HI/O Bonus: Developing prospects a weak spot for Canadiens

The panel discusses why do the Canadiens seem to have so much trouble developing their first-round draft picks?

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  1. Mavid says:


    º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  2. Cal says:

    Hey, where’s that promised HIO Show?
    We need more fodder for our canons! (No, I didn’t spell that wrong.)

  3. DipsyDoodler says:

    I’ll spare you the details, but I did an in-depth analysis of players who outperformed their draft position, listed by country.

    I’ll keep it simple.



  4. DipsyDoodler says:

    The Ducks were built without tanking. If you look at their recent draft history they’ve usually picked after us but had better outcomes.

    Year/Pick #/Player

    2013/ 26/ Shea Theodore (powerplay QB)
    2013/ 25/ Michael McCarron (a project, at best)

    2012/ 6/ Hamphus Lindholm (future all-star)
    2012/ 3/ Alex Galchenyuk (future all-star????)

    2011/ 30/ Richard Rakell (top 6)
    2011/ 17/ Nathan Beauieu (not sure yet)

    2010/ 29/ Emerson Etem (traded for Carl Hagelin)
    2010/ 27/ Jared Tinordi (traded for John Scott)

    2009/ 26/ Kyle Palmieri (NHLer)
    2009/ 16/ Louis Leblanc (Ivy Leaguer)


    • Habfan17 says:

      Ouch! The truth hurts!


    • Cal says:

      Why tank when you have Getzlaf and Perry to build from?
      Where is the Habs’ version of these two?
      Besides, it looks like the Ducks have decent scouting, while the Habs….do not.

    • Phil C says:

      What’s interesting is they also have a much smaller scouting staff, which makes you question if the money the Habs spend on scouting returns anything better than if they just used the CSS list. If I cared enough, I’d run the numbers (ie compare the player the Habs took to the player that was available on CSS’s list), but i don’t.

  5. on2ndthought says:

    Should MB take a flyer on Simon Hjarmarsson? I hope Rockstrom has his eyes open in the SHL and KHL.

    I know we are currently at 48/50 contracts, so we can’t sign everybody.

    • Cal says:

      Time for the Habs to let go of the past. Pleks, Markov, and Emelin, to name a few. Others, like Flynn, Mitchell and Ott are spare pieces that don’t bring much, as well, so let their contracts expire and move on.
      There, that’s 6 spots to be filled by the Habs AHL corps.
      Man, does the future look dim or what?

      • Habfan17 says:

        Agreed, time to cut lose the chins of the past. Markov at $3.5 million for a season would be my only change. King too should not be resigned. I would resign Martinsen though. I think a whole season under Julien he would help the 4th line. I am sure there are a few players on St. John’s that will also be cut lose.


  6. Cal says:

    Oilers are learning the hard lessons of the playoffs. The Ducks look like they’ll do it in 2 more because they’re playing solid. The only thing that may slow them down a little is Gibson and his wonky groin.
    It’s simply amazing how Ovechkin’s Caps simply can’t win. Time for him to be moved to Vegas?

  7. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:


  8. FormalWare says:

    Well – more fun! (Getzlaf’s having fun.)

    Maybe no work, tomorrow – but MOAR FUNNAR!

    Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

  9. Habnormal says:

    @Theox good points (except about the alcohol). It will be sad when we see the same mediocre centremen. Oilers have McDavid Draisatl and RNH as 1-2-3. Habs have Danault Pleks and Shaw. Yikes!

  10. Habnormal says:

    Getzlaff. It would be great to have a captain like that. One that actually cares and actually produces when it counts.

  11. CHicoHab says:

    MB shouldn’t be running this team going forward. His shot in the dark moves are a waste of time. This team has won only one playoff round in 3 years. Time to bring in a real manager.

  12. FormalWare says:

    Perry was never in the blue paint. I like the call to let the Getzlaf goal stand. (And that has nothing to do – Nothing, I say! – with the fact that I have Getzlaf in the pool.)

    Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

  13. theox_8 says:

    Habs are stuck between a rock and a hard place . Middle of the pack team , all the other teams are getting better , basically the same core that MB had when he took the helm . This is a huge off season for him but we already heard the whole excuses from him in the presser so I’m not expecting anything . Here’s a tequila shot to going with Danault and Plekanec as the top 2 centres next year !! As most of my hockey Buddy’s who support other teams say ” who’s Danault , and why is he the top line centre ” yes times are that bad at the moment .

  14. StanleyHab says:

    Cement head > Lucic

  15. Habnormal says:

    Watching the Oilers who have been useless for so long I can’t help but notice that the Habs would have been easily defeated by San Jose and Anaheim IMO. Even if they add a top centre next season without losing any pieces it won’t be enough. The one thing this team does better than any is draftvand develop goalies. From Vokoun to Price and now Fucale I stand to be corrected but I think the Habs take the crown for most goalies drafted that end up being NHLers in the past 2 decades. The problem is that when they trade these goalies, they get back nothing.

