How the Bruins will line up vs. Habs


By this time, there are probably few, if any, secrets between the Canadiens and the Bruins. The video has been studied, the styles of play each team employs have been well chewed-over by the media, fans and, especially, the clubs themselves. The emotions inside each room will be raised and guarded at the same time. The game plans will have been drawn up and reviewed. It now comes down to execution and effort.

The Canadiens-Bruins rivalry is more enduring than any other for either team. For Habs fans, the Nordiques are gone and this time of year the Maple Leafs have recently been irrelevant. For B’s fans, their team has vanquished the Rangers more often, so the feelings are less raw. And while they’ve suffered some bitter losses at the hands of the Flyers, the Canadiens have most often been their ruination.

While Habs fans view the Bruins as thugs, fans of the Bruins view the Canadiens as divers and cheapshot artists.

Here’s video from NESN which aired last night which features Pat Hickey of The Gazette speaking with former Bruin Lyndon Byers (wearning a sports jacket that you should not miss) about the series.

Here’s how the B’s will likely line up.

Milan Lucic-David Krejci-Nathan Horton
Brad Marchand-Patrice Bergeron-Mark Recchi
Chris Kelly-Rich Peverley-Michael Ryder
Daniel Paille-Gregory Campbell-Shawn Thornton

Zdeno Chara-Johnny Boychuk
Tomas Kaberle-Dennis Seidenberg
Andrew Ference-Adam McQuaid

Tim Thomas
Tuukka Rask

According to ESPN-Boston, Tyler Seguin also practice on the Peverley line in Ryder’s spot, but The Boston Globe expects him to be a healty scractch along with Shane Hnidy and Matt Bartkowski.

Canadiens coach Jacques Martin will probably want to get the pairing of Hal Gill and P.K. Subban out against the Krejci line and use the Roman Hamrlik-Jaroslav Spacek duo against the Bergeron line.


  1. habs001 says:

    i nice 3-2 win would be fine…i know a lot of posters are predicting games with their heart and not their head but all season i found it interesting that before a game we have just as many 2-1 hab win predictions as habs scoring 5-6 goals…after 2 years i am not sure what team some of these posters have been watching but they must realize by now that we have a very poor goal scoring team

  2. dhenry1234 says:

    weren’t those jordans onle $33 yesterday?

  3. Chris Roy says:

    You guys need to get your techs to familiarize themselves with Akismet, a free spam filtering plugin for WordPress written by the guys behind WP itself. Takes 2 seconds to install and will save us from these knockoff shoes/penis enhancer spam posts in every comment thread.

    And 6 hours 13 minutes to go…

  4. otisfxu says:

    When you look at the Boston roster and lines, you almost ask yourself, who are these guys? Other than a guy like Bergeron maybe, you don’t look at this lineup as anything special.
    Yes they have size, but you keep Lucic off the scoreboard and the rest are average.
    They have lots of PIM during season, but that style goes out the window in playoffs – PP will kill you.
    Habs just need a good start, no quick goals against, once the game gets going they can play these guys.

  5. Propwash says:

    Yeah, well, the Bruins still suck.

  6. observer says:

    I was watching yesterday afternoon game 7 way back when Cherry coached them and the game 7 in 2004. In both these games Bruins used the same tactics they use today. In both series they were beaten. The last one a huge upset and right in Boston Garden. From the Canadiens 2004 team, I think only Markov(and he’s out) remains? Gill played for Boston that game Julien was the Habs coach and Ryder a Hab.

    2 sad losses for Bruins fans, just 2 more of their many.

  7. observer says:

    Re: “Tyler Seguin also practice on the Peverley line in Ryder’s spot, but The Boston Globe expects him to be a healty scractch”

    Burke sure outsmarted Bruins GM.

    • Chris Roy says:

      I’d hate to have to agree with you as I’m no fan of loud-mouth Burke and his tactics but I read a quote earlier from Julien that suggested that Seguin had things to work on both on and off the ice. I don’t want to stir a non-existent pot, but that could indicate bad work ethic, attitude, etc.

      If Seguin’s play doesn’t improve quite drastically next season, it may be fair to say that Burke won that part of the deal. Don’t forget, though, that Seguin is young and has all of the ability in the world – it is quite likely that he’ll come around.

      Also, there has to be some substance given to a young superstar Canadian over an American fool like Kessel. He is obviously a star sniper and will be for years but I want to *like* the players on my team, it makes cheering for them that much more fun. Kessel is about the most unlikable guy in sports, not inspiring any strong feelings one way or the other simply because he looks and sounds…slow.

      • J_P says:

        He wasn’t NHL ready, but I wouldn’t say that his struggles this season are entirely his fault though. With a player like Taylor Hall, he’s getting first line minutes, plays in every situation, and is allowed to make mistakes because his team is expected to be bad. Hall gets to learn at the NHL level what it takes to be a top-6 forward in this league with a very long leash. Seguin is a player who was used to being the go to guy, and now, all of sudden, he’s playing on the third and fourth lines, as well as being in and out of the line-up on a very deep team with heavy expectations.

        Boston should have left him Junior, and let him go to the WJHC to continue to develop. They had no reason to rush him

        Not that Im complaining of course. I would love nothing more than for tyler seguin to be a complete bust for the bruins.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      LOL, why don’t u watch the Leafs on the golf channel than? Send Burke a love letter too!

    • joeybarrie says:

      Considering when Kessel was Seguins age he had 29 points to Seguins 22 AND THIS IS ONLY ONE OF THE PLAYERS TRADED I would have to say that this qualifies as one of the dumbest comments ever made.
      Jared Knight had 70 points this season
      SO LETS SEE…
      KABERLE, SEGUIN, KNIGHT for KESSEL who had 64 points and couldnt help his team make the playoffs for what seems like the 46th time on a row.
      YUP, Burke really did outsmart the Bruins GM… THREE PLAYERS for one and couldnt make the playoffs.

      There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

    • Former Jets Fan says:

      Did you side with Barry Melrose too when Stamkos was 18 and in the NHL?

    • Gorges_the_great says:

      I hate how people evaluate decisions made in the past based on the information we have now.

      It’s kind of like buying a 5$ lottery ticket for a 50% chance to win a million bucks, losing the draw and then saying it’s stupid to have bought a losing ticket. It doesn’t matter that you lost, it was still a good idea to buy that ticket.

      Prospects are risks. Just because one doesn’t work out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have taken the risk to being with. (Although Seguin still has a lot of games to play before he can be considered a failure.)

  8. kirkiswork says:

    The Habs need to get under the Bruins skin to get them off their game and they are quite good at that. Some people say Chara is not a dirty player but I have seen him take many bad retaliatory penalties and he gets really p o’d really easily. So do a lot of the Bruin players.
    I think the major key for us is self discipline, that will drive them crazy.

  9. hirky says:

    WOW!! Tony Marinaro just went off on the boys from The Sports Hub in Boston on a Team 990 simulcast. It was AWESOME!!

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