Higgins waits for OK

It appears that Christopher Higgins will be back in the lineup tomorrow night when the Phoenix Coyotes visit the Bell Centre. He skated yesterday with Robert Lang and Sergei Kostitsyn but a final determination on his status won’t be made until tomorrrow morning after he meets with the team’s medical and coaching staff. 

"He had a good practice and we’ll see how he feels tomorrow morning,’ said coach Guy Carbonneau.

 In any case, Guillaume Latendresse will continue to play on a line with Saku Koivu and Alex Tanguay. Latendresse has a goal and four assists in his first four gamees. 


Defenceman Francis Bouillon is also awaiting but he’s doubtful for tonight’s game. He and Mathieu Dandenault formed the extra defence pair at practice yesterday. Carey Price will start in goal.  


  1. Chuck says:

    I’d call up Cedric Desjardins just to start against the laffs.


  2. habs R my team says:

    Lats played last year with Koivu and Higgins and didn’t fair well. This is his 3rd year. It’s enough time. If he can’t make it with those talented players, it’s not happening folks! he can’t skate, can’t shoot, can’t pass, and doesn’t have a clue what to do with the puck. He had 1 good game, and 3 bad games. not happening people! I hear the Pac man train moving this way, and also moving the Lats train to another city!

  3. komo8 says:

    Guy Carbonneau says Chris Higgins and Francis Bouillon are about 95 per cent in their respective recoveries so he is hesitant to rush them back into action. The Canadiens have a game on Monday and then four days off, so it seems like Carboneau is leaning toward giving his two injured players an extra week of recovery time. – TSN

  4. twocents says:

    Thanks HabFab. I am not offended by anything Bryan said, I enjoy exchanging with him because he is someone who is willing to back up what he says. It would be boring around here if everyone agreed, not to mention disingenuous. I am not trying to be nice. I try not to get personal and I have respect for others but I don’t worry about being nice. I simply don’t like being misinterpreted and so I try my best to explain my comments well and anticipate people’s questions to my main points. If there is a player that I think serves very little purpose, I will state it. The nice thing is that right now none really fit that bill. Of course there are those that come closer than others, but they are few and usually have legitimate purposes on the team given the restrictions running an NHL franchise entails.

  5. T-roy West says:

    I don’t think it was posted under Boone’s…it was on the main page under “Captain misses practice”.

  6. T-roy West says:

    Two Cents: There is a big difference between Pax playing on a line with NHL players and the AHL. Talent brings out talent. Matt D’Agostini was arguably our best player in the preseason for the past to years but not the same when being sent down. If you have a talent like Pac’s and you put him with someone that doesn’t compliment his talent’s then I could hardly blame him for that. It’s only their third game so it’s kinda unfair to size him up yet. I really hope that no one is really comparing Latendresse to Pacioretty because that’s just silly. Pac’s is better in every single category that I can think of. He is faster, more aggressive, better skater and has way better puckhandling skills and overall offensive ability. That being said, I like Latendresse and he has a place on this team he has deserved, if not, then owed to him. I always agreed that Pac’s should start in Hamilton but only because it wasn’t neccessary to have him here.

  7. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    well, i was one who wanted the best 20 in the big league…you see, when a player shows drive along with talent and maybe some luck riding on their shoulder then i think its the right move to keep them around, give them the shot they’ve earned, because what they’ve demonstrated is they are ready. In the rarity that is PAX, he would have continued his play from the pre-season to the regular. His rarity didn’t need tuning down in Hamilton. Just think of his mindset, after lighting it up with the big club, now you want him to fire it up down there? you don’t understand human nature…especially human high calibre atheletic competitive nature. that said, I’m sure he’ll come around down there and start putting the numbers up.

    But…there is no way in the world that he was outplayed by Kostop/begin/dandy etc etc…nothing against those chaps, they work hard, but Carb inserted them because of their history and rejected PAX (the training camp standout) because of uncertainty. in other words Carb took the easy path… not the path that IRVIN took or BOWMAN took…not even close.

    we will be a GREAT team when all our BEST players are in the lineup. Any fool can see that.

