HI/O Show: Will long-term loss of Galchenyuk end Habs’ Stanley Cup hopes?

With the long-term loss of centre Alex Galchenyuk, can the Canadiens still contend for the Stanley Cup?

On this week’s Hockey Inside/Out Show at hockeyinsideout.com, our panellists — CBC Daybreak columnist Andie Bennett, Gazette sports columnist Jack Todd, Gazette city editor Louise Solomita and host Adam Susser — discuss Galchenyuk as well as these questions:

Our HI/O viewer question of the week: Who do you think the Habs will lose in the expansion draft?

Who has been the Canadiens’ most valuable player so far this season: Carey Price, Shea Weber or Alexander Radulov?

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Editor’s note: This week’s show was recorded Wednesday morning before the Canadiens announced that Galchenyuk and David Desharnais will miss six to eight weeks with injuries.

This week’s HI/O Show:



  1. rhino514 says:

    Ecstatic about the win against New Jersey. And don´t get me wrong I have seen Danault play a stretch of awesome games this year and Mitchell is an unsung hero. But as number 2 and 3 centres I have strong doubts if they can manage for 7-8 weeks. And I think it´s too soon to make McCarron the third line centre at this point. Unless he is playing much better inn tst.johns than his stats indicate.

  2. Un Canadien errant says:

    What kind of bunglers are in charge in Las Vegas? This is a reddish flag. The franchise didn’t go with the name “Aces” or something similar because of opposition from Gary Bettman, but the owner said no problem, we’re going to be the Black Nights anyway.

    Followed months of angst because the Army wouldn’t allow them to use that name, and the London Knights wouldn’t let them use the straight ‘Knights’ moniker. After a lot of CactusHawks nonsense, they settled on “Golden Knights”, with a lot of unconvincing reasoning as to how they chose ‘golden’ rather than ‘silver’ or ‘red’ or ‘jacquard pattern’.

    And now we find out that, after that damp firecracker of a presentation a few weeks back, they never actually got around to trademarking the name.


    Maybe they will leap on Jacob de la Rose as the player they pick from our rolls at the expansion draft after all.

    ¡Viva Frontenac siempre y para siempre!


  3. FlyAngler says:

    Marc Dumont on TSN690 this morning opined that as soon as Sherbak is healthy, the Habs should give him a shot in order to replace some of Chucky’s raw talent. He also made the point that sometimes playing in the NHL enables players to become professionals so not bringing him up because he has failed to meet the “professional” standard under the dubious tutelage of Sylvain Lefebvre is perhaps not a good reason for not bringing him up. McCarron has not had a good season on the Rock, but he seemed to have a good to very good training camp so just maybe, just maybe the problem is not the players. Dumont also suggested that the move to Laval will bring increased media scrutiny to the Habs AHL affiliate and perhaps necessitate a coaching change since Lefebvre will not likely be able to withstand such scrutiny. I really like Dumont- straight shooter that he is.

    “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

  4. Paz says:

    Here’s the challenge. Radulov is excellent, but he can’t play alone. You need at least 1 other forward to keep up with Radulov, to offer him options, to finish the plays, to keep teams from targeting Radulov alone.

    Galchenyuk was a perfect pairing with Radulov. Skill, speed, vision, creative play making.

    I think Radulov’s production will slow considerably now.

    A team that was beginning to have offensive problems, is now a team whose best offensive threat, the Radulov-Galchenyuk pairing, has now been broken.

    Price and strong defensive play from Weber will keep them in many games for sure, but I think the Habs fall back into the middle of the pack now.

  5. Gerry H says:

    “Subban drove this team’s shooting percentage, and now he’s gone.”

    Uh, what? Subban’s shooting percentage was below the team average throughout his time on the Habs. Last season was the closest he came to matching the team average (8.1% vs 8.6%).

    “Oh, yeah, and do you know who is second to Karlsson in points per game? Some guy called Subban… .84 to .64, then there’s the rest…)”

    Fabulous. But he’s also -6 playing top pair minutes on a team with a positive goal differential. Weber is +16 with one more point offensively.

    PK is lovable and insanely skilled. Shea Weber is a better defenseman (for now, and now is what matters for a team in its window of opportunity).

  6. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    The “Golden Knights” has been rejected by the US gov for trademark violation. Can someone please again explain to me how Bettman is a great a business-man again? Is it that hard for someone to do a trademark search before picking a name??? What a farce.


