How bad were the Canadiens?

Not as bad as their last-place finish suggests.
This might be a case of revisionist history, but Canadiens’ fans need something to argue about while watching 16 other teams play mid-April hockey.
Here are some numbers to chew on … along with the breathless news that live game blogging is about to resume.

In “The Best Worst Team in NHL History”, Stephan Cooper has done an interesting analysis of goal differential.

Cooper’s point is that goal differential is “the best predictor” of how a team will fare in hockey. To get an accurate read on goal differential, Cooper has eliminated shootout goals and empty-netters, for and against.

As you might expect, Boston, Pittsburgh, the Rangers and Philadelphia have outstanding positive goal differentials in Cooper’s analysis.

What may surprise you is the Canadiens at minus-2, sixth best in the Eastern Conference. Their differential is better than those of Ottawa, Washington and Florida.

There are some other NHL stats that suggest the Canadiens weren’t all that bad.

As we know, the team finished 28th. But the Canadiens were:

• 19th in goals-per-game

• 11th in goals-against per game

• 18th in 5-on-5 for/against

• SECOND in penalty-kill efficiency

• 19th in shots per game

• 12th in shots-against per game

The stats that correspond more closely to the Canadiens’ lowly finish?

• They were 25th in faceoff efficiency.

• 28th in number of minor penalties

• Power-play was 28th in the NHL.

• A league-high 12 shootout losses

• The Canadiens were 30th in percentage of games won when scoring the first goal, 29th in percentage when leading after the first period, 28th when leading after two.

And playing before sellout crowds of 21,273 noisy and loyal fans, the Canadiens were 16-15-10 at the Bell Centre – a home record that was 28th in the league and – like the PP and number of minor penalties –  corresponds exactly with their place in the standings.

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Live blog lives!

For the amusement of those watching the Habs-free playoffs, HIO will offer some live game blogs as a forum for ranting.

The fun begins Wednesday night, when the Penguins will try to avoid a sweep in Philadelphia.

There won’t be a live blog every day. But HIO will try to pick ut the post interesting games in the preliminary rounds, and then we’ll have full live-blogging of the Eastern Conference final and the Cup final.


  1. 44har48 says:

    I love the intensity, the competitiveness, the parity, and I love fighting in this game if it is done for the right reasons and professionally. What I don’t like are all these pads these guys wear today. They have turned into Gladiators and have forgotten the most important word in sports: R E S P E C T.

    There needs to be more respect put back into the game and I can’t think of a better way than to take the body armour out. They need leg pads for blocking shots, and real good helmets. The rest should be skimpy at best and when you launch yourself into someone like a ruthless creep, you should feel it and take a chance of breaking your collar bone, ribs, etc. You should feel the pain for your stupidity and the way these guys are equiped, they don’t.

    It would also help if Shanahan knew his head from his arse. Really lost a lot of respect for this clown the way he handles his current position.

  2. HankHardball says:

    The US teacher said to her class, “Let’s begin by reviewing some American history.”

    Who said ‘Give me Liberty , or give me Death’?”
    She saw a sea of blank faces, except for little Hodiaki, a bright foreign exchange student from Japan, who had his hand up: ‘Patrick Henry, 1775’, he said.
    ‘Very good!’

    Who said, ‘Government of the People, by the People, for the People?’
    Again, no response except from little Hodiaki, ‘Abraham Lincoln, 1863’.
    ‘Excellent!’ said the teacher continuing, ‘let’s try one a bit more difficult…’

    Who said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?’
    Once again, Hodiaki’s was the only hand in the air and he said: ‘John F. Kennedy, 1961’.

    The teacher snapped at the class, ‘Class, you should be ashamed of yourselves, little Hodiaki isn’t from this country and he knows more about our history than you do.’

    She heard a loud whisper: ‘To heck with the Japanese.’
    ‘Who said that? I want to know right now!’ she angrily demanded.
    Hodiaki put his hand up, ‘General MacArthur, 1945.’

