Multimedia: HIO at practice


Update: Mike Milbury faces charges

AUDIO from Jacques Martin and Erik Cole

VIDEO from the room:

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The Canadiens are holding a team meeting at 11 a.m.
There are pucks on the ice, water bottles lining the bench … which suggests there will be a Friday practice.

For five guys.

Louis Leblanc, Yannick Weber, Peter Budaj, Travis Moen and Michael Blunden.

Moen is first out, skating and stretching, somewhat gingerly.

Off-ice workout for everyone else.

Jacques Martin will talk to the ink-stained wretches and broadcast scrum monkeys at 11:30.

Video to come.


  1. rhino514 says:

    I don´t think there is disunity in the room. I think for the first two seasons of JM´s tenure, the team played above expectaions. Especially in the playoffs. I think the team currently is not playing above or below expectations, when you consider the injuries. Thus, relatievly speaking, it FEELS at times as though JM has lost the team, but he hasn´t.
    If the PP would have clicked at a league average rate up to now, the team would probably be 4 or 5 games over 500. The weakness on the team is easy to pinpoint this year, you don´t have to look any further than the PP. Forget all the talk about small forwards, bad coaching blahblahblah.
    Also we need to remember that Gainey retooled the team to be a tough team to play in the playoffs. It would be nice if we finished a season with home ice advantage, but i rather have a team that has enough character to go deep in the playoffs than one that finishes first or second in the conference and then does nothing; like Carbo´s team did. If last year´s team didn´t have their best defenseman, their best defensive defenseman, and their best power forward (at the time) out, they very well could have won the Cup. Or even if Price doesn´t attempt one ill-advised clearing attempt, as is, I forget what game it was, they go on to the next round and who knows.
    The regular season really doesn´t matter all that much.

    On another note, I do feel that JM is a coach who gets more from teams that don´t blow you away talent-wise, than for very talented teams such as the current edition. The system helps the former but is somewhat of a hindrance to the latter.
    People wrote at the time of his hiring that people usually get tired of JM´s system by the third season. That´s pretty much it. No complaints about his three year tenure. He has done what he had to do. Doesn´t need to be fired. Would I make a change after the season? I´d say 50/50…probably a bit higher they will make a change. If a real good candidate is out there I would, if not, probably not.

  2. Blouin says:

    been at an xmas party tonight. what did i miss? same ol’ shats, eh? everyone hate jm, thing the pp isn’t blah blah blah blah, and markov isn’t the blah blah blah blah blah. nevermind. i’m caught up.

  3. Chuck says:

    “NEW YORK – Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid has been fined $2,500, the maximum allowed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, for kneeing Ottawa Senators forward Nick Foligno in NHL Game No. 448 in Ottawa on Wednesday, Dec. 14, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today.

    The incident occurred at 17:45 of the first period. McQuaid was assessed a major penalty for kneeing and a game misconduct.”

    How is this any different from Kevin Porter of the Avs being suspended 4 games for kneeing just last week? Both were assessed major penalties and game misconducts. Watch video of both, and tell me that these weren’t similar incidents… so then why does McQuaid get off with a slap on the wrist?

    Oh yeah… in his ruling on Porter, Shanny noted that the play resulted in an serious injury. Yet Pacioretty was suspended 3 games for his hit on Letang, who had returned to play that game and had yet to miss a game by the time that the ruling was handed down. So I guess that a broken nose is now worth 3 games.

    Consistency? What consistency?

    By the way, I thought that any resulting injury was not supposed to figure in the decision to suspend, or to factor in the duration of a suspension?

    • RiverviewCanadien says:

      Consistency, there is absolutely consistency with the NHL and discipline. Just not what hockey fans expect.

      All I ask for when the season begins is fair officiating and rulings. The rulings this year Chuck, have been bang on as they have been. In Boston’s favour. It’s a crock, but it is what it is.

      I’ll never stop watching the Canadiens play. But for once, why can’t it be a fair playing field?

      • Chuck says:

        I hear you. Just like with the foot-in-the-crease ruling in last night’s game; how often do you see similar plays NOT called? All the time. And I’d be willing to bet that it would be pretty easy to assemble a bunch of clips from other games with the same referee working where that play wasn’t whistled down.