  7. fastfreddy says:

    Yes, what is this Forbidden 403 crap?

    CH = Les Glorieux!!!

  8. HabinBurlington says:

    Over the past few months I have seen folks talking about the dreaded 403 forbidden message, but hadn’t had problems. Now the past couple days the message seems near constant.

    Any computer geeks here that can explain why this happens? I am aware of the cache clearing process, changing browsers etc…. but what is the reason for the occurrence, is this like one of those oxygen sensors we have on our vehicles that seem to just need replacing in order to get the vehicle back in the dealers hands for some cash?

  9. Phil C says:

    Hockey is a team sport more than the other big pro sports like basketball and football. So when losing a player, you have to assess the impact on the team, not look at the player’s individual contribution in a bubble.

    Let’s say Chucky is good for 70 points, and they find a replacement who is good for 40 points, which is not that unreasonable playing with Radulov. So then they are missing only 30 points. If the other lines can pick up some of that, they could barely miss any points as a team. A team with depth can do that.

    Conversely, on a team with no depth could have all 4 lines get weaker by losing one player and every line getting disrupted/weaker as players bump up one spot in the lineup. Then the impact can be devastating, even more than one player’s contribution. I don’t think that’s the case here. I think despite losing their best offensive player, they have the depth to compensate, especially if previously slumping players step up.

    It’s not like losing Price where going from a .930 SV% to a .905 SV% is literally a goal a game difference. So I wouldn’t panic yet as a fan or a GM until a see a few games to assess the impact on the team as a whole.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Unless they suddenly nose-dive, I don’t see MB doing anything until the deadline. Too conservative.

      • Phil C says:

        It’s not just Bergevin either. A GM commented last December that he couldn’t even make a bad trade at the time because there were no dance partners. This year though, the expansion draft will stimulate the trade market.

    • Paz says:

      If a quarterback or running back does not get consistent blocking, a Hall of Fame talent will be reduced to nothing.

      Football is the ultimate team sport.

      • Phil C says:

        Fair enough, except for the QB position. A QB needs a good line, but a good line is useless without a good passer. In that way football needs that individual star more than hockey. And they are not as easy to replace as a goalie in hockey.

        • Paz says:

          I’ve seen average quarterbacks win a lot of games because of strong offensive line. But this is a hockey site so not that relevant here. 🙂

          • Phil C says:

            Yes, we are getting off on a tangent. I concede football has a huge team aspect. In football though the star QB like Brady or the star defender like Ray Lewis is on the field for every single play on their half of the ball. The QB touches the ball on every single offensive play. Whereas in hockey Galchenyuk only plays 1/4 of the game and he might not even touch the puck on half his shifts. Even the biggest star forwards only play 1/3 of the game, the other 2/3 they have zero impact on the outcome. The Habs only have to replace Galchenyuk’s 15 minutes a night. To me that’s less daunting than replacing a Brady or Lewis or LeBron.

  10. DipsyDoodler says:

    Speaking of PK, after a slow start he has now caught up to Weber in goals and points.


    • Phil C says:

      Good for PK to be meeting expectations. He has normally racked up more points than Weber, so this should be expected as a Habs fan.

      • Strummer says:

        At a long term $9 million cap hit he should be leading the league in scoring by a defenseman.

        -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

          That is unfair. He received the contract when the market was at his highest point just coming off the new TV deal. It is not his fault the salary cap has stopped growing with lower revenues from poorer TV revenues and lower Cdn dollar. Plus he signed it in Mtl where the taxes are significantly more than in places like Nashville, TB and Dallas.

  11. munch17 says:

    I think what upsets most people here is their perception that DD gets a free pass.He truly seems well liked and it’s a great story- but his role is to produce offence and he hasn’t done so in 3-4 years.
    The media ( RDS in particular ) targeted Eller last year and Plex this year. In both cases their primary role was defense and PK. So although Plex is having a poor year offensively he still is an excellent 3rd line center. DD is not physical ( no comment on his first hit of the year) and has not produced on the PP in years – despite repeated opportunities.
    My prediction – if Plex plays with Radu and Max he will produce points ( More than DD would have).
    The question will be who can step up and be a useful if not dominant 3rd line center – Danault? Mitchell?

    • Loop_G says:

      Actually 3 & 4 years ago he was avg. 50 pts a season, it is only this year and last year that have been an issue. I have no problem with giving him a second chance this year hoping that last year was an aberration, but he’s out soon. If the habs land a centre of significance to help this year, DD will be out of a job.