  8. twocents says:

    Has anyone ever told you your a dead ringer for Ali G.
    How’s m’Julie doing?

  9. twocents says:

    A proud tradition for a proud franchise.
    The Yankees of Hockey! lol

  10. T-roy West says:

    Timo: I replied to your comment yesterday on if I knew Kyle Chipchura or his family. Just making sure you knew.

  11. Exit716 says:

    That is a classic line.

  12. StillattheMapes says:

    Whoa-la. Our team is just fine, let them find their feet (or skates), we are going to do very well. And yes, our boys are very serious contenders, though we can ill-afford to be hurt on defence, the Cube is already missed.

    Tape-to-tape passes are good sometimes, but I don’t think standing up at the blueline is actually a legitimate tactic…. ok, I’m on candid camera…… or worse.

    Buffalo is just a place with a sort-of football team and a very long bridge, and with other things apparently

  13. twocents says:

    For those of you who said Max Pac HAD to start with the Habs this season and that he was entirely ready and was right now better than many players on the current roster, please take note that he currently has one assist in 4 games and is 0 in his +/-. Now don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting this kid is anything but great but, I am merely pointing out that things aren’t always as they seem in a just a few exhibition games and that a stint working on his game and adjusting to the pro ranks in Hamilton is a good thing. Imagine how he would feel with a slow start like that, up here? I still believe we will see him with the Habs this year but, he will be better for the time spent down in Steeltown.

    Oh… and by the way for some of the same posters, you know, the ones who said the only way to have success was to ice our 20 best players, we have 7 out of 8 points with 3 starters out and Lats has 5 points and is +2. hmmm…..

  14. twocents says:

    T-roy, No need to defend Pacs. I wasn’t trying to slag him at all. I am really looking forward to him joining the Habs. I think he will be a great addition when he gets called up. He will be a big part of how we will fill any holes left by next summer’s FA maneuvers.

  15. nightmare_49 says:

    2cents – It must be a common trait for the Kingston area posters, you make a point early in your post then cover it up in the rest of the post, that’s krob style, and i must admit your much much briefer, lol. If i remember right this isn’t the first time that you have stated that Lats is some kind of messiah but in reality he’s had one good game, two average and one poor so though he has improved the book is still opened on him. Now lets speculate, what would D’Agostini have done playing those four games with Saku and Tang. If D’Agostini, who is not the apple of Carbo’s eye and not from Quebec (french press), with all the chances Gui has had i’m sure he would have buried a few more while being much better with the puck but then again that’s speculation. As for Hamilton, Don Lever’s moulding a new team and is playing a very tight style which is smart and fine with me as it teaches our young prospects all facets of the game which i rather see than scoring crazy and not being defencively aware so this may be a plus for the Pac Man, who knows. Stats are what they are stats and often don’t tell the whole story. The really nice thing about Lat’s start is it keeps Higgy away from Saku so i hope he keeps playing consistent.BTW i’m in favour of the Pac Man being in Hamilton.

  16. 24 Cups says:

    Lots of speculation here about Max Pac and where he should be playing. Last time I looked, we had 7 out of 8 points to start the year. Enough said. His time will come and in all likelihood coincide with other moves on the team, whether that be in February or next summer.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  17. twocents says:

    nightmare, you really covered a lot in that post. I’ll try to clarify as much as possible. Firstly, I am not sure what you are referring to in terms of me covering up something I said earlier in my post. I’ll assume you are referring to your second point suggesting I am big fan of Lats. Truth be told, I don’t like Lats’ game, I find it very frustrating watching him. I have never liked players that cannot handle the puck or pass, especially those that act like they think they can. I just do not think there is anything to be gained by bashing him or suggesting he belongs in the minors, at this point. My hope is that his game begins to round out, and there is some evidence to that so far this year, otherwise he will not be a Hab in the long term because there will be too much talent pushing him in the next few years. It’s in Lats’ hands. A few posters have mentioned Dagenais when discussing him and there is a point there. Dagenais made me sick to see him on the ice. I went to a game against the Rangers when he played for us, I couldn’t believe how useless he was if he wasn’t shooting? Lats could either become another Dagenais, or he could continue to work hard, as he has and make himself into a useful NHLer. No messiah, no chance, but maybe a productive second liner when playing with some good playmakers.

