Hockey Inside/Out is moving to a new home

Editor, Montreal Gazette


Hockey Inside/Out is moving.

Starting the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 18, we will be migrating to the main Montreal Gazette website. The old URL,, will take you automatically to the new section.

The main reason for the migration: our old site was slow, finicky and occasionally completely down for the count and some other features were wonky or nonexistent (videos were a particular problem).

After more than a decade at that location — Hockey Inside/Out was launched on Nov. 24, 2006 as Habs Inside/Out — our tech team was no longer able support the old digital infrastructure.

When we surveyed HI/O readers this summer, your No. 1 complaint was site functionality. The new site, under our main URL, will work better and load faster, and it allows us to offer you all our Habs content, including Mike Boone’s live blog and his About Last Night feature, Game Day posts, Marc Dumont’s Analyze This columns and Canadiens news as it breaks.

The shift will mean some changes.

Most content on is subject to metering, more commonly known as a “pay wall.” Audiences are allowed 10 free articles per month and then are asked to pay for digital access.

We’re not doing that with HI/0.

We appreciate your loyalty and engagement, so we are keeping HI/O content outside the paywall for the duration of this season.

The other change involves commenting. That function on and all other Postmedia sites is powered by Facebook.

That means you have to have a Facebook account to take part. Yes, even during Mike Boone’s live blogs.

Facebook commenting was introduced in all Postmedia websites, including, in 2012 to help try to create a more civilized environment for discussion about our articles.

(Before you ask — no, we do not have the ability to opt out of this national commenting system.)

The migration is slated to take place around 9 a.m. Oct. 18. I hope you will migrate with us to a new and more functional environment.

We’ll survey you again once things have been up and running for a while to see what you think.

Thank you again for your loyal support of HI/O and this special community you have created.

Oh, yes. Go Habs go.

Photo: John Mahoney/MONTREAL GAZETTE


  1. FuzE_gus says:

    It’s all fucked up!!!!

  2. dexterdog says:

    Facebook can suck my dick. Way to ruin a good thing. Screw Facebook and screw the gazette.

  3. Roger Ramjet says:

    What a bummer.

    I’m not joining Facebook.

    Goodbye HIO.

  4. Ted Blurn says:

    Is there anybody….out there?

  5. D Mex says:

    @ Lucinda Chodan, Editor, Montreal Gazette
    Thanks for the thread explaining the improvements that prompted changes to the HI/O format. ALN used to be one of its most popular elements.
    Please convey the appreciation of all Habs fans to Postmedia HQ in Toronto.

  6. japh10409 says:

    I missed it… no more HIO app functionality? This was always my first stop for news….

  7. ThebadBoards says:

    O K To sum it up quickly It was no puck luck then we outshot ’em though. Then we got to skate faster wow liked the postion change for Weber though in or through thr net lol

  8. ThebadBoards says:


  9. Ian Cobb says:

    This HIO site was the 1st site that I went onto with a computer. I wrote my 1st sentence in my lifetime on this site. I wrote my life s story on here with the help of HIO members helping me to read and write for the 1st time in my 63yrs., along with my new friend Andree, who started living in my home and brought in a computer.
    In payback I wanted to do something for and meet all the people who gave me this wonderful gift of literacy. So I started to organize our annual SUMMIT event. Over the years I have gained a wonderful family of HIO members. I love you all for our years of friendship and support. Please keep in touch and thank you all so very much!
    Love Ian



  10. Swoop says:

    RIP Habs Inside out Comment Section

    You all were the real content of this site for the most part for me. I’ve been more of a lurker but occasional poster since 2007/08. There have been a lot of good times since then. When it all started we were just starting to get hyped for the 100th centennial season celebrations. With a 104 point season resulting in a 1st place eastern conference seed, a white Masked Carey Price backstopped a team that had the aw inspiration of Kovalev Plekanec and Kostitsyn on the first line, a determined Captain that gave the team the confidence to overcome incredible deficits like in the 5-0 comeback win against NYR, a truly Canadien management and coaching staff with Bob Gainey, Guy Carbonneau, Doug Jarvis and Kirk Muller, and a dominant power play, it truly seemed like fate that the Canadiens would win the cup that season. That Season The Habs for the first time in my life, had a winning record against New Jersey and Brodeur. Who remember when Bryan Smolinski was our Brodeur Beater? I think it was The Flyers who took us out in 5 in the second round. Felt way too premature.

