Hossa, a Penguin, slips through Habs grasp

Nine-year NHL veteran Marian Hossa trades his Thrashers jersey today for one of the Penguins.
Dave Sandford, Getty Images

Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey had hoped to pull the trigger on a deal he expected – and all Habs fans had prayed – would help carry the team into a deep playoff run.

Presumably, trading goalie Cristobal Huet wasn’t that deal.

The Pittsburgh Penguins today acquired the highly sought Atlanta Thrashers forward Marian Hossa and winger Pascal Dupuis, dealing Angelo Esposito, Colby Armstrong and Erik Christiansen, plus a first-round draft pick, in return.

Montreal was thought to be ready to offer Michael Ryder, Maxim Lapierre and Mikhail Grabovski to the Thrashers for Hossa, who now brings this season’s 26 goals and 30 assists and 296 NHL career goals to a greatly improved Penguins roster. (Malkin and Crosby and Hossa, oh my.)

It’s been no secret that the Canadiens had coveted Hossa as today’s trade deadline approached, and Gainey knew he’d have to give up a good deal to get him. That the Thrashers are in Montreal for a Bell Centre game tonight has only added to the melodrama of a deal.

The deal was announced almost at the stroke of the 3 p.m. deadline, three hours following the Canadiens’ surprise trade of goaltender Huet to Washington for a 2009 second-round draft pick. Here’s a short clip of Hossa speaking to TSN’s James Duthie a half-hour after the trade was announced.

More to come at Inside/Out. See Hossa’s career statistics below.

Marian Hossa’s biography and statistics at NHLPA.com:


  1. mjames says:

    I disagree 100%. There was no point in giving away the team for a three month player.

    Check your emotion at the door.


  2. Habs_008 says:

    agree with Huet….

  3. moeman says:

    “I’m pretty concerned about the effect that Huet’s move to Washington will have in the dressing room.”

    People said the same about Souray and Rivet leaving. Didn’t hurt much.

    ~ have a powerful day ~

  4. Habs_008 says:

    Too much to give up for Hossa who is UFA, Gainey knows best. He is a smart man, The best GM we have had since the glory years in the 70’s i think. We are a young and up and coming team. WE have to be Patient. No cup this year is not the end of the world, we are building, everyone should just chill out.

  5. Leclerc1965 says:

    If Price fails in the next week or so play Halak, no pressure there right? This guy has been buried in Hamilton and traded 200 times in the past month or so. Live with the kids, die with the kids.

  6. madhabsfan says:

    I’ve lost count of the number of years we have needed that big scorer up front, but today was probably Gainey’s greatest effort. Boone’s theory sounds about right… Looks to me like Gainey just got screwed!

    I hope, for our sake and Gainey’s, that the habs respond positively to this situation. With any luck, the habs will feel the weight taken off their shoulders, mobilize, and kick some behind for the rest of the season.

    If not, the 2008 habs season can be summed up in three words: “Red, White, and Screwed!”

  7. the_vipah says:

    If we even make the playoffs (which I doubt now), we are done in one round. Period.

    The only chance this team has is 3 1/2 months of Patrick Roy style goaltending.

  8. TripleX says:

    I agree, and also Federov? We trade our No.1 goalie away for a bag of pucks. Great! We also play Breezer and Smokes tonight….what a fu**ing disaster. TRADE THOSE TWO DEAD WEIGHTS…PLEASE! That at least would make some sense. WTF!

    Do we play Washington again this year? I guarantee Huet shuts us out.

    What does this do to the atmosphere in the locker room? If I was a Habs player I would be very angry and or discouraged.

  9. Dan23 says:

    Everyone knew the Habs needed an impact player – Gainey made the mistake of saying as much and he is surely regretting that today.

    Pittsburgh should be able to fit everyone in under their cap – don’t forget that the cap will most likely increase next season and likely the season after that. Malkin is still on a rookie contract next year. The Pens definitely gave up a lot, but it’s hard to argue they haven’t improved their team. Their goaltending remains a question mark in my mind, however. I’m no big Michel Therrien fan either.

    As for the Habs, I’m pretty concerned about the effect that Huet’s move to Washington will have in the dressing room. I’m glad to see Halak will have a chance to play a few games in the NHL, but making the playoffs should remain a concern for all of us when you consider that Toronto, despite their season, is just 6 points out of a playoff spot in the East.

    Ultimately, I think we’ll still qualify for the playoffs. No doubt we will try again in the free agent market, and perhaps our bright future will convince some players to sign with the Habs.

    I’d re-sign Streit and consider re-signing Ryder if he’s willing to take a pay cut.

  10. habs-13 says:

    Imagine we some how get Grabovski into tonights lineup and he scores the game-winner in OT!

    I know… I watch too much T.V!

  11. moeman says:

    Great point. Youth up front, youth on the D, youth in nets and some vets to balance out a good chemistry.

    ~ have a powerful day ~

  12. the_vipah says:

    Screw Hossa. That was a wasted effort. The guy is a waste of money and talent tradewise.

    Why the HELL did we not get a physical forward? How about some help on the blueline. Tuomo Ruutu could have been had for Lats perhaps, Carolina did trade Andrew Ladd which is a similar type of guy. Ruutu is fiesty, plays hard and was a very high pick, perhaps he would have a been a late bloomer.

    To trade Huet for nothing. That just blows me away. Lose him in July for nothing, I don’t care, but why toss away our insurance in net without a guarantee that the Atlanta thing was going to happen?

    Another very dissapointing day.

  13. moeman says:

    I think Waddle got a sweet last minute deal from the Pens. Their GM is saying as much right now. Rumour has it that ATL wanted O’byrne thrown into the deal. If so, I’m glad Babs didn’t bite. Pens were more desperate than Montreal. No sleep lost on this.

    ~ have a powerful day ~

  14. MNaslund26 says:

    i am really depressed about all this. not only did we not get hossa or ANYONE, we seemingly just GAVE our number 1 goalie away. after all that talk, all gainey did was some charity work for washington at our expense. thats really crappy.

    with our new lineup i doubt we even make the playoffs at all.

    way to go…


  15. Leclerc1965 says:

    By the way, how do you kids feel about our playoff chances now? Everyone has improved but us. Kinda sad because like many of you, with the success we have experienced this year we were talking a Stanley Cup.

  16. Chuck V. says:

    While at first glance this seems to be a case of the team lacking a Plan B, I truly do believe that this was BG’s secondary route. He said outright that he wouldn’t be bothered leaving the team as it was if he didn’t get the impact player he wanted and essentially he’s made a decision that will impact the club through this year, the playoffs, and the future.

    Now that we no longer have a logjam at the goaltender position, I think the team will commit completely to the youth movement, and the first step to that was making Price the #1 goalie for the team. I think that both he and Cristobal suffered from not having the coach’s full confidence, but now there is no doubt that it’s Carey’s team. Grabovski was going to be traded today, but maybe now he’ll stay with the big club. I’d like to see some younger players begin to gain more experience because this team will be a contender for years to come.

    This is time for the kids to shine and carry us through to the playoffs. While the team is relatively green this year, with the young players fulfilling important roles they’ll gain some much-needed experience.

  17. TripleX says:

    I have one question for BG….are we stronger after today or are we weaker. The answer is obvious, boneheaded move. So we lose Huet after the season is over, big deal….we should have him for the playoff run. We also throw Price into the fire….not fair to him and this could potentially ruin him. REALLY SMART BOB!

  18. doublerr says:

    BG is about to speak, unless he says ” I resign” everything else means nothing. This was the worst trade deadline I have ever seen. This team is too small, not tough enough for the playoffs and now they have zero playoff experience in the nets. If a d-man gets hurt, is Breezer going to play the rest of the year? Pittsburgh pushed us around without Crosby, what’s going to happen when they have him and Hossa? This is the most dissappointing day of the hockey season!

  19. Blitzen says:

    I’m telling you right now that if Gainey decides to not sign our young RFAs-to-be ahead of time and then has to either lose them to high bidders for picks or overpay for them, then I will REALLY begin to question what he is doing.

    If we’re going to go with building the team solely through the draft – and that is certainly a fine way to go – he HAS to sign players before guys like Lowe start bidding for their services as RFAs.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  20. Leclerc1965 says:

    Dodged a bullet is right. I think that Atlanta would have pulled the trigger with a Ryder, Halak, prospect and 1st, but after Pittsburgh got involved with their offer Atlanta wanted more from the Habs. Pittsburgh can keep Hossa, I guess they decided to live for the day, BG doesn’t see this team’s future that way.

