no need for it. T-roy West hits on a few salient points, the confidence factor cannot be overstated.
    I remember how the team, and individual players, would look to atone for cough ups and turnovers that Patrick would save them from having to pay for.
    They would play harder in front of him, also the forwards would take more chances, knowing that even if you did get caught up ice, St.Patrick would stand tall.
    As far as all this trade talk is concerned, I say stand pat.
    Earlier this season I said that Mr.Gainey would likely break his, “don’t negotiate during the season” rule, and sign Huet to a lucrative deal and then trade him. I’m beginning to see the holes in my theory.
    I’m happy to be loaded in goalies, would love to see Vinny, but….I’m to rooted in reality to think that Mr. Gainey could put a deal together for him.
    So I’ll remain content to watch this team grow and prosper!

    Go Habs Go

  123. ClaytonM says:

    Price is 5-1-1, Huet is 6-5-2. Their GAA and SAV% are close. The difference is simple. Huet has let in some soft goals this year and cost the Habs a win or two, while Price has been steady as a rock, not one weak goal yet. Price has also faced the same caliber opposition as Huet, so no excuses there.

    Those are facts and they won’t change because some fans are loyal to Huet. Another fact is no one except Carbo, Melanson, Gainey, Huet and Price have any business deciding who gets the start for a game.

    Another fact is the Ducks had to release Bryzgalov on waivers for someone to sign him, no one was willing to make the trade, and there were plenty of needy teams. What do you think we can get for Huet now? What do you think Huet will get as a UFA? They’ll sign him for a 4 year, $10 million contract ($2.5/yr) and keep him as a mentor for Price and a solid back-up. With the idiotic scheduling of 2 games in 2 nights quickly becoming the norm, teams will need 2 solid netminders now. Huet would love to stay in the city that gave him his shot, the only french-speaking NHL city, the city that made him an All Star.

    But Price is the better goalie period.

  124. Plek-Andrew says:

    Price has let in some weak goals. In fact this year, between both goalies, he has the weakest. A point shot that never left the ice that slid between his pads.

    He let in weak goals. Guys open your eyes. Don’t turn Price into Halak. Just cuz we win with a goalie doesn’t mean he’s been outstanding. Price let in two weak goals last saturday but in a 7-4 win, nobody speaks about goaltending. How many of you here knew that tim thomas let in 7 goals but made 45 saves?!

    You guys change so quickly and every season, I think the cycle would break, it always comes back. A week and a half ago, everyone was saying HUET IS OUR NUMBER 1 HANDS DOWN NO QUESTIONS ASKED bla bla bla.

    He plays one bad game (arguably two but i dont think he let it any weak goals on monday) and Price wins it a few for us and we can’t stop talking about Jesus Price, our Savior (credit to whoever made that up, excellent analogy lol).

    I’m not attacking anyone but guys, don’t be so quick to forget. A lot of what habs fans do are self-fulfilling prophecies. We create ideas in our minds and interpret events the way we want them to look. Price is our Savior therefore we won’t pay attention to any bad he does. And when he does badly, nobody bothers to mention it. Hey! The kid’s mishandled the puck a billion times and one of his fortes is handling the puck.

    Anyways I give up. Anytime I say anything it’s so badly misinterpreted and im REALLY trying not to attack anyone so im sorry if i offended anyone in advance but Price Almighty… be realistic people.

  125. earl says:

    so, people that point out that since coming to Montreal Huet has the best save pct in the *entire Eastern Conference*, they are what, simply delusional Huet loyalists?

    Perhaps people on the other side of the coin are simply fickle.

    Save your post, it will be interesting in about 6 months to re-read it.

    Huet hasn’t cost the team a single point in the standings, he’s had about 6 brutal deflections and a few team no-shows plugging up his stats yet he’s still competitive from that standpoint.

    He’s the best goaltender on the team, neck and neck with 3 or 4 goaltenders in running for best in the conference (he’s my pick for that honour) , and endless internet posts by fickle fans who ebb and flow their opinion of the goaltenders period by period doesn’t change that in the least.

    Huet is the better performer period.

  126. Plek-Andrew says:

    but I will say this. Despite the weak goals, Huet’s did cost us the game.
    But that doesn’t take away from his skill.

  127. WindsorHab-10 says:

    You’re sadly mistaken. It’s all about being able to handle pressure situations. I bet you’re one of those people that always called Theodore the best in the nhl because of that fluke year he had. Huet is no different. He took us to the playoffs one year and beat Boston and then what? What have you done for me lately? Price is for now and the future and only Price can take us to the next level. Mark my words, Huet starts tonight, Habs lose.

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