      • munch17 says:

        Actually 50 points for a player who plays with the top wingers ( as he did) , number one power play unit, O zone face offs is pretty poor. Especially when he brings nothing else to the table( PK, defense, physicality).

  12. Max_a_million says:

    Some of the things said on this site about David Desharnais in particular are horrific. He’s a human being. I understand if you don’t like a player, don’t be a horrible human in the process. Don’t let the medium of a computer screen allow you to be a horrible human being. He’s a person, include decency in your critiques.

  13. The Jackal 76 says:

    Bergevin is a mediocre GM at best, and MT is a mediocre coach at the VERY best.

    This team has been succeeding despite these two calling the shots. And now that Chucky is out, it’s gut check time once more. Because of course, MB didn’t learn that losing a key player and having no depth/adequate alternatives is a bad thing. He probably figured there’s no way the Habs lose another main hombre to injury for the short-term. Well, that’s what you get.

    It’s no secret that I’m down on the Habs, but 1/3 of the season in, the data is there to back it all up. And the picture ain’t pretty. Last season, after the 25 game mark, the Habs were 18-4-3 with a +32 goal differential and a 53.39% Corsi. This season the Habs are 17-6-2 with a +18 goal differential and a 51.08% Corsi. The difference? Oh, well, you know… they traded away one of the league’s premier dmen for an out-dated model of a #1 dman.

    Subban drove this team’s shooting percentage, and now he’s gone. What’s making it worse is that the next 2 drivers of offence are Chucky and Pacioretty, respectively. MT does not lean on them, for whatever reason. Instead, he prefers to sprinkle fifth line puds all throughout the line up, cus we got depp! It’s pathetic. This organization does not recognize the importance of talent, puck movement, possession, or any new idea that has changed the way elite teams and analysts view the game. They are stuck in the era of Don Cherry’s hey-day. Maybe some fans like that, but they ain’t the future of the sport or the fan-base.

    And while fans can like whatever the heck they want, organizations NEED to adapt, embrace change, and be on the cutting edge in order to be competitive. This doesn’t change just because one is involved in pro sports. So if you personally dislike PK, that’s your deal (your prejudice notwithstanding), but when an organization whose job it is to win a championship and be elite discards a player whose only comparables are Burns and Karlsson, in exchange for a player only loved by those behind the times, and who is much much less effective at his job, well… then you have a problem. (Side note: if you don’t think Karlsson and Burns are the best in the biz, look it up. They drive their team’s offence and possession by some insane margins. Oh, yeah, and do you know who is second to Karlsson in points per game? Some guy called Subban… .84 to .64, then there’s the rest…)

    When Bergevin stresses being angry at losing and “character” over everything else, then you have a problem. How does Bergevin explain Chicago’s success? He would point at Shaw before pointing at Toews and Kane – that’s a problem. Bergevin would probably disapprove of Joe Thornton’s attitude, despite the Sharks looking better than ever and making it to the Cup final – something MB’s character-laden team has never been close to doing. Jumbo Joe told his teammates to shape up and stop moping after a loss, to be happy and that they’d win the next one. But MB likes players who sulk, break steaks, and cuss out refs. He probably doesn’t think Brent Burns is an elite dman.

    And as an aside for those piling on Patch, the man is the best Habs player for O-zone loose puck recoveries, eye-test be damned (are you really seeing, anyway?). The metrics have it squarely proven. FFS, the fan base and in particular the old school types really love piling on players for whatever intangible BS they come up with. Pacioretty is not a problem, he’s getting things done. But knowing MB’s record, he may think Patch is a problem. That is wrong, and fans and MB should be looking at the collection of fifth line puds and ECHL champs when trying to figure out why this Habs squad is once again not impressing anyone.

    Anyhow, that’s it for the rant/analysis of the Habs.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • ColdComfort says:

      It’s a rant for sure. I wouldn’t call it an analysis.

    • Dust says:

      And yet…. they sit tied for 1st. playing 2 less games.

    • mount royal says:

      The logic seems to be: If the Habs lose good players to injury and then don`t win as much, then it is must be the fault of the coach and the GM…metrics be damned.