  21. Rugger says:

    I wouldn’t have traded just the 1st round pick for a rent-a-wing.

  22. mjames says:

    Well we dodged a bullet. There is no way we should surrender two roster players, a prospect and 1st rounder for a rental. We, including Gainey, should be thankful there was bigger sucker out there. Pens significantly overpaid for this rental. They can not afford to sign this guy long term. Armstrong and Christenson were good players. They will be missed. Pens are TBv2.

    Concerning Huet, I think Gainey was expecting to get a goalie back in the Hossa trade which i assume would have been Hedberg. Again we should be thankful as Hedberg does not come close to Halak. My only wish tonight is that we work Grabowski into the lineup.


  23. Rugger says:

    Did any goalie go for more? There is no market for goalies, and there won’t be in July. Any big D man is worth more in trade right now.

  24. Blitzen says:

    Dave Morissette on RDS was just saying that Gainey can’t blame the reporters for slamming him after he himself said he would do everything he could to bring a top-flight talent. Gainey should have just said what he always says: I’ll try to see if I can improve the team.

    I’m thinking Gainey is REALLY hoping that Price comes up big and that the Habs make the playoffs…

    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  25. Leclerc1965 says:

    It boiled down to this… Pittsburgh upped the ante and Montreal wasn’t going to call them on it. The Pens gave up an awful lot for a “rental” because let’s face it, with Malkin and Crosby can they really afford to sign Hossa in the off-season? I guess BG’s plan was to plate an offer that Pittsburgh trumped. I am both angry because we didn’t improve this team for a season that has gone better than expected, and not angry because BG is keeping the youngsters he believes will win Montreal a cup….(eventually). We as fans have raised our expectations far beyond our own comprehensions with the success our team has experienced this year and wanted more, but management wasn’t willing to sell the farm…kudos to them for staying the course and damm them for not listening to us!

  26. Chuck V. says:

    second rounder in 2009, not this year

  27. Higgins21 says:

    As I’ve said before, Huet has been over-rated. Remember the last regular season game against the Laffs last year. He blew our chance for post-season play. Good move to get a second-rounder (deep draft this year) as he wasn’t worth that much.

    Go Habs Go!

  28. Itsik says:

    What is up here????? can you believe, if we would to get Esposito in the summer, Hossa would be a Hab tonight……well, it seems to me that Pitz GM has a monkey on his back against the Habs, its like, he is watching what Bob will do, and he he does it instead, screwing it up for the habs….I say, lets meet Pitz in the POFFS, and kick their buts…..

  29. Chuck V. says:

    I am really f-ing pissed. We did nothing to improve the team today and while I like that we’re telling Carey that this is his team now, I can’t believe we only got a 2nd for Cristobal Huet. Are you really telling me that he’s worth less than Hal Gill?

  30. Blitzen says:

    Not sure Pittsburgh gave up THAT much for him: two 3rd liners, a likely prospect bust and a 1st rounder. Would you think that Laps, Chips, Grabs and a 1st rounder would be THAT ridiculous?

    I still think that Waddell will end up fired.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  31. Blitzen says:

    I’m guessing that Boone has it right. Gainey thought he was getting Hossa plus the goalie and ended up getting nothing and losing Huet. I’m thinking Waddell may have called Gainey back at the last minute and said: throw in Higgins or he’s going to Pittsburgh.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  32. waisguy says:

    I’m so depressed right now. I waited all day for the good news and we ended up losing a good player rather than gaining one. What was BG thinking?

  33. Angry Almond says:

    Penguins got stronger, but gave WAY too much up for a rental.

    If we would have made this deal for Higgins, Kostitsyn and Chipchura, how would everyone here feel?


    Music is the best. FZ

  34. wild flower says:

    It is very reasuring to know Bob is at the helm. I have always wondered how our plan to win the cup was ever going work with the Peguins getting stronger at the same time as the Habs. By bidding up Hossa and then letting the Peguins bite, we just increased our odds of a championship going forward. Anyone who thinks Bob blew it by not giving up Higgins for “the chance” of success this year will more than likely be proven wrong. If Bob had given up as much as the Penguins did, he would have been crucified. As for Huet, we’ll see. Price just got a vote of confidence and many of us have said Halak may be the best goalie we have this year.

  35. Rugger says:

    Very happy with the results – there is no goalie market out there, so we got all we could. Happy to keep everyone else, including Ryder, who will hopefully sign on again this summer. Dryden did it, Roy did it – there is no reason why Price won’t do it!

  36. laurao66 says:

    well as most people already know we got shafted ..we got basically a phantom player for huet..this is absoloute craziness. Im extremely unhappy with the choice they made this afternoon..were they even thinking about the outcome..because it honestly doesnt feel like they did to me!
    Gainey better have something planned to make up for losing Huet

  37. the_vipah says:

    Huet traded for nothing. Two completely unproven goalies in nets for the stretch drive. No reason to get rid of Huet if it was only for a 2nd rounder, he was worth more to us on the squad as insurance then that.

    Very poor job done today by management. Obviously there was no plan B.

    We needed a physical forward or some sort of defensive help. Instead we got weaker in net for a nothing pick. Tuomo Ruutu was available, and exactly the kind of hardnosed battler we could have used. Just like last summer, a complete disapointment.

  38. Propwash says:

    Dont forget, at the end of the season we would have lost Huet for nothing

  39. the_vipah says:

    Instead we gave him away for nothing.

  40. Blitzen says:

    Bob has to make a play to sign AKoz, Gorges and O’Byrne before they hit RFA status. If this trade deadline tells you anything it’s that there will ALWAYS be someone willing to overpay for talent. If Gainey waits to sign these guys he will either have to lose them for picks or overpay to retain them.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  41. Bill H says:

    Apparently BG was scheduled for a press conference at 5:30 this afternoon. TSN just announced that they will show it when BG arrives, which is expected to be very soon.

  42. Leclerc1965 says:

    If Atlanta was asking an ungodly amount of players/talent in exchange for Hossa, everybody would have expected a cup this year if we had landed him right? Wrong, this bunch plays “well” in regular season games but what about the playoffs? Do you really think that players like K1, K2, Lats, Lapierre, O’Byrne would have stepped up their game that much to make a difference? They are not veterans and let’s face it, veteran teams would have had us for lunch with or without this Hossa guy. Not to mention we had a rookie goaltender and a starter who has no playoff experience. Good move by management, we would have all been bitchin up a storm if he had pulled the trigger and given up way too much to fail in the post-season.

  43. Rugger says:

    I think we are all forgetting how much our past rookies performed in the two most recent cup runs. Claude Lemieux out of nowhere in ’86. Wasn’t Leclair a rookie in 93? Dryden-Roy-Price rookie cup hat trick?

  44. Blitzen says:

    Forgot about Halak..he’s also slated to become a RFA.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  45. Leclerc1965 says:

    Yea but at least we can sign him now with Huet gone. I mean how much is he really gonna cost us? Give the kid a chance, he played well last year and was forgotten this year until now.

  46. fun police says:

    i was initially disappointed. like most of you i spent most of the day following four websites and watching tsn hoping the habs did something. that being said, losing o’byrne or higgins would have been a mistake. we are an up and coming team, not necessarily a team that has to go broke this year. penguins will always be competitive because of crosby and malkin, as tampa found out, your better off having balance than all the eggs in one basket.
    huet, obviously didn’t have the confidence of gainey. i thought he was overrated anyways, has he stole a win for us this year?

  47. VancouverHab says:

    No, we didn’t give him away for nothing. We got a 2nd round draft pick in 2009 and saved Huet’s salary now. Price now has to play like a #1 — which he wants to be, so good. Welcome to the big leagues, kid.

    We lose Huet for nothing at the end of the season, so now we get a good draft pick. That’s what makes teams good for the long term gentlemen. Gainey has PATIENCE and BRAINS: that’s why he is a genius, & we aren’t.

  48. the_vipah says:

    We lost Huet for nothing. Period. You are putting lipstick on a pig.

    Gainey messed up large today. Hossa was not the answer, we needed toughness for this sorry, soft lot and didnt get it.

  49. Cams Habs says:

    Makes perfect sense that Bob’s pitch got trumped, that explains the Huet trade, unless he didn’t want a Souray-like situation from last year…

    Either or, it’s fine with me, this team will just be that much better up front next year with our young guns. If he was simply dishing Huet to get something back instead of letting him slip for nothing, I would have rather seen him garner something a little better than a 2nd rounder; however, I assume that was going to be used in conjunction with a Hossa pitch.

