Higgins in, AK 46 skates

Christopher Higgins will make his season debut with the Canadiens tonight against the Anaheim Ducks. Higgins, who has been sidelined by a groin injury, said he expects to start the game on the fourth line with Georges Laraque and Maxim Lapierre but he’ll probably finish the game with Robert Lang and Tom Kostopoulos.

And Andrei Kostitsyn, who suffered a concussion last week, moved one step closer to a return when he joined his teammates for the morning skate.  He could be back for next Tuesday’s game against Carolina.


Jaroslav Halak starts in goal tonight while Ryan O’Byrne ad Mathieu Dandenault are the healthy scratches.  

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  1. The Teacher says:

    And we wonder if the media influences how people think…duuuuh

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  2. sponge bob says:

    Interesting fact:

    On the Montreal Canadiens official web site, they ask the question
    Will Saku Koivu surpass his career high of 75 points this season?

    Montreal Canadians english site:
    86.03 %
    13.97 %

    Montreal Canadians french site:
    59.15 %
    40.85 %

  3. The Teacher says:

    1) Agreed, I was fortunate enough to thank Robert, Ian, Chuck and Sherrie, not sure if I thanked NM49, Vicky, Stephen and Rob so I’d like to do so here.


    1) Agreed, we really need defence more than anything.
    2) I found that Lats did dish out a few hits and that they weren’t as far behind the play as they were last year. Laraque did not really do much except be strong at keeping the puck down low. Still needs to get his game legs IMO.
    3) Five goals on 15 shots? Atrocious is what I’d say but they did not get much help from the defence that’s for sure. Trading them is a non-issue IMO.
    4)Hell yeah, I’ll agree to that. There were so many times in the game we displayed very poor positioning I was shaking my head in disbelief at many points during the game. They also were making horrible breakout passes and exhibited poor puck handling within our own zone.
    5)Agreed, the D needs someone to correct their mistakes as they seem to keep making the same ones over and over. It’s either the coaching or the talent, I think it’s a little of both.
    6)Breezer was horrible…sorry Ian and Pat Hickey, while I agree veterans are needed, Breezer playing what seemed like 20 minutes tonight was just inexcusable. Put a freaking pylon there instead, it would have done a better job. My days of being quiet on him are over!
    7)He’s great.
    8)Lats is progressing this year. Third year is often a breakout year for many athletes. Patience people.
    9)Another fan is awesome, especially the young ones. Did you see the fan of the game last night? So cute wasn’t she? 🙂

    Halak was off from the beginning and no, Giguere didn’t wasn’t really on his game either, he didn’t do much besides flop down and let the puck him since all we did was shoot at his pads or chest. Backchecking was atrocious and most of the time in our zone we were not moving our feet.

    “On D, Montreal was simply brutal tonight.” Hell yeah, I’ll agree to that. There were so many times in the game we displayed very poor positioning I was shaking my head in disbelief at many points during the game. They also were making horrible breakout passes and exhibited poor puck handling within our own zone. THe shot total does not really reflect the reality. I was sitting next to Hoegarden during the game tonight and at one point we looked at each other and said, we’re outshooting them by THAT much? It really didn’t seem so.

    Getzlaf is a monster, and our D had no answers for him tonight.

    Lats was decent and laid out a few hits, while Koivu and Tanguay were probably the best skaters. While I don’t think Segei K was invisible, he really didn’t shine like he did last year.

    Kovy needs to wake the heck up, he was taking faceoffs and then standing there with his legs spread while his man got possession, it was ridiculous. If you’re going to take a faceoff, fight for the damn puck….

    Was good to finally meet Ian, DD, Hoegarden, Chuck, Robert, Dave, Nightmare, 24Cups, among others at the game and bar afterwards. Until next year boys.

    Price didn’t do poorly, on one of the goals we have two Duck players in front of the net and one Hab defender. Guess which player got the puck and scored?

