HIO at practice


The Canadiens are on the ice in Brossard for a 2 p.m. practice.
Carey Price has the day off.
No Travis Moen or Petteri Nokelainen, but Ryan White participated … while ruling himself out out of the Buffalo game

AUDIO: Josh Gorges | Lars Eller | Max Pacioretty | Ryan White | Randy Cunneyworth

Goaltending coach Pierrre Groulx filled in between the pipes.

Lines: Cole-DD-Max-Pac | Blunden-Eller-AK46 | Bourque-Plekanec-Gomez | Darche-White-Weber

D pairings: Gorges-Subban | Emelin-Kaberle | Gill-Diaz/Campoli

PPs: Subban-Kaberle with the DD line, the Swiss Misters with Plekanec-Bourque-Gomez

White is seeing PK duty, with Darche | Eller and Blunden


  1. habs17 says:

    BIg string of games coming up

    I support Scott Gomez

  2. jrshabs1 says:

    I just posted this on Sportsnet’s website in response to yet another pointless leaf article. Sportsnet nor TSN have yet to report on “cryin” Brian’s latest attack on a media member who just happens to be Canada’s own hockey icon Donlad S. Cherry. Burke actually whined to the CBC about Cherry’s constant attacks against the leafs. Can you !@#$%^& believe that? “Cryin” Brian.

    I wonder what “cryin” Brian has up his sleave to try and save the season? I hope Burke doesn’t try and sue me for the “cryin” Brian, but, I’d like to know what the big baby’s plans are. Maybe he’ll throw a tantrum and make the NHL make someother GM give him a superstar for very little in return like a pick and Kadri. Sounds like something “cryin” Brian would do. I wonder who the next media member will be who feels “cryin” Brian’s wrath because God forbid they say anything negative about a 9th place club who hasn’t made the playoffs since the lockout?

    Go Habs Go!!

  3. habsperspective says:

    So thinking back on the all star draft, im left wondering did the league have both jerseys personalized, or was this preordained, and just shown live.

    I have a hard time believing they would of printed up both. I think this was scripted an phony. Everything is so unreality.

  4. Mr. Biter says:

    Gonna try to find the Buffalo Wild Wings in Mpls. or Fargo tomorow night to watch the game. Habs gotta win this one.

    Mr. Biter

    • Strummer says:

      have a pound of xtra hot for me, mate!

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
      -Dennis Miller

  5. Landof10000lakesHab says:

    It’s All In The Numbers

    (6) = Number of current Habs that may be shopped before / on deadline day if team plays at .500 clip over next six games. AK, Moen, Gill, Weber, Campoli, & Kaberle. Draft picks preferred!

    NHL #1 team in Blocked Shots = Montreal (815). Several warriors on this team, starting with..

    NHL #1 Shots Blocked Leader = Josh Georges (134). Ouch – no gripe with this salary.

    NHL #7 Shots Blocked Leader = Ryan McDonagh (115). Ouch again – Gomer, this is on you.

    NHL #14 Shots Blocked Leader = Hal Gill (109). Gotta be worth a 3rd round pick, right?

    NHL #8 Give Away Leader = P K Subban (50). Remember, 22 years old.

    NHL #1 & #2 Take Away Leaders = J. Toews & P. Datsyuk. Best two way forwards in the NHL?

    NHL #1 Faceoff Leader with min 400 draws = J. Toews (61.1%). See above..

    NHL #2 FO Leader with min 400 draws = Jeff Halpern (61.1%). Did we fail to appreciate this skill?

    Habs FO Leader with min 400 draws = David Desharnais (50.1%). What a long strange trip it’s been.

    NHL #20th & 21st Plus/Minus Leaders = Benoit Pouliot (+18) Ryan McDonagh (+17). As my 13 yr old daughter says – whatever!

    Habs Plus/Minus leader = David Desharnais (+11). This is one smurf Habs Mgmt may want to retain.

    NHL #822 Plus/Minus = James Wisniewski (-18) in 29 games!! Throw in 21 games of suspension over career, $6M x 6YR contract, and 3 knee surgeries – Columbus, WTH were you thinking?

    NHL #1 Team in Total Hits = NY Rangers (1378). Small wonder they sit atop the East.

    Hab Hits Leader = Alexi Emelin (132). Habs Mgmt – please lock him up after this season.

    Ryan O’Byrne (127 hits). M. Bournival, you can still put the Habs over the top on this deal.

