Huet gets start tomorrow vs. Islanders

The Gazette’s Pat Hickey reports from today’s Canadiens practice that Cristobal Huet will get the start in goal tomorrow night on Long Island against the New York Islanders.

Tom Kostopoulos, back from an automatic one-game suspension for having been tagged with an instigator penalty in the last five minutes of Saturday’s 7-4 win over the Boston Bruins, is expected to play "a larger role," according to head coach Guy Carbonneau.

All hands were on deck for today’s practice.


  1. Chuck says:

    Not attributable to Huet? If his rebound control was up to snuff, Ottawa would have only scored twice.


    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  2. Plek-Andrew says:

    Ok, i was harsh on DiPietro… especially considering I’m wearing his shirt right now…
    I forgot how incredible of a puckhandler he is and i love him because he’s the funniest goaltender in the league. good team guy.

    But the Bulin Wall is apst his prime. Try and tell me Belfour is still better than Huet. And Vokoun got traded because he lost his job to Mason.

  3. earl says:

    I wouldn’t be too confident with that list. Here’s the one you meant ;). Dipietro might be “on the verge” but he’s not in the top yet, and Martin Brodeur is so two years ago. If you’ve got any of the top 5 you’re in good condition. Thankfully we have one of them.

    1) Niklas Backstrom
    2) Cristobal Huet
    3) Henrik Lundqvist
    4) Tomas Vokoun
    5) Roberto Luongo
    6) Miika Kiprusoff
    7) Manny Fernandez
    8) Martin Brodeur
    9) JS Giguere
    10)Chris Mason
    11)Martin Biron
    12)Martin Gerber
    13)Ray Emery
    14)Tim Thomas
    15)Manny Legace

  4. Jay Gold says:

    Just so you know…

    1)M. Brodeur – The Devils top 2 D-Men this year are Colin White and Paul Martin (who?), and even THEY are injured. It seems like every year he has to adjust to losing his top D-man. Besides, he didn’t have that hot of a start last year. He’ll heat up, you’ll see.

    2)M. Turco – He has a better career GAA then any goaltender that has played in the NHL (with a min. of 300 GP) in the past 50 years. If he was only a good goalie three years ago, why hasn’t his GAA risen over the past 3 seasons? Go watch the highlights of the Vancouver/Dallas round of last year’s playoffs.

    3) M. Gerber – Yes, he does play behind one of the best, if not the best defensive team in the league. But the fact of the matter is, he is always in position (perfectly square with the shooter at all times) and has amazing communication with his D. He also has only suffered 2 regulation losses dating back to December 23rd of 2006 and is 83-48-7-9 in his career. The only real slip up in his career was against our beloved Habs in the off-season a couple years back, yet still managed to get a SO in that series.

    4) R. Dipietro – Hasn’t proven anything yet? Are YOU on drugs? He just collected his 100th win of his young career last night (he is 10-5 so far this year)with practically nobody of value playing in front of him….Huet is still waiting for his 58th. Enough said.

    5) T. Vokoun – He was the best player on the Predators for a couple seasons in a row and accomplished a great amount for that organization. The fact of the matter is, the Panthers are not playing nowhere near their potential this year. A large part of that is due to the team’s recent struggles in containing run-and-gun teams such as Washington, Carolina and Atlanta. Their #1 D-man, Jay Boumeester, not playing very well doesn’t help much either.

    6)N. Khabibulin – The fact that you are even able to utter the words “Cristobal Huet is a better goaltender than Nikolai Khabibulin” is ridiculous. Khabi has played for some of the worst defensive teams (including the one his is on now) and still has found many ways to shine….and he’s got the Stanley Cup ring to prove it.
    7) J.S. Giguere – Conn Smythe winner in 2003 (1.63 GAA), without any of the Big 3 D that he had last year.

    The facts are there my friend.

    As far as Vesa Toskala, Martin Biron and Carey Price are concerned – Obviously, none of these goaltenders have officially proven themselves as elite goaltenders in the NHL yet, so I am putting them above Huet only based on how I’ve seen them play (in full games). So, I agree, these guys are debatable for some.

  5. christophurrr says:

    half of those goalies are way more inconsistent than huet and are having brutal years. i’d much rather have huet than about 8 of those guys

  6. christophurrr says:

    brodeur didn’t look that great against the sens in the playoffs last year. not at all.

  7. earl says:

    Good one. Once thing missing . Smilies, to let us know you’re not serious.

    Check the save pct of the above group over the past 3 seasons, and tell me Huet is not above many of those guys.

  8. earl says:

    right on Plek-A .

    Armchair goaltenders abound here, and anyone who knows their blue ice from their Smirnoff Ice knows Huet is the best goaltender and should shoulder the bulk of the load.