    • iha8losin says:

      Add to your critique is the fact that the team hasn’t drafted Especially well in the last 10yrs. They rank middle of the pack wrt to NHL games played and points scored by their picks. The link below is the source of my information. It’s a Toronto Sun article. The author gives the Habs a B+ which is weighted based on draft position. We all know they haven’t had a lot of high picks going back to 2005. And maybe that’s the problem: we haven’t been bad enough. Which brings me to another thing that’s help explain the team’s lack of real success (i.e., championships). I’m talking about the organizations fanatical obsession with icing a competive squad year in and year out. In other words, their unwillingness to clean house and embark on an honest-to-goodness rebuild of the sort that Toronto is currently undertaking.

      Why is that? Pride? A belief that the city won’t support a loser? If history is any guide, then I’d say the belief is well founded wrt to the city’s other sports franchises, most notably the Expos and the ALs. The Expos left town beacause (and this is an oversimplification) they failed on the field and people stopped going. Same with the ALs in the 80s. Would the same happen with the Habs. It did to some extent during the dark days of the early 2000s. Anyway, my point is the team seems to have embraced mediocrity more out of fear than anything else…fear of letting down the team’s glorious heritage as a perennial winner. Or is it all about money? Maybe Molson is satisfied to ice a team that’s just good enough to keep the turnstiles turning. I kinda doubt it. I’m more inclined to think the front office lacks the cojones to tear the team down and start over.


    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Mediocre is unfair given the overall record the past 4.3 seasons. I think MT and MB are good but not great (which should be the standard for this franchise). I agree their over-emphasis on their preferential personality traits has been troubling. I like Gally and Shaw but when they are getting long term deals while PK and Chucky were “hard-balled’ into bridge deals made no sense to me. It is what it is.

      • iha8losin says:

        The only thing standing between mediocre and abysmal is player 31. You have only to look at last year for proof of that! Honestly, the team is pretty much bottom feeders without him.

    • New says:

      Well unlike some of you I read what he wrote. It got me thinking.

      The Nashville team is doing ok, not great, but ok. They are a lousy draw on the road and play in a small venue at home. Montreal has a big venue but are also a mediocre draw on the road. Nashville doesn’t make a lot of money, Montreal does.

      PK is the Preds most expensive player by 3 million and plays second fiddle to Josi (paid 5 million less per season). The last guy in that position was Weber and we know what happened there.

      I wonder if it is possible for the Habs to obtain PK for Andrighetto and Emelin plus a fourth? Nashville would have to pick up some salary, say 2 million of the 4 million difference, but would save 2 million a year plus get an extra bonafide forward which they need. In a big surprise that 2 million saved would bring Nashville to the break even point on operating expenses, decreasing the revenue the other teams need to send.

      The deal would help Nashville on the books which lowers the dollars the Habs have to send them under revenue sharing. Good all around.


  14. The Jackal 76 says:

    Loss of Chucky not a game changer? Credibility = DEAD.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Gerry H says:

      The loss of Chucky for six to eight weeks is not a game changer.

    • Steven Finn says:

      You’re talking credibility! HAHAHA

      You think everyone forgot you trolling Boones liveblog after the Habs winning? Saying “Your Leafs will win the Cup before the Canadiens” and anyone who didn’t share opinion of Subban being the best defenceman ever “didn’t know anything about hockey”.
      You should look in the mirror before you question anyone’s else credibility…..

  15. SmartDog says:

    1. Should the Habs:
    A. Make a big trade to get a #2 C even at a large price?
    B. Make a modest trade for a modest C?
    C. Make not trade, use what we have until Chucky is back.
    2. Who will the Habs lose in the expansion draft? (And when the heck is it?)
    3. Does the Galchenyuk injury give Therrien job security? (Thank goodness that darned “no excuses” sign is gone, eh Mike?)
    4. Did Pateryn suddenly get better, or did Therrien wake up?
    5. When will MB sign Radulov to an extension and for how much?


    When you’re in a foxhole, your head is naturally in the sand.

    • Rockhabsfan says:

      1C – tread water now, try and squeeze some more goals out of the players on the roster (there are signs of life from Max and Gallagher), and have Weber make sure no one goes near Price’s knees.
      2 – Plekanec if they need to get to the Cap floor. And I think results are announced June 21.
      3. Unfortunately, yes
      4. Therrien wake up?? no way…
      5. Valentines Day – 4 years, 6.5 per.

