Multimedia from Monday practice


The Canadiens did some off-ice training: kicking around a soccer ball, jogging, some stretches.
Then about seven of them skated around fort a while.
The party line, post-practice: It ain’t over till it’s over.

Andrei Markov will accompany the Canadiens on their upcoming road trip to Washington and Florida. He still hasn’t been cleared for contact, but Markov may skate with his teammates.

Randy Cunneyworth says Petteri Nokelainen is the closest to a return to action. That means Travis Moen is still out, with the trade deadline looming.

Erik Cole is banged up but playing, and Louis Leblanc has the flu.

AUDIO: Randy Cunneyworth


  1. habs17 says:

    we are lucky to have a goalie like price, look at toronto, washington, tbay

    President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

    (I support Scott Gomez)

  2. Stev.R says:

    Pick one of Moen, AK, Kaberle or Campoli,
    state what kind of role they could fill,
    then give a team that needs somebody to fill that role,
    then give a guess on what we could get in return.

  3. Bill says:

    Washington could move into 8th tonight with a win over frigging CAROLINA and they’re choking on it!

    What the hell is wrong with that team.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • habsperspective says:

      Washington, Montreal, Buffalo. Even Carolina has no reason to be in the basement, whats going on with the league, when on the flip side, Toronto, Florida, Ottawa, and Atlanta are challenging.

  4. Mr. Biter says:

    3 wins in a row or we probably become sellers.
    Go Habs Go or some of the boys will be gone.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

    • matt jordan says:

      Either way, some of the boys should be traded.
      Kostitsyn, Campoli should be traded for sure.
      Maybe Moen to, unless he re-signs.

      If there’s any market (and I mean anthing) for Kaberle or the RED HOT Scott Gomez, do it.

      But what i bet happens is nothing, and the Habs end up in tenth in the east, losing to the Leafs in game 82 clinching the Leafs playoff berth.

  5. Bripro says:

    Pierre Lebrun reported on the healthy state of the NHLPA’s player emergency fund.

  6. HabFanSince72 says:

    Caps already down 2-0 to the Canes.

    Could it happen to a nicer guy than Dale Hunter?

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  7. Timo says:

    Blah blah blah… who gives rats ass what these guys have to say. They all collectively contributed to a completely effed up season. In the end they can’t say anything that will justify this mediocrity.

  8. habsfanforever7631 says:

    Waw seriously
    Is that all we do, whenever the Habs lose half of the fans pick someone to crap on or start making stupid trades.
    Today it’s Carey Price.
    Ok lets trade Price and then who will be in nets, hmmm lets see, oh yeah it’s true we have noone else.
    We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for Price, Cole, DD and Max Pac
    The thing is, Price is not part of the problem, so stop trying to make him part of the problem.
    Go play cards or something.
    That’s why some players don’t want to stay in Montreal.
    Trade Price, trade Subban, come on!

  9. Bripro says:

    I can’t believe the hate on Price.
    Without him, there’s no question we’d be looking up at the Blue Jackets, and everyone else for that matter.
    You guys need to channel your frustration on someone else!
    Like Kaberle, Campoli and yes…even AK.
    I won’t mention Gomez because that’s just a common theme on HIO.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I wasn’t laying any hate on Price. I love the guy and there’s only a couple goaltenders I would put in front of him in the NHL.

      I take him over Luongo any day.

      • alfieturcotte says:

        That is not saying much. Luongo has a history for choking in big game situations. Until Price takes us as far as Halak did, he will be whispered in the same breath.

    • habsfan0 says:

      Bripro, I watched Patrick Roy, I knew Patrick Roy, Patrick Roy was an idol of mine. Carey Price, you’re no Patrick Roy.

    • Le Jadester says:

      Disagree with AK. He’s not being used properly for whatever reason. So use him properly or trade him IMO.

      As for Kabbie, I think he’s good on the PP, but that’s it.

      As for Campoli, yes I don’t think he’s that good. Even Emelin in training camp looked better and donkey JM had him benched and probably asked the goat to pick him up because he’s so dumb to see the potential in Emelin after one look. Even a dummy like me could see something so obvious.

      I would also add Pulashaj and Weber to your list, although they are not that much of an impact on the season, but they are not good either IMO.

      I have to agree with Mr. T Nickle, in the fact that we don’t have a Pronger type D man to clear traffic infront of Price and hold leads in da tird, I think ?

      As well, JM and Randy insisting on using guys like Gomer and Darche in the PP drives me. Again, something a dummy like me can see from miles away. And yes I know they are experts/pros in their craft, but really ?

      I don’t think Price deserves the hate but he’s also been underachieving. I realize he has very high expectations placed on him. With that said, I would never trade him, unless it were for a pre concussed Crosby. But you know if he ever does, I would bet the farm his new team would win a Cup in less than 2 years as long as it was before he was 33 years old. Any takers ?

      Habs, OLE !

      • Bripro says:

        Allow me to clarify my comment on AK.
        I’m only saying that he needs a good tongue lashing, because there’s no way I’d trade him.
        I still think we’d have to pay more to get the same value.
        The frustrating part is the inconsistency.
        I’d like to say it’s a coaching issue, by not playing him with Plecs, or taking him off the line with Eller and Moen after his short bought with an injury.
        But look at Cole. At the beginning of the season, before he found his groove on the DD line, no matter which line he was on, he plowed forward. AK is a big, hard-hitting very talented player. He has to play like it, consistently.

  10. Malreg says:

    I find it very ironic that pretty much all of the people that dislike Price are Canadiens fans.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I really like Price and have since day one.

      In saying that, he has some issues.

      His glove had was very shaky for a while and still is his biggest weakness.

      And his abilities 1 on 1 can also raise an eyebrow. A good indication is his record in the shootout this year.

      He is very good and sometimes plays great for stretches but he is not close to being the decisive best in the league as you sometimes hear people say.

      Most of the guys on the TSN panel said he was the best in the league during a season preview, I was pretty surprised with that assessment.

      • Mad Habber says:

        Come on you can’t blame Price for his shoot-out record, the team needs to score more than zero goals in them to win.

        He does however lack consistency on a shoot to shoot bases, where he will make an amazing save on minute then allowing soft goals the next. I think there are times where the media praises his calmness, where others say he doesn’t care.

        Some of his trouble this year can be attributed to a wonky defense. As far as his consistency goes most goalies are just breaking into the league. He has already got a starting job locked down. Give him a couple of seasons and I think he will be the best in the league.

    • L Elle says:

      You’d be hard-pressed to find a female that “hates” Price.

      Interpret that any way you want.

      It is ridiculous the amount of crap hurled at him on a regular basis by the same posters. As a Pricebot, I don’t expand even .001% of my energy thinking about him, unlike some haters. Weird? Yes

  11. slapshot777 says:

    Price is a good goalie and will become a great one as times passes. People who don’t like him don’t know much about hockey.

    If you want your goalie to succeed you have to give him all the opportunity in the world to do so.

    We had two goalies who were number one foaled on a lot of teams. Keeping either one back would have been a selfish move by the Habs.

    The Habs have never kept a player or coach from trying to move up the ladder. I know there are a lot of Halak lovers here, but in reality Pricewasthe goalie of the future. The Habs just fast tracked it a year or two. Halak who everyone thinks was the true number one here was traded to St. Louis.

    St. Louis who thought that hey had their number one goalie, was mistaken. Elliot has become the number one with Halak still riding the pines.

    Soon reality was the Habs really wrong to trade Halak? No!!

    They got a good return for him. Anybody who still argues the point can’t be watching. Maybe St. Louis will trade Halak again over the summer to some other team in hopes Halak will be number one for them.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Halak and Elliot have been very close this year, I believe without looking at the numbers. Elliot number’s slightly better. Great for St. Louis.

      Halak is injured at the moment and so that’s why he’s not playing.

      St. Louis has two number one goaltenders.

      In saying that, I like Price better than either of those two goaltenders and if he was in St. Louis he’d probably have the best numbers in the league this year.

  12. doug19 says:

    Petteri Nokalainen -7 must be cheap.Yup looked it up $550,000 . The only player making les is Big George Larraque at $500,00. Moore and Halpern all season and results might have been different.
    Any two good centres and Habs might have eeked into the playoffs.DD was not a given but a nice surprize and Gomez needs a miracle.So what was PG thinking for centres for this year? Lars Eller did not prove himmself ready to centre a line last year.
    Plekanek was the only known quality centre starting the season and he usually is worn out on the PK. Andreas Enqqvist -1 played 10 games this season without a point.
    Solution? PG runs out and picks up Campoli and later blows a wad over 3 years on Kaberle -17. Our star centre Plekanek is also -17 on the NHL’s best PK. Our best centre has not had a banner year.
    On the brighter side Louis Leblanc +4 at $900,000 has 3 goals and 4 assists in 23 g. Scott Gomez -4 at $7,357,143 has 2 goals and 7 assists in 30 games. I found cap info at

  13. HabFanSince72 says:

    According to La Presse Moen has a neck injury and there is no date set for his return.

    He is not tradeable, it goes without saying.

    In better news Brian Gionta (remember him?) was practicing with the team today.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • habs17 says:

      yes i reported this 2 days ago , that if the habs make a push you will see gionta back in the lineup. P.S look who was right again , ME

      President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

      (I support Scott Gomez)

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I’m hoping Moen stays. He has a knack for scoring big goals and is a great checking line player.

      I really hope Gauthier listens to the fans that would love to see Moen, White and another tough player makeup the teams 4th line next season.

  14. HabsFan82 says:

    every year it comes down to depending on other teams having to lose for us to make it in the playoffs. not a very good feeling. we have to put a real team together and quit depending on other teams losses. once the best franchise in the world is no more.

  15. Bill says:

    I do not wish to offend any of my fellow posters, but it’s hard to understand what you want out of a hockey player if you don’t appreciate Carey Price, PK Subban, AK46, to name a couple of the more frequently maligned members of the CH.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • HabFab says:

      Offend them please!