    The whole point of my first post was directed at posters who said Max had to stay with the big club, that there was nothing for him to learn in Hamilton, that we could not be a successful team without keeping the 20 best performers in camp, who said that Lats could not produce at the NHL level, that Lats would never learn.

    I just find it silly when people make such unequivocal statements and then aren’t around to admit that things are not quite as black and white as they had originally said. You are not one of these.

    What do you want me to say? Fact is, I would absolutely take Pacs over Lats a hundred times over and twice that on Sundays, but, it’s not one or the other. I want Pacs given the best opportunty to succeed, to make sure he is as prepared as possible for the big show. If this was two years ago I might feel differently but right now there is no rush and he would only be stymied if he were here and not getting significant ice time with players who can help him develop.

    Now where was I going over my tracks? Don’t confuse other people misinterpreting what I am saying with me covering up my tracks. I know what I was saying, maybe I could have made it clearer. But that might have made for a longer post and I already have to watch myself on that front.:)

  18. nightmare_49 says:

    Hamilton Bulldogs beat Hartford 2 – 0 on goals by Maxwell and Lehoux and Marc Denis stopped 27 shots for the shutout.

  19. habs R my team says:

    Buffalo is winning their game tonight, so they’re undefeated in 1st place, ahead of the habs. And quite honestly I think Buffalo is looking better than the habs as the habs have not played their best hockey yet.
    I want to see the tape to tape passes which I haven’t seen yet. And our defence is not standing up at the blueline, backing up too much and they’re giving the opposition to which room to manoeuvre. That needs to change for the habs to be considered serious contenders.

  20. twocents says:

    Talk about finally getting recognition. Espn.com actually has a link on the main navigation bar of it’s NHL homepage, to a page dedicated to our centennial.


  21. StillattheMapes says:

    Alternatively, just pay the scalpers, but get up very early and negotiate. You want to go, just go, if this is what you really want to do. It’s worth every cent-dollar-looney or more, no place better to see hockey, and if you are a Habs fan, well…. I hope you go to see them, you won’t forget.

  22. showey47 says:

    i can only hope i have drunk myself blind by that point of the night, lmao

  23. habs100years says:

    If Higgins plays tomorrow, he should make the Habs that much better. Can’t see Habs lose to Phoenix especially of their play lately.

    Celebrating 100 Years of Montreal Canadiens Hockey
    Celebrate with Us!!! Stats, Stories, Polls and a whole lot more…

  24. HabFab says:

    Fivecents worth, I think Bryan is saying you try to be nice too much and make a major effort to explain yourself positively…maybe?And if so nothing wrong with that.Wrote a long post and then decided to erase most of it.Enjoy reading both of you gentlemen due to your knowledge and logic,keep it up.

  25. Number31 says:

    Yes, but see this is why the team looks so good. Carbo can actually juggle the lines this year with actual results instead of just plain trial-and-error experimentation. So if the current line goes sour for some reason (or if it needs to be mixed up to mess with the opponent), he can easily throw in a Kovy-Lang-Sergei line and will most likely get some lovely results.

  26. nightmare_49 says:

    Empty Netters – Patrick Kane really took Savard’s firing Hard – Marc Bergevin who suggested the hiring of Joel Quenneville as a scout, now Quenneville hires Bergevin as an assistant coach, great teamwork boys and more tidbits and a few tilts and more .. by Seth Rorabaugh ….. http://community.post-gazette.com/blogs/emptynetters/archive/2008/10/18/about-the-maple-leafs.aspx ……………………………………….. Bulldogs on a roll .. by Garry McKay .. the spec.com ….. http://www.thespec.com/Sports/article/452372

  27. HabFab says:

    Don’t know how old you are Dude but guess again ,Blake & Bowman,Irvin & Pollack all started kids in the minors .The Habs that didn’t in our history could be listed on your fingers and that is saying some…

  28. sidhu says:

    stubhub.com is also an option. I used it a couple years ago to get great seats against the Sens.

