HIO special section: Canadiens have a new wiz

The Gazette’s special Hockey Inside/Out print edition hit the streets Tuesday morning. In it, we discuss the addition of James Wisniewski, Don Cherry’s new book, the P.K. Subban-Hal Gill relationship, a one-on-one with Sabres’ Nathan Gerbe and Red Fisher’s look at the Sabres.

Miller’s Sabres strive for consistency: Fisher
Canadiens have a new blue-line wiz: Hickey
Perreault skated in a class by himself: Ian MacDonald
Canadiens odd couple works out kinks: Stubbs
Getting the poop on CH prospects: Boone
Look who’s back with a sequel: Myles
Sabres forward Gerbe looks up to Habs’ Gionta: Mio


  1. newbrunswick troy says:

    From what i read here and in other places…can,t help but realise just how respected Hal Gill really is…both in this league and on this team…..Ya it takes him an hour to get over to the boards just to find out the other team now has possetion, but he does a bang up job infront of the net…(and very often thats where the play is)

  2. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Gilbert Perreault. One of those guys that I wish could have been a career Canadien!


  3. dhenry1234 says:

    “She had never been here before, but she spent some time studying in
    Europe,” Wisniewski said. “And when I was in Anaheim, Saku Koivu was
    always talking about what a great city this was and how much he enjoyed
    playing here.”

    Such class. Koivu will always be a Hab at Heart.

  4. Mike D says:

    My sentiments exacty when I read that.  I can’t wait to see him in person back at the Bell Centre on Saturday!

    – Honestly yours

  5. jimmy shaker says:

    Hammer is gone after this year, thank God, and I wish PG could unload Spacek as well.  But I can handle everyone else.


  6. twocents says:

    A D comprised of Markov, PK, Wis, Gorges, Spacek, and Gill or Hammer will be very nice to have next year… or maybe this spring!

  7. jimmy shaker says:

    PVR’d the game and when it was 4-0, I asked the wife if she wanted to watch the TV as she is recooping from surgery, and I said it’s basically over and I could watch the rest later.  Her words, “Don’t say that” then boom 4-1, 4-2, 4-3 and 4-4, I tell her the score is tied about 15 minutes later and she laughs at me.  But back to Auld…

    1st goal – good bounce for the flames , not Aulds fault

    2nd goal – deflection, – I never blame a goalie on a deflected shot, he could’ve been out of his paint a little bit more but it is what it is.

    3rd goal – 100% should’ve had it, but I’m still trying to see if it hit Wiz (i believe he was the D on the ice) just a tad to fool Auld, but still a very stoppable puck

    4th goal – Not blaming auld, just a good play by Tanguay.

    Price came in and did the job, and I hope he can keep it up tonight vs a bitter sabre team after that loss on the Island. 

    Auld will get his shot again on the weekend, and he’ll be much sharper. 


  8. joeybarrie says:

    I also recorded the game, and when I came home 2 BAD things happened. 1 my wife was watching it, so she said done come in yet, and I waited while she changed channels. 2nd was after I came downstairs to watch the game, she went upstairs to finish watching from the 3rd. SO UNFORTUNATELY for me I knew we were tied in the 3rd, otherwise she waouldnt have cared.

    I HATE IT WHEN SHE WATCHES IT WHILE IM RECORDING IT. TOO EASY TO READ HER REACTIONS. Second she simply REWINDED the game while still on the channel. So she didnt pay attention and only rewound it to where she originally changed the channel…. 2nd period. Thinking it was the begining of the program. EXCEPT she was watching the channel and not the recorded file I had programmed. So I come in ready to watch the game and it comes back from the 1st period and I see 2-0 Habs…….. RUINING THE ENTIRE FIRST PERIOD FOR ME…

    I HATE IT… So when they came back I was not surprised, and only enjoyed PK’s goal…

    To be honest I thought the Flames were unlucky to have not scored a few while we were running it up to 4-0. They hit 3-5 posts.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  9. Bob_Sacamano says:

    @Stubbs: P.K. is 21, not 22.