    NHL #1 TOI/G Leader = Norris Candidate Dan Girardi (27:22). Also – #12 Ryan McDonagh (25:16)

    Habs TOI/G Leader = P K Subban (23:43). Great work.

    NHL #5 Leader in Minor Penalties = P K Subban (26). Not so great work. Again, 22 years old.

    30 goals = Eric Cole on pace for. Anyone remember the last Hab to score 30? Clue – 2007/08 season. More clues – Jozef Balej – 2009 All-Star MVP – pilot – interim captain.

    20 goals = Andrei Kostitsyn on pace for the 4th time. Solid hit total. Possibly the best passing winger on team. Great stats each year. Not near enough for most folks – should be leading the NHL in scoring and speak fluent french. Worth a 1st round pick and future bad GM trade discussions.

    NHL #13 Assist Leader – Centre Position = David Desharnais (26). Yeah but, Habs really need 6’4” Centres to succeed, right? Last noticed, Eric Staal was near last in NHL on plus/minus (-23).

    NHL #8 Even Strength Goals Leader = Max Pacioretty (16). Major puzzle piece in coming seasons.

    13 = # of points by T. Kaberle in 20 games as a Hab (52 point pace). Worth a 3rd round pick?

    4 = # of PP goals by Yannick Weber this season and most by a Habs Dman. However, Diaz looks to have past him on D chart. How about a 4th or 5th round pick?

    27 = # Max Pacioretty points in 25 home games this season. What’s with the rest of the team on home ice?

    NHL Leader Empty Net Goals = Olli Jokinen (4). With 12 total goals scored – kinda says something.

    NHL #1 Shooting % (+40 shots) = Sergei Kostitsyn (26.1%)

    NHL #7 Shooting % (+40 shots) = Travis Moen (20.5%). On pace for 15 goals and only 29 yrs young. How about a 2nd round pick? If your thinking re-sign, shake head and recall 2010-11 effort.

    Habs are 9th in the NHL 5-on-5 (1.04) Significant improvement over past several years. Refer to Bruins Stanley Cup run last year as example of 5-on-5 importance.

    Habs last in the NHL on PP (12.6%) Along with injuries, the major difference maker on the season.

    NHL #1 FO% team = Boston Bruins (55.2%). Somewhat explains how a stinkin’ slew of slow skating sloths are once again perched near top of NHL standings.

    Habs 26th overall on FO% (48.3%). Basic observation, if your team loses the FO, then the majority of the shift is spent trying to regain possession of the puck, after which, your shift is over. This seriously limits scoring opportunities. The majority of teams ranked from 23rd to 30th on FO % are currently outside the playoffs. As Hab fans have stated on numerous occasions, this must be addressed going forward if Habs Ownership / Mgmt are serious about building a perennial cup contender.

    Habs #1 in the NHL on PK (89.4%). Other GM’s will pay plenty for Moen & Gill. Even with the potential loss of these two PK vets, Habs PK should still continue as a strength next season.

    Another stinkin’ dead last for the Habs – Shootout Wins at Home (0-5). Wow, fan pressure or..?

    Impressed with Semyon Varlamov (6-0) and M A Fleury (6-1) in shootouts this season. Carey Price (1-6), it’s understood your the main reason the team actually gets to OT, but a little extra focus would be appreciated. Halak (1-5) fans, no need to crow here.

    (7) = # shootout goals by Kovalchuk this season. (19) = # shootout goals by all NJ players.

    (4) = # of combined shootout goals by all Habs. WTH?

    .895 = Save % for Flyers $51M Bryzgalov. Is paying megabucks for any goalie worth it?

    (2) = # of games until David Desharnais hits 100 for career and # of goals until AK has 100 for career.

    2004 NYI 7th round draft pick (227th) = Chris Campoli. Can the Habs get a 5th round pick in return?

    (8) = Number of potential future Habs that may join the Dogs next season. Gallagher, Kristo, Beaulieu, Tinordi, Bournival, Pateryn, Holland, & Ellis. Habs Mgmt will need to make room for this unprecedented situation in Hamilton, and plan open slots in Habville over following 12 – 24 months. With this influx of talent all coming in to pro ranks at the same time, there will likely be prospect trades forthcoming to thin out contracts.

    #71 Leblanc = regular Hab forward next season.

    (6) = # of Key Hab RFA’s at seasons’ end. Diaz, Emelin, Eller, Price, Subban, & White

    (27) = Total # of games played over last two seasons by Mn Wild forward Gui Latendresse.