    At that point, a student in the back said, ‘I’m gonna puke.’
    The teacher glared around and asks, ‘All right! Now who said that!?’
    Again, little Hodiaki said, ‘George Bush to the Japanese Prime Minister,1991.’

    Now with almost mob hysteria someone said, ‘You little ****. If you say anything else, I’ll deck you.’
    The teacher fainted.

    As the class gathered around the teacher on the floor, someone said, ‘Oh geez…. Now we’re in big trouble!’
    Little Hodiaki said quietly, ‘The Vancouver Canucks 2012.’

  3. naweed235 says:

    so does a black hole open up in space if the Panthers win the cup this year?

    • Habsolutely says:

      WTF? Why? they have a legitimate team because they have a legitimate GM, coach and players. Is it gonna hurt your sensitive feelings if they win the cup? Grow up.

      and P.S. if a black hole didn’t open up when the Bruins won the cup the way they did last season, then I’m sure the universe is safe if the Panthers scratch their way to a championship.

      • Duracell3 says:

        I’m not sure he is implying what you are implying he was implying…but anyways…

        I like the Panthers and that GM’s strategy. No real superstars (…except Cambell’s contract), but just going out and buying a solid deep team, even on a budget. Makes the teams spending to the cap and missing the playoffs look awful bad. Also, I know I sound like a record by now, but Weiss has been underrated for years. Phenomenal at his cap hit.

        • Habsolutely says:

          I’ve always liked Weiss. He’s been very good so far these playoffs. I just don’t understand why the guy above is making it such a big deal if the
          Panthers do well in the playoffs. It’s pathetically sad.

          and P.S. I didn’t imply anything. I responded to his exact words.

      • naweed235 says:

        Wooo dude chill the F out… I’m saying that because nobody even considers them getting passed the first round (i.e. experts and others) and throughout the whole regular season they were consistently referred to as the “surprise” team…
        If anything I would love to see them win the cup …
        Maybe you should grow up… why so on the edge?

        • Habsolutely says:

          I don’t live my life by what the “experts” on TV say. They finished 1st in their division and 3rd in the conference because they played damn well all season. They are in tough against a good New Jersey team. I just don’t like it when people try to belittle another teams efforts, it makes all hab fans look petty and ignorant.

          • naweed235 says:

            WOW…I don’t know how you got all that from my comment but… anyways moving on

          • JamesBonedOO7 says:

            So they won the southeast; big deal. It’s like winning the NFC West

          • Habsolutely says:

            I’ll let you know when I care what you think. Till then, go defend more of the trolls here.

        • Garbo says:

          Definitely some deeper issues there… I’d just let him be

          • Habsolutely says:

            Garbage dumpster is a very fitting name for you. Probably where you were conceived.

    • Ace says:

      I can only dream. I took them as a lark at 88-1 for the cup in Vegas back in the summer 🙂

      • habstrinifan says:

        WOW! I havent had a ‘favourite’ for the CUP this year but I here’s all my good luck karma. They are now my favourite. 88-1 ….. I expect a little hand-out when you collect.

  4. TheKarl says:

    My standard response now whenever someone asks me what I think about the playoffs so far…..

    In all seriousness, I’ve never been a supporter of fighting, rather just a half-hearted critic…. but it has never affected my watching of playoff games. It think this is the first time I’ve ever turned off a playoff game mid-game (unless it was a blowout). I didn’t turn off game 3 of Pitt – Philly out of frustration. There just came a point in the 3rd period where I thought “well this is boring and pointless, ooh! basketball….” I guess I just want to see the world’s best hockey player play hockey, not gruff around with Schenn for 4 minutes.

