Hockey Hall of Fame to honour Canadiens

The fever-pitch surrounding the centennial season of the Canadiens is coming to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto next month in a special exhibit honoring one of the most storied franchises in professional sports.


  1. cautiousoptimist says:

    Wow — neat post, nm. So much for NHL players being lured away by big bucks in Russia.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  2. HabFab says:

    Check out the Sports section of the Gazette (Sports tab ,top of page).Several good articles including Red Fisher’s story about a Schneider/Roy altercation.Red still hasn’t forgiven Patrick for the way he left.

  3. nightmare_49 says:

    KHL – KHL – KHL ….. NHL Season finally begins at noon today EST>
    The league’s salary cap is set at 620 million rubles, which is about $24-million (U.S.). Under Review does a nice job of converting all 24 team salaries to the U.S. dollar, something that gives you an idea of the inequity in the league’s salary structure:

    1 Lokomotiv Yaroslavl $18.7-million
    2 Avangard Omsk $17.1-million
    3 Atlant Mytishchi $16.9-million
    4 Severstal Cherepovets $16.3-million
    5 Metallurg Magnitogorsk $15.7-million
    6 Salavat Yulaev Ufa $15.4-million
    7 SKA Saint Petersburg $15.4-million
    8 Ak Bars Kazan $15.3-million
    9 CSKA Moscow $14.5-million
    10 Lada Togliatti $12.8-million
    11 Torpedo Nizhny Novg. $12.8-million
    12 Barys Astana $12.1-million
    13 Dynamo Moscow $11.3-million
    14 Spartak Moscow $9.4-million
    15 Sibir Novosibirsk $8.6-million
    16 Neftekhimik Nizhnekam. $8.3-million
    17 Metallurg Novokuznetsk $8.2-million
    18 Vityaz Chekhov $8-million
    19 Traktor Chelyabinsk $7.6-million
    20 MVD $7.5-million
    21 Amur Khabarovsk $7.4-million
    22 Dinamo Riga $5.8-million
    23 Dinamo Minsk $4.3-million
    24 Khimik Voskresensk $4.3-million

    In other words, Sidney Crosby makes more dough than about 40 per cent of KHL teams. And I’m guessing there’s no salary floor .. by James Mirtle.

  4. HabsColor says:

    I like “one of the most storied franchises in professional sports”.

    I wourld rather read ” the most storied franchise in NHL history”. :)

  5. HabsColor says:

    Mikhail Grabovski is and will be playing BIG in Toronto. Too bad Montreal couldn’t keeeeep so many talented players.

  6. TC says:

    Interestingly enough I was reading a Toronto paper today which suggested that the Leafs front office is already feeling that they overpaid for Grabovski.

    Practices and pre-season games have shown him to be a little “light” on the puck and quite easy to knock off it according to the coaches. The article (in the Toronto Sun) doesn’t make it look good for Grabovski as a Leaf, at least so far.


  7. G-Man says:

    He’ll be BIG until one bodycheck later. Then he’ll be on his ass, like always.

    2008/09 is the season of the Habs

  8. Number31 says:

    Grabs is overpaid? And this is coming from Leafs Nation? Frankly he’s one of their cheapest assets now. They confuse me so much it’s not even funny anymore. Rebuilding? Working for playoffs? What do they want to pay him, $5? This is also the team that was ready to dump a 1st round pick for an expensive close-to-40-years-old Defenseman. Oh Leafs, what would we do without you…
    the notwithstanding clause – The general consensus of an ordinary Habs fan in Montreal

  9. HabsColor says:

    850,000 for season 2008-2009, overpaid??? come on, Toronto “expert” media. I bet Leafs will have to be prepared with 1.5M if wanting to keep this RFA after this season.

    Compared to M Sundin, Grabovski is “light”. But, So far, he scores in almost every game.

    He even couldn’t get a stable position in Montreal, but is showing something in Toronto. I can only say that Montreal is a super Training Camp for NHL…

  10. Robert L says:

    Horse trading can only be done when the stable is full.

    I’d say that so far Timmins has outperformed Caron big time, but scouting wasn’t as much of a science then as it is now. Caron has his share of duds in a time where the league was between 12 and 21 clubs drafting as many as 20 rounds.

    Today, 30 teams draft for seven rounds, and the margin for error is much finer.

    In St-Louis, Caron’s wheeling and dealing consisted of reaquiring all the Habs players who disappointed in Montreal, such as Wickenheiser, Mark Hunter, Greg Paslawski, Vincent Riendeau, and Gilbert Delorme.

    The Blues did make great inroads thanks to a trio of shrewd moves by Caron – renegade free agent deals involving Scott Stevens and Brendan Shanahan that cancelled each other out, and the fleecing of the Flames for Brett Hull.

