Hope springs eternal

It’s snowing on Mother’s Day in Montreal.

The Canadiens are back from Pittsburgh and will hold a team meeting at their Brossard training facility this morning at 11.

Habs at the brink again – Stubbs

In the room

Penguins in the driver’s seat – David Shoalts

Malkin, Rupp were the keys – Scott Burnside

• The curious case of Tomas Plekanec – Arpon Basu

Bulldogs take series lead


  1. rkd says:

    Well said, Ian.  And, this is a team we can all be proud of no matter what happens on Monday.

  2. TripleX says:

    That has been a problem ever since Markov lost his offensive magic because of his many injuries.

    I agree that to be successful a team needs contribution from the backend.  I think for the future PK Suban should be that factor.  PG needs to get a BIG shutdown D with a mean streak and a BIG forward with soft hands and a willingness to go to the FRONT of the net.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  3. TripleX says:

    Have to respectfully disagree on the top two line formation Ian.  JM did not play AK and Pouliot on the top lines last game and benched Pouliot for the third period.  I love the work ethic of our plumbers but we need GOALS right now.  Defensive play is all well and good but you have to score to win.

    AK and Pouliot for all their many faults have skill and CAN put the puck in the net when opportunity is there.  Moore, Moen, Pyatt and Laps could not hit a barn door with a puck from ten feet.



    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  4. MontrealAtheist says:

    The Pens’ objective was not to impressive everyone, they did what was necessary to win.

    As for the reasons for the loss, I’m sure there are several although I would put the blame primarily on taking unnecessary penalties and lack of execution on the PP (prior to the 6 on 4 in the last minute). Letting Fleury see all incoming shots did not help either, so yes, that definitely needs to change if they expect different results on Monday.

  5. Shublips says:

    Again, I was not impressed by the Pens.  They looked slow and tired.  The Habs did not get enough bodies to the net and did not win battles to loose pucks and rebounds.

    THAT is why they lost and not just because Fleury was great.  Habs made his life easy!

    Habs can win, Monday and force Game Seven. Go Habs Go!

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  6. Ian Cobb says:

    We have built a bran new exciting team over the coarse of this year. 

    Over the coarse of this fantastic play off year, we now know who to keep on the roster and who we cut loose for next year.

    Lots of winners in Hamilton to bring up in the fall.

  7. Ian Cobb says:

    Before we talk about hitting the net, how about finding out if we have a chance of getting Markov, Spacek and Gill back.

    If not, it won’t be to pretty with MAB, OByrne, Hammerlic and a 20 year old.

    I also think that AK and Pouliot have to be replaced on the top 2 lines by two of these players. ( Moore, Moen, Metro, Pyatt or even Lapierre.)

    AK and Pouliot go to the 4th line or the golf coarse!

    We are down to winning at home and then anything is possible in a 7th game.

  8. Ton says:

    i was going to answer it. agreed, pk you can understand but Bergeron your paying for the shot only. first he wont shoot often, when he does only 10% of his shots are on net, and 80% of those shots on goal are goals. conclusion; shoot more often, on net please.

  9. terrygain says:

    The biggest problem is not the quality of the shots but that  there’s no one in front screening the goalie.

  10. nickster13 says:

    didnt see it much last night.. PK kept missing the net, while MAB often missed the net on his many shots

  11. Danno says:

    Both PK and MAB have good shots, don’t you think?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  12. Garry Valk says:

    I think the first link is wrong…it leads to an article about Simon Fuller. 

  13. nickster13 says:

    One of the biggest problem is our D can’t shoot the puck, no one has a good shot, and no one ever hits the net most importantly. As opposed to pittsburgh where letang and gonchar hit often, and scored both goals last game

  14. smiler2729 says:

    I remember that guy and his chant, they were as much a part of the Forum as that other guy with the trumpet, the hot dogs, the Mark Ten zamboni, Claude Mouton and Roger Doucet!!

  15. SPATS says:

    Just read most of the articles…. It’s clear to me that we’ll need another heroic effort from our D on Monday. It boils down to this – Halak will stop about 99% of what he can see. Whether our mentally tough but physically damaged D can keep them out of his way will determine this game. We can also hope for another soft effort from MAF. Can we eliminate his middle initial? Just kidding. And again, to any over 45’s out there going to the game, bring back the ghost of the old forum cheerleader (don’t know his name but I believe he was the guy who made Go Habs Go famous) Here’s another blast from the past….




  16. Danno says:

    OOH AAH – HABS ON THE WARPATH — best chant ever. Bring it back. And while we’re at it bring back Dutchy’s trumpet and the old organ too!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  17. Ton says:

    interesting their giving them the shooting lanes from the point. if you noticed thats where halak got beat this series and the last because ther reallity of it; you can’t see those shots. by having your wingers play high and close to the those point guys opens up room in the slot area for a quality chance. i would start giving them those chances. halak makes those stops most of the time. there snipers are shaken abit so what not give them those chances.