    Defence was horrible and why we lost the game, that and Halak’s shakiness, which the Ducks picked up early on, blatantly testing Halak with a shot from the far blue line midway through the 1st.

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  4. lefreak says:

    [sarcasm]No, i think we should trade all 3 lines for one superstar that is always injured![/sarcasm]

  5. Bradlo says:

    No defence? We held them to what, 25 shots? Sure we had trouble breaking out and made some questionable defensive plays, but its only one game.

    Take a breather guys. Its better we lose now and realize our weaknesses so Carbo can address them.

    I trust carbo.. you guys should to

  6. lefreak says:

    Also this site has been kind of weak on the updates lately. If it can’t be updated at least include a forum area where we can discuss our own topics. 🙂

    Not only is it easy to maintain, but i bet it would increase the traffic and let us share different insights.

  7. lefreak says:

    it never ceases to amaze me that if a team does not go 82 and 0 in this town everything is a failure. There were many positives to last night even if we lost. 51 shots means someone was doing their job, and even if the D did not show up and Halak looked like Andre Racicot there is no need to panic. The Habs are still one of the stronger teams in this conference.

    Sometimes I think we have the worst “fans” in the NHL.

    Guess what, the Habs will lose more than one this year, so we might as well trade everyone right?

  8. Ian Cobb says:

    Hi everyone,
    1st the game, remembering that all 4 lines were out of sink and could not maintain puck possession so they just shot from where ever on the ice, and we had a lot of pitch and catch shots that Gigaire just enjoyed. There were no passing plays in front and the whole game was not very pretty.

    The Koivu line, Higgins was not nearly close to being in game shape yet, putting that line right out of wack.

    The Kovelev line, Sergie plays the game much different than his brother and this line could not make two complete passes in a row, so this line was really a no show other than a moment or two of individual play.

    The 3rd and 4th lines were much the same, some individual play but no team chemistry.

    Everyone worked hard enough, but there was no puck control and chemistry, except on the power play.

    This game was no big deal, once we get all our walking injured back, including O’Byrne’s hip pointer, we will be just fine. Higgins has to play himself back into game shape, and Andre K. is showing sign’s of getting back. And besides it was Duck’s weather in Mtl. and then some.

    We will lose games this year, and we will also finish 1st in the east this year. We have some kids that need a little more seasoning in the coming months, but after the 1st of the year, we will be on fire.

  9. Hoegarden says:

    Home from the Summit; Thanks go all around for a wonderful week-end meeting HIO folks from all over.
    Special thanks to the organizers; Well done gents, ladies !
    Very nice of Rejean Houle to drop by and show once again that Habs are a classy organization. They know that Hab fans are a special bunch.
    Hotel du Fort was a perfect location for those of us driving in and out of town.
    Did not get an opportunity to shake hands with P.Hickey and M.Boone but the silver hair did stand out.

  10. twocents says:

    Many of us are quite happy with this site and are grateful for its existance. It is updated when there is something new or interesting to say. If you prefer sites that are updated regularly with useless made up stuff, can I direct you to Eklund, he really excels at that sort of thing.

    As for a place to discuss things, here we are. Discuss away. I have not seen any no discussion warnings posted lately. Usulaly the most current post on the main page is where peolple go to share their random thoughts.

  11. habs domain says:

    So everyone thinks that the team is playing well because we won 5 games? and all lines are scoring right? before AK46 was injured, they weren’t scoring. hey you don’t have to believe me. look at lines scoring. I’m telling you, quoted by Carbo:”if kovalev’s line doesn’t start to score, we’ll have to try other combinations”.
    look at who we beat, all below 500 teams, and even our coach says we’re not playing well.I think the habs are a bit complacent, sitting on their laurels of last year. look, I hope we play better, and think our offence will score enough, but I’m really concerned about our defence.
    And I hoped you guys wouldn’t bash me for stating my opinion.
    I was wrong! show some respect for other opinions please.