      Actually should sic the “your only a true fan if” crowd on them! That will teach them.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Good point Bill. The players I don’t like are players who don’t play up to their ability which is not allways dependent about their salary. You mentioned AK and I just don’t think he’s worth 3.25M and if we can get something good for him it’s better than letting him walk. Price and PK are young and will get better. I am old enough to remember Saint Patrick and never saw a goalie let so many goals in from the blue line on one on one shots early in his career. Price is far more advanced than Roy was at the same time in their careers. PK has not been the same since his “tussel” with marchand and i have been wanting some Beef besides White (a middleweight and a good one) to protect PK because if you yap and throw the odd slew foot you have to back it up or have someone who can do it for you. And for Gomez he has been playing his best hockey the last 10 games and if he was making 750,000 everyone would post about his play but since he’s making 7.5 M he’s a bum.
        Anyone out ther who would refuse a raise to $7.5 M please post back as i have lots of Florida beach front property in manitoba I’ll sell you cheap.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

        • Bill says:

          People seem to dislike AK because he’s not scoring 35-40 goals, and they believe he could if he weren’t “lazy”. I don’t think he’s that lazy. He led the team in hits last year with limited ice-time … doesn’t sound lazy to me.

          He’s about a 25-goal guy who’s going to use his size and bang some bodies around. I thought we wanted some of that?

          He must “look” lazy or something. Or maybe it’s his personality, or lack thereof. Of course he doesn’t play as hard as Darche, but not many guys do.

          As for PK … he’s a second-year guy, essentially, playing ridiculous minutes in all situations. He’s not remotely ready for the role he’s been given, but I think he’s stepped up into it nicely. He’s only getting better for the next five years or so, then he’ll plateau around awesome.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

          • Mr. Biter says:

            I just don’t know about AK. He has good games but seems to have more bad games where he’s coasting. Lots of talent but seems to lack the desire for $3.25M and if we don’t trade him if we are out of contention he’ll walk at Free Agency. Also no where as many hits this year as last year. with PK as mentioned I have nothing against him as posted above he will get better. it may sound silly but to take some lessons over the summer from a retired Heavyweight on how to fight would do wonders for him. With his size and attitude if he could defend himself he’d have less people running him after a good hit and then would be a monster on the ice.

            Mr. Biter
            No Guts No Glory

      • Bripro says:

        Or Frank, you could go off on one of your tangents!
        That was entertaining. Too bad I had to eat. We could have tik’d back and forth on tanking!

      • Bill says:

        Ugh, those guys who say “you’re not a real fan if” or “if you don’t agree then you know nothing about hockey” … the site needs automatic electrocution for them.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

    • The Cat says:

      The habs have made me dislike Price. They handed him everything when he didnt earn it, and now that they removed any competition and that hes playing decent, I get to hear hes the best in the world when he clearly isnt. Its too much. I wonder if Price has incriminating pictures of the brass to have everybody line up and kiss his ass like that.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • L Elle says:

        So if I read between the lines, you don’t dislike Price or his hockey talents per se, but rather you are jealous/envious/perturbed because of your own perception that everything was just handed to him?

        Oy, this is a case for Freud, but at least you’re honest. 😉

    • Les Canayens says:

      Unfortunately some people enjoy personnel movements more than the actual games. Depreciating everyone is one way to achieve their fantasy goal of trading every player every day.

      ▭ ◌ ▭ ◌ ▭ ◌ ▭ ◌ ▭
      Scouting is subjective.

    • Timo says:

      Umm… like win the Stanley Cup? I don’t know… or at the very least make playoffs. Too much? It is too much, isn’t it?

  16. habs17 says:

    WOW, hearing people talking about trading price hahahahah this is why i come on this site for comedy, thats too funny trade are only hope on the team hahaha too funny u guys make me laugh, its hysterical what some of you people come up with, keep them comin hahahahaahahah too funny

    President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

    (I support Scott Gomez)

  17. JayK-47 says:

    I think there’s a market for Moen even if he’s injured. In the last few years we’ve seen Gomez and Kaberle moved. That defenseman Andrei Markov was signed to a 3 year contract on a bad knee and Blair Betts was picked up on waivers despite a season long injury.

    So I think he’ll move before the deadline.

  18. LA Loyalist says:

    23 % of us think Carey “Shoot-out” Price is our MVP this season?

    That is just sad and delusional.

    The reality of Price is once there is any pressure, he turns into Joe Thornton.

    • ont fan says:

      Where have we heard that before…Oh yea You

      • alfieturcotte says:

        I happen to agree — I have yet to see him truly rise to the occasion. How many soft goals have we seen him let in. Once he actually gets us to the playoffs and wins a couple of series (a la Halak), there will always be doubters (incl me) out there.

        • habsgod says:

          for the record price has won a couple of playoff series he had 2 shutouts in his first series the 7 game win against boston the 2 shutouts that he got that year was something that dryden and roy never did in there first year! halak is a steve penny nothing more! we traded the right guy he’s not even the starter in st.loius he’s the backup just like he was here price is better than halak wil ever be end of story

        • HabFab says:

          He lives! You living in Greece now?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      That’s it, i have taken my notebook computer downstairs to my printer and done a print screen of this post (Okay I didn’t, but I will not forget) you sir I am in complete disagreement with. By the way i voted for Erik Cole, but Carey Price is an excellent franchise goalie. That is as polite as I can put my comment.

    • Yup. He choked against the Bruins last season.
      .934 save % in playoffs, what the hell is that! Trade this bum already.

  19. LA Loyalist says:

    this space left intentionally blank

  20. I can see Andrei Kostitsyn being the next one shipped out.

  21. habstrinifan says:

    So Ottawa beat NYI…. Good. If Carolina beats Washington in regulation and NJ beats Laffs tomorrow and we beat Dallas… Heck we are RIGHT BACK IN IT! Just saying….

    I know I know… I vowed not to…. but …

  22. Mr. Biter says:

    When we “shoots the puck at the net” the pucks bounces off players or is tipped to the corners. When shots come to our net they somehow find the top corner or as i believe in the Washington game 2 “wiffed shots” end up on sticks of opponents with no defenders or goalie insight (lucky bounces) and easy goals. This has been a very unlucky season for us.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

    • rmhayward says:

      Yes they are a better team than the record shows and they have had some bad bounces against them this year but to many times they come out flat like against New Jersey. Or the most common they only play 1 strong period per game… There is something to be said for making your own luck and we need hard work every night…

  23. HabFab says:

    By the way all, that tall skinny kid who got too serious on us has his latest review out.

  24. Bripro says:

    In case it hasn’t been posted, and for anyone who missed it,
    here’s the pre-game tribute to Gary Carter.

  25. boing007 says:

    Goat’s gotta go, now.

    Richard R

  26. HabFab says:

    Why hasn’t PG traded PK and Price yet? Come on, each game their value goes down!!!!

  27. smiler2729 says:

    Oh boy, Petteri Nokalainen’s coming back….

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  28. Dr.Rex says:

    IF Penner got a 1st and good prospect then I expect the same for Kostitsyn. AS long as Goats plays his cards close up to the deadline hour.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Not sure that there should be any urgency to trade Kostitsyn. The team that is looking to make a deal will be a playoff team. Is a late first round pick worth trading a consistent 20 goal scorer with size?

      If we got a 1st rounder and a big hulking stay-at-home defenseman I’d do it.

    • otter649 says:

      Penner had a contract but AK46 is UFA with expiring contract quite a bit for a rental maybe 2nd rounder & prospect…..

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      When Penner got traded he still had another year to go on his contract and had just come off a 30 goal season, and seemed to be on his way to another. Andrei Kostitsyn is a known quantity, which is a 20+ goal/year player, and he can leave as a free agent this summer, so there’s no reason to expect any team would give up for Andrei what the Kings did for Penner last year.

      “Andrei Kostitsyn will be traded this month”
      – Sean Bonjovi

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      The guy who traded Teubert and a 1st for Penner might soon lose his job.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  29. Bripro says:

    Elliotte Friedman speaks of coaches, past and present, and of the Canadiens organization as one of class.

  30. Dr.Rex says:

    The closest player to Kostitsyn’s value on the trade market is Ales Hemsky. Although Hemsky may be considered by some as more talented his injury issues downgrade his value.

    Edmonton radio is saying a hemsky deal is close with a California club (probably LA). This will definetely set the market for AK.

  31. habs17 says:

    We need to stop thinking about playoffs this year, we are DONE no way are the habs making the playoffs. Time to shift the focus to next year and start the overhaul. Lets hope next year we have a chance to make the playoffs, but i doubt it, with this crop of players

    President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

    (I support Scott Gomez)

  32. Danno says:

    I get the impression from the interviews above that harsh reality is beginning to set in – although nobody is willing to admit it just yet.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  33. habs17 says:

    im hearing campoli to the coyotes, whoever takes this bum will be a steal for montreal if they can even get 7th rnd pick campoli has got to be the worst defenceman i have watched
    President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

    (I support Scott Gomez)

  34. mrhabby says:

    moen to toronto for 2nd round pic.

    gomez to coyotes for 5th round pic.

    pk , gionta, 1st for carter.

    ak to dallas for steve ott.

  35. JayK-47 says:

    “My name is Jay, and I come here once an hour to see if Kostitsyn was traded yet.”
    -sits back down-

  36. jon514 says:

    Even if we win all 3 games this week, we’re still on the outside looking in at the trade deadline, which probably means we’re selling.

    In your opinion, what is a good/realistic return for these players?

    1) AK46
    2) Plek (don’t want to see him go, but his role will only diminish next year)
    3) Campoli
    4) Weber
    5) Moen
    6) Kaberle

    “Let’s be clear on the facts…”

    • shiram says:

      No one is really challenging Plek’s spot right now, DD and Eller can’t do all the things Pleks does, as well as he does them.
      DD is good on the PP, but I would not trust him on the PK, and the inverse is correct of Eller right now.

    • JayK-47 says:

      AK46, Kaberle, Weber for a Top 6 RW.

      Moen and Campoli for a Defenceman. A decent one this time.

      Sprinkle in a pick or prospect as needed.

    • Stev.R says:

      1) AK46 – Low 1st round pick + AHL prospect with potential to make NHL + CHL prospect taken in the second round last year.

      2) Pleks – 1st round pick + legit 2nd line/third line player + AHL prospect

      3) Campoli – 3rd round pick or solid AHL prospect.

      4) Weber – A 3-4 defenceman, or a good CHL forward prospect.

      5) Moen – 2nd round pick + a top tier AHL prospect.

      6) Kaberle – 2nd round pick + 2 top end prospects

      These are Trade Deadline day values.

    • neumann103 says:

      Steve R had some pretty sensible values. I thought maybe a little high in some cases

      1) AK46 – 2nd round pick + early round prospect taken 2-3 years ago

      2) Pleks – Agree with Steve R “1st round pick + legit 2nd line/third line player + AHL prospect”.
      In reality however the only way moving Plekanec makes any sense is as the key part in getting some kind of franchise big forward. There are about 25 teams in the league who would salivate at the prospect of Plekanec as their 2nd Line Center.