    Jan 29th 2012 = Habs 2006 1st round pick David Fischer – Looked the real deal on draft day, tall / talented forward turned dman, and Minnesota Mr Hockey recipient. Unfortunately, went into a U of M Gophers program that was in a spiral and became a poorly mentored asset. Unsigned by Habs after 4 years U of M, David plied his trade with ECHL Florida Everglades last 1 1/2 years, recently rec’d (2) game tryout with AHL Houston Aeros (MN Wild affiliate), and cut loose yesterday.

    • Mr. Biter says:

      I don”t know where to start. How many hours did you spend on this post? Best stat. 4 OTG’s tells it all.

      Mr. Biter

    • HabFanSince72 says:


      One question: why would we trade Weber for a 4th rounder. Weber has a minimal cap hit, is young and could improve, and is an RFA next year. A 4th rounder has less than 1 5% chance of ever playing in the league.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Might be able to get a 2nd. rounder for Gill if we’re out of contention due to his playoff record. Agree about Weber. Why get rid of our young talent. If we get something for Gill and Campoli and AM(he’s never gonna play here again and if he does he will never play at his prevoius level) and use the money for a Big Mean defenseman it would be a good strat. Gotta disagree about the Wiz. If he was here , no suspension probably no injury ( different times different games). I still think we should have keep him.

        Mr. Biter

      • Landof10000lakesHab says:

        Good point.

        Habs Mgmt have been known in the past to act in the best interest of a players’ future, if not a current fit. See R O’Byrne as example. Projects the org in a positive light.

        Also, I trust Trevor T when it comes to 4th round picks. Morgan Ellis is looking every bit a future top 4 Dman.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Pretty crazy how much better the Habs are at 5 on 5 this year than last year. If only they had their PP back up to standards… What’s also interesting is that Pacs had quite a few PP goals last year, but only 1 this year. Is that because Cole gets most of them?

    • HardHabits says:

      Excellent post. Fun read. Thanks for that.

    • sampson12 says:

      Good post. You really did some research eh.

    • roady says:

      You forgot all about (#8) Steve Quailer,#10, of the Northeastern Huskies…6’4 200lb RW/LW…22yrs old. Although he tore his ACL 2yrs ago now, and didn’t play very much last year, he’s having a superb season this year with 8g 14a =22pts in 22gms,and he’s +11. Saw him at Habs summer mini-camp 4yrs ago in Arnprior,ON (Trevor Timmins lives here). He was just turning 18 at the time and he was the best prospect at that camp and they had some great young guns there that year. Great hands and not a bad skater, highly skilled. Hope he can keep regaining he form. He’s gonna be a good one in my opinion.Check it out man. GO Habs !!!.. /

      take your drink to the end of the bar buddy…come on now, don’t be a fool…

  6. JF says:

    RDS says Ryan White should play this week, although not against Buffalo.

  7. HabinBurlington says:

    Hey Bri, if your still on the site, you getting worried about Gronkowski playing in Superbowl?

  8. christophor says:

    I think this went unreported but Engqvist went down to the Hammer for the All-Star break, got on the scoresheet, and now got recalled

  9. JohnBellyful says:

    I wonder how long it will take before the NHL gets back to me:

    The league has proposed realignment, largely to cut down on the amount of travelling teams have to do. The players’ association has put the kibosh on that, for now. Fine. Here’s another way to achieve the same end: Have teams play doubleheaders. Ball players used to do it all the time and, as we know, hockey players are far superior athletes.
    Tomorrow night, Montreal plays Buffalo. The teams will face each other six times this season. Have them play a doubleheader in one city, a doubleheader in the other, and a home-and-home series for the other two contests.
    Yes, it might be somewhat taxing to play hockey twice in one day but, hey, I used to do it all the time when I was a kid. On bad ice. And I wasn’t even in shape. The pros would have played two, three games a day in tournaments moving up through the minor hockey ranks. When did they get soft?
    Really, how much more strenuous would it be to play two games in one day, at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.? Teams would be forced to play their fourth liners – who would start earning their money.
    And players wouldn’t have to wait days or weeks to avenge a wrong committed in the first game. Retribution could be administered in mere hours but the two teams would likely focus on playing hockey in the second match, not having any energy to waste on the silly stuff.
    Plan B would be to have the ‘double-header’ played over two days. This visiting team would remain in town and not have to travel. Meanwhile the buzz among fans and the sports media would build in the host city leading up to the rematch – just like the playoffs.
    I also considered a schedule where, for example, the Florida Panthers would play the Vancouver Canucks in Chicago, to cut down on travel for both teams, and to entertain Hawk fans who have never had the opportunity to see in person these two fierce rivals go at it. But then I thought, that would be just plain foolish.

