Multimedia from Thursday practice

Are there Canadiens who won’t be seeing the Brossard training complex again?
That’s the question that will be answered by Monday afternoon, when the curtain falls on the trade deadline.
The team had a spirited practice before boarding a charter flight to Washington.

As the focus of a good-sized scrum, Andrei Kostitsyn said he hoped to stay in Montreal and had no desire to join his brother in Nashville.

AUDIO: Randy Cunneyworth

• Minor scuffle: DD and Subban

• Louis Leblanc is out in a powder-blue jersey that 98,5 play-by-play announcer Martin McGuire says is identical to the jersey the Nordiques wore for their first NHL season. I have no clue what this may signify.

• Alexei Emelin’s wife had their second daughter yesterday. He’s not at practice and will join the team in Washington.

• Mathieu Darche is out  with Louis Leblanc and Aaron Palushaj with an upper-body knack, picked up against Dallas.

• Lines at practice: Tomas Plekanec centring Lars Eller and AK46, the DD line, Scott Gomez with Rene Bourque and Ryan White, Petteri Nokelainen

• Alexander Ovechkin is early off the ice at Washington’s morning skate


  1. manu07 says:

    I agree,some non Europeans play soft to. It goes both ways. Just seems like when they become members of the Habs they play really soft. Lol

  2. Kimberly2u says:

    Carter has gone to La pending a physical…good luck with that

  3. otter649 says:

    So Carter to La for JJ & first round pick pending physical (TSN)…..

  4. Chris says:

    Do Canadian Players Really Have More Grit?

    Perhaps my biggest sports pet peeve is the statement, typically in a matter of fact tone, that European hockey players (and especially Russians) lack “heart” or “grit”. So here’s my $1.02 (far too long to just be two cents!)….

    First of all, what exactly do people mean when they discuss the intangible qualities “heart” or “grit”? Is it playing hard? Is it playing hurt? Does it mean you have to throw hits? Fight? I hate when people talk about heart or grit, because there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on what exactly we are assessing. I think we can all agree that a player like Sergei Samsonov or Vladimir Malakhov were a little lacking in the grit category here in Montreal, but I would argue that Benoit Pouliot and Patrice Brisebois weren’t much different in that regard.

    The reality of assessing European vs. North American hockey players is that you are dealing with different populations. The North American hockey player spectrum takes in everything from the superstars (Sidney Crosby, Rick Nash, Jarome Iginla, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, etc.) to the 4th line journeymen (Mathieu Darche, Colton Orr, Daniel Paille, Craig Adams, Cam Janssen, etc.). For the Europeans in the NHL, this is much less the case. Instead, Europeans are brought to the NHL to play significant offensive/defensive minutes and/or to develop into those roles.

    As proof, Europeans account for 31.7% (32 of 101) of the forwards playing 15 minutes or more each game in the Eastern Conference, while only 13.9% (25/180) of the forwards that play less than 15 minutes per game are European. This statistic is even more telling when you consider who those Europeans playing less than 15 minutes are. Generally, it is young offensive prospects such as Jiri Tlusty (23 years old), Mika Zibanejad (18), Evgenii Dadonov (22), Nino Niederreiter (19), Lars Eller (22, and playing 14:47 this season thus far), Jacob Josefson (20) or Mattias Tedenby (22). Only Marco Sturm, Patrick Kaleta, Alexei Ponikarovsky (playing 14:48 per game) and Ruslan Fedotenko could be considered veteran Europeans playing role-player minutes.

    So if people honestly want to have a conversation about European-trained vs. North American-trained NHL players, we should compare apples to apples. In general, we should be considering the “skill” players, the top-6 forwards and the top-4 defencemen.

    And in that context, I don’t think players like Kronwall, Chara, Volchenkov or Emelin give up much in the heart or grit department to players like Weber, Pronger, Orpik or Gorges.

    Players like Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Hossa will work their tails off just as much as players like Toews, Kesler or Giroux.

    Ovechkin throws more checks that are more violent than Getzlaf, and both guys have struggled mightily and dragged their teams down. Two years ago, Ovechkin was reigning supreme as the Beast of the NHL, a guy whose combination of talent and physical play compared favourably (if not outright surpassing) that of Nash or Iginla. I don’t know what is wrong with Ovechkin in Washington, but he’s still an amazing hockey player that perhaps needs a change of scenery to rediscover his passion for the game of hockey. He wouldn’t be the first who went through a career blip questioning his confidence and passion, nor would he be the first to return to form (Joffrey Lupul) or re-invent himself (Steve Yzerman).

    Guys like the Sedins, Kovalchuk or Gaborik are just as tough and gritty as players like Thornton, Kessel or Kane.

    Selanne has all the passion, flair and offensive ability in the twilight of his career that St. Louis does. Elias is the same underappreciated, all around hockey player that Bergeron is.

    So don’t be scared of the fact that Europeans like Nail Yakupov or Mikhail Grigorenko “lurk” at the top of the draft rankings this season. You should also not be scared that they are Russian…they’ve proven that they WANT to play in the NHL by moving over to a strange culture as teenagers. If history is any evidence, they will both enjoy long, productive NHL careers. If they are less gritty than you might like, it isn’t because they are European…it is because that is not their style of play. The Montreal Canadiens would be tremendously lucky to have either guy, even though I still doubt that Montreal will be in a position to draft either guy.