      3) Campoli – 4th round pick or prospect with lots of potential upside but strong risk of flaming out.

      4) Weber – Short answer is “not enough to be worth trading him”. The only thing that makes sense is if you could get an equivalent forward prospect, probably a 2nd round choice from 2009-2010 whose is progressing nicely and maybe could be a solid 3rd liner next year caliber of player. I don’t think you are likely to get that.

      5) Moen – 2nd round pick + AHL prospect.

      6) Kaberle – 2nd round pick + overpaid 3rd liner with a year remaining on his contract as part of a balancing salary dump.

      “Et le but!”

  37. SmartDog says:


    Great job on the poem.
    A slow clap to you sir. And one word: Nevermore!

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  38. The Cat says:

    I think I made a stupid bet on mise au jeu, I got 50-1 if either Anaheim, TB, Montreal, NYI, Buffalo, Carolina, Edmonton or Columbus winning the cup. Go Ducks, go Habs!

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  39. Bripro says:

    As of today, there could be as many as 6 Canadian teams in the playoffs, of which neither are the Oilers or our Habs.
    With that type of urgency, there’s no excuse for coming out that flat except perhaps another demoralizing move by Goat, PG.
    If he had any class or sense of empathy, he would consider the feelings of the individuals involved, and that means EVERYBODY.
    Gill (especially) – told 45 mins after which team he was traded to-, his teammates, who clearly didn’t have their hearts in it last night – they now feel that their season is done – , and the fans…yes we deserve at least that much respect since we pay his salary.
    I just hope that they will at least make the effort to play lights out, like they did last week against the Bruins, and let me get a good night’s post-game sleep, devoid of migraines and heartburn!

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I don’t think they were “totally” flat. A little more urgency would have been nice but I think the Devils proved last night that they are once again a finely tuned machine.

      NJ played a real solid game last night and seem to be in a class above the Habs at the moment.

      • Bripro says:

        Then tell me why it is that we showed some somewhat-more aggressive play in the third.
        Nothing in the first two periods. They were hemmed in most of those 40 minutes. Panic clearings, passes in our zone that ended up on the NJ players’ sticks more than once!.
        It really looked like they could care less for those first two, and the only time I’ve seen them play this bad this year was their first home-game against the Isles.
        They showed some spark in the third, but by then against (as you say) the Devils machine and Marty, catching up becomes a very tall order.

    • shiram says:

      I think it’s reaching to pin the loss on the player’s feelings towards PG’s action.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Yup. Gill is so overrated as well. He can be a solid defenseman for sure but I doubt the players were affected by him being traded.

        I think Subban was about ready to puke the next time someone mentioned Gill as his mentor.

        Gill is old, soft and I’m personally glad he’s gone and we can finally get a big defenseman who plays big instead of a friendly giant. Was kinda embarrassing actually.

      • Bripro says:

        I can’t agree with that. I’m convinced that Gill was very well liked in the room, and was a major vocal influence. There’s no arguing that he was slow as molasses, but there were other aspects to his game.
        You can just tell by his maturity when he speaks to reporters that the man is composed, and never says anything out-of-order.
        I really believe that it affected the room, and their hearts weren’t into it.

        • shiram says:

          Sure it can affect them, but the way you posted it emphasized that the way PG proceeded was the reason they came out flat.
          I think losing the guy affected them moreso then the way PG dealt with him.

          • Bripro says:

            That’s not exactly what I meant….exactly.
            I don’t usually endorse Jack Todd. The man is bitter, and ultra-negative (who am I to say that today, huh?).
            But his article on PG hit the nail head pretty close to centre.
            Gauthier has to present himself before the team, and explain himself, and his strategy.
            It’s been a smorgasbord of maneuvers this year, with very little in terms of results.
            I do like the trade as a whole, and I think the move will take us in a better direction. It certainly can’t slow us down.
            But from the players’ perspective, you go into the room and a teammate you’ve been with for a few years, for most, isn’t there anymore.
            Think of a friend or workmate you’re used to seeing almost everyday, and then he/she is gone. It has to affect you.
            It’s not an excuse for them, but I think it was a factor.

          • shiram says:

            But that’s hockey, and the players know it, even Gill in interviews before his trade, he said he was well aware he could move, I’m sure it’s in the back of all RFA’s as the trade deadline draws near.
            I did not read Todd’s article, so I won’t comment on it.

          • shiram says:

            Oh I chose not to read it, I just about always skip his article.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          He will be missed, no doubt. Only because we are one-dimensional back there. Weber, Diaz, Kaberle and Campoli have very little physicality to there games. Two of those guys so go and be replaced with a couple traditional defenseman: Big, strong and thinks defense first.

          Gill did that job well but he’s winding down fast. There’s plenty of good guys in the dressing room like Gionta, Cole and Moen.

          • Bripro says:

            I know. I’m sure you’re right, and they’re good leaders. But if the team has a leader group, and he’s part of it, then his absence is felt, at least temporarily. I hope they pick it up against Dallas.

          • otter649 says:

            Gill is well known as a leader – He was given The A before he stepped on to the ice in his first game as a Hab & could have easily had been named team captain in his first season if Montreal had decided to have a captain that year…………

    • SmartDog says:

      6 Canadian teams but not including the Habs and Oilers? Who else is in the mix – the Bulldogs?

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  40. JohnBellyful says:

    As the season winds down, and with it hopes of a Stanley Cup, a fan’s spirits begin to flag and thoughts turn rueful:

    I won’t talk of tanking or Gomer’s next goal
    Of lines I care not a whit
    No trades will I fashion or put down a troll
    Or argue the need for more grit

    Markov’s recovery I will not review
    The subject, I find, is obscure
    When he makes his return I haven’t a clue
    It’s not like I have a real cure.

    PG’s a puzzle but I don’t stay up nights
    In dread of what he’ll do next
    Or yearn for a forward who’s wins all his fights,
    Scores 20 while playing with Pleks

    Who stays and who goes is not my concern
    Discuss if you must, but I won’t
    I prefer to sit back, let others discern
    Which players give all and which don’t

    As for the officials I’ll keep my lips sealed
    No more will I give them the razz
    Anger is useless when no power you wield
    Yes, it’s true, I’m just a dumb-azz

    Draft picks and free agents – what should the team do?
    I haven’t the foggiest notion
    Should it hire a new coach who can parlez-vous?
    Or one who displays his emotion?

    No view will I utter, no point will I make
    The team’s play I won’t ever cuss
    No mud will I sling, it’s the high road I take:
    A ‘real’ fan who won’t make a fuss

    I’ll cheer for the Habs in my own quiet way
    Feel down when losses mount up
    The way to improve? I have nothing to say
    No advice on winning the Cup

    Come game time I stare at the screen on the wall
    And wait for good things to unfold
    And hope beyond hope that the Habs win it all
    Before I am 90 years old

  41. southbound says:

    Markov O’Byrne
    Subban Georges
    Emelin Kaberle
    Watching last night , made me think how diffrent our Defense would look today… IF….. Alot of “IF’s”
    We looked so weak in our end yesterday along the boards.. Weber , Kaberle , Diaz and Campoli , to many soft D..

    • joeybarrie says:

      OByrne, 5th defence on Colorado, not gonna make it in Montreal.

      • shiram says:

        But the Habs let him go!!
        Of all the players that did get away, he’s one that I miss the least.
        Him and Pouliot.

      • otter649 says:

        But O’Byrne did score his second career own goal this season which was better than his first one which had no goalie in the net while the second goal had a goalie attempting to make a save to no avail……lol

    • Mattyleg says:

      I dunno… O’Byrne?
      Not the strongest or smartest Dman.
      There were a lot of strange bounces last night, none of which landed on our sticks. We didn’t have trouble winning battles against the Bruins.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Bripro says:

        Example: Weber tried a cross-ice pass to Subban, who had left the zone, in an attempt to keep it in.
        The puck took a really bad bounce off the boards, came out of our end, and the NJ winger poked it past Subban who was rushing back to keep it in.
        All those little things…so many, so frustrating!

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      O’Brien, Allen and Rome are UFAs and could work as a bottom paring defenseman with some toughness…

  42. 24 Cups says:

    Available cap space as teams head toward the trade deadline.

  43. Dr.Rex says:

    IMO the only vets who should be safe from trade deadline are Cole and Gorges. All other vets are fair game at this point. At this point its clear that pcisk and prospects are going to be the return for players like Campoli, Weber, Darche and Moen it still should not stop us from looking at acquiring a established young player with some of our more juicy assets. The following are some players who will be available for the right price and would fit or mantra of rebuilding quickly.

    a) Chris Stewart
    b) Jack Johnson
    c) Matt Moulson and Parenteau
    d) Derrick Brassard (to a lesser extent)
    e) M E Vlasic
    f) Steph Robidas (older but a good fit)
    g) Brian Little
    h) Jiri Hudler

    • habsnyc says:

      What makes you think moulson and parenteau are available? I mean they are young, great, cheap and have great chemistry with Tavares. Why would the Isles be looking to trade either player?

      Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

  44. C-Sword says:

    Eller needs a bigger helmet.

    It has been confirmed that Markov will travel with the team to Florida

  45. joeybarrie says:

    quick question on the Washington capitals.
    how dangerous are they going to be once/if Backstrom and Green comes back?
    Did McPhee screw up letting go of the players he did?
    They are looking like a bubble team fighting for 8th place. Are they only going downhill?

  46. H.Upmann says:

    Hope we don’t trade PK, Price, or Pleks for a Centre…. We can’t keep giving away players only to create new holes to fill. Halak trade was great and I want to see Eller develop. Maybe we don’t have a #1 Centre, but we can have decent ones with Eller, Pleks, Leblanc etc. (don’t know bout GLove..)… Watching PK skate last night and i think it’s starting to show that he’s settling in more. As for Price, I know a guy who used to play G in the OHL, and so I asked him for his opinion of Halak: “love the guy..”, what about Price? “love him even more!”…As many have posted on here before, this team still needs one or two Fwds who can make a difference. I think a combination of drafting and UFA signing can bring us there.. (again, what to do with GLove)

  47. 24 Cups says:

    MaxPac had the 3rd best Roto stats in the NHL for the past two weeks. The only players ahead of him were Gaborik and Perron.

    • SmartDog says:


      Okay, what’s a roto stat?

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

      32-35 goals a possibility?