    I’m sure glad he didn’t counter Ray’s offer and start dealing Higgins and 1st rounders…

  50. Shobud says:

    Here is one happy fan..Got rid of a guy that could not win a tough game and did not waste good players on a overpaid guy like Hossa..Just take a look at ottawa and their great trade.. They get beat 5-0 by the laffs..Wait and see who made the best deal and I don’t think its the pens..

  51. Leclerc1965 says:

    I hope your right, I mean history does repeat itself. I share your optimism, but very cautiously.

  52. Shobud says:

    Don’t forget all Huet’s playoff ex. I mean he played 6 games in the playoffs and lost four He was a real vet.

  53. moser17 says:

    Gainey summary from his interview, typing as I go: It was a clear and distinct decision to allow the goaltending net to be available between two premier and young goaltenders … Price and Halak … there’s a risk there, they’re not experienced, but they are quality players, and there is only one net, and there’s only so much time you can get in the net, just like a year ago when we decided to put Carey Price out of juniors and in the net in Hamilton, this is a risk I decided to take ….. Cristobal was someone we were looking long-term with, and we were looking for indications from his play … the last few weeks, which didn’t include the time Halak was here, our decision today reflects that play … the Huet deal was the only resounding “yes” that he had today, they made the decision if Huet could go yesterday … Gainey and the organization is happy with the deal he made ….. okay, I’m too tired to keep going …… he says Atlanta wouldn’t give them what they wanted, he gave Atlanta an offer with less elements involved than they wanted, and they made their decisions ……. Q: has Washington and Pitts improved and Habs not? Bob: the AHL club is excellent, and the Habs’ depth is there ….. he’s been consistent over the last few years in building from there and giving their youth the change to develop in the NHL….. okay, I’m definitely finished with this, my fingers hurt …..

  54. Leclerc1965 says:

    where is this interview streaming from?

  55. Cams Habs says:

    “Seems like the story of the Habs. Perhaps they should re-evaluate their criteria for GM position. Perhaps they need to hire somebody who does not get screwed.”

    Let’s be honest, Ray Shero must have come over the top on Gainey’s offer – Hossa was a favorite for either Montreal or Ottawa. He can’t control that. The only way to counter Rays offer would have been chucking Higgins in the mix, a long with a first rounder.

    It’s not Bob’s fault the market is ridiculously high. With all these teams thinking they have a shot, coupled with half of the Maple Leafs team having No-trade clauses and refusing to waive them spikes the price up. It just wasn’t the year to be buying. I’m glad Bob made an effort to squeeze out Hossa, and more than likely made some sort of go for Ollie, but again, the market dictates the action – not Bob’s managing savvy.

  56. fun police says:

    gainey just said atlanta wanted three roster players and a prospect!!!! good move gainey not making that deal.

  57. G-Man says:

    After all the hoopla, the only change in the make up of the team surprises most of us. I think this is the reason for the resounding hyperbole from TripleX and Timo. Sure it’s disappointing, but the price for the Invisible Hossa was way too high.
    Many bloggers last year screamed that we let Souray go for nothing. Huet delivers a draft pick. Bob Gainey has just thrown down the gauntlet to Price and Halak.
    Considering the sieve-like play of late by Price and Huet, the wonder of it all is how shocked we fans are at what transpired today. Gainey has improved this team every year with excellent draft picks. The short term and relatively cheap stop-gap measures like Smolinsky and Kostopoulos have turned into the youngsters proving him wrong by showing their readiness to play. The Habs are not quite Cup contenders, yet. But we sure as hell are better than last year.


  58. nick says:

    Gainey Press Conference : Atlanta wanted 4 elements from the Canadiens for Hossa. 3 of them are playing tonight (Grabovski is playing tonight), and a pick.

  59. the_vipah says:

    I still don’t get why we were chasing Hossa in the first place…Thats my biggest problem. We needed toughness, this team is soft as soft gets. We also could have used some insurance on D.

    Hossa would have been a huge mistake at any price, why the hell does Bob not think we need to toughen up? We got completely owned on Saturday by a heavy checking team in Columbus.

  60. dicktracy says:

    3 roster players and a draftpick/prospect!….good fold bob.

  61. Cams Habs says:

    Yep, it’s so true. Had we shipped 2 or 3 roster players and a prospect, we still aren’t the best team in the league. Could we invision ourselves winning the cup next year without 3 of our roster players – especially higgins?

    Not likely. I would have like to have seen a better return for Huet, considering that when he is hot – he’s hot. However, we saw it with Bryzgalov, there is a shallow market for goalies, especially after Tampa got their guy earlier today. Not a bad trade – much better than letting him walk next year (I didn’t want him resigned).

  62. Pat8987 says:

    Again and again Gainy proves to be the best….I love what he did today…Do all you guys think we actually are cup contenders for this year? I love our team, yet i think we can reach the cup but i can’t imagine us winning (or any east team beating a western team) That being said we accumilate another draft pick, save some money so we can lock up some guys + sign a top 6 forward for next year!!! Watch out canadiens are cup favorites for next year

  63. Rastaman says:

    Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don’t make. Don’t be shocked if Halak wins the #1 job down the stretch and into the playoffs. He is the real deal and I hope he gets a fair shot if Price falters. Would have liked to see another d-man added, but am pretty content with where this team is at.

  64. HKisses says:

    At first i was pissed…..but now i look it over Pens just lost s ome good young talent and possibly a pick…..Lets see what happens Gainey can always sign a player in the off season and im looking forward to seeing who… but hey Sh!t happens… As for Huet,VERY good move Gainey…Price knows what it is liek to be under pressure…and he performs under it(caulder cup run)….this gets rid of a conterversy over goaltending and just lifted alot of weight of the backs of our players…GO HABS tonight will be a different looking team GURANTEED

  65. Leclerc1965 says:

    Well said, as perplexed as I am over what I expected to transpire today, the team moves forward. Maybe they can put all this trade deadline crap behind them and play hockey. They aren’t cup contenders yet, and for those who expected a cup this year…wasn’t happening. As long as they do well, compete and get the experience they will eventually need we should be happy and expect this cup next year!

  66. MCHC24 says:

    In Bob I trust!

    What I know….
    1) we are doing better that we should be in many ways.
    2) we have the best young prospects in the NHL
    3) this team has chemistry
    4) we are not the Leafs – destined for 5 years of mediocrity (crap)

    that said…I would loved to have picked up Jokinen (a big and very good face off man)

  67. the_vipah says:

    I hope we don’t get stomped tonight (I think we will) cause thats gonna really start the fire roaring :)

  68. HKisses says:

    Exactly man……Halak has experience playign with the big boys….. Huet should be a 2nd string goalie sorry…Price can be caliber of Luongo….Lets just hope that how it works out if not either WAY we have two SOLID goalies

  69. ONTARIO HAB says:

    Bob did the right thing Atlanta wanted too much and he said screw you. Dont sweat Huet Price and Halak will be just fine. With all our young guys we will only get stronger. If Gianey can sign our guys soon we will be in fine shape. We are only 3 points behind Ottawa who lost 5-0 to the leafs Cheer up boys we will look back on this day and rejoice

    The Cup is CLOSE!!!

  70. slamtherimtim says:


  71. planet habs says:

    so who do we have on our 2nd line? NOBODY, SAME AS BEFORE! wasn’t our goal, to get a winger for KOIVU? it’s 12 years, and we still HAVEN’T GOTTEN HIM A WINGER! DISGUSTING! and those of you who think we’re going to sign in the offseason,a UFA scorer, dream on! it NEVER happens. players don’t want to come here. So next year at this same time, like a broken record, we’ll be in the same situation. some things about this team never change. as long as Gainey is our GM, don’t expect a cup contender!

  72. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I’m so glad we did not get Hossa. I think the Pens, though improved somewhat, overpaid for a player that can easily walk away from the team at season’s end. Gainey tried to land him and was even generous with his offer but I’m glad it did not materialize. Sometimes the best trade is the one that doesn’t take place. Now that the trade deadline is behind us, regroup Boys and go beat those Thrashers.

  73. ONTARIO HAB says:

    stay calm brother Gainey knows what he is doing

  74. Fabio D says:

    You suck Gainey…..Hal Gill fetches more than Huet in draft picks?? What the H-E-L-L was he thinking in trading Huet?

    Is there an address for me to mail my boxed Habs stuff? Go Pens Go….. another team moving to improve their team for a Stanley Cup run.