  29. T-roy West says:

    Two Cents: It’s hard to not look to the future seeing how bright it looks. This team will be so competitive for years. It’s a very exciting time to be a habs fan.

  30. twocents says:

    You are bang on about him needing to play on the first two lines(or three with our set up this year). The other big factor is getting used to playing so often.

    I am sure Gainey gave Pacs the right message and when he settles in a bit we’ll start seeing his name on the score sheet more regularly soon enough.

  31. twocents says:

    T-roy, I agree with you about talent level of linemates. Maybe my post came off wrong to you but, I wasn’t trying to say anything negative about Max Pac. I was just saying that things in the regular season aren’t always as they seem in camp.

    I am not comparing him to Lats as a player. I agree with your assessment he brings way more skills. I brought Lats up because several posters thought Max Pac should have made the team ahead of Lats and Lats should have been sent down.

  32. T-roy West says:

    I agree KJD and I wasn’t bashing Lats, I was just defending Pacs.

  33. twocents says:

    Are you calling me a fool?

    In your list of players he outplayed in camp you can also include Lats, but look how well he has started. Training camp ain’t the real deal. The veterans are not playing full tilt.

    Training camp is not a simple matter of outplaying others and guaranteeing a spot. There are always other factors involved.
    By your logic Latendresse should have stuck with the team a year before he did.
    Players are capable of playing over their heads for a ten game stretch. Not that I am suggesting that is what happened with Pax in camp, I think he’s the real deal. It is the coach’s and the Gm’s job to decide what is best for the team now and in the future, and that is a little more complex than simply writing down the name of the 20 best players to play in a handful of exhibition games.

    If your so sure of what Bowman or Irvin would do why did guys like Lemaire, Robinson or even Gainey himself(though brief) spend time in the minors before making the big club? And these are players who were already used to playing over 60 games in one season?

  34. HabFab says:

    Right on!!!

  35. REB says:

    3 interesting, potent lines, but I would leave Koivu and Lats together, it seems to be working (I know, I know, it’s only 4 games). So your lines become;

    GL17-ML40-TK06 (SB22,MD25 as subs)

  36. Dan29 says:

    Thanx for the start, will search Craiglist stat.


  37. howtathor says:

    I can think of three glaring chances that Lats missed against Boston. Makes me wonder if someone else (Higgins, Max Pac) would have buried them. Lats does the banger role very well though while Sak and Tang are more finesse guys. Maybe that’s how they compliment each other. Can’t wait to see Higgy Lang SK74 in action.

  38. RussianHab says:


    Your best bet is craigslist. It is not as popular as here in Vancouver, but people do offer tickets for sale.
    Your last option is scalpers, but that will cost you. Check the gazzete for tickets as well.
    Couple of years a go, you could wait till the game starts, and get the tickets from the scalpers cheaper. These days, it is harder as HABS Rock!
    Good luck

  39. 24 Cups says:

    Eric – I’ve been so ticked off reading all this Gaborik bs and then I read your post. Thank you for a moment of sanity. You have just won post of the day.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  40. REB says:

    Actually, I think that Gaborik is the same as Ryder and Samsonov…a floating sniper. Can’t or won’t back check, is not terribly good defensively, but can score goals that will take the wind out of the other teams sails.

    Carbo doesn’t have much use for players like that…give us Ovechkin, however…..

  41. howtathor says:

    Table dance Ian? I would pay to see that!!!

  42. Chorske says:

    Amen. I can’t see this working for us.

  43. Dan29 says:

    Guys and Gals I need your help. Turns out I’m coming to Montreal and can go to the game on Oct. 25. The sites I’ve checked here from Vancouver show that the game is sold out. Does anyone know where I can pick up a couple of tix without breaking the bank? SOS I would be forever grateful as it’s been 25 years since I’ve seen a game in Mtl.


  44. Ian G Cobb says:

    Taking my lady out dancing tonight. Got to practice for the Summit table dance contest.

  45. Rooster says:

    Exactly, this is what seperates the habs from the teams that were highly thought to be cup threats in the past (Ottawa, SJ, Buffalo..even the pens too) the only one of those teams that were actually really deep was Buffalo but they were WAY too injury prone.