      I drafted he and Cole on whims in both my leagues, called them “The Broken Neck Connection”. Dropped Cole early in one league when he wasn’t getting PP time, then didn’t grab him again in time.

      Lost a bottle of Kraken during this debacle of a season. Better gettem next year.

    • otter649 says:

      MaxPac the next Mike McPhee as per Pierre McGuire….

  48. ManApart says:

    People are arguing whether this mess that the Habs are in is Gainey or Gauthier’s fault. Guys, it’s both their fault. They are both incompetent and have both made some pretty terrible moves. The team is no better than they were 8 years ago when Bozo Bob took over. Gauthier just finished the job and put some of the final nails in the coffin.

    The team is one of the worst in the league. Let’s just fire the whole of management and move on. Anyone who has supported and does still support management are completely clueless and just don’t know what they are talking about.

  49. Bogie Man says:

    Come on it is time to get real. The Habs have very few players they can honestly say are assets. In order for us to get our elusive first line center (superstar) we are going to have to give up something of value. I see nothing wrong with a trade like PK Subban and Pleks for a player like Shea Weber or Jeff Carter. That trade would make a big difference in our ability to be competitive next year if you build around players like this.

    “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Albert Einstein

    Also if we continue to play Gomez with the expectation of him adding value anytime soon that would officially make the mangement of this team insane.

    I honestly think the loyalty that players like Price, Subban, Pleks etc are wearing thin. The management of this team are constantly making poor decisions and the team is atleast 3-5 years out from being a cup contender. Sticking around would be a huge test of patience.

    • ManApart says:

      I agree. Price, Subban and Pleks are good players, but far from elite. For now they are OK, but if you can upgrade and these guys have to be part of a deal, you have to look at it.

      I really hope they don’t overpay Price and Subban this off season, because both have a lot to prove and no way should we break the bank on them.

      • VancouverHab says:

        Price & Subban are not elite players? R-i-i-i-g-h-t.

        • The Cat says:

          Well I think he is right, why this need to overglorify them? Let them earn their glory.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

        • habsnyc says:

          neither has been nominated for any kind of skill award or done anything meaningful in the playoffs. statistically, price is pretty much average this year. what makes them elite?

          is either top 5 this year at their position? clearly not. is price top 10 out of thirty? perhaps. that’s not elite, that’s top third.

          Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • i wasn’t aware that carter was a superstar. thought he was just a diva….you learn something every day…


    • ont fan says:

      So you want to trade a young defenseman with lots of potential for a player with a long term contract.,who is not a superstar..and you are quoting Einstien

    • vivsterjuve88 says:

      wait did we just decide that price hasn’t fully proven himself a star GK yet but Jeff carter is a star center? debatable on both counts…

      I do agree that plekanec hasn’t proven to be elite (except defensively, which is usually valued at 2mill/yr as a 3rd line center), and subban has a lot to prove yet. But keep in mind, subban is a 23yr old sophomore in a slower developing position. I know we’re all sick of hearing about his “potential” but we really can’t deny that his skating and puck-carrying skills are top notch, you can’t name me 5 other players in the league that are better than him in this department. The brains will develop as he matures and gains experience but the skills are already there. Yes, we don’t need to give him 5mill/yr yet, not even close, but I guarantee that if gauthier trades subban we’ll bemoan him in 3yrs for this transaction above all others.

      In a rebuild you don’t keep all the players who’ve already proven themselves; you keep the promising youth who are still developing, ie building. Shea Weber wasn’t elite as a sophomore either.

    • habsfanforever7631 says:

      yeah no probs just that we’ll have Carter for a life time!

  50. HardHabits says:

    I still think the Habs need more size and grit. Oh yeah. And to Tank™.

  51. habs001 says:

    The habs are15th in goals per game which is not great but much better than the last 2 years when they were around 23rd…goals against 12th not bad but was better the last 2 years…pk still number1 and pp 28th…based on these stats should we not be better than 26th overall?…

  52. ABHabsfan says:

    The problem, clearly, which has presented itself thoughout the year, is that Eller’s helmet is way too tight. Why this has not been addressed is a travesty. Just because he is young and from a country that most of us have no idea where to find, doesn’t mean he cannot have a proper helmet like everyone else. Even the Swiss get proper helmets.
    Deal with it PG! Among other things…

  53. HabFanSince72 says:

    Why I hate Pierre Gauthier.

    It’s a little known fact that PG, despite being a vegan, invented the croissantwich.

    First, it’s a stupid invention. Why do you need to use a croissant as sandwich bread? It’s too rich. And the name. The name is idiotic.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  54. habs178 says:

    According to Markov will be making the trip to Florida/Washington, and is close to no-contact practice.

    Normally, this would get me excited, but last time he took a trip with the team, it turned out to be crappy news

    “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder”
    ~ Louis L’Amour
    I’ve got the faith!

    • Mike D says:

      He went on the last trip to FLA too. I think his doctor is in the area so maybe he’s going for a check-up?

      Good news that he might be ready for practices and contact soon though. Hopefully that holds up.

      – Honestly yours

    • billylove says:

      At this point, why would Markov attempt to play. Better if he just let it ride and take the remainder of the season off. Allow himself to be completely healthy for 2012/2013 and then give it a go.

      • shiram says:

        To know where he is at before the off season, so management can have all the information going into free-agency.

        • billylove says:

          Good point but I’m not sure if a relatively short stint at the end of the season will answer all the questions regarding his future. I think the free agency info is already available, we need MORE offensive skill.

          • shiram says:

            They need to know if Markov can be the Habs #1D, and if not they can move accordingly into free agency.

  55. habs001 says:

    The habs forward line up for 2012-2013..good to dream


    • Stev.R says:

      Switch up gally for Leblanc. Gally will at least start the year in the Ahl. Insert Blunden on the 4th

    • samTHEman says:

      I think Parise will stay a Devil. There’s no way they let that type of talent and leadership go. He’s still young. Lou will find a way to fit him.

    • habs17 says:

      u also forgot yukopov

      President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

      (I support Scott Gomez)

    • derfab says:

      Very solid lineup. I Like it. But Moen will be traded soon and Parise will attract other big offers. Leblanc has too much skill to be a 4th center for long. I think one of the centers may soon be on the move too (Pleks?).

      • Boomer says:

        Derfab I get the same feeling, AK and PLeks packaged for a 1st round pick and a prospect, too many young centers, dd,Eller, Leblanc, White. Leblanc and White can play on the wing but they are much more effective as centers.

    • RD says:

      Where’s Gomez?


    • Boomer says:

      A 4th line of Blunden/White/Shultz would be a good one i think

    • Bill says:

      That’s still a crappy line-up. Depressing.

      DD is a great story, but if he’s your team’s number one centre, your team is in trouble.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • ed lopaz says:

        So, Bill, how do we get a #1 center?

        It would be interesting to read what you would suggest.

        I have suggested that we move Plekanec in a package deal to get a #1 center.

        That has never been well received here.

        Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

        • habs17 says:

          no bill is right, D.D is great but as a number 1 center we arn’t going anywhere, i would defintley trade pleks like u suggested and i doubt u could package him to get a number 1 center, if you could, P.G for G.M of the year

          President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

          (I support Scott Gomez)

        • Stev.R says:

          Draft Grigorenko or Galchenyuk

        • Bill says:

          Well, it doesn’t really matter what I suggest about getting a #1 centre.

          However, the usual three ways are sign, trade, or draft.

          If the Habs are lucky, they have a shot at drafting a franchise centre this summer!

          If they finish too high, there is always the chance of signing one as a UFA this summer. Best looking one is some guy named Grabovski. LOL. Sad but true.

          If it comes down to a trade, it’s pure speculation. I’d be fine with trading Plekanec to upgrade at centre … but that’s a tough deal to get done.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

        • Bogie Man says:

          You need to do it one of three ways, trade Pleks and Pk Subban which I am all for, you need to bury Gomez in the AHL or buy him out to free up cap space and then just take on a new contract with a number one center. Or you gamble in the draft and hope you get lucky and acquire a first line center.

          But you are 100% right, DD is a first line center with the Habs now but would be second or third on a team that can contend for the stanley cup. I keep hearing that we need to bolster our fourth line with some grit, I think of it differently as we really need to move our current fourth line to Hamilton and trade/buy us a first line. That is truly what we are missing.

        • G-Man says:

          Define your #1 center. Remember, only 7 players in the entire NHL last season had or were slightly better than 82 points.

      • G-Man says:

        Yup- DD should be a #3 at best with 2nd wave PP time. Actually, Pleks should have gotten Cole and Pac first as linemates. DD getting the team’s 2 best scoring wingers is ridiculous.

      • VancouverHab says:

        Hey Bill! When we agree, we agree big. Glad to see an affirmation of my repeated position. I feel approved — kind of like when I use my debit card…

        (And by “in trouble” read “the laughing stock of the league”.)

  56. samTHEman says:

    Need to get a couple things off of my chest this morning.

    Is all the hate against PG justified? People are saying he’s the one to blame for the shitty season the Habs are having. Let’s take a look at recent moves he’s made or didn’t make.

    1. Chose to keep Price over Halak despite his MIRACULOUS play in the playoffs. A lot of people thought it truly was the end for Price. Halak had the entire city on his back. He kept the better goalie in the long-run and landed us Eller. He’s still developing but he’s shown flashes of the great 2-way forward he can be.

    2. Let Wisniewski walk as a free-agent. Wiz was likely looking at 4M-5M pear year and IMO he isn’t worth that. Do we really want to overpay that much for a D-man solely for his PP skills? He’s not soft, but not the greatest in the D-zone. You give that amount of money to a D who plays great in both ends. A franchise D. I wouldn’t have signed him knowing Markov is coming around the corner. He needs to re-extend Subban, Price, and Pacioretty in the future, so why tie his hands up by signing Wiz? Wiz was on a break-out career year and would command a lengthy and expensive contract, not the type the Habs could give him having chosen to keep Markov, so he went elsewhere. Markov > Wiz, and by far. Wiz is just as injury prone as Markov by the way.

    3. Signed Markov to 5.75M/year for 3 years. Ok, in the eyes of many this is one of his worst moves. Let me ask you a question. Is Markov’s failed rehab/re-injury Gauthier’s fault? It’s either Markov’s fault for over training, or it’s on the medical staff (see Crosby situation, epic FAIL). Yes….he signed him 3 years despite knowing he’s injured the same knee consecutively. But let’s hypothetically assume he signed Markov to a safe 1 year deal. Would this season be different? Would Markov be in the line up? He would still not have played a single game this season, and we would still be sitting where we are in the standings. Voila.