    Since then the Only time We had a real shot at the cup was when we went on to the Eastern Conference Championship a few years ago. That truly was our Cup Winning Team. There is no doubt in my mind that if Kreider didn’t run into Price and injure his knee we would have won that series. And possibly even the Cup. That Team is gone now. Don’t forget how Lars Eller and Rene Bourque were beasts in the playoffs. Even Desharnais and Briere were important in those series wins that year. PK went full on beast mode against Boston and it was amazing. My all time favourite Habs goal is him coming out of the penalty box, crowd is so loud that the Boston netminder didn’t even bother slamming his stick because no one would have heard it anyway, Lars eller passes it to a free Pk who goes in all alone. Fakes the shot as he kicks out his left skate to sell it, dangles around the goalie as if it was instinct. Crowd going crazy. Best moment ever. Bergevin did a really good job when he originally took over and this team was the real deal. It’s a real shame right now that he is icing an incomplete team. Bergevin has a history of icing an incomplete team, he did it before when PK was still getting his contract situation together. He is incredibly stubborn. He must know that his team isn’t complete and if he doesn’t he has lost his marbles and needs to be relieved before it is too late.

  11. Tighthead says:


    Just create a dummy Facebook account. Doesn’t have to be your real name. You don’t have to friend someone. Can be for the single purpose of HIO.

    HF Boards is no fun. Discourage.

  12. ross says:

    I’ve been here since the beginning, and it was a good run while it lasted, but this will be my last post I guess (of not many posts to begin with, admittedly). Pppbbbbbbttttttttt to Facebook-only commenting.

    Thanks for starting something cool Boone.

    RIP HI/O. Long Live the montrealgazette’s social media outlet?

  13. Fleur says:

    I came off Facebook a few years ago. It is sickening thought that I’d have to be on FB to comment about the Habs but I dont want to be on FB. I’ll leave that to the housewives, adolescents and Russian bots. I’ll continue to read the news on HIO like I do even in the off season, but join FB so I can comment? No thanks.

  14. CDK says:

    I’ve been a member since Day 1. I am not on Facebook and never will be. So long Habs In…sorry… Hockey Inside/Out.

  15. twocents says:

    One last re-post. I posted this in the wrong place, thinking this thread would be abandoned for the Live Blog.

    Well, I’ll admit it, despite the fact that several years ago I stopped posting with any regularity, I’m a bit verklempt. Though I have become more of lurker, I continued to enjoy the people who come here. Many of which, in the last few years, I didn’t interacted with directly often, but have read regularly. There are too many to mention(Twi, Bwoar, Hobie, Burly, UCE, LaRue, Bellyful, RightNyder…) So cheers to you all! Alas, my face ain’t no book!
    To those of you whom I met in person 9 years ago, at my one and only Summit appearance: Steve(24 Cups), Chuck, Ian, Nightmare, Teacher, DD, Boone, Pat Hickey, others I am sorry I will fail to mention, it was a pleasure. To those who I’ve had many exchanges with over the years, punkster(Dave), krob, Smartdog, Yeats, Habfab(Frank)out east… thanks for engaging with me. A particular thanks to Mike Boone, Dave Stubbs, and Stu Cowan for keeping this thing going over the years.
    I found HI/O when I was battling cancer for the second time in four years. In some way it represents a turning point for me and my health, as it’s been excellent since.
    Sorry for the ceremonial tone to this, but it is what it is. Steve and Dave, I hope you still have my email address. If a new independent forum sprouts up, as some below have suggested, I’d love to be invited.
    If I could have one thing happen before it ends, it would be a response from Bugs, you know, just to know you’re alright. You provided me a ridiculous amount of laughs, and I’ll tell you that for nothing.
    Cheers, friends!
    Go Habs Go!