    Incidentally, Ronald Caron, last I heard, is in very poor health and may not be among the living much longer.

    He could have written a great book!

  11. TC says:

    As Robert L. pointed out the Leafs feel that they “overpaid” in the trade for Grabovski, in that he isn’t the player they thought they were getting.

    Time will tell, although after watching Montreal’s training camp this fall, it became increasingly apparent that he wouldn’t have had a spot in the Habs future.


  12. HabFab says:

    Good morning Robert ,like my comment earlier.Hadn’t seen horse trading by a Montreal GM like Gaineys deal here since Sam’s time.Also did you note my comment to your Timmins article .Pollack had his Ron Caron and he ended up being snatched up as St Louis’s GM.

  13. Robert L says:

    Not overpaid salary wise. Toronto gave up on a defenseman they drafted and threw in a second round pick. In that regard, the Maple Leafs feel they paid too much to acquire Grabovski. Basically, it means Toronto thought they were getting a better player.

  14. Robert L says:

    It’s kind of like sticking a knife in and turning it a good 360 degrees.

    Grabovski on the Habs this season, would be the team’s sixth center at best. Dynamite in Hamilton, but in Leaf land he is a number one center.

    The likelyhood of him becoming a hit in the Big Smoke is as likely as a growth spurt from a 24 year old.

  15. HabFab says:

    I have a great Caron story which I will save if you are correct…shows the character of the man and how he deserved the Professor nickname.But it was because of past mistakes that we are able to advance our “science” to today’s level…he had to invent as he went along.Not that I don’t believe that Trevor couldn’t hold his own against anyone,it is that it is not quite “apples to apples”.

  16. Robert L says:

    You’re so right when it comes to comparing era’s. I’ve heard a bunch of Caron stories, like the one in which he was livid over the Habs not grabbing Mike Bossy. I’d love to hear your story!

  17. Cable Guy says:

    Grabovski is a plug, he couldn’t make our lineup and he is the Leafs number 1 centremen. He’s a bum. We won’t miss him, trust me.

  18. 93miraclecup says:

    quick question – does anyone know if the habs have announced for which games they will be wearing the old-time jerseys?

  19. habsfansince91 says:

    this is basically eerything thats going on this year including the centenial jersey nights:


    2008-2009 SEASON
    October 2008
    20. Centennial Jersey Night vs. Florida Panthers (1970 – 1971)
    28. Builder’s Night (coaches) vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    November 2008
    15. Centennial Jersey Night vs. Philadelphia Flyers (1945 – 1946)
    22. Retired Jersey Night – Patrick Roy – vs. Boston Bruins

    December 2008
    4. Opening of the Centennial Plaza
    Original Six Salute vs. New York Rangers
    Centennial Jersey Night (1915 – 1916)
    10. Inauguration of the Community outdoor rink program (François-Perreault Park, St-Michel Borough)

    January 2009
    8. Original Six salute vs Toronto Maple Leafs
    23-26. NHL All-Star Week

    February 2009
    1. Centennial Jersey Night vs. Boston Bruins (1912 – 1913)
    21. Centennial Jersey Night vs. Ottawa Senators (1970 – 1971)

    March 2009
    14. Centennial Jersey Night vs. New Jersey Devils (1945 – 1946)
    21. Centennial Jersey Night vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (1915 – 1916)
    31. Centennial Jersey Night vs. Chicago Blackhawks (1912 – 1913)

    April 2009
    2. Montreal Symphony Orchestra Concert at the Bell Centre
    Opening of the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame

    June 2009
    26-27 NHL Entry Draft at the Bell Centre

    2009-2010 SEASON

    October, November, December 2009
    Centennial Jersey Nights (1910 – 1911, 1909 – 1910)

    December 2009
    Public launch of the Canadiens motion picture « Pour toujours, les Canadiens ! »

    4. Centennial game at the Bell Centre
    5. Centennial Gala

  20. HabFab says:

    TSN have released their first Weekly Power rankings .They have us second behind Detroit, with Washington at 7th place being the next Eastern Conference team. have released their top 20 Canadiens prospects rankings.Certainly more up to date and insightful then that from HockeyFutures last month.

  21. twocents says:

    Yeah sorry Habfab, but, the other thread got shifted down a few notches and since it was a slow morning and no one was commenting on the audio, I thought what the heck. Pardon me, all, for the reposted post.

  22. HabFab says:

    Yes,it does appear to be a quiet morning. And nothing from nightmare to start off my day. I even posted a couple of items to try and jump start things.

  23. twocents says:

    Yeah, thanks for the tip on the prospects page. I will check it out later. You have to learn to add links.

  24. HabFab says:

    Know how to do, but my security system won’t allow it for some reason and am afraid my desire to create links doesn’t equal desire to lower it.

