HI/O Show: What’s happened to Max Pacioretty?


Has free agent pickup Alexander Radulov emerged as the most important Canadien after Carey Price?

On this week’s Hockey Inside/Out Show, our hockey insiders — Gazette columnist Stu Cowan, former Canadien and TSN 690 radio host Chris Nilan, and CBC Daybreak columnist Andie Bennett — discuss Radulov as well as these topics:

How concerned should fans be about Brendan Gallagher’s scoring slump?

Do you think any other team would take Tomas Plekanec and his $6 million salary in a trade?

And our viewer’s question of the week: What’s happened to Max Pacioretty? 

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Photo: Dario Ayala/Montreal Gazette

This week’s HI/O Show:



  1. ThebadBoards says:

    Could it be that Patch is suffering neck problems from that terrible stanchion hit a few years ago? Could it be that it’s coming back to haunt him . So he backs off when he’s along the boards in the offensive end

  2. ThebadBoards says:

    Can anyone dispute The FACT that Max plays soft ! That was not noticed so much because he was a 30 goal man in years gone bye. I really believe that the C has weighed him down . Maybe he has off ice issues to that we can’t know about But what we all DO KNOW is that through all the cup years that Habs have had. There has Always been leadership from great goaltending AND OR great captains

  3. Ian Cobb says:

    Very nice show this week boys and girls.! Thanks

    I do not think the one trick pony Patches, will ever go after a puck. He has a great shot and he expects others to feed him. Can’t win a cup when you have a Captain that can’t lead!!

  4. nigel says:

    I agree that Susser is a weak host for the show. I enjoyed the previous years’ much more. I also agree that Nilan seems ready to roll his eyes almost any time Susser speaks. I wouldn’t mind so much if the guy was funny. Perhaps he is as a stand-up comedian, but thus far he gets a failing grade from me.
    That said, however, the worst thing about the show, without a shade of a sliver of a nanogram of doubt, is the close-captioning job. Abomination springs to mind. Abortion as well. These shows are pre-recorded before being posted. Why, therefore, is there no one looking over the close captioning? I’ve never seen the English language so butchered in one of these read-a-longs before, not EVER. It’s quite frankly, a disgrace.
    Thomas “mechanic”? Sven “and re ghetto”? These are two of the more glaring examples from the last few shows, but the close captions are rife with failure. Not one sentence goes by without at least one terrible error. It’s been so terrible, it’s indescribable, it needs to be witnessed to be fully understood. It’s like one of those horrible things you can’t bear to watch, and yet you can’t turn away from either.
    Something can and must be done about this truly abominable disgrace to the team, its players and those who actually depend upon closed captioning to understand the podcast. The show is pre-recorded, so I would ask, nay, DEMAND that some greater care go into the editing of these captions before another episode gets posted. Post it later if need be. Whatever, it’s an easily solved issue.
    Frankly, I’m surprised more people here haven’t mentioned this. It appears in full screen mode, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn it off even. So,a good portion of you must also be seeing this. Let’s together work to make sure they change this: the hearing impaired deserve better.

    Habs rule, leafs drool.

  5. joeybarrie says:

    Jonathan Toews has zero points in 5 games and 2 points in 8.
    Anze Kopitar has 4 points and zero goals in 10 games.
    Mikko Koivu has 3 points in 10 games.
    Joel Ward has 5 points all season.
    Ryan Callahan has 3 points this season.
    Andrew Ladd has 3 points as well.
    Lars Eller has 2 points in 18 games.

    I wonder if Tampa fans are calling for Callahan to be traded.
    I wonder is Minnesota fans are asking for Koivu to be demoted and Eric Staal to be Captain.
    Wonder if LA fans are thinking that Kopitar should be moved. 8 points on the season is considerably better for their 10 million then our 5 on Pleks 6 million.

    How easily we give up on players in Montreal. Especially the ones who have been very consistent.

    Funny how people have been wishing we had a center like Bergeron for the last 10 years…. How is Patrice doing in Boston right now? Wait, does he have 5 points this season too???

    MaxPac has 13 points. More than Kuznetsov, Couture, Nugent-Hopkins, Parise, Monahan, T.J. Oshie.
    3 points behind Jamie Benn…
    3 points behind Ovechkin.

    This team is in first place, and all i see is complaint and giving up.
    Its insanity.

