How about those Bruins?


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Note that Boston scored more goals than they did in any of the seven games against the Canadiens.

And the margin of victory was larger than they managed in the first series.

Oh, one other thing: Brian Boucher is not Carey Price.

And in the game sensible people probably didn’t stay up to watch, Pekka Rinne stood on his head making 32 saves, several of them spectacular,  and Nashville beat Vancouver in double-OT.

Man, do they play hockey in the Western Conference! There were 75 hits, 41 by Nashville.

SK74 played 27 minutes (including 3:09 on the PP) on the Predators’ top line, with Mike Fisher and Patric Hornqvist. Shea Weber, Josh Gorges’ D partner with the Kelowna Rockets, logged 42 minutes.

Maxim Lapierre had a good game for Van: 4 SoG, six hits and miles of skating in a shade under 21 minutes. Chris Higgins played 24 minutes and worked the corners effectively.

Flyers barely had a pulse

Bruins dominant from the get-go

• Cam Cole on Nashville’s perfect road win

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From the Commentariat, Peter Young:

I could never get behind any other team in the playoffs now our Canadiens are out. But I do not–I really do not–want either the Boston Bruins or the Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup or even reach the finals, although, regrettably, one of them will reach the semifinals.

I dislike both these teams intensely. They are both stocked with players who practice the dark arts, players who are the filthiest of the filthy. They are more than filthy players, though. They are also evil swine. They injure their opponents intentionally and revel in it. They lie about what they have done, and they care not that their lies are transparent. They glory in telling obvious lies.

The Bruins and the Flyers are a scourge in the NHL, and so I will cheer for any team that has to meet one of them in the next round. In the meantime, may they damage each other as much as possible; may they bring their practice of the dark arts to a new low; may their play be the filthiest ever; may they smash each other up; may they revel in blatant lies; may they show what they are for all to see; may their supporters be plunged into deep shame even they cannot escape with their rationalizations and evasions.

The good feelings–an inexplicable happiness–that, ludicrously, came over me while watching that fantastically ridiculous wedding and revelry far away in my native land, as well as the civility requirement this blog’s operators enforce, preclude me from expressing my feelings about the Bruins and the Flyers with full force. I am too filled with good will and civility. But I know you will get my drift, and I know many, perhaps most, of you join me in these sentiments.

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