  10. sampson12 says:

    I live in Ottawa and this was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. Do not scrap the all-star game.

  11. HardHabits says:

    scrap [skrap] verb to discard as useless, worthless, or ineffective: Q: Do you think the NHL should scrap the All-Star Game?

    The ASG is obviously useful and effective in that it promotes the league and it’s star players. It has value in that it draws not just interest but generates income as well.

    Kind of a no brainer.

    Needless to say… I didn’t vote.

  12. Stev.R says:

    In regards to the poll:

    Is the All-Star game entertaining? No.
    Is the skills competition kind of lame? Yes.
    Is trying to create a story around the game possible? Probably not.
    Do the players enjoy it? I’m sure they would rather do something else.
    Should they scrap it? I don’t think so. If nothing else the All-Star game is a chance to celebrate the most talented players in the league. It’s nice to see all the best players on one sheet of ice even if they aren’t trying very hard. And the kids love it. I remember watching the game as a kid and I just loved seeing 30 different jerseys on the ice. Learning about new players, and watching the game without the competition.

    I do think sports reporters (who are truly the most pointless people on earth), need to stop trying to make it a big deal. They’re just trying to get viewers to watch their channel, but it kind of steals the purity of the occasion.

    • Malreg says:

      I also remember watching the All-Star game as a kid, and absolutely loving it.

      The media needs to stop bitching about it non-stop. If you don’t like it, then how about just don’t watch it? The Draft drew 1.6 million viewers on TSN, which is absolutely insane. Obviously, people enjoy it.

      It’s a fun weekend made for kids and families and helps attract interest to the game.

  13. ProHabs says:

    Just read that the Jets trade Akim Aliu to the Flames. I remember this guy in Junior made alot of headlines by resisting a team initiation prank. If I remember correctly, they stripped him and the other rookies to their birthday suits on the team bus and tried to shove them all into the bus bathroom. Then I think they tried to shave his pubs. At the next practice, the captain of the team got into a fistfight with him.

    Does anyone remember who the team captain was???????

  14. HabFab says:

    RDS reporting comments from Pearn re PK. Said he is a great player just overused too much due to injuries this season. Also mentioned that PK has been bothered by a sore back this season.

    Ouch, please call 911! Just injured myself patting my own back… 😉
    I was saying he was favoring an injury to either his back or abdomen. Good job Frank.
    Why thank you very much kind sir! 🙂 🙂

  15. montrealtilldeath says:

    Just a thought. If JM is now a scout for the Canadiens it means he is part of the team. If he is part of the team what is he doing openly criticizing players like Subban in the media? Isn’t this the reason Cammy was traded for going public with his thoughts? A double standard????

    • FlyingFrenchie says:

      That was actually a misprint in the Canadien’s media guide.
      JM was hired by Montreal to be a scout.
      But not a hockey scout….Rather..
      A Boy Scout…. Leader.
      Poor kids….After spending time with J.M they’ll
      always be on the defensive.

    • ProHabs says:

      Exactly. Jack Martin is still working for the Habs, Perry Pearn is still working for the Habs. Bob Gainey is still working for the Habs. Has anything really changed to change the culture or vision of this team. NO. THe same pussy cats along with Pierre Gauthier are running the show.

  16. Le Jadester says:

    WTF ?
    Like honestly, why is Gomer on the PP ?
    Who is responsible for this ?
    C’mon Randy, I thought you were better than that.
    That’s why the guy before you was shown the door.

    This call has to be coming from up above ?
    Has to be a $ decision ?
    Total head scratcher.

    Although my area of expertise is baking bread….
    ….any baker can see that # 11 should not be on the PP
    unless 5 guys on the team go down with an injury during the game. And even for the next game, I would call up someone from the Hammer to take that spot for development.
    This is starting to get silly.

    Habs, OLE !