  16. Alvin says:

    You deserters who are not moving with HIO over to FB must just be , OLD, FEARFUL , PARANOID, and just plain STUPID.!
    If you don’t already have an FB account then you really shouldn’t be at a PC’s keyboard in the first place.
    HIO needed fresh blood and you guys were just plain TIRESOME!

  17. habberwocky says:

    Thanks to everyone for the thousands of posts, much fun reading what everyone has had to say here. Facebook, unfortunately, is not someplace I am going to go.

  18. gmur says:

    The corporate messenger posts… Thanks for your first contribution to the site, Ms. Chodan.

    What attracted me to this place is exactly the finicky, low-tech, non-corporate feel. It was like sitting at home chatting-raging-whining about hockey with fellow Habs fans instead of going to McDonalds, and being forced to buy a coffee to chat…

    I like the ‘we are keeping HI/O content outside the paywall for the duration of this season’… which simply means there will be fees next season.

    Sadly, nostalgia never pays the rent unless it’s collectibles.

    Thanks to all the posters and the writers… Stu, Mike, and I’m probably forgetting some…

    A scintillating save beats a booming blast.

  19. smiler2729 says:

    Facebook is a creepy surveillance site that I want no part of so see ya later HI/O thanks for treating me like I never mattered since 2007.


    Leafs blow…
    Jack Edwards is a clam…
    Gary Bettman is a bobblehead…
    Tomas Plekanec, since 2008, “I played like a little girl out there”

  20. whocares says:

    The really sad thing is the absolute disregard for people like me who the editor realises is expendable, a loser. The only time she will deign to answer a question is in the boardroom so these are rhetorical.

    Did you ever give one second’s thought to the people who post here? The people who made the site a community? That many of them might not be on Facebook? Or would like to participate without being forced onto it? That you had a really good board here? Maybe you weren’t milking every dime out of it but people hit the gazette links when visiting. It was a pretty great forum. Compare it to most online forums and the rapport was genial. It was actually pretty close to unique.

    Did you ever even read this site? Like not once, but to get an idea of it? When you killed the site you signed off with a “go habs go” but do you really give a shit about the habs outside of moving subscriptions? I doubt it.

    Shame on you, you corporate flunky, for stealing away something that had real value, above your toadying.

  21. habnonymous1 says:

    Facebook sucks in so many ways, I won’t be migrating with you. Please consider coming back from the dark side.

    Since this my last post ( of a sporadic multi-year bunch) let me say thanks for the memories. You guys, Dave, Stu, et al., were terrific… great writing, great fandom.

    Good luck in your new format, when you drop facebook I’ll be back. Go Habs !! #25.

  22. danhabsfan says:

    I am so saddened to hear they are shutting us down.
    I have enjoyed this for many years. I started back when it was Habs inside out
    Mr. Boone, thanks for your labour of Habs love.
    I will see about checking out the new idea, but only if I can make a new FB identity. PS, I would not pay for this.

    To all of you who have bantered and complained and been excited over the years thanks.
    I think of th great Summit gang (is v n though I was never ever able to make it). Timo’s comments and Mavid’s insights.
    We seem to basically love the Habs, too bad management has sucked these last 5 years.
    I still miss PK (had to get that in) and hope they can trade Patches fo a good deal (he floats and disappears in big games, how is he C?)

    Everyone, thanks for all the fun
    Hopefully, we will see each other on the other side (new blog)

    Dan, former Montrealer, stuck in Leafs land

  23. whocares says:

    Do you have a Facebook account? You are forcing us to have one to participate on a forum your readers built. Can you just confirm you don’t have one since you are trivialising the fact that we must? This is your forum by ownership but you have nothing to do with the community here or what was built for you, not by you. You’re just a bean counter, you have no integrity.