    4. Erik Cole…..Erik Cole……do I need to say it a 3rd time?

    5. Alexei Emelin. Need I say more? 11th in Hits among all skaters, 4th among all defensemen. In his 1st year has already proven he’ll be a top 4 in MTL for a long time. Exactly the type of physical D we needed. And we still haven’t seen his offensive upside. It’s his first year so his comfort isn’t at the highest. Wait till he settles down and is used on the PP. Good vision, good first pass, and a good shot. Just look up his videos from the KHL.

    6. Diaz. Although small, he’s fast and smart with the puck.

    7. Gorges 6 year extension. #1 in the league with 171 blocked shots. Future Captain. Imagine the pain and agony we would have gone through had he walked like a plethora of ex MTL defensemen.

    8. Spacek trade. Hands down his worst move. Panic move. But the shit had hit the fan before he went out and got Kaberle. He just made it worse, I’ll agree.

    9.. Cammalleri trade. This happened all too quickly and took time to sink in. For sure could of gotten more for him but Bourque filled the size and grit we lacked. The timing of it was horrible though. During a game?

    10. Gill trade. I’m sure everyone agrees when I say he got an excellent return. 2nd + Geoffrion is more than any of us could have hoped for. In my head I thought we would be lucky to get a 2nd.

    11. Canning Martin. Who wasn’t calling for his head? It’s funny that the same people who were calling for his head are now calling for Gauthier’s. Some players and 99% of fans were sick and tired of his frustrating system. At the time, I couldn’t stand another game of his style. Smart but unorthodox coach. Prefer Cunneyworth’s more aggressive fore-checking style.

    12. Canning Pearn. lol. Who cares?

    13. Campoli. I’ll agree it was a bad acquisition. Too soft and unaware defensively. Panic move following bad off-season Markov news. Good news is Campoli is gone at the end of the season.

    As for Gomez being a hab, purely Gainey’s fault.

    All that said, I’m not a believer that this poor season is to be blamed on Gauthier. Acquiring Kaberle certainly was a terrible move, but the season was already shit before he went out and got him. I’m not implying Gauthier is a good GM, but not implying he’s a bad one either. I think people are being way too harsh on him. He’s made some good moves and some terrible ones, but what GM is perfect?

    • Stev.R says:


      Although I don’t think its really anyones fault Markov’s injury has taken so long to heal. And I don’t think Kaberle, and his contract, are as bad as people think. Mountain out of a mole hill.

    • Cardiac says:

      Let’s look at some other moves:

      Dominic Moore for a second-round pick: Fail.
      D’Agostini for Palushaj: Fail.
      Sergei Kostitsyn for crap: Fail.
      Maxim Lapierre for crap: Fail.
      Latendresse for Pouliot, Pouliot walks from the team for nothing: Fail.

      And btw, Gauthier was head of pro scouting when the Gomez deal was done. I don’t care what anyone says, but his fingerprints are all over that one.

      “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
      – Jerry Maguire

      • Stev.R says:

        A 2nd for Moore is decent,
        D’Agostini would never make it in MTL,
        Lapierre wanted out,
        Latendresse and Pouliot were worth nothing.

        And we needed a top line center in order to get Cammy and Gio and there weren’t any other centers available. He did put up 59 points his first year with the habs

      • samTHEman says:

        How can you say it was Gauthier’s idea to get Gomez? Sure he might of been head of pro scouting but that doesn’t mean shit. Gainey’s GM ultimately and has his own head. He can go out and get his own players too, you know? There’s really no foundation to your argument that Gauthier’s fingerprints are all over it. No one knows if he’s behind it. Gainey’s fault as GM. He authorized it regardless of who’s idea it was to get Gomez.

        • SmartDog says:

          Cardiac is right about most of his points, including this one. You can’t say that Gauthier didn’t have his fingers all over that deal – he was the head of pro-scouting. And even if he wasn’t you can still point the finger at him for not being able to solve the problem of the league’s worst contract. I mean, Sather solved it. Other GM’s solve lousy contracts all the time (cough-Kaberle-cough). But I’ve yet to see PG pull a rabbit out of any hats. It’s doable…. don’t think he can though.

          Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • G-Man says:

          The whole idea around HIO is to lynch any and all that made an error while performing their jobs. That means if PG was in the organization when Gainey made a trade, he’s to blame, too. They will twist and spin until others believe their shit, too. Because, after all, they know their shit.

        • Bill says:

          Agree. People actually blame Gauthier for Gainey’s trades … wow! Why aren’t they blaming the current pro scouts for Gauthier’s trades??

          Full Breezer 4 Life

        • habstrinifan says:

          I totally agree with you that the responsibility is Gainey’s. But please be truthful re Gauthier’s role… Gainey acted on Gauthier’s strong recommendation.

      • joeybarrie says:

        So the GM for the sharks also failed by paying the same for him?
        Sergei was addition by subtraction.
        Latendresse has been injury plagued since he left and is currently out for the season. Played 27 games in 2 seasons. So until he plays a full season no fail there.
        Lapierre was traded for a draft pick for this years draft. He averages 11 minutes a game and is a minus 8 for his 12 points. Darche has 12 points is a minus 3 on a team in the bottom of the league, and is 300k less in salary. Darche is working out better for us and doesn’t have 116 PIM.
        Gomez didn’t work out as planned. It happens. Every team has something like that. Yes huge fail.
        still, he is no where near as bad as people say he is.

    • joeybarrie says:

      Not sure why there is so much hate for Kaberle. Is he Markov? No. But 17 points in 31 games is leading our D.
      As for his so called soft play and poor capability. He has less giveaways than PK, Gorges, Weber, and Diaz.
      He has more blocked shots than Spacek.
      all I can remember is everyone saying how bad Spach was when we had him. Too slow, too old, too bad….
      Kaberle hasn’t done that poorly in my opinion and when we don’t have to rely on him so much we will look better.

      • samTHEman says:

        Spacek lost a lot of weight during the off season. Showed up in camp fit and was skating much faster than previous seasons. Got the job done defensively. When we got him back we went on a winning streak of 3 games.

        You’re dead on about Kaberle. PK’s made the same stupid turnovers that cost us games too.

        • joeybarrie says:

          and don’t get me wrong about Spacek. I liked him. I think Kaberle is worth it and a Good offensive D. Markov, PK, Gorges and Kaberle. That looks good to me.

    • SmartDog says:

      That’s your view I guess, but it’s very forgiving. You can’t say “it’s the staff’s fault” about Markov. It was a common concern to sign a guy of his age who had barely played in 2 years to a THREE year contract at a high cap hit. Markov said repeatedly he wanted to play here. We can’t know how that negotiation went but it’s incredible to think the GM couldn’t get a shorter term or something conditional (you sign for 1 -year and if the knee is good I promise the extension is there by Christmas). Deals like that ARE made among professionals at that level. As you rightly point out though – Campoli, Kaberle, Spacek is one big on-going clusterpuck… and a costly one at that. But Bourque looks like a lousy pick-up of another guy with a long, bad contract…. you award Price the title of “better goalie” over Halak. Did you notice Halak has five shut-outs in his last 11 games? His start was slow but he’s come on huge. At best this is still up in the air, but since Xmas, Halak is winning games for St. Louise by himself on a regular basis. Also, and many will disagree, but I think the contracts to Cole and Gorges (who could’ve been had for less) are too long for guys whose game relies so much on taking hits, and Emelin to me was coming over regardless. He had said he’d come, and he came. I don’t think PG had to do much of anything.

      So to me, though you point out the obvious big mistakes, many of your points show a pro-PG bias – which you have a right to – but could easily be seen the other way, and a few are totally not right (saying Price is better than Halak).

      And the bottom line – did we move up this year or down?
      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • Bill says:

        I feel like the dog is usually smarter than this!

        Obviously PG had the green light from the Docs to sign Markov. Guys come back from injuries like that in sports all the time now. Look at Wizniewski. As for the “high cap hit”, it doesn’t hurt the Habs if Markov doesn’t play, at least not cap-wise.

        As for why he didn’t try to dick Markov around with a conditional one-year contract, consider that this is Markov’s last big contract and he’s the franchise’s best player.

        On the same subject, he gave Gorges the conditional one-year, and it probably wound up costing the Habs more money!

        As for your assertion that Halak “wins games for St. Louis all by himself” … did you say that with a straight face? Halak’s “back-up” has way better numbers and plays just as many games. Halak’s not even the best goalie on his own team! I think maybe the coaching of that team has something to do with the GAA, just a little.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

      • PrimeTime says:

        What sh*t have you been smelling?? I don’t like your posts on the best of days as you come off as someone who sits on your entitled fat butt all day and criticizes the world around you, but this has too be one of your worst. PG is a fairly detailed GM which would lend to the fact he had some pretty compelling info that Markov’s knee would be strong enough to play….heck even medical experts are wrong at times. You can’t lay that on PG. The Campoli and Kaberle deals are a direct result of Markov’s set back. You rather PG do nothing?? Kaberle is a better addition than most think. No he’s not a top 4 D but he moves the puck well and puts up points….more than any other Hab D. As for Halak “winning games by himself on a regular basis”??? There is all the credibility you seek down the drain. Are you F’n serious?? Try following the game once in a blue moon. As for the rest of your misinformed points…keep sitting on your a$$ and conjure up some other fantasies of how you think the world should be!. Chripes, I love dogs but smart?? A little bit down the evolutionary skill there Buddy!
        Maybe you should ask 5 questions about yourself….what a joke!
        “Gomez can’t hear what you’re saying because his ears are blocked with his 2 Stanley Cup rings”.

    • Mutt says:

      Well lets have a look at these in term of what I think an average GM would have done in the same situation.