    • Cal says:

      1. C- use Radulov as #1 center. 2. No one important. 3. It really shouldn’t, but Habs management doesn’t have any accountability, do they? 4. Therrien doesn’t like him just as he didn’t like Eller. He is this season’s whipping boy. 5. I don’t think he will sign with the Habs next season, in spite of the Russians on the team. Many teams will be looking to sign him and at a better rate than the Habs’ skinflint gm is willing to pay. Remember, he went hard after Lucic and Radulov was the booby prize.

    • Phil C says:

      1A. Only if they would do it if Galchenyuk was healthy.
      1B. Same as 1A. I think they have enough depth.
      2. Hard to predict without knowing who Vegas needs. It could play out a bunch of different ways depending on who they take from other teams.
      3. Of course, it might mean an extension!
      4. Pateryn is better.
      5. If they can sign him they should but I think it will be after the expansion draft. One less body to protect and I think Radulov will want to test the market anyway.

    • Max_a_million says:

      1. What is out there isn’t worth giving anything up for.
      See what you can accomplish with players you have, and if they struggle make a move.
      Wait, but don’t wait until you hit a tailspin.
      2. Pateryn will be lost in Expansion
      3. He has it anyway
      4. Neither
      5. March 4 years at 6 million

    • bwoar says:

      1. A

      The injuries don’t help, but we needed a top C before the season started, it seems to me now. I’m most worried about LD, frankly, but the part of me that says “go all-in right now” tells me we ought to ship out whatever necessary to shore up the middle of the ice.

      2. Beaulieu (barring a trade), and it’s this summer.

      3. Like he needed it ?!?!


      5. Immediately after we win the Cup, and 6.75M / 4 years.

  16. mrhabby says:

    Habs will receive Cap relief for as long as these 2 players are injured. Our Cap # just went up.

    • Phil C says:

      True, but as soon as they are back, the cap relief goes away and the Habs must get back under the cap. So any replacement player would also have to go away if he put them over the cap.

  17. Cal says:

    Bonus content? This show has gone downhill and it’s only taken a couple months. Subscribe? No way.
    This emphasis on Facebook and now Youtube along with how slow this site is to load probably means the end is near for this site.
    So many posters have been 403d it’s getting ridiculous. Instead of focusing on this site and getting people to flock to it and participate, it looks like they’re doing everything possible to screw it up.
    A short 15 minute show has now dropped to 10 minutes and 30 seconds with all the music and credits.
    And,sorry folks, but Solomita really shouldn’t be a panelist.

  18. nbsjfan says:

    I like Andie Bennet and her comments – they always seemed to be well informed and germaine to the discussion but holy cow Andie – David Desharnais is a great playmaker and a great passer? Good lord, have you been watching him over the last couple of years? He’s awful and there isn’t a contending team in the league that would take him as one of their top 3 centres. There’s a reason why Bergevin couldn’t trade him last year – he couldn’t even give him away. He may have had a couple of good years but those years are long past him and if his name was David Johnson, his butt would have been sent packing 2 or 3 years ago. His continued involvement on this team is hampering the development of other forwards. Lets face it, if he hadn’t take a puck off the foot last year, we’d still be talking about how Galchenyuk might never be a centreman and the gall of Therrien to pretend after the fact that they knew he was ready. As my Father used to say – Balderdash.

    So can we please stop with the Desharnais is a great playmaker nonsense? He isn’t. He might have been an acceptable fill in while we waited for a real #1 centre but he’s done. If we’re going to insist that Desharnais is a great playmaker then lets trot Lafleur and Robinson out there too. They are the two greatest players in hockey or at least they were at one time. If it works for DD should work for them too.

    • Flanelette says:

      You are implying that Desharnais is on the team because he is french canadian: that is stupid and narrow-minded. Why is Plekanec still on the team? Why is there less french canadian players on the CH than on most teams?

      • nbsjfan says:

        No, I’m not implying it I’m outright saying it. They kept him on this team because they knew getting rid of him when he was the only French Canadian on the team would have caused an uproar. Remember the stink the French Press made when DD was the only Francophone on the team? Imagine for a minute the uproar had he been let go a year or two ago, as he should have been.

        He’s an entirely untradeable diminishing asset – no, I’m wrong. He’s a diminished asset and his continued use is hampering the development of young players and for that I blame the coach and the GM not him but it doesn’t hide the fact that he’s still on this team more because of the intangibles then his skill, a skill that has diminished to the point where he really has no place on this team even with two healthy drumsticks.

      • mrhabby says:

        Yup..he is on the Habs cause he is French. French media love this guy and his story. Look at his stats over the last few years…dreadful.