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      Great, great post, Chris. Best one I´ve read here in quite a while…

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thanks for posting that Chris.

    • JF says:

      Chris – Your long, detailed, well-thought-out posts are probably the best to appear on HIO – this one and one you wrote a few weeks ago analyzing the results of “tanking” for various teams.

      • Chris says:

        Thanks, JF. Know that I likewise always read your posts. I tend to go for one big long one (probably infuriating half the readership of this website), whereas you contribute numerous quality posts each day.

        The best thing about this website is that there really are a lot of quality posters. Even when frustrating stuff breaks out, there is always some interesting posts from which I learn quite a bit or perhaps gain a new perspective. I’ve been picking my posting spots a little more carefully the past few weeks because so many people are in such a surly mood about his train wreck of a season, but I’m still reading everyday. 🙂

        • JF says:

          Chris – I post a bit less these days and rarely talk about the games themselves. There seems less point than before, especially after a stinker like the other night. There are half a dozen or so posters whose comments I always read and appreciate – yourself, 24Cups, two cents, and krob among others. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned about hockey since this site was launched.

          As for the surly mood, it actually seems to have lightened a bit lately, as though people have accepted the dismal truth about this season. Discussion has moved on to who should be traded, who should be coach and GM next year, what the team will look like. I think we all want the season to be over; I know I’m counting the months until next training camp and hoping against hope that there won’t be a lockout.

    • The Gonk says:

      Chris, if we had a top 5-7 pick who would you see us taking? Forsberg? Galchenyuk? And, not because their European. 😉

      • Chris says:

        Generally, I have a pretty high level of trust in Trevor Timmins. I can’t really give you anything approaching a fair guess on who they would take because I haven’t seen many of these guys live. I only catch OHL games, and haven’t been to as many of those as usual this season.

        The only comment I can give is that it would take a tremendous amount of courage and job security for Timmins to recommend Galchenyuk given the limited viewing the scouts will have had of him. This is not to say I think he’d be a poor pick, but more a comment that a team with the injury history of Montreal might get pilloried by the fans and some elements of the media for picking Galchenyuk.

      • Bill says:

        Galchenyuk is an American. His father is European.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

    • Duracell3 says:

      To get then point across, all you have to do is imagine an average shift from Saku Koivu…and then one from Mike Cammalleri.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Here’s an analogy that can quantify grit:
      Go to a player like Ryan White and tell him that the team could get into the playoffs if he cut off his left nut and he would answer “just the left?”
      Ask Ovechkin to part his hair on the other side for the good of the team and he could not be bothered.
      These are analogies so don’t get your knickers in a knot.
      A lot, not all, of European players don’t grow up hoping to play in the NHL for a storied franchise. There are plenty of exceptions, Volchenkov is as tough as they come, so is Emelin. Malkin will do whatever it takes to win. Forsberg was a warrior.
      Here’s my theory, is not based on any actual facts only learned observation:
      Many European players and namely Russians do not have winning the Cup as #1 on their career list. Money is #1 and they have ambition to play in the NHL because that’s where the money and fame is found. Russian players currently in the NHL or coming into the NHL have been raised by parents who grew up in the USSR. It is my view that the parents raise these talented players to “get paid” so they don’t grow up like they did. They may feel there is a small window to get this done so get while the gettin’s good.
      There are exceptions as I said, Malkin being the top of the list. Sammy Paulson being another. Pouliot and Ribeiro would be on the other end of this arguement.
      I hear your arguement for Volchenkov, Emelin, Hossa, Malkin but for each of those guys I’d wager there are 2 of Kovalev, Radulov, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk (gimme 10M or I’m going to Russia), SK and AK. Even Emelin who would not play in the AHL if demoted.
      Real grit comes out in the playoffs, when winning matters more than $.
      So yeah, drafting a Russian 1st worries me some. All it takes is 1 KHL billionaire to offer $5M/yr and these guys will be gone. I hope I’m wrong

    • neumann103 says:

      Chris, great post as usual. There are a about a half dozen posters here like you who are always worth reading for their content. There are also about a half dozen always worth reading for the amusement factor – and i don’t mean in the intentional JohnBellyfull sense.

      I can’t believe that people can watch Hossa and Datysuk and Kovalchuk and hell our own Alexei Emelin and continue the xenophobic gripes about inevitably soft or gutless Europeans.

      On TSN today they had a who is up and who is down in the draft rankings and the interesting part was the doubts expressed over Grigorenko. I don’t have enough background to know whether his play really has been lacklustre or if we are just hearing another version of “heartless russian who doesn’t want to compete”.

      “Et le but!”

    • remi_10069 says:

      who is the toughest hab these days? Pretty sure it’s Emelin…where’s he from?


  5. Les Canayens says:

    Senators’ Anderson out indefinitely after cutting hand
    -“The Senators say Anderson accidentally cut his right hand while preparing a meal Thursday.”

    Wife must’ve been happy but the GM’s not amused now I suppose.

    ▭ ◌ ▭ ◌ ▭ ◌ ▭ ◌ ▭
    Scouting is subjective.

  6. Phil C says:

    I honestly believe a big part of the problem with AK is coaching. He is a finesse player who is capable of scoring on the rush, but RC has said in interviews that he wants him to chip it deep behind the defenseman and go dig it out, so essentially they are turning him into a grinder/power forward. I think it’s a mistake trying to turn AK into a power forward, its not his game, although he can do it reasonably well.