        And as frustrating as it is for the fans, the ineptitude of the officials must want to make the players pull their hair out. Not only are the rules enforced differently from game to game, but also period to period and even minute to minute.

        • Jim Edson says:

          Wouldn’t it be even more interesting when the name Chris Lee is involved in a majority of cases?

          What does the Commissioner of the NHL do?

          In short, a league commissioner is the action man for the Board of Governors.

          They tell him what they want done and he works to make it happen through his subordinates while making sure that individual franchises play by the rules.

          ******** Translated if you haven’t won the Stanley Cup in 40 years your NHL team is becoming irrelevant in a sports mad city long behind MLB, NFL and NBA teams, you just tell the commissioner(who you gave a new contract at 7 plus million per) to make it happen and the rules are bent sufficiently to action the command.

  4. habstrinifan says:

    It is a kinda slow day except for the Milbury thing, which is inexcusable that a grown man grabs a kid’s jersey and challenges him like that.. even if it was in the heat of the moment of seeing his son whatever. Inexcusable but also let’s cool down the lynch mob.

    But my question is this. HIO is a pretty fractious community these days ove rthe team’s ineptitude.

    Do you think the team itself, or as they say, the room, is fractious.

    • Marc10 says:

      I do think there’s more disunity than before on the team. That’s certainly what’s implied on the airwaves. Guys don’t like to lose games they should be winning because guys are missing their assignments or making lazy arse changes…

      Since JM likes to reward his vets (the same guys who are under performing on many a night) with plum roles on the PP and quality ice time, I would expect the guys who are emerging and putting in the effort are getting pissed about that.

      • habstrinifan says:

        I hear you! Just seems to me that there isnt the type of ‘together chemistry’ that fosters guys digging deep for each other. Apart from mis-use of veterans, I think JM’s system has literally worn down the ‘team concept’ in the players minds. They seem to be playing witha whatever happens happens attitude.

  5. sheds88 says:

    I feel bad for the kid and his family but I’m kinda glad this happened, finally got this jacka$$ off the air. CBC and NBC lost some respect for having this bias buffoon as part of their on-air team. It is so painful watching that clown. I’d rather watch Cherry !

    i don’t know why they keep comparing Carey Price to God………i mean he’s good, but he’s no Carey Price.

  6. habsgod says:

    i’m hearing all this talk about that nut job milbury being taken off the cbc and nbc! what did he do? i didn’t hear anything about what he did can anyone on here please tell me?

  7. JohnBellyful says:

    Awfully quiet tonight. Which tells me, either posters go out on Friday nights or their energy has been sapped by the Canadiens’ erratic play, leaving them listless and supine, unable to opine.
    What’s needed is some HIO-octane fuel to ignite a huge controversy that will fill several computer screens, something that will make the natives restless. Let’s see, what can stir the masses?
    Aha, this should do it! Here’s my line combinations for tomorrow night: 67-51-32 ‘click’; 71-81-46 ‘click’; 42-14-13 ‘click’; 68-15-52…try again…68-15-52…hmmm, once more…68-15-52… Well, three of the combinations should click.

    • Timo says:

      I vote for the latter. Not since the height of Reggie Houle days did I have less interest watching this team. I mean, I don’t remember last time when I actually looked forward to a game. It is never an anticipation of an exciting game anymore… it’s more of a guessing game – will they suck or will they really suck.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        Sadly, my interest is on the wane also. JM’s stolid approach is more apt to raise a fan’s fist than lift him out of his seat.

      • Shiloh says:

        Babysitting the 10-month old granddaughter tonight. She already has Habs sleepers. Hopefully by the time she understands the game there will be something to cheer for. In any case, Grandpa isn’t watching until Martin is gone. Tomorrow night, it’s Richard Gwyn’s biography of Sir John A. McDonald – Part 2. Part 1 was excellent.

  8. JohnBellyful says:

    You read it here first.

  9. Habsolutely says:

    So NBC and CBC have both pulled Milbury from their broadcasts until his court case is settled, as per their statements. Something tells me the troglodytes over at NESN will welcome him with open arms.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      The question, who is going to replace Milbury. He’s irreplaceable. He’s irrepressible. He’s irresponsible (okay, we’ll have to wait on the American judicial system to make that last one stick; the first two we know aren’t true).
      Let’s see, who can fill Milbury’s shoes (and use them as a weapon if necessary)?
      Too bad Boudreau was quickly snapped up. He would have delivered a few pungent remarks.
      Paul Maurice would offer a nice change of pace from Madman Mike’s ravings.