  10. twocents says:

    How a person can’t appreciate Hammer’s contribution is beyond me. Sure, he’s overpaid, but the guy has been so solid in all aspects for the whole time he’s been here(excepting two year ago when the whole team sucked). He does everything well, not perfectly but there are no holes in his game. He has stepped up every time Markov’s been out.

    Spacek I get why some don’t appreciate him, but I don’t completely agree. He can be awkward and makes some bad plays, but he can also be so smart about his positioning and decision making. He’s also overpaid and hasn’t delivered what he was supposed to, so I’m disappointed in him, but I still appreciate what he does bring.

  11. habs365 says:

    I don’t know why some fans put down Hammer and Spacek..they have more points than some of the forwards..who ever replaces them in the next couple of years..I hope they can put points on the board..this new hocker era is about points..look no farther than the devils..they’re still playing old hockey and I realize the team have a lot of older players and it’s hard to change until they do they’ll more years like this one..be happy with what the Habs have..more scoring and they would be in 1st place.

  12. fbkj says:

    this (well about hammer at least)

    wayyyyy overpaid but if we can resign him for much less, id be thrilled

  13. jimmy shaker says:

    I guess both their contracts are what bother me the most about these two, but like any guy on the team they have there ups and downs.  I can live with Hammer for this year, but I don’t see them bringing him back especially when they need his money to sign marky and gill and gorges.   I just wish he could get more shots through from the point, it seems 9 times out of 10 his shots are easily blocked.  SO, last year’s playoffs, his big contract, his age and the shot thing all bug me about hammer, spacek I can handle a little bit more than hammer, but he should be doing more from the point than he is, but he’s creeping up there too, so I understand.  They have both been playing pretty decent overall though, so I’ll keep the peace, for now.


  14. twocents says:

    There’s no way his next contract is in the same range as his last one.

    And for the record, I think he’s about 1 million to 1.5 million overpaid over the past 4 years.

    I would love to see him sign for 2.5- 2.75 for a year or two. But, it’s him or Gill, I don’t see bringing both back.

  15. fbkj says:

    “when they need his money to sign marky and gill and gorges”

    and wizz

  16. notbigbird says:

    But he sure wouldn’t be offered the same salary. I’d rather Hammer than Spatch, but that’s life. We could have Gonchar.

  17. fbkj says:

    should be interesting to see what our D is gonna look like next season

  18. jimmy shaker says:

    and the wizz, you’re right, my bad.

    So the D should stack up like this…..not sure of the pairings but here should be the top 6.

    Marky, PK, Gorges, Gill, Wiz and Spacek.  Picard maybe the 7th and weber either packaged in a deal or back in hamilton.


  19. Mike D says:

    I think Gill will be back…or at the very least he will get offered a contract.  The only way I can see Hammer coming back is for a huge decrease in salary (less than 2mil) and if we can’t sign Gill.  I think if PG can find a trading partner for Spacek then he’ll be gone too.  That woul dleave us with a young, but extremely mobile D.

    I think Wiz was brought in to be Hammer’s replacement.  If I remember correctly, Hammer was Souray’s replacement cuz he had a decent shot and was a big body.  The ‘shot’ thing never worked out but Wiz brings that and youth to the table.  He seems to like it here and is not shy about telling people that.

    – Honestly yours

  20. SeriousFan09 says:

    Your Captains for the ASG are Eric Staal and Nicklas Lidstrom.

    Good choices, it’s being held in Carolina so it’s snubbing Staal not to give him a C and Lidstrom just defines class.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  21. NoTinFoilCups says:

    They’re not our captains. Most here could care less about this silly excuse for a hockey game.

    Perhaps if the NHL just made a regular season outdoor game from the previous season’s Stanley Cup finalists they would have a better showcase for the game.


  22. jimmy shaker says:

    I feel, your pain….I hate when people know the score before you do…….you can totally tell what’s up with their body language.  The flames were unlucky, but I’m more than happy for us to get the deuce and give the flames a single, I think that’s fair.


