How sweet it was!

• A postseason to remember – Red Fisher

“It’s a team thing” says Maxim Lapierre

Hal Gill’s excellent adventure – Stubbs

The seventh man – Arpon Basu

• Habs take it to the limit – Roy MacGregor

Lapierre spurs Habs – Michael Farber

• A new team of destiny? – Scott Burnside

Resilient Habs – Chris Stevenson

• Canadiens riding emotional high – Damien Cox

Bulldogs advance

And the streets were rockin’





  1. Drive_For_25 says:

    I thought Moore would be exactly this player.  I couldn’t believe reading the brutal posts on here after we acquired him, asking for PG to be hung in the middle of St. Catherine’s.  After watching him play the first few games I knew for sure he would help us immensely if by chance we make a run at it.  His goal in Game 7 against the Caps was the best goal I’ve seen all year!  Obviously not skill or style wise, just what it meant and not to mention the fact that it was the winner.  Saying that I think Max’s goal from last night might take the #1 spot now…..WOW!!! 

  2. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Protestant,Muslim ,Hindu,Shinto etc….

  3. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Don’t forget Mark Spitz ….

  4. Chris Aung-Thwin says:

    visualization techniques are taught to and practiced by most high level athletes. you see it done from bobsled to diving.let’s hope that for tomorrow’s game we see the entire bench out there visualizing what they need to do!

  5. Storm Man says:

    Tim Peel and Chris Lee if the little troll gets his way.

  6. Malreg says:

    Hockey is a very physical and dangerous game.  Every player knows it, and they live with the fact that they could get hurt everytime they lace up their skates. It’s not like this is a random person strolling down the street getting assaulted.

    Let the league deal with it, unless sticks or skates are involved. 

  7. J. Ambrose says:

    Well, I know for a fact that Bob had a trade with Edmonton for Halak (can’t recall who was coming here) that got nixed by Boivin. So read into that what you will. However, the fact that Bob is still with the club, sitting beside Gauthier at all the games, acting as a consultant, suggests that he left on very amiable terms. But I do believe there were disagreements over the goaltender issue.

  8. rdiddy says:

    a family member of his. lol sounds fishy, but no joke.

  9. SLONCOLD says:

    depends how you do/handle it. if the conversatiosn were strictly between his agent and gainey i don’t see the problem… but if he was bitching about it in the room day in and day out, that could be a problem.


  10. Natrous says:

    Maybe Halak was thinking team-first, knowing Montreal would get a decent forward back for him in a trade? haha

  11. Habscore says:

    I guess it makes us Montrealers and/or Canadians proud too!!!!


    — YES HABS CAN!! —

  12. TomNickle says:

    Requesting a trade is counter productive to a team first philosophy whether it’s made public or not.


  13. SLONCOLD says:

    in fairness, halak didn’t bring this out to the public… gainey broke the story putting halak into that situation. this was a team issue that should have been kept behind closed doors and Gainey did a piss poor job keeping it that way. However, i think we all new he wanted to play more so it should not have surprised anyone.

    also, goalies are a special breed. sometimes we put our hands up in frustration towards not making the save as well; with no disrespect to our team mates and some time we glare at defense men when they try to play goalie and block a shot but just end up screening us lol

  14. avatar_58 says:

    I think some people forget Hamilton isn’t some big rich city. It’s getting larger through expansion and almagamation, but it’s nowhere NEAR as high end as montreal. $25-30 for the habs AHL team just doesn’t make sense for many here. I mean I can afford to go, others can’t justify it. Like I said they also have ZERO PR. No one has a clue when they play unless you check Copp’s schedule or the website. Oh game 7 of an important series is here? Who knows the dogs are even IN the playoffs??

    It really is that simple. Most only go with free tickets. With NHL teams their schedules are on TSN, CBC, the internet, etc – it’s just easier to get the info out there. Like I said, if HECFI would get off their asses and advertise this stuff they’d be more popular.

    We should have street banners, parades, giveaways at local events, etc – get some goddamn noise out there. Instead it’s like they don’t even care they are in the playoffs or had a superstar like PK. Zero advertising.

    So blame the city all you want, but it’s like coming out with the next best electronic gadget then hiding it in dollar stores.

  15. SlovakHab says:

    I recently translated a long interview with Tomas Plekanec from a Czech magazine and posted it here. When I pressed ‘post’, it disappeared because the thread was meanwhile deleted. It took me bloody 30 minutes!! :))

    But to get my point – Tomas has said the same stuff – he loves to play in Montreal, wants to stay, and his career goal is to win a Cup with the Habs. 


    B.Burke is building the Bruins through the draft.

  16. avatar_58 says:

    How many showed up to those NHL rallies? To the facebook groups? How many pre-purchased tickets?

    The reality is the AHL just isn’t popular. Hell even most hab fans haven’t the slightest clue who plays for the bulldogs. The Ti-Cats are EVERYWHERE. Shoved down our necks. That is how you do PR. The dogs? Maybe a banner on a single street. An occasional mention on the local news or radio stations. Not even CLOSE. The reason? The CFL is a bigger ticket. It’s well respected. The AHL is barely even noticed.