    Finesse players need two finesse players with them to capitalize on their skills. If you watched the Michalek goal last night in Ottawa, the pass Karlsson gave him was incredible. Michalek does not score that goal if he does not have a creative player like Karlsson to give him the pass, nor would a player like Neil anticipate a pass like that from Karlsson. The synergy comes from players who are matched in skill and in how they think the game.

    AK has not had consistent linemates all season, and lately he has not had finesse players with him. I know he can float sometimes and he makes some bone-headed giveaways, but if he was scoring 35-40 a year, I think the team and the fans would look past those shortcomings. When he was playing with Pleks a few years ago, he scored 10 goals in a month before getting injured so he is capable of scoring 40 with the right line-mates. Instead, the team keeps trying to ram a square peg into a round hole, and sitting him when he does not conform.

    I would really like the line from practice today to get a real chance (Eller-Pleks-AK). Give them meaningful minutes and let them try to score on the rush. It will lead to some nasty turn-overs at the blueline, but it will also lead to some nice goals that we have not seen in a while.

    • Les Canayens says:

      The Kovy-Plek-AK line was supposed to be the staple 1st line for years to come. Unfortunately it did not stick the season after.

      I remember a while back he, Moen and Eller had something going together so why not just let them play for the rest of the season and express to the fullest what these, I quote you, finesse players can really do. It’ll be at least more fun for the fans.

      ▭ ◌ ▭ ◌ ▭ ◌ ▭ ◌ ▭
      Scouting is subjective.

      • Phil C says:

        I liked the AK-Eller-Moen line as well, playing with AK was bringing out Eller’s offensive potential. LL was good with them too, I don’t know why they were split up.

    • Chris says:

      Good post, and one that I am inclined to agree with. The problem with Kostitsyn is that his skillset (great wrist shot, good speed, decent stickhandler) combined with his physical size make people believe that he should be twice the player that he is. And that is fair.

      But I think Kostitsyn is a strong passer who can’t capitalize on that when playing with perimeter players or pluggers. This is part of the reason why I think he has so consistently shown flashes of chemistry with Eller; Eller does not need the puck to be effective and drives the net when playing with Kostitsyn. Those passes into the slot that drive Randy Cunneyworth nuts because they become turnovers due to a chronic indifference to the front of the net displayed by Canadiens forwards instead become potential passes for tap-in goals when Eller is on the ice.

      My other long-standing beef with Kostitsyn is I feel that he plays too heavy. His #1 attribute when he was a prospect was the explosiveness of his skating and his acceleration. Since he has bulked up (he is playing at 215 pounds now, as opposed to the ~185 pounds that he was drafted at. In his case, I’ve noticed that he really lumbers on starts and stops…his top-end speed is still good, but his acceleration has disappeared. Give him 10 less pounds, costing him some power on his hits, and I think you see a much more dangerous offensive player.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        I just went to that Lebanese restaurant Boustan and indeed there is a picture on the wall of AK46 with the owners (right between pics of PK Subban and Pierre Elliot Trudeau).

        That may explain his weight problems.

        Although to be honest it isn’t quite as good as Amir or Basha, IMO.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Phil C says:

        Good observation on AKs optimum playing weight, I never considered that. Jagr talked about coming back from injury with 5 extra pounds and saying that it took away his ability to separate himself from opponents, that’s how close the difference is between elite and average at the top level. It makes sense AK would be faster at 205, even if he gave up some bulk.

    • neumann103 says:

      Like many others I think that Eller and AK46 were good together. They represented the best synergy of forward combination other than Desharnais/MaxPac.

      I also bemoan the lack of quality wingers Plekanec has had.

      My one quibble with the Eller/Plekanec/AK46 line is that I really really realy think that Eller suffers when he moves to the wing. He really is a natural center and it shows.

      “Et le but!”

  7. dorvalhabsfan says:

    Does anyone else here think Brian Boyle from New York would look great in a habs uniform?

    Go Habs Go

  8. Go Carolina Go! Last place is ours!

  9. manu07 says:

    I would be shocked if someone bites for Nash at that asking price.

  10. Kimberly2u says:

    2-0 Sharks

  11. doug19 says:

    Next year will be an even better draft year as this team will likely finish worse than this year.No Hal Gill no Markov?, no Gomez, no AK?, no Camy, No kaberle?, no Campolli.
    As much as we complain about some of these players who will fill their skates next year? Their are more buyers than sellers.The following two years can be better with some of the good maturing prospects.We need a pile more draft picks. I hope Habs don’t do something stupid like getting Vinny.

  12. manu07 says:

    If Columbus wants so much from the rangers for nash. I don’t think NYR do the deal. Personally, they are a contender I would only add pieces needed. Not sure Nash is needed in NYR.

  13. manu07 says:

    Watching SJ vs Leafs. I hope the laffs get destroyed.

  14. manu07 says:

    I just think that if now is the time to sell. He may be a player that can get us a high pick. Like You say. “He is consistant”. He is also consistently lazy looking. But hopefully PG can remind the buy that he is a 20 goal scorer and not mention effort level etc.

  15. manu07 says:

    I have eyes, did you not witness Kovalev play the exact same way. Coast around one night 2 points the next night. Just by watching the games you can tell a player who busts his ass over a player who doesn’t.