    Would I have stopped watching if Montreal was playing? Of course not. But I tried to watch again tonight and after the Torres hit my reaction was “this is just sad and boring” and turned it off again. Will this stuff affect my watching of the Habs? not a chance, but I could care less about the playoffs right now, they’re just not entertaining and filled with SOOOO much boring analysis of discipline, hits and after the whistle nonsense… yawn

    Anyway, just my two cents – I’ll probably give the finals a look, but until then the only hockey related stuff I will be following is speculation about our next GM, coach and draft pick.

    • habstrinifan says:

      The ugliness has turned me off also. I only watched highlights last set of games. I think the thing that really is sickening and makes you not want to even deal with it all .. is the Shanahan rulings.

      It’s all a turn off now.

      • TheKarl says:

        And even the highlights are boring…. I like watching breakdowns of smart plays, how a player made a nifty pass, the positioning of goalies…. not 10 slow-mo replays of of Torres’ hit and then Ron McLean debating with PJ stock to what extent he left his feet, yawn.

        Put it this way – the President’s trophy winner might be swept tonight. That’s insane! What goalie is Vigneault gonna start? How will Van respond? can Quick put up another 40 save perfor-….. oh wait, they’re discussing the time lapse between Hossa releasing the puck and Torres shouldering him in the face… ugh, BOOOOORRRRING…

  5. Stormin says:

    How does an NHL goalie let in that goal in overtime , Blackhawk players look in stunned disbelief at their goalie

    “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
    Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

    • Duracell3 says:

      I was going to say something about Leighton, but then realized you mentioned NHL goaltenders.

      • Stormin says:

        Kind of funny how history repeats itself, Kane’s Cup winning goal on Leighton eerily similar to this one now scored against the Blackhawks and the rush was off a Kane turnover

        “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
        Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

  6. Kooch7800 says:

    I am actually starting to think dumba might be the best bet. That kid is going to be a great d man and is physical. Unfortunately the habs are not stacked up front or on d

    “Like Canadian Hip hop..check us out

  7. Rickly33 says:

    I believe the question was how bad were the canadiens?

  8. Les Canayens says:

    When James Wisniewski was suspended 8 (EIGHT!) games for his hit in the preseason we were all like “A new era has come” with sheriff Shanahan in town.

    And like good old NHL reffing, things just went more and more lenient. That same hit now, may warrant 1-2 games or even just a fine.

    Also, what happen to those tiny hooking infractions that were automatically called? Haven’t seen them for a while…

  9. 24 Cups says:

    A reply to 1000 Lakes who posted at 9:42 tonight – Comments? My main comment is that your post was one of the best that I have read on this site in a long while. Sincere thanks for taking the time and effort to write it.

    I’m going to hit the sack but a few brief comments. The only point I disagree on is your overly optimistic review of our young prospects. History proves that only a handful will ever make the big club. Even so, at least there is a decent sized pool. The team just needs to shore up the forward ranks.

    I feel the team will bounce back somewhat next season but I don’t see the need to make any rash moves to hasten the process. Been there, done that. The only UFAs I would sign would be for one year (the lesser lights) to help plug some short term holes. The Habs can then trade them off for more assets and picks next February (that’s what bottom feeders do). I have no interest in trying to build a team that can finish 8th next year and then feel they are successful. Twenty years of futility tells me that has to end.

    This year’s playoffs have been a travesty so far. A real black mark against the game. Thuggery once again rules as illegal and dangerous hits ‘level’ the playing field. Sadly, nothing will be done about it. The Shanahan experiement is already a complete, total failure. Skill and creativity are to be feared and subsequently underminded and sabotaged.

    With that in mind, my last comment would be that the new management team must keep that reality in mind when starting to implement the new five year plan. It totally goes against my grain to state that sad certainty but the neanderthals continue to rule the roost in the NHL. Montreal needs to build a new team that can cope with that sickening truth.

  10. Timo says:

    So what are we all thinking about Torres’ hit on Hossa?

    • Stormin says:

      Looked like a tough hockey hit

      “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
      Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

    • Habsrule1 says:

      Late & left his feet….they missed the call. Likely will get 3 games. Or none. Who the F knows with these jokers.