  9. Yeats says:

    Hey, that Karma button really works. But, it won’t let you run up the score. What gives?

  10. Yeats says:

    I gave you a three because I don’t think that second beer is gonna do the trick!

  11. Naila Jinnah says:

    You can’t rate yourself dude. That would just be totally unfair.

  12. Bill says:

    Have to agree with you, disagree with Jay. I would identify Kiprusoff, Lundquist, Luongo, and Brodeur (bad recent play aside) as the only goalies who are absolutely superior. I’d put Huet alongside Dipietro, Nabokov, Ward, and Biron as the sort of next tier. Everyone else, to me, is not as good.

    Everyone who’s dying to start Price now will be singing a different tune once the reality that he is not from the planet Krypton sinks in.

  13. J.T. says:

    I hate this Karma thing.

  14. Plek-Andrew says:

    ok, wow are u ever wrong.

    1) M. Brodeur > Playing worst hockey of his career. But overall, yes, Top 10.
    2) H. Lundquist > can’t argue with you there
    3) R. Luongo > Can’t argue with u there
    4) R. Dipietro > unproven goaltender. Nobody knows what he’s fully capable of doing and what his style is.
    5) J.S. Giguere > identical to Huet’s style in every aspect.
    6) M. Turco > not anymore.
    7) M. Kipprusoff> perfect all-around goaltender. Agreed.
    8) M. Gerber > he plays for ottawa. enough said.
    9) T. Vokoun > doesn’t use his body to his potential. No.
    10) E. Nabokov >> undersized but much more athletic. I’ll allow this one because he has always been consistent.
    11) C. Ward > yes, top 10
    12) M. Biron > yes, top 10
    12) V. Toskala > you’re on drugs
    14) N. Khabibulin > you’re on drugs
    15) C. Price > you’re off your rocker. He hasn’t proved anything yet.

    Therefore, the 7 goalies that I perceive to be better than or comparable to Huet would be:

    Brodeur, Lundqvist, Ward, Biron, Giguere Luongo and, ARGUABLY, Nabokov.

    Sorry man. That’s the way I see it.

  15. nightmare_49 says:

    No box for you right now cuz your over .08

  16. nightmare_49 says:

    I’m on your bandwagon with Tommy K. (the Spartan) and your wagon with the hops.

  17. krob1000 says:

    Dave, it looks like your winning the inaugural game bigtime.

  18. krob1000 says:

    I can see them Scotty90 I think it is so you can’t give yourself phantom assists.

  19. krob1000 says:

    Thank you Dave,

    I was wondering what that was about.

    Mine only shows -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 though

  20. krob1000 says:

    1.Brodeur may be the only guy you can argue in recent memory who may be as good as Roy but he is aging and right now is playing the worst hockey of his career.
    2. agreed
    3. agreed
    4. agreed (I would trade for him based on his age only)
    5. Hard to argue with two Stanley Cups but also hard to compare Montreals defence with Pronger, Niedermayer and Beauchemin…..debatable.
    6. Maybe three years ago
    7. agreed
    8. Has the Sens in front of him and was a back up last year and will be again by the time this year ends.
    9. Arguable either way but I would rather have Huet.
    10. Not a chance
    11. Debatable
    12. Maybe as a commentator
    13. Maybe you are on the wrong site
    14. See no. 6
    15. Someday but not right now.

  21. fuhgawz says:

    if it is a score system … then here is to you krob1000

  22. Scotty90 says:

    I just noticed I don’t have a karma thing and form box at the end of my posts? does that mean I have immunity?

  23. Dave Stubbs says:

    Krob, I’ve not yet used the feature, but I do believe it’s a way of attaching a score of sorts to fellow posters contributions. So if I give you a 10 on karma, then click form, you should have a score of 10. Which I’ll do right now…

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  24. Scotty90 says:

    I think we get to rate people’s comments. Maybe we can vote laff clingons off the site 🙂

  25. krob1000 says:

    Mr. Stubbs help us tehcnologically challenged Habfolk…..What is this form and score thing all about?

  26. krob1000 says:

    Of your entire list the only goalies I would trade Huet for straight up would be Lunqvist, Luongo, Dipietro and Kiprusoff . All of the others are either past their primes or over achieving with the exception of Cam Ward. With Ward I think our opinions of him are skewed because he plays his best hockey against the Habs. Leclaire is a wild card but he has to keep this up to earn some real respect ( I am picking him in the West as my goalie when I vote but that is based on this season thus far).

  27. fuhgawz says:

    did nothing

  28. krob1000 says:

    Anyone know what the deal with the form and score tab is?
    Anyone tried hitting the Form tab yet??