  17. Seps says:

    Honestly I enjoy watching the actual allstar game, skills competition not-so-much… The NHL could take a page out of the AHL skills competition handbook and toss back in the 3-on-3 sophomores vs. rookies which was great to watch, not quite sure why they took that out… I also enjoy the draft, I find it fun, BUT all the stuuupid stupid stupid hype that surrounds it makes me rather there not be an allstar weekend, it’s so annoying, all it is is a meaningless game with very skilled players that’s fun to watch, no need to make it more than that with all kinds of preview shows. It was better when it was just East Vs. West.

  18. Les Canayens says:

    In 1998, Bob Gainey almost became the Leafs’ GM:

    ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

    • FlyingFrenchie says:

      It’s still not too late……
      We’ll even throw in PG and
      a lifetime supply of poutine,
      just to sweeten the deal.

      • PEC Hab says:

        And their plan was to hire Larry Robinson as head coach. How would that have fit Hab fans? Bob Gainey gets shafted here about being GM. Where is the appreciation for getting Gorges and Max-pac for Rivet. Gomez deal was like a dead line deal, over pay for getting deeper in playoffs and at the time Ryan Macdonagh was just another American defenseman that might become Craig Ludwig, or David Fischer. Gainey knows more about hockey than all of us combined. Five cups as a player, one with the Stars as GM, and as a first year coach took the North Stars to the finals. One of the best players to don the CH, universally respected, great captain, yet people here hate on him for signing cup winners to replace malcontents. Maybe he wishes he signed with the Leafs, by now with Bird and Ken they would likely have a ring and be the toast of T.O. Perish that thought.

  19. I voted no.

    The NHL All Star game is great for small business and the community in general.

    And overall good entertainment unless you are looking for a competive hockey game.

    Shane Oliver
    http://www.Sholi2000.com Inc.
    Custom Sports Figures
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

    • Bripro says:

      I agree. For the locals.
      During the Centennial celebrations and specifically All Star weekend, they closed Saint Antoine in front of the Bell Center and my son (yes, the Bruins’ fan – gag) got the opportunity to play some pick up hockey downtown.
      I guess I was too old, because they didn’t invite me to jump the boards.
      But it was a blast!
      And there were people from everywhere. I would say it was as busy as when the Formula One is in town in the summertime.

    • G-Man says:

      Had to vote yes. It’s a waste of time with cutesie gimmicks and it risks injury in a “nothing” game. If Price had pulled a hamstring or sprained his ankle, I would be totally pissed right now.

  20. Bripro says:

    No wonder the players get upset with the media.
    After practice, some yahoo was interviewing Eller about the uphill climb to reach the playoffs.
    Eller mentioned that they were trying to approach it one game at a time, but this idiot kept harping about how daunting the challenge was.
    You could see the resignation in Eller’s face in acknowledging it.
    Atta boy! Make sure to keep the morale down, whoever you are…you idiot!

  21. HabinBurlington says:

    Another Poll Question missing an important 3rd option answer,
    Don’t Care.

    The All Star will always be a waste of time from a real Hockey game perspective.

    It is what it is, a big Corporate Money Grab. Will be interesting to see if it sells out in Columbus next year.

  22. Les Canayens says:

    Hehe John Ferguson Jr is listed at 9ft and 2000lbs @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Ferguson,_Jr.

    ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

    • kbhab4ever says:

      some things never change, WHY NOT try Eller and Kostitsyn on the PP. The habs are in last place in NHL in the PP, yet they keep useing the same guys on IT .If I had hair I would pull all of it out over this INSANE way the Habs do things .It is ALWAYS the same group of forwards that get benched. I was hoping that would change under Randys coaching stlye BUT besides a better forecheck it is stil the SAME OLD WAY.

      • Les Canayens says:

        Hehe but John Ferguson Jr is still listed at 9ft and 2000lbs @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Ferguson,_Jr.

        ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

        • otter649 says:

          Also had a long playing career….

          • Les Canayens says:

            And a stellar track record as Leafs’ GM…

            ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

  23. Bripro says:

    I would suggest that PG will put emphasis on trading his UFAs.
    Gill, Campoli and Moen will probably be gone by the trade deadline.
    And I hate to admit it, but I think AK will be sought after because he’s the best UFA the team has to offer.
    But then, find another 20 goal/yr veteran for cheap. Good luck.

    • RockinRey says:

      JT put it best ! There is value in his 20 goals a year and we resent him for what we thought he could be. You are right not as easy to replace that.

  24. RockinRey says:

    One of the problems with dumping Moen is that he is the type of guy you will have to go out to fill in for the 3/4 line.

    That being said he has been a middling players since coming over. This has clearly been his strongest year so maybe his value is at its highest.