      • Habsolutely says:

        they could replace him with a halloween pumpkin and I’d be happy. My dog could sit there with his sunglasses on and do a better job than dingleberry.

        • JohnBellyful says:

          Sorry, H’utely, but I’m bit skeptical of what you say. Could you put a clip of your dog in sunglasses on YouTube? Think of it as an audition tape. Hurry before the CBC decides on a fill-in.
          Like the pumpkin idea, but for Cherry. Have it appear with a different scowl each week. And then blow it up at the end of each segment.

          • Habsolutely says:

            maybe I could teach my dog to bark “Go Habs Go” in a scooby doo voice and have him do it everytime McLean asks him a question?? Tell me you wouldn’t rather see that than listen to Mullbury?

          • JohnBellyful says:

            Sounds great. As long as I get to be his agent. What’s the dog’s name? We might have to change it for TV. If it’s Spike, we run with it. Spot? Un hunh.

  10. Jim Edson says:

    NBC has pulled Milbury off the air according to ESPN.

    Let’s see if the CBC has any broadcast standards and pulls him off Saturday night!

    What does the Commissioner of the NHL do?

    In short, a league commissioner is the action man for the Board of Governors.

    They tell him what they want done and he works to make it happen through his subordinates while making sure that individual franchises play by the rules.

    ******** Translated if you haven’t won the Stanley Cup in 40 years your NHL team is becoming irrelevant in a sports mad city long behind MLB, NFL and NBA teams, you just tell the commissioner(who you gave a new contract at 7 plus million per) to make it happen and the rules are bent sufficiently to action the command.

  11. Azriel says:

    Regarding Milbury. Everybody says he’s a moron. Aren’t we living in North America? Where your are presumed innocent until found guilty? I mean, yeah, he’s not the brightest commentator ever, but you guys are doing the same moronic thing this guy does on TV. Lack of knowledge and making stupid statements.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      There are many witnesses. It is not a question of guilt. It is a question of punishment.

      He will get a plea bargain and do some community service working with 12 year old hockey players.

    • Habsolutely says:

      So what are you saying exactly? We should wait till he’s proven a moron before we call him one? Anybody who’s watched his commentary can plainly see he’s a grade A moron.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Innocent until proven guilty is a fundamental right for the accused as far as the criminal justice system is concerned. This is important, because the potential for punishment is high (jail time, death sentence in the US).

      This doesn’t apply in terms of employment rights though. The consequences being lower (loss of employment), the safeguards are lower. It occurs routinely that someone is suspended or fired from work even though a criminal charge hasn’t been laid yet, let alone a trial or guilty verdict.

      An easy example is a police officer who might be charged with assault or racketeering. The police officer would be immediately suspended, and might be fired if the evidence is strong, regardless of what the verdict ultimately turned out to be, because of conduct unbecoming clauses in his employment contract.

      In Mr. Milbury’s case, whether he is found guilty or not, the CBC and NBC might decide that the circumstances reflect so poorly on them that it triggers clauses in his contract that allow for justifiable termination.

      How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

    • kholdstare says:

      agreed, he is a moron.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Because in North America there is a heavy burden of proof before you can insult someone on an internet chat site?

  12. Azriel says:

    Double post.

  13. Un Canadien errant says:

    I posted this on October 22 during the debate on whether Don Cherry should be removed from Hockey Night in Canada. With Mike Milbury also requiring Pearning™, I’m reposting. I’m not hoping for much, just a groundswell of popular opinion forcing the CBC to come around to my way of thinking. And a cut of the subsequent profits.


    I’ve been thinking about who should replace Don Cherry as our national must-watch everyone-be-quiet I’ll-go-to-the-bathroom-later first-period break. Instead of having a buffoon on, let’s get three comedians sitting down and talking hockey.

    I nominate Brent Butt, Norm MacDonald and Peter Kelamis. All three have a good fan’s knowledge of hockey and passion for the game, as demonstrated in their career. They could offer their insights on the issues of the day, maybe helped along by a moderator.