  24. FuzE_gus says:

    Ahhh…the old “Our system was too slow and finicky so we are merging into the corporate site” gag…

    Fool me once….

    With Regards from FuzE_gus

  25. ricardamundo says:

    Wow, disappointing news.

    The number of posts nixing the Facebook option just affirms the common sense of the community here. And while the Gazette hopes to make money off this cockamamie scheme, nothing else they are doing makes money so why would this?

    Long time follower but rare poster. Regards to all for making this such an entertaining board. Thanks to Mike Boone (hey, remember Victoria Square and Michael’s?) for being the glue that held this contraption together for so long.

    It’s all over now Baby Blue …

  26. Captain_Alex says:

    Good night Everyone, and Good bye thank you so much for everything! I ll miss you all

  27. veryhabby says:

    Btw I often post on another hockey forum. They have it divided by each Can team plus a general hockey link. You are all welcome to come there too. It’s origins was the Sportsnet fan forum that also ended with like 24 he notice. A fan tried to get everyone over to this newly created site but we lost tons as we were unable to notify everyone.

    Anyways just Google “roughing after the whistle” and u will easily find it. Come on over. I go by another name there….

  28. veryhabby says:

    Wow what a shock

    So I don’t get it…now everyone will know my name and where I live and what I look like and what my family is doing… we need to use our FB to sign in? No offense to anyone but what I like the most is that No one knows who anyone is on these forums.

    So do we have to create new accounts for privacy so we can post hockey comments?

    Again, somewhat confused how commenting on FB works. Guess I will find out soon enough. Guess I can create a new emails and then a FB account just for this site

    • whocares says:

      Yeah that’s the drill. Sign up for facebook. Don’t worry, they wont invade your privacy. there are safechecks. You have to dig really deep to find them and by default you are opting in without them. But hey, no big deal, it’s only your autonomy as a human being.

  29. whocares says:

    I probably wont follow the Habs anymore thanks to the Gazette editor or her masters. I loved Red Fisher growing up. I’ve always enjoyed Jack Todd too. (Nice goal Drouin!, sorry for the interruption). Todd says all kinds of crazy stuff sometimes but he’s a real character and a good writer. Always enjoy him, agreeing with his opinions wasn’t the point to me. Farber took himself a little too seriously for my liking but he’s a pro.

    Boone never professed to be a hockey expert. He’s never snarky or defensive which shows far more fortitude than I have, given the babysitting role you need to have on a blog like his. Just always seemed to have fun with everything and understood that it’s only a game. Yeah it’s in our blood, but it’s still a game. As unassuming as he seems on his blog, he is sharp as a tack, funny as hell, and just cool without trying. Loved the little glimpses about whatever, his dogs, or remember him dropping a Joy Division reference (the band, not the sector 😉 Just little things that made following the Habs more fun. Maybe even made following them tolerable at some points.

    Thanks Mrs. Chodan for making his blogs inaccessible to me in the future. It’s a small thing in the big picture but it’s those small things that make our lives more fun.

  30. Captain_Alex says:

    Go Habs Go

  31. Captain_Alex says:

    Thank you to Stu as well he s a great man my dad and I will never ever forget what you did for me stu

  32. Captain_Alex says:

    I will Miss everyone

  33. Captain_Alex says:

    Hi Everyone I heard HIO is moving ! I ll miss everyone here I’m very very sad you guys are great and I love you all I ll never ever forget what you done for me! Ian, Steve, Mary,Bruce, Jim ,, Chris, the Brennan Sisters , Andree Ann , Rob and Alayne Hing, Timo, ! Everybody that contributed to bring me to MTL I got to meet my hero PK Subban

  34. 3 points for a win says:

    Thanks everyone for putting up with me. I enjoyed my time here interacting with you all.

    I don’t have or care for Facebook so I am out. I will just go into lurking mode and check in every now and then.