    I am so P’d right now!!

  75. Cams Habs says:

    “so who do we have on our 2nd line? NOBODY, SAME AS BEFORE! wasn’t our goal, to get a winger for KOIVU? it’s 12 years, and we still HAVEN’T GOTTEN HIM A WINGER! DISGUSTING! and those of you who think we’re going to sign in the offseason,a UFA scorer, dream on! it NEVER happens. players don’t want to come here. So next year at this same time, like a broken record, we’ll be in the same situation. some things about this team never change. as long as Gainey is our GM, don’t expect a cup contender!”

    You clearly have no knowledge of the makeup of our team or how the trade deadline works- not worth the argument on this one…

  76. Hoegarden says:

    3 regulars and 1 prospect for a rental.

    I’m glad Bob said No Thanks.

    Let’s focus on tonight’s game, a MUST win.

  77. twilighthours says:

    Pittsburg paid dearly – that is, overpaid – for Hossa. If this was the asking price, I’m glad Bob took a pass. I was holding out hope for Jokinen, but alas…

    The Huet deal is a head-scratcher, but if Bob thinks Carey is ready, then he’s probably ready.

    In Bob we trust!

    (Tonight’s game is a must-win, by the way)

  78. Bill H says:

    Moser: thanks for the good summary of the Gainey press conference.

    Bob Gainey, thank you for not getting sucked into out bidding Pittsburg. Everyone wanted you to sign an impact player, including yourself. Three roster players and a prospect is too much to pay for a UFA.

    Good move by BG in trading Huet. Yes, it would have been nice to get more for him. It sounds like he WAS offered more for Price or Halak. I think he made the right decision in trading Huet. He is a UFA at end of season and he doesn’t fit into long term Habs plans.

    Onward and upward. The goaltenders will do just fine once the rest of the team gets back on track.

  79. planet habs says:

    why is Ryder still her? it’s going to leave because he’s UFA, and WE GET NOTHING FOR HIM! good move Bob! and I guess our 2nd line has improved by doing nothing? good move Bob! and I guess we’re now tougher? good move Bob!
    and no experienced goalie to mentor Price? good move Bob!
    I’m glad we traded Huet because he was awful, but Gainey should have gotten some scoring help, if not hossa. It didn’t have to be Hossa, but there were other players available. Talk about putting all your eggs in 1 basket. Hey, Federov was taken for nothing, as well Prospal. Gainey you truly are a LAME DUCK GM! this team will never go anywhere with the MOST PASSIVE AND CONSERVATIVE GM IN THE LEAGUE! thanks for nothing!

  80. Chuck V. says:

    You’re right. Let’s fire Gainey and hire you, since you clearly know much more about the makeup of the Montreal Canadiens and the workings of the National Hockey League.

  81. DYCSoccer17 says:

    I like the Huet trade. Huet was an admirable goalie and I wish him nothing but good luck. He’s kind of like Jeff Hackett.

    Huet just couldn’t play when Price was his backup. He was fine when Halak was his backup, but he just struggled with Price there.

    I am NOT going to miss Huet’s attempts at playing the puck.

    I am pretty surprised that Gainey couldn’t get someone to give him a 4th round pick for Ryder. Just doesn’t make sense to have the guy around.

    Pittsburgh better win the cup, because they gave away a lot of young, inexpensive talent for Hossa. Pittsburgh is not going to sign Hossa without turning into Tampa Bay. Between Crosby, Malkin, Hossa, Gonchar, and Fleury, Pittsburgh won’t have cap space for anyone else. On top of that, they just sent their best young, inexpensive players away. The trade will be worth it for Pittsburgh if they win the cup. If they don’t win, the trade will be a step back for the franchise.

  82. HKisses says:

    U SUCK…YOU’D DO HALF THE JOB JOHN FERGUSON DID… Gainey knows what he is doing….if he sucked we woudln’t have Kosti bro’s,Kovi(which we got for a bag of pucks) have soemthing better to say?

  83. Cams Habs says:

    “You suck Gainey…..Hal Gill fetches more than Huet in draft picks?? What the H-E-L-L was he thinking in trading Huet?

    Is there an address for me to mail my boxed Habs stuff? Go Pens Go….. another team moving to improve their team for a Stanley Cup run.

    I am so P’d right now!!”

    Ok, ask yourselves these questions:

    -If we kept Huet, would we win the cup had we stand pat at the deadline? My answer: No.

    -If we kept Huet, and traded 3 roster players, including Higgins, for Marian Hossa, would we win the cup this year? My answer: No.

    -Would we have resigned Hossa? My answer: No.

    -If we kept Huet, stood pat and didn’t win the cup, should we have resigned him? (Ala, would he be able to deliever a cup next year?) My answer: No.

    In addition, the goalie market in the NHL is near non-existent.

    Who is a better goaltender: Cristoball Huet or Ilya Bryzgalov? Clearly, it is Bryzgalov – he has turned the Coyotes around. How much did Ilya cost? Half price on WAIVERS. The simple fact is there is a VERY small market for goaltenders, especially after Tampa got Smith earlier today.

  84. Chuck V. says:

    I think what Bob did today took more balls than keeping Huet and trading for Hossa. Perhaps he was passive, but Bob was certainly not conservative today. Took a BIG chance

  85. habsfan reduxit says:

    … I would have liked to have Hossa, but I can’t think of who I’d have sacrificed to get him. As far as Huet goes, I don’t mind what Bob did. The only thing I would say is that I wished he’d have gotten a real live person right now. But again, I can’t think where I’d put him if one new guy did arrive.

    … so on the whole, I echo what most everyone else says: All in all, it’s been an acceptable day, no matter what Pierre Lacroix says.

  86. planet habs says:

    Gainey boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  87. anotherhab says:

    Not trading our youth for Hossa is fine! If we had the chance for Jokinen for youth I would have done it! At the end of next season it will all be worth it when we sign free agent Vinny LeCavalier to a long term contract!!!!
    GO HABS GO!!!!

  88. Cams Habs says:

    Just to clarify, I was posting someone elses post in quotations – that was not my actual post…

    Not sure if you were directing that at me :-)

  89. dicktracy says:

    don’t sell the farm, live to fight another day. good non move under a ton of pressure from some fans and media. save the money to sign ‘our’ boys and give them a bit of time to develop…for bob sakes

  90. NLhabsfan says:

    Remarkable…..I believe it came down to more than one player being moved…..As Boone said Gainey got screwed in a last Min. deal.But we are not all that bad shape.Halak is no flash in the pan.Now it’s a chance for the ones that thought they were gone to step up.Should be an interesting run for the playoffs.

  91. DYCSoccer17 says:

    The market for goalies at the trade deadline is always less than the market for big, veteran defensemen.

    Look at last year and what we got for Rivet. We got a 5-6th defenseman and a 1st round pick (Pacioretty, who happens to be TEARING up the NCAA).

  92. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Do you think before you post? What the hell do you want Gainey to do? The guy tried to get you that impact player you’re talking about but drew the line when teams (Thrashers) became greedy and unfair. Need I remind you that the goal for the Habs this year is to make the playoffs. No one is talking stanley cup this year, anything above and beyond making the playoffs will be icing on the cake. Lastly, people who suggest that star players don’t want to play in Montreal, where did you get that from? If you’re a hockey player and especially a star, Montreal is the place to be.
    Bob Gainey knows what he’s doing and very soon you guys will realize that the best thing this team ever did was trading Huet and not getting Hossa.

  93. MCHC24 says:

    Not cool….

  94. Chuck says:

    And JS Aubin went for a 7th-rounder today. No market whatsoever.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  95. ONTARIO HAB says:

    Agreed big time. Seems alot of fans are upset right now but on looking back on some of the posts here over the last couple months people are very quick to talk without giving much real thought as to what they are saying

  96. kevin m says:

    If at the end of this season Gainey feels he needs to go after a gifted left winger, he may just go after Hossa who is a ufa as of July 1.

    The way he glowed about potentially coming to a hockey town like Montreal yesterday spoke volumes. When asked about re-signing with Pittsburgh at season’s end he was very evasive.

  97. WindsorHab-10 says:

    The address you’re looking for is mapleleafs.com. We don’t need WHINERS like yourself.

  98. Chuck says:

    I’ll take your Habs stuff. Send me an email, and I’ll give you my mailing address.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  99. Leclerc1965 says:

    very cool

  100. Fabio D says:

    -If we kept Huet, would we win the cup had we stand pat at the deadline? My answer: No
    * agreed, but Huet gives us a better shot at competing and challenging for the cup than going with rookies Price and Halak.

