HIO on an All-Star break

Hockey Inside/Out staff are on their annual All-Star vacay and have scattered to the winds.
Patrick V. Hickey is spending the long weekend at his condo in the Cayman Islands, where his plutocrat neighbours include Mitt Romney and Red Fisher.
Dave Stubbs is curating his collection of goaltender memorabilia, a painstaking job that could last until the puck drops at the Bell Centre Tuesday evening.
And Mike Boone is in Liverpool to watch the Saturday FA Cup fourth-round match between his beloved Reds and the Bruins of  the Premier League, Manchester United.

He wishes.

No, Boone will be manning the radar station in case anything remotely pertaining to the Montreal Canadiens happens in Ottawa during A-S weekend.

Which we frankly doubt.

The Commentariat is free to blast away until real hockey resumes.

But in the immortal words of an anonymous oilfield roughneck:

“Shut ‘er down, Jethro. We’re drillin’ mud.”

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