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

      • Timo says:

        If anything Shannahan has been consistent since the beginning of the regular season. I don’t udnerstand why people still expect tough suspensions from him? Nothing has changes since Daddy Campbell “left”

        • Habsrule1 says:

          Consistent? What are you watching? There have been occassions where virtually the same hit were handled completely differently. I love the NHL but they need to punish all remotely similar hits the same, regardless of outcome.

          Go Habs Go!!

          “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

          • Timo says:

            that’s what I meant… consistently inconsistent. but for the most part you know that a star player will escape with a slap on a wrist and a marginal 3rd or 4th liner will get double the number of games for the same offense.

          • Habsrule1 says:


            Go Habs Go!!

            “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

        • mb says:

          I would’t put Shannahan and consistent in the same sentence. I think the fact that no one knows what to expect from him speaks for itself. He’s only consistent when it comes to giving a free pass to star players, but other than that…

          EDIT: Nevermind, just read your post after I submitted mine.

    • Habsolutely says:

      looked kinda clean to me, but I only had one good look at it. From my initial impression it looked like Hossa just put himself in a bad position and had his head down. Can’t do that in the playoffs when guys are looking to finish all their checks or lose their jobs.

      • Stormin says:

        I agree my only issue with the hit is he did leave his feet at the end slightly, but it seems like A clean hit to me , but i guess we will be watching it over again for the next few sportcenters

        “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
        Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

    • Ozmodiar says:

      contact to the head + injury = suspension

      a few years ago it would have been considered a good hockey hit (maybe a tad late), but with the crackdown…

      in this respect, it reminds me of Rome on Horton.

    • mb says:

      Not sure what to think about that… Had he not left his feet, it would have looked clean to me, although it did look a little late.
      I haven’t seen enough replays to tell if he targetted the head or not.

  11. Stormin says:

    On the Halifax side Nathan Mckinnon was awesome He now has 11 goals and 21 points in 11 playoff games and is a plus 11

    Also for Halifax local boy Jonathon Drouin who played for lac st louis lions last year
    also born in 95 like Mckinnon,, Drouin has 17 points on 8 goals and is a plus 5, he also score the game 7 winner in overtime.

    Lookout for the Q in next years draft, Montreal should try its best to acquire more 1st round picks for 2013.

    Local Top prospect for Quebec Remparts also from Lac St Louis Anthony Duclair had a great year for another kid who only enters the draft in 2013

    “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
    Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

  12. Stormin says:

    With Patrick Roy’s Quebec Remparts blowing a 3-0 lead tonight, will the media be camped outside his house now waiting for him to be anointed savior. Some shine has to have fallen off Roy after blowing 3-0 lead and losing game 6 and 7 in Quebec City. Maybe Grigorenko was playing hurt, as he looked awful in the series 3 goals in 11 playoff games 10 points and a minus 1 in the playoffs ouch.

    “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
    Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

  13. Habsrule1 says:

    Let’s hurry up and hire Roy. His team just got eliminated after being up 3-0 in the series. Sounds like he’s doing everything right in the Q.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • mb says:

      Wait, he blew a lead? Seems like he’d be the perfect fit in the Habs system! He just wants to prove it!

    • Habsolutely says:

      No offense dude, but I think it’s a little short sighted to judge Roy as a coach by one playoff result. Judge him on his record overall as a coach in the Q. And there’s no denying the results he has produced. I mean, he won the Memorial Cup in his first year coaching the Remparts. And his overall coaching record is impeccable. Just sayin.

      • Habsrule1 says:

        Agreed. I just wanted to get reaction. At this hour, I didn’t expect too much. I assume the Roy “he quit on the Habs” crew will use this series as a reason not to hire him.
        I’m not convinced he’s the guy yet, but I’d be pretty pumped to find out.

        Go Habs Go!!

        “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

        • Habsolutely says:

          haha, no worries dude. I always enjoy your posts.