  12. sam says:

    huh, i’ve pointed out Lats’s weaknesses since he got on the team. admittedly, he has played with more guts this season but last night he was back to his old lazy self, imo. not his fault we lost; just pointing out Lats needs some consistency.

    i do agree about our D, though. we were winning before but were giving up way too many shots and asking our goalies way too much. it’s been like this for at least a year if not more. we might need a real D-man on the coaching staff.

    ps. i, for one, never talked about winning the Cup. we have a chance this season. more so than usual, but i haven’t planned the parade yet. so don’t count me in the bandwagon gang. we were winning this season but not by a whole lot. W’s aren’t the whole story and we had weaknesses. a week off took care of that. i hope Carbo was actually paying attention last night and thinking about which of his players to blame for the loss.

  13. RetroMikey says:

    Begin a big player? He’s only 5-11 and I don’t see him playing like the old Steve Begin from years ago. Perhaps the back is acting up again that we are not aware of?
    I agree Brisebois is a 6 or 7 D on our team but I don’t think Komisarek is playing too his full potential either as well as Gorges and O’Byrne. Let’s not bash this guy for all our defensive problems.
    We do need an offenively gifted player and a brusing physical defensive oriented D man.
    I’ve said this all along.

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  14. habs-13 says:

    So for the 5 games we won in a row before losing our first game in regulation this season, we were contenders and then we lose one game because of a combination of poor goaltending on our side and excellent goaltending for the Ducks and all of a sudden Komisareks not playing well, we MUST split last years best line, Kovalev must be let go, Latendresse is useless and has no future with team, and we need a change in coaching staff. All after we haven’t played for almost a week, A.Kostitsyn is injured and it was Higgins’ first game back from injury.

    How come you never pointed out Latendresse, Kovalev and Komisarek’s struggles when we were winnning. Because most of the team looks bad in a loss, and most of the team looks good in a win.

    You are one of those fans that talk about the cup when we win, and talk about everything we need to do in your opinion to win.

    The only part of your post I agree with is that there should be updates after each game.

  15. habsguy says:

    WOW…. one lose in regulation and there isn’t anything good about the team ….LOLOLOL

  16. habs domain says:

    But as far as the habs are concerned, Gainey has failed to address his defensive problems. He should have gotten 2 more Dmen in the offseason. And Komiszarek does not seem like the same player as last year. He’s not hitting, and he gives away the puck too often. Our defence is as porous as swiss cheese. If you recall, we had problems last year on D, giving up 35 shots/game. nothing has changed! And as far as our offence is concerned, all is not well. We only have 2 guys scoring, Tanguay and Kiovu. You can forget Latendresse. He’s a wasted linemate on that line .
    If he doesn’t score anymore goals by game 25, don’t be surprised if Gainey waives him , or finds a way to send him to Hamilton. You can’t pay someone 1 or 2 mil for no goals. And Kovalev’s line has produced a grand total of 4 goals in 8 games. They need to get going, otherwise split up the line. Hopefully AK46 will be back on Tuesday. I think so far, last year’s habs were actually better than this team, but too early to tell. Our pp was more productive, and we seemed to be more in sync. Perhaps we overachieved last year, and this year’s edition is the real habs, finishing around 6th place. But 1 thing is clear:”WE ARE NOT STANLEY CUP CONTENDERS YET”! Maybe we just need more time to straighten things out. I do agree with another comment,that we need a former NHL Dmen to become an assistant coach, and help our D. Tho Jarvis, Carbo were defensive forwards, they weren’t defencemen, and it makes a difference. I truly believe that next year we’ll make a serious run. After all, we’ll have Weber for our PP, Yemelin? maybe Valentenko? McDonough?
    In any case, next year we’ll have more Dmen to work with, and we’ll know where we stand with our UFA’s. Maybe not bringing Kovalev back, would be a good thing, because I just can’t see him having a year like last year. His goals will go down. I peg him at 20 goals only, and not worth 5.5 mil.
    ok I’m done. hope you guys don’t bash me for my honest comments.
    I’m finished ranting. I just needed to get that off my chest.