  16. habs001 says:

    While not great the Habs this year scored more goal in the regular season than in the previous 3…

  17. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Lucic…once a cement-head always a cement-head.

  18. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

    And seriously Ontario, you have the worst liquor control laws in the country and World.

    10pm is the latest you can buy over taxed over priced libations.

    Plus it rains till June.

    At Least in Quebec you can get beer all night at the depanneur? Non?

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:


    • D Mex says:

      Time to expand those horizons.
      I’m hearing that, out west in BC, they’ve discovered that beer and wine sell nicely in grocery stores, plus they now have private liquor stores.
      Of course, it all comes with having to stomach the Canucks.

      • Mavid says:

        Some groceries stores in Ottawa including Farm Boy have started selling beer and wine..the beer is usually the micro stuff..Lug Tread, Bowes.. that sort of thing..which is nice..I guess..personally I don’t see why you need it sold in more places for longer hours..its not that hard to go and buy it right now..I mean how badly do you really need that drink. I am always astounded at how crowded the LCBO or Beer store is before a Stat holiday..it is one day..not a month..

        º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

        Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

    • kirkiswork says:

      You cannot buy beer even in a dep after 11:00 pm and before 8:00 am. I have heard of proposals allowing all night beer sales but it is not allowed at this time.

  19. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    The NHL should ask MIRA if they have any dogs that can skate for these refs.

  20. Danno says:

    The league should review Bonino’s embellishment.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  21. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

    St. Louis needed a win last night to keep the series in reach, as did Washington. Both done.

    Anaheim is next, can they equal the series, 3 hours should say.

    Edmonton-Pittsburgh final would gross me out.

    • kalevine says:

      I’m hoping Ottawa can beat Rangers and beat Pittsburgh. I’d much prefer them over Edmonton for the Cup. Edmonton has had too many high high draft picks in row. Pitts has won too often. Nashville hasn’t paid their dues enough yet. Ottawa has done it without being terrible for any length of time.

      • LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

        Its a nice idea, but I cant see Ottawa getting through Pittsburgh, unless Crosby and Letang remain injured, and still than i’m not sure.

        It seems Nashville is my only hope.

        So much for Washington Chicago final picked by EVERYONE<

      • D Mex says:

        What would Ottawa – or Edmonton – hoisting the Cup say about the league ?
        – tanking pays
        – whining (Melnyk) pays
        Don’t really give a damn as long as no one else threatens our Cup record (24).
        It’s not much to hold on to, but it’s something.

  22. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    NHL refs are garbage. Watching PK get called for embellishment after a head-shot yesterday and now Bonino faking a ref out on a high stick is just brutal. Joke.

    • D Mex says:

      Subban totally bad-acted that play and deserved the 2.
      Point is, so did Bonino.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Disagree about Subban (ref didn’t want to give 2 PPs in a row to Nashville after the goal). Bonino wasn’t even debateable…freakin’ horrible. That ref should not work another game and Bonino should be fined. This is a farce. Ovie clobbers Crosby over the head with his stick now this. The refs are clueless.

        • D Mex says:

          I’d have been surprised if you hadn’t disagreed about Subban but, watching that play closely, what
          I saw was him reacting to what he expected to happen rather than what did happen.
          I also believe that holding his head allowed him to get out of the kitchen (save face) just as things were heating up.

          While I’m at it, may as well throw in the gratuitous observation that the reason Subban and Pacioretty didn’t hit it off as Habs is that they are too much alike.
          Both work well for the cameras but, when push comes to shove, neither one of them is keen on paying the price.
          One down, One to go [and I don’t care how many (empty-net) goals he scores in a regular season]

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            You know MB will not trade Max.

          • D Mex says:

            You may be right, but I hope the he!! he does.
            I know his offensive stats appear to defy this, but my view is that he is a net drag on the team.
            Package him up with Beaulieu, any draft pick and, if necessary, an AHL asset not named McCarron (Sergachev isn’t there yet) and go get us Tavares.

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:


      • Danno says:

        P.K. had his helmet knocked off and was protecting his head. That’s not an embellishment in my opinion.


        “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
        Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

        • Dawn Chairie says:

          I’ve come to realize that referees actually decide on the outcome of a game, and not the star players or excellent coaching! Guess refs have their own favourite teams too.

  23. D Mex says:

    Phantom call on WSH and Gary’s Golden Boy’s team has its equalizer.
    Guess there’s more than one way to skin a cat, huh ?
    ~ Subban got 2 for similar bad-acting last night …

  24. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

    That’s where a review should play more than anywhere. Phantom penalty on Bonino’s hollywooding.

    Offsides once the play has been established for 30 seconds in the O-Zone, Never.

    Should be a 6-4 for Washington, instead of being rewarded.

    Another area in the league which makes them look like Nascar.

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