    -If we kept Huet, and traded 3 roster players, including Higgins, for Marian Hossa, would we win the cup this year? My answer: No.
    * Owulnd; thvae made the deal with Higgins in the mix. Ryder, Grabovski, Lapierre and picks yes.

    -Would we have resigned Hossa? My answer: No.
    * agreed, did not want Hossa in a Habs jersey anyway. Wanted Oli Jokinen more to play with Koivu.

    Not so sure if the Goalie market is non existant. Ask Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, Florida, Edmonton, and Columbus about that. Huet could have gone to anyone of those teams for a player or picks.

    Gainey screwed up big by trading Huet away, let alone for so little. I hope I am wrong and that Price can do something. But he pretty much torpedoed all the work the Habs as a team have achieved on the ice this season. 6 points is the difference b/w the Habs 5th place and 9th. With the other teams ahead and behind improving today and winning as of late. The habs have stood still as a result of this 3 game losing streak.

    The Habs went down this rookie goalie road a few years back. They finally get stable in net and Gainey blows it all up.

    Sad part is Gillette is too much of an hockey ignoramus to do anything about it.

    Nope I’ve lost A LOT of respect for Gainey and am hoping the Habs miss the playoffs and it costs Gainey his job. They didn’t want to mess with team chemistry. Well mark my words, chemistry is officially messed with. Price has not shown he can do it, and the Habs players know it. They won’t be as comfortable with him back there as they were with Huet.

  101. Chuck says:

    And I can pretty much guess who will be front and centre fanning the flames…


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  102. Leclerc1965 says:

    Great post idiot. Explain to all of us how Gainey sucks. Go back to the basement before your mother found out you ……bated to her wedding picture.

  103. Shobud says:

    Huet was the best move we could have made.. How you guys can keep saying he is great is beyond me.. He is a run of the mill if that.. He won us nothing and cost us the playoffs last year.. You wanted that to happen again.. Good riddance to him..

  104. moser17 says:

    It was on TSN, about twenty minutes ago

  105. 24 Cups says:

    And so the trading deadline came and went – not with a bang, but with a whimper. When it’s all said and done, it’s probably for the best.

    The Original 24 Cups

  106. Cams Habs says:

    It’s amusing to see “True” Hab fans absolutely spit on the man who delivered Stanley Cups to this team as a player and is one of the most knowledgeable GM’s in the league, just 3 short days after his jersey was retired.


    These commenters have absolutely no understanding of how a trade market works, it’s exhausting to sift through this crap people decide to write.

  107. Chuck V. says:

    Sorry man didn’t see the quotes on that post I replied to earlier. Looks like we’re on the same page

  108. moeman says:

    Exactly. Bob’s presser was a thing of beauty. Calm, wise, intelligent comments. Imagine if we had a angry, old, useless, white-haired mercenary with his hands-tied running our team.

    ~ have a powerful day ~

  109. the_vipah says:

    Well glad to see that you understand so well.

    Hossa was a wasted effort on Gaineys part, even trying for him was a wasted effort. We need toughness and grit not more flower girls.

    Trading Huet for nothing was a big gamble. If Price and Halak falter and we miss the playoffs, I have a bad feeling about where this will take the development of this team.

    In the end Gainey messed up today imo. He was chasing the wrong player and got burned. We really needed a player like Tuomo Ruutu from Chicago who went for a big slug in Andrew Ladd, we have a guy like that dont we?

  110. frank81 says:

    I wonder how many people bemoaning the Huet trade were in favour of calling up Halak and sending Price down to the Bulldogs. If Gainey was telling the truth, it seems like Halak will now get his chance to show what he can do.

  111. Will Longlade says:

    I think Grabs should be given an opportunity to play tonight to demonstrate to everyone what the Habs would have lost in the deal. I’m glad the Hossa trade didn’t go down and B.G. stuck to his long-term plan for the team. Yes, getting Hossa for a while would have been nice, but it involved giving up too much and the deal simply didn’t make sense at the end of the day. For those lamenting the loss of Huet, B.G. also traded the right goalie. I like the guy and think he’s a decent goalie, but the Habs wouldn’t have retained his services for next year.

  112. Cams Habs says:

    Hey, no problem, I’m glad you caught my reply though – I really should use an alternate way of quoting someone…

  113. Chuck V. says:

    That or I could pay attention to detail…

    But yeah some forums allow you to have the indented quote things which I think would be nice to have on this site.

  114. Smart Dog says:

    1. We had to move Huet. Too many goalies. Better to keep two young guys that will leave more cap room and who both have potential great careers ahead of them. If one becomes an all-star (and now we don’t know which) it will show this was the necessary move to get there.
    2. Not a goalies market. The Ducks got nothing when they put their spare goalie part on wavers and now the Coyotes have a great starter for nuthin. It’s just not a goalies market now.
    3. Hossa. Good that Bob didn’t trade our future for this rent-a-player. We now have cap space and great prospects, a promising looking team to go for a big fish this summer. Last year was Hamrlik – this year a sniper.

    I say Bob done good – set the table for the next step and didn’t spill any milk.

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  115. Cams Habs says:

    Agree, agree and agree. Cristobal Huet has shown he isn’t yet (and he’s only getting older) the goalie needed to guide a team in 4 playoff series with consistent goaltending, let alone stealing games. Better to get an asset then let him go for nothing – I doubt he was going to resign him.

  116. Chuck V. says:

    I’m with you on this. People keep saying how we have 2 inexperienced goaltenders going into the playoffs, but Huet has all of 6 NHL playoff games under his belt with a 2-4 record, and he’s not getting any younger/better.

    This move also does a great deal for Price as he knows he’s the man now.

  117. saku11 says:

    I’m happy we didn’t overpay for a rental. Getting Kovalev for Josef Balej and a 2nd rounder is a great deal especially since we resigned him. Trading away 3 current roster players as well as a prospect for Hossa would have been too much.

    I’m excited to see Grabovski get another chance since he’s been on a tear lately. I think Price and Halak will be an excellent tandem.

    The Habs have some great chemistry this season, why risk messing it up by getting rid of 3 roster players.

  118. Habs_008 says:

    Good no Trade for Hossa. Wasnt sure about the Huet thing. but after hearing Gainey talk about Price and Halak i am happy with the move.

  119. madhabsfan says:

    A little irony comes with all this
    The Montrealer Gainey didn’t draft (Esposito) becomes part of the deal to screw Gainey out of Hossa.

    I see Gainey’s point of view after his press conference, but am I the only one who is getting tired of hearing about “great prospects in Hamilton” and “the future of this franchise”? These phrases are getting very tired very quickly.

  120. Cams Habs says:

    That’s understandable, but we are VERY strong when it comes to youth development, in fact, near the top of the league, and it starts from the net out…

    Price is the future.

    O’Byrne and Komisarek are very promising, and we have Markov and Hammer locked up for a long time – no shortage in depth.

    Our forwards are oozing potential. Higgins, Tits 1, Tits 2, Plekanec are our big 4, but we also have Latendresse, Lapierre, Chipchura, Grabovski… This team will only go up.

  121. twilighthours says:

    Maybe you’re only tired of hearing these phrases because you’re impatient or you don’t listen.

    Guy and Bob have both been preaching – for a while now – that this year’s goal was to make the playoffs, with a realistic run at the cup next year or the year after.

    He’s on plan and on target. Why does he keep touting great prospects and bright future? Because this was his plan all along.

  122. Chuck V. says:

    I like both McDonagh and Pacioretty better than Esposito, and I’m biased because I played with Angelo for a couple of years

  123. the_vipah says:

    Yeah its an old and tired message. Especially when its not really true.

    We have no superstar waiting in the minors to come save our team. We, at best, have a decent selection of average to slightly above average players down there.

    I honestly don’t see a 100 point scorer in our next 5 years unless we sign an UFA.

  124. wild flower says:

    No I am not tired. This team has improved considerably because of prospects up from Hamilton (who won the AHL championship last year). Aside from his playing success, Bob has coached a team the Minneapolis North Stars to the finals and was the GM who built the Dallas Stars championship team, so I think I will trust his judgement over that of the sages on this site.

  125. madhabsfan says:

    I am not downplaying the young talent in our organization. I just think that many fans are downplaying the importance of proven talent. This, too, is a necessary part of any organization that can claim, with a straight face, that their future is bright.