        • Cal says:

          46 and shrinking. Thanks for the list, New. Last I heard it was 48.
          NHL caliber Quebec born players are a dying breed. Look at the age of most of these guys.

    • Strummer says:

      He was an undrafted ECHL player.
      Was any other NHL team interested in his services?

      If he were Anglo-Canadian the Habs wouldn’t have given a second look either

      -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

  19. Old Bald Bird says:

    Not a bad show, but with intro and conclusion it’s down to almost 10 minutes. I wonder about gathering the folks together for 10 minutes of discussion.

  20. Lapointe says:

    I doubt that our Habs can win the Stanley Cup but there is always that chance if they make the play-offs. The 93 version wasn’t supposed to win and did. That team won 10 OT games on the way to the cup. Alex is a piece of the offense but again I don’t see him as the elite center that some do. I do however see him as becoming one in the future.He is important though because our team needs all the goals that he potentially will bring. Anyhow the team showed on the west coast trip that they have some determination and grit. I am slowly starting to believe in them as a team. So my fingers crossed.

  21. Thomas Le Fan says:

    I think we can easily replace DD but without AG we are in some trouble. Weak down the middle to begin with, lacking in scoring, we will be hard pressed to replace his goals. Radulov has been a great find but can he put the bisket in the basket more often? Can Pacioretty, Gallagher and Plekanec step it up? We’ll see.

    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. – Mark Twain

  22. Ingy27 says:

    So is chucky going to the IR or how does this work?

    • Phil C says:

      He’ll go on IR, so it will free up a roster spot, but it doesn’t help the salary cap situation because they need to leave cap room for him when he comes back. LTIR cap relief mainly benefits teams when the player is gone for the season and the replacement player’s salary can be over the cap.

  23. habs001 says:

    Habs are again a team like they have been over the last 5 years…If they make the playoffs they will have to win more 1-0 2-1 games and o/t games than the other team…..They just have not been able to produce from their draft picks any significant scoring since Galchenyuk and Gallagher.

  24. Uromastyx says:

    Habs are still better than a bubble team. Cap relief from these 2 will be an added bonus at the deadline. This won’t be a big problem. Just bad news for now. Cup is still ours.

    • 24 Cups says:

      I believe that Montreal only receives cap relief if and when they pierce the maximum. Until then, the only extra cap space to be utilized would be the added salary of call-ups such as Ghetto and Redmond. Maybe Stu Cowan would have a definitive answer on this.

  25. 24 Cups says:

    I was a little surprised at how the panel answered the expansion draft question. I’m not sure they had done their homework, or at least planned a detailed response. It might have been better to start with a list of the players that they would protect. Build some consensus and then see which player would be most likely to be lost.

    I’m of the opinion that it will come down to a choice of protecting Emelin or Beaulieu. The player that is not protected would then be lost. I think their is little chance that Montreal loses Flynn or Mitchell.

    • Phil C says:

      I think they’ll probably expose Plekanec, Emelin, and Byron. If they trade Beaulieu, then they can protect Emelin.

      Who Vegas takes from the Habs will depend on who otherr teams expose. If they are already fat on forwards and have their defense filled out, they may target a prospect instead on a two way contract. They’ll need that flexibility for call ups among their 30. If they need to get over the cap, a guy like Plekanec or Emelin would work better, etc.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Let’s assume that Radulov re-signs.

        Montreal’s protected list would look something like this:
        Patches, Shaw, Galchenyuk, Radulov, Gallagher, Danault and Byron
        Weber, Petry, Beaulieu/Emelin and Price.

        Exposed players – Emelin/Beaulieu, Pateryn, Pleks, Carr, Hudon and Ghetto. I’m assuming Vegas will pass on journeymen such as Mitchell, Flynn and Montoya (assuming he is re-signed to fulfil the draft requirements)

        So it appears that Montreal will need to trade either Emelin or Beaulieu before the draft takes place. The return can’t be a player that has more than two years experience as that player in theory could be lost to expansion. However, right now, the last thing Montreal needs is future draft picks.

  26. habs001 says:

    Habs cup hopes are no better than at least 15 other teams…

    • Phil C says:

      If you mean the top 15 teams, then I agree with you. Parity keeps everyone in it.

      • 24 Cups says:

        We’re basically at the 1/3 mark of the schedule and only two teams are totally out of the playoff picture – Arizona and Colorado. Club management has an important role to play but parity is alive and well mainly due to the hard salary cap.

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