Blake Geoffrion in surgery — “not life-threatening”


Hamilton Bulldogs forward Blake Geoffrion is undergoing surgery at a Montreal hospital Friday at 10:30 p.m. ET after he was bodychecked and struck his head on the Bell Centre ice during a game against the American Hockey League’s Syracuse Crunch.

Geoffrion was checked by Syracuse defenceman J.P. Côté as he skated into the Syracuse end of the rink midway through the first period. Geoffrion struck his head on the ice and lost some blood, but left the ice under his own steam.

He was rushed to a Montreal hospital. His parents were with him.

Hamilton coach Sylvain Lefebvre said the injury was not life-threatening.

“We’re going to update you guys as soon as we know more,” Lefebvre told reporters. “But as far as Blake is concerned right now he is under good care.”

The Bulldogs lost 4-1 to the Crunch. Forward Steve Quailer scored the Bulldogs’ lone goal, his first of the season. The game drew a record crowd for a Bulldogs’ game at the Bell Centre — 18, 582.

Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin spoke to reporters before tonight’s game. You can watch an extended video of the scrum below. It begins with Bergevin answering a question by The Gazette’s Pat Hickey about whether there is a possibility that if the salary cap goes down that the team wouldn’t be able to sign defenceman P.K. Subban. Bergevin answered that and a host of other questions.


  1. commandant says:

    Gutted for Geoffrion. It seemed like he was really playing well before this. Lets hope its not serious.

    Go Habs Go!
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  2. Curtis O Habs says:

    Good Bergevin clip.

  3. Chris says:

    I attended tonight’s Guelph Storm – Sarnia Sting game here in Guelph to get a good look at Alex Galchenyuk, who ended up as the game’s first star with 1 goal and 1 assist in a 4-2 win.

    The Good

    Galchenyuk was absolutely great. Good news to Habs fans: he’s grown. I would peg him at 6’1″, maybe even 6’2″. He was out next to Matt Finn (listed as only a quarter inch shorter) and he was clearly the taller player. Andrey Pedan (listed at 6’4″) was clearly taller than Galchenyuk, but not by much.

    If you stretched Galchenyuk out another inch or two, his playing style tonight was eerily similar to Evgeni Malkin. I would be curious to hear if he patterns his game after Malkin in anyway, because he has a lot of similar skating quirks and dekes as Malkin does.

    You could clearly see Galchenyuk was frustrated from the first to the middle of the third periods. He is frequently looking for the puck, but his teammates refused to get it to him when he was open. And he made some nice cycling passes but had no teammates around with him, leading to many exasperated looks to the heavens.

    Great skating, but he could work on his shot selection a bit…took some very odd shots tonight. Nonetheless, he was the top player on the ice. He’s shifty, has great speed and size and most importantly, he is willing to make a risky play once in a while. Without risk, there is no genius. This kid is going to be special.

    The Bad

    Galchenyuk needs to go elsewhere. Sarault is a nice player, but the coaching in Sarnia stinks. The Sting have a VERY nice forward prospect in 17 year old Nikolay Goldobin. The kid has a hell of a shot and has great speed…so put him on Galchenyuk’s wing and let them go. But they tried everybody with Galchenyuk (who primarily played left wing tonight) and Sarault EXCEPT for the kid who has 8 goals and a point-per-game. Galchenyuk grew up in the Russian system, so you’d think that he and Goldobin might have some potential chemistry as guys who learned hockey the same way.

    The Ugly

    I jinxed the Storm tonight. I commented to my friends that the referees were doing a strangely competent job given that the last two games I’ve attended have been absolute refereeing travesties. Whoops. In the third period, Sarnia was granted a bit of a dubious penalty shot (but I can concede that it was at least possible), missed a blatant slash and a blatant elbow RIGHT in front of the back referee, and then call a 5 minute major for boarding with about three minutes to go in a 2-2 game on what looked to our section (we were **right** on top of that particular hit) as a completely clean hit: the defender knew he was there, it was shoulder to shoulder, the defender was against the boards. I’m really not sure how that got called a penalty, to be honest, let alone a major. I give Storm coach Scott Walker credit: he laid the blame on the offending Storm forward Brock McGinn, saying McGinn has been doing this for “17 games in a row” and that he can’t do it at that time of a game regardless if it was a good hit or a bad hit. From our vantage point, it sure looked clean. (There was a very late, very loud hit earlier in the game that was far worse than this one and it went unpenalized).

    Absolutely unreal.

    Every time I hear people complain about NHL referees, I want to suggest that they go see what a couple of levels down looks like. The refereeing in the OHL is maddeningly inconsistent with frequent gusts to sheer, outright incompetence. These guys are just simply awful in general. I will concede that refereeing teenage boys trying to get noticed any way they can must be an exceedingly different thing to do. But the calls that you see in this league are just so frequently terrible and of the game-changing variety, the worst possible combination.

    • kempie says:

      Nice report Chris. Thanks for doing that.
      I’ll have my report ready on Dec. 2 after AG94 plays our mighty Petes. I’m looking forward to a big night from him.

      Thanks again

  4. Haborama says:

    I would LOVE IT if anyone other than a Canadiens player gets a serious head injury, It always seems to be one of ours, what do other teams see a bulls-eye where we see waht was once the most proud logo in sports??!?!?!?!?


    Are we like target practice for the low-tier goons???!??!??!

    Montreal Canadiens, ha!, more like Montreal Crash test dummies!!!!

    Toughness they said……….

    Tinordi, Sortini, Hagel they said………..

    well I say PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. kempie says:

    So I leave the Twittersphere long enough to do a couple of loads of dishes and lookout. I’m reading that, regarding the Blake Geoffrion hit (some thought he had a rib injury when he went to the hospital), he hit his head on the ice and has now undergone surgery for a head injury. Jesus Christ on a bike, does this organisation get its fair share of this stuff or what.

    He was really playing well and I really hope he’s alright but this doesn’t sound good.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Looked to me like he caught a skate in the face on his way down after a wicked hit . He had his head down, Man, he didn’t listen to his coach in bantam.

  6. frontenac1 says:

    TVASH showing Dogs game on time delay. Channel1883 Bell Expessvue.

  7. HabFab says:

    The NHLPA states today that since it is a lock out they will not accept reduced pay for the year. Yeah the owners are going to agree to that…wow!

  8. otter649 says:

    Bulldogs down 2-1 after 2 periods….

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