        • mb says:

          I’d be pumped to find out too. As you said, not convinced yet, but it would be nice to have a coach with some intensity for a change. Who knows how things would turn.

          • Stormin says:

            I agree, we need something from the bench , intensity and enthusiasm not sure who,, maybe Roy, but let the fun begin

            “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
            Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

  14. Habsolutely says:

    Parise “I don’t think we played a bad game”

    Sorry dude, but when you give up a 3-0 lead in a playoff game, chances are you did something wrong.

  15. JohnBellyful says:

    When I look back to all the plays I thought were great, I realize now they could have been so much better if, for example, Lafleur had scored the tying goal against the Bruins, and then was speared by Gilbert, or if someone had rammed Yzerman’s head into the glass after firing that bullet that won it in double OT over the Blues. Great goals followed by great violence. Can you imagine what the ratings would have been like?

    • mb says:

      Uh oh. You forgot to insert a sarcasm font in there 😉

      But you know, too bad one couldn’t appreciate the greatness of cheapshots back in time… Only amazing goals and sick play. Pffff. Boring.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        So that’s what a sarcasm font looks like. Where can I buy one?

        • hablifting says:

          I think you guys are forgetting that someone “accidentally” fell on Fuhr (the starting goalie) in that series.

          Luckily that hit by Claude on Draper never happened either.

          Or that elbow by Mcclaren (sp) to Zednicks mush.


          Your revision of history completely destroys your point. This type of stuff has always been around.

  16. Rickly33 says:

    I’m out, you guys you want talk crap go ahead, this is why I’ve been off of this site fore a while.

  17. Stormin says:

    After Yakupov there is no consensus as to who should go in the top 5, Murray, Dumba, Galchenyuk, Forsberg, Grigorenko So I think this debate is endless, but watch a few games of each Grigorenko, and Forsberg. I would take Forsberg. I would take Galchenyuk over both.

    “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
    Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

  18. hansolo says:

    Just spent some time on a Wings blog for the Wings Preds game. Might as well have been here. Wings fans are hard on their team. This is what they said:

    – Howard sucked, impersonated MA Fleury (?Price)
    – Hudler (who score the only Wings’ goal!) was invisible, should be replaced by a sack of potatoes (? Rene Bourque)
    – 3rd period meltdown (? Sound familiar)
    – Wings didn’t have any intensity, Preds did (? Sound familiar)
    – Kronwall had too many giveaways (? PK)
    – PP sucked (only too familiar)

    A few swore they wouldn’t watch the next game and would watch the Tigers instead.

    So, what’s my point? The better the team, the greater the expectations — so the same degree of commentary.

    Myself — I thought the Wings were awesome. I wished our Habs could dominate like that, and lose.

    • smiler2729 says:

      For all the rah-rah bluster love for GM Ken Holland and Ass’t GM Jim Nill, their warts are really showing.

      The Red Wings’ core are an old fading bunch and there really is nothing in their cupboard ready to step in and step up.

      What is an Abdelkader anyway?

      Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are gutless weasel pukes.
      The Halakian Jaroslaves’ constant BS make me anti-Halak

  19. Rickly33 says:

    Forsberg is 17 years old, playing with men do the math!

    • TomNickle says:

      No he isn’t. He’s playing in the junior league.

      • Ozmodiar says:

        It isn’t a junior league.

        So you don’t know what league he’s playing in….this explains a lot. 🙂

        • TomNickle says:

          It’s not a junior league in the way of a provincial junior league. But it is called a junior league, referenced as one and is for all intents and purposes a developmental league where there are only a handful of professionals on each team(if that) and by majority the player personnel is comprised of underage players by professional standards.

          Edit: And if you’d really like to get into semantics. Provincial junior players line up against and with players who are over the age of eighteen and many who are of age to be professional hockey players. So the differentiating between the SEL-1 league and the OHL, QMJHL & WHL is far fetched at best considering the levels of talent and age of players in each.