    They have to listen to any/all offers. Only 3 untouchables on this team – Price and PK, and Max P.

    Living in Toronto it will piss me off to no end to have to listen to the media if Burke makes a move for a front line center and it could have been had by something equivalent by the Habs.

    • 44har48 says:

      Ray, I would have to say the only untradable asset on this team is Carey Price and that is only because that decision was made when they drafted Carey 5th overall and then dealt Halak.

      You have to give to get and there is nobody on this team that is untouchable. I have followed and like Max a lot, I would hate to see him go. PK could go tommorow as long as we received value back. Tired of his game already and I don’t care if he is “immature” at 22 or not. There are a lot of kids younger than he in this league that act professional and put the team first.

      I’m ready for the overhaul, I just ask that we get a qaulity GM in place and develop a strategy and road map first.

      • Stev.R says:

        An overhaul? Why abandon a team only 2 years into a rebuild? They have 8 guys on the team this in their first or second full NHL season and have a slew of good prospects developing. Not to mention they may end up getting a really high draft pick for a really deep draft so we could end up with a handful of more good prospects.

        You can’t overhaul a team every couple of years. Teams that do never have any success. Pitt, Chi, Det, Stl, Bos, Van, and SJ have been good because they develop players, and more importantly, they develop a team.

    • remi_10069 says:

      The GM should be listening to any and all offers for everyone except Cole. Might add emelin to that list. Price would be next followed by PK but the right player replaces any of them, don’t see how they could replace Cole the way that he’s playing now.


    • solomio says:

      You guys are nuts. Why the fk would you trade Cole for example ?
      Desharnais, Pleks, Tits, Eller ? Yup you guys are off your rockers.

      “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

      • Arrow77 says:

        You confuse “trading” with “getting rid off”. Trade only players you don’t like and you’ll only get players other teams don’t like in return. I like every player you mentionned but I would trade any of them for the right player.

        • solomio says:

          C’mon admit it…you’re writing from a padded room.

          “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

  25. Sean Malone says:

    Too bad Gionta is out for a while yet … IMO, Gionta/Gomez/ Bourque would make an excellent second line….I know it kinda leaves Plecks out of the loop, but he just hasn’t shown any chemistry with the wingers currently on the habs and has been below 50% in FO. Who knows might fetch a decent return at the deadline…either way, I see at least 1 centre going at the deadline and I highly doubt PG will be able to move Gomez.

    Cole – DD – Max
    Gionta – Gomez – Bourque
    Moen – Eller – AK46
    Darche – White – Blunden

    ~I never said it. Honest.~

    • RockinRey says:

      Dont agree . You gotta have Pleks in there. You spot Gomez on the PP but Pleks is definitely more valuable in the 2 spot .

    • Kooch7800 says:

      …well Gomez has 7 points and Pleks has 33 points… I think I would rather have Pleks in the top 6 role.
      Pleks was stuck with Gio and Cammy who are both struggling this season (along with Pleks). gomez has also been struggling but the last 3 games he has 3 assists but pleks also has 2 points in the last two games.
      Gomez is not a top six player anymore.

  26. TorontoHabsFan says:

    I read recently that Vancouver is looking to get rid of Mason Raymond – who has speed to burn but has badly underperformed this season.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see a Moen/Gill for Raymond trade.

  27. HabinBurlington says:

    Props to RC for giving Blunden a chance with Eller and AK. Have to believe if JM were still here and had the exact same players to pick from Darche would be on that line instead of Blunden.

  28. Chuck says:

    Ryan… White? Who?

    • G-Man says:

      No, but he will talk incessantly about it.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Yes, yes he will.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Les Canayens says:

        Haha just like with Tavares couple years ago.

        ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

    • mrhabby says:

      iam thinking Burke has to ..just has to get in the playoffs so i can see him doing this. cap wise its likely a wash or it should be. burke gives up some depth….this will piss off ALOT of habs fans.

      • ffenliv says:

        Nash is, in my opinion, one of the best players in the league, and we’ve all been cheated because he stayed in Columbus all this time. It would be great for the league if he played in a bigger market.

        He’s one of the few players I’d be overjoyed if the Habs acquired, and is likely the only one where there’s any chance in hell of ANY team getting him.

    • mdp2011 says:

      That trade makes absolutely no sense from Columbus’s standpoint, Grabovski is UFA at the end of the year, who really wants an over rated Komisarek and his bloated contract, and Schenn (over rated and over paid) is a younger Komisarek. Columbus can’t be that stupid, but then again it is Columbus, so anything is possible.