      1. EVERY GM would have made the same move. A great 6 months doesn’t trump the pedigree that Price has, winning at the Junior and AHL level. Did he get enough? Only time will tell and of course we have no idea what other offers, if any were out there. I have this on as a push

      2. Agree completely but of course if you follow you line of thinking how in the world do you do number 8. Push

      3. Kinda at the mercy of the medical professionals Push

      4. Great signing. BIG win

      5. Here’s where you selective logic comes to light. If you are going to give PG credit for this then he needs the blame for Scot Gomez. Bob was GM when Emelin was drafted. So if PG gets credit for helping with the draft then he gets the blame for helping with Gomez. Push

      6. Diaz,is a serviceable D man but does cut it on a contender. Push

      7. Hey I LOVE Georges but 6 years is too long for a physical and fearless player. I don’t hate this deal but very few 6 year deals work out. Wait and see. Push with maybe a big Win

      8. Completely undid any good from #2. Big Fail

      9. If you are going to move an asset like this you don’t rush and you have to shop him around. What do you’d think he fetch as the deadline approaches? No! PG had to make a point, speak out and you are gone (are you listening PK, JG et al.) Big Fail

      10. HUGE WIN for PG. Love this deal. Big Win

      11. Only makes sense if you have a go to guy. Clearly (since they’ve apologized for hiring him) they didn’t. Love him or hate him JM should only have been let go with a plan. Fail

      12. Fail. It’s not a who cares issue, it was noticed by the players and hurt moral.

      13. Another wiff… Fail

      By my assessment a competent GM would have done two major things better

      1. Had a plan an stuck to it, no panic moves.
      2. Maximize the assets, I can’t see one example outside of the Gill trade where he has done that…

      Of course nothing you and I think matters but it is fun to pretend it does.. :)

    • JF says:

      Most of the moves Gauthier has made have been good, some of them very good. It’s the moves he didn’t make over the summer that have us in the hole we’re in. There were options available to replace Hamrlik, add some grit, and sign a fourth-line centre who could win faceoffs. He chose to ignore these options, which meant he had to make a series of panic moves so we could ice a more or less competitive lineup – first the Blair Betts fiasco, then Nokelainen, then the Kaberle trade. I think it was hoped that first Campoli, then Kaberle would replace Markov’s offensive skill on the powerplay. It hasn’t really worked with either player, although I think the Kaberle trade is not as bad as many do.

  57. habsfanforever7631 says:

    Waw, what a heart break yesterday, we start believing and then they just have a stupid performance like that. It happens every time!

    I don’t know if it’s just me but, when a combination of Campoli/Kaberle/Weber is on the ice, I’m just like “Keep the puck in the other end!” My heart starts poundin really hard when it’s in our end and there on the ice.
    At least when Gill was there we had 3 defensive Defensemen, so they could each pair up with a puck moving defensemen.
    But now that he’s gone we have 2 stay at homes and all of the others are puck moving defensemen.
    PG needs to get one shut down defensemen at least for another 2 years till all our young defensemen come up.

    Go Habs Go

  58. third generation haber says:

    Stop the presses!
    Is our third round pick from 2009 coming to life???
    Joonas Nattinen has struggled badly since being drafted (1st year pro in Finland, and first year in AHL)
    He had only 2 goals in his first 36 games with the dogs, and has scored 4 goals in his last 3 games!
    He’s a 6-2, 199 center, and played well at the world juniors. Is this guy our future third line center?

    Why the hell isn’t the physical 6-2 190 Geoffrian playing for the habs now???

    j.p. murray

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Naatinen is also a face-off dynamo. In the WJHC a few years back he was over 80% I believe. Seems there are plenty of guys lining up for that 3rd line C role; can you get 1 1st line C for 3rds?

      • third generation haber says:

        I believe Eller would be getting 1st line duties if it weren’t for the fact that Gomez and pleks make a combined 12 mil per year. At this point they are trying to teach him defence and discpline. Leblanc will eventually be our 1st line center. Plus we will definitely draft a centerman in this year’s draft. Picks in the top 5 are usually going straight to the NHL these days.

        I don’t see the point in ripping the team apart to trade for Nash or Carter. We are better off focusing on scouting, player development, and UFA’s for the longhaul.

        I’m guessing the habs are waiting to see if Gomez is worth bringing back next year or not. (another reason Eller is getting short-changed by Cunneyworth)
        j.p. murray

    • joeybarrie says:

      with 5 points in 2 games I imagine he will get a call up soonish. Why rush him. There is no way for him to meet expectations right now anyway.
      I am looking forward to seeing him play.

      • third generation haber says:

        Bringing him up would give management a chance to see what they have in this guy. Plus, he’d be brough up to bang and crash! We the fans deserve this after watching a miserable season. I call it the Ryan White effect! Gives me something to talk about in the summer.

        j.p. murray

    • fastfreddy says:

      Look, I don’t hate Pleks, but I just don’t see how some people seem to think he’s that valuable? Some of you seem to think he is in the Bob Gainey or Guy Carbaneau league, NOWHERE CLOSE PEOPLE!!! If the right trade came along , then do it. Gauthier gave him a no trade contract. Really? Who is he, Crosby, Malkin, Sedin, Stamkos, Ovechkin…….? He’s not that good!

      • Mattyleg says:

        You just listed 5 forwards who have absolutely NO defensive capabilities.

        You obviously don’t understand Plekanec’s role on this team, and you only look at the goals column.

        Is he asking the same money as the people you listed? No he is not.

        Plekanec is also not Martin Brodeur, Nicklaus Lidstrom, or Shawn Thornton. So he’s not valuable like them, right?

        Excellent point.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

  59. Stev.R says:

    #Habs Markov will go on the Wash/Fla trip this week to ease into team practices, which is progress but not an indicator of a timeline.

    • Mike D says:

      He went on the last trip to FLA too. I think his doctor is in the area so maybe he’s going for a check-up. Good news that he might be ready for practises and contact though. Hopefully that holds up.

      – Honestly yours

  60. Donnie Murdo says:

    Was at the game last night.

    30 minutes in with only 6 shotsby the Habs, you had to know it was going to be a long night.

    The Devils/Montreal game is pre-ordained. You know youhave to scratch that from the record even before the game is played. No wounds to be licked, it’s just the way it is.

    Except that Patches gave us all about 6 minutes of hope.

    and PK REALLY needs to figure out how to control a puck on the right boards. I lost count of the number that he let slip by him in the offensive zone.

    Come to think of it, it WAS offensive.

  61. HabsFan82 says:

    These are the only forwards I wouldn’t move. Max-Pac, Cole, Desharnais, and Pleks. four more forwards like these guys the Habs would win the Stanley Cup.

  62. HardHabits says:

    Yes. But are they working on their golf swings yet?

  63. Hobie Hansen says:

    A few comments from last night…

    That Gary Carter tribute was incredible. I’m 36-years-old and Carter was slightly ahead of my time. I remember when he was traded. I remember being excited to see him play in New York because he would be given a good shot of winning a World Series and also he was also sort of representing Montreal and the Expos.

    My mom helped me write a letter to the Expos asking for Carter’s autograph and I thought it was pretty cool that I received an autographed picture of him a week or so later. He wrote a lengthy message that ended with God bless you…

    That song the Canadiens played by the Eagles “New kid in Town” blew me away along with the video montage. Great job by the Canadiens Organization last night.

  64. HabFanSince72 says:

    Here’s a better reason than the Habs woes to be upset:

    City Hall is coming down hard on some historical restaurants that use wood or coal burning stoves, in particular Rotisserie Portugalia, which makes simply the best grilled chicken in the whole world.

    This is typical inflexible bureaucratic BS.

    I guess the Portuguese community has little pull with the mobsters and biker gangs that run this city.

    As far as people in the neighborhood who have complained about the smell – this is incredible. The corner of St.Laurent and Rachel is an olfactory wonderland of wood smoke and vaporized animal fats. Who could object to that?

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      As someone who smokes different meats virtually every weekend year round I find that unbelievable. My neighbors love the smell that they smell time to time, so somehow the smell of a deep fryer exhaust is more compelling for the city? So happy to hear the gov’t is concerned about such pressing matters.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        I agree that they should ban new wood burning ovens without proper filtration, but existing establishments should have some leeway.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        • SmartDog says:

          You’d think that a) they would give them six months of warning or something and b) if they really wanted to stop the wood smoke pollution they should take on the MILLIONS of homeowners throughout the province, not the couple dozen eateries in Montreal that each service hundreds of thousands of people per year. Really f-d up priorities.

          Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            Homeowners taken care of – you can no longer build fireplaces in homes. Existing ones OK.

            Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • habsfan0 says:

      Doesn’t St. Viateur Bagel use a wood burning oven? Have there been any issues with them?

    • powdered toastmann says:

      Ya, but when you blend that “olfactory wonderland of wood smoke and vaporized animal fats” with the aroma of volatile hydorcarbons etc. emitted from idling gasoline/diesel powered engines combined with fumes from stagnant length of gravity feed municipal wastewater collection system wafting from a sanitary manhole, it aint so fragrant.

    • Propwash says:

      Bunch of smacktards.

      Don’t let the wultures getcha.

    • Mattyleg says:

      It’s like the live music venues getting shut down around the Plateau. Rich people move in because they like the ‘life’ in the area, and proceed to complain to City Hall about the ‘life’ in the area, thereby killing the ‘life’ in the area.

      City officials listening to this BS are slowly turning Montreal into TO.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • HabinBurlington says:

        That explains our teams performance this year.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        The problem in the Plateau is the mayor, Luc Ferrandez, who is a major fool. Self-righteous and pompous.

        His vision for the Plateau is of a suburb – no traffic, lots of trees, kids playing in the parks, no noise after 11pm. All very nice – except the Plateau isn’t that.

        He really is a moron.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        • Mattyleg says:

          I agree completely.
          His work on Gilford has totally screwed up driving in that area.
          What a total ding-dong.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            That kills me – those stupid u-turns.

            If people want green spaces and quiet they can move to St.Lambert or Beaconsfield.

            Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • ed lopaz says:

      just another example of how Big Brother’s legislative powers are reeking havoc on our lives.

      makes you think that maybe we should start our own “Partie Tea”.?

      a little political humor for my friend “72!

    • Le Jadester says:

      That’s terrible news !

      I don’t know what the Pooot-u-geese do with Chicken and Pork but its unreal !
      We have a great Portuguese BBQ here in London too called “Rei dos Leitoes” Better known as the King of Pigs !
      Best Chicken in town by far. If the city ever tried closing them down I would hope there would be a riot.

      The Hunter brothers would go there all the time too ! Cool place to watch Hockey and footy there as well.

      Hope the city bylaw guys in Montreal get their heads out of their tails and realize that shutting places down like that is the opposite of cool.

      Habs, OLE !

    • G-Man says:

      The worst of it is that these restos just installed new filtration systems at the behest of the city. Later, the city came back saying these new systems weren’t adequate for the job. The fine of $75,000 is approximately half the cost of a proper new filtration system.
      Wood smoke is the worst thing we can be breathing in during the winter months. However, with proper filtration, restos should be able to keep customers happy.