    Also it is interesting that this site will not be subjected to the 10 article rule till the “duration of this season”. So that means, if you want to participate you have to pay starting next year.

    Was it in the survey to make this a paid site?

    All the best everyone. It was fun while it lasted.

    “So long and Thanks for all the fish”! (those who don’t know, this is from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

    My parting shot: Marc Bergeven has morphed himself into a Toronto Brian Burke.

  35. StevieM61 says:

    I have a facebook account I use for friends and family.
    Will have to think about this as I may not necessarily want to share some of the more retarded shit I share with with HIO.
    Just sayin.. not like there would be ladies in black wailing at my departure. . jeez

    Bullet holes in my mirrors . . . .

  36. Habituated says:

    Jumped on to find a whack o’ new threads, this one included.
    Bad news, indeed.

    Given that I think facebook should be illegal due to its crimes against privacy and humanity — it’s not alone in that category, of course — there’ll be no joining in.

    I was a longtime lurker here, since the Habs I/O days, and only took to posting sporadically in the last few years, but liked to read through the comments daily. A lot of worthwhile discussion here. That appears to be coming to an end.

    Gotta get some extra enjoyment out of Boone’s blog tonight.

    Y’all enjoy now, ya hear?

  37. whocares says:

    “We’ll survey you again once things have been up and running for a while to see what you think.”

    To what end? I hope that statement wasn’t meant to hoodwink anyone into thinking the change will be reverted. And will you be surveying the people without Facebook accounts?

    What was this survey anyway? I was not a member of the site for the last 5 year or so, I just read. Does anyone have a link to that survey? I’d love to see the questions. Let me guess, there is a question along the line of “do you feel the site functionality can be improved?”. What are people going to say? No?

    Why insult your readers like that, no wonder your newspapers are garbage now if you try to pass that off as participation. The Postmedia papers are mostly wire stories and syndicated columnists flushed out with a skeleton crew of local journalists.

    Enjoy your allegiance to Facebook, it’ll help insulate you from the opinions of “malcontents” who won’t opt in to that controlled media environment. But it will also accelerate the plunge into meaningless “journalism” that you embarked on years ago.

  38. whazzzup says:

    Leafs win 2-0 🙂

    I may have lived beside ken Dryden once but now I’m in the center of the hockey universe

  39. whocares says:

    I wouldn’t want to speak for him but I’m sure (paid or not) this is a labour of love for Mr. Boone and can probably count loyalty among his many attributes. But in a perfect world, I’d love to see his game blogs and ALN moved to another venue. I would even pay a small amount if it was independent of The Gazette.

    But, and Im not a tech guy, I guess a site with up to the minute play by play would take more work and money than a guy who is enjoying his well earned retirement could be expected to invest. Don’t know much about ad revenue but he would have a large readership. I bet he brings a lot of traffic to The Gazette, he’s certainly the only reason I’ve clicked any of their articles the last 10 years. Yes my account is only a few weeks old and I only rejoined HIO because I felt the Habs rehiring of Julien was blasphemous. But that is really trivial now, if it wasn’t before. It wasn’t that serious to me anyway, something to bitch about, that’s part of following sports. I’m really going to miss reading his columns here, just as I did his city columns.

    Ok the flattery is probably getting sickening but there are only a couple of hours left so i wanted to get my props in. This sucks.

    Since the Editor was so kind to address the concerns of the readership by making this sea change, it would be nice to see some response to the rabble who have issues with it. Seems from this thread that it is an unpopular idea for many of not the majority. I can’t hold my breath for 2 hours and 36 minutes though so I may as well let that rest.

  40. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    There’s one more thing I forgot to post…here’s my opinion on the PK-Weber trade…LOL

  41. punkster says:

    Oh well, later folks.

    Go Habs Go.


  42. JohnInTruro says:

    How fitting Timo reappears with his Celine Dion avatar…my heart will go on….
    And that DD scores a goal tonight. That’s got to bring a tear to everyone’s eye.
    Now, something with MT is bound to happen shortly…

  43. Captain aHab says:

    I’ve set up a HIO welcome thread on the Montreal HFBoards in case anyone wants to chime in. There’s just not enough activity on EOTP right now.

