Hockey’s hottest

A fan asseses the National Hunk League.

Carey Price and Max Lapierre both make her list.

What, no good-lookin’ bloggers?

And frequent Commenter badangel demurs (not to be confused with Demers). Her list:

Lapierre and Talbot top my list. (I’ve always had a thing for the “wrong” ones)

Petr Sykora, Patrick Sharp, Taylor Pyatt (the eyes! woowee!), Parise,
Vermette and Souray. Honourable mention to Theodore since he is still
pretty hot as he ages.. but the whole Paris Hilton thing ruined it for

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Ondrej Pavelec: two years, $2.3 million

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A great read: Puck Daddy mourns the passing of Paul Bissonnette’s hilarious PaulBizNasty rants on Twitter

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Kings back in the hunt?



  1. Mr. Biter says:

    I have posted many times before on the coaching language / birth place debate. Hire the best coach available. I don’t care of he speaks chinese as his first language. If the rest of the NHL teams took this as seriously as some posters on this site there would be 6 Canadian coaches in the NHL the rest from the states. How many countries have Canadian hockey coaches running their teams? Lots because they want the best they can get. I haven’t looked at the top 50 teams but almost guarantee you the owners and fans don’t care where they are from from , only if they win. If the Habs continue to have to have a French Canadian G.M or Head Coach because the Media demands it will be a long time till we see the cup.

    During the Olympic games one US broadcaster complained that the US lost to us because one of their coaches had a “dual citizenship”. This remark sounded so stupid until I thought about certain posters on this site.

  2. punkster says:

    I hope you gave Timo a straw and packed him a lunch.


  3. db says:

    I cant watch youtube vids at work… so thanks for the comments.


    Anyone have nominations for the ugliest players??

    Ovie, Markov, AK46, malkin, colby armstrong… off the top of my head. 

  4. gmd says:

    You didn’t miss anything.  I feel bad for Max and Carey being lumped in with mutts like Luongo, Fleury, Tyler Kennedy(!), and some dude with a mullet.

  5. habs03 says:

    Tyler Kennedy should not be on that

  6. mtlhbsfn says:

    there was a few photo spreads after Fischer / Underwood wedding – showing (supposedly) hot and famous wives/girlfriends… was sad to see a few of the same faces with different players (more than one famous puck bunny out there I guess! lol) 

  7. bigjames says:

    yeah big time. let’s hear ‘em!

  8. mtlhbsfn says:

    And yet, if it were an ice girls  (or a ‘hot hockey wife/gf)  compilation, I don’t think you would accuse the poster of being a desperate male hockey fan…. as a female fan, we have the benefit of getting our hockey fix AND eye candy all at once ;-)

  9. 123456 says:

    we have a local “boone & sons” firm, they are refuse collectors…

  10. mike g says:

    How the heck did Fleury and Jack Johnson make that “hotlist” ?

    Those two have the biggest set of choppers I’ve ever seen. They make rabbits jealous….

    I bet you $20 they can cut wood with their 2 front teeth. And wtf is going on with Jack Johnson’s 1980’s white turtle neck? Only Pleks can successfully wear a turtle neck since 2005….

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  11. Mike Boone says:

    Nope. We bury them in the woods.

  12. nightmare_49 says:

       We know that GM Stan Bowman has his hands full this summer , so does Joel Quenneville ……………

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