    • shipster30 says:

      I understand that you’re a fan of the restaurant or the food but the policy is not any bureaucratic situation. Wood smoke is very harmful to your body and is a leading contributor of lung cancer. I don’t think you or the gentleman who smokes foods does so with the intent of harming others but the particles that come from the smoke are very harmful to your body. I think everyone enjoys the taste of a good home cooked chicken but it’s the smoke that comes out of these devices that needs to be stopped to protect the health and safety of all individuals involved. I’m sure that there can be a fair compromise to allow this establishment to cook chicken but prevent the smoke from going out into the street and putting other people’s health at risk.

  65. shiram says:

    I might not like the guy, but this is sad still.
    Chris Pronger Concussion

  66. Hab it says:

    If the Caps came with an offer of Kuznetsov for Pleks would you do it? They HAVE to make the playoffs this year and with the uncertainty of Backstrom, they need a center for Ovi. By the time the Habs are ready for a serious playoff run, Pleks would be 31 or 32 and at the end of his deal. The mantra has to be get younger and more creative up front and Bigger and certainly tougher in front of Price on the back end. Enough with the band aids. Get a guy in place that is willing to make the high rick high reward moves that may get this team back on the right track.

    We’ve seen what drafting in the teens has done for this team the last 20 years. You spin tires waiting for these prospects to become the next Malkin or Weber, then move them too quick(McDonaugh) and look ridiculous in the process.

    There are some nice pieces to the puzzle. Price, PK, Maxpac, Cole DD, Emelin, Eller and some real good juniors on the way, so a complete re-build is not necessary. But for the love of Gawd, stop wasting money and valuable cap space on the Bourque’s and Kaberle’s of the world, continue to draft well, and develop better prospects with a bit more patience.

    • boonie says:

      Tough one, but I’d do it. Eller is being groomed for the plecs role. Kuzn is much younger, offers more offensive upside, cheaper with many RFA years ahead, gives us more cap space…

      • Bigdawg says:

        At 31 or 32 Pleks should still be in his prime and mature with years of experience – the exact kind of guy you need on a team hoping for a deep playoff run.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Is Kuznetsov ever going to come to the NHL though?

      (and Bourque actually gained us $3M in cap space.)

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • joeybarrie says:

      Pleks is currently a great player. Underrated and we look simply at his points as a measure of his value.
      Kuznetsov is still only looking like he might someday be a first line forward. I wouldn’t trade away our present for a hope.
      maybe someone else, or even a few guys we can replace. But Pleks is a great 2 way forward. He is great on the PP and PK.
      not pleks. Not for an unknown.

  67. habs17 says:

    1 week till deadline, and the writing is on the wall kostitsyn will be gone

    President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

    (I support Scott Gomez)

    • habsolutely416 says:

      yup, i cant wait for AK46 to be gone. im sick of that streaky floater. some of you out there seem to think his 20 goals seasons are important to this team. when you score goals in bunches and dissappear for 2 weeks at a time, you have little or no value. my fingers are crossed.

      ill be in the slot 😉

    • powdered toastmann says:

      Wouldn’t mind seeing it…but, wait a minute, aren’t you the same guy who guaranteed a win over the Devils?

  68. howtathor says:

    New tribute to Gary Carter by the great Annakin Slayd:

  69. shiram says:

    Atleast 4 teams have expressed some level of interest in Tomas Kaberle. He could be moved. #Hab

    I would not put much faith in the Creasy fellow, but I know some would cling to any hope of trading this guy.

  70. LA Loyalist says:

    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  71. joeybarrie says:

    Awww. My buddy Jack Todd is upset because the Montreal Canadiens are not talking to reporters. I’m not sure WHERE Todd has been in the last 30 years, but I know Montreal. Eat, drink, breath and CONSTANTLY SCRUTINIZE hockey.
    Look at pressure the media puts on players, Jose Theodore, Latendresse, Price, Randy Cunneyworth. What’s that you say? Get a French speaking coach, yet at the same time you want to be able to have full access to the current coach you are saying that you don’t even want here????
    If this team is winning, does anyone care (other than the media) that the coach doesn’t speak French. For God’s sake, hire someone who only speaks Swahili or rural Gaelic for all I care, if they are a great coach and they help us win. No one seems to care that no one has ever tried to hire a woman coach. So why only French? Do we not have females in Quebec? So that doesn’t matter, I guess.
    Its YOUR FAULT JACK TODD that PG wants things quiet. Maybe if you didn’t go out of your way to constantly call him a zero he might be more willing to talk to you.
    Loom at Manchester United. The most successful sports team in the last 20 years. The coach SIR Alex Ferguson is even more tight lipped and even shunned the BBC for years because of a report that involved someone from him club that happened to be his son. Manchester United sells players once they speak out against the team. Roy Keane, Jaap Stam, for gods sake he sold Diego Forlan cause he laced up the wrong boots in SAF’s opinion. NO ONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH Ferguson. He is smart.
    Let me ask you this then TODD. If PG is tightlipped, how do you presume to know exactly whom he did and didn’t call about Halak and Cammalleri??? Oh I’m sorry, it was tough to break the story cause they don’t want the Media to run wild on the players and create more unneeded pressure.
    Maybe if you didn’t constantly insult the guy for living in Vermont he might be a bit more open to giving info. We had no problem with John Leclaire living in Vermont…. Oh but god no, not our French speaking GM.
    You bring it on yourself. The fans booing our own players bring it on.
    Then you have the nerve to say BURKE is doing a better job and is a better GM because of his huge blowhard mouth and strong desire to be in the spotlight.
    Look at the way people insult the players when they are not producing. Then think about why the spread of mis-information is much more harmful than the lack of smiley faces he gives the media.
    Go work on the way you write your stories then come back and see if you get more support

    • shiram says:

      Too bad he won’t get to read this.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I was just thinking that if Todd read this post would be the equivalent to a swift kick in the groin, which I have no issues with as it pertains to Todd.

        • joeybarrie says:

          To be honest I prefer the responses from Habs fans regarding this post. Todd strikes me as the type who doesn’t really take criticism. Just thinks he knows and is better. He doesn’t strike me as the type to see both sides, only his own.

          • boing007 says:

            Do you ever read the Gazette Editorial page? Well, Jack Todd is one of the Gazette’s sports page editorial writers. And, like the Editorial page, it’s an opinion column, not the Word of God.

            Richard R

          • joeybarrie says:

            To me journalists are supposed to be able to see both sides when writing their opinion.
            He is more like Don Cherry than h is a journalist.

          • powdered toastmann says:

            I don’t like Todd either (as a rule) but kinda agree with what he and Boinger007 say.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I agree with everything, except:

      “Look at Manchester United. The most successful sports team in the last 20 years.”

      Not really. At no time in the last 20 years have Man Utd, in spite of their great wealth, been the best football club in Europe.

      In the early noughties Real Madrid were much better, then it was Milan in the mid-noughties, and now it’s Barcelona.

      All those teams spanked Man Utd (I got to see Milan thoroughly outclass them at the San Siro in 2005 – Kaka, Pirlo, Schevchenko, Maldini, Nesta, Cafu – what a team!) very comprehensively. In the champions league last year Barcelona barely let Man Utd touch the football.

      Ferguson has benefited from running the richest club in the richest league for a long time, but he has been unable to create a single truly great team. Don’t mistake money for genius.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • joeybarrie says:

        Real Madrid…. 6 league cups, 2 copa, 2 Champs league.
        AC Milan……. 2 league cups, 1 coppa, 2 Champs league.
        Barcelona….. 9 League cups, 3 copa, 3 Champs league.
        Manchester United 12 league cups, 4 FA cups, 3 champs league.
        Barcelona is the only team to come close to United. By the way they even have more Champions league final appearances in the last 20 years.
        Maybe on a yearly basis, those teams temporarily did better. But united was still a top team competing against all of them. Coming out victorious in the long run.
        winning 12 of 20 league championships…..
        winning the same amount of champs league, and making more finals…..
        winning more League cups.
        and honestly don’t talk about spending MONEY and having Barcelona, and real Madrid in the same sentence. Cause look at the player hitting the turnstiles they call a locker room in Madrid. United developers. Massage amount of squad players and Ferguson was a transfer genius. Look how much he paid for Peter Schmeichel.

      • boing007 says:

        At no time in the last 20 years have Man Utd, in spite of their great wealth, been the best football club in Europe.

        Wrong. They won The Triple around 1999-2000.

        Richard R

  72. habs001 says:

    the habs are 29th in home points…there is no excuse for this stat ..this is an indication of character issues on this team..they way the team is treated at home and support they get there is no way they should be 29th in home points…

    • Mattyleg says:

      Yeah, lots of factors though.
      We had a bunch of players (Cammy, Pleks, Moen, Gill -and others maybe?) who had first (or additional) babies this year.
      Having a baby -especially the first- has a huge impact on people’s lives, and hockey players aren’t superhuman, they get affected by this too.

      Stress about the kid’s health, changed sleep-patterns, wives with hormone/post-partum issues, inescapable odour of milk…

      That might be an element in the poor home-performances.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Oh come on Matty what do you know about a babies impact on the family, your Bride told me you are on HIO all the time and Dont help at all! :). You know I jest.

        • Mattyleg says:

          My baby certainly affects my posting skills, that’s for sure.
          Some days after a sleepless night of baby-fevers or barfing, it’s Evil Mattyleg griping and chewing out other posters.
          Some days after a good-baby-night and giggles and a fully-eaten breakfast, it’s Good Mattyleg cracking jokes and laughing at the foibles of the Tankers.

          So all I can say is that if it affects ME, then I shudder to think of what it would do to a highly-trained professional athelete who has none of my inherent skills.


          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • HabinBurlington says:

            I hear you Matty, I am sure it was a factor, unfortunately in pro sports excuses aren’t acceptable.

          • Stev.R says:

            And Pacioretty is newly married and trying to have a baby. Maybe that’s why he is playing so well.

          • Mattyleg says:

            HiB, you’re right, btw.
            I use HI/O as an excuse to not change diapers: “Whaaaat? But I really have to post this response now!! It won’t be the same if I don’t!”

            Works every time.

            …and if anyone can tell me why the locks on my doors have been changed, I’d appreciate it…

            And SteveR:
            Puttin’ the puck in the net!!! Ooohyeah!!!

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • habstrinifan says:

            OK new PG edict. Vasectomies for all prospects drafted in the first 3 rounds. SNIP SNIP boys.

      • habs001 says:

        well i dont think there is a stat on to check out babies born per team this year to validate your point…lol…

      • Propwash says:

        Waitaminnit……hockey players are people too? Can’t be!