  16. manu07 says:

    The night that AK was put with Gomez and White, he honestly looked like he had enough. Besides a few hits he half assed that performance. Granted he was playing with Gomez. But instead I putting in a solid effort and compete I witnessed another night of floating around the ice. His head seems big to me. Also I met him with my 2 year old and I asked for a pic and him and his bro walked by me like I was a ghost. So for that, he can F right off!

  17. manu07 says:

    Sorry, look like he gives a shit!

  18. manu07 says:

    Because maybe the 1st rounder would play hard and loom like he gave a shot and put up even better numbers.

  19. ont fan says:

    Columbus wants Callahan, Del zotto or McDonagh, prospect and 1st for Nash

  20. manu07 says:

    Again, 41 playoff games -7! If AK can get 20 goals half assing every year. Can you imagine how many goals he would pop in with an 80-100% effort! Bottom line, his work ethic is terrible.

  21. Hobie Hansen says:

    The argument that Kostitsyn is a good player because he always puts up a good number in hit category is just stupid.

    So the guy floats around the ice all night and bumps a couple guys and that makes him a good player?

    All his hits are after someone dishes the puck off and he taps them into the boards. Yes I’m sure you could find one big a hit year from him on youtube but that doesn’t make a season.

    I really have nothing against the guy and yeah on some nights I really like him and have jumped out of my seat because of him.

    But there is no question he’s one of those types of players that waits for the puck to land on his stick and if it doesn’t he’ll just wait for another night.

    I’d rather have a guy who scores 10 goals a year and works his tail off every night than a talented but more noticeably lazy player like Kostitsyn.

    He has ZERO points in the last seven games when we’re supposed to be fighting for a playoff spot, that sums him up right there.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      To think Bowman use to bench Larouche at 40 goal because he miss coming back

    • Mattyleg says:

      Hits when the player doesn’t have the puck aren’t counted as hits.
      But it’s pretty impressive that you have watched ALL of AK’s hits and have been able to give us a description of what they are ALL like.

      I imagine that it’s my argument that you’re trying to poke holes in with your elbow. You’re going to have to use something sharper than that, Hobie.

      He has zero points in the last seven games. Look who RC has paired him up with. King Zero. Gomer would put DD and Cole in a freakin’ slump.

      But never mind that, right? Never mind trying to see the positives, because the negatives are so much easier to invent.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Actually (did not get to see last game) but saw the previous 4 games and though I’d like to see AK gone,(expensive but effective) him Gomez and White have been an aggressive good 4th line. i don’t know the +/- they had but they were flying around out there.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

  22. Talik Sanis says:

    Have those who’ve commented on the “spat” between Subban and Desharnais seen the video on RDS?

    I was expecting fisticuffs of the highest order, and I was sorely disappointed. How anyone can consider this incident a problem worthy of mention boggles the mind.

  23. manu07 says:

    If someone is willing to give a 1st rounder for AK I would take it!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      If we found a sucker, er a GM who offered a first rounder for AK I think we would have found a new home for Gomez also.

    • Mattyleg says:

      If he was worth a first rounder, why would you trade him?

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • mdp2011 says:

        I like AK, but the money he is going to be asking as a UFA, probably in the neighbourhood of the Ruutu contract, 19 million over 4 years, I think that money can be spent elsewhere.

        • Mattyleg says:

          I wouldn’t know what he’s going to ask.
          Nor does anybody else.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • mdp2011 says:

            considering his making 3.2 right now, there is now way he signs for under 4.5. Also, I suspect that if he doesn’t get what he is looking for from an NHL team, I think he could go to the KHL.

            EDIT: it’s PGs job to know how much he is asking, so if it is a ridiculous amount, then he should trade him at the deadline.

          • HabFab says:

            There you go, so don’t sweat it!

  24. aj says:

    I just want to say this: Chris Nilan, Thank You for putting up the balls on blasting this team!

  25. manu07 says:

    Everyone defends or plays things down usually…the one time Somone asks AK he mumbles about PK and implies that everyone has an issue with him.

  26. manu07 says:

    “After practice, Andrei Kostitsyn quipped that everyone wants to fight Subban, adding that every spat at Habs practice seems to involve the hard-hitting D”.

    Maybe PG will trade him during the 1st period

  27. manu07 says:

    Ak in the playoffs. 41 games played 11goals and 8 assists and a -7 I believe. In my opinion he’s like watching Kovalev, moments of brilliance but more moments of just floating around the ice. Not sure if he’s worth resigning. He seems 50 percent interested when he plays and has not been convincing in the playoffs.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Just like Kostitsyn, if you’re heart isn’t in it and you don’t try to live up to your potential, no matter how good you are, nobody wants u around.

  28. Rooster says:

    WTF IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE!?!? If Ovie was available 45% of you wouldn’t want him to be a hab??? Hes having an off year and even tho he’s havin an off year he still may score 35 goals!!!! He’s big he’s strong and he’s fast as hell put him between pleas and ak will become a 30 goal scorer too !!