  23. JF says:

    I loved Stubbs’s piece about Gill and Subban.  It seems that Gill, in addition to being a penalty-kill monster and a leader in the locker-room, is a great mentor for the young players.  We saw this last year also, when he apparently took Price aside, told him to stop blaming his defencemen for errors, and pointed out that often it was the defence that saved Price. that it’s a team game and every player has his role.  As a result, Price is a much better team-mate than he was last year, and this is perhaps the biggest lesson he has learned.  P.K. can only benefit from Gill’s patience, teaching, and encouragement.  I’d like to see Gill re-signed for next year, possibly the next two years. 

  24. fbkj says:

    pants just buzzed

    pouliot out tonite

  25. G-Man says:

    pants just buzzed- unplugged them from the wall.

  26. sholi2000.com says:

    Does the Wiz make Markov expendable?

    One year contract?

    Two Year?


    I say we don’t bust the bank on Markov. 

    They Call Me Shane

  27. kirkiswork says:

    Marky will have to take a pay cut or same salary for one year.

  28. SeriousFan09 says:

    Markov and the Canadiens are likely discussing a 1-year deal between 4-4.5 million if I had to guess, Markov is extremely dedicated to his rehab but he knows he may never be all he was before his string of injuries, but he loves Montreal and I’m sure he’d like to stay.

    Wisniewski is good, but he doesn’t have Markov’s intelligence and composure, just taking control of the play, calming the team down with some smart plays and keeping the game firmly in control.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  29. shiram says:

    Well no, you can have more than one offencive Defenceman, and with PK, we might have 3 come next season!
    That would do wonders for our PP.

  30. J_P says:

    To me, when healthy, Markov is a top-5 (maybe top-10 considering all the new talent) defensemen in the league.  Therefore, it’s hard to say he’s expendable unless we manage to get a Shea Weber, Drew Doughty, Tyler Myers, Tomas Kaberle (yes, I would sign Kaberle as a UFA in the off-season if the price is right) etc… 

    Markov bleeds bleu, blanc et rouge, and has gone on record many times stating how much he loves Montreal and how much he wants to stay here.  However, the recent string of injuries is a HUGE concern. 

    If Markov is looking for over $5 million, I say one year deal.  If he’s willing to go down to $4-$4.5 million, I’d be willing to give him a 3 or 4 year deal.  He’s under the age of 35, so if he retires, the habs arent on the hook for the hit (under the current CBA).   

    Now, this it totally wishful thinking, but Shea Weber is RFA at seasons end, and in line for a huge raise which Nashville may not be willing to pay.  IF the habs can acquire him, than I would say Markov is expendable. 

  31. G-Man says:

    The Wiz will be priced out of the market if he has some success from the point on the PP. He does not make Markov expendable unless Markov isn’t or can’t be returning.

    Too many teams have D-man who create nothing but blocked shots from the point and are continually forced to pass it off. It used to be that you were either brave or nuts to stand in front of these slapshots. Now, the equipment takes the fear out of the play.

  32. fbkj says:

    … can we get some sensitivity training here?

  33. Max_a_million says:

    Except what happens when another team decides they want to take a chance on 4 years for one of the best defencemen in the world for 6 million per year.  We are not negotiating in a vaccum, and I am sure there are teams who would jump at the chance. 

  34. jimmy shaker says:

    I think Marky will get a 2 year deal at 5 mill per or just a shade under 5mill.  I don’t think marky or his agent or the brass is even entertaining a single year deal.  I think 2 at the min, and wouldn’t be surprised if it was a 3 yr. deal.  Much like Gorges, the brass want Marky back, and he wants to be here, so it should be a very easy negotiation.  He (marky) knows he has to prove himself before he gets a raise, and the team knows he’s at least a 4mill/yr player, injury prone or not.  So the money shouldn’t be an issue.  If anything the term might be the slightest of bump if any. That’s how I see it.


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