    Am I saying we should have given Waddell what he wanted? Not necessarily. But I do think Gainey should make another serious go at getting someone in the offseason.

  126. Mr.Hazard says:

    I don’t think that Ray Shero is an assoH, but he paid quite a price for a rental.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  127. Mr.Hazard says:

    I don’t think that Ray Shero is an assoH, but he paid quite a price for a rental.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  128. nightmare_49 says:

    maybe the prise wasn’t that big .Epostito a wssh , Erik super skill but super soft and a role player.

  129. BJ says:

    Bob went as far as he felt was reasonable to give for a rental player. Is Hossa worth 8 million in the coming years? I don’t think so. Ask Tampa Bay with their top loaded 3-4 guys. How’s Pittsburgh going to afford Crosby, Malkin and Hossa (Malkin is still low ball financially for another year, but after that they can’t afford all three and Hossa will not be looking for a 1 year contract to accomodate the Pens). So its a big risk and I think the Pens decided they were in a position to go for the cup this year and gave up what they needed to get a high level rental player. The Pens have a team thats potentially closer to the cup than the Habs this year. As for Huet I’m sorry to see him go but I think the kids can handle the workload. Gainey is open to a lot of flak but he did the right thing. I’m sure the team would be happy to go two rounds in the playoffs and thats just not far enough to pay the asking price for Hossa.

  130. Bill H says:

    For those who doubt Gainey, you should know that John Ferguson Jr. is on record as saying that the Habs are the biggest losers of the trade deadline trading sweepstakes. Doesn’t that just tell you that BG did the right thing in not overpaying for UFA Hossa, and going with youth in goal that we can sign over, Huet who would be gone at end of season anyway.

  131. Prof Piton Palchak says:

    “Y’en aura pas de facile!”
    -Claude “Piton” Ruel

  132. Cams Habs says:

    Ray gave up quite a bit, especially considering theres no way he can resign Hossa on July 1st, but they have ridiculously strong talent anyways (Crosby, Malkin, Stall) and it won’t hurt them so much.

    It would hurt us more considering our team is very young and the youth are the key for years to come. It will hurt Pens long term, but it certainly won’t wipe them out.

  133. sadave says:

    Just getting ready to hear the press conf . . . kept waiting all day for the other skate to drop after the Huet trade for what seemed like almost nothing.

    Overall, I am glad we didn’t give up what Pitt did for Hossa. And, If I read the current standings correctly, if the season ended now, that second round pick is somewhere around 37th to 40th overall (just had a real quick look at it, admittedly). Not that bad.

    Some of us here wanted Price to take the lead . . . here goes. I’ll sure be watching tonight!!

  134. Cams Habs says:

    QUOTE:”We have no superstar waiting in the minors to come save our team. We, at best, have a decent selection of average to slightly above average players down there.

    I honestly don’t see a 100 point scorer in our next 5 years unless we sign an UFA.” END QUOTE.

    Do we need a 100 point scorer? No. Our team is strong now and will only be stronger due to our strength in pure numbers – Higgy, Tits 1, Tits 2, Plek, Komisarek, McDonaugh, Grabovski – Bob has taken a path to actually DEVELOP our youth, instead of trading 3 of them to borrow a 100 point guy for 3 months.

  135. Prof Piton Palchak says:

    Big round of applause for our “impact player” suiting up tonight…Mikhail Grabovski!!!!!

    I would’ve loved to see Hossa in a Habs uniform tonight but I like Bob’s decision. His patience and smarts have turned this team around after years of ineptness. The team can STILL do damage this year and they are on their way to solid years in the very near future!

    “Y’en aura pas de facile!”
    -Claude “Piton” Ruel

  136. tony d says:

    Tonight will be an interesting game….this is the team (as is) that will hopefully lead us into the playoffs
    There’s been so much talk of team chemistry and not wanting to play with that….just hope it doesn’t end up like a lab experiment that blows up in your face
    If they lose tonight….yikes…..

  137. Leclerc1965 says:

    Yea and like John Ferguson Jr. knows the difference between winners and losers.

  138. HabsProf says:

    Others have commented on this site that we have no game-breaking, 100-point men in the minors and the only way we will see that is to sign one as a UFA.

    Well, despite the lack of success over the last couple of years, we might get one this summer. Unlike in the past, we clearly have an up and coming team and UFAs will be more attracted to us then they were in the past.

  139. frank81 says:

    It’s Anaheim’s 2nd round pick that we acquired, not Washington’s.

  140. mjames says:

    After reading some of the negative posts that are no more than immature emotional rants, one thing is abundantly evident. We have some of the worst fans in sports. We are acting like spoiled brats. I am glad there are some who are rational and objective.


  141. the_vipah says:

    Fair enough and thats your opinion. I completely disagree. I don’t think that a bunch of 40-60 point players will do anything to insure our success longterm, especially when they are as soft as the bunch you just listed (with the exception of Komi). A bunch of hardnosed 40-60 point players would be a different story but we have zero now and probably zero for a while.

    The problem with soft players who score 40 points, 60 points, 80 points or 100 points is, that when you hit them, they disappear. See Sat night against Columbus.

  142. the_vipah says:

    I would settle for a 60 point guy who isn’t afraid to take a hit.

  143. RudeMood19 says:

    Well said. It’s better to win with homegrown talent than rental players.
    1. February 19th, 2008, a day which will live in sublimity.

  144. the_vipah says:

    Yeah I have a bad feeling about the next month. Hopefully the last 15 years of pathetic hockey is just coloring my judgment.

    Here’s to hope….

  145. Habs_008 says:

    Agree, i said before i think Gainey is the best GM we have had since the 70’s. He has turned the team around. Some of these fans need to be Patient, we will be a serious contender, maybe not this year but in the years to come. Patients!

  146. Blitzen says:

    Gainey’s dream score tonight:

    3-0 Habs on a hat trick by Grabs.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  147. Shobud says:

    Then how come atl. was not on top of the league.. They had Hossa..One player does not carry a team

  148. the_vipah says:

    Wtf are you talking about?

    I never wanted Hossa. I wasn’t talking about Hossa


  149. DownwithBobBarker says:

    Alright, for all the Carey doubters and Huet lovers, let’s look at our supposed “Number One” goalie that we just “gave away for nothing”:

    -7th round pick
    -Has never handled the work load of a real number one goalie (60+ games)
    -has only reached the 20 win mark for the first time this season
    -is very streaky, sometimes he’s great, sometimes he sucks
    -is 33 years old
    – is a UFA at the end of the season

    I say we dodged a bullet by not giving in to what atlanta was asking for, and did the right thing ultimately dumping huet. He’s only been to the playoffs once, and he choked there, how much more experience than price and halak does he really have? Price has dealt with the pressure in playoffs in the world juniors and the calder cup run (ya i know, not the nhl, but u don’t think theres pressure involved when u represent ur country, at any level?) and won. Huet? saved our season when he took over from theo, but was PARTLY (not entirely) to blame for our early exit that year, and was pretty much entirely to blame for that loss against the leafs last year that ended our hopes. He’s had periods of brilliance this year, but lately has become a hell of a sieve and lost the confidence of his organisation. The best of luck to him in washington, but BELIEVE ME, Montreal is better off without him.
    Have faith…who knows, maybe Grabovskis recent hot streak will carry over to the nhl, price and halak will dominate, and huet will stink it up in washington. then all the haters will love gainey.

  150. the_vipah says:

    My fear is that once we start making the playoffs reliably, our core of young players will be way to soft to get us anywhere. I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel in regards to that.

  151. tony d says:

    I think many of us (Boone included) have seen a pattern develop with our boys far too often….they shine in one game and are absolutely brilliant and then tank the next 2… and so it goes….I’m not worried about 2 rookie goalies in net…I’ll miss Huet, he was a great team player and a nice guy but as Jacques Demers said on RDS….there’s a lot of great guys on teams who will never get you to the Stanley Cup.
    My problem has always been our on again off again offense…it’s a major concern… and it should be addressed come July (since today’s done)
    I’ve been a Habs fan for over 45 years…
    Go Habs Go

  152. KeepRyder says:

    Glad the day went as it did. I would have liked some grit up front, but we need to refocus and prepare for the stretch drive.

    Goalies are a funny thing. I believe now that Price knows he’s the guy, he should, nay, will step up and play at a high level.

    As for Ryder, well, I hope my faith will be justifed. I believe that it will because now, he knows he’s not going anywhere. He should better concentrate on scoring.