  29. fuhgawz says:

    i agree with you on each of your points made — very sound points made!! — just feel Huets days as good as he can be are numbered ….. where he goes is a unknown but if a team like Detroit starts to falter only because Osgood is playing over his head at the moment and Hasek does not seems to be as dominate as he once was there may be a place for him there …. out of our area completely and almost any player on that team could help us out.

  30. Jay Gold says:

    You have been challenged…look above!

  31. krob1000 says:

    Settle down Tlusty!!! Just kidding Plek Andrew.

  32. krob1000 says:


    If we are still anywhere near the top of the standings and Gainey trades Huet (our no. 1 goalie) and we fail he would be ridiculed out of town. The only way Huet gets traded is if we are a bubble team around deadline time with nothing to really lose. For this year he is still affordable and like you mentioned Price and Halak can carry the load at a very affordable Price next year and beyond. The return for Huet doesn’t appear to be (based on Bryzgalov) worth the risk from a GM’s perspective. So what if we lose him for nothing(not really). We would be keeping an all star goalie for the stretch run….not too dumb of a move from where I sit.

    I am not ruling out a trade but I don’t see the real benefits especially given our success and the lack of a market for a goalie. The teams that need goaltending are not going to be needing one for any type of playoff run (except maybe Tampa or Atlanta and I don’t think Bob will trade him in the conference).

  33. Jay Gold says:

    I like Huet and respect everything he has done for the organization over the past couple seasons, however I question his positioning and ability to steal games quite often.

    So I’ll take your challenge…
    10 goalies in the NHL who are better than Huet (in no particular order):
    1) M. Brodeur
    2) H. Lundquist
    3) R. Luongo
    4) R. Dipietro
    5) J.S. Giguere
    6) M. Turco
    7) M. Kipprusoff
    8) M. Gerber
    9) T. Vokoun
    10) E. Nabokov
    I’ll go even further down the list…
    11) C. Ward
    12) M. Biron
    12) V. Toskala
    14) N. Khabibulin
    and yes..
    15) C. Price

    I can confidently say that every goaltender that I listed above is better than Huet, and I could probably name about 4 or 5 others that are questionably better than him. Again, I respect Huet a great amount, and this is not taking anything away from him. Sometimes we have to forget that we are from Montreal and realize the extreme talent throughout the league. Obviously, I realize some of the goalies that I mentioned have worse numbers than Huet right now, but that has a lot to do with the D in front of them (The Habs DO have one of the best defensive cores in the league).

  34. fuhgawz says:

    i meant gerber – but that is because of a strong team in front of him

  35. fuhgawz says:

    sometimes even Turco

  36. fuhgawz says:

    Luongo, Kipper (week this year but historically),Turco,Leclaire,Lundguist,Nabokov,Brodeur,Ward,Backstrome,Dipietro

    no particular order

  37. Plek-Andrew says:


    I love you.

  38. krob1000 says:

    Rich B if you saw the last two games (one played by Price and the other by Huet) as per your what have you done for me lately statement than you must acknowledge that Price allowed four goals in his last start as well. The difference is two of the goals Price allowed were questionable…..none of the goals Huet allowed last night were attributable (if that is a word) to him.

    Please name the ten goalies who are better than him…..right now… as per your statement.

    I have Lundqvist in the East and maybe Gerber(who was a laughing stock last year) or Ward (Brodeur is terrible right now).

  39. fuhgawz says:

    krob1000 disagree with you about Price playing 30% — the only reason for this is i still think we are going to see Huet traded before year end ….. therefore giving Price more then 30% playing time. I think Price and Halak can carry this team either way all be it Price still has room to grow and learn and a vets presense would be great to have around but from what i have wittnessed so far this year he is every bit as good as Huet is now — Halak is there to ease the pain in the backend

  40. J.T. says:

    I think that’s harsh. Huet is a very good goaltender who has had a couple of rough starts in the last two. To be fair to him, no one on his team showed up last Friday against Buffalo, and his defence went AWOL last night against Ottawa. I’m pretty sure Brodeur on his best day would have a hard game with Spezza, Heatley and Alfredsson walking unchecked into the slot on shift after shift. I admit, I was surprised to see Huet get the call…not because he’s bad, but because it’s a busy week. They don’t often get four games a week, so I thought Carbo might split them up more equitably. But, since he’s decided to go with Huet, I’ll be expecting Cristobal to do his part. And if he does it well, and his teammates do theirs, there’s every chance the Habs can win tomorrow night.

  41. Rich B says:

    Maybe he is in the top 10, but not the top 6. That is the All Star game. I will name the six later, but I do not have the time at the moment. Also, if this upcoming start is a chance to redeem himself, it is his second chance. He was weak against Buffalo and did not redeem himself against Ottawa. My main concern is the best chance to win night in and night out and I like Price for that.