  17. Big Bird says:

    My few cents from the Summit peanut gallery:

    (1) Before anything else I would like to thank all of the Summit organizers for their time and effort. They created a memorable event that I’ll always remember. If you attended the event and did not personally thank one of the memebers of the organizing team then please do so. Whether it be a handshake, a phone call, an email or a post on here. We owe it to them.

    (2) I took ‘Little Bird’ to the game and pre-game dinner. She and her 4 year year old friend were treated very well by the whole gang. I’ll also say that Rejean Houle may not have been a good general manager but he was quite the gentleman at the pre-game dinner. He is a classy ambassador of the Montreal Canadiens organization.

    (3) It was terrific meeting poster like Dave N, Mrs. Dave N, Ian, Andree, Showey, Mrs. Showey, Postie Jim, Y, Chorske, Big James, Bill H, 24 Cups, Conneticut Man, SecretDragonfly, Mr. SecretDragonFly, Chuck, and tons of other posters at the days festivities. (If I’ve forgotten or ommitted any names please excuse me.) I wish I could have attended the post-game session but it was impossible with Little Bird in tow.

    (4) I want to thank the Habs I/O members who graciously switched seats with us so myself and my friend (and our 2 little birds) could sit with us and watch the game as our seats were spread out. All around a terrific day.

    With respect to the game:

    (1) We have such a great offense that I don’t think we need any more additions on that side. I think when Kostitsyn comes back we will have 3 very offensively powered lines and that will be a lot for any team to handle.

    (2) The one thing that stood out for me was that we do need our bigger players to play big. So guys like Latendresse, Laraque, Begin need to constantly be hitting the other players.

    (3) Our goaltending was admittedly mediocre last night but that is going to happen. The calls for trading Halak are a little pre-mature and ridiculous in my opinion. “My Mama said there would be days like this”. Don’t judge them based on one’s game performance as it’s going to be a long season.

    (4) Our defensive coverage got exploited by Anaheim repeatedly. It wasn’t so much the quantity of Anaheim’s shots but the quality of them. There were goals that that not even Patrick Roy could have prevented. ]

    (5) I’ve said this before and I will say it again. We have Melanson for the goalies. We have Muller, Carbo, Jarvis for the forwards and speacialty-teams. We need a coach specially for the defensemen. Particularly when we have so many young ones coming up in the system. Names that comes to mind are Jacques Lapperiere, Larry Robinson, Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, Al MacInnis, Brian Leetch, Rod Langway, Denis Potvin.

    (6) Speaking of defence, it may appear to be picking on him, but Patrice Brisebois was attrocious last night. His +/- may not reflect it but he was on the ice for a few goals and had a few defensive miscues. He’s okay for a #6 or #7 slot but that’s it. O’Byrne may have made mistakes but he’s just starting and Brisebois is just ending. Candidly, if Patrice has any more game like he did last night the boo-birds will start to come out.

    (7) I have to say watching Alex Tanguay was a joy. He’s such a gifted player that he was great to see. What a terrific addition to our team. I think he’s going to fit in quite nicely with Koivu and Latendresse.

    (8) Speaking of Latendresse, we had quite a spirited discussion with other fan who thought poorly of him. I can’t believe some fans are so harsh on 21 year old who displays an incredible amount of maturity for his age. Watching him play ‘baseball’ with Carey Price in practice was nice to watch. Before fans write him off completely. Two words for you. John Leclair.

    (9) Last night was the first NHL game for Little Bird. Despite living in Toronto she has now been fully indoctrinated to becoming a Habs fan. This morning during breakfast she kept singing ‘Go Habs Go’. I don’t know if it was because of the high-fives during the goals with Showey, Mrs. Showey, Chuck, getting to meet Youppi or the face-painting but she had a ball. So all in all despite the loss last night it was a big win in my mind.