  29. manu07 says:

    I agree I think of he were an issue in the room maybe those spats at practice would lead to less minutes. He wants to pick up the level at practice, that’s how he plays. And the team should to considering they are below 500 and sucked all season.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Good anwser PK like Price want to win and ho let trade PK because he is to competitive what a joke so was Chelios and Roy ,AK and Gomez are the problem

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Playing aggressive in practise is okay to a point, however mostly your teamates are not expecting to get slammed (except during Training Camp when some jobs are at stake) and are not expecting a big check. easy way to get hurt. Last thing we need. Still however want PK and his value will have gone down this year so we should be able to sign him for less than if he’d have had a super year.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

  30. Rooster says:

    And ye at first I liked the canny trade but Rene Borque is pretty bad. I’d much have preferred to swap him for many other players

  31. Mattyleg says:

    We’ve got to hang on to AK.
    Who are we going to replace him with?
    Unfortunately, I see a lot of people just rattling on about how useless he is without any kind of information to back up their claims.
    “He pulls disappearing acts for weeks on end” seems to be a common moan.
    Here are some numbers from last season:
    GP: 81
    (in a season plagued by injuries, he was one of the few that was constant)
    G: 20, A: 25
    How do you get numbers like that when you’re disappearing all the time?
    How about this one: Hits: 140. One hundred and goddamn forty!!
    Or Blocked Shots: 26. From a forward.
    11 Powerplay points, 6 Game Winning Goals.

    This season his numbers aren’t so hot (there are still 20 games left, mind you) but there are very few on the team whose numbers are good. Plus, he was injured for 10 games this season. He still has fourth most hits on the team, and is up there in scoring despite his constant shuffling from line to line.

    So…. once again, I don’t get it. Bripro was at the game yesterday and said that AK was constantly hustling, although a bit peripheral, which is why the cameras don’t always tell the truth about the work he puts in.

    Please, if you have real facts to back up your crusade against AK, please put them on the table.

    Otherwise stop re-hashing “truisms” that have no grain of truth behind them.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • HabFab says:

      You make way too much sense!
      Who let you in again?

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      If we can’t get a coach who will use him properly, we might as well let him go. Isn’t that how we lost Ryder, Lapierre and Streit?

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      It appears you are an AK fan?

      The guy is OK…but hardly worth getting concerned over.

      If you lose a inconsistent 20-goal for a first round draft pick on a team that needs to make some changes I don’t think it is a bad deal.

      • Mattyleg says:

        I’m not a huge AK fan, I don’t consider myself a fan of any one player, but I just like to see common sense prevail over bandwaggoning and people who take half-baked opinions with no factual base as fact.

        I just don’t see how he’s inconsistent in your mind.
        His seasons were
        G: 26, 23, 15, 20
        A: 27, 18, 18, 25
        The third set of numbers came in his season where he missed 23 games. That’s still better than lots of players after 82 games.

        And if we can get a first-round pick for him, as some people might think, why trade him at all if he’s that good?!

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      We have to stop making excuses for Andrei. He’s had all the opportunities to prove that the wants to be here and that he can contribute. He’s a consistent underperformer and malingerer. He’s not worth the twenty goals a season and the hits he brings, just like Tomas Kaberle isn’t worth the 40-50 points he can chip in. Their negatives outweigh their contribution.

      How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

      • kholdstare says:

        As difficult as this is to say, I agree with you. We have been clinging on to the fact that he will one day live up to the potiential, and we have been doing it for how many years now? We might as well try and get something in return that may actually work.

        • Mattyleg says:

          What potential?
          He is consistent.
          If he isn’t living up to people’s expectations, perhaps it’s the expectations that are to blame, not the player.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Mattyleg, I think you’re being deliberately obtuse on this. You’re trying to reframe our perception of Andrei by deliberately ignoring his history with the team.

            The potential he’s not living up to is relative to his many physical gifts and attributes. I’ve come to understand that these are undermined by a poor hockey IQ, but there’s no way someone with that quality shot should have so few goals this season or through his career.

            The other potential he’s not living up to is the lofty draft pick that was spent on him, and in comparison to others in his draft class. He’s not a complete miss, he’s a serviceable NHL’er, but others in his class have worked hard and improved while he hasn’t developed.

            If we accept him as a 15-15 goal scorer consistently, and if we can pay him accordingly, and if he’ll keep his mouth shut about his icetime, since he doesn’t seem to mind to the degree that he’d work harder to prove coaches wrong, then I wouldn’t mind keeping him. But that’s not the case, he’ll probably bolt in the summer, so let’s cash him in.

            How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


      • Mattyleg says:

        Where are your stats to back this up?
        Who has ever made exuses for him?
        His numbers speak for themselves.
        A malingerer is someone who feigns injury to avoid battle. He was injured for 23 games two seasons ago, but apart from that, he hasn’t missed that many games. And I don’t understand why you’d think he was faking those injuries. He hits. A lot. He blocked 26 shots last season.

        I don’t see the negatives you’re talking about.
        Every game -with I think, two exceptions- he hasn’t had points, he’s had hits.
        Your ‘negatives’ are all opinions with no grounding in fact. They’re like saying “Hmm, his aura is sort of blueish, I don’t think that’s appropriate with the current planetary alignment.”
        Show me facts and we can discuss this further. Otherwise, I’ll just have to assume you don’t like his face.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          I don’t need stats to back up that Andrei is not the kind of player I want on my team. His lack of effort and sour attitude and failure to play up to his talent and skill level are all the evidence I need. I’m not saying he is better than so and so, or the Canadiens play better without him based on Fenwick or whatever.