  18. MontrealAtheist says:

    Special teams will be key to winning game #6:

    Habs need to improve PK or better yet, not give up any penalties in the first place, even if this means withholding the urge to slap Cindy or break her stick.

    Habs also need to provoke Pittsburgh penalties and capitalize on the PP chances, preferably prior to the last 30 seconds so they can benefit from the momentum and the emotions following a PP goal.

  19. habsfan_61 says:

    the guys name is dutchie. he had a falling out with the team in the late 70s or early 80s and he hasnt been back since. the guy with the horn is kid mercury.

  20. jimmy shaker says:

    Just like Cherry said last night….bring the game back 10 years or so, when guys who wanted to stand in front of the goalie actually had to work to stay there.  Players that wanted to go to the front of the net back then would get punched, sticked, cross checked etc etc.  They knew they weren’t getting a free pass if they wanted that part of the ice.  Today, the guys just have to sit there, they can read there paper and have a coffee, because if they get touched by a defender, all they have to do is fall and the stripes call a penalty.  Why aren’t the D-men allowed to defend and clear the crease and make there goalies job easier?  Between the faceoff circles from the slot to the crease, battles should be allowed by the stripes.  It’s such an important part of the game nowadays (net traffic) that if we just allow our D-man to front the offensive player, it almost makes it doulbly hard for the tender.  I just wish that the stripes let our D battle in front of the goalie, (obviously with certain resolve) because if it’s a choice to sit there in front of the goalie, it has to be a choice too, to move that guy out of there.  Helping and protecting your goalie, shouldn’t be a penalty.  It’s called hockey, I wish the stripes and Bettman could understand that! 


  21. lenny says:

    If anybody sees AK46 and Pouliot today do me a favor…can you please tell them their team is on the brink of elimination and would be nice for them to show up.Thank You in advance

  22. Danno says:

    Yes. And please pass the smelling salts under their noses while you are at it.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  23. MikeMcLaren says:

    I hope Hal “Skillsey”Gill’s injury is more Jordan Staal-esque than Kevin Bieksa-esqe.

    It’s a credit to Hal that upon his injury the majority of the fan base is worried.  Would that have been the case on November 9th instead of May 9th?

    Let’s hope he heals like Wolverine, folks.

    In the mean time I guess we’ll see Spacek back and maybe *even* Markov.


  24. Danno says:

    He was walking around in his street clothes and looked okay to me, so keep those fingers crossed.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  25. Shiloh says:

    Mike – just read your Saturday column today (family wedding yesterday). It is a great piece – major league stuff – provocative, funny. You’re on fire.

  26. jimmy shaker says:

    Other than the first game where I blame Bettman for that one, I have been really pleased at the effort from the boys.  They played a great game I thought, and MAF was the difference tonight.  Even though we were totally gassed by losing Gill and not playing Pouliot and AK46 , I still liked the effort.  Don’t understand why Pouliot sat?  I thought he was at least taking the body and back checking and doing something with the puck, unlike AK46 who needs everything giftwrapped for him so he doesn’t have to get dirty when he plays.  Man he boggles my mind.  He can be almost as dominant as Malkin with the puck but he floats out there.  Shite call on Gorges on the Letang goal, but at least these stripes were head and shoulders better than the jabroni’s from game 5.  Memo to MOEN….. Get rid of the visor, sack up and show up, please!  Jaro was almost to the point of being pissed after this loss.  He wanted the boys to get more traffic and make MAF work a lot harder.  Part of that rant was frustration, but I like Jaro for taking that challenge to the boys.  I know he says we’re not even supposed to be here and all…..but deep down he knows we should be here, he wants to be here and wants to continue on.  Nobody has won back to back games so far…..lets keep that going on Mon.  If Gill can’t go, I think Marky and Spacek both play!  And I hate to say it, but when we outshoot the opponent we lose.  When we get outshot, we WIN!  It’s not rocket science!

    Keep the season going, I know we all still believe!


  27. Mad Habber says:

    Pouliot wasn’t very smart last night. If I remember right, the Habs want him to camp out in front of the net and screen the goalie, but instead he decided to camp out two feet from the puck carrier. He needs to get back to being in front of the net.

  28. terrygain says:

    Memo to MOEN….. Get rid of the visor, sack up and show up, please!

    Show up!  Why don’t you wake up.  Moen played a grand total of 11 minutes and a mere 3 shifts in the 3rd period. Either he’s injured or this is just another example of Martin’s brilliant coaching.

  29. smiler2729 says:

    The organ playing cheesy music is WAY BETTER than blaring ROCK and RAP MUSIC, I could see the need for that crap in non traditional hockey markets to raise the so-called entertainment value but this is MONTREAL, just give us hockey, loud fans and an organ!