  18. roadrunner24@hotmail.com says:

    Its cuz breezer is nearing 1000games played in the nhl ….whatever tho … its a long season …. once breezer played his 41 games or what not …. he’ll go back to being number 7 … and obyrne will rotate with him until then …. ( until the trade deadline where we go get our 4th D man from Florida … hopefully)

  19. Big Bird says:

    My one regret of the night was not meeting you and Nightmare_49 but I’m sure that chance will come again soon enough. 🙂

  20. nightmare_49 says:

    Cane’s PreVu – Two More Down – Brandon Sutter Released from Hospital, Surgery for Pitkanen ……………………………………………….Jim Rutherford, President and General Manager of the National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes, today announced that center Brandon Sutter suffered a concussion in the Hurricanes’ game on Saturday at the New York Islanders. Sutter, 19, has been discharged from a Long Island hospital and will return to Raleigh where he will be further reviewed by the Hurricanes’ medical staff later this week.

    Rutherford also announced that Carolina defenseman Joni Pitkanen suffered a torn meniscus during Saturday’s game. Dr. Marty Isbell will perform surgery this week at Rex Hospital in Raleigh to repair Pitkanen’s knee. Pitkanen, 25, is expected to miss three to four weeks of action.

  21. Hockey11 says:

    You are 100% correct but Dandy was not Carbo’s roommate and apparently that is what it takes to get on the ice.

  22. nfldanchor2000 says:

    I think tanguay and koivu play well together. Latendresse has improved and Higgins will be great when in game shape. Halak was off and Price was recovering from the flu. The thing that bothered me most was OByrne wasnt in the lineup against one of the biggest and dirtiest teams in the league. Brisebois isnt performing at the nhl level and Dandaneault should have been put in on defence to add speed. Its only one game and I thought Giguerre held the ducks in more than once during the game and was a big factor as well.

  23. mrhabby says:

    hey ian. could not agree with you more. was a frustrating game to watch and was my first at the bell centre. however, was blown away by the whole experience of watching the habs with so much tradition and history and the best fans in the world. the montage on the screen before the game was very cool with so many other memories mixed in. its a young season with many games to come and we will lose some but will win most of them gaining lots of experience along the way.

    thanks for great weekend.

    habby and family.

  24. roadrunner24@hotmail.com says:

    this is getting old …. lol

    8 3 2 3 9 the only maple laffs thats right winning record

  25. roadrunner24@hotmail.com says:

    look at who we beat, all below 500 teams,…. really ?

    Florida is .500

  26. roadrunner24@hotmail.com says:

    huh ….boston 8 3 2 3 i beleive taht is over .500 winning %

  27. CHsam says:

    REally? Ppl are defending the Breezer?

    Did you not watch the game tonight? Scratching OByrne instead of Breezer. I like Carbo, but I cant understand why he has this misplaced faith in a friend whose days in the NHL are over.

  28. ebk says:

    glad you had a good time, a ton of good people on this site.

  29. Big Bird says:

    It was great Summit and I’ll post something in more detail shortly but we missed all you other posters who couldn’t make it tonight. Cheers!

  30. habs domain says:

    too bad we have no defence!

  31. Iceberg84 says:

    Well… at least they accomplished their goal of allowing less shots on net…

  32. Bugs says:

    I wonder how Higgy’s gonna do tonight.
    I wonder if Jaro is gonna show everyone again how DANG good he is.
    I wonder if the Artiste is gonna show. Maybe drag Plecky along with’im.
    Wonder if Saku’s line’s gonna keep on bringin’ it.
    Wonder what’s goin’ on between Gorges and the Priceberg? Habs Bros knows:
    Peace Out
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  33. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Good exchange of points by RETRO and TIMO…
    I still hold my opinion that we should play our best. Retro, your comments about having earned it? how? by being there for 15years? well thats exactly the old boys club that Timo is talking about. Yes Breeze has earned something…but i’m not sure it warrants an insert before a rising young strong defenseman who has FUTURE and needs these early season lessons on the ice, not the hotdog stand where he will build resentment.