          The excuses we make for him are that the coaches don’t understand our poor delicate temperamental winger, that he doesn’t get the right linemates or get played in the right situations. Any player who comes into the league has to earn a spot on the powerplay or the first line or with such and such a teammate. Andrei has had many coaches who have been slavering at the thought of what he could do, but somehow all of them couldn’t get him going. Compare to David Desharnais who fought his way up from the ECHL and who in a little more than a season has worked his way onto the Canadiens first line.

          I misspoke by using the word malingerer, you’re quite right about the definition and how it doesn’t apply to Andrei. What I should have written is that he’s a bellyacher. Two instances were his summertime interview complaining that Coach Martin didn’t care about him, and the recent complaining about freezing on the bench… in the midst of a ten or twelve game goal drought.

          My opinions that are not grounded in fact are actually obtained by watching games. They’re observations. I’m not completely out in left field on this, there are many others who agree that he is an underperforming asset which we can do without, and which should be cashed in at this trade deadline before he walks on July 1.

          How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

    • solomio says:

      With you 100% Matty. He wants to stay in Montreal, could even take a cut? He is a power forward just not a headliner. He should stay on, Habs should resign him. No doubt.

      “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

  32. manu07 says:

    I love PK. He seems like a character that maybe people and teammates don’t get.

  33. Rooster says:

    Ya maybe with Ovie and semin on his wings he would kiss us but we’d also have 4 million in cap space freed up plus a dman that is alteast top 6 worthy ( unlike campoli, weber and kaberle)

  34. TheMock780 says:

    Going by what TSN’s “Insiders” are saying, sounds like Jeff Carter is about to become an LA King in exchange for Jack Johnson, a 1st, and maybe a high level prospect. That’s a lot to give up for a malcotent underachiever but if Dean Lombardi doesn’t hit big here to help his team’s scoring it’s not like he’ll still be employed if LA misses the playoffs

    • Mattyleg says:

      It seemed like Rick Nash was going to become an LA King last week.
      They ended up saying stupid things like “I bet LA wasn’t even on Nash’s list, but it certainly is now!” only because they managed to convince each other that it was a great move.


      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  35. manu07 says:

    Anyone read this…

    Canadiens’ Subban involved in another scuffle at practice
    The Canadian Press – 2/23/2012 6:15:29 PM
    MONTREAL — Add another practice scuffle to P.K. Subban’s resume.
    The Montreal Canadiens’ talented young defenceman was involved in his fourth skirmish with a teammate this season at practice Thursday.
    After altercations with Tomas Plekanec, Mathieu Darche and Louis Leblanc, the latest spat came against David Desharnais.

  36. manu07 says:

    In my opinion Weber, Diaz an Darche can make an exit as well!

  37. HabsFansince49 says:

    Here we sit close to the bottom of the league. Worse, nothing looks good for the future. Questions: Do Gainey & Gauthier have mirrors in their homes? Is Geoff Molson alive?

  38. manu07 says:

    Ok that’s fine…Ak to anyone willing o give up a 1st

  39. manu07 says:

    Of I were PG… Don’t pick anyone up. Tank and draft a number 1 centre. Meanwhile, I would do this, AK to Nashville for a 1st!
    Moen to sharks for a 2nd!
    Campoli to Chicago for a 2nd!
    Gomez and Kaberle to anyone for a bag of pucks.

    • dorvalhabsfan says:

      doesnt anyone think that if Nashville wanted AK we wouldve traded him with gill???? come one guys lets be real! just cuz Sergei plays there doesnt mean that they HAVE to play together..

      Go Habs Go

  40. dorvalhabsfan says:

    I have an idea for a trade that may work out well for us Habs fans!!

    We should have Gauthier phone up Sather and have a convo along the lines of
    “hey glen remember that guy there Scott Gomez? we saved your bacon on that one didnt we? well we need a solid”

    Habs offer
    Kostitsyn + Nsh 2nd round

    Nyr Offer
    Brian Boyle

    we are happy

    Kostitsyn is happy

    and yeah what would you guys say to that?

    Go Habs Go

  41. christophor says:

    Unless someone like Jurco is coming back and/or there’s some sort of arrangement that he’ll re-sign here in July after his short rental, Kostitsyn should be retained.

  42. VancouverHab says:

    Gomez in Washinton with Ovie & Semin as linemates? Ha! He’d kill us badly for years to come, Marmaduke-style.

  43. zak says:

    Trade our back up goalie to the Sens for a 2or3 round pick. Bring up Lawton. Promote Delmas to the dogs and sign a free agent back up in the off season

    Hire the best regardless of language

  44. manu07 says:

    If more trades go down before the Deadline TSN may need to cancel there full day extravaganza on Feb 27. Lol.

  45. Un Canadien errant says:

    So what’s the deal with Milan Michalek’s celebration after his goal against Washington? Apparently there’s a little mystery and he and Jason Spezza won’t say what it means but are snickering a little bit.

    In my world, when you point your index finger in the air and spin it around in a circle, it means “Crank it up!” or “Charge the hydrant” or “Charge the hoseline”. I didn’t know when we did this a bunch of teenagers around the world would snigger.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

    • javaman says:

      Just like that puke Ribiero when he skated out for his star. Unbelievably on Antichambre, PJ Stock was the only commentator who thought Ribiero was over the top and that he was ridiculing the Habs for trading him. (I can’t believe I’m agreeing with PJ) But all 4 French guys on the panel thought he was right to do it, conveniently ignoring the fact that Ribiero embarassed the organization with his theatrics in the Boston game when he lay writhing in agony on the ice and then after the penalty was called, played the next shift. Puke.