    Low risk, low cost, no return
    AKA The MB Trifecta©

  44. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

    TSN had a tableau of most goals since 12-13, Ovi 228, Crosby, 162, Kane 161, Pavelski 161…and i was thinking Max has got to be in there, sure enough 157!

    I dont know if hes number 5, but either way in the top 10 of goal scorers the last half decade…and he still can’t catch a break over here, do you think any of the top 4 guys would be traded…not likely, why should our captain be.

    Maybe he shouldn’t be captain, but I hope he always remains a Hab.

  45. CaptainProton says:

    Long-time reader, first-time poster.

    I’ve enjoyed HIO for the last 10 or so years. I’ve enjoyed the Liveblog and the (usually) thoughtful discussions in the comments by the many who know the game better than I.

    Not sure why, but this season I find myself drifting from my beloved Habs. It’s sad. I’ve watched >95% of televised games over the last 30 or so years. But this season I just don’t feel that urgency to watch anymore. Despite that, I’ve been checking in with HIO daily. Now, with the migration to Facebook-powered commenting, I might even have to let that go (I have serious problems with the utter contempt for privacy that Facebook exhibits).

    So I just wanted to say “thanks” to all of you regular posters for making following this team a little more enjoyable in the dark times, and a *lot* more fun in the better times.


  46. govenah says:

    Wow. Thanks for putting up with me! I don’t think I will follow through the facebook version but I guess it will be a wait and see. So far the facebook experience for habs new has been less than enlightening. Reminds me of TSN Toronto comment streams. I expect it will just be too many dumb commentors. I thought HIO were a somewhat informed lot here, excluding myself of course.

    Habba Dabba Do!

  47. RightNyder says:

    Was a longtime member of a similar board for one of my favourite teams in another sport.
    For about a decade, we laughed and joked and ranted and raved and complained about the format.

    Out of the blue, the powers that be announced a format change, with about 48 hours notice.

    We all promised to flock to the new site, to stay together and continue the fun. It never happened. Everyone scattered, leaving a few hardscrabble oldtimers to mix with a batch of newbies lured in by a contest to sign up for the new site. And it was never the same.

  48. whocares says:

    The deliverer of this great news presents it as a decision made to improve the experience for it’s users. I’m not buying it. She either got a memo that this is how it’s going to be, or this is a financial move made within The Gazette itself. I don’t know that of course. But I have a question, does she have a Facebook account?

    • RightNyder says:

      They’re a business. They want to make money.
      They see sites popping up with paid Habs content and figure they can get a piece of the pie.
      But like most everything with Postmedia, they’re already behind the game and it will land with a thud, destroying something fun in the process.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      This reminds me of a commercial I heard on the radio from Boeing about how much they care about Canada while they’re obviously trying to bury Bombardier. We all know what is up. It’s all downhill from here.

  49. Captain aHab says:

    Boy…Habs EOTP forum is like crickets….latest reply was made 2 days ago.

    Low risk, low cost, no return
    AKA The MB Trifecta©

  50. Adidess says:

    Wow, can’t hide that I’m really shocked by this. I also dislike the fact that we didn’t get more advanced notice, though in reality the powers that be here owe us nothing. They probably figured we would attempt to get organized in order to continue to exist elsewhere as a group. Can’t fault them for wanting to keep at least some of their current following once they move.

    This will be a loss, no matter how many of us migrate over and connect through Facebook. Unless everybody creates a new FB account with the same nickname they use on this site, we won’t know who’s commenting (my FB name isn’t Adidess). I didn’t know how much, but it just hit me now how attached i was/am to this group of people here. The various personalities, the opposing perspectives, the range of writing styles. It will take a lot and a long time before I start caring again about what some random people on the internet have to say about anything (hockey, pineapple pizza, and life), and feel compelled to put aside important things I am doing in order to respond.