    • olematelot says:

      Very eye opening and couldn’t agree more, when reading the comments you’d think the team was in last place not 1st. They win a game and people complain they didn’t do it the right way along with putting down individual players. There’s no such thing as the perfect win or the perfect player.

  6. on2ndthought says:

    New thread, just as this one seems to be getting interesting.

    Free Front.

  7. Habs4LifeInTO says:

    I like the D configuration here. I believe this third pairing in particular provides size and mobility; likely the best third pair the Habs can muster at this time if Barbierio (and Pateryn) has his mojo back that is.

    Looking at the forwards makes me flash back to June 30, 2009. The Habs traded for Scott Gomez. Then Mike Cammalleri followed. I remember thinking the Habs just keep on getting smaller (yes I believe that size plays a role in today’s game..sue me). Well here we are at the end of 2016 and I see that 8 of the 12 forwards are under 6 feet and I have to shake my damn head. I know…they are in first place..it appears to be working…for now. I am very happy about that. Having said that we all know what happens when the playoffs roll around. Here’s hoping there will be some tweaking of this group. Lehkonen should return to the line up soon. He’ll help. Will they then gut St John’s and promote Scherbak and McCarron? Will DD then help to shore up the Ice Caps? Can they pluck a sturdy forward from a non playoff team at the deadline? I hope this is the year we will see some of the changes many of us have clamoured for over the years.

    Oh yes, and where would this team be without Carey Price? Thank you Bob Gainey for having the foresight to draft him and stand by him!

    Byron – Galchenyuk – Radulov
    Pacioretty – Plekanec – Gallagher
    Danault – Mitchell – Shaw

    Emelin – Weber
    Markov – Petry
    Barberio – Pateryn

    Price starting

    24 cups and counting….

  8. Thomas Le Fan says:

    MP is definitely struggling or is this who he really is as a player? Worst captain in Hab’s history? Someone has to be the shortest tall man in the world, no? 😀
    They should make Weber captain. It’s almost a no brainer. If someone has to approach Max and suggest that he give up the captaincy with some grace and dignity and make it appear that it’s his idea, make it so. It’s a burden he doesn’t need and doesn’t carry well.

    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. – Mark Twain

  9. Phil C says:

    The way fans and the media overact to slumps really hurts the team. It’s bad enough Pacioretty is trying to figure out a slump that might not even be his fault, and the back lash from the fans and the media that goes with it, he then has to deal with a coach throwing him under the bus by telling the media that Pacioretty needs to get the puck himself. Then when confronted about, in true Therrien form, it wasn’t his fault, his words were twisted. So his Captain twists in the wind rather than the coach admit he misspoke. Therrien should know better, but he can’t help himself, that’s who he is.

    It’s obvious the relationship between player and coach are once again strained and we know how that ended last time.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      The arrogance of MT and how he handles most any difficult situation is so very typical.

      I still cannot understand the “blind faith” MB appears to have with this Coach.

    • FlyAngler says:

      If Therrien doesn’t leave Max with Pleks and Gallagher for a while to hopefully get all three of them going, you almost have to wonder if consciously or unconsciously he perhaps wants Max to fail given his alleged statement at his golf tournament…..

      “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

      • Loop_G says:

        No coach wants a player to fail, especially not a cornerstone player like Max. MT has weaknesses, not my favorite guy but calling out a player in public sometimes has to be done, at this point in the season a lot of things have been tried. That said I do agree that leaving the three you mentioned together for awhile and letting them figure it out is the best way to go.

    • The Jackal 76 says:

      I agree that overreaction and media hype don’t help anyone. And that MT is not doing Patch any favours… who knows, maybe he did say that he was the worst captain in Habs history. What a mess.

      That said, I don’t think what’s being said about his slump or game lately is an overreaction. Stats aside, Patch’s game has not looked the same, in a bad way, since the start of last season. Maybe he does have a nagging injury, but it’s more likely in his head. A big part of the game is mental, and perhaps Patch just has too much going on. When he’s at his best, Patch is force – he doesn’t play like a power forward but he uses his size very well, he blows by the wing with his speed and has confidence in his shot, he also protects the puck and draws a lot of penalties or creates chances by drawing defenders to him.