    I can see it already, going into the playoffs just like last year, with Breeze and Dandy…with Chip/Obryne in the box…anyway, after tonights game I’m sure this debate will take centre stage.

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  34. HabsColor says:


    Right on, my friend. Enjoy!

  35. linp says:

    For us to be a cup contender this year, we need another good Dman. Both Brisebois and O‘Byrne have major weakness. O‘Byrne’s reflex in front of the net is so slow and he has been stopping the puck for the opponents to score. His outlet passes go nowhere. He still has a lot to learn. Brisebois has been playing OK up to now. He is slow with the skate and he is not physical. But for this year, I would keep Brisebois as the 7th Dman and get another quality Dman to replace O‘Byrne.

  36. lefreak says:

    yup hockey webcasts was a life saver for me during the playoffs while i was in south korea last year.

    the direct cbc feed will not work, but they usually have dual links for habs games…if one is toast the other should be fine.

  37. Mike says:


  38. RetroMikey says:

    If Brisebois has to play another 53 games, so be it. He’s rightfully earned a spot on the team. Everyone bashes Brisebois but Mike Komisarek has not played to his full potential as far as I’m concerned and Josh Gorges has had some lapses as well based on my views of watching them live in Buffalo and Toronto and on RDS.
    Face it we’ve got defensive problems and don’t blame Brisebois totally for our defensive woes. There are 5 other defencemen out there as well and we’re giving up way too many shots and not playing tight defensive hockey as we should be playing.
    Carbo signing him so he could reach the milestone of 1000 games? I don’t think so. What does he get out of this milestone than a Rolex watch from the club or sterling silver tray from the league?
    Brisebois is still fit as he was when he first played back in the 1990-91 season.
    He can still play and is a valuable asset to our team in my opinion.
    Let this be a lesson to the younger players of today, to earn your spot is to work hard and listen to the coach. He is your “daddy” for the whole hockey season.
    If Ryan does not get the message that Carbo is sending him, you’ll see him riding the bench more often.
    I can understand your concerns as a young Habs fan Timo but todays young players have to earn their spot on the NHL, no job is secure just like the real world!
    As far as I’m concerned the 20 players pencilled into the lineup every game is based and assessed by the coaching staff which they believe will be the best players on the ice who rightfully deserve it and one of them is Brisebois.
    I’m not a pro-Brisebois fan but I am a fan of players who work hard in practices and in games and give 100% that don the CH sweater.
    Just like my “daddy” has taught me for so many years in life.

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  39. nightmare_49 says:

    Mike – Isn’t that a given for journalists, lol.

  40. Wonger63 says:

    as long as you have a decent internet connection, it runs very smoothly with no skipping at all. You can pause it and fast forward all you want too.

    The quality is ok. Its like the same as the tsn videos i’d say

  41. Mr.Hazard says:

    Quality is very decent. And the price is 2.99+tax per. Or 20 bucks a month, or 80 bucks a season.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  42. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Does anybody know what the options are for viewing Habs games on the web? This is going to be a long three weeks if I don’t get to see the action!

    I’m in South America, Colombia actually. RDS unfortunatlely is not an option.

  43. Habs fan in SF says:

    anyone know that our old pal, Alexander Perezhogin, has 14 goals in 19 games for Ufa Salavat Yulayev in the KHL? good for him. maybe Grabovski should consider playing over there …

  44. Mike Boone says:

    And we expect someone to grab our tab ….

  45. Vid says:

    I’m guessing with Bouillon back, The Ds who will flip flop the most are O’Byrne and Brisebois.

    Wonder if Higgs will make an appearance with Pleks & Kovy at one point in the game.