    I have a FB account, but will not bother. I use the account for personal and professional purposes, don’t intend to start linking it to public forums. Right now the idea of creating a new (fake) account to continue to partake feels clingy and unappealing. So Iet me take this opportunity to thank everyone here for their company over the years, including the HIO management &!staff. Apologies to anyone I have been rude to, with or without intent. There was never a need for it really.

    I was going to pass on the game and the live blog tonight and go to bed, but will now make sure I show up one last time to share hopes for a victory, premature celebrations and more likely complaints about our beloved team. Laterz!

  51. Luke says:

    Oh, and another thing… since I don’t log into Facebook when I’m at work… there’s a conflict. But my employers probably thank you.

    With Hemsky about to be looking for a new gig, that most likely works in my favour.

  52. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

    You know for all the comments showing displeasure or even lack of association to facebook, it really makes me wonder who really are these 2 billion users or more they tout having.

    I guess it must be all the narcissist that have multiple facebooks that have made that empire a pure facade.

    I guess its also a sign of the times. Maybe by the time some form of Hab forum like this site was the last decade returns, will be when the Carey Price era has run its course. God willing, hopefully soon.

    Some days this was the only site that kept what little sanity i had left…allowing me to purge my emotional diatribes.


  53. Forum Dog says:

    Okay. Wow. So I call bullspit on the whole ‘moving to Gazette as way to address HIO complaints about functionality’, and the ‘paywall exemption for this year’ is a more than a bit suspicious. Sounds like the inevitable cash grab to me. More for duckets, more to participate in an online forum. More more more. Just not for you and I.

    Not sure if this means the end of HIO for the rest of you, but it does for me. I am not a Facebook subscriber and don’t intend to be.

    Cheers to everyone who has read or skimmed past my posts for the last 6 or 7 years. Been some pretty cool characters roaming these boards and a lot of great discussion. All the best to each of you, and GO HABS GO!!!!! Not in love with the construction of the current team, but root for them regardless and am looking forward to them bringing home at least one more Cup some point between now and the day I shuffle off this mortal coil.

  54. Captain aHab says:

    Not sure why this WordPress site runs so badly. I’ve run a number of them with nowhere near the bugginess.

    Oh well…might try FB posting or go to EOTP or HFBoards.

    Low risk, low cost, no return
    AKA The MB Trifecta©

  55. RightNyder says:

    Hey Bellyful, Lars Eller sucks.

  56. Luke says:

    Ah shit, (yep, a swear) this sucks… and so sudden.
    Not a fan of the facebooky comments.

    I’ve no issue with paying for content. I’m paying for Recrutes and I’m on the fence for Athletic… Heck, the dang place I work at charges for our wares, I would not expect someone else to not charge for theirs.
    Paying for HIO & this comments section isn’t an issue for me (and I’m neither Richy Rich or Scrooge McDuck).

    I’m just not a fan of the FB comment format, and the fact that setting up a personal HIO account prevents a lot of the laziest of trolls (a sizable group) from posting.

    Not sure how I feel about this one… (well, I am).

  57. PK says:

    Sorry to see our HIO community get blown up, on short notice to boot.

    Three good things about this site:

    The posters
    Did I mention The posters?

    Thanks to the dozens and dozens of posters who have brought their hockey knowledge, humor and even trolling to HIO.

    Goodnight HIO, Goodnight Boone and Goodnight Moon.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

    – Nostradamus, 1552

  58. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    My combined favorite moniker and avatar had to go to “Bergevin’s Foxhole” with the Will Ferrel tranqulizer dart in the neck photo…just brilliant…LMAO.

    Actually I tried to login into gravatar to load my Bergevin laughing avatar for one more time but now it won’t let me do it without a WordPress account. Unbelievable…lol.

  59. DipsyDoodler says:

    Facebook? Are the Russians manipulating our elections too now? Didn’t think they cared.


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