        Don’t let the wultures getcha.

      • habstrinifan says:

        I blame Poutine for take-out. You really think hockey wives cook?

  73. shiram says:

    So Plekanec had an off night last game.
    What should be done about that?
    Nothing right now…
    For next season? How about getting him some quality top line talents for wingers? Darche is stepping up is game and doing well, but he’s not meant for this kind of game all season long. Bourque is as inconsistent as AK ever was.
    Hopefully with Gio back, they can just get one physical winger to suit up on Plekanec wings.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Unfortunately easier said then done, but I am already looking forward to next season. Renewed optimism I hope to have. We have an interesting trade deadline to watch, and perhaps an exciting draft.

      • Mattyleg says:

        I hope we don’t do much at the trade deadline, only because there are few things I like more than watching TSN’s Tradecentre flopping around like a fish in the bottom of a boat, gasping for something to happen!

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • alfieturcotte says:

      Actually, I would play AK46 with Pleks. Bourque has zero chemistry with Pleks; plus he has no vision, limited hands, plays soft. I would make a line of Pleks/Leblanc/AK46 or Pleks/White/AK46. Why Bourque plays on this line is mind boggling to me. Play Bourque on the 4th line or don’t play him at all.

    • Mattyleg says:

      Hopefully we won’t have a coach that only trusts one player to do everything on the ice, and forces Plekanec to play 35 mins per game on the top line, the PK, the PP, and whatever other line needs help for the first half of the season.

      Plekky had played an entire season before Christmas.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Sounds like we need a 2nd turtleneck?

      • shiram says:

        That’s another thing, and with Eller getting less and less TOI, more is put on Pleks shoulders, Gomez is getting more minutes…

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        I agree. Plex is being asked to play Ryan Getzlaf / Eric Staal minutes (20+ min/game) and he is not strong enough for that.

        That being said he has roughly the same numbers as Getzlaf and Staal (41 points and -17) so neither are those two really able to do it.

        Here are the top minutes/game centres in the league:

        Plex is 8th among centres essentially tied with Joe Thornton and Jonathan Toews.

        Thornton and Toews he ain’t.

        It supports my contention that our main problem is a lack of 3rd and 4th liners, meaning we often play 3 lines and tire out our forwards.

        This is due to

        * injuries
        * JM’s love of benching players for small mistakes
        * Ditching any young player with personality

        Our 3rd line could be:

        Lapierre – Sergei K – White/Moen

        if it wasn’t for JM’s and Gainey’s priggishness.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  74. HabinBurlington says:

    Will the video be of the soccer variety or hockey variety?

  75. punkster says:

    You know, calling people fools for expressing their opinions is pretty childish.

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  76. southbound says:

    O’Byrne beside Markov.. (IMO) would of looked pretty good..
    Markov always makes his partners look good!!! Ex.. Komi

    Purse snatching? whatever.. The guys big ,he hits ,and drops his gloves on occasion. Sure he put a couple in his own net and looked foolish.. But Ive seen several of our soft D also make mistakes and the result was the same.. In the back of our net…

    Ahhhh Im done here… Talking crap… Fools ? holy crap Mom!!!

  77. Hobie Hansen says:

    Souray would be great to have in the lineup against Boston. I’d love to see him and Lucic go at it. He would have also stepped to Chara after the Pacioretty incident. Not saying he’d win but he’d have lost his mind and at least tried.

  78. joeybarrie says:

    What I don’t understand is how Carolina got nothing for Cole. What an idiot Karmanos is.
    Burke has my vote for worst GM with his lack of return for Giguere.
    How Boston got nothing for Ryder is beyond me, and on that note how badly did Dallas screw up letting Brad Richards walk for nothing.
    Also that idiot in Tampa letting Gagne go to LA for free.
    It makes me wonder if there are any good GMs out there to replace PG.

  79. tobbs says:

    WHA?? Did you see the #’s Kovalev put up after he left MTL? He was god awfull. Souray was washed up and almost everyone knew it except Edmonton, who eventually gave up on him. We tried to sign Komi, he decided to go for the money in TO. They are currently desperate to get rid of him. Gainey made some good move’s and some bad one’s, but what you have listed is above is delusional. Gomer is the one big mistake, the rest I can live with. He did make some good trades and drafted some good players IMO.

  80. G-Man says:

    That Souray and Kovalev are on your list of keepers- well, that says it all. A pylon and a guy who likes to hog the puck while skating around them.

  81. tobbs says:

    Yeah, great idea, lets pick him up and have him fight and bust up his hand he already has broken like 6 times and then loss him for the rest of the year.

  82. Mr. Biter says:

    Sorry Shiloh,
    But which GM in his right mind is going to give anything for SS or Mk when both were injured at the time and no one knows how they will bounce back except wait I know which Gm would The Goat with Markov.
    Komo can’t play for the leafs and Souray salary is huge and he couldn’t play for the oilers. We really need them here?
    p/s 2 years ago I don’t remember any wailing about Gomez, Gionta and Cammy when we were playing in the Eastern Final.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  83. Bripro says:

    At the beginning of the season, I thought they had it.
    Then injuries, firings, players traded, and through all of this, there were very few constants on the team, except among them was Price.
    Yes, he’s let in the soft goal, and his shoot-outs haven’t been great, but think back to his first year, and his cockiness, and he was tops in shoot outs. I think with a little experience, we’ll forget about comparisons with St Patrick.
    I’ve lived through Roy and Dryden, so I think we have an eye for quality goaltending, and he’s it. He needs stronger support. IMO.
    And no, HH, that’s not what you’re hearing.

  84. HabFanSince72 says:

    Didn’t we change like the whole team in 2009?

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  85. habsperspective says:

    That was a shuffle, change has yet to occur. It starts with culture, at the top.

  86. matt jordan says:

    We can do it again this year!
    There’s a whole fresh crop of players and a new Montreal Canadiens can be built.

  87. Mark C says:

    He’s alright, but he’s no Brian Elliot.

  88. saskhabfan says:

    Hitchcock has a history of making average goalies look like allstars.Just as leclaire and mason.

  89. habs17 says:

    good question i don’t know but i did know that gionta would be skating again, 2 DAYS AGO!!! ppl need realize ive got sources

    President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

    (I support Scott Gomez)

  90. HabinBurlington says:

    As Scott’s Mother, I am assuming the two of you are still talking, no one doubts that.

  91. habs17 says:

    anti jm, u make laugh, i come on here to read your post its always an enjoyment so i thank u for your post, if u want to trade those players then we my as well trade cole while were at it

    President of the Scott Gomez Fan Club

    (I support Scott Gomez)

  92. HabinBurlington says:


  93. BLACK ICE says:

    Price has played 20 more games behind a far worse team!

  94. saskhabfan says:

    lmfao,yeah if halak was in montreal and price was in st.louis we would be an elite team and the blues would be out of the playoffs. Yup,halak playing 70regular season games in a real hockey pressure city in montreal while price plays half the games in a st.louis where you buy a lap dance you get 4 free blues tickets and nobody gives 2 shits who you are. Remember what happened last year when the blues tried to give halak a heavy work load? He failed. That’s why he will never be a bonifide starter,more of a 1a or 1b goalie.

  95. Lizardking89 says:

    Pretty much. Enjoy him now cause if PG has half a brain that floater will be a Bulldog next year.

  96. HabinBurlington says:

    One day you will want to see the Habs in the playoffs HH and then this bean counting will be of interest to you.

  97. smiler2729 says:

    Line combos crack me up here…

    Indulge me please!
    Mike Boone-Jack Todd-Pat Hickey
    Mitch Melnick-Too Tall-Ron Reusch
    Terry DiMonte-Nick Auf der Maar-Don McGowan
    Red Fisher-Buck Rodgers-the bouncer from the Peel Pub on de Maisonneuve in the summer of ’87

    Defence pairings:
    John Boccabella-Coco Laboy
    Peter Dalla Riva-Junior Ah You
    Gerry Dattilio-Don Sweet

    Dave Stubbs

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  98. HabinBurlington says:

    Where is Tony marinero ? Hamilton?

  99. smiler2729 says:

    Traded to Rome

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  100. smiler2729 says:

    I know! Let’s trade you and that RetroMikey guy and ManApart to Toronto for nothing.
    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  101. matt jordan says:

    Halak for a first rounder.

    Oh wait, that already happened.

    Edit: Halak fans need to move on. Halak had average numbers on an average team last year, and he has great numbers on a great time this year, just like Brian Eliott does.

  102. punkster says:

    You mean you’re not “bean counting” the games to your full tank mode?

    I call BS. You’ve ingested enough beans to foul the air in here.

    Take a breath…no, on second thought…

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  103. punkster says:

    (Can we throw in Gomez?)

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  104. Shane1313 says:

    Throw in “the dude” and send them a 5th rounder just for taking them.

  105. Sean Bonjovi says:

    Yeah… then they’ll each put up good a season of comments about how bad Phaneuf, and Bozak are, and all we’ll hear for the next four years is how we never should have let them go.

    “Andrei Kostitsyn will be traded this month”
    – Sean Bonjovi

  106. Mark C says:

    Deal. I’m even willing to take on Bushkorn’s cap hit.

  107. Bripro says:

    1971 was my favourite. Dryden came out of nowhere as a rookie.
    Rogie Vachon was my idol until the end of that season. A small goalie, just like me.
    How dare they put some tall skinny kid fresh out of university! I was so upset.
    How were we going to beat the Bruins with an unknown?
    He robbed Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito and the Bruins throughout the series, and then he did it again the Bobby Hull, Mkita and the Black Hawks.
    Standing on Saint Catherine that spring was very sweet indeed!

  108. kempie says:

    Now that is a steep, steep price to pay.

  109. matt jordan says:

    Gomez dreams of weeks like that

  110. Rad says:

    Nootinen is a big boy. Defensive type center who plays with an edge. Don’t know about his scoring prowess, this week may just have been an anomaly. I’ve been waiting for this kid to show us something. He was a high 3rd Round pick in 2009, so we need him to come through.

  111. Bripro says:

    You know how they pulled off the 10 wins-in-a-row (overtime) in ’93?
    It was that kind of playoff. The greatest.

  112. sprague cleghorn says:

    It was the most amazing of the 17 I’ve been around for. But ’76 was the most satisfying, especially the hearse with the Flyers jersey in the window and “God Bless America” by Kate Smith booming out that led in the parade.

  113. Bripro says:

    I missed that ’76 celebration. But certainly remember that team.
    They were unstoppable.

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