  42. Plek-Andrew says:

    Rich B,

    my challenge was to name 10 goalies better than Huet. in the entire league.

    I’m waiting

  43. Rich B says:

    Huet is not currently one of the top 10 goalies in the NHL. It would be a joke for him to make the All-Star team this year. I quite like Christobal, but he simply must play better. Starting him in this game is bad move. MTL may win, I certainly hope they do, but I would feel a lot better with a 5-1-1 record than one barely over .500. If Huet wants to be a number one goalie he has to earn it, night in and night out. I know he’s played well in the past, where some people are living, but it must be a “what have you done for me today” situation… well, if want to win it must be. Price has yet to play MTL out of a game this season. He does not give up horrific rebounds. In recent games he has appeared much more composed. The team doesn’t necessary have to take the starting job away from Huet, but it is foolish to continue to go back to a struggling goaltender just because he is “#1.” This team depends on goaltending for wins, not goal scoring.

  44. JF says:

    I agree about Huet. He is second only to Lundqvist in the Eastern Conference. Sure he lets in a few soft goals (although I don’t think any last night were his fault), but I’ve seen him make saves that seem all but impossible. It’s good he’s starting tomorrow night; after two ordinary games, he’s due for a big one. As for Price, he’s going to be great, but I don’t think he’s there yet. He’s been winning games, but the only one in which he really looked outstanding was his first one against Pittsburgh. There’s no sense in rushing him or putting too much pressure on him too soon (not that he seems to notice pressure).

    Glad TK will be back. I love his heart and energy. We really missed his gritty play last night.

    That Islander team will be tough to beat. We need everyone to be at their best. And please, people, don’t post over-optimistic or boastful predictions of the result!

  45. krob1000 says:

    A former poster named whose names shall remain anonymous is probably very upset right now.

  46. Scotty90 says:

    Huet is probably in net tomorrow to give him a chance to redeem himself and get his confidence back. I think its a good move. Glad to get the Spartan back and glad that Carbo is recognizing him for the work-horse and team player that he is… way to go TK.

  47. tareq514 says:

    I also think that Price should’ve gotten the start but Huet still is the #1 goalie. We need him playing his best and if we plan to trade him later, he has to prove that he has can be capable of bouncing back after a couple of bad outings otherwise you guys saw what an Ilya Bryzgalov was worth recently… nothing!

    and Huet did steal 2 points for us against Buffalo in that 2-0 win… earlier this month…

    Price will get his starts and will get his chance to take over the reigns permanently in due time. Price has not proved that he is better than Huet at the NHL level yet…although I do expect that to happen eventually.

  48. krob1000 says:

    Price will play about 30 percent of our games barring injury to Huet. That is about 25 games. I am willing to bet that I will be within three games under and five games over that.

  49. krob1000 says:

    Plek Andrew ….thank you. Huet should make the all star team this year as he did last. Biron is starting to be Biron again(he was playing way above his head for a while there….I do like him though). Miller and Brodeur are having terrible starts. Lundqvist is a machine and probably the only goalie in the Eastern Conference I would say deserves the starting gig over Huet. Ward and Gerber both have better teams in front of them than most of the other guys. Noone else even deserves a mention.

  50. krob1000 says:

    fun police….I disagree completely on the Huet/Price thing but somewhat understand your take on Kosto. I think though as I mentioned above it is more about reward and in the big scheme of things (82 games) to reward Kosto after going to war for everyone twice (I know they weren’t much as far as fights go) is a must. I don’t expect Kosto to be getting really heavy minutes or for this to last any length of time. It is merely setting a standard in the locker room about what is to be expected of each and every man wearing a red white and blue jersey regardless of their role… is a great move (for this game). I am sure he is not going to allow Kosto to play twenty minutes. Carbo is a different coach this year than last and as much as this is going to pain people at this stage of the season he would definitely be a Jack Adams candidate.

  51. Plek-Andrew says:

    Fun Police…

    Huet has been great. PERIOD. Although I agree that Fleury isn’t living up to his potential, Huet is a top 10 goalie in the league right now.

    I’d really like for anybody to name 10 goalies who are better than Huet.

    And I’m huge on goalies, as everyone who knows me already knows. The first thing I look at are the goalies. So I challenge anyone to prove ot me that Huet isn’t in capable of being a top 10 goalie this year.

  52. Cable Guy says:

    HUGE mistake starting Huet tomorrow night. Mark my words, we will lose tomorrow and it will be goaltending will be our downfall. Makes no sense to not start Price.

  53. Habsfan39 says:

    *Barfs in own mouth* … TOSKALA????!!!


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