    It can only get better!! Go Ryder, Go Habs!

  153. HKisses says:

    LIKE U SAID…..BEST FANS HERE ARE ON TOP OF MY POST…(mmaybe under not sure but nething Under MJames u guys are the good fans who stick around through highs and lows…..

  154. sadave says:

    frank81 — thanks for clarifying my error . . . it was a REAL quick look I took, obviously. So it’s more like at 56th pick (as things stand now).

  155. A. Berke says:

    As much as I would have liked to see a very good player join our team (Koivu line), I’m happy with the outcome:

    First, the final decision was Waddell’s and Hossa’s, and Hossa may have pulled another Briere for not wanting to come Montreal or he may have thought that he may have a better chance for a cup run this year with Crosby and Malkin.

    What Gainey offered atlanta (for Hossa only) is as good if not better than what the pens offered for two players.
    Despite some posters (as well as mine) criticism, if Ryder can find his groove back we’ll be just fine without losing 3 players for Hossa only to play here for a couple of months.

    As for Huet, I wish him good luck and hope the caps sign him for 3 or 4 years. Being an UFA, his time and future here in MTL was limited at best. Time to move on with Price/Halak and see what they can do and hopefully they’ll be great eventually.

    The trade deadline is over and let’s focus on the season’s remaining games.


    Ali B.

  156. Blitzen says:

    Allright…this afternoon was this afternoon and tonight is tonight.

    Go Habs Go!!!!!!
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  157. Y says:

    What absolute nonsense. Gainey once again proves that he can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He slaps Huet in the face by giving him away for nothing and good ol’ UFA Ryder is still here. I’ve lost complete interest in this season and don’t see these guys going anywhere. To me Bob the Builder just threw in the towel on this season.
    Have fun all you baby Price lovers. I won’t ever eat my words unless your beloved leads them all the way to cup this year.


    An absolutely disgusted and disgruntled fan

    Thanks for the memories Cristobal! Best of luck with Ovechkin and friends
    You will be missed!

  158. Y says:

    What absolute nonsense. Gainey once again proves that he can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He slaps Huet in the face by giving him away for nothing and good ol’ UFA Ryder is still here. I’ve lost complete interest in this season and don’t see these guys going anywhere. To me Bob the Builder just threw in the towel on this season.
    Have fun all you baby Price lovers. I won’t ever eat my words unless your beloved leads them all the way to cup this year.


    An absolutely disgusted and disgruntled fan

    Thanks for the memories Cristobal! Best of luck with Ovechkin and friends
    You will be missed!

  159. Y says:

    What absolute nonsense. Gainey once again proves that he can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He slaps Huet in the face by giving him away for nothing and good ol’ UFA Ryder is still here. I’ve lost complete interest in this season and don’t see these guys going anywhere. To me Bob the Builder just threw in the towel on this season.
    Have fun all you baby Price lovers. I won’t ever eat my words unless your beloved leads them all the way to cup this year.


    An absolutely disgusted and disgruntled fan

    Thanks for the memories Cristobal! Best of luck with Ovechkin and friends
    You will be missed!

  160. Y says:

    What absolute nonsense. Gainey once again proves that he can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He slaps Huet in the face by giving him away for nothing and good ol’ UFA Ryder is still here. I’ve lost complete interest in this season and don’t see these guys going anywhere. To me Bob the Builder just threw in the towel on this season.
    Have fun all you baby Price lovers. I won’t ever eat my words unless your beloved leads them all the way to cup this year.


    An absolutely disgusted and disgruntled fan

    Thanks for the memories Cristobal! Best of luck with Ovechkin and friends
    You will be missed!

  161. Y says:

    What absolute nonsense. Gainey once again proves that he can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He slaps Huet in the face by giving him away for nothing and good ol’ UFA Ryder is still here. I’ve lost complete interest in this season and don’t see these guys going anywhere. To me Bob the Builder just threw in the towel on this season and so have I, I’ve had enough of this charade.
    Have fun all you baby Price lovers. I won’t ever eat my words unless your beloved leads them all the way to cup this year.


    An absolutely disgusted and disgruntled fan

    Thanks for the memories Cristobal! Best of luck with Ovechkin and friends
    You will be missed!

  162. Y says:

    What absolute nonsense. Gainey once again proves that he can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He slaps Huet in the face by giving him away for nothing and good ol’ UFA Ryder is still here. I’ve lost complete interest in this season and don’t see these guys going anywhere. To me Bob the Builder just threw in the towel on this season and so have I, I’ve had enough of this charade.
    Have fun all you baby Price lovers. I won’t ever eat my words unless your beloved leads them all the way to cup this year.


    An absolutely disgusted and disgruntled fan

    Thanks for the memories Cristobal! Best of luck with Ovechkin and friends
    You will be missed!

  163. Chorske says:

    I’m not that devastated. Let somone else mortgage their future.

  164. Y says:

    What absolute nonsense. Gainey once again proves that he can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He slaps Huet in the face by giving him away for nothing and good ol’ UFA Ryder is still here. Why not ride him into playoffs, if you’re gonna get crap in return? Certainly they weren’t going to win the cup this year but you could have had some class and let Huet play out his contract with you.

    I’ve lost complete interest in this season and don’t see these guys going anywhere. To me Bob the Builder just threw in the towel on this season and so have I, I’ve had enough of this charade.
    Have fun all you baby Price lovers. I won’t ever eat my words unless your beloved leads them all the way to cup this year.


    An absolutely disgusted and disgruntled fan

    PS: Sayonara to all you blind sheep who follow Bob like he was some sort of God. クソをするバカヤロ!

    Thanks for the memories Cristobal! Best of luck with Ovechkin and friends
    You will be missed!

  165. The Teacher says:

    Well, Gainey pretty much made it clear that he didn’t think Huet had the tools in the end. He would not resign him in the summer and thus it made sense on several fronts to go with a Price/Halak tandem.

    1. We have marked Price as our guy, with Halak a noticeable second. If they are our guys, they might as well be the ones getting the experience. I would rather have Price get 1 or 2 series in the playoffs down the give it to Huet who will leave. Thus rendering Price in the same position as he is this year.

    2. Huet was leaving no matter which way you put in. Considering Burkie had to put Bryzygalov on waivers, a 2nd isn’t too bad. We all would like a 1st, but, the market isn’t good for goalies right now.

    3. Now there is no uncertainty among the players, they know who their guy is. They will have to hold themselves responsible if they let young kids out to dry.

    Ryder did not go because we NEED him now. He was only going if we picked up a 1st or 2nd line forward.

    As for Hossa. I’m glad we didn’t get him. Gave up a lot and I find it hard to believe Pittsburgh will resign him.

    Anyways, let’s see the reaction among the players today. I think Higgins will bring it as will Ryder for some reason.

  166. Chorske says:

    hey, nice icon!!!

  167. Chuck V. says:

    You know what the more time goes by, the more I’m starting to like what transpired today. Let me explain:

    Everyone says that we are turning it over to a goalie who has no playoff experience in Carey Price, but Huet has played in 1 NHL playoff series and has a 2-4 record. Huet probably wouldn’t have re-signed, and if he had he’d have been pretty expensive to keep. We can use that money to lure a nice free agent in the summer, or re-sign or RFA’s.

    Also, this move will do wonders for Carey Price as he knows now that he’s the man and he’ll have the net for the rest of the year. Where he would have to worry about Huet in the past, now he knows it’s his team.

    As for Hossa, while I was all for getting him and was really pissed when we didn’t, the price to pay was far too high. I was a fan of some of the proposed trades, but to match Pittsburgh’s offer would have been too much without having Hossa locked up long-term.

    In the end, I think that this is not a bad situation for the team to be in. We have a young team that can gain experience together. I really like that we didn’t shake up the core of the team too much and I think that a team that grows together ultimately wins together. While Hossa would have vaulted us into legitimate contender status, we are now still in a position to make some noise and we know that our best days are ahead of us.

    It took some serious balls for Bob to do what he did today (either way, getting Hossa or standing pat) and I think the only real disappointment is not getting more for Huet.

  168. MCHC24 says:

    Not cool…not informed.
    Lost interest?…One less neagative voice.

  169. Chuck V. says:

    and about 90 replica posts less

  170. HabsAlltheWay says:

    If you’re being serious, then good riddance. They’re battling for 1st/2nd/3rd in the conference, they’re 2nd in the league in scoring, and playing solid hockey and they’re as exciting to watch as they have been in YEARS.