      This is not how Patch has been playing of late, going back to last season. Obviously something is up. Is it the C? I don’t think a trade is necessary or even desirable, and seeing how the Joe Thornton experiment was successful, I don’t see how it couldn’t work with Patch.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  10. New says:

    Liked the show. Loved the Laraque shirt with Looser on it. So funny on so many levels.

    Nilan summed it up. The Habs are brutal in their own end. The answer isn’t to play Markov 30 minutes, play Weber 30 minutes, and keep flipping the other players around.

    Players get frustrated when it doesn’t work. They are professionals and do their best. When no one knows what the other guys are going to do they try too hard. Essentially they say if you are not going to do your job I will do it for you, because I can and you aren’t. But they’re all saying it about each other to themselves. Opponents recognize this and head to where the Habs should be, but aren’t.

    Dryden once wrote about the confidence the Canadiens players had in each other. I think that is important.

    You can be the best technical coach in the world but if you figure you’ll just switch everyone around because sometimes that will get them going, then you’re overlooking all the times it doesn’t. You are doing the same thing the players are doing, trying too hard and meddling. (I learned to use the word meddling because I can’t use the ing word Nilan did)

    • HabinBurlington says:

      It seems the faith MB has in MT is only surpassed by the faith MT has in JJD. It’s a vicious circle.

      • New says:

        There is no way JJ replaces any NHL coach. Of course Therrien has faith in him 🙂

        Sometimes I imagine Roy coaching the team. Win one 3-0, lose the next 5-2, and so on. Little dramas almost every day. Scrape into the playoffs and then anything can happen.

        Then I imagine Therrien working away at getting everyone to play with everyone the right way, players coming and going, little soap operas almost daily, and not making the playoffs or fading away in some round.

        The difference is with Therrien it isn’t anything can happen, it is known what will happen. But that is just me.

  11. Un Canadien errant says:

    The Canada-Russia Series was already won by Canada before this sixth game, so the results were academic. The WHL squad won one game, and lost one in overtime to grab four points out of a possible six, in the 3 points for a win, 2 points for an OT win, 1 point for an OT loss system employed. The Canada team composed by OHL players split their two-games, so all the LHJMQ needed to do to clinch the series was win one of the two remaining games in regulation.

    They did that in the fifth game in Chicoutimi, where after a slow start the LHJMQ team gathered steam and impressed with a 4-0 win. Noteworthy were Pierre-Luc Dubois and Julien Gauthier, two impressive specimens who were taken in the first round in the June draft, and who were teamed up on a line that produced a bunch of points in the second and third period. Defenceman Samuel Girard, the Predators’ second-rounder who is tearing up the Québec league with Shawinigan early this season, also caught the eye, as well as Nicolas Roy, a fourth-round pick by Carolina in 2015.

    The sixth game in Baie-Comeau, a 4-1 win for the boys, was just the cherry on the sundae. Maxime Comtois, a player prognosticated to go high in the first round next June, helped his stock with two goals.

    It was particularly enjoyable in the Chicoutimi game to see Messrs. Dubois, Gauthier and Roy on a line on a powerplay, and completely befuddling the Russian defence with its size and passing wizardry. Julien Gauthier scored two and added an assist, and had what Sportsnet announcers R.J. Broadhead and Sam Cosentino deemed the ‘goal of the tournament’, on a great individual effort.

    It sets up a Canadiens fan, one who grew up with the great dynasty of the Seventies, to rue that none of these great young prospects will play for the Canadiens, will be the Canadiens’ next Lafleur or Lapointe, or at least the next Richer.

    For Pierre-Luc Dubois and Julien Gauthier, you kind of shrug and move on, you know that those two weren’t ‘in range’ when it was our turn to choose, one was too high a pick, the other too low. Mikhail Sergachev was the Goldilocks pick.

    But for Nicolas Roy and Samuel Girard, those two could have easily ended up in the Canadiens system. Nicolas Roy, a highly-touted prospect in the lead-up to the 2015 draft, underwhelmed observers that season and ended up falling in the rankings, from a projected high first-rounder, until he was seen as a late second-rounder at best just prior to the June draft.

    He ended up going early in the fourth round to the Carolina Hurricanes, ultimately great value for a 6’4″ centre who shoots right, one who made up for his poor 2014-15 season with a 48 goal, 90 point season last year, and this season has 14 goals and 16 assists in 17 games.