  30. Danno says:

    Almost all the Habs fans I know hunger for the real things we loved. Bell Centre are you listening?

    At least we don’t have our players emerge from a giant shark’s head at the start of the game.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  31. smiler2729 says:

    That’s true, the flag kids is a nice touch but all the other gimmicks at the Bell Centre can be put to rest anytime please.

  32. Danno says:

    I love the flag kids. And that special effect with the torch and flames exploding on the ice is impressive too. It’s just too bad we have to incinerate a young child like that just to please the hockey gods  :0)


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  33. MontrealAtheist says:

    Hmmm, maybe we should go back to our old ways and sacrifice a young virgin woman prior to each home game using real fire in order to please the hockey gods and ask for their assistance. After all, people have been doing stuff like that for ages, so you’d think that there is something to it.

  34. John Q Public says:

    Just to add: Abolish the damn horn and music after goals.

    Irritates the crap out of me!

    But I am pretty sure the NHL(cough “Bettman”) is all about it.


  35. Danno says:

    Where’s the closest volcano to Montreal? Drop a young Leaf fan in. That ought to do it.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  36. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    I’m old school but if they want to get current, why not get hot “Ice Girls”, I’d rather see them than the old guys out there!

  37. HardHabits says:

    The PiL show I went to last night was over the top amazing. WOW!

    Check out this quote from his website:

    My body and mind is the Sex Pistols but my heart and soul is P.I.L.

    Montreal has been one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. 

    This was bar none the best PiL concert ever. 

    Thank you Scotty for making this possible.

    John Lydon, Public Image Ltd, May 8th 2010

    People complain about the Montreal fans but let me tell you this, very few places in the world bring the type of energy and knowledge to any spectacle, be it concert or sporting event, as we Montrealers do. This edition of the Habs already know what John Lydon discovered last night.

    Win or lose, Monday night the Bell Centre will be rockin’!!!!

  38. smiler2729 says:

    I remember Johnny saying that “Montreal should be nuclear wasted” on a The New Music episode in the mid ’80s.

    I guess he’s mellowed.

  39. smiler2729 says:

    Pittsburgh is so much better and smarter than Washington, the Habs are hanging in there but if Hal Gill’s injury keeps him from playing, this changes the face of the game plan.

    I can see the Habs winning on sheer emotion on Monday and anything can happen in a Game 7 but I kinda sense the Pens have finally figured out their scrappy opponents. This is gonna be tough but do-able.


  40. HardHabits says:

    We all said stuff like that back then. Age, wisdom and time seem to have the effect of mellowing us.

    I just saw a music icon last night, who hasn’t toured in 17 years, play an intimate show where the crowd was into it from the start and the band just fed off of that energy and gave it their all, not unlike this edition of our beloved Habs.

    Seriously. That was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life and certainly the best show that I’ve seen in very long while. Funny that. Halak’s game 6 performance against the Caps was the best goaltending performance in a game I’ve seen since ’86.

    No wonder that it’s snowing outside doesn’t faze me.

  41. HardHabits says:

    Never saw them live but I know them and have heard them before, although not for a while. Bands from that era that I’ve seen live are DRI (way before Crossover) and Circle Jerks at the Rising Sun plus a host of local hard-core bands way back when. Been there, done that. My music tastes are very ecclectic. I can’t be pigeon-holed into any particular music genre. PiL is not hard-core nor punk rock. Anyways Minor Threat is more post-punk or hard-core. Now if you want heavy thrashing hard-core listen to Bad Brains. Their 1st Monteal show at the Rialto was mind numbing. Then again I saw Nick Cave (not punk) there, the Pixies (neither) and Jane’s Addiction (nor) too, all amazing shows. But like I said, PiL is not Minor Threat and is miles above, light years ahead in musical direction. No comparison really.

    Get a parka. If you don’t know what that means you’re a poser. FTW. LOL!!!!

  42. terrygain says:

    Pouliot played hard in the mere 6 minutes the stupid coach allowed him to play. 

  43. Mad Habber says:

    I disagree…

    I watched him camp out on the left side of the net, while Moore (or Metro) had it behind the net.. all he had to do was take two or three strides towards the goalie and camp out there.

    The guy has a great shoot, and he would be able to score in bunches if he would just get to the front of the net.

  44. jimmy shaker says:

    Look for a guy that’s won a Stanley Cup, I expect more!  He doesn’t hit, is not controling the puck in the o-zone or the d-zone.  He seems slow, and basically uninterested.  He’s got no jam.  Look at what Rupp does for Pitts!  Moen is comparable to this guy, but Rupp has outworked and outplayed Moen this series.  Moen kills penalties something rupp doesn’t really do, and Moen did get sucked down in the slot on letangs goal, when he got tangled up with the Pitts forward.  Anyhow, he needs to do more when he’s out there.  The three minutes in the third period were his reward for his shite performance he’s been basically showing the majority of this playoffs!


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