  46. Stretch says:

    Just wondering why Dandy is going to be a healthy scratch. IMHO he and Lapierre have been consistently a fantastic energy tandem so far this year. I guess someone has to sit though..

  47. RetroMikey says:

    Habs Professor:
    I can’t understand the negativity and abuse you have on Patrice Brisebois.
    I like the guy and he does deserve honorable mention to be put on the rotation as a top 6 D on our team ahead of Ryan O’Byrne.
    Bob Lever was right when he said that in order for Ryan O’Byrne to be an elite defenseman in the NHL, he had to work on being a more defensive player and work on his defensive player and be more of a physical player based on his 6-5 size and should use it more. He played specatacular in Hamilton during their Calder Cup title run and I’m not sold on the guy yet. Ryan still is learning in NHL and what better way than with 2 guys like Hamrlik and Brisebois teaching him and Josh Gorges.
    They are excellent mentors.
    Carbo rewards good players who work hard in practices and games in and Kudos for Brisebois still playing at this level with his tenacity and age.
    So be happy that we have a guy like BREEZE and that can still play and wear the CH proud. Briseois is almost the same age as Scott Neidermeyer and would you say the same if Neidermayer was on our team as well?

    As for tonight’s game, it will not be an easy W as everyone thinks.
    We’ll be rusty and Anahein is still a contender as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care if they played 5 games in a row and came to Montreal, they are not to be taken lightly.

    Tonight we will see if we really are a Cup contender and can play with the best after that miserable showing we had against Florida.

    No excuses, we should be dominant in every aspect of the game after a long layoff and daily practices, let’s hope.

    Hope everyone has a good time at the Summit!

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  48. rossy131 says:

    I thnk tonight’s game will be a true test for our sacred habs…No matter how anaheim has played of late, they represent a proven stanley cup contender, and i think, if we can dismantle them, we will finally deserve all the credit and praise we’ve been getting of late(Lets not forget we have played some of the seller-dwellers of the NHL in our first couple games).

    Either way, i’m still convinced that you can’t hit what you can’t catch and, therefore, we should be in good shape tonight if we come out skating hard and [assing quick through the neutral zone!


  49. nightmare_49 says:

    The Summit has made a Special Request for the Seats around the left side of the bar at the Station Sports to be Reserved for the LLSJ gang (Living Legend of Sports Journalism gang) tonight. The Bell Center will have it’s nose bleed section tonight and Station “S” will have it’s white hair section. The summit also has made arrangements for the staff of Station “S” to take care of Pat Hickey’s walker, lol. Remember fellow Summiteers and Gazette Petition Signers that those seats are reserved for the great staff of Habs Inside/Out

  50. Habs fan in SF says:

    i hope higgins regains his scoring touch he had two seasons ago prior to getting injured. i recall he was in the top ten in goals scored early in the season. since then he hasn’t been the same. i mean, 27 goals last year is nothing to sneeze at, but two seasons ago he looked like a potential 50 goal sniper. i think he’s the real dark horse on our offense. what a surprise it would be if he finds/regains his scoring touch again.

  51. HABZ24 says:

    great news higgys back and koz sr not as bad as it looked.big george is going to play, good move guy.teams are so hard to pick a winner this year. edm doin great, blues who are supp to suk dont, ducks who sukked early on are catching up, but not tonight! its hunting season and the habs going goin duck hunting !!

  52. nightmare_49 says:

    NHL Teams by Age .. Habs #11 .. by James Mirtle ….. http://www.fromtherink.com/2008/10/24/641764/nhl-teams-by-age

  53. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    well, you can’t runaway from the physical barrage thats coming tonight, and if our snipers don’t put in a few goals quick, and the Ducks turn this into battle, we will lose because BREEZE cannot inflict the damage needed in front of our net, nor can he sacrifice himself (like Gorges) to make the right play…he stick checks…like they do in Tyke.

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

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