    Who did the Canadiens prefer to Monsieur Roy? No other than “late-bloomer” Lukas Vejdemo, an overager who racked up 5 goals and 12 assists in 52 games while playing for Djurgardens in the Swedish Hockey League. Now, we have to bear in mind that this was against strong competition, he’s playing against men, not teenagers, but his 2 assists so far this season do nothing to allay our fears, and neither does his tepid showing at the Development Camp this summer, when he blended in a little too much, for a 20-year-old playing against teenagers and undrafted players on a tryout.

    Samuel Girard was also in range for the Canadiens. With two high second-round picks, Monsieur Girard would have been a likely get, with his small stature detracting from his general skillset and deflating his ranking. Sure enough, the Predators, those guys again, snapped him up 47th overall. The second-round picks we dealt to the Blackhawks for Andrew Shaw were the 38th and 45th overall.

    The NHL Draft is a crap shoot. You do your homework, you put in the hours, you make the best decision you can when it’s your turn to speak, but ultimately, you’re choosing 17 and 18 year old players, three or four years before they’re ready to play in the NHL. Nothing is written in stone.

    I understand the philosophy that it’s wisest to take the best-available player when it’s your turn to choose, you don’t get distracted by organizational need or other matters, but in the case of Nicolas Roy, late in the third round, when all the remaining prospects’ grades are bunched up together and essentially equal, you have to give the benefit of the doubt to a big tall offensively-skilled right-handed centreman who’s a local boy, no? This ticks off so many checkboxes. I’d understand if he was a goalie and we just didn’t have the organizational room to take a flier on him, but geez, don’t we need size at forward? Don’t we need centres? Aren’t we trying to boost the local content on our team?

    And when we start asking these questions, we don’t exactly become paranoid, but we start to wonder if Peter Karmanos, besieged on all sides, might not have started preparing his exit plan by instructing Ron Francis to nordiquize his roster and draft Nicolas Roy, and Julien Gauthier last June, to make his Hurricanes even more attractive to Québecor.

    I fear the day when these two drive down the Autoroute 20 with their compatriotes and have their way against Arturri Lehkonen, Sven Andrighetto and Martin Reway, easily push them to the side on their way to another win.

    ¡Viva Frontenac siempre y para siempre!


    • montreal ace says:

      The number one line for Team Canada were players who honed their skills in the QMJHL. It seems that teams prefer to draft Europeans over local skilled players, who do have a knack for scoring goals. I get upset when Timmins seems to miss players, that are within a bus ride away from Montreal. I’m hoping that when the Ice Caps move to Laval, this oversight will be corrected.

      • New says:

        Honed their skills in the Q? Crosby and Marchand were both flagged as NHLers long before regional rights grabbed them up into the Q. Did it ever strike you that the Q held both back? That the OHL might have been better for both and for Bergeron as well? Bergeron really only played one season in the Q and went directly into Boston, then the AHL (strike season) then back to the NHL. He almost didn’t make it into the Q, held back by his Q team.

        People go on and on about Quebec players and the Habs. In the 40’s and 50’s the Canadiens sponsored and developed buckets of kids. They aren’t allowed to do that now. When on earth is someone going to point out that the province seems to be developing kids trained elsewhere and not local players – and then ask why that is?

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      I notice you had the grace not to mention Duclair in all of this. As you say the draft is a crap shoot…can’t help but think we missed on a few of these…

      24 cups and counting….

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        I’ve batted around the Anthony Duclair case on here, notably with Ed (Paz), who knows the player and his family I believe. Ed is solidly in his corner, and believes the Canadiens erred greatly in choosing Connor Crisp, among others, instead of Anthony.

        My take though is that there must have been red flags with Anthony, in terms of his attitude and consistency, these nebulous terms that are catchalls for players who ‘don’t play the right way’ or ‘aren’t good in the room’. I think a few teams had him on their ‘Do Not Draft’ list.

        The kid is obviously a great talent, but a lot of teams passed him over, not just the Canadiens. He had a disappointing draft year, only exploded the year after that. He was traded by the Rangers, they didn’t think he was an untouchable. When he was sent down to Québec after a stint with the Rangers, he was so inconsistent, so underwhelming that Remparts coach Philippe Boucher made him a healthy scratch a couple of times in the LHJMQ playoffs, in a year when they were the Memorial Cup hosts, and big things were expected from Anthony. Instead, he was a headache and a puzzle for the coach to solve.