    I don’t want to expand the set too much, but a Québécois voice might be necessary too. I’m not up to date on who would fit the bill, it’s hard staying current out here in BC, but Daniel Lemire used to riff on hockey. My only caveat is that all these guys should be brought together in a studio so they can play off each other, no satellite links, so the Quebec contributor would need to be in Toronto.

    I’m trying to think of Americans who might be able to add to the segment, I know Nick Bakay is up on his Buffalo Sabres, but that might be useful.

    I don’t know that we want five or six guys sitting down with the host, but we could have a flexible set of guests who appear depending on their schedules. Mr. Butt and MacDonald should be the headliners, and appear regularly. Having these guys sitting down with each other on a set that looks like your average basement rec room would be eminently more watchable than Ron and Don’s tired act.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

    • JohnBellyful says:

      I’ve put forward a few candidates as well, this one from

      October 8, 2011 12:03 pm at 12:03 pm

      The question remains, who will replace Cherry when he finally retires, on his 100th birthday (no candles, please, the oxygen)?
      Well, let’s look at who’s out there now who would make a suitable replacement:

      Replace a twit with a twitterer
      Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette – he could tweet his replies to Ron MacLean’s questions.

      Sainted choice
      Patrick Roy – he’s opinionated, he’s excelled as a player and a coach – and he would finally move Coach’s Corner from being a Toronto-centric soapbox to a HNIC segment with universal appeal and more astute viewers (Hab fans).

      Keep the comedy going
      Russell Peters – The guy knows hockey – he stars in Breakaway, how Sikh is that – and who can resist that Indo-Canadian accent. He’s also grounded in the Cherry tradition. Challenge him on an opinion? Shove a defenceman in the back after scoring? “Somebody Gonna Get a Hurt Real Bad!”

      The View
      Rosie DiManno, Christie Blatchford, Sunshine Girl of the Week – Hockey from a woman’s point of view. Two have written about the sports and the other is a good sport. Brains and beauty. Men AND women will both want to watch this segment.

      And now for something completely different
      Jacques Martin – Natural heir apparent to Cherry. Coach of the Year, never won a Cup, and has a problem with too many men on the ice. Okay, he doesn’t dress as flashy, but the CBC’s wardrobe department can easily fix that, and, no, he isn’t as loudmouthed or opinionated as The Don but the CBC’s special effects people can … work on that.
      Bonus: He’s no longer employed by the Canadiens

  14. christophor says:

    Just learned about the McQuaid $2500 fine, non-suspension.


  15. Un Canadien errant says:

    “The kid was just standing there. Mike just felt like shaking him.”
    -Brad Marchand

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  16. JohnBellyful says:

    As incredible as it is to the average person, NHL players continue to show a profound disregard for their fellow players, preferring too often for a check that is punishing over one that’s merely effective. Suspensions haven’t done the trick. Too old school. The league, if it is truly forward-looking, might want to consider these measures:

    – Tint the ice pink to produce a calming effect on testosterone-driven athletes. Remove the red line and replace it with something less aggressive, maybe a nice coral pink. Use a puck that’s rainbow-coloured.

    – Have standup comics tell jokes to each team before each game, to remove the stress and lighten the spirit. Make fun of HNIC personalities.

    – Play soothing elevator music the entire game, interspersed periodically with tunes the fans can sing along with, such as “What A Wonderful World” (, to remind the players there’s more to life than playing sports and injuring others.

    – Scent arena air and dressing rooms with lavender, with a hint of sandalwood.

    – Replace ads in the playing surface and surrounding area with words of peace and tranquility, eg, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” (Which, even in the NHL, is better than being the son of Colin Campbell). “Love thy neighbour – don’t ride him into the corner.”

    – Have players serve penalties in stocks facing the crowd. Post their baby pictures, with lots of bum showing, on the big screen while they’re in the box. Include a bit of the player’s bio when announcing his penalty: Penalty to number 24, Pete “Bubbles” McMoggle, two minutes for slashing. Bubbles cried the night his goldfish died. He was 14.

    – Civility starts at the most basic level – manners. Make players clean up their spit. Fine them $25,000 when they swear so loudly their foul words can be heard by impressionable young minds (rookie call-ups).

    – Institute a penalty cap. When all the teams surpass a certain level of PIMS, major fouls, reckless injuries – SOMETHING! – the team owners and players’ union contribute a set amount to medical research and programs that promote non-violence (such as the current roster of the Montreal Canadiens).

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