  25. Robert L says:

    It’s easy Erik, just highlight the chosen URL (address), right click it and it will turn blue. Select “copy” from the drop down menu, which saves it. When you go to post the link, right click again, and select “paste” from the drop down box. The link you copied should appear in the comment box here, and be available for all of us to click on.

  26. twocents says:

    Thanks Robert. I actually know how, I even know how to have links appear as another word. I was just telling Habfab he should learn but, apparently he knows too.

  27. Robert L says:

    Sorry Eric, I actually meant to reply to Frank, LOL!

  28. HabFab says:

    Robert should be sleeping but if memory serves me correct ,in “Roberts world” he is house sitting or on child duty Saturday AM.

  29. nightmare_49 says:

    Frank – I slept in and i blame it on debate lag , Mr.Joe Six Pack. I need a coffee now but at first glance it may be slightly slow unless you want to read how Red Fisher won the Stanley Cup in 93.

  30. HabFab says:

    No hurry Bryan,java is king especially after a latenight “debate”.

  31. HabFab says:

    Deja vu for a moment dude…had to go and check what I had put in my coffee.However,it is this attention to detail and staying the course with his plans that have put us in this position today.We are so fortunate to have one of the top GM’s and management teams in the NHL.It is also nice to see the turnaround where the star players are wanting to play and stay here.And look at Lang,he got traded and then packed his bags the next day before driving 12 hours to get here to meet his new team.You have to love his enthusiasm instead of that other guy whose name I have “forgotten”.

  32. twocents says:

    No one seems to by commenting on the new audio of Carbo and Gainey that was posted earlier but, there is some interesting stuff. Two thirds of the way through the french Q and A with Gainey he is asks what he thinks of Kovalev’s comments earlier this week about wanting to stay with the Habs. Bob, cool as cucumber, says something along these lines,”We’ll see, if Alex is able to play like he did last year, I think we can continue together… there will be no problem.”

    I would suggest this is a fairly clear message that he is not prepared to sign a contract with him until he sees which Kovy we will see this year. In light of Robert L’s post yesterday, this may even be construed as a direct reference to the rumours that have begun to circulate; of Kovalev having instructed his agent to approach Gainey with a contract scenario.

    I, for one, am glad to hear that Gainey has not joined the Kovy love chorus and is laying down the gauntlet and demanding more than one good year and some nice talk. While it may seem flattering to have a player of his caliber sound so committed it is important to hold the player in question to a sustainable standard. If he displays that ability this year, great, if not we have options.

    By contrast, when talking about Koivu, Bob admits that with a player like Koivu, that has proven his commitment and value to the team over a long period of time, he is willing to “add an element” to his considerations. But, that finally the player has to compete for his spot on the team and that he believes a player like Saku… and the others, are willing to live by their performance on the ice.

    No free passes?…BG, “I can’t”

    Sounds about right to me.

  33. ths says:

    Whats with the Hall of Fame game against the Laffs ?
    I guess they can throw out the really old timers – Dickie Moore, Big M, Rogie in Nets for first period, then they could throw out the ’70s dynasty team in the second – Lafleur Shutt, Robinson could do an end to end and roof it. Then in the third the current Habs could run up the score and Kovy could do a skills type competition demo. Price could play without a mask to honour Plante legacy. He could chuck it on if Grabovsky gets a breakaway maybe. Anyway should be a fun night will give TO a bit of a taste of hockey for one night.

  34. nightmare_49 says:

    Something to chew on while your preparing your eggs and smelts for breakie this morning -NHL Morning Papers (Saturday Edition) Tidbits .. by Richard Pollock …..

  35. HabFab says:

    Nightmare,either there is something wrong with the link or they are keeping me out on purpose.In that case my respect level rises for them.

  36. nightmare_49 says:

    HF – It’s fine on my end so i think your security is at it again so just go to

  37. nightmare_49 says:

    Comments of Wild GM Doug Risebrough on the Marian Gaborik contract negotiations ….. General Manager Doug Risebrough told the Star Tribune on Friday that he does not expect to sign Gaborik, who is one season from unrestricted free agency, to a contract extension by the start of the season.

    “Not making any headway,” said Risebrough, who last month said it would be prudent to sign Gaborik, the team’s all-time leading scorer, to an extension by next Saturday’s season opener. “I was trying to do something before the season. It’s not happening. … It’s not going to happen by the start of the season.”

    Asked if he’ll react by putting Gaborik on the trading block, Risebrough said, “That, I’ll have to determine ……… excerpt from Michael Russo .. Star Tribune ……………………………………….. Empty Netters .. by Seth Rorabaugh ….. ………………….. New York Time’s Morning Skate .. by Stu Hackel …..

  38. 93miraclecup says:


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