    • TorontoHabsFan says:

      Nash to Toronto rumours are the equivalent of Lecavalier to Montreal rumours – nearly ubiquitous.

      The apparent inclusion of Komisarek in the potential trade doesn’t exactly scream reliable. 😀

    • tote-road says:

      Sure seems like something he would do. On the other hand, Steve Nash would be a much better fit with the Raptors.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I can see Nash being dealt. He has a huge cap hit(*) for another 6 years, and is a -21 this season. He has never equaled the 41 goals he scored in 2003-2004.

      (*) Same as Gomez. Sob.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • Seps says:

      Nash has a no movement clause so he’d have to want to go to a high pressure hockey market instead of the relaxing Columbus to start the talks.

  29. HabinBurlington says:

    To all fellow Habs Fans in the GTA, MaxPac will be doing an autograph signing Feb. 10th at AJ Sportworld.


  30. Le Gros Bill says:

    I believe that in early January Mr. Gauthier said the following about Mr. Markov:

    “He is doing well and his rehab is progressing. I wouldn’t expect him to play before the All-Star break. His procedure in December was just an arthroscopic surgery to clean up debris from a previous surgery and remove some scar tissue.”

    We have not heard or seen that Markov is even skating and still no feedback from management.

    That is unnaceptable and bush league.

    Where is the accountability to the paying public.

    Just come out with it already if his season is toast or if he’s suffered another setback.

  31. HabinBurlington says:

    I have to give Don Cherry credit, he says loves the Jets because they have the best fans in the world. Hmmmm perhaps he is onto something.

  32. j2w4habs25 says:

    wins against – Toronto and Detriot

    hopefully we carry on tomorrow against Buffalo.

    Carey Price #31

  33. HabinBurlington says:

    It appears Buffalo will have Gaustad and Ennis back in the lineup from injury for the game tomorrow night.


  34. derfab says:

    No Markov, no Gionta means we should be forget about a playoff drive. Even if we are talented and determined enough to make one, we should not be buying or giving up any youth for that purpose. Gill and Moen have to go while they are worth something, Weber or Diaz if someone is willing to to part with a decent pick or prospect.

  35. Kooch7800 says:

    @HabsFan1111, sorry it won’t let me respond anymore below. The arbitration ruling on Campoli means squat now because he is making 1.75 mill for the season so by the trade deadline that will be a pretty small cap hit and he is a UFA at the end of the season. Someone will pick him up

  36. slamtherimtim says:

    is Moen hurt or trade bait , dont recall an injury

  37. Bripro says:

    So White is practicing…
    What does that mean?
    Boone, can you be more specific?
    Contact? Non-contact?
    How close is he to a return?

  38. RabidHabsFan says:

    The All Star Game/Break is over, where’s Markov?

    Mike Milbury is the Archie Bunker of Hockey.

  39. SmartDog says:

    I see the problem with this season. All the practices are exactly the same.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  40. Psycho29 says:

    Wow….Jack Fraud the Draft Dodger is being ripped a new one on NESN also…..I think it’s the first good article I’ve ever read there!


    • Bripro says:

      Did you read the posted comments from Bs fans?
      Not the most challenging minds, them Bruin fans….

      • Kooch7800 says:

        yeah, I read some of the comments and had a good laugh. In saying that, the article was pathetic and makes Montreal journalism look stupid. Kind of like the Fluery article. Paper sales must be down so they are trying to create controversial articles

    • shiram says:

      The Gazette sure likes to stir the poop when it comes to hockey, first Hickey on Fleury, now this.

    • who cares any more says:

      You use the term ‘draft dodger’ as if to suggest to avoid military service in time of an unjust war is somehow … a bad thing. Am I misreading your motives?

      definition of insanity: keep doing same thing expecting a different result

      • Psycho29 says:

        Whether it was a ‘just’ or ‘unjust’ war, he was drafted, and he chose to run to Canada…..

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          You mean napalming innocent peasants is more honourable?

          Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

          • kholdstare says:

            Awesome, even more flippant remarks. What exactly are you saying about the veterans who went to Vietnam? Id be careful how you defend something, because that would be incredibly insulting to someone who actually knew what the hell happened there.

          • HardHabits says:

            I’d say the war was illegal and the veterans were criminals. However they deserve a pardon just like the draft dodgers got.