        Eventually though, there has to be a mechanism whereby a team, if they do put a guy on their DND list, thinking they wouldn’t spend a first or second-rounder on him, that they re-evaluate when he comes back around in the third round. At that point, is the risk more palatable when the price tag is ‘only’ a third round pick? Sure, Anthony can be infuriating when he goes in a funk, but if we can harness his talent, with our dearth of talent in the Top 6, this could be a home run. And yes, maybe Nicolas is not a speedster at 6’4″, and he’s not potting goals at the rate we thought he would his draft year, so not worth a first or second-rounder, but now late in the third, isn’t he a ‘beau risque’? 6’4″ rightie centre from Amos with lots of upside? What’s the harm? And we have to pass up a slender overager? Where do I sign?

    • New says:

      I think the draft is more luck than skill. Any slamdunk has been analyzed to death and any other looks good against 15-20 year olds in various stages of development on any given night.

      Gauthier, Roy, and Dubois? Friberg, JDLR, and Collberg.

      When you look at a team’s draft picks you see stretches (like Tampa’s early 2000’s of 27 picks for essentially little) and you stop and think. Then you see Tampa’s recent picks and you think night and day difference. If the Habs could have a couple of those years they’d be set.

      But really would they be set? Would they develop the players or, having an abundance of prospects and 50 signed contracts, would picks just languish on the vine?

      Every year the Habs can invite anyone not among the lucky 217 to walk onto their rookie camp as a tryout. Every now and then a contract gets offered. Remember all the talk about Gauthier and Dubois being NHL ready now before the draft? They weren’t obviously. Doesn’t mean they won’t be stars. Doesn’t mean Desharnais won’t make it to the show either.

      Someone picked Marchand and Lucic in 2006 while someone else picked Fischer and Carle. A do-over would be cool but in reality I seriously doubt the ability of organizations to judge the value of the ponies in a herd through a spreadsheet compiled by a dozen different contributors.

  12. Sprague and Odie says:

    I think he has a groin injury. He no longer posseses what was dominant acceleration from a standstill position. The guy used to be able to cover a good deal of territory in only a few strides. He needs to adjust quickly otherwise he’s headed state side.

    I was told that there was an award ceremony in Boston to honour Don Cherry – I thought about that for a brief moment and I replied: “For what? Too many men on the ice?”

  13. zak says:

    Therrien has reached his Peter Principle, his level of incompetence.

    I hate Buttman hockey

  14. montreal ace says:

    Habs desperately need a hard nosed forward, who will give players some extra room on the ice. I have watched McCarron play and while not a speedster, he does not skate like an anchor, so I don’t see why he can’t be spotted for use at certain times. Shaw against Neil the other night was ridiculous. Max and Gally have not lost their talent, they are not allowed to use it after getting knocked around all the time. I mentioned this before but I wish MB would trade for Peluso from the Jets. Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends, I really enjoyed that day when I been down there for the holiday.

  15. DipsyDoodler says:

    You don’t trade your captain, who has been among the top 25 scorers in the NHL (remember there are 30 teams) for each of the last 5 seasons, because of a 15-game slump.


  16. on2ndthought says:

    I only watched half the Ottawa game, but Max had plenty of jump to his step and involvement in the play in the part I watched. I will pay close attention tonight (until the 5th beer or so) and expect to see an athlete doing all he can to aid his team.

    Free Front.

  17. Thanks for the Turkey Day wishes from Cal et al… going to be a weekend of overstuffing here as a trend has started to do a second meal called “not Thanksgiving” or Friendsgiving.

    I don’t post anymore to avoid the pollys and Nellys arguments and moral superiority of the born-again like “good and proper” fans.

    However, the high pitched moronic sounding “host” of these past few HIO shows has to go. I and everyone (yes an absolute) can’t stand him and you can see it on Knuck’s face. Just the torture that Knuck’s has to put up with is reason enough to rid this website of Susser!

    What I would watch is if HIO and Stu had Susser strap on skates and force him into a hockey fight against Knuck’s. He’d be out at least 6 wonderful months while nursing his wounds from. Knuckles beat down!