      Stock even told Bergie that if PK had done that, that Bergie would have been all over him – Bergie’s reply – C’est pas la meme affaire.. Unreal.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Yeah, I think they completely missed the boat on that. The boys are in a negative mood about the Canadiens and the moves they’ve made in the last few years, so they were ready to see Mike Ribeiro’s antics as a proper celebration and just deserts for Hab management, but in fact it was another in a line of classless jerkstore moves by that little punk. He can score all he wants, but I’m glad his stubbled face and yo-bro headgear is out of town, I wouldn’t want that guy on my team if he was winning scoring championships.

        PJ was right on in his analysis. He was in disbelief when they were saying it was okay and he almost doubted himself there, he gets piled on so much on that show. I know he’s a jerk and I hate his conception of what hockey should be, but he deserves props for appearing on that show even though French is his second language. He was correct in thinking that Mr. Ribeiro was rubbing it in and should have been clotheslined by the Ghosts of the Forum. I think Michel Bergeron and the others, if they had been given more time to watch that clip in full and digest it, and understand that the fans had voted him the first star and he sarcastically egged them on like that, they would reconsider and admit that they were wrong in their assessment and PJ was the one who got it right.

        How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  46. HardHabits says:

    Our Gauthier who art the GM
    Hollow head be thy trades
    Our Cup will come when thee are gone
    On Earth as it is in Hamilton
    Give us this day our draft pick lottery
    And forgive us our tanked season
    As we forgive those who tanked seasons before us
    And lead us not into tenth place again
    But deliver us from injuries

  47. manu07 says:

    Sorry typo …

  48. manu07 says:

    Just read that rumor on twitter Shiloh. As per tsn Bob McKenzie. Both teams are close and working hard on this deal.

  49. Rooster says:

    I’m sure Gomez would be able to put up respectable numbers in Washington… Maybe not 7.5 million dollars worth but definitely he would do better there

  50. Rooster says:

    @ mr biter ya that was what I was thinking honestly I’d rather have Hamrlik back than gill he’s a much better skater has some offensive upside and he did a lot of good for our tea when he was here and I’m ur

  51. Rooster says:

    He also hasn’t centred any elite level players since Elias or gionta (back in his glory days )

  52. Carter to LA for JJ and maybe Bernier?

    Anyone else hear this rumour other than XM92?

    They Call Me Shane

  53. Rooster says:

    It’s not like he’s horrible every night he’s just been very unlucky since he’s come here and he obviously can’t overcome the pressure. In Washington there’s not a lot of pressure (just like nj)

  54. Should Carey Price go to the World Championships to learn about pressure?

    That’s the quote of the day. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Halak, helps take this team to the Eastern Conference Finals. He becomes the savior of Montreal and the #1 fan favourite for two months.

    Jaro moves on and the city is in tears.

    Carey’s first game in the post Jaro era is a downer and the fans are already booing him.

    Carey brings on the challenge of being the underdog, and wins game after game that the Canadiens had no business winning.

    Yet he and the Canadiens do it all.

    If you don’t call that pressure, then you have more of a hate of for Carey Price than I do for Allen Walsh.

    Don’t make me bring out the Disgruntled Goalie Fan with your name at the top. 😆





    GAME ON IN 3-2- oh wait it’s Thursday. Oh crap I forgot to pick up the kids from school. Oh that’s right they walk home. Oh man I thought I lost it there for a second. mmmm coffee. I think I’ll PVR the Blues game tonight. I have hockey at 2130, I better get my blades done. Should I tape my stick? No better not, the tape didn’t do anything to me to take him away.

    They Call Me Shane

  55. CF says:

    Personally, I really want AK back with the team. He’s a guy that’s only played for the Habs, he wants to stay. Even though it would be really easy for him to walk after the troubles he and his brother went thru a couple of seasons back.
    He may be inconsistent, and cause a few turnovers, but who doesn’t?
    He’s also big, strong, and can score 20 every year, this year has been an off year for almost everyone. He’s been relegated to the third line, he’s played with everyone on the team, and his PP time has been cut dramatically.
    He wants to stay……….this means something. Maybe he’ll take a little pay cut. With Gomez in the minors (which absolutely has to happen) we have lots of room to re-sign AK.
    The word is Gauthier is shopping him big time, I’ll be really sad to see him go. He’s come a long way since the draft. I believe his best days are yet to come. It would be a huge loss to have these days be on another team.

    • HabFan in Edmonton says:

      Part of me would like AK to stay but at what price. He will be a UFA and I would be willing to bet someone will pay him 4 million/year. It’s just so darn frustrating to watch him sometimes, so much talent and yet only 12 goals this year. I just don’t know what they should do with him. I would hate to get nothing if he leaves.

      • CF says:

        Exactly. Itès a very tough decision. Just hate to see good guys who possess exactly what his team needs leave.
        And everyone loves AK on the team. Heès a great guy I hear.
        I still see him scoring 35-40 with a good centre.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Andrei Kostitsyn can say he wants to stay all he wants. Talk is cheap. If he really wanted to stay and loved his teammates he’d play like it.

      It’s not a coach thing. They’ve all tried to get him to produce at a consistent level, and all have failed. What Andrei needs is a big giant mirror he can use to look at himself now and then after a five or ten-game disappearing act.