          • Ozmodiar says:

            Rickly33: “.., playing with men…”
            TN: “No he isn’t. …”

            what more has to be said here? i’m out!

          • TomNickle says:

            Ozmodiar – putting more value in a developmental league where the majority of players are under the age of twenty-five and calling it playing against men and therefore a better standard by which to evaluate the professional potential of a player than the CHL is pathetic.

            The best players in the World by an overwhelming majority come from the CHL and in your inferences that Forsberg is better prepared due to the league he’s played in you consistently forgot that Grigorenko played in a similar league with like aged players and produced more, at a younger age.

            Developmental leagues are for young players needing to get stronger and for veterans not good enough to make it. If you think that makes Forsberg’s prospects, competition and development better than Grigorenko’s based on their histories, you’re out to lunch.

          • Ozmodiar says:

            I didn’t suggest Forsberg was more prepared than Grigo. I didn’t say he was better either.

            I just stated that he was ranked #2 by the ISS, whose scouts, I presume, know he’s playing with men (see above).

        • Mark C says:

          It’s the AHL of Sweden.

    • Habsolutely says:

      Sorry, I’m still trying to work out the algebraic equations in the pic Boone used for the thread.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      How well is he playing?

      “I’m not opposed to trading Plekanec and/or Markov”
      – Sean Bonjovi

  20. Rickly33 says:

    Our last Russian draft picks were brothers, and one had 140+ points in 50+ games so not convinced

    • Lizardking89 says:

      Me either, wouldn’t touch a Russian player, too risky.

    • RGM says:

      Explain who you’re referring to here, please. Because I know you’re certainly not talking about the brothers Kostitsyn, from Belarus.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      “Scott Gomez is an elite NHL player” – VancouverHab

      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  21. TomNickle says:

    Re: Forsberg/Grigrenko

    I just love this debate. I’ve really enjoyed watching TSN and listen to Bob McKenzie and Craig Button gush over Filip Forsberg and put Grigorenko down for allegedly taking some nights off.

    The Forsberg argument has been that he has played with professionals and didn’t look out of place. Well, I suppose you could say he played with professionals, all of six games where he registered one point. I don’t hear much mention of his true team, the junior Leksands squad for which he played 43 games this season and only registered 17 points which left him an underwhelming ninth in team scoring. He draws consistent comparisons to Gabriel Landeskog, yet Landeskog played three games in the Swedish elite league registering a point and registered 21 points in 32 games at the junior level in Sweeden. Or by comparison, .39 ppg for Forsberg at the junior level in Sweeden and .65 ppg for Landeskog at the same level. And oh yeah, that Landeskog guy came and played two seasons of OHL hockey to learn the North American game. If the worldwide stage means anything, Forsberg had one point in six games at the WJHC on the Gold medal winning team while Landeskog a year earlier and playing largely with the same group registered two points in the only game he played.

    Landeskog and Forsberg are night and day yet I consistently see the comparison.

    Now on to Grigorenko. He came to North America this year to learn the game. Registered 85 points in 59 games for the Ramparts and was immediately inserted as their #1 centreman(unlike Forsberg who’s held a complimentary role for three years). At the Russian Junior level he registered 35 points in 43 games last season for a ppg of .81. At the WJHC he registered five points in six games.

    So to recap. Grigorenko has been more productive offensively at every level than Forsberg by a significant margin and has had to compete in more hockey games than Forsberg in each season. Grigorenko has played second fiddle to nobody in terms of reliance for offense while Forsberg has been a role player.

    In short, I’ll take a lazy Grigorenko over a hard working Filip Forsberg any day.

  22. Rickly33 says:

    I’d take a swede over a Russian sorry!

  23. Habsolutely says:

    Ouch. That one game suspension to Neal is really gonna hurt the Pens. Crosby and Malkin et al. are gonna have to really step it up in game four.

  24. Rickly33 says:

    Forsberg would be my pick if available!