    Carry on believing that the Habs will compete for a cup. I for one am so fed up with the disconnect between Empty, his defense that are messing their pants on more occasions than not like last year, the lack of playing 60 minutes a night, how soft the Habs play, how even Price seems to be affected by this lack of killer instinct, the destruction of confidence the “staff” seems to suck out if the middling prospects on the rock and called-up, meaning inability to nurture/ develop talent with few exceptions, lack of secondary scoring, poor contracts signed when players should have been traded like Pleks at $6 million, Emelin at $4.1 million, DD ( stop defending this AHL’er as if people are attacking him personally. Few if any know him and it is just the idiocy of management and staff who have treated him like an in his prime Martin St. Louis) $3.5 million, “Shawsy” at $3.9 million who will have the same points or less than Lars (not arguing to get Lars back, just not seeing anything beyond some I’ll advised penalties and a lack of finish), Petry $5.5 million who has been at once excellent and horrible any more?

    All that being said, the desire to squeeze as much positivity from a poor “system” and playing the right way cannot cover the huge warts on the poor coaching staff at the NHL and AHL save for Waite and Muller. “Plus ca change” folks…. and frankly I am fed up with watching a team that rarely show up, is so disjointed and still has room issues that picked a non Cup oriented coach and management that after 5 years is still learning on the job.

    The core appears to be rotten as all will see a mirror image to last season’s mess after this Western road trip. All the foibles or mis-statement and throwing ones hat in with this coach was mistake #1 by Bergevin. Until that and the agregious contracts are replaced, it’s going to be the late 1990’s all over again and hard to watch until this team gets a killer “want to win” attitude, push-back, never quit skating 60 minutes most nights. Skill on all lines and solid, hard to play against defense not led by JJ Danault and I can go on. I am as frustrated and PO’d as Knuckles and to never know which team will show up nightly is frustrating and annoying as a rational fan of the Habs who has been a supporter since the 60’s. But I’ll call out the idiocy when I see it as opposed to those “correct” fanatics who cheer no matter how awful they play or are managed.

    Go at it Posi-Trolls, looking forward to all those ready to defend the second great start in consecutive years only to watch the team implode blaming injuries and goaltending… wonder what the excuse will be this year when I choose not to defend my team, the Habs vs. all of NY Rangers fans who seem to really want to win every night this year 😉

  18. docketrocket says:

    Ironic if he is suffering from Subban’s departure. Equally so if that is true of Gallagher.

  19. Paz says:

    It was a mistake to vote Pacioretty as captain. He’s a good player. A natural scorer. A committed athlete. A loyal soldier to the team and the coach. He’s not a leader, however.

    Now that Weber is in the room, one of the best leaders in the game, it must be awkward for Pacioretty. If he’s not scoring, he is likely upset and feeling like he’s not leading the offence. He’s not. Galchenyuk and Radulov are clearly the top line offensively.
    Defensively? Lately, in key defensive situations, late in the game, Pacioretty has not been sent out on the ice.
    His role has diminished on the team, and that shouldn’t happen to a young captain in his prime.

    No longer the best offensive forward. No longer the top line. No longer used in key defensive situations.

    At home, Pacioretty is a strong family man with young children. He is very close to his and his wife’s family, who are Connecticut residents.

    I think he would not at all be upset if he was traded to any of the US North East based teams, even though he was voted the captain here.

    I think the trade could be this season or next summer.

    • --Habs-- says:

      Max has always been a bit streaky. BUT I think the injury is between the ears. I think true or not the comments this summer that he was the worse captain in Habs history is playing between his ears. Think of it! We all work for a living! If you find out throught the grape vines that someone above your pay grace doesn’t think your worth your credentials (TRUE OR NOT) would play havoc on your mental state working in the environment. Maybe its all not true but its the way your coworkers look at you or you think they look at you …….and it may all be just in your head.
      Sometimes we forget these players professional or not are human and words true or not hurt. In Max’s role with the history of this franchise the words of a reporter (TRUE OR NOT) may be running on repeat in Max’s brain over and over and over.

      “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      Hi Paz,

      I agree with your post. This is how I see the Max situation as well. He’s making the best of it here for now but something is off. I give him lots of credit for doing his best but he does seem like he could use a change. I wonder how big a role that leg injury is still playing too.