    HECFI needs to get off their asses and do something about it. They don’t. Free tickets given away on a station no one listens to isn’t enough. Don’t even mention cable 14, most people don’t even realize we HAVE a local station like that. I know I didn’t.

    You talk about averages but in many key games they do get quite a bit. However you cannot expect hab fans to attend when there are playoffs games in the NHL. It just won’t happen. Why would Leaf fans attend their rival’s farm team? That is essentially what it comes down to – leaf and hab fans in this city. So who the heck else is going to watch these games?


    The same will happen in Laval. The AHL is not a different grade of fan, they are NHL fans that are interested in their farm teams. VERY few are *just* bulldog fans.

  17. SlovakHab says:

    They praise him a lot and he gets all the credit for Habs victories by Slovak media. Hockey fans in Slovakia support Montreal if Jaro’s in nets and have a lot of ill comments on Carey Price and Bob Gainey. I thy to ignore it, it often gets annoying.


    B.Burke is building the Bruins through the draft.

  18. Thomas Le Fan says:

    What a ridiculous comment! WTF does that make the rest of us? Go Mike! Go Habs!

  19. SPATS says:

    It’s the same thing all top golfers, amateur and pro alike do. They see the shot in their mind’s eye and commit to it. Works like a hotdamn! Oh and by the way, Cammy is a top amateur golfer and club champ if I’m not mistaken.


  20. avatar_58 says:

    The market is bigger but they won’t fill it. Guarunteed.

  21. forskis says:

    I think you both are getting things mixed up:

    Price and Roy showed up the fans when they raised their arms after sarcastic cheering after a save…

    The other thing is what Price, Roy, Halak and every other goalie has done after a goal once in a while: flop their arms as in “What the heck was that?” or “Aw, crap.” almost like an exasperated shrug…

    You guys are bickering over two entirely different things.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  22. avatar_58 says:

    As weird as this sounds I do this with goalie moves and imagining glove saves. Then I play street hockey and find it that much easier to do. Hilariously it’s even better than going through the motions of practice.

    Not really sure why that is, always thought I was strange but theres cammy doing it for goal scoring

  23. Habscore says:

    This just brought tears to my eyes…thanks mb! I have now decided whose jersey to buy. Thank you and thanks Bob Gainey.


    — YES HABS CAN!! —

  24. wd40 says:

    I wonder if even the Pens fans think Cindy is a whiner?

  25. mb says:

    I sure hope it’s not too long… and that I’m not waiting for nothing!

  26. habber86 says:

    thanks! seems strange that there is no link from the canadiens official page, at least not one that i could find… let’s hope this waiting room doesn’t last too long

  27. adam76 says:

    under 3000 for a final playoff game is an embarrassment.  I live in Halifax, and the Mooseheads average 5 thousand in the regular season (at about 17 bucks a pop).  I agree that scheduling was an issue for last night game – but the average is well below 3000.  For a rink that seats about 18,00 and a POP of well over 600,000 its unacceptable


    And Hamilton wants an NHL team?  Get real.  Move this Franchise to a city that will actually appreciate a team.

  28. The Cat says:

    Thanks Slovak, Ive always wondered how Halak is viewed back in Slovakia, or what the slovakian media are saying about him.

  29. TomNickle says:

    Bullspit.  That’s a pretty big generalization there pal.

    Show me one link to a Vezina candidate in the last 15 years doing that after a GOAL, not a save.


  30. 123456 says:

    the rochester amerks series with the heat went 7 games, game 7 albiet a weekday drew about 3,000 people in rochester. you can get a tix for like $10 or $12. that was sad.

    secret mod

  31. boris420 says:

    Dude he took that guy out. He was convolsing on the ice and almost lost his life. What makes it acceptable in a hockey arena. Imagine your walking down the street and almost get killed and they just make the guy stay at home for a few day…how would you feel? These players play hockey for a living…it is their job and no one deserves to have their life ruined like that. I dont care if it’s gordie, cindy or rob…It’s just not right!

  32. mb says:

    I don’t know if anyone posted this before, but it’s a video by CBC showing Cammalleri’s “pre-game visualization”.


    I find it kinda funny… yet weird, but I guess it shows just how much he wants to score!

  33. habber86 says:

    anyone find a link to buy tickets to watch the game at the Bell centre?

  34. lavie says:

    Mathieu Schneider, a Jewish player.

  35. HabFab says:

    Shoulder injury along with Weber and Carle. Nielson is out with a sore back.

  36. smiler2729 says:

    The raising hands thing has been done by Carey Price and Patrick Roy in mock salute to the fans booing them after making a save.

    As for the raising hands showing up teammates, I’ve seen every single goalie who has any ounce of intensity in their game do that since forever.

  37. ed lopaz says:

    Habs hockey = Smart hockey we work as a team, and we win as a team. we play 5 man defence – not just 2. we play with energy, we play with Subban (Pk could have been with us since the Olympics, but nevermind that)

    looks like the Dogs might move to Laval – 20 minutes from Bell Center.

    Construction of a 7500 seat arena has been approved, and the Dogs owner is very interested.


  38. habs-hampton says:

    Shawn Green wasn’t too bad either (Jays/Dodgers).

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