    • Stormin says:

      I am hoping big time for Alex Galchenyuk ,,if available and a big if

      “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
      Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

  25. Stormin says:

    Halifax wins series 4-3 vs Quebec

    Local Boy 2013 prospect Jonathon Drouin scores in overtime Halifax comes all the way back from down 3 games to 0 vs Patrick Roy’s Quebec Remparts with Grigorenko really looking awful in this series (maybe He was playing hurt)

    “Hockey Night in Canada, The Forum, New Years Eve
    Topps or O pee chee Hockey Cards & stick of gum”

  26. smiler2729 says:

    NHL playoffs: love the intensity, love the physicality, just hate that the head is constantly being targeted.

    2012, there is a weird vibe on this planet…
    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are gutless weasel pukes.

    • boing007 says:

      Chinese Year of the Dragon. For what it’s worth.

      Richard R
      Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

      • smiler2729 says:

        What makes a Year of the Dragon different? I was born in one (’64), other than Beatles invading, I think that year was pretty much like any other historically and culturally…

        Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are gutless weasel pukes.
        The Halakian Jaroslaves’ constant BS make me anti-Halak

  27. Rickly33 says:

    They were bad, we’ve been making excuses all year, who ever thinks that we aren’t that bad, is in denial and will end up like the leafs!

    • Habsolutely says:

      hate to break it to you, but;
      there’s bad due to your whole roster just plain old sucks. and there’s bad due to the fact that your team was crippled by injury all season.
      Now, someone who has a relatively high hockey IQ would recognize that if your team was decimated by injuries, they may not be as bad as the record indicates.

      • Lizardking89 says:

        They have crippling injuries every year it seems. Other teams deal with injuries because they have depth and a good system. The Habs had neither. Their problems are far deeper in the organization. Season after season this team gets banged up after a while it’s just an excuse for poor management.

      • Duracell3 says:

        mmm… Montreal was 17th in Man games lost to injury this year.

        Some much better teams had more:

        New Jersey
        St. Louis
        NY Rangers

        There are teams that are bad because they had a rough go. Then there are teams that are bad because they aren’t good, or deep, or too immature yet, and having their highest paid player be Scott Gomez doesn’t help.

        • Habsolutely says:

          Well, to be fair I didn’t say they were Stanley cup quality, just better than their record indicates. and when I say better, I don’t mean by very much. 😉

  28. Rob says:

    It’s funny to hear the same people who have been loving the “tough playoff hockey” we’ve been seeing this year and accusing people opposed to it of being “soft”, feigning outrage about horrific hit Torres put on Hossa. It would be like somebody who felt we should put speedways beside playgrounds for the thrill of it, being shocked and saddened the first time a kid gets run over. You can’t have it both ways folks!

    The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

    • smiler2729 says:

      I remember players cracking sticks over their heads (google Ted Green-Wayne Maki or Luke Richardson-Dino Ciccarelli) or butt-ending eyes (google Dave Forbes-Henry Boucha) and Jean Hamel went blind from a Louis Sleigher punch in the Habs-Nords playoff war in ’85…

      Sh*t happens but I don’t ever recall such literal headhunting as we’ve seen in the last couple of seasons in Gary’s World…

      Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are gutless weasel pukes.
      The Halakian Jaroslaves’ constant BS make me anti-Halak

      • Rob says:

        agreed. I just get annoyed at the hypocrisy of people who think hockey like we’ve seen throughout the playoffs is “real hockey”, yet hits like Torres’ on Hossa have no place in the game. You can’t embrace dirty, violent play yet condemn the violence when somebody finally gets badly hurt. If you want hockey to be part MMA or WWE, then you have to take everything that goes with it.

        The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

  29. HFX-HabFan says:

    WOW- in the Q second round, Halifax won in OT to complete the comeback…Quebec Remparts were up 3-0 in the series, and were up 3-1 at home in game 7 tonight, before losing 5-4 in OT.

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