    The habs have what ALL cup chaps have, depth….Once the Thornton line in SJ is shut down…they have no one that can really pick up the slack (now they have a little more support but still need more..), same with Ottawa.

    The habs don’t just have lots of depth up front, but one of the leagues best #1 d pairing, hammr is a great dman for a #3, and I feel that by the endo f this year O’byrne will be top four quality. Gorges, Bouilion are also very solid dmen…the only real chip in the habs d is Breezer…but he even has some good days (liek last year in the playoffs where he scored the GWG / only goal against boston)

    They also have amazing depth in net.

    Desjardins (not proven)

    that is 1 very likely all-star goalie, with GREAT backups…if price can’t play in the playoffs, I think Halak may be the next Cam Ward of the playoffs

    ~Listen to the rooster! He knows what he’s saying!

  46. Rooster says:

    Yeah…kinda don’t want Gaborik…maybe as a rental for the playoffs..but i’m sure there are better ones around (less injury prone)…If Gainey lets Kovy walk in the summer, I’m sure there are other forwards besides Gaborik that he can sign….dunno the list of upcoming RFA’s, but i’m sure there are some great ones.

    ~Listen to the rooster! He knows what he’s saying!

  47. Moey says:

    Enjoying every minute is the easy part, now if only we can get the boys to PLAY every minute of it.

  48. huge_polar_bear says:

    Lol gotta love Monty Python.

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois” Mike Boone

  49. huge_polar_bear says:

    Eklund says lots of stuff. I actually believe Sundin will be back, but not because of Eklund actually despite the comments he had…

    “My mom is more active than Patrice Brisebois” Mike Boone

  50. sidhu says:

    I’m glad Phoenix plays tonight in Ottawa – our boys will be rested up while they’ll be (hopefully) banged up!

  51. sidhu says:

    Wonder if Lafleur thinks we have 4 4th lines this year!

  52. Mattee. says:

    Really! maybe we could sign hi- on second thought, pass.

  53. Xtrahabsfan says:

    14 pts, WOW ….touche pas ce vous plais

  54. mrstewart61 says:

    I agree. The only way we should go for him is if Bob doesn’t or can’t resign Kovy AND Koivu next season, IMHO.
    If a man speaks in a forest where no woman can hear him, is he still wrong?

  55. mrstewart61 says:

    And that again brings up the question, “What could we possibly need at the trade deadline?” Probably only a, no, correction, another top puck-moving defenseman.
    If a man speaks in a forest where no woman can hear him, is he still wrong?

  56. mrstewart61 says:

    “On quite a few teams, that’s a #2 line, at the least”

    …or even a #1 1/2 line!
    If a man speaks in a forest where no woman can hear him, is he still wrong?

  57. Rugger says:

    i wouldn’t touch the Lat-Tang-Sak line at this point, 14 combined points in 4 games?

  58. G-Man says:

    Very happy to see Higgy back to further solidify the roster. Lats deserves his 2nd line status until he shows he no longer deserves it. I’m glad he’s getting a shot and that he’s producing. So, the 3rd line with Higgy on it, if you can call Lang, SK74 and Higgy a 3rd line. On quite a few teams, that’s a #2 line, at the least. The Coyotes better bring their windbreakers, cause the Habs are gonna be flying!

    2008/09 is the season of the Habs

  59. G-Man says:

    It looks like a glitch we shouldn’t be able to see. It could be the spam filter they use for this site. It should be in the background where we wouldn’t notice. The other thing it could be doing, is flagging everything as SPAM.
    But, then again, I like SPAM. SPAM is good, SPAM is tasty…SPAM,SPAM,SPAM,SPAM…SPAM,SPAM,SPAM,SPAM. Wonderful SPAM! Wonderful SPAM!, etc…

    Gilbert, the Monty Python fan
    2008/09 is the season of the Habs

  60. HABZ24 says:

    no need to rush higgins and risk getting hurt again if its too soon to come back.lats could slide a few lines down when higgs is ready.go habs go

  61. twocents says:

    Hoegarden, at this point I am solidly in your camp on this. Just because he turned to Risebrough and said I’d like to play for the Habs doesn’t mean BG is warming up the limo for him. And he’s injured anyway… again!!!