      • kholdstare says:

        Also, who gave you the right to determine whether a war is ‘just’ or ‘unjust’? Just wondering, seems like a cool privilege to have, there is only one problem I can see with it though, and that’s you are the only one bound to it.

        • avatar_58 says:

          Pardon me but I don’t respect people who blindly accept what their governments tell them to do. If I were drafted I’d rather rot in a prison cell than fight a war I didn’t agree with (ie the current middle east business)

          • powdered toastmann says:

            This is a site for posting everything related to Habs…oh, well, I might as well say it:

            …and this is based on your superior knowledge and insight concerning foreign affairs and covert threats to the security of your country.

            Meanwhile this leaves others with not only the responsibility of figthing/dying to preserve the security of your country but also the security of others/the innocent who are unable to protect themselves from international bullies/terrorists.

            Well I guess, a prison cell it would be…

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Some things feel right, some don’t. If I’m an American and it’s December 8 1942, hell yeah I’m enlisting.

            On the other hand, if I’m being asked to go to Vietnam to ‘save the world from Communism’, I may want to ask more questions.

            If Colin Powell tells me there’s weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, I believe him, a hell of a lot more than I do George W. Bush’s cadre of puppeteers. When Gen. Powell recedes in the background, I smell a rat and I ask even more questions.

            These kinds of questions are those which help someone determine in good conscience whether a war is just or not.

            How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


    • DorvalTony says:

      He writes like a high school girl who’s just discovered liberalism. Or worse. Can’t make cogent arguments or engage in proper polemics so he slings mud, which backfires.


  41. TheMock780 says:

    Tim Gleason re-signs with Carolina for 4 years.

    Hal Gill just got a little more attractive for contending teams. All we need now is a public declaration from Nashville that they aren’t trading Ryan Suter and Gauthier, if he does his job right, might be able to play Gill and, to a lesser extent, Campoli into something nice (2nd rounder?)

    • Kooch7800 says:

      there are a few teams in dire need of defense. I could see Washington wanting Gill as well. Any playoff team with a bad PK could use him.

      Campoli will get at least a third round pick I would hope….

      • TheMock780 says:

        Chicago’s PK is really lagging at the bottom of the rankings last I checked as well. Vancouver is always looking for high end defensive depth. I would love to see Gauthier get these teams into a bidding war given the hate between them. Might spur them to spend a little too much?

        Bowman: A second round pick!

        Gillis: Two second round picks!

        Bowman: A first round pick!

        Gillis: A first round pick and Cody Hodgson!

        Bowman: I’ll spend anything! (sticks tongue out at Gillis).

        We can always dream 😛

      • “there are a few teams in dire need of defense.”
        like Montreal?


      • HabsFan1111 says:

        We signed Campoli as the first attempt at the Markov bandaid, I don’t think anyone will give up a 3rd for a guy they could have got for free earlier in the year.

        • TheMock780 says:

          Nobody thought that the Edmonton Oilers could get a first rounder and a former first rounder in Colton Teubert for Dustin “Pancakes” Penner either. While I agree that somebody probably won’t pay that price, never underestimate the desperation and sillyness of GM’s on deadline day!

          • HabsFan1111 says:

            Fair enough, it just seems like we can never pull off any of these lopsided moronic trades that desperate GM’s tend to make. Here’s hoping!

        • Kooch7800 says:

          I don’t think a 3rd for Campoli is bad considering last year:

          On February 28, 2011, Campoli was traded by the Senators, along with a conditional 2011 seventh-round draft pick, to the Chicago Blackhawks for a conditional 2011 second-round draft pick and Ryan Potulny.

          • HabsFan1111 says:

            Except then the arbitrator awarded him something ridiculous and then no one wanted him … and he has not had a Clarke-McCarthur-esque-post-arbitration-rebound season either.

            I say we’d be lucky to get a 4th.

        • DorvalTony says:

          Why blame Campoli? Gandhi Gauthier screwed up, Markov is toast.


  42. HabinBurlington says:

    So is Moen that badly hurt, or he is on verge of being traded and they are keeping him out for precautionary reasons?

  43. jon514 says:

    White is back? Conditioning stint in the AHL?

    “Let’s be clear on the facts…”

  44. LesHabs says:

    Is Markov at least in the building?

  45. ABHabsfan says:

    Looking forward to having Ryan White back on the ice. His energy ( I hope) can be infectious. ” Gordie Howe” on his first game back!

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