      I wonder if between the stress of last season’s collapse, the leg injury, the troubling news about him being the worst Habs captain of all time and the constant criticisms (eg Montreal fans and media and John Tortorella) he would be happy to head south of border to less of a fish bowl existence and be closer to old friends and Family as well.

      Ideally he hangs in here for the season and helps the Habs go as far as possible, dare I say all the way, before he sails off into the sunset and Weber is made the Captain.

      24 cups and counting….

  20. --Habs-- says:

    The reality is Max is a 1 trick pony. If he’s not scoring his value diminishes big time. He’s not a power forward that will go into corners and bang players around and win battles. He won’t and can’t fight to protect his linemates. He backchecks when he feels like it and when he does he misses his assignment regularly. He’s a reactionary player and doesn’t anticipate all that well. Lastly he’s lazy which highlights everything I previously said and makes the flaws worse when he’s not scoring. Some are saying he’s hurt! OK well take him out of the lineup and let him heal. Its not like he’s adding tons of value right now so resting him if he is hurt will hopefully bring back his sniper ability because his other abilities are certainly not helping at this point.

    “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

    • Lafrich says:

      You forgot his non existent passing skills. When he is scoring, he is somewhat valuable. When he is not, it is painful to watch him. In fact, I am not sure how he has scored so many for so many years.

  21. Habitoban says:

    Rene Bourque tied with Duchesne with most Av goals. Loved his game when he showed up. Here is a nice post-game interview. Very honest and straightforward. A lot like interviews with Eller and Weisse. Uh, oh…I don’t like where this is going. https://www.nhl.com/video/rene-bourque-postgame-nov-23/t-278867534/c-46684703.

  22. boing007 says:

    The NHL in Las Vegas: Hockey as a tourist attraction. Just heard this definition on TSN 690.

    Richard R

  23. Cal says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to our American Hab fans. May your turkey be moist.
    The HIO Show was more relaxed, and the topics flowed by more naturally. Nilan is right. The Habs are bleeping brutal in their own end.

    Pacioretty isn’t giving 100% and isn’t showing a hunger for the puck. At this point, the only person that can help Max is himself. Defensively, he’s playing very well. Unfortunately, he is needed as a 30 goal scorer and he’s on track for 20. He will get it going. This upcoming road trip will be a good place to start.

  24. Habsolo says:


  25. habnonymous1 says:

    Observations re: Pacioretty scoring woes.

    Pacioretty’s goals per game have been declining:
    2013-14: 0.53
    2014-15: 0.46
    2015-16: 0.37

    This year he’s at 0.21 GPG , a full-season pace of 17 goals. It seems reasonable to think that Pacioretty will up his pace but to equal last year’s 30 goals he’d have to finish out the season at a pace of 0.42 GPG or double his current rate.

    The players with the most assists for Pacioretty’s goals were:
    2013-14: n/a, but team assist leaders were Subban, Desharnais, and Markov.
    2014-15: Subban (12), Desharnais (11), Weise (8)
    2015-16: Plekanec (10), Subban (9), Gallagher (8)

    So far this season, Pacioretty has 0 assists from Shea Weber, and only 3 from the d-corps as a whole.

    In conclusion, Pacioretty appears to:
    – have peaked in 2013-14 and started his career scoring decline a little young
    – be suffering from the absence of Subban.
    ( Also his TOI and Ozone starts are down this year but is that cause or effect ? )

  26. Alex_425 says:

    I’m not really all that surprised with Max’s play, to be quite honest. People call him Captain Perimeter for a reason. Perhaps the style of game that the Habs play now just doesn’t suit him? If Gallagher is in a slump, who’s going to do all the dirty work to feed Max the puck on the outside?

  27. DipsyDoodler says:

    Is this a parody?


  28. Grabbed The Cup says:

    To avoid listening to the squeaky voiced tool advance to 1:45.

    Nilan deserves a place on the coaching staff.

  29. nbsjfan says:

    Easy. Perimeter Pacioretty. As Knuckles put it a couple weeks ago, you don’t score in this league by shooting from the parking lot.

  30. HabinBurlington says:

    Max playing hurt may explain, still wonder about the affects of that off season injury a year ago.

    • Grabbed The Cup says:

      I think many of us have been wondering about that for some time, do you think that theory may be validated by the fact that Muller is trying to change Patches’ game to one where he holds the puck longer?

      Nilan deserves a place on the coaching staff.

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