    I have already said this but, I am sick of this rumour, there are too many reasons not to make this trade.

    Someone below, or on the previous thread, was wondering who was going to be bumped from the top nine to make room for him. Trust me, if this went down, that wouldn’t be the problem because, we would have to move two of our current top nine just to make cap space for him. And for those who are hopeful of it, Lats couldn’t provide the needed cap space, it would be two of the of players we all like. So please everybody, be careful of what you wish for.

  62. drive for 25 says:

    eklund says that sundin’s agent said that sundin will be back

  63. Ian G Cobb says:

    I got this UNKNOWN MODIFIER WARNING AGAIN. Does anyone know what this is all about.? Anything to be concerned about.? Spam module ?????

  64. Ian G Cobb says:

    We have so much depth and talent on this years squad, it is scary. Anybody, and I mean ANY player at all that goes down, hurt or does not perform at the top of his game can be replaced without causing a ripple.

    Everyone will be fighting for ice time this year. Once you are out of the line up, your going to have to work as hard as you can in practice to get back in. Latendrese is playing very well, so Higgins starts on the 3rd line for example. This is going to be a special year, enjoy every minute of it.

  65. Hoegarden says:

    I hope the Gaborik rumors fizz out quickly. This talented player is a classic me,myself and I. Brushing aside 8 million a year and constantly whining about the coach and his system is the last thing we need in Montreal. I cannot imagine Carbo and Bob putting up with “his nibs”.

    Check out some of the comments by Minny fans;


  66. justintime says:

    Not O’Byrne, but I’ll agree with the rest of your list. And if Latendresse is still a Hab after the deal (which he will be, the Wild won’t want him), he can be bumped to the 4th line, and Gaborik can play with Koivu and Tanguay, keeping Higgins with Lang and SK74. Wow…

    Of course, that’s getting way ahead of ourselves here…but Gaborik could fit!

    But can he stay healthy?

  67. Ton says:

    Do we really want a player that will mess up our cap and salary structure on the team. What will Kovelev than want, Komy, etc. All this money being thrown around for players that have a good scoring season or two. What would flower have made today scoring 6 consecutive 50 goals seasons and being a game breaker in the playoffs against any team, any style of play, etc.

  68. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Living on Vancouver Island,I don’t know if I could handle Plecs,Tang,Tit’s cause that’s the sound my metal roof make’s all night long when it rains “all winter long” ,lol

  69. sidhu says:

    I think Kosto is a beast, my only reasoning for picking Begin over Kosto is that Begin is a left shot and Kosto a right. I think BGL can play both wings, in which case Kosto could be inserted on Max’s right.

  70. likehoy says:

    chipchura would be a good fit in jacques lemaire’s team…let’s work something out!

    if we have to give any roster players that are not kostopoulos, bouillon, o’byrne, begin, latendresse, or lapierre…forget about it…

    but we have our top 9 solidified already…gaborik is of first liner quality…but who gets bumped to the fourth line? higgins?

    don’t think gaborik fits into our plans although he’d be a perfect fit for our style.

  71. Habs_008 says:

    I think Kosto will plays. I hope Carbo doesnt sit him.

  72. sidhu says:

    Glad that Higgy is closer to returning and that Lats will stay with Koivu and Tanguay. Lats has come ready to play this year. I’d put in:

    Higgy-Lang-SK74 (what a line!)
    Bench: Kosto, Dandy

    I’d also bring up Weber for Breezer!!

  73. Harani says:

    RDS just published an articles about the Habs and Goaborik…

    It says that both teams are discussing! What do you think?
    8M$ per year…we gotta think bout that for sure!

  74. Corio says:

    I think they are simply confirming the rumor is all..

    “He knows, like, unnecessary facts about putting Sears catalogs on your shin pads.” Sean Avery on Don Cherry

  75. CanadienErrant says:

    It says both teams are RUMOURED to be discussing

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