      How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  56. Mr. Biter says:

    Novel thought for the Goat. Offer Darche, Moen contracts now. If they accept the Habs offer we don’t have to trade them (or we can if we want) and we don’t lose them to free agency or higher offers and get nothing in return. AK try to get a high draft choice or Carter.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  57. Nobody says:

    I wouldn’t trade AK. His size and scoring will be hard to replace for the same money. I like him on the third line. Too bad he is too inconsistent for top six because he has the talent.

  58. Rooster says:

    Sorry I pressed post too early on my iPhone! But yea like I was saying Gomez is a solid 2 way player with 2 cups rings and would excel with ovechkin and demon on his wings + Hamrlik could help out fragile defense

    • SlovakHab says:

      To me, a solid 2-way player is someone who is dangerous in offensive zone and hard to beat in his own end. Marian Hossa, Dacyuk, Partice Bergeron etc…
      Gomez has freakin’ 2 goals scored, he is a minus player, soft in his zone.

      What exactly makes him a “solid 2-way player”?

      • VancouverHab says:

        Two Stanley Cups in New Jersey, 650+ NHL career points and a Calder Trophy.

        Know your hockey, pal.

        • Mr. Biter says:

          Unfortunatly in Sports and it seems espically on this site it’s “What have you done for us Now” and now is not much. I like Gomez (really) and prehaps a change of scenery would do him good and I would be very happy if next year he get 60 -70 points with us or another NHL team.
          Loook at Cammy, 2 years ago playoff goal scoring machine, doesn’t listen to the Goats no talking to media ban and is having an off year so banished to Calgary for Borque with barely a good bye on this site.

          Mr. Biter
          No Guts No Glory

  59. Rooster says:

    So i heard hamrlik Isnt Too happy with Washington and i know he said in multiple interviews that he really likes it Here so why Not see If washington would be willing to take on Gomez? There’s no doubt in my mind that Gomez would be able to put up a 70+ pt season with ovechkin and demon his wings? Plus he brings leadership and 2 cup rings to the team and is a retry so + a 2nd or kaberle for Hamrlik?

  60. ZepFan2 says:

    I don’t know if anyone has posted this.

    JT’s piece on Blake Geoffrion:

    The Next Generation

    Turn on the tank, the party’s over…

  61. HabFab says:

    Young Geoffrion has 2G + 5A in 3 GP, hope he can keep that up.

    But just to keep perspective had only 2G + 7A in 20 GP before being traded.

  62. Gomez is poised to have a breakout game tomorrow night!

  63. habbernack says:

    In the bleacher report Eller calls out the whole team. This guy is a keeper.

    ability is what you’re capable of doing.
    attitude determines how you do it

  64. Chrisadiens says:

    Bob McKenzie just tweeted that LAK and CBJ are working hard to get Carter deal done. We can stop thinking about him coming to MTL now.

    Edit: Believed to be Johnson+ 1st rd pick for Carter.

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  65. mdp2011 says:

    Wow, Ottawa’s playoff chances might have taken a hit if he is out long term:

    Bruce Garrioch: Can confirm report by @Realkyper that Craig Anderson has suffered a hand injury. How long he’s going to be out hasn’t been determined.

    EDIT: yikes
    Bruce Garrioch ‏ @SunGarrioch
    Craig Anderson will be gone at least 10 days and possibly more

  66. Bripro says:

    A few nice articles.
    One on Max Pac and Gary Carter.

  67. Bripro says:

    Also via Twitter
    Renaud Lavoie reports that Gionta is making the trip.

  68. HabFab says:

    Via twitter

    MAGodin – Blake Geoffrion has not been recalled by Canadiens, despite some reports. However I hear he’ll be called up Monday or Tuesday.

  69. TomNickle says:

    Rick Nash is going to Washington and Alexander Ovechkin is going the other way.

  70. manu07 says:

    If Jeff Carter can “party” in Columbus it mush be in his house because Ohio in general has nothing…NOTHING! Seems like a big head. Hope the Habs stay away.

  71. LA Loyalist says:

    Should Cary Price go and play in the Worlds? Learn how to play under pressure?

    Probably safer than rodeo.

    Vote early, vote often.

    • TomNickle says:

      He could probably think of better ways to allow his body to heal after a 70 game season than to play another 10 games.

    • Chrisadiens says:

      Yea, no pressure in the world juniors, or the AHL championship, or playing goal (in MTL) after the GM trades away your competition who just brought the team to the East finals. Yep. He needs the Worlds.

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

    • Ehabs9 says:

      He performed just fine against Boston last year, I don’t see that playing under pressure is really a problem for him. He has had a few bad games sure, but just because the team in front of him is shit doesn’t mean it’s all of a sudden his job to single handedly try and put together a 20game win streak.

      In all honesty I think they’d be behind Columbus without Price.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      The votes are in. Rodeo it is.

      • habsnyc says:

        might as well go to the rodeo after 82 games in the circus.

        but if Price wants to make a strong case for the Olympics, winning at the worlds, would not be unhelpful.

        Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Trying to think of another Canadian-born goalie who would be playing and I can’t think of any. If Brodeur loses in the 1st round he is still unlikely to go. CP is really the best option from a Team Canada view.

  72. Chrisadiens says:

    All the responses below got me thinking.
    Since we all think Burkie should get a ring for helping the bruins win….Should Gainey get a ring if the Rangers win it?

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

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