    You’re bitchin’ because Gainey didn’t give up three roster players and a pick to get 20 games out of Hossa? Please…

  171. showey47 says:

    good riddance, go sign up for laff nation, they can use another useless posting tool like yourself

  172. showey47 says:

    you know chuck i was preaching the same thing about price/huet for months and got slack from the likes of “Y” and others who think we needed to resign huet to his retirement contract.

  173. mjames says:

    You sound like a petulant child. Very mature. The next time I see you posting here I will remind you that you quit. As they say “don’t let the door hit you on the way out ….”


  174. MCHC24 says:

    Ole’ ole’…!

  175. New says:

    You’re right about Hossa as well.
    You have to look beyond the hype, see what actually is, and take it from there.
    Huet brought what the market for Huet is, a second round pick. If Washington goes deep into the playoffs, and it’s Huet in nets, then the market will change for him. Rigt now he’s very, very well paid. Mainly because of hype.

  176. Rich B says:

    Throwing in the towel? This is of course much like what people said about the Bulldogs allowing Price to play last year. Why does Price have to lead them to the cup this year? If playoff experience this year leads to the cup next year or results in a cup in any subsequent year, I will be happy. Of course, I’ll still be a Canadiens fan either way. Is it really any surprise that the same analysts and fans that doubted this team at the beginning of the season thought the Habs needed to dump a ton of talented youth to bring in a superstar/playoff dud so far? John Ferguson Jr. says the Habs are the deadline losers. The man who built a horrible franchise thinks Mr. Gainey made a mistake. Interesting. I’m not convinced that it is bad thing to go against what JFJ thinks. Of course, it is no secret that I’m a “baby Price lover” as you put it. I’m certainly not jumping for joy at seeing Huet go, but this is a result of this team building from within…too many NHL caliber goaltenders in the system. The future continues to look bright. A draft pick allows this positive cycle to continue even if it doesn’t feel good tonight knowing a player who brought a lot of excitement to our lives won’t be wearing the CH anymore. That’s the nature of the NHL these days in my eyes. Then again as you pointed out, what do I know? – Rich B Blind Sheep #2342

  177. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    Huet for a 2nd was value. Your post is senseless subjective dribble. Not mortgaging the future for today is a foundation of continued success and prosperity. The Habs will continue to draft well and develop talent under Gainey creating a higher and higher probability of the team being an elite team over the coming years!

    Go Habs!

  178. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    Pretty much my thoughts on it all.

    I knew, posted, claimed all year that Huet would be traded by the deadline because there was no way the team was going to resign him with Price and Halak around; as well as Huet having never distinguished himself as more than good, maybe good plus. Huet was a solid 77% on any exam, good but not good enough!

    Watching the game on RDS I heard the guys briefly speak about how Waddell didn’t allow Gainey to speak with Hossa (about a contract), so he had no assurance he was getting anything more than a rent a player and 3 roster players and a prospect/high pick would have been too much to give up for a run this year.

  179. mrstewart61 says:

    Enjoy your spring!

  180. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    Good call on Higgins who played his best game in months! If Higgins played this well all of the time he would be in the same class as the Hossas, I keep expecting him to move to that level and don’t understand what has happened to him over the last 35 games.

  181. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    Have some faith!! Why look at the class half empty, look at the half full and hope/believe/expect the young Habs will pick their game up for the playoffs!

    Go Habs!

  182. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    You have to like to S.Kostitsyn’s game, he’s feisty and I think he will easily be a 60 point guy next season. He isn’t a big guy who will clobber anyone but he finishes checks, stands up for himself and his teammates and sees the ice. I think the kid may end up being great and a regular 100 point guy.

    A.Kostitsyn could hit 60 this year and again he is getting better, gaining confidence and playing the body more.

  183. jimbo says:

    Hossa had no say in it

  184. jimbo says:

    Sergei has to shoot more.Always looking to pass it off.and tonight playing with Streit and Slug-o,not gonna get you much in the way of points always passing it to them 2

  185. Will Longlade says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better myself. The bleeding hearts who are lamenting the loss of Huet and absence of Hossa will all be jumping back on the bandwagon when the Habs edge out the Pens in the conference final.

  186. Will Longlade says:

    Cry me a river Y. Hockey is business and sometimes G.M.’s have to make decisions for the good of the team, not individuals.


    Tired of reading the same post again and again

  187. RetroMikey says:

    In Bob I trust totally 100%

    Sad to see Huet go, but that’s part of hockey! Carey Price now will lead us to our conquest of our next Stanley Cup.

    Bob is a smart man and all those bashers out there wanting Hossa, Tanguay, etc… are gonna eat those words. Pittsburgh obtaining Hossa is not going to guarantee them a Cup. They gave up more and I, for one, would not make that trade! I’ve always stated we need young Marcel Goc on our team but who knows what Bob will do in the summer?

    We have a good team and team chemistry and unity is important. The young guns are going to surprise alot of us come playoff time on our team…mark my word! I am glad we did not give up on our youth to get a short term rental player.

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  188. Leclerc1965 says:

    You gotta be kidding. Throwing in the towel for this year? Put down the pipe monkey boy, if you consider trading 3 roster players (good young players) and a 1st a bad decision for Hossa maybe you should be a leaf fan. Can anyone believe this guy? We’re in 5th place, 2 points out of being 3rd in the conference and this guy wants to bail. What did you expect? A cup this year? Get real…we weren’t expected to even make the playoffs this year let alone win a cup. Get a clue, Huet wasn’t going to lead this team to a cup either, go forbid if his feelings got hurt. This is a business ape face, Huet would have walked at the end of the year anyway is we have held onto him and we would have received nothing! How long have you been a Hab fan anyway, it’s fans like yourself that deserve a good whack and sent to your room without dinner for whining.
    Furthermore, no binky in your crib..cry yourself to sleep.

  189. TripleX says:

    I am not saying BG was less than truthful in his post trade press conference….BUT Why does it take till now to determine your No.1 goalie is no longer a bona fide No.1. I am no genius but Huet of today is the same as he was last season, and he was not a No. 1 then either. If BG wanted to give the “young guys” the reins, why not start the season with Price and Halak. Now we go into the stretch run with a rookie and one who has not played in the NHL all season. It just does not make sense, there must be something BG is not telling us, because he is not that dumb. If Grabs does not play tonight all his talk about talent in Hamilton is a joke.

  190. twilighthours says:

    How many 100 pt scorers did the last 4 cup winners have combined? HOw many 100 pt scorers were on the ’93 Habs (a much higher-scoring era)?

    There are many ways to win the cup. I don’t think we’re there yet but I love the direction of this franchise.

    What is with all the impatience? At the beginning of the year, we would have been thrilled to be in 5th with 19 games left.

  191. the_vipah says:

    Err..some of us have waited for 15 years for something good to happen with this team, that may explain the annoyance.

  192. madhabsfan says:

    right on man!!!

  193. The Cat says:

    The habs did well by not going for Hossa. However Im disappointed at how Huet was treated. I understand Gainey’s thinking in that a goalie tandem doesnt work for some goalies, it didnt work for Price and likely Price will step up now…But giving him away for a 2nd round pick (in 2009 when the caps will be even better), then come on the air and say you were prepared to trade Huet away irregardless of if it was a 6th or 7th round pick was really disrespectful of Bob. I dont know why this organization always sees it fit to treat people that have been good to them so poorly. It is said Huet was in a foul mood when leaving the Bell centre, and he has every right to be.

  194. habsguy says:

    Y…thats cool. True Hab fans don’t need you in here anyway..But in saying that, I’m sure you’re already changed your name and jumped back on the wagon !!!!

  195. rogus says:

    Very good for the Pens to have someone to play with Crosby and/or Malkin. Unfortunately, I don’t think Hossa is very good in nets! Good luck there fellas! Furthermore, I think there will be a lot of interest from the f/a’s this summer and we won’t have to sell the farm to get them then. Bob continues to build – no addition by subtraction. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day either!

  196. blueline says:

    I can’t help but wonder if the Habs inability to land a pre-playoff “impact” player isn’t partially due to Gainey himself. By opening his mouth and proclaiming several days prior to the trade deadline that he was interested in obtaining such a player, the only thing he accomplished was to increase the appetite of any GM who was potentially looking to trade one to the Habs. Gainey may have been more successful if he had kept quiet, played his cards close to his chest and not be seen publicly as an eager buyer. As proof, nobody knew the Penguins were interested in Hossa and they eventually